1. Jim McCloskey says


  2. Luca Della Casa says

    Yes why? LOL

  3. Adam Roe says

    but why not waste it on fun

  4. Robert Misner says

    Low cost entertainment keeps us plebes in check. It's good for society.

    Also, fun. The fun thing. I like them.

  5. Pete Daly says

    I say bring on the xbox 720 or whatever it's going to be called and I want Borderlands 2 lol! I know-what a child!!

  6. Joel Poirier says

    Video games are science.

  7. Pedro Hernandez says

    Que honda

  8. Jon Laslow says

    Video games do not make me violent. If there were suddenly no video games, then I'd be violent.

  9. Adam Roe says

    Pete Daly 
    why do you have a witch craft sine 

  10. stiward florentino says


  11. parham manian says

    I love pating like this…i love 1940…

  12. youssef aakil says

    i think im in love with you 

  13. Robert Misner says

    So after following Amanda's posts for a bit now, I've noticed that somebody professes his love for her every time.

    And now I'm going to start keeping track of what number comment it tends to be. For science!

  14. Doug Southwick says

    It may be old but I've never seen it. Thanks for sharing. Time to go finish Red Dead Redemption. 

  15. youssef aakil says

    so im not the only one

  16. Willie Washington says

    Amen to that!

  17. Jonny B Good says

    + Robert Misner Don't do it… it will scramble your brain. This is the internetz where someone professes love to any pretty female pic on every kind of post – even if the poster states he is a guy 😛

    I even had someone profess love for my cat, once :S

  18. Amanda Blain says

    Every time + Robert Misner … and still forever alone 🙂

  19. youssef aakil says


  20. Robert Misner says

    + Melanie McRae once posted my old blurry overly close up profile pic as a joke and a bunch of dudes thought it was her.

    Apparently I'm freaking beautiful.

  21. vahid rashidi says

    hi i'm vahid

  22. Jonny B Good says

    + Amanda Blain how can you be alone when Youssef loves you?

  23. Erik Collett says

    This is a fridge magnet at my house. 😀

  24. vahid rashidi says

    were are you from?

  25. Jonny B Good says

    + vahid rashidi I am from Earth… you?

  26. Lee Pellymounter says

    They make em, I play em (simple)

  27. Helene Torrinha says

    To the ones who have a bad heart! Without science and medicine they can not play video games they may have a heart attack :>

  28. CHARLES ramirez martinez says


  29. Seth Friesen says

    I agree. but not totally

  30. youssef aakil says

    Helene Torrinha  ; yes  bute
     wit no video games life is suk

  31. Sean Williams says

    + Amanda Blain – what are you playing that makes you happy?

  32. Stephen Wakefield says

    Going to be playing MW3 in a few minutes. 🙂

  33. nancy jeanne prohaska thompson says

    and..don't forget the ever-present internet favorite..porn. Belongs in the video games headline.

  34. Jamode Manning says

    What try of games u play

  35. Dude Gamer says

    I love games. They put me in my happy place.

  36. jose becerra says

    Awww yeah!

  37. Maressa Surrett says

    Yep 🙂

  38. Melanie McRae says

    What + Robert Misner  said happened. I did this after some member of the Hi Brigade (I see you're familiar with their work, Amanda) started hitting on him. I think I posted something about feeling unattractive with the picture which, as every duckfacer knows, is the key to receiving admiring male comments on the internet.

    Also, Robbit Misner is my hottest female friend.

  39. marwan balubaid says


  40. Robert Misner says

    Once more with feeling, + marwan balubaid

  41. Doug Ovitt says

    I envision children racing nano bots through a man's cardiovascular system, much like Mario Kart, each kid racing to destroy the obstruction. Its a peaceful marriage of science and entertainment.

  42. Melanie McRae says


  43. Jackson Hillmann says


  44. Layba Zaman says


  45. Kristen Barho says


  46. Stephen Hughes, Jr. says

    Only an ignorant fucktard could have said this – and the same bullshit could be said about the entire entertainment industry as a whole. It took far more technology, research, and patents to get the Movie Industry where it is. Older generations and their ignorant, out-of-touch perceptions are what make me smile. Yep.

  47. Kristen Barho says

    calm down

  48. Alex Bynum says

    Wtb this poster to put into my office/game room?

  49. kevril soulaxe says

    its true

  50. Kevin Bowie says

    Amanda, we should get down on some Doom 3 (PC) or make a G+ room for people who have the game.

  51. kevril soulaxe says

    i dont have the game so i cant lol

  52. chandon solomon says

    were do i get that

  53. Jaswinder Sharma says


  54. Warwick Williams says

    I like this one.

  55. Chris Irazat says


  56. David Aguilera says

    Completely agree…

  57. rob jones says

    I love it! its great 

  58. ibrahim nasir Fofanah says

    I believe there are a lot of ur kind here..

  59. Roberto SanchezO says


  60. Leigh Tong says

    Hellz yeah!

  61. Nicholas Cardenas says

    Ahhh the science of indie games; MINECRAFT!!!

  62. Marcus Nichols says


  63. Ali Kamali says

    Helo Amanda .

  64. Athy Kalhey says

    I want play this game

  65. chance yarwood says

    hahahahah lol love it play zelda

  66. joe barker says

    like the beer one 

  67. Mark Carlson says

    Yes why? Game time!

  68. Raymond Alaniz says


  69. Qasim Hussain says

    Xbox 360 🙂

  70. Justin Law says


  71. Nick Doss says

    i agree 😛 

  72. Justin Law says

    dont we all?

  73. vishnu dev Mangal says

    i like video games friends

  74. naruto uzumaki says


  75. RJ Taylor says

    Video games r awesome

  76. Christopher Nielson says

    + Halo Art if you like gaming.

  77. Justin Law says

    good job.

  78. Esteban Ruiz says

    love this

  79. uday Kumar says

    Me. 2

  80. vishnu dev Mangal says

    me too

  81. rob jones says

    I dont drink! I will start too. like it

  82. Andrew Wang says

    What video games do you play?

  83. rob jones says

    I will stop playing xbox! If you vote for MR OBAMA! you wont see me again. I will
    pack my bags and leave. Thats a promise. I would do that! Thanks 

  84. Andrew Wang says

    Why would we not see you again if we vote for Obama?

  85. rob jones says

    I dont anymore. I used to play uno and battleship

  86. rob jones says

    On atari

  87. Pallab Naskar says

    Ok but this is too old.

  88. Suhaib Nabi says


  89. ricky pollard says


  90. Badrg Ghazwani says

    True that

  91. Shiv Yadav says


  92. Brian Self says

    Video games are fun!

  93. Robert Gonzalez says

    or else well die duh

  94. Brian Self says

    I can't say that, and they are fun and often challenging like my all time favorite Zelda.

  95. Hubbard Yancey says

    Gaming is awesome!! Gaming FTW!!

  96. Prabhu Vijay says

    I like racing vedio games

  97. Thevashanghar Mahendran says

    Innocent people may say like this…

  98. Hubbard Yancey says


  99. Mahesh L says


  100. Mohammed Tarawneh says


  101. billy williams says


  102. thanapon pongpai says

    ha ha ha

  103. ricky blanchet says


  104. Gabe Hirt says

    XD so true ha ha ha ha ha

  105. Caleb Watkins says


  106. Jason Dussault says


  107. Jack Smythe says

    lol. simply lol.

  108. Taseer salahuddin-law says

    thats the simple truth.

  109. Joel Aguilar says

    I like 🙂

  110. Manuel Martinez says

    For sure

  111. Manuel Martinez says

    For sure

  112. Dharmik Panchal says

    Universal Truth

  113. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    It is a little old.  I just read a story the other day about how a teenage boy playing video games helped with hysterectomy surgery stitching.

  114. Kowshik Bhaskaran says

    even a boy has shoot her mother because her mother was not allowing to play video games

  115. Vijeta Bhati says

    The Right one

  116. Davy Leggieri says

    It's probably not obvious for everyone but those days the game industry is driving medicine technologies and without it major recent discoveries wouldn't happen.

    I'm talking about graphics cards. Graphics need for games went so far that today graphics cards are so powerful and versatile that no processor can match the power they offer (for certain tasks, and specifically everything related to image/signal processing).
    Medicine is thankful about that, they have a very cheap technology coming from the "non enterprise" market and they know that it wouldn't exist without the game industry, which is always pushing the need of more power further.

  117. ??? says

    "Why waste good technology on Military?"

  118. Jim Schussler says

    @Davy TL:DR – Better pixels saves lives

  119. caesar emmanuel advincula says

    Technology is good if we use it for the advancement of mankind

  120. Corey Luther says


  121. mário rogério Ferreira dos Santos says

    i agree !!!  geek world !!!

  122. ganesh karankar says

    Me too likes to play video games

  123. Daniel Chapman says

    Why waste money on women, BAM!

  124. Grammy Romeo Wibisono says


  125. Grammy Romeo Wibisono says


  126. Boston Chaipilah says

    why waste knowledge on …………….

  127. ramtin d.h says

    x_x …….

  128. Barry Lanener says

    Come on boys! Show us how you use your joystick!

  129. Jack Swagger says

    good thing

  130. tyler hedgeland says

    i love video games so much

  131. Brian Johnson says

    The graphic isn't old It's Retro: )

  132. Jose G says

    It's true.. at least for me. Other people may not undertand at the beginning, but they must realize that as we love one thing, they surely love something too.

  133. Marcos Nogueira says

    A woman who thinks video game makes someone happy first one I wanna be on you give m a coment saying why you think a woman perfectly fints Into the game world.

  134. Marcos Nogueira says

    Thougn im a brazilian is it true american women never ever go into kissing a boy on a first they have met each other ?

  135. Thomas Stowe says

    Most people feel the same way on NASA and regardless of what people say NASA has given us, it's a paltry sum compared to the real positives that could've been done.

  136. William Lozano says


  137. Pete Daly says

    Hi Adam, I have the Pentagram because I am a practicing Hedgewitch

  138. abisekh subedi says

    thats true

  139. Rini Saha says

    we need more lady gamers ,,/

  140. ricky pollard says

    my sis plays games

  141. George Ward says

    I'm still an old MYST fan

  142. ezekiel david says

    even myself I'm glad on that pincture it steel make  smile than ever

  143. Marcus Nichols says

    I think video games are ok but I like sports better

  144. Vaikakala Mateialona says

    hhhhh thats right………….

  145. alex roman escobar says

    o yes (y)

  146. John Roadrunner says

    consume and die.the american way?

  147. Ty Radin says


  148. Andrew Wang says

    Sometimes video games make me happy too.

  149. kasimu abiodun says

    Yes nice well

  150. Hakim Mollah says

    Bfgyhi i

  151. Undie Warehouse says

    How do you get so many likes?

  152. Chase Kleinheksel says


  153. Chase Kleinheksel says

    well i guess video games are pretty cool..

  154. DHRUV MORASIYA says

    Hello master

  155. Ranatanveer tanveer says

    very like

  156. Jeanne Balvet says

    Technologie ancienne,un sourire,sur le progrès!

  157. Rashid Anwar says

    i think old is always gold

  158. Pedro Venancio says

    vanbuda7 xbox live, let play some Forza 4 heheheh

  159. Adrian Huerta says

    the videogames,hum…good idea.

  160. Matt Mann says

    It's a Black Hole where time get's lost and distorted.

  161. david porter says

    Put down the gaming control, you get more sex that way.

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