1. Lenny Lacey says

    ha ha love this

  2. Enoch Simmons says

    Very well done

  3. Gideon Sangolade says

    thats definitely his son.. lol

  4. CHEICKH KABINE Keita says

    bel images

  5. Euro Maestro says


  6. Sonny Williamson says

    Gandalf's like 2000 years old, Dumbledore would be like a child to him!

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  9. Chris Langford says

    lol cool

  10. coverman cfy says

    + Amanda Blain ?????????????????????????

  11. Lenny Lacey says

    + coverman cfy ???????????????

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  13. Justin Davis says

    should be the other way around…

  14. Arnold Pingas says

    love the last one lmao

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  16. Tracy Wilson says

    Thank you + Amanda Blain …this put a smile on my face.

  17. Dave Chaves says

    lmao this made my day a thousand times better 🙂

  18. axel svein liara hernández says

    no netaq maa que si se parecen

  19. carlos bueno says

    q miedo

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    hhaha!! cool!! 🙂

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  23. Richard Leach says

    Wow the flooding is staring to get on my nerves. Really flooding with Wed dresses. Roflmao

  24. Amanda Blain says

    uGH.. I hate those wedding dress posts there are 10… did you see them + Richard Leach ?

  25. Bill Mckim says

    Wp that is wild

  26. Miguel Eduardo Aguirre Reyes says

    hahaha a great one!

  27. Mingchang Zhao says

    But, Gollum has nose!

  28. Thulacksha Thayarooban says

    OMG when I first saw the Lord of the Rings(like 2 weeks ago… LOL) and I saw Gandalf, I thought he was the guy who played Dumbledore!

  29. Eugene Blythe says

    Gandalf ~~~~~~~

  30. Josué Araya says

    oh dear lord… Lord of the Rings book was first!!! and Gandalf is over 2000 Dumbledore is around 100(max), golum is over 500 and Voldemort around 60, Hagrid around 50 and Gimli I'm not sure…probably older too 😛

  31. Luis Laurens says

    Nope, the other way around

  32. Arleth Echegoyèn says

    Jajajajaja como se atreven si kiera a comparar NOOOOOO….

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  34. Isabel Camarena says

    hahha this very close

  35. Alfredo Nava says

    LOTR came first lol

  36. Jacob Mcginnis says

    OMG for Real!!! i LUV U LOL

  37. Clark Johnson says

    Wait…so if this crosses over into video games, does that make Link…Legolas's son?

  38. Ricardo Zenteno says


  39. Daniel Malikov says

    Ages? As if LOTR was at least 50 years ago.

    + Josué Araya I think dwarfs get to be pretty old too. Gimli went to the Dragon with Bilbo long before LOTR, if I remember correctly.

  40. Luis Laurens says

    + Josué Araya He did? You sure? You just spoiled the book to me, thanks ¬¬

  41. John Wilkinson says

    Ha! I mock Harry Potter movies for stealing the look of Gandalf.

  42. Phillip Petty says

    + John Wilkinson
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone – November 16, 2001
    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring – December 19, 2001

    The look chosen for both is a stereotype for their type of character that has been around for centuries anyways.

  43. Amanda Blain says

    ^^^^ This 🙂

  44. Bipin Dhanani says

    Dobby would be a Better choice for Gollum's Son…

  45. Jazz GodlyElephant says

    lol, this is really funny, gollum is totaly his son! look at the resemblance!

  46. Sonny Williamson says

    + Phillip Petty Actually, the fantasy stereotypes of wizards, elves, dwarves, orcs etc, were largely invented by Tolkein. His influence on the genre was so profound that the popular perception of these tropes in modern culture can almost always be traced back to his writing. He took inspiration from various myths and legends from Norse, British and European culture and solidified them to create an English mythology which he felt was lacking. J.K. Rowling in particular owes him a not-insignificant debt, as this post shows.

  47. Vader Dawg says

    They look like brothers on the other way round whereby Gandalf is 4000 yrs old than ….

  48. Daniel Malikov says

    + Sonny Williamson Actually, Tolkien was a folklorist, and he used early medieval stereotypes for his characters, not the ones from Barocco.

  49. Lautaro Andrade says

    JAJAJAJAJAJA, morí! xD

  50. Jyoti Priya says

    ha ha………… really nice

  51. Phillip Petty says

    Well, said + Sonny Williamson. Tolkein was indeed a large influence on the solidification of the 'gandalf' look. It still stands that it is a generic wizard look that has been around since at least the middle ages.

    All this talk is funny though, especially most everyone's disregard for the existence of books. I know I sort of did too, but I was responding to a comment regarding the movies, so yeah.

    Also, + Josué Araya, Hagrid is in his 60s. He would have started school at 11, like HP. He was expelled in his 3rd year (I believe that is the correct year, could be wrong), so at about age 13. In the second book, it is made clear that the year he was expelled was exactly (or near to) 50 years ago. So in the second book, he is almost assuredly 63 years old.
    Gimli, as I have read, is supposed to be 139 at the time the fellowship headed out, so you are correct on the age issue. I think the joke was going more on looks though.

  52. Jaykishan Patel says


    Harry Potter Vs. Loard Of the Ring

  53. Amanda Blain says

    🙂 Who needs star wars VS star trek.. when you have LOTR vs HP …. 😀

  54. Phillip Petty says

    + Amanda Blain, I never read those books anyways 😛

  55. Ashwani Pipplesh says

    hello amanda blain

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  58. Sonny Williamson says

    Nearly 300 shares?! Blimey + Amanda Blain I had no idea you were so popular. It must be something you said.

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    ??? ???????

  61. Stuart Burgh says

    I like the comments with the photos. Funny.

  62. Jonathan Ortega says

    Great comparison, funny indeed

  63. Noel Rockwell says

    ha! the last one!

  64. gowdhaman R says

    it's look like your hand

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  66. pawan saroha says

    very bad

  67. priyanka singh says

    all of them are alike!

  68. Criss Ortiz says

    LOTR > HP ; J.R.R Tolkien > J.K Rowling

  69. charlyn buanghog says

    hahaha….. LOLZ.. {of course that is your son!!!!} haha :p

  70. Ashwin Kumar says

    Haha.. LOL

  71. charlyn buanghog says

    you? is dat ur father? hahaaha.. { just joking}

  72. Mars H Costa says

    This is comparing filet mignon to spam. I'll let you decide which is which.

  73. charlyn buanghog says

    oh realy?;;; ur so kj !!! heheh

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    loved it

  78. Innocent Mogomotsi says

    voldy moldy and smeagol… lol

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  80. Mujaddid Ali says

    :DWhat is in the world?????? 😀 😀

  81. Suhas Shrestha says

    hahahaha.. makes sense…

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  83. Michael Perrigo says

    I'm sooo slow… I don't get it. But it is late…

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    omg this is so funny!

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  90. FURB Furbish says

    Four out of six of those dudes look like + Vermin Supreme

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  94. Abdulio Lee says

    Looooooooooooooooooool you made me laughing all day never stop laughing when I remember it

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  96. DINESH SHARMA says

    one side harry potter ,ane side lords of the ring

  97. siomi johnson says

    Ipad 3 . . . . . . inside view.


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  99. Itiel Estudillo says

    Lol. I like the last pic!

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  102. Vrishti Chaturvedi says

    Whatever happened….but I love HARRY POTTER series….!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Mauricio Ulloa says

    Gandalf should be dad cause he is a lot older

  104. Sai Bhava Teja says

    I think Dumbledore should be the DAD

  105. Dan McConnaughey says

    Lol awesome!!

  106. Azwan Mamat says

    hahaha….gollum can be son of darklord…

  107. aaron carroll says

    except that you have it all backwards, what with Harry Potter not having come first and all. besides that funny stuff.

  108. Daniel Cooper says

    Gollum must have his mother's nose!

  109. nasrath rosy.s says

    well watched,ha ha ha

  110. Conrad Dunkerson says

    Corrections and elaboration on some of the other comments:
    1 – The Lord of the Rings was published in 1954, Harry Potter in 1997.
    2 – Gandalf spent about 2000 years in Middle-Earth, but his actual 'age' was incalculable… he predated the creation of the world and 'Time' itself.
    3 – Gollum found the Ring in 2463, about 555 years prior to the events of the books. He was a young adult when he found it, and thus ~585 +/- 10 years old in total.
    4 – Gimli was born in 2879 and thus about 140 years old in the books. He was not involved in Bilbo's quest, rather that was his father, Gloin.

    So yes, the LotR characters are much older in both conception and fictional age than their supposed 'parents' in the image. All were based on historical archetypes, but largely responsible for these becoming staples of fantasy fiction… and thus 'ancestors' of the Potter characters.

  111. mel rowlett says

    ^^^^^I don't think anyone cares^^^^^^^ It's still awesome enjoy life don't kill it.

  112. Mitchell Wadsworth says

    the 2nd row dont make sense the dads a midget and the sons a giant :S

  113. clifford lowe says

    Well, since no one seems to have mentioned it, Hagrid is a half-giant (8'6") animal trainer, while Gimli is a dwarf (4'6"-5") axe wielding warrior. Once you take that into account the similarity is reduced to both being stocky characters with long scruffy brown hair and beards.

  114. Aashima Verma says


  115. liam mcdowell says

    the only problem is that they are from different movies.

  116. Nick Binetti says

    That's the whole point, + liam mcdowell

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  118. Lucas Gasebonno says

    thats wonderful

  119. Badmash Bachcha says

    character changed

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  122. Jonathon Metcalf says

    hahaha that is great!

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  124. Muyuan Liu says

    that is funny

  125. marie martinez says

    lol ,lmao

  126. Joe Yamada says


  127. Josué Araya says

    + Conrad Dunkerson you say it all, teach me more master!!!

  128. ??? says


  129. kalpesh sorthiya says

    cool movie

  130. Luke Harkleroad says

    -1 All three LotR characters are at least double the age of the HP 'counterparts'. Also, Gimly – Hagrid? REALLY? I mean, one is a dwarf and the other is a Giant! Come on, man!

  131. Bharat Gehlot says


  132. liek washington says

    haha voldemort reaction was.. what you don't say? voldemort could have gollum's nose instead

  133. J Houston says

    lol washington!!

  134. Me hdi says

    very good…!

  135. John Thompson says

    Gandalf is SO Dumbledore's Dad, not the other way around. 🙂

  136. memphis sellers says

    Agreed ^^^^^. Either way this is awesome.

  137. Shumila Mirza says

    thats gud think

  138. Sonny Williamson says

    + Conrad Dunkerson I didn't really want to get into Olorin being a Maiar spirit, felt it was a little too geeky for the 'weekend nerds'. Still spot on.

    In other news; Oy, these comments. o_O

  139. Brendan Foley says

    Lord of the Rings takes place in a greatly distant past. There is some indications in C.S. Lewis' "Space Trilogy" that it, in fact, kinda happens in a forgotten past of our world. There are other indications it does not, but either way, it's a distant past.
    Harry Potter takes place in modern day.
    Lord of the Rings characters would not be the fathers, they would be the distant ancestors of anyone in Harry Potter if the connection were to be made.
    Not only that, but NONE of the Lord of the Rings characters selected are even human (Gandolf is a Maia [which is essentially a lesser angel], Gimli a dwarf, Gollum… weird other thing somehow related to hobbits?), whereas all the characters on the Harry Potter side are humans (ok, Hagrid is half giant, but that's rather different from a dwarf).

    Likewise, the Lord of the Rings Books, and other middle earth writings were written and published decades before the Harry Potter books. In fact, Tolkien was dead decades before Harry Potter was written.

  140. Sonny Williamson says

    And with that, I do believe all the honest-to-goodness pure geek details have been addressed.

    Having said all that … funny pic, lol

  141. John Thompson says

    + Sonny Williamson needs to be open up his schedule to help Peter Jackson on his yet-to-be-even-really-conceived "War of the Silmarils …" sendup … +1 to you, ubergeek, and I say that in the fondest way possible! 🙂

  142. aaron miller says

    Read #chinamieville

    Fantasy need not be cliche.

  143. kelly barrettt says

    lol funny

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  145. Jabbar Abdul says

    ha ha

  146. Seraphim Golgotha says

    That's funny! lol XD

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