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  2. Lewi Hussey says

    Haha I like this one! ^_^

  3. Brith Sarma says

    Dat's so true..

  4. Gaurav Kale says

    Yes nice quote…

  5. Eddie Mohan says

    Love it!

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  8. Sahil Arora says

    very true lines

  9. Jitendra Mulay says

    That's cool…;)

  10. Weston Berry says

    gotta keep them on the edge of their seats 🙂

  11. yuan yu says

    what's that point to?

  12. Dan Fiegert says

    Like it! 😉

  13. ?? says

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  15. theresa slender says

    wow… it should be very secret!.

  16. faheem shah says

    maybe…..don't know exactly 

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  18. ellie qi says

    Then  you have nothing to say. 

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  20. Ammon Bingham says

    haha awesome

  21. Pawan Pandita says

    “Gift of knowledge is far higher gift than that of food & clothes; it is even higher than giving life"

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  23. yuan yu says

    oh,i understand what's that mean.hehe

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  25. Jerry Anakin says

    what is the other rule? never say anything you do not know?

  26. Uyen Vu says

    A, I see it. it is fun hihi. there are two…. but just one in there. haha

  27. Uyen Vu says

    You bring smile to evreybody, good luck to you.

  28. AnneMarie Henry - Patete says

    sad, but true, and those who think they know it all, are the meanest!!!

  29. Poplar Yang says

    never reveal everything you know!

  30. yuan yu says

    That not a good view in my opinion

  31. Mukesh Kumar Sharma says

    I Agree

  32. Mario DeSousa says

    Ah the chant of the protectionist crony.

  33. warwick mcdonald says

    Nice one

  34. Ousainou Touray says

    What happened to number 2? 🙂

  35. Hassan Mohajer says

    & what is the other one??? :-{

  36. yuan yu says


  37. Ousainou Touray says

    + Hassan Mohajer we won't know because then he will breaking rule 1.

  38. yuan yu says

    haha :-{   +Hassan Mohajer, it is a funny symbol.

  39. Graeme Duncan says

    Ha ha

  40. Zaiful Anuwar says

    i like

  41. Jemar Uriarte says

    What is it?

  42. Umair Hussain says

    Absolutely true… very true…! but really i never do implemented.. tht's why………….now shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

  43. Chinmyanand Swarswati says

    other one?

  44. Terence Washington says

    I learnt this the hard way. 

  45. Rahul Nirmesh says

    "SUPERLIKE" 😀 :)))))))

  46. Mike Udotai says

    I know dt explain symbols is one unplesant thing…can som1 help me out lemme share d fun…

  47. Dolat Ali Ghanbari says

    Amanda Dear! U r very beautiful. u have good chance to be popular.

  48. Pearl Yusof says

    Good one!!!

  49. Abh jafari says

    you think it is for life or work?
    Where is the missing one?

  50. Muhammad wali says

    oh yeah…

  51. sanjaya kumar says

    what is the 2nd one ?

  52. Jeric Laurio says

    The 2nd is..never give trust to anyone..!!

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  54. sanjaya kumar says

    thanks buddy

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  56. simou red says

    you are right

  57. Hassan Mohajer says

    + yuan yu yes it is. :-{)

  58. Muhammad Tauseef says

    plz tell me two rules of success…..

  59. Hassan Mohajer says

    + Ousainou Touray yeah you right and don't get it, you right:-{

  60. Mike Udotai says

    @Jeric dnt quite see d connection

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  62. Adam Bates says

    2. Trust no-one (I am 1/2 way through watching the US TV series "revenge").

  63. ramakrishna vedula says

    good one indeed

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  66. Khurram Memon says

    amanda i like ur 2 rules & i already success this 2 rules hint 

  67. Matthew Younger says

    thats only one rule…

  68. Ravindra Kulshreshtha says

    The first rule has been revealed & the second will not be revealed as per your rules of success. Thank u.

  69. Sanjeev Bhagat says


  70. Gino Louie Peña says

    i agree with this dear! do not disclose your secret recipe to mr.plankton 😉

  71. Amritraj Bangera says

    one more never mix business with family 

  72. Milan Gurung says

    What is the second one I wonder?

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  74. kailab bowler says

    Nice, that fit perfectly with what i was doing.

  75. Gino Louie Peña says

    the second one is a secret (the secret recipe)

  76. czara jane Panganiban says

    o i c :p

  77. Michael Q Todd says

    Haha yes is a good show Adam 

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    @Gino, nice!

  83. michael mclaughlin says

    exactly what

  84. Dexter Suriben says

    True, I agree

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  86. Valentine Burda says

    The second advice>never listen to such advices!..

  87. siavash king says


  88. critter power says

    stupid bitch has never heard of open source.

  89. Scott Marshall says

    I used to work by this theory… all it does is to ensure you become an expert so you can never be promoted!

  90. Oye O. Oworu says

    If you don't get this you're like on the path to being unsuccessful!! #sorry

  91. jignesh sojitra says


  92. Ahmed Hassan says

    Yes rite…

  93. Tom Hillman says

    Always pays to keep those aces up your sleeve. Especially when it comes to having space to move politically in your business.

  94. Myat Mon says

    2. When u r peaceful,happy,joyous & doing what you love to do, u r SUCCESSFUL!

  95. jaymark catada says

    deh..   😀

  96. SAINT MYRRH says

    yeah you said so…agreed

  97. Sudheer Nambiar says

    I do not agree with you, Amanda.

  98. Amanda Blain says

    Ok.. you don't have to + Sudheer Nambiar 

  99. Samuel Ariho says

    You're right but the rule cannot apply if you have to prove your innecence

  100. Ahmed Hassan says

    Hi Amanda….How r u..??

  101. Lawrence Luna says

    make sure that guy dont leave a package!

  102. Nishan Gill says

    hi how  r u 

  103. Bapan Ballav says

    very nice.

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  105. Ahmed Hassan says

    Yea write a one rule only…hmmm

  106. Yahya Alshaar says

    this rule is the truth

  107. Shwetank Kumar says

    You are right Amanda….

  108. Hussain Ahmed says


  109. Lawrence Luna says

    the marigold's

  110. Jason Foster says

    Take credit and blame someone you can fire.

  111. Scott Jones says

    Second rule is YOU DO NOT talk about Fight Club.

  112. Syam Jr. says

    Second rule; don't blame your boss :lol

  113. Simphiwe Vuyo Gule says

    THIRD RULE never trust your girl friend coz you never know what she'll do to you…I've just been disappointed big-time…yo!

  114. Atul Ranjan says


  115. Mwesiga Adrian says

    for sure it sucks

  116. Abderahman Bashari says

    What is the second rule for success?

  117. Amukun Joseph says

    hmm…oooh wow nice one…very sweet..

  118. Niels Hansen says

    Oh I see

  119. Joey C. Thomason says

    Slackers learn when you turn your back.

  120. Talal Aldwaikat says

    Confidence, confidence and some more confidence! Or having the looks of a pretty blonde canadian 😉

  121. Pramod Naik says

    2nd rule:select an occupation which is not having subordination

  122. George Nasr says

    It already reveals too much.

  123. Branko Zecevic says

    What is the second rule?

  124. Ahmed Abdallah says

    the first rule : never reveal everything u know
    so cant be a second rule coz he never reveal eveything so u must concludes that 🙂

  125. Sunil Mala says

    what is the second rule for success?

  126. Scott Jones says

    Second rule is: Don't let others define success for you.

  127. Qureshi Zainulabideen says


  128. PROSPER SHAYO says

    2nd rule is…..Never forget the first rule.

  129. Kim Long Vo says

    If you can't be successful after revealing everything, then maybe you're not actually that good. =/

  130. Santosh Mourya says


  131. Pedro Silva says

    I was in Toronto in 1997 and I loved, I have close friends living in London (Canadá) my mind is always same one day return to this beautiful city

  132. tashi tobgyal says

    laro…..2nd rule is, "i ll not tell"…

  133. Niels Hansen says


  134. Edward Augustine says

    2.makes many frends ..whos knows with one ll give u his or her support when u need so-much..

  135. Donal Irwin says

    what are ya doin man ya broke the first rule! your goin nowhere now!

  136. mahesh kumar kunkulagunta says


  137. Thabang Hatane says

    My two rules are (1) Share all knowledge you have (2) be more innovative in what you don't share…. reveal all, don't die with knowledge!

  138. Bakare idris Omoniyi says

    like what pls let us know ?

  139. Marcus Yang-Nilsson says


  140. Michael Berry says

    So true!

  141. Michael Gooderham says

    There are two kinds of people in the world: Those that can extrapolate from incomplete data…

  142. Anil Sawnani says

    Very true!

  143. Manoj MN says

    Its lame…

  144. jose maximino perez roque says

    y la otra cual es?

  145. Darrell Darner says


  146. mehran fallah says

    so what is the second?

  147. lucky kanyanga says

    pls share with us the second rule

  148. aubrey ferguson says

    and never reveal what u dont know

  149. boo Jay says

    2nd Rule is, you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.

  150. Leah Greaves says


  151. Rogan Burns says

    well played. B)

  152. kidd hattan says

    nga nga…..hahaha

  153. RanbirSingh Singh says

    Its quite practical.

  154. T?n Lê N?ng says

    That slogan /advertisement is a selfish man!
    Success is not beyon what you reveal – How can you succeed without sharing and team working!
    Be more gentle to get rid of headache!

  155. thanh lam Tran says

    Great! That's good idea!

  156. Alicia Miller says

    ha ha … made me laugh!

  157. lucky kanyanga says

    hahaha…. nw i knw

  158. Manuel Armijo says

    Or maybe this is just common sense

  159. yeshion ye says

    nice sentence

  160. Yaser Alhamad says


  161. Shanket Ara says

    like a word

  162. ?? says


  163. Yaser Alhamad says

    2. Reveal to the right person, right time, right place

  164. sara siddiqui says


  165. Denise Garcia says

    Thats so true… Its always better to have a Plan B tucked up your sleeve… hehe… 😉

  166. Jonathan Adami says

    I like the "yeah but what's the sec… aaaaaah" effect ^^

  167. Manpreet Singh says

    n 2nd…

  168. Satish Ramji says


  169. Abhigyan Borah says

    2nd is pretend to know what u don't know( good way to deceive)

  170. i trananhtuan says

    and the two rule is….???

  171. Shamirah Bastienne says

    nice 1

  172. Kuldeep Raaj Sharma says

    I practically undergone the same!!! and had to pay for revealing the knowledge!! very sad; Your knowledge can be harmful sometime to you even it can cause you to be unemployed or fired!!

  173. Yousef Savaedy says

    So…what's the sec? Is it the B plan?

  174. john djboo says


  175. ASHER AHMAD says

    true (kuldeep raaj sharma)

  176. Barry Lanener says

    If you're never going to reveal what you know, what's the point in knowing it? From that logic one could be a genius and be buried as an idiot.

  177. Ramilo Holter says

    I wonder if the Lehman Brother chose the  oppossite

  178. Amritpal Singh Kamboj says

    Its already told in the line…
    Never reveal everything you know so that's why not revealing second rule

  179. Dewi Agustina Aruan says

    awesome 🙂

  180. Eran Avidor says

    Great one…

  181. Omprakash Verma says

    happy day

  182. Satsis edinburgh says


  183. Subhash Bhorade says

    its seems to be Universal truth.

  184. ???????? ?????????? says

    They don't reveal everything they know because they want to success.

  185. Ashok Tandel says


  186. Farzhin Azizi says


  187. Nathan Bayliss says

    just got it…lol 🙂

  188. Bradley Stevens says


  189. Ankit yadav says

    i dont think so if a person have great desire for some goal he or she should tell it every one 🙂 ,,,, these lines are outcome of fear 

  190. E Marial says

    thats is very true

  191. letso mpata says


  192. mark nurse says


  193. Afzal Rahman says

    2nd rule ..?

  194. Sandy Bay says


  195. Iyas Martin says


  196. Arin Maina says

    love it

  197. Martin Nicholson says

    2nd rule is a secret defined by the first rule (hence, it isn't written) g'day

  198. Vicky Shah says

    Gr8 one,…!

  199. Alex Sukh says


  200. Samira angin Angin says

    hi how are u?

  201. NAVNATH SUTAR says

    nice !!!!

  202. pradeep upadhyay says

    please add the photos on the profile

  203. Benny Boom says

    the 2nd rule is, the first one!!!!!  read it again and you'll get it

  204. mogere dan says

    good one and the second

  205. Afzal Rahman says

    Wow !! martin

  206. rasool alamolhoda says

    2. Pray to GOD 🙂

  207. butch hosford says

    Butch hosford

  208. ronnie sabaldan says

    …And the second one is secret because of the first one. ;-))

  209. Andres Soolo says

    2. Repackage the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.

  210. haider alharbi says

    Wat about the second one :p

  211. abhinav xaxa says

    Very good!

  212. Cheryl Hung says

    This is the problem of Chinese and Japanese, and hence that's why Chinese cultures, traditions and skills have been losing so quickly in decade after decade……  

    This is a ridiculously selfish 'rule'!!!  

  213. Mari Albuquerque says

    nice 🙂

  214. Pradheep Rajasingham says

    ha haaa…. very true

  215. harby encarnacion says


  216. Mubashar Hussain says

    i think you are right

  217. Sony Ratnakishore says

    i think second one is 2.never hide totally every thing you know …
    iam just expecting ahaa ….

  218. Javid Javidnia says

    perfect statement

  219. JUGGIE SINGH says

    + Cheryl Hung  absolutely!!!

  220. Roger Manich says

    the second one is applying the first one 🙂

  221. Hameed Anjum says

    I agree with you

  222. alvian langitan says

    File no 2 .. If some1 ask, refer to rule no.1

  223. Onah Caleb says

    Why do you say so

  224. Martin Nicholson says

    lambda calculus lmaoh

  225. ??? says

    save the image

  226. Ahsan Mukhtar says

    like it 🙂

  227. Parvinder Singh says


  228. Al Mahamud Nipun says

    you are right………….

  229. Manoj Kumar says


  230. tanveer ahmed says


  231. Kristopher Raygoza says

    ahhh how true them girls sure are good at that i got to say

  232. Bob van Oort says

    And 2) don't mention fightclub … oh [email protected]! Just mentioned it!!

  233. Amit Arora says

    There are no rules of success there are principles of success u stick on it u will get the taste of success.

  234. satish jhanwer says

    That's cool 🙂

  235. Venkatesha Raghunathan says

    100%%%%%%%%%%%% true

  236. david little says

    If the knowledge , whatever it is helps that person on on life, it's a nice thing to share.

  237. Arnold Ancheta says


  238. Ali Mohseni says


  239. Hanieh Sa says

    second rule: never follow the rules of someone who never reveal everything he/she knows

  240. Mukund Pathak says

    That's really nice.

  241. MOSAMI DAVE says

    ho where r your city name?
    nd i m frinds? i m student

  242. Eihab Tahir says

    Oooo….Like it ….

  243. Maneesh kr verma says

    Ya i agreee

  244. Poojitha Jayasinghe says

    Knowledge can only shine if its open ..

  245. Chandra Kanta Jangid says

    many happy retuns of a day.

  246. Tahir Islam says

    this is anti rule of first one

  247. James Paul Shelburn says

    Lots of money wins over everything shhhh don't wake up

  248. Ashok Rao says


  249. Prageet Verma says

    not cleared rule

  250. Vishnu vg says

    Very true

  251. David Chin says

    where is 2nd?

  252. Rakesh Dhadheech says

    There is one more Rule……….
    Always follow that Advice which u give to others 
    Success Gurrenteed

  253. Mahdi Hallak says

    If you understood the 1st rule, you wouldn't be asking for a 2nd

  254. Keshava Satwik says

    Thank you. (Danyavaadagalu), Amanda Blain

  255. chirag dobariya says

    or second rule

  256. Dasha Korznikova says


  257. c.veronica p says

    Haha good one!

  258. Ahsan Maqsood says

    true 🙂

  259. David Tothill says

    I'm embarrassed to say, several moments went bye before the penny dropped !

  260. Edmund John Adjei says


  261. ali gider says

    never ))

  262. Yareema Abdulazeez says

    Very nice Qoute

  263. Saloum Jobe says

    What is the second

  264. mark stewart says

    How true

  265. jaleel koroth says

    Hi how du u du..?

  266. Bryan Butler says


  267. april rose albano says

    yap thats good:)

  268. Larry Fields says

    Very true! Tell them everything and there is no longer a need for you! 🙂

  269. venesse walker says

    I know nothing

  270. Tony Lu says

    pfft, really? I wonder what this is advertising. 

  271. Erebebe Kosuowei says

    There is this popular saying that the best brains are at the grave! How do you reconcile it with your post?

  272. hashim abdullah says


  273. tom nash says

    i understand the joke, but bugger anyone who takes that seriously, or actually thinks that way. we are social creatures, and should be looking out for each other, helping each other, and ourselves and our species by extension, to new unimagined heights. we can do the impossible, if we work together.

  274. Luciano Mtogesewa says

    how can you be sure of what ur doing?

  275. nirav naik says

    I like it, that's true

  276. sirajudheen anas says

    Its a fact…..

  277. jillajamal g says

    ok ok

  278. venesse walker says

    Lmao @ + Jerry Anakin yes

  279. Mista Bigmike says

    100% true

  280. Sam Boner says

    very true

  281. sirajudheen anas says

    Its a fact…..

  282. RAVI KUMAR says


  283. Jonathan Marks says

    Brilliant. Where did you see this? Toronto?

  284. AmiRezA Tavakoli Bina says

    What a paradox!

  285. Krishna Adhikari says

    Good one..

  286. Dozie Dibiaezue says

    Tell me the second rule.

  287. arockia doss says

    Nice comment

  288. Rajeev Baldev says

    2 is not revealed

  289. Thant Sin says

    That is so True!

  290. Lara Toffar says

    So true hey! 

  291. William Nichol says

    I like that too much information can get you fired.

  292. Saul Fleischman says

    but do share.

  293. Nathan Van Rheede says

    the second thing is that look at the two people in the pic. meaning never reveal everything you know to the next one

  294. Abdur-Rehman Baig says


  295. karthi keyan says

    fact fact fact……

  296. Yao Tony says

    and the other?

  297. Fatima Samim says

    True !

  298. Vijayshree B says

    Very true……

  299. beck karki says


  300. Fianyeku Lucky says

    u look beautiful

  301. abdallah jibrin says

    And the other…?

  302. Noorworld Noorworld says


  303. kumar sourav says

    being successful is not everyone's cake.. 
    People who are worth of , never bother….

  304. Onyeaboh Ekwe says

    Great Talk.

  305. hassan khan says

    Wat tha fuck z thz.

  306. Richard Moldovan says

    And keep your enemies closeups

  307. Michael Lass says

    2. Refer to rule number 1

  308. Asgar Mahmoudi says

    equally, a teacher who teaches all, teaches ill

  309. Rajput Ajay says

    thats right

  310. Ann Fauzia says


  311. kaaya majjid says

    Who can help you if you don't reveal your secret .

  312. kaaya majjid says

    Who can help you if you don't reveal your secret .

  313. mazen Yaafouri says

    it is not only two rules, it's the book of rules !!

  314. John Hersey says

    Mitt Romney post this?

  315. Mohamad Mohamadi says


  316. Mohnesh Kohli says

    What is Second one

  317. Hussain Ali says

    where is second????????????????

  318. Olaitan Elufidipe says

    Nice one !!,very good.

  319. mitul soni says

    absolutely agreed dear

  320. mitul soni says

    absolutely agreed dear

  321. harshad patel says

    Everything is possible

  322. frank siyabonga Sithole says

    really what happened 2da 2nd 1

  323. ?? says

    + Hussain Ali The second is something you shouldn't reveal.lol

  324. Ryanzkie Blue says

    Does anyone here never get the 1st rule?? lol =3=

  325. Siri Rosenthal says

    wow that has been my mistake this whole time!

  326. Santosh Kumar says

    and patience

  327. Dave Siev says

    Cleaver… haha.

  328. Charlie McGann says

    Those who keep their own council are the ones who succeed in all walks of life.

  329. Joey Ragan says


  330. Nilanjan Dasgupta says

    I agree

  331. Somsakul George Nareewong says

    Ooooohhh… I see what you did there.

  332. Shams Gaber says

    haha, i like this

  333. Amber Hellyer says

    damn right!

  334. Khalil Sadeghi says

    I don`t.think so..!!
    I guess something not every thing

  335. anis asady says

    2.have prospering friends around you

  336. peter ossai says

    So what is the second?

  337. M S Negi says

    i am not agree with your success rule no. 1. if it is true then what do you think about teacher, parents.  [email protected]

  338. Alexander Dahle says

    the "thing" that you know

  339. Bettina Ascaino says

    Mmmmm I thought about it today. …

  340. Anthony Rogers says

    That's misleading

  341. Nitin Mehra says

    very true. 2)???

  342. Estomih Mollel says


  343. thanushka damayanthi says

    yes it is truth

  344. mohd hamdan says

    lol like it but what is the other rule

  345. Manal Fatima says


  346. Basil Paulose says

    He is not revealing the second rule.. and he thinks its his success…

  347. Gd Mathur says

    do not tell another rule to any one! is it not.

  348. geethika lakshmi says

    dont share everything what u have

  349. Kumaresan Gopalsamy says

    Good i like it

  350. Abed Yousefi says

    chicks love it!

  351. Yon Heroz says

    whats the second one…..oh …guess u cant reveal it……lol

  352. ??? says


  353. ??? says


  354. ??? says


  355. Kumaresan Gopalsamy says

    Is it

  356. Navaneeth Ravindran says

    Hahhaha ????

  357. Krishnan Iyer says

    Easy to preach but very hard to practice

  358. motsamai william roos says

    why not reveal everything ma'am?

  359. Usman Qasim says

    ohkay! it took me a while to understand it ;(

  360. Geetha raj says

    yo..tats true

  361. Abdur Rahman says

    ha ha ha

  362. umutoni sheillah Shadia says

    thats true

  363. Mani kandan says

    2.break the rules…

  364. Umer Farooq says

    Amanda you are absoloulty right…shell we friend?

  365. theo mnguni says


  366. Avinash Nikash says

    Don's ask the second rule.. 😉

  367. Garry Owens says

    Never give things you know??… save a fortune & die sad and lonely?…. NOPE.. share your knowledge and experience and be happy.

  368. Jorge Sanjurjo says

    I can't believe I rolled down the mouse looking for the next pic… doh!

  369. Stephanye Brown says

    Live it, Luv it!

  370. samir elnaga says

    You are right

  371. Bulan Sarkar says

    Rule no. 2: Never forget rule no. 1

  372. Yash Pal says

    its right

  373. Didar Singh says

    right ttthingh

  374. Tausif Khan says

    absolutely right

  375. eslam saeed says

    Totaly agree

  376. harsha shishodia says

    chut dede

  377. Brij Bhushan Verma says


  378. motsamai william roos says

    that is what i have been planning to do.
                       to ask what is that second rule?

  379. Mohammad Zakarneh says


  380. Ellery Tan says

    errrrm thats 1 only…but it is good advice

  381. sunny singh says


  382. Jahanzaib Mughal says

    hmmm v.true

  383. Ifunga Ndana says


  384. Richard Kimber says

    Haha. That's brilliant.

  385. Brian Ombongi says

    That's stingy in full growth!

  386. sean keating says

    Whats the second rule

  387. ananya gupta says

    haha heehee

  388. Chhotu Yadav says

    i think its true bt how many does not do it

  389. raul salazar says

    Thats greedy we must be happy when we share what we have because everything here in this world will comes to an end and if we shared something thats better

  390. Rahat Ali Maqpoon says

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    Be thy brother's keeper.

  396. Albert Nzilolela says

    That's is a big deal. The post will change me a lot!  A good advice. Found it useful……….

  397. Danny Harper says

    Very true


    Selfishness will block communications and social isolation in the world. Certainly there are things to be silent like our personal lives or personal lives of others (gossip), but the concimiento not, should be free. Some people apply the rule (also selfish): you give me, I give you …

  399. JASBIR Singh says

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  401. Faraj Farook says

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  402. Aung Khin says

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  413. sean keating says

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    there is something to understand there.

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    Knowledge is power. Power is knowledge

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  446. Charles Longoria says

    Okay, so if there are only 2 rules and the FIRST rule is to never reveal everything you know, then we can safely assume that EVERYTHING you know is in the second rule because it is not revealed. So if EVERYTHING you know is in the second rule, why is there a FIRST rule?

  447. appolonia ndlovu says


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    Revealing something is allowed, that's what the first rule is about, I guess.

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  458. julius okpe says

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  462. Hassan Jafari says

    So similar to:
    Imam Ali (god bless him) has been said: 1) Never say what you don't know 2) even, don't say everything you know.

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    It's like be professional or practical. 

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    Never reveal everything you know and never volunteer any information

  469. Hariss Koeppe says


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  471. Helen Livesey says




  473. Undo Ando says

    It means: Public figures who preached and spread stories about their journeys to become success is A Liar


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  478. Vyomesh P V says

    🙂 Completely true for the guy who stopped trying !!! 😀

  479. Jason Telford says

    In other words keep your mouth shut, never say anything, see anything or do anything if there is a chance that you might get caught.

    Watch, listen and remember, while at the same time keeping yourself at a safe distance and never forget that power is a double edged sword. You must be fearless and wise to wield it.

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