1. Melvyn Fernandes says

    hahahaha…so funny

  2. Aaron Wood says

    Same goes for ANY horror film. Splitting up, not arming themselves, making a boat load of other poor choices. lol

  3. Lisa Cohen says

    That's why I liked the Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant. The characters talk about the reason they survived the rising was they had been raised on zombie movies.

  4. Ronnie Tucker says

    Rule #1 : aim for the head
    Rule #2 : torch it!:
    The End

  5. Jason Long says

    I've always asked this question too.  It's like in their universe zombie movies don't exist

  6. Ariana Browning says

    My brother loves to say things like, "these people. My god, I'd be scouring every house and every car, trying to find everything I could and blah, blah, blah. …" haha

  7. András Székely says

    because they never watched one….

  8. Christopher Davis says

    I noticed that too, + Jason Long I know its probably to reinforce the brand of the show but they always call them walkers – I don't think I ever once heard them utter the word zombie

  9. Andy Yeomans says


  10. Alcione Pereira Lima says


  11. Aurianderson Mello De Alencar says

    The world may change my whole life, but nothing will change the affection I feel for you!!!

  12. Rob Bean says

    Sad that The Walking Dead cast was used for that image. The Walking Dead really doesn't play the uninformed survivalist card often. Most people have figured out the world's no longer the same.

  13. Amanda Blain says

    They dont even call them zombies + Rob Bean …. 🙂 and in the first few episodes.. this was all very true..

  14. Nafetalia Vanisi says


  15. Randal Lovelace says

    Well, tell ya what, let them zombie hordes head my way… I got something for them.

  16. Adrian Martin says

    Its done so we can yell at the screen, "WTF ARE YOU DOING! SHOOT IT IN THE HEAD, YOU IDIOT!"

  17. Rob Bean says

    Fair enough. The first few episodes (and this IS the cast from the first season).

    However, I think they've intentionally not used the word zombies for reasons other than not knowing what else to call them. Maybe to try and avoid the stigma of being labeled a "zombie" show?

  18. medo mostafa says

    hi amanda

  19. Gary Sherrick says

    not to mention, where are all the guns, not for nothing but in my hometown there are like 2 or 3 gunshops, even walmart sells them, how come they are so hard to come by in the zombie appocolyps

  20. vittorio ulinovich says

    there are zombie spirits—we cant see them —as they move around us —try to posses us —-sometimes we lose they win —giving us a hell day –week —year—lifetime –oh–no—-get your zombie crucifix—–

  21. Hamza Abu sabbah says

    Zombies are updated every new movie so they always need a new way to be killed

  22. sophia dreambreeze says


  23. mohammed gaber says


  24. Ronnie Tucker says

    What I want to know is: once the zombies have eaten all the people will the zombies turn to cannibalism, or will they die of starvation? Can they die of starvation? If not what happens once all the humans have gone… do the zombies just wander about doing nothing? Will they evolve to maybe begin eating animals? Would the zombie plague jump species?

    Yes, I think too much…  😀

  25. Tony Paldanius says

    Threre's no ppl, just Zombies.

  26. Gary Sherrick says

    it depends on which zombie rules you follow, some movies say that the zombie reverts back to its instinct to eat, so if you feel that way they will look to eat something, HOWEVER, the body is dead so it will eventually deteriorate and fall apart.

  27. Jeremy Mack says

    That's a pretty funny question :-}

  28. Savanna K says

    It's supposed to be that way, or it wouldn't be interesting. It can't be an actor just skipping merrily up to one and killing it
    But if that wasn't the case I see ur point.

  29. Christopher Davis says

    That's like the movie Daybreakers (2009) + Ronnie Tucker where the world was running out of humans

  30. Tim Beavis says

    In the case of the walking dead, the creator/writer has said the reason they aren't called zombies/no one knows what zombies are is because within the world of the walking dead there has never been a zombie movie. Before the outbreak the concept that the dead could walk had never been contemplated. So within that show you will never hear them use the word zombie because to them there is no such word/thing.

  31. Larry Beale says

    Hi amanda! have no idea, we just pray for them!!! :))))

  32. Robert Ashcraft says

    You're just too smart for your own good.

  33. Gregg Sakauye says

    I've never been a fan of zombie movies or shows.  Thank goodness everyone else has seen them.  Actually, I did see Thriller back in the day, so I might be prepared for dancing zombies.

    However, if genetic modification becomes widely used as the cure for cancer I might need to do a marathon session to catch up on what I've missed.

  34. Leonardo Jose says

    I want to see Christ commanding angels down from heaven and witness them destroy the zombies

  35. steven elston says

    Lol so true

  36. Chris Tsamados says

    Not to mention in the walking dead they never refer to the Zombies as Zombies, they give them silly names like biters and walkers.

  37. Patrick Saimesier says

    Sean of the Dead

  38. Darren Murphy says

    + Amanda Blain and that's why I love Shawn of the dead perfect spoof of zombie films

  39. Jordan Gill says

    probably still in Shock after their assault rifles and tanks lose to slow walking bitermajigs!..

  40. Michael Rios says

    I know right.

  41. Brian Prewett says

    + Tim Beavis "The hell is wrong with you guys; they're zombies not vampires", plunks a bolt through the zombies head ,"you have to destroy the brain.  Idiots!" I think it was the dude with the crossbow that said something like that in his entrance.

  42. mark lowis says

    lovely world

  43. michael dicarlo says

    + Amanda Blain we laff because we see our self

  44. Frank Ball says

    Dont open that door! There's a zombie…never mind..

  45. Brian Prewett says

    + Gregg Sakauye The actual cure for cancer was patented on March 7, 2013; concentrated THC has been proven to be a safe and effective cure for all forms of cancer, no need for genetic restructuring; as God, himself, said on the first page of the Bible, Let all the seed bearing herbs be for your food and medicine.  The holy priests and edumacated doctors should all be greatly ashamed of themselves.

  46. Keith Paton says

    You are an idiot

  47. William Hammac says


  48. Dave Llorens says

    One of my favorite scenes of all time is in Dusk til Dawn when they all look around at each other and George Clooney says,

    I don't want to hear anything about "I don't believe in vampires," because I don't fucking believe in vampires, but I believe in my own two eyes, and what I saw, is fucking vampires. Now, do we all agree that what we are dealing with is vampires? 

    Then they start going through what they know about vampires from the movie and someone is like "silver bullets?" he's like no you idiot that's warewolves.  I just love the matter-of-factness of that scene

  49. Jeff Thompson says

    It should be obvious, but …

  50. larry Darwin says

    I think a deep trench around the farm and plenty of wooden spears would have held them off at the end of walking dead season 2, at least slowed them right down so they're manageable to kill

  51. Harry Davies says

    What would you expect from George Clooney? Really George? Really???

  52. Jeremy Henderson says

    Probably because none of them would be eaten then…..that is all…

  53. Natalie Villalobos says

    + Amanda Blain SO DAMN TRUE.

  54. Mv Galloway says

    Bc if they acted like they have seen a zombie film or horror movie, they would e hard to kill.

  55. FaithLinh Rowe says

    Hahaha..bc zombies never exist in reality. That's why it's just happened in movies. LOL

  56. Josh Munn says

    I like Zombieland. Some common sense rules for survival in a zombie apocalypse.

  57. Chris Hester says

    Yea y is that?

  58. Salvador Melo says

    I know it was not a Zombie movie, but does anyone else remember the line in the movie "Evolution" where Harry Block says, "I've seen this movie, the black dude dies first…"?

    In a horror movie, you can't let the characters know what is happening or you end up with"Scream", and no one wants that again.

  59. Dervis Cakmakkaya says

    You're first to die, if you're fat and with glasses.

  60. corral de moinas says

    I hate zombie films.I prefer watching a bowl of soup….


    They lack brains. Why else do you think they live so long

  62. Jamie Lathey says


  63. craig bruce says

    That's funny!

  64. Ma Loy says

    Blame the scriptwriters and the directors why they act like that

  65. Jeffery Paramore says

    Good question.

  66. Edward German says

    that is a very good question.

  67. Tá Siere Allen says

    HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD DONT TALK ABOUT THAT SHOW

  68. Christian Weare says

    That's so true I have never really understood that

  69. NGOC VIET says

    Găng lên nha anh, có công mài sắt có ngày nên kim.

  70. Stephen Brown says

    I love watching the show, but I'm seriously disappointed every time they don't kill all the zombies standing at the fence. Or when it's been three years and they still haven't welded anything onto their cars to zombie proof them.

  71. owais aqtash says

    soo true i always ask my self about that

  72. donald hakala says

    The word "zombie" is derived from the Louisiana Creole or Haitian Creole zonbi, which in turn is of Bantu origin. A zonbi is a person who is believed to have died and been brought back to life without speech or free will. It is akin to the Kimbundu nzúmbe ghost (IndieMalu93)…….Ok so that means if they were to call them zombies the show would have to be set in Louisiana instead of Georgia? 😛

  73. Scott Moon says

    I didn't realize that no one in TWD had ever seen a zombie movie. I assumed they had.

  74. Bronte Bauer says

    If middleschoolers were attacked by zombies, I think we would actually have to teach adults how to fight them.

  75. Hong Zhi Yew says

    Because zombie films does not exist in zombie films.

  76. Michael Bullivant says

    You'd think someone would have read the zombie survival guide 😉

  77. Elliot Rexford says

    They need to be lectured.

  78. rob chapdelaine says

    First is shock, first aid course shows how stupid people can be in shock. Second is like real life, no one expects that kind of stuff to really happen, so it's not like they prepared for it. And if I really saw zombies I'd know it to be a joke, so I screw with them. A zombie outbreak would never last long. CDC would have that quarantined NOW. It'd never leave a small section of a city. Malnourished retards are no match for an intelligent society. On top of that, if you shot..lets say a guy too high on a drug, malnourished and bleeding, who just tried to get help but couldn't communicate, and killed him. Would you feel good knowing you killed him when he just needed help? Lots of people can't just kill, they think of the consequences and panic, hence a lousy none fatal shot.

  79. Jay Postrel says

    The thought has always been in the back of my mind. Thanks for bringing it to light.

  80. Jason Murray says

    Because if that universe of zombies and monsters. They have never seen them!!!

  81. chris coy says

    Good point

  82. Brian Prewett says

    After 3 years, no car would start, no gasoline would be usable because of the way that water separates from it and gathers at the bottom of the tank… it has a very short shelf life, and worst all, all the twinkies would be moldy!!!!  Not to mention that bullets would soon begin misfiring from sweat… similar to dynamite getting touchy when it sits for a long time, a small impact causes it to blow.  Many plants would stop propagating due to lack of birds and insects to pollinate them.  Nuclear reactors would begin blowing after a year or 2 of non-maintenance; making the whole endeavor of survival pointless anyways.

  83. Dustin Jones says

    I know. Even The Walking Dead, which is more practical than most zombie related things, still gets things wrong and makes the characters do illogical things. I'm curious as to why no one in zombie films ever refer to them as zombies. Can you imagine a vampire movie where no one calls them vampires?

  84. Damien Levac says

    + Brian Prewett It is not just about survival! I mean, what is the point of 3D gaming comming up if we do not even enjoy the real thing! You wouldn't even need to pay to play!

  85. Temp Rorer says

    Cool! Still, if I see someone get hit by car in front of me I freak out like I have never seen it on TV, so why shouldn't I freak out for something less frequent like zombies!

  86. Mohd Hadi Shafie Awang Othman says

    Wait for World War Z.

  87. Donald Taye says

    I know right alot of people do that especially girls its just a cry for attention

  88. Brian Prewett says

    + Damien Levac Hahaha, as a healthy and lifetime pothead I would fucking love it; I'd miss the hell out of my computer but I would totally replace it with hunting, fortifying, and rebuilding.  Even though I know in the back of my head that with over 2,000 large scale nuclear reactors on the planet we're all eventually screwed anyways, it'd be fun till they popped.

  89. Pepe Palazuelos says

    The mean question I have is, why do zombies only get one vital organ? Why they can live without lungs, liver, kidneys, hearth or alike. How can they even WALK!? Even if there is a viral stuff that extends the life pan from each cell, they still need to get oxygen and nutrients to keep their cells alive. No matter how much they eat, if the cells start to deteriorate, they will just die. Also, how come is that zombie only have the need to eat? what about breath or drink water? or some other primal instincts like reproduction or reactions to pain?

    I mean, from all science fiction stuffs, zombie logics are perhaps the dumpest. The real threat would the virus that infected them, not how walking bodies try to bite your shoes. Still, the only thing that I like about zombies movies and series, is how turns out that living people are more dangerous than dead ones.

  90. Lewis Butler says

    You all need to watch Cabin in the Woods. It explains all of this.

  91. James Stewart-Meudt says

    I guess we're supposed to assume those movies didn't exist in their "world."

  92. Candy Grid says

    So true

  93. madeeha cow says


  94. Candy Grid says

    Same thing with monsters. Don't just stand there like a dumb B**h run

  95. Gonçalo Fernandes says

    ahahah, indeed, i usually pick up on clichés but always missed that one 😉

  96. Travis Blair says

    What if there's a famous actor cast in the zombie movie? Now, not only do they exist in a world without zombie movies, but also without any of the movies that actor starred in previously.

  97. Linda Petty says

    How ever they acted or whatever the walk, it worked. They seem to define Zombie. I'm convienced………..

  98. Miguel Robles says

    Omg I been waiting for someone in the walking dead series to say Zombie. Who in reality would call them walkers

  99. Richard Kim says

    The creators have also stated that TWD is very much a show about the human condition and didn't want it be solely focused about a zombie apocalypse. And they seemed to have done it with their superb writing. Clever to state the concept of zombies had never been introduced in their world.

  100. Jeremy Osborne says

    + Brian Prewett Most bullets take alot longer then 3 years to go bad. Especially if theyre good brass. But even steal cases will be ok if stored right

  101. Kyle Lester says

    who cares

  102. pratik trimbakkar says

    So tru!!!! Lol

  103. teena marie cadayona says

    i have watched the 2 season already. .
    its great!!

  104. Mya Stewart says

    Ikr u. Know ur not supposed to go
    In the closet
    The basement
    A dark room
    Or if u think there somthing in the room

  105. Keith Hall says

    Because its fake and no need to act in real mode for some fake things.

  106. Manoj Chaudhary says


  107. Alejandro Gonzalez Marquez gonzalezmx says

    Good Question. GEt A Gun and Shoot all that moves

  108. Sir Shi says

    Zombies is going on

  109. Ronald Stepp says

    Universal constant. Shoot them in the head.

  110. Mo Sims says

    Beside rumours odds supposed to be all new to then and most of the time there isn't television like walking dead or falling sky's which is just a SYFY television period

  111. Ma 'N Jay says

    its call zombie theory 😉

  112. Mo Sims says

    The big banging zombie theory ……………hmmmmmm?

  113. Edward Magaña says

    Zombieland is one exception.

  114. Jermaine Watkins says

    LOL. True!

  115. Theodore Maniatis says

    Zombies do not make sense scientifically so stop trying to explain their actions and behaviors as something that is real. Either enjoy what you are watching or don't watch it. I choose not to watch as zombie shows can only deteriorate intelligence.

  116. Mo Sims says

    That was a good movie + Edward Magaña they knew what they were doing because they were already warned about it (says the book)

  117. hawa kamara says

    jus standon there waitiin to die. RUN

  118. Kelly Olsen says

    Most creaters of zombie universe make no mention of zombies in their culture or history. They act like they haven't because they actually haven't.

  119. Declan O'Reilly says

    Same reason people get eaten by sharks, they obviously did not hear the music

  120. Raquiem Ali says

    good question! The answer is  people dont act like they never watch a zombie movie because it more exciting to watch lol. idk u should google it lol

  121. RON K says

    i da no

  122. Billy Hughes Jr says

    My sentaments exactly!

  123. Lee Jeffery says

    Often thought so myself . Then they would know "go for the brain simple'

  124. Malik Depthside says

    They think its anything but, cause zombies aren't real. (its been drilled into there minds there is no such thing)

  125. Nathanael Espino says

    It's in a universe where the concept of a zombie movie is absent, duh.

  126. Aymen Baatour says

    Honestly, while it sounds simple enough on paper. In reality, most people would probably refuse to kill in cold blood. What if it's a curable condition?
    How would you feel about yourself when 2 weeks from then, a cure is found and almost everyone is back to normal… except those you murdered?

  127. Jeremy Osborne says

    Its not murder if theyre trying kill you. Its self defense + Aymen Baatour

  128. Aymen Baatour says

    + Jeremy Osborne I know that, that's why I said "how would you feel about yourself" and not "How would you explain yourself to the justice".
    Legally you would probably be fine. But you still would be tormented by what you did… if you're a normal person, I mean even Kratos felt remorse! And the gods forgave him :p

  129. Michael Bell says

    What up

  130. Mo Sims says

    + Jeremy Osborne it depends there is just one question you need to ask… is it manslaughter or is it a thrill?

  131. yoda eyes says

    Because zombies aren't supposed to exist in zombie movies.

  132. Dustin Jones says

    + Josh Munn I like that movie too, but there is a flaw with it. The main character has all these rules to stay alive, but yet he's using a double barrel shotgun as his chosen weapon, which is probably the worst gun  in the world for the job except for a revolutionary war musket. If you have to reload every 2 shots in a zombie apocalypse, you might as well put the barrels in your mouth and end it,cause you'll be dead in a day anyway, you know? Always bothered me. The rest is pretty good though.

  133. Kris McClure says

    Also notice how the word zombie seems to be considered a forbidden word

  134. Chris Gardner says

    Extras, just do as told. no imagination for the surreal.

  135. Elena Andrade says

    I got into a debate the other day with my 11 year old on what weapon I'd allow him to use to "kill" a zombie. We decided on a baseball bat.

  136. Bill Hicks says

    Because they be on one

  137. Joshy George says

    Same reason why people in horror movies always have to go to the creepy basement to check even though anyone with half a brain would know what's coming for them.

  138. Ian Gara says

    I just watched a funny new zombie film called "a little bit zombie" check it out, quite funny.

  139. Joshua Arnold says

    Because they live in an alternate universe where the zombie genre doesn't exist. Duh!

  140. Tuan Sembok Puteh says

    a aaa…i dont know…why???

  141. Michael Jackson says

    I know right they do super  stupid mistakes like dont go draw attention go to a roof not a basement like in "The Walking Dead."

  142. Arnav Dhiman says

    They are TRying to capture our MINDS!!!!!!

  143. Zander V says

    If you really saw someone acting out of the ordinary, hell maybe even groveling for brains. You would of course assume Zombies, and how to deal them, given your vast experience in watching movies? I think that it is less fictitious to observe people acting stunned and confused when human beings start acting ridiculous. The other thing is would it really be better if Zombie movies were all about people who watched Zombie movies? How does that make sense, would you want the next Harry Potter movie to be about the Potter gang watching wizard movies?

  144. Zon Petilla says

    There have been some attempts, but it hits the too self-aware #trope and kind of becomes a #comedy


  145. praful gamit says


  146. Shaun McLane says

    I don't understand, but the people all seem to think this is funny, so, whatever….

  147. Jack Jackson says

    Really I see so call zombies in real life hire them

  148. Zon Petilla says

    + Shaun McLane Look at #combat #stress. Humor is just a important to surviving as any weapon or physical atribute. Think of it as #Fight,Flight,orLaugh #syndrome.

  149. Tiffany Fine says

    I love zombie movies , they're the scariest!!:)

  150. Ryan Serrano says

    soon you and me will become one of them

  151. Jonathan Moore says

    Well, #TheWalkingDead zombies are one thing. The ones in Resident Evil are unbelievable. And all those other creatures. Screw that, I'd rather deal with walkers. But in a zombie apocalypse, I would like to have Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Daryl, and Merle from TWD. As well as Alice from RE in my group. #DreamTeam!!!!

  152. Ryan Gunn says

    Heh. Thought of this when I read the successfully created a reanimation compound last month in New Mexico, and are testing the longevity of reanimated cells. Yup. Don't see that going good places.

  153. KYAW ZIN HTUN says


  154. Zon Petilla says

    + Ryan Gunn lol

  155. David Aguilera says

    ironic, isn't it?

  156. Dolly Donnah Kumudha says

    well said!!!

  157. Zachery McElhany says

    + Amanda Blain You said it XD

  158. Tito Maharidho says

    hahaha, i think they are have some problem with they mind 😀 LOL

  159. Irving Franco says

    That's like saying why do the people in super hero movies act like they haven't seen who the super hero is in the ones before it

  160. West Mack says

    my plan is to just charge into a hoard of zombies and start biting the hell out of all of  them, flip the script a bit on them so they all mumble to themselves "mmm dudescrazy maybe we should move on"

  161. Ryan Drewrey says

    I heard that in the Walking Dead universe – they never made zombie movies. 

    That's why they call them "walkers" – they don't know the Z word. 

    Their fiction just never came up with zombies – so all of this is new and terrifying.

  162. Trace cook says

    Why don't they admit? You Sexy Brunette.

  163. Trace cook says

    It maybe the wrong Question / comment!! You tell me

  164. Jonathan Moore says

    Holy smokes!!!

  165. masta linus says

    mmmh so funny

  166. thanh thien thi nguyen says

    Really happy when I reading all your comments……!! Thank you !

  167. Azrif Naim says

    Well a few people here do have a point. I mean, they DID only use the term 'walkers' and 'biters'.
    But the term 'zombie' hasnt been used at all since the first season.

    Which explains why the world plunged to chaos. They werent prepared for the apocalypse.
    I mean, if a zombie apocalypse happened to us, we'd have control because we're already "aware".

  168. Ron Tupa says

    I never got past George A Romero's Dawn of the Dead…of course, it wasn't as good as Night of the Living Dead, but I digress……um, those were F'ing zombies, people….hello? little girl with the garden spade thingy…holy shit…she ate her own mom…hello?

  169. Azrif Naim says

    Now let's just all agree that deep down we want a zombie apocalypse because we're prepared for it.

  170. kamuran ŞAHİN says

    those movies are like daylight robbery…in dark places…

  171. RANA SHAHZAD says


  172. thanh thien thi nguyen says

    Hello Amada…!!!

  173. step thirtynine says

    .er have you knit seen sean of the dead?

  174. Lauren Wolfe says

    So they just leave T-Dog, the black guy, out?

  175. Ali Keshtkar says

    Lol they are zombies Virgin X"P

  176. Robert Gomez says

    Hello amanda yu like zombie films nite of the living dead is a classic. Ive nevr noticed what others think of zombies but theyre not that frightening they fall over real easy theyrs not much left of them they look like stuffed scarecrows if they left them out to pasture somebody mite help them find theyre. Graves for heavens sake any thing like that on tonite good nite my ex is a zombie.

  177. BISHOP ACHIGWE says

    That's so sweet

  178. Taosnadh Cthulhu says

    Shoulda shot the Governor when he had the chance! What a pleb…

  179. Hizbullah habibi says

    Hiiiiii dear

  180. Adel Maniar says

    Will there ever be a zombie apocalypse?

  181. Mike Jennings says

    Historicly said zombies dow exist. Yet culltivation of frontal lobe, begs to differ.

  182. Robert-Jack Rose-Jr. says

    Amanda it should be obvious to you dear that those who are Zombies were infected by the Zombie Virus and those that are in the film that havent been bitten yet have been infected by Ahlzheimers its very clear to me everytime i watch the walking dead hey lets get in an argument and be real emotional while we re supposed to push these cars out of our vehicles way Oops did we ever forget that there were like twenty ZOMBIES down the highway Oh yeah now i remember Rick we had to swerve onto the shoulder to miss the ugly bastereds…

  183. manuel Stubb says

    Hey' I love the walking dead' best thing ever on prime time..

  184. Azrif Naim says

    Ya know if Rabies virus and the Mad Cow disease virus somehow combined and mutated at an extreme rate….A zombie apocalypse is likely to happen.
    Plus, some scientists also believe that a zombie apocalypse will happen since even they themselves cant predict new virus strains.

  185. Philip Perry says

    + Aymen Baatour I go with the "sean of the dead" approach: run like hell and if any zombies get too close, smack 'em with something made of wood. No guilt necessary! 😉

  186. William Leemans says

    Because they wouldn't be fu to make a movie about. They know how to survive a zombie holocaust.

  187. Robert Martin says

    what about zombieland with that guy from cheers?

  188. Matt Moran says

    Sean of the Dead & Dead Snow are 2 great zombie films where the protagonists have definitely seen zombie films & they use it to great comedic effect. Definitely watch Dead Snow if you haven't already. Not just a funny film, genuinely scary horror too.

  189. Syed Mustafa Faraz Ahmad says


  190. Helene Torrinha says

    Because zombies don't have other way to act… Zombie forever!
    Allo Amanda, i miss u 🙂

  191. Helene Torrinha says

    Its pure entertainment! People already think to much 🙂

  192. Helene Torrinha says

    Its pure entertainment! People already think to much 🙂

  193. Tolu Alabi says

    its their profession

  194. syed nurul alam says


  195. Akram Mohammad says


  196. Ali Saeed says

    the production thinks they are the first one to make the right zombie movie

  197. Christof Sperl says

    That's because Night of the Living Dead (and therefore the whole zombie movie genre) never was made in the Walking Dead universe. Robert Kirkman actually answered that specific question once.

  198. Justin Hyde says

    Shaun of the dead anyone? They know all about the Z word in that.

  199. Helene Torrinha says

    And what was the answer?

  200. Haris khan says


  201. Benjamin Fontanet says

    Not at all .__.

  202. Martin NESSE EBINI says


  203. Peng Dong says

    I also don't konw, but who can give me the answer?

  204. Christof Sperl says

    I gave the answer a few posts ago.

  205. Jermaine Harding says


  206. Anthony Bartley says

    Hi what's up with you hope you enjoy your day

  207. Jignesh Suthar says


  208. themba mbuyisa says


  209. Benjamin Fontanet says


  210. BARSHAN CHAKMA says

    i know the answer. the answer is: they are all acting in a movie!

  211. Andrew Turner says

    Well when it comes to the walking dead, they aren't even called zombies. They are walkers. In this world the world has never even heard of zombies. But yeah really it isn't any fun when everyone is like wow… wait a min…. just find a local red neck…. instant safety..

  212. Arthur Farias says

    That happens more than you think in movies and tv-series. People lives as TV doesn't exists.

  213. Helene Torrinha says

    The answer for me is that we have to make the distincion about fiction, entertainment and what is real!

  214. Helene Torrinha says

    Ok guys! But isn't normal? They are not mad for that?

  215. Christof Sperl says

    It's just a normal TV Trope. For example in a movie with Harrison Ford, the actor Harrison Ford doesn't exist but all the others do.

  216. Warren Bruorton says

    Cuz they want your brain to eat, heee

  217. Scott Northam says

    The Scrubs episode crossed fiction and reality streams when JD was watching The Fugitive and spotted Janitor playing a Chicago transit cop telling Kimball to freeze, then confronted him in the show about his actual acting past.

  218. Hustler Makhaye says

    comm'on you mast credit the directer, to scere someone who know what is gonna happen next… that good work


  219. Van Castor says

    Swimming zombies…

  220. Paul Carter says

    You obvious dont read the comic. + Tim Beavis has the right answer.

  221. Lew Burdette says


  222. marcelo cooper says


  223. Ronald Woodhouse says

    One of life's little mysteries!

  224. Henrik Lundbergh says

    Tjenare Amanda Blain hur är läget med Amanda ikväll hoppas att Amanda mår så SUPERBRA ikväll för det gör
    ju Henrik VarjeDag men undrar vad Amanda har gjort idag på dagen hoppas att Amanda har gjort något som är
    så SUPERKUL skjälv så har ju Henrik Tränat lite Innebandy med hans klubb och Henrik gjorde ju sitt
    FörstaHatrick på träningen.Med många hälsningar ifrån Henrik from Sverige OBS!!!!!!!!!!! och Henrik tycker ju
    att Amanda har ju så JÄTTEFINAÖGON och Amanda SER ju så JÄTTEBRA UT

  225. omary juma says

    mayb thy design it in order 2 mk th audiance feel comft whle they watchn it..

  226. Madi Zeeman says


  227. khulichanack kouzi says


  228. Andy Riggins says

    + Amanda Blain, I believe that series creator Robert Kirkman has publicly stated that in the world of + The Walking Dead, zombie movies have never existed.

  229. Jheremy aquise says

    I think they need to live in a world with zombies and tell how horrible is …..

  230. Alex Zdvorak says


  231. David Wakhata says

    they dont want to?

  232. Hayford Geraldo says

    Waoo, what an analysis!!!

  233. Nick Smet says


  234. florina kelly says


  235. Selvaraj Velu says

    Because, they are the one who making a zombie film… how could they watch what is not on that right time ..?

  236. delky hendry says


  237. Shruti Harkhani says

    cause that causes more interest in the movie

  238. raghuvendra singh says

    🙂 🙂

  239. Gonzalo Espinosa Gil says

    hola hola que tal por ontario, canada, desde granada, españa, un abrazo a todos por alli.

  240. James Reynolds says

    Nah.  Did you see how bored they were by zombies clawing at the car a couple of episodes back?  This message does not apply to Walking Dead. Signed, super fan.

  241. Kareem Sadek says

    Because this is how the director wants it

  242. Mike Tavernit says

    as a combat vet all the training in the world doesn't help when people don't want to accept reality or cannot be rational under pressure, you never know how that person is going to act until you're actually in the test of fire with them

  243. Fabrice Vincent says

    Trèts good
    Bisous à toi

  244. Shaharyar Ahmad says


  245. Shaharyar Ahmad says


  246. yousef tous says

    salut bien bien

  247. Manoj Chaudhary says

    realy nice  film ……….

  248. Hez Krakinovski says

    The zombies are just similitude to a new way to live….
    It's not about zombies!
    It's about how strong is our civilization.
    How storng are we. (we not, at least most of us not)
    PS the use of zombie is because it's so hard to start something from scratch

  249. Gonzalo Espinosa Gil says

    un saludo estoy cansado tengo un sueño, me voy a dormir, chao, chao.

  250. Sarr Ibrahima says

    ces un bon film

  251. Sarr Ibrahima says

    je les reguarder

  252. sudhir rawat says

    hi…. you are so buityfull 009050603782 plzzz calll me friend

  253. Sarr Ibrahima says

    vous etes ou

  254. Chinna Thambi says


  255. asharam desai says

    Very good

  256. Madi Zeeman says

    yeah why do they do that is so weird.

  257. Shannon Clarke says

    well not all movie/series is like that
    Try watching Bite me in youtube

  258. Sarah Donaldson says

    well sometimes they mention movies in this show i think they did once

  259. امیر ح says


  260. Evan King says

    To preserve the fourth wall, obviously.  Besides…

    Maybe it's just my healthy sense of reality taking over, but you know what I'm NOT going to do when a horde of shuffling dessicated corpses shows up?  Assume that a bunch of tired zombie tropes from purely fictional movies are the basis for a solid survival strategy.

    For example, I won't imbue their teeth with magical infecting properties not also present in their fingernails as well as any other surfaces they've touched which in turn make contact with my orifices or open sores/wounds.  Instead, I'll apply traditional hygiene concepts involving layers of latex and a supply of disinfectants, while boiling water, properly cooking meals, religiously cleaning my weapons, etc.

    I also won't presume that things like severed arteries have no impact on the continued operation of the somehow magically self-sustaining muscle tissue of these antagonists, or that their ability to see/smell/hear have reached superhuman levels or become de-coupled from the body parts that actually implement those senses.

    But let's face it: even the slightest dose of realism renders the garden-variety zombie, in virtually ANY quantity, the least threatening foe imaginable.  The one credible source of potential danger–wearing you down until you can no longer defend yourself–is easily mitigated by their lack of bloodhound-level tracking abilities and wealth of safe places to go from prisons to low-population areas to small islands.  At worst you must fight through the horde in your way right now (or more likely hide/bunker until their non-magical unfed tissues completely stop functioning in 20 minutes) and then you'll be clear.

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