1. Cesar Ramirez says

    Too awesome!! >_<

  2. Andre Martinez says

    Stays furry longer in milk than any other leading brand!

  3. Elizabeth Gordon says


  4. Mike G says

    Amazing that you can't find this stuff on the shelves -I'd buy me some!

  5. Cesar Ramirez says

    And muting…. NOW

  6. Keyvan Shafiee says

    Hi Amanda,….

  7. Shawna Bergen says

    The dogs they are-Just kidding don't hurt me!

  8. Ryan Rodgers says

    Go girl, great post.

  9. Danial Hallock says

    Hi + Keyvan Shafiee! 😀

  10. David Campbell says

    do they squeak when you chew them?  I think my kids would find it a bit alarming. 😉

  11. David Mason says

    LMAO so awesome!

  12. Aaron Bonthoux says

    i would buy that in a second!

  13. George Anton says


  14. Phil Nolan says

    I would totally eat that if they didn't multiply in my stomach until I burst.

  15. Sharon Emrick says

    I would so eat Tribbles & Bits..

  16. Kevin Dinneen says

    I would love this

  17. Doug Reynolds says

    Never heard of it 

  18. Laurence Hubbard says

    lol @ Captain Pike action figure!
    One flash for "yes", two flashes for "no" … such action.

  19. Jay Brown says

    + Timothy Davis 

  20. Kevin Bowie says

    Dear lord baby Jesus O_O Shut up and take my money

  21. Brendon Shannon says

    tasty yet illogical.

  22. John Keitz says

    Oh great, now I'm hungry.

  23. Patrick Armstrong says

    Any episode with Harcourt Fenton Mudd was a goodie. The Cap't. Pike action figure offer is a scream.  "Blink twice for yes!"

  24. Kacee Goforth says

    Blink twice for what

  25. David Aguilera says

    too hairy for my taste…

  26. jackie chan says

    Dribbles 'n' bites

  27. Chris Evans says

    It looks like a box of Lucky Charms with little fur balls. Think I'll have some Lucky Charms for breakfast tomorrow.

  28. Nohl Lyons says

    Ewe…there's a hair in your cereal

  29. Michael Bermant MD says

    What sounds appetizing about a fur ball?

  30. jackie chan says

    + Michael Bermant MD Meow

  31. Ellen Sette - De Jonghe says

    LOL !

  32. jackie chan says


  33. ede john says

    i will buy some for myself because am not sure if iam an adult or kid! Lol!

  34. ede john says

    jackie ad me,0 0

  35. jackie chan says

    + ede john don't worry I'm not really jackie chan… My real name is Kylan.

  36. Thomas Townsend says


  37. Ellen Sette - De Jonghe says

    I like the way they made 'Kellogg's ' —>' Klingon's ' +
    raised on whole-grain quadrotriticale, and ofcourse the free figurine ! 😛
    and at the side of the box: one box is all you will ever need : yes, just add some water and the box will fill itself again ! LOL

  38. Thomas Townsend says

    yeah, FUNNY!

  39. Dany Brice Guemaleu says


  40. jhonny silva says

    amanda vc é dez mais nois estamos no brasil bjss
    posta por favor em portugues

  41. Brock Tanken says

    Well, thats the trouble with tribbles!

  42. Jens Dibbern says

    There's quite a funny quote in the german synchro of that episode: "Nur ungern nimmt der Klingonenmann statt barer Münze Tribbles an" (roughly translates to "Klingons REALLY prefer cash instead of tribbles")
    Scotty says that after beaming the tribbles to the Klingon's engine room.

  43. Nakia Jackson says

    Ha! love it! definitely one of my favorite episodes too!

  44. Mark Wolfskehl says

    Is that a safe cereal to eat? I mean what happens when they start multiplying in your stomach?

  45. jackie chan says

    + Mark Wolfskehl You explode.

  46. Suresh Thakur says


  47. jackie chan says

    + Suresh Thakur Are you talking to me???

  48. stiward florentino says


  49. Linda Bernstein says

    You had me at tribbles. Trouble there!

  50. James Pitcher says

    Something about Fuzzy that just sounds Yummy! ;~)

  51. salif sissoko says

    très cool paq ici mes amis

  52. Lance Cozad says

    glad I wasn't drinking any coffee when I saw this one… 😛

  53. Brock Tanken says

    + Lance Cozad im not, then you couldnt post, your device would be covered in hot sticky, coffee!

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