2 or More Cats Makes you a Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady.  Good thing I only have one. Why are so many people allergic to or greatly dislike cats? They are so cute and awesome.

crazy cat lady

What is a Crazy Cat Lady?

The crazy cat lady is a common, recognisable trope in contemporary culture: think of that frantic running around woman who buckets of cats as far as the eye can see. After a promising career in law, she experiences a burnout, starts drinking whiskey and gets a cat. Next minute, she’s talking gibberish, looking dishevelled and throwing her army of cats everywhere with tears in her eyes.  The younger version of the stereotype is usually associated with being single, strange and weird.

The History Of Crazy Cat Lady2 or More Cats Makes you a Crazy Cat Lady

The earliest cat ladies were of course, those halloween favorites – witches. Well before those crazy witch-hunts, cats had a bad rep in the western world. Cats dealt with the devil. Cats were related to your lust filled sex life. Although, in recent pop culture, for whatever reason the crazy  cat lady has evolved into shorthand for a lonely, sad, pathetic, sexless woman. Can’t win you know. Too sexy, not sexy enough. Cats get all the bad reps.

The concept of the crazy cat lady tells us more about societies view on women much more than anything else. It has long been a negative term and a way to put shame and judgment on women who challenged traditional female roles, or were hard to domesticate and keep in line. Sure there are those hoarder animal cat people – but they are few and far between to the average single female who owns a cat or two.

Besides all this, cats are a super popular pet often beating past the dog as low maintenance, friendly pets to have around your home.  We live in the future and women are tired of defending themselves and their love for their cats. The views are slowly changing.


2 or More Cats Makes you a Crazy Cat Lady


  1. johana madrid says


  2. Charles Gaines says


  3. Stephen Sargent says

    🙂 We like both here Amanda. We just happen to not own any dogs.I was raised on a ranch and grew up around animals and my wife had cats when I met her.

  4. Summer Ellen says

    My little boy always says about our cat, "My kitty so cute!" lol

  5. Charles Bowling says


  6. Eric Hansen says

    They are piss and puke factories, and there is nothing you can do about it.

  7. Elvira Rodriguez says

    OMG! to funny….LOL!….LOL!!!

  8. Grant Lanning says

    i dont dislike them but they dislike me. i swear every woman ive dating that has owned a cat. The cat has attacked me whenever i slept over. 

  9. inma cateura nogue says

    demandas para aca por correo 

  10. Nicholas Burkard says


  11. Danial Hallock says

    I, personally, dislike cats for several reasons:

    (1) That cat smell.  I don't care how hygenic you are, you have that cat smell.
    (2) People with cats talk about cats.  I don't like dog people who constantly talk about their dogs, but so far I've not met a person with whom I was surprised to find out they owned a cat.
    (3) They're useless.
    (4) #caturday  
    (5) The meow makes me want to punch something.

  12. Brandon Thompson says

    I'm allergic to them, and I hate it, because I love cats.  Though I think unlike people who blatantly dislike cats, I can't really help being allergic.  🙂

  13. Elvira Rodriguez says

    I raised two adult's I am done is me time now,sorry kitty's!

  14. Patrick Armstrong says

    Guaranteed to contain no "smotherers" 

  15. inma cateura nogue says

    traduce por favor 

  16. Randal Saladbar says

    I'm not allergic to them and your right they are cute, but they are snobs!  From the looks of them they are saying "HOW DARE YOU!" 

  17. Jeremy Di Pietro says

    I have 2.

  18. Denise Garcia says

    They are gorgeous, i am definitely a cat person but our hooch wont let me… 🙁

  19. Amanda Blain says

    Nope.. they are saying.. Aww a human… where's the cat food?

  20. Mike G says

    Your order is ready + Ivy Leung :p Cahraazeee!

  21. Sana Nazakat says

    My rommate has SEVERE cat phobia,she would freak at even a little meow cmng frm distance.

  22. Glenn parent says

    danial=you dont know what your missing=they can become great friends=and are easy to take care of=and you dont have to take them for a walk ,so they can shit=ps =empty the litter box once in a while cats dont smell.

  23. Victoria Withered says


  24. Tara Mulder says

    I find that many people who don't have them assume they won't like cats.  And then are super surprised when they come across a properly socialised one, who are more like puppies who are litter trained and are a lil' more independent.  (My little Puggs would play fetch all day, every day, if people would keep throwing balls for him to fetch.  And whenever possible, Tiger still wants to be petted and loved, even after 13 years.)  There's an old myth that if a kitten is touched by a person before a certain age, the mother will reject them.  Which not only is untrue, but has traditionally made it so that cats don't properly socialise to humans.  Non-socialised cats tend to not be as friendly, which is the type people think of.  Also, there's a stupid stereotype that "real" men aren't supposed to like cats.  But in the end, at least in the States, there are more cats as pets than dogs.  (Can't find the number for Canada.)

  25. kohler valeriakohler says

    it is cute

  26. Elvira Rodriguez says

    I just have no time they are precious and very loving.

  27. inma cateura nogue says

    mamádamelos por correo jejejeje 

  28. Aubrey Sarracino says

    you know your allergic to there saliva not there fur exactly 🙂 just thought i'd say that 🙂

  29. Remi Battaglia says

    Luv your posts + Amanda Blain keep 'em coming 🙂

  30. Josie Dryden says

    I have 3 so i guess im a crazy cat lady! I love my kitties, especially my new lil one. Hes been thru alot 2 b so young but hes the happiest most loving lil guy!

  31. Roger Murley says

    TIL that I am a crazy cat lady.

  32. Tara Mulder says

    Actually, + Aubrey Sarracino, some are allergic to the saliva, some are allergic to the dander, and some are allergic to the fur. 

  33. Jitendra Mulay says

    Really sweet kitties…enjoy #Caturday !

  34. Zeeshan Ghauri says

    all in 1 cats

  35. Marei Nagy says

    Crazy Cat Lady Starter KitTEN, pls

  36. Pete Daly says

    Thanks Amanda, looks like my house!

  37. Hayes Starns says

    I don't see how anyone could handle more than one… My little Terri is all I need haha

  38. Ramilo Holter says

    It sures  A  Caturday here too…Happy   Caturday…!  I want one..meow  mix…

  39. manoj mangad says

    hai nice all beautiful CAT

  40. Donagh Reardon says

    What I hate most about them is that they're smug sh*t stirrers. We have had many dogs, and each of them was fond of sitting inside the window keeping a eye out for threats. Happy out, like.
    When one of these creature would saunter across the lawn and stop right in front of the window and give them a smug look, driving the dogs off there heads.
    Also, I hate when they have there S&M sex sessions right under your bedroom window at 5 in the morning, with them screaming like a baby banshee been knifed.

  41. aura gochenour says

    i love any breed! but my house will smell if i have more than 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Appleseed Humanity, Inc. says

    Spend one day with a 6-week old Lab puppy. Cute & Awesome…right off the charts.

  43. Parker Pentz says

    cats are a lot better than dogs!!!  Cats will let you hold them and pet them with out them licking your face with thier gross tounges.

  44. Ellen Sette - De Jonghe says

    2 or more huh ?  ….   I have 6  =)

  45. aura gochenour says

    hey i have a dog and he'll let me hold him!

  46. Parker Pentz says

    so. What kind is he?

  47. William Willett says

    Not a lady, have pugs not cats, I like the crazy part though.

  48. Mark Joseph says

    Cats are relatively clean the box only stinks because people are too lazy to clean it

  49. Parker Pentz says

    Pugs. The worst dogs there is.

  50. aura gochenour says

    no pugs r cute

  51. aura gochenour says

    i have a chihuahua named roky

  52. Parker Pentz says

    the only dogs i like are hound dogs.
    cuz they can tree cougars and raccoons.

  53. aura gochenour says

    oh i like all breeds

  54. aliyah mitchell says

    cute and i have two cats and a dog

  55. glenn archer says

    That's sexist, I have two so why can't I be crazy ….I wanna be crazy!

  56. aura gochenour says


  57. Parker Pentz says

    be my guest crazy cat man

  58. Jason Doolittle says

    Cats are complicated. Most people prefer an uncomplicated relationship to their pets. I think that's why so many people are anti-cat.

  59. Parker Pentz says

    well cats eat mice. dogs eat cats. this all leads to over infestation of mice.


    I'll prefare dog to cat, because they tend to be more sensible and economical. Though cat is good in way,but it's frightful. Most especially in the dark it's eye is scaring. And it's snouring habit makes it boring. I may manage to keep a cat, anything more than that i can't.

  61. RE Ausetkmt says

    cats are totally cool. whats not to like about those lil warm furry love machines.


    I'll prefare dog to cat, because they tend to be more sensible and economical. Though cat is good in way,but it's frightful. Most especially in the dark it's eye is scaring. And it's snouring habit makes it boring. I may manage to keep a cat, anything more than that i can't.

  63. Peter Hughes says

    Great picture – I'll order one box please 🙂

  64. liko giko says

    the different between the dog and the cat , that the dog is relax , but cats can not be relax , so the dog can swimming , but the cats are never swimming .

  65. Peter Hughes says

    Cats do relax and cats can swim.

  66. Marilyn McCoy says

    Most people that I know that don't like cats, change their mind when they get one.  I have had a cat all my life (usually only one at a time).  My cats are always lovable and love my guests too.  I get greeted at the door when I get home,  I get followed around wherever I go, I get snuggled at night in bed.  The cat we have now hates it when we leave her.  She gets in the laundry basket on the dryer by the back door as we leave and gives us a sad look.  Luckily, my second husband loves them too.  Our cat is very spoiled, and she gives back entertainment and love!

  67. Prizm Moon says

    YOUR FACE IS SO CUTE AND AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  >:(

  68. Miles Wakefield says

    I like Cats,Cats don't over think..they just simply know…everything…
    at least it appears that way : ) 

  69. Jacqueline Sauceda says


  70. Gert Sønderby says

    I had two cats, and lived alone, after my divorce. Nowadays, I and my (new) wife have only one, but also a pair of rabbits.

  71. glitter gem says

    Awww now thats soo cute, I like it .instead of jack,in the box, its cat in the box!lol now that is adorable.

  72. Tarbo Hegdehog says


  73. Bareilly Italien says

    is very funny the cut wow!!!!!!!!!

  74. Megan Huddle says

    Oh + Melody Shugrue did you order this 😉 soo cute

  75. Sarah Malik says

    Why does this remind me of harry styles?

  76. greg janowski says

    I luv cats but can't have one cause my step son is allergic 🙁 .

  77. Prizm Moon says

    because youre a messed up cat lovin daughter of amotherfsker!

  78. Megan Huddle says

    Too many is not enough when you save an animal 😉

  79. Parker Pentz says

    you dirty bunny hugger.

  80. Heather Manfredi says

    2 of the 3 cats in my home are my BFFs; they will be returning to their family in NY. The family had a transcontinental move and needed some help. So, my crazy is temporary. 😉

  81. Prizm Moon says

    8=# penis

  82. Ethan Jackson says

    Thats funny 

  83. Megan Huddle says

    + Danial Hallock. You have no idea we luv our pets I luv my Huskies I don't own a cat for that reason but I've had pet cats in the past loved them too so wtf! Get a pet! Might make you a real person!

  84. Radeya Siddiqui says

    + Amanda Blain  i agree with u

  85. Solomon Samms says

    Not enough CATS

  86. Prizm Moon says

    8=# penis

  87. Catie Lynch says

    I'm a crazy cat lady in that case! I love my 2 cats!

  88. ricardo ferreira says

    oi gata bj

  89. liko giko says

    cats often expect a risk or dangerous , so they can not be relax , but this is't mean that they are not cute . and dogs also are helpful .

  90. Adrian Huerta says

    oh how many kitties!!! i got one,but is a destructor,he like the FRISKIES!!! but anyway is an adorable pet.

  91. Avishai Vela says

    + Danial Hallock cats don't smell… And cat owners definitely don't smell like cats. I'm a cat person, but don't go on and on about him. Cats r plenty useful for keeping rodents away and other pests. But I guess not everyone can appreciate the beauty of the feline :).

  92. Megan Huddle says

    + Donagh Reardon. Yes true but no such thing as a baby banshee its a spirit !

  93. kaylee brass says

    i love cats so much there my favorite animals

  94. Johanna Sickler says

    I love cats. I have 2 and a dog named kitty. (She answered to the name that is why)

  95. Megan Deel says

    Awesome…  I don't get why people don't love cats either.  My theory: they just haven't met the right ones!  😀

  96. ????? ????????? says

    ????????????.??????? ??????……???????? ??????? ? ???? ????????? ???? ?? ?????? ???????????? ???????….?? ? ???????? ?????????? ???????.

  97. Parker Pentz says

    some cats are mean. 
    but most are cuddly and nice.

  98. Suzie Conley says

    i love cats

  99. Megan Huddle says

    + Prizm Moon how do you do it I read your comment over& over it f*** ing makes sence! Lol 😀

  100. Parker Pentz says

    uh. i dont think that 8=# has anything to do with cats.

  101. Miriam Seely says

    I love cats soooo much! People shouldn't dislike 'em!

  102. David Cruickshank says

    The cats alive

  103. Summer Daniels says

    lol i like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Donagh Reardon says

    + Megan Huddle  Not necessarily. Banshee is actually Bean-sídhe meaning women of the sídhe (a race of "fairy") which aren't spirits, and capable of having children. So if she had a daughter, she'd be a.

  105. Ginevra Peterson says

    haha yeah, because I totally CHOSE to be allergic. It's a good thing I'm only slightly allergic, because I do enjoy conducting the occasional cat toy obsticle course chase.

  106. Megan Huddle says

    + Marilyn McCoy I'm a dog person who loves cats my choice of having my huskies can't have cats but I do adore them they are really ppl with 4 legs 🙂

  107. Janey Haynes says

    How'd they get so many cats to sit together in a box? LOL

  108. Pinkie Pie says

    omg lol i love this! i have a next door neighbor who is a crazy cat person, she has like 12 cats lol

  109. Hailey Distel says


  110. Megan Huddle says

    + Donagh Reardon. Are you irish!

  111. Sarita Fischer says

    very funny

  112. Megan Huddle says

    + Amanda Blain. Do they have a home?

  113. Lizzie Tallman says

    I have 4 cats… oh well!!!

  114. Olivia Aerocrombie says

    Lizzie, so do i. oh well.

  115. Megan Huddle says

    + Danial Hallock you know what punch yourself! NOW!

  116. Marci Neighbors says

    Babies are piss and puke factories too! Sure as hell would rather have a cat than a stupid kid.

    Cats are self sufficient and take minimal maintenance. Love my cat. Aaaaaaand I don't talk only about my cat so that's a dumbass thing to assume.

  117. Donagh Reardon says

    + Megan Huddle  I am.

  118. Kari Mil says

    Brain parasites!

    But worth it.

  119. Johanna Mead says

    My rule of thumb is that if there are more cats than humans in the household, you might have a problem. I have a problem.

  120. Raejean Hightower says

    haha lol

  121. eunice jung says


  122. Parker Pentz says

    marci neighbors… i would rather have a kid than a cat any day you stupid broad.

  123. Megan Huddle says

    + Donagh Reardon Thankgoodness I know I was wrong I just dislike ppl who pretend to use things like a banshee as an excuse! I will I was wrong in my knowledge pls accept my apology 🙂 its sincere.

  124. Kimberly Highsmith says

    Nahhhhh!  I am single and have three – onetime my boyfriend and I had 5, three have passed on due to old age and cancer.  Was down to 2 and my mom brought me a stray. They say nothing if someone has 5 dogs – so they can get over it!  Or 2 dogs and 2 cats! 
    Men tend to not like cats, because cats have an attitude  – you can't yell at a cat or hit it and make it come to you and listen like they do with dogs.  Also they tend to be real lovey on their momma… and so men get jealous that you might be giving them attention they would have been getting.  I can say this cause I was there.  Had a boyfriend tell me the cats could not sleep in the bed anymore or come in the bedroom and when he was home they were not in my lap or near us.  I left him shortly thereafter – he was high!!!!  And emotional high maintenance not to mention INSECURE!?!?!.

  125. Jane Bradley says

    Im a crazy cat lady and proud of it… I only have one but she drives me crazy and I love her to bits for it!

  126. Emily Clarke says

    AWWH ok im 12 going on 13 and Im mad about cats
    now wheres that therapist of mine

  127. Donagh Reardon says

    + Megan Huddle  No need to apologize.

  128. Tracy Livingstone says

    I got 5 cats a dog 2 snakes 2 chickens & yup I'm a crazy cat lady lol.

  129. Jane Bradley says

    My cat Pasha also really loves her 'step sisters ' 'Grib' &'Licious' the two Guranga fish… She plays tag with them every day…glass withstanding x

  130. Charlize Pettit says

    lol that is to cute

  131. Maliah Vila says


  132. Jane Bradley says

    Want one!!!! Lol x

  133. Viktorija Rose says

    i have 2 cats!

  134. mary spetzman says

    so cute

  135. Saher Haider says

    me got 1 kitty !

  136. Megan Huddle says

    Thanks + Donagh Reardon. Your a good man:) I always admit when wrong k 🙂

  137. Cecelia Wight says

    I don't know why I'm allergic, I just am….and I love kitters!!!

  138. Hayden Bentley says

    That's hilarious

  139. Ritish Oemraw says

    The Crazy cat lady myth was brought into existence by cat-lovers who wanted to keep those cute adorable balls of fur all to themselves!

  140. Stephany Clogston says

    so funny lol i love cats

  141. Dallyn Vogel says

    i have 2 cats and am getting at least 3 more very soon. cats are awesome!! especially mine, Pachis and Feathertail. yes, Feathertail is named after Feathertail from the WarriorS series. i just hope she doesn't die as young. i am definitely, a crazy cat lady

  142. Adammah Reynolds says

    They are SOOOO evil!!!!!!!

  143. morgan rylie says


  144. Julie Butwin says

    If two makes a crazy cat lady, I am a crazy cat lady at the age of FOURTEEN!!!!
    P.S. My family has five and the two girls are mine ;). Gotta love my baby girls!

  145. Charlotte Rooney says

    so do i! i want another one!

  146. maria sanchez says


  147. Melissa Reinhard says

    I have 7..I love the
    To pieces

  148. mahdi yourbisuness says

    yes you are right ,i can't understand why some people hate cats .
    their cute faces make me happy 

  149. Amber-Kate Meier says

    I love cats. My friends say she wants to make egg rolls out of them.

  150. Brian Koch says

    2 words….litter box

  151. Julia Yoon says


  152. Julia Yoon says

    im glad im not allergic 2 cats

  153. Melody Shugrue says

    + Megan Huddle no, but I should! Lolz XD

  154. TheDeth Opossum says

    I always tell myself, once I am done with college and if I am single, I'll live in an apartment along with six black cats. Haha. 🙂

  155. Mia Renae Westley says

    Haha 🙂

  156. genesis williams says

    lol but i like dogs more=)

  157. lisa pyrek says

    I love cats,I have 3 cats and 1 kitten

  158. dallas lane says

    lol so cute 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  159. liko giko says

    at last , there is someone who like dogs more .

  160. Maria Fernanda Girardi Fleck says

    Que amores    =)

  161. kellie Caulder says

    I have 3 does that make me a crazy cat lady already?

  162. Ardelia Willis says

  163. Tammy Boldt says

    LMAO- too cute and too funny. Thank you very much + Amanda Blain for the smile and the giggle. This is fantastically funny.. : )

  164. Sidney Shannon says

    ALLERGIC! lol

  165. Lucy Wallace says

    I have two cats! But I also have two dogs, so that balances it out, right? RIGHT?!?

  166. Taylor Dawn says

    HaHaHa !!!!! Who's the crazy cat lady ?

  167. Autumn Mcintosh says

    that sucks…for u

  168. Zarayah Williams says

    Awwww all the cats are so cute

  169. Autumn Mcintosh says

    especially kittens!

  170. Tiffany Wells says


  171. gabrielle mason says

    i have three and there amazing cats

  172. Nancy Cash says

    I used to feed 15 stray cats.  Now I just have two.  They're good company.

  173. Amber-Kate Meier says

    not true. Just sayin

  174. Christena Myers says

    Too cute too be true Lol 🙂

  175. bobby carth says

    lol i would never do that

  176. William Johnson says

    Im glad we already had a crazy family started, cause we have 2 cats three dogs and a turtle.

    And everyone should already know about our latest kitten.  Got hit by a vehicle and had to have its leg amputated.

  177. Kindeya Green says

    Hey pepl watch mi video and comment on it pleeeeeeez it would mean alot

  178. Arron Hamilton says

    You are only the crazy cat lady if you….. Live on the street, push a trolley full of rubbish that you think is valuable treasure and start throwing them at people who tryin to help you whilst screeming at the top of your lungs "Give me my cats back they are my cats"

  179. Thabitha moruthane says

    ha ha ah ha love u

  180. Morgan Ellis says

    Who cares what anyone else says or thinks.  If you love cats, have as many as you can properly care for !

  181. Devotha Temu says


  182. Peter Hughes says

    The Siberian Tiger is the largest cat on the planet. Can anyone tell me what the largest dog is?

  183. Samantha Johnson says


  184. donald hakala says

    Love cats!! And dogs, however my cat thinks its a dog 😛

  185. Alec Madrid says


  186. Stephy grahamX says


  187. Morgan Ellis says

    I think its a mastif … I used to have one.  Lovely dog!

  188. Daniel Serrano says


  189. Mike Cherry says

    There is no way 2 make a crazy cat lady. At one point we had 3 and I was a little worried about that but 2? That's well within "normal".

  190. Morgain McGovern says

    I have a pet sitting business, I'm totally stealing this pic. Thanks! Moon Dogs Petsitting for ever!!

  191. Mark Wolfskehl says

    3 here

  192. Willie Washington says

    There are too many Crazy Cat Ladies where I work. One of them has over 10!

  193. Rachel Dong says

    Aw cute!

  194. Kate Karau says

    OMG I'm now officially a crazy cat lady!!!!!! 😀

  195. Ndjwaki sebastian says

    i dislike or like cats,Amanda cats are probabily peace animal but not always,and every one like a cat or a dog according to virious reasons,its nice to have a cat when you got to know its fact,what i know from my exprience a dog can bite away people incase thieves,and a cat can eat chicken and even share the same bed with a person,what about its fur?????

  196. megan black says

    eww how come everyone loves cats so much ????? 😉

  197. Leslie M Vera Romero says

    Hahaha my mom has 5 awwww

  198. Carol Wichlacz says

    Wow. I didn't order that much. Lol.

  199. kyara flood says

    ur cat crazy

  200. michael prudhomme says

    Didn't like cats until I met an abyssinian

  201. Kim Proffitt says

    I have 10 not including the feral ones I feed. I guess I'm the crazy cat lady uhere where I live……..lol, I don't care.

  202. xavier halsey says

    let me have one lol

  203. Anisha Anisetti says


  204. Savanna Esse says

    I have seven cats, so I guess you can call me a crazy cat women.

  205. Boudica Foster says

    i have that starter set… nice color assortment!

  206. Olivia Parra says

    i agree. cats r soo adorable! my dad calls em disgusting ugly animals. but he likes dogs though.

  207. Charlene Hotzel says

    Guess I am one too!!!

  208. Matt BeDell says


  209. Marisa Assink says

    If your allergic you can get a Siberian cat which are hypoallergenic they are pricey but fun!

  210. Keflyn Donley says

    aww gota love cats

  211. Maria Aleksandrov says

    Wait. Two cats makes you a crazy cat lady?!
    I guess that means that most of my friends are crazy cat ladies. I must be in a cult… Because I have two cats…
    But, if I'm crazy, my friend in asylum worthy with her seven cats.

  212. abbly MON says

    haha ihave two cats,dogs are to eager to please you its weird,i give my cats food water and they still have a fuck you attitude.i love that..

  213. amanda cislo says

    i like cats but dogs are better because they will save your life if you are bonded enough with them. What can cats do. cats are still cool on my terms tho

  214. Natalie Saliba says


  215. diamond richardson says

    that's stupid

  216. Taylor Halberg says

    my dad is allergic and so is everyone on his side of the family. Im noot though!

  217. Avishai Vela says

    + Parker Pentz u dumb fuck, Marci didn't say everyone should want cats more than a kid… She said SHE prefered it that way, imbecile.

  218. Atiya Beard says


  219. dandan huang says

    i don't have any cats 🙁

  220. Mark Joseph says

    A submissive pussy cat is always welcome here

  221. Louise Moffitt says

    I have two cats and I call them my babies

  222. abbly MON says

    i think if you die a cat will eat you so theres that…cats are not going to perform for you like  turtles or a snake…i love cats fuck you attitude even when you give them shelter food water..

  223. Lexi Hooper says

    I like cats but i have one and all it does it sleep, eat, and go outside everyday. sometimes i forget that i have a cat

  224. Cari Shepard says

    oops!  I'm a crazy cat lady — only because I can't seem to find homes for the masses.  I've got 2 orange males, 1 black female with 2 gray/black striped male kits, and 1 gray striped female I'd love to find homes for before I end up with more.

  225. Emilee Burrell says

    soo true

  226. Marinda Boechat says

    having 2 cats doesn't really make u a crazy cat lady more then 3 or 4 is more like it

  227. Suzanne Booth says

    i have 2 -=)   my rescue babies are the BEST!

  228. Rosemary Freilinger says

    No, when my mother had 48 and I had 24..we were crazy cat ladies…lol

  229. Stephany Hampton says

    I'm a cat lady as well I love…no ADORE kitties!

  230. Taya Karin Andrew says

    haha i have a cat my mum cant make a joke like that

  231. Marinda Boechat says

    i had 2 but no more my profile pic is of them they're the best

  232. Betty Sundman says

    betty s
    jow preseous is that luv it

  233. mimi-jane Franco says

    I can confirm that having more than two cats makes you a Crazy Cat Lady. I have six!! And I'm Damn Proud! 

  234. Megan Barnes says

    I have roughly 17 cats. I started out with four, but they had a lot of kittens this year.

  235. alina hall says


  236. Angie Zimmerman says

    OMG!!!! 17 cats is a lot!!!

  237. Westley Rosa says


  238. Jessica Diaz says

    so funny

  239. Nicole Borst says

    awww there soo! cute

  240. Marta Brunner says


  241. Melanie SWIFT says

    lol 🙂

  242. Mohd osman ali says

    I love cats

  243. Cola Naimo says


  244. Melissa Callahan says

    Omg. I have 6. And the crazy too lol. I'd order it…; ).

  245. Rachel Patel says

    dogs forever (>.<)

  246. dylan griffin-m says


  247. kc montes lucidos says

    cute cat:)

  248. Britta Romisch says

    cute :p

  249. Clara Wellman says

    aw i want ALL of those cats!  I dont care if that makes me a crazy cat lady

  250. Kaley Patton says

    i cant help my allergies D:

  251. Rosey Oster says

    clara, yes! I LOVE YOU KITTIES!

  252. mahayla hanvey says


  253. Ally Owen says

    thats so funny

  254. abbly MON says

    dogs suk there energy is erratic and wills always love you no matter how mean you are to them or nice its weird..  and they need you to survive.. cats can live without you

  255. Ally Mead says

    HEY what are my cats doing in there !?! lol

  256. Brynna Robert says

    I have two……………………..

  257. Jessica Moore says

    WE have 4!!!!

  258. Amanda Blank says

    aww there so cute i want them cats there so dang cute

  259. Reese Reitz says


  260. Mark Wolfskehl says

    + Kimberly Highsmith Not all men. My wife had 2 when we started dating. I immediately bonded with the boy cat and eventually became "daddy" to both of them. We hit some really hard times and the cats saved our sanity. We ended up getting a 3rd to increase the joy. I love them all.

  261. Caitlyn Howard says

    i have none!!!

  262. Aneesa Hussein says

    aww i want one

  263. Valerian Chambers says

    I love it cats RULE lol

  264. Brian Lawrie says

    I hate cats. Cats don't give a shit about you or anyone else. Selfish bastards. Have  you ever opened a door to let a cat go in or out? They just take their sweet ass time walking through. They will stop and look at you like I'm gonna make your ass wait and hold that door for me until I'm ready and then smell the floor then look around some more before finally going through the door. 

  265. Gabrielle Wiot says

    hah,hah that made me laugh.

  266. jayati vandyke says

    I hate cats they stink and the worst part is when they mark their territory!!!!!!!!

  267. Emily Jacob says

    Thats funny

  268. Jennifer Wilson says

    I ordered 2 kits, where is the other one?!

  269. Melvin Butcher says

    i love all animals  my cat name is midnight

  270. mackenzie v says


  271. nii-nii vandel says


  272. toni lpz. says

    yeah but, their better than dog's n-e day!

  273. Allison Marti says


  274. anakaren barajas says


  275. abbly MON says

    haha thats the best part brian they could careless about you,,its weird how eager dogs are to please you..dogs are very dirty and very careless they eat their or shit haha

  276. Raelene Apap says

    To be honest i really dislike cats………. I like all animals but cats……. they are too rough sometimes………..  

  277. Emma Levinson says

    Haaaaa, but yet so weird!

  278. Sulimbi Bird says


  279. sherry johnson says


  280. Lokitty Tardis says


  281. judy sweet says

    I have 8 cats also and I am not crazy, just crazy about cats. oh P.S. they are all spayed or nuetered. They are always there when I need them and if I go away for a few days I don't have to pay someone to take care of them unlike my dog. Who I also love but is a bit of a pain in the ass!

  282. Siri Rosenthal says

    I'll take six boxes please., why wait.

  283. Gina Jordan says

    An oldie but a goodie.

  284. Andrew Macintyre says

    I Love cats.Always had one.Marguerita is my 5th.spoiled furball after Matilda,Purdy, Susie Pudding,n John Cotton.

  285. adrianne mcgee says

    that a lot of cats

  286. Christine Collins says

    Pretty sure people can't help that they are allergic to cats.

  287. Jennifer Sharaba says

    Only one bitch is allowed in my house…me:)

  288. Qasim Hussain says

    Aww 🙂

  289. Darby hamilton says

    Ahhh so cute i wish i had one but my family is alligic to cats 🙁

  290. ye win htun says

    ?????????? ???????

  291. Nadya Al-khattab says

    My dads allergic to cats am but they are cute

  292. Sophia St. John - Lockridge says

    I am officially a crazy cat LADYYYY

  293. Alexann Zahara says

    Three cats and loving it. What's wrong with being a crazy cat lady?

  294. kevin musselman says

    ha ha he he                         LOL

  295. Jennifer Hutcherson says


  296. Jill Gardner says

    I have the best cat ever!!!!

  297. Boony McHugh says

    I only have one feline owner but wouldnt mind being called a crazy cat dude.

  298. Pula Mare says

    I'm allergic to cats and broke up with my last girlfriend because she had to cats

  299. Veronica Holmes says

    I love cats, but dont have any at home, but any way, always have food for my neighborhood's cats, always they come to my door, and ask for food.  jejejeje is not a joke is true!! The first time, one open my door because there is cat crying out side and I give an atun's can, and  it back and then come more cats. jejejeje No just three, Picashu, Misho, kitty, of course I put the names..

  300. Shianne Hollenbeck says

    i had 4 cats but now i have two

  301. Jane Flowers says

    I am just not a cat person…

  302. Paige Thorne says


  303. Ashanti Ellis says

    I have a cat and he is black but I love animals but only certain ones

  304. Rudi Prayogo says

    I love cat too

  305. Erick Rosales says

    Now where is my pitbull

  306. debra ball says

    Really? Ok then I'm glad I only have one, but I am such a cat lover that my partner says wen I'm old I'm gonna be that crazy cat lady down the street !

  307. isaiah jeremie says

    i dislike this add it frames cats

  308. Kimberly Hueston says

    Aww! Too cute!

  309. Ashley Bracken says

    i only have dogs. Does that make me safe?

  310. charlotte slade says

    so cute

  311. Carly Barnada says

    Aww!  I <3 cats

  312. Alexander Francis says

    I love cat's! My mom has 4, so i've learned to live with them.

  313. Jennifer Burns says

    that's so cute!

  314. Lauren Cross says


  315. Angela kavedzic says

    cats are cute but not thoes

  316. Larry Henderson says

    Pandora's box…

  317. jalila aboufaris says

    i love catssss

  318. Elizabeth Combs says

    Haha 🙂

  319. Jerry ADDAMS says


  320. Eunice Fields says

    The Crazy Cat Lady Starter Kit, :D, hilarious still

  321. Lumy ufo says

    maybe sometimes they look cocky^^

  322. Arianna Kern says

    ha ha

  323. debbie slimmydiva says

    mew.gosh der do eyes scare me off

  324. debbie slimmydiva says

    mew.gosh der do eyes scare me off

  325. Sarah W. says

    Aww they're so fluffy

  326. Kaitlyn Yurchiak says

    I like cats and dogs maybe you should take a break from cats and go on to dogs for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  327. Kaitlyn Yurchiak says


  328. Joseph Menocal says

    Lol soo true

  329. joy pitt says

    I guess I'm a crazy cat lady then,I can't get enough of their company.

  330. barbara maestri says

    I love cats and have three of them.  They are so adorable and if people gave them a chance they would love them too.  I think they have a terrible reputation brought about by movies and black magic. 

  331. lahcene ferdi says

    mignon et super;de couleur diversifiée et sans indifférence; ils sont innocents,et pas de guerre entre eux.= and super cute, diverse color and without indifference, they are innocent, and no war between them.

  332. Carli Tesini says

    im allergic but i loooooooooooooooooooovee cats…i cant help my allergy. it just there.

  333. annie rye says

    This makes my want a Kitty we can not have one in my apartment they what $600.00 for a cat to come live.here with us and I hate where I live right now and I will not pay the money. When we live next June we are hoping to get a cat.

  334. mike jones says

    I love kitty cats, are smarter than we are. I have 4 to 7 depending on the season.   What about dogs?

  335. Lila Haller says

    I have 3 cats,

  336. Jaydon Hansen says

    Crab pot bait.

  337. nora bowman says

    So cute!!!!!!!!

  338. nora bowman says

    So cute!!!!!!!!

  339. Brian Case says

    If 2 makes you crazy, what am I with 4?

  340. Rayven Dayla Dears says

    wow how cute!!! lol what is the irony my two cats r fighting right now!!!!   ^-^

  341. Lilly Wolf says

    lol adorable

  342. Lauren Vassios says

    I like kittens, they're cute, but I'm NOT a cat person.

  343. Dave Bath says

    Note it's not the craziness that makes one get cats, it's cats that make one crazy, via Toxoplasma gondii … a parasite you catch from cats that dramatically increases risks of schizophrenia and other things, and, in mice, (the way toxo "serves" the cat), makes them engage in risky behaviour, not run away from the smell of cat urine … etc … like a cartoon mouse walking up to Sylvester with the "Eat Me" sign.

  344. Sher Jan says

    Like it

  345. Lisa Cook says

    Ok, I have 2 cats, a dog & a teenager….. So that just means I am "crazy" I suppose!! Haha

  346. chocho myint says

    so cute.

  347. Anna McCormack says

    I have two cats but if your whole family has two and one hangs out near one specific person, and the other is around the rest of the family, does that still qualify?

  348. Nina Chuks says

    their eyes r scary as………..

  349. Audrey Gaines says

    like it

  350. Sumiko Nelson says

    i luv cats but there is no way in the world that i would ever buy the crazy cat lady starter kit EVER!

  351. Kitty Chow says

    THANK YOU + Amanda Blain! Someone understands! I'm allergic to cats but I still have one and love her! CATS FOR THE WIN!

  352. Sumiko Nelson says

    hey have any of you seen that eharmony video of that lady who started crying because she loved cats so much?!  CRAZY!

  353. inuXkag love says

    omg xD

  354. Stacey M. Thomas says

    CC.y 9

  355. Jade Thompson says

    aww 🙂 I'd get that for sure lol I love cats!!

  356. Donagh Reardon says

    Stolen from http://www.manwalksintoajoke.com/cats

    "I’ve never understood why women love cats. Cats are independent, they don’t listen, they don’t come in when you call, they like to stay out all night, and when they’re home they like to be left alone and sleep. In other words, every quality that women hate in a man they love in a cat."

  357. Robert Black says

    You are doing a disservice to both animals and people by using that description.  

  358. Kitty Chow says

    And to people who think dogs are better, why? They look different, sound different, and need other thing s but really. Let's face it:
    Cats meow a lot. Dogs bark more than cats.
    Cats like to brush against your legs. Dogs like to LICK your leg.
    Cats use a litter box. Dogs have to go outside.
    Cats are independent. Dogs need humans to keep themselves entertained.
    Cats are fluffy. Dogs aren't, point blank.
    Cats are SO funny! Dogs just bark and run around.
    There is my challenge. Also, cats are very effective. If they love you they are very protective and love to see you! When you see cats on the streets, they hiss at you because they DON'T KNOW YOU. It's like when you have a group of friends that you always hang out with, and then someone new comes over and it gets awkward. As for the 'creepy eyes' thing, really? Cats' eyes are quite pretty in my opinion!

  359. Bilan Mire says


  360. Analyssa Martinez says

    I know quite a few of crazy cat ladies…

  361. kei vel says

    give me one

  362. Madison M.G says


  363. Abby Alben says

    Yes they ARE cute and awesome. They are also less work then dogs because you don't have to walk them or take them outside to pee. Love them! >(0.0)<

  364. brooke ott says


  365. alexa vickery says

    lol so much easier

  366. Braydon Rampley says

    Lol very funny

  367. Avatar point says

    Cats Rock

  368. Samantha Orest says

    they are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  369. Rodrigo Almeida says

    I love cats. They are beautiful and very smart.

  370. yutong du says

    too much.

  371. Tim Maytum says


  372. Rebecca Sutton says

    I don't dislike them but I like dogs a lot more cuz dogs r a lot more crazy and active and stuff!!!!!!!!

  373. Kate Nicolson says

    This makes me shudder!

  374. Reese Dees says


  375. Naomi Barrera says


  376. Ashley Coleman says

    wait, thats the starter? omg >:0

  377. Karen Van Lenten says

    I love cats!!!

  378. Kate Feltman says

    Cats are cute… stinks that im allergic 

  379. Maressa Surrett says

    That is hilarious haha

  380. Caroline Boroughs says


  381. Ayaana Root says


  382. Sophie Pittenger says

    Cats r fun to have and they r really cute!

  383. Neda Mudronja says


  384. Jane Callahan says

    Cats are like furry, loving potato chips – can't have just one

  385. Nathan Haverland says

    ha ha ha ha ha 

  386. Yoko Littner says

    lol XD orders a kit and send it to horrible lady might as well start now

  387. Erin Anderson says

    + Eric Hansen : I think you have mistaken cats for children.

  388. Rhys Jones says

    My wife wants to know where one sends away to for such a crazy-cat-lady-kit ….. LOL.

  389. Amanda Blain says

    lol + Arda Ocal 

  390. Jirachaya Sakhamula says


  391. Shambu Yadav says


  392. Cailey Nix says


  393. rosey timothy says


  394. Kami Masaki says

    … Is that bad? I mean, like, they're family cats! (Only 2…)

  395. Andolsa Arevalo says


  396. Daniel Gordon says

    Amanda Blaine what's up I like your picture hun

  397. Vanessa Yim says


  398. Kaylee gutierrez says

    i hate cats

  399. Angela Duong says

    cute katz

  400. Maya Cemper says

    hey man! I LOVEZ MEH SOME KITTEHS! soooo cute

  401. Emily Stewart says

    cats? stupid.

  402. spacecadet riana says

    watch the youtube videos about dogs welcoming there owners back from war …nuff said 

  403. Alyssa Guzman says


  404. Robert Killingsworth says

    Cats are evil. They're only cute until you see them torture their food.

  405. Sam Jacobs says

    Ur Evil

  406. nylson souza says

    Vc eh linda meu anjo..

  407. Motoyasu Taylor says

    lol love it

  408. Michelle Anthony says

    Great post + Amanda Blain ……cats rule!!!!

  409. Emily Jacobs says


  410. Gregg Van Wickle says

    2 cats is still pretty normal; cats enjoy the company of other cats. I'd say 3+ for crazy status. I had a cat, then meet my wife, who had 2. Now we've got 3 in our house and I'd have to say its a bit much for me.

  411. Hicret Uyar says

    haha lol

  412. Motiur Rahman says

    Its just the poo…

  413. Sheryl Brand says

    I have nine cats, they are the best! xx

  414. Abria Parrott says


  415. Kayla Mrozinski says

    I always thought I was a dog person, until I got my first cat. She's amazing! I think that cats are misunderstood a good majority of the time.

  416. Mohammad Jan Khan says

    hahaahaha so0o cute <3

  417. priyantha rathnayaka says

    waw beautiful…

  418. Nadine Ruddell says

    Arrrrrrrg!!i love cats!!!!

  419. Madelyn Fuller says

    If you have had your heart broken so many times that you never want to talk to a man you got to have the crazy cat women starter pack!

  420. Cj Parker says

    My cat kills all the spiders. She goes outside to the bathroom and does not jump the fence. So she is worth having around.

  421. Shelley Donathan says

    I guess im a crazy cat lady because i have 2

  422. M. Waqas says

    Aww these guys look like my old buddies!

  423. mohsin aziz says

    innocent cats i love cats 

  424. Michael Branson says

    Reminds me of a car I saw in traffic covered with "Our Family" stickers. There was one adult female sticker and 3 rows of cats…..

  425. James Cannon says

    + Amanda Blain I have two … I guess I'll be the crazy cat man lol! Question is there really a vaccine in Canada for cat allergies?

  426. Joseph Gentile says

    2 dogs. 2 cats. 3 birds.

    But that has nothing to do with my being crazy….. 😉

  427. Eleanor Harris says

    I have 3….

  428. Yong Wani says

    yup…its damn true! 😉

  429. Ella Dix says

    i luv that pic and it is SOOO CUTE

  430. Tori Lovemore says

    cuti pies

  431. Marvi Pitafi says

    hate cats

  432. Oshin Mudannayake says


  433. Brianna Stanton says


  434. Christris Reisinger says

    I have 3 cats lol…

  435. Richard Dubois says

    Everyone who is cool loves cats

  436. anugrah vyas says


  437. kay ell says

    where can i get one, lol!
    i LOVE cats; i want to be that crazy old cat lady who, when she dies, leaves her mansion and millions to her cats!

  438. Elyne Fabing says

    I know right !

  439. Sarah Murdoch says

    that's funny

  440. Anika Bradley says

    lol that funny

  441. Laine Roelofs says

    Just love cats….all those faces…sweet…

  442. Anamika Manoj says

    that is soo cauuuuteee:p

  443. lizzy fernando says

    i just love cats and i wanna buy them all

  444. Anaiya Waracheetah says

    There soooo cute

  445. Jasper Tan says


  446. Nomi Khans says


  447. Rajashekar Jaladi says


  448. Niharika Kudva says

    why cat lady? why not pet lady or animal – lover lady or vet lady

  449. Sammie Knight says

    -_- i hate cats

  450. pinki patel says


  451. Jimfo McClelland says

    cats, class & character. Sometimes a pain in the ass & they know it. The way they duck & dive looking at u from behind the furniture, Maybe even giving the back of the sofa a little touch just to wind you up.

  452. Liam Fitzpatrick says

    Lol funny pic

  453. Siddhi Soni says

    i love cats.<3

  454. Mabel Carlile says

    I like you add me as a friend please

  455. Komal Kaur says

    i hate 

  456. Victoria Bloom says


  457. ASHMA KHATOON says

    i also hate cat

  458. Shuvon Sarker says


  459. Jade Cole says

    haha i get it soo funny !

  460. Sara M says

    So cute

  461. Aaraish Khan says


  462. Hans Peter Iten says

    Ich liebe cats – See my Profile.. smile

  463. Ruth Crick says

    Comes in assorted colors and sizes! Can I have a dozen? Love it!

  464. Bubbles Bubba says

    cute n funny

  465. Hiyasmina Libunao says

    so cute i like them!!!!

  466. Carol Wichlacz says

    No. The crazy cat lady is on the Simpsons.

  467. Rosie Callaghan says

    i have 2 cats as you can see one of them on my photo,hes called charlie,i think my other 1 (poppy) was at my neighbours house, they always do that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  468. Elizabeth Martowski says


  469. Juno Magic says

    I'm owned by three cats, and I'd have more if I had the space …

  470. Sandy Kirksey says

    That's just sad!.  Is this suppose 2 be funny and cute! there are 
    dumb ass people out there that think this is OK! 

  471. Jeffrey Haines says


  472. ?? says


  473. aswathi rajesh says


  474. Rexhep Cane says

    I also have two cats,

  475. Negar Farhangdoost says

    so cute!!!

  476. uma ramalakshmi says

    blinking eyes

  477. Sarah Odendahl says

    I love cats and dogs although I only have dogs right now cause they don't get along with cats. And more than one of any kind of animal doesn't make you a crazy…course if it really did I wouldn't care lol

  478. Jana Cos says


  479. Wilma Agosto says


  480. helena yousefi says


  481. neha sing says


  482. Brandy Yntema says

    Having 2- 3 cats makes you just like any other Normal cat lover but NOT a crazy cat lady. If you have 4-8, then your a little odd in your love of cats. If you have more than 9 cats then YES, you are a crazy cat lady to most people.

  483. Aris Kontyen says

    i had nine cats:
    festus entrepy whissywig chaos firestar gandalf kevin fivey and smudge…
    we gave entrepy, festus, and chaos away, whissywig did, but now we have a new cat that i secretly named ezio…. so now we have 6 cats, 3 dogs, 3 fish

  484. tom taylor says

    trop chou 

  485. saduni madushika says

    i like this

  486. cinthya brilla says

    yeah some people hava even 60 cats at home, sadly i am allow to have just one

  487. Jessica White says

    I heard it is good to have two so they aren't alone.  I would start the crazy cat lady at 3.  2 is all right.

  488. hine mary says

    it depends what kind of cat it is, why couldnt she open a zoo for cats called catszoo can do……..

  489. giovanni misciasci says

    Amanda dico una sciocchezza;sono la felicità questi gattini:sciocchezza è ironico perchè è vero che sono la gioia vera del cuore i gatti e gli animali in genere;sono la vita così come dovrebbe essere

  490. Kbug Reevis says

     Dear Abbly MON,
    What is that you have that makes you so stupid? First off, ANY animal in this entire world might eat you! There was one case were a man died in his house and his pet frogs ate him!!! Second, ohhhh now I get it! You are just a bastard! Babies don't perform tricks, does that mean we should just forget about babies? Oh and some cats DO perform tricks. There is even a National Cat Show. Just Google it and watch the vids. And Finally, it's a frikin cat! An ANIMAL for crying out loud! They don't have the ability to think of something as intellegent as who gave them their home!!! And every cat has it's own attitude and personality just like any other animal. So get off the enternet and learn some shit!

  491. putta swathisri says


  492. Jody Troy says

    I want them all?

  493. Margaret Lee says

    You have something for everyone + Amanda Blain ,your humour,our coffee mornings……………I hope you won't become another crazy cat lady…. 🙂

  494. Stacie Huston says

    Well I guess I'm a crazy cat lady bc I have 4 and all are rescues.and I wouldn't change it one bit.I love my fat furbabies

  495. bernard jackob tandy says

    These are copycats and apple should sue you for this infringement.

  496. kaptan singh says


  497. Chad Copenhagen says


  498. Chad Copenhagen says


  499. Chad Copenhagen says


  500. Chad Copenhagen says


  501. DILKUSH SAHU says

    i like cat

  502. Madison Heick says


  503. Ian Enright says


  504. majid puresamandar says

    i really love them do ya have one to give me?

  505. nesa ketut says

    They look so friendly, I like them

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