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  2. Amanda Blain says

    THANKS + Shaun McLane  😀

  3. Travis Blair says

    3.5 add self-doubt for each protagonist with a bit of confusion about why they're "the chosen one".

  4. Michael McIntyre says

    Read Joseph Campbell's Hero of a Thousand Faces

  5. Amanda Blain says

    Indeed + Travis Blair a good addition

  6. Nick Jones says

    Probably covers a big chunk of mythology too.

  7. Leo Diaz says

    Hiring a great composer helps too

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  10. Gregory Pickering says

    Also adding a mysteriously elusive love interest is helpful.

  11. Sean McBeth says

    It's called the Hero's Journey and it's largely based on Greek mythology, so yeah, this is really a thing.

  12. Nick Jones says

    + Sean McBeth Lucas worked with Joseph Campbell, or was influenced by him, right?

  13. donald hakala says

    Don't forget to break the story up into several movies, and they are not sequels or prequels…they are, whats the word i'm searching for?  Episodic?
    Whatever you call them, i love great fiction brought to life in this way.

  14. Bob Schlaefer says

    Love it!!!

  15. Elisan de oliveira brito says

    love harry potter

  16. Rob E says

    Uncle Owen
    Ben Kenobi
    Darth Vader

    These will all be in my new book coming soon….. thanks Blainy!

  17. Dennis Cross says

    Wow, ………. but it is true……….!

  18. Bipin patel says

    Nice photos

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    Yeah true

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  24. Mo Sims says
  25. David Rafdal says

    Amanda blain you make my blood pump fast let us chat . I'm interested in learning to better my self through others peoples expanded minds

  26. Mo Sims says
  27. Donald Hume says

    That's funny…and true…..except they should have used the Eye of Sauron instead of whatever dude that is for the villain in LOTR.  Sure, he was a villain, but Sauron was the real antagonist.

    Just my geeky 2 cents worth.

  28. Avi Hurewitz says

    Piece of cake

  29. Atemu Mouto says

    Yeah, but Snape wasn't evil and the ring wasn't any help …….

  30. Ben McFarland says

    I don't know that Gollum was seeking redemption so much as the pull of the Ring forced him to get as close to it as possible, but otherwise, pretty spot on.

  31. Salvador Melo says

    Step 7: transfer the awe inspiring story from print to screen, changing or forgetting key elements to assure true fans will provide free publicity by whining about how much the movies suck compared to the book(s).

  32. Josh Bryson says

    haha nice! pretty spot on and definitely worth a laugh! 😀

  33. donald hakala says

    They will never be as good as the books + Salvador Melo because what i visualize in my mind differs from what you might imagine… or perhaps what Peter Jackson envisioned as he put LOTR on  film…However, i can't complain … i enjoyed the films AND the books

  34. Dain Laguna says

    + Amanda Blain i heart this intensely. muchas gracias 🙂

  35. dhanashree gujarathi says


  36. Leonardo Jose says

    How to create an epic story: Read the Bible, for in outside of it you will find no greater stories, women,  men or God. For who is greater than the God of the heavens and the earth… See? Jonah is three chapters long … lol… yet it lives forever… see?

    Jonah 1
    8 Then said they unto him, Tell us, we pray thee, for whose cause this evil is upon us; What is thine occupation? and whence comest thou? what is thy country? and of what people art thou?
    9 And he said unto them, I am an Hebrew; and I fear the Lord, the God of heaven, which hath made the sea and the dry land.
    10 Then were the men exceedingly afraid, and said unto him. Why hast thou done this? For the men knew that he fled from the presence of the Lord, because he had told them.

  37. Johnny Roquemore says

    + Leonardo Jose, you are absolutely right.

    The Bible is easily one of the greatest works of fiction I have ever read in my entire life. Whats even better is…. rather than writing a sequel, the Bible has actually CREATED live entertainment day in and day out. Don't believe me? Go to church and you will see some of the most real looking fake plastic people you have ever met in your life.

  38. Cameron Parry says

    + Leonardo Jose The Bible is unrealistic . Who would be stupid enough to believe a word of it …. oh wait 🙂

  39. Jennifer Barr says

    Another nice one + Amanda Blain!

  40. Ronnie Boadi says

    + Johnny Roquemore It was a good read, but a little too wordy for me. I prefer hitch hikers guide, it gets to the point far more quickly and at the end of the day 42 is a much simpler answer to everything and less contradictory.

  41. Dain Laguna says

    + Johnny Roquemore to be fair, alot of these epics that are mentioned draw heavily from biblical influences, especially tolkien, who was a devout catholic. i've always found it ironic how much people put the bible down, when it, directly or indirectly, has influenced works that so many folks such as yourself, love.

  42. Dain Laguna says

    + Donald Hume uh…that IS sauron pictured there.

  43. Johnny Roquemore says

    + Dain Laguna, I know the Bible well. 

    I didnt ever put down the Bible. Though Im clearly being sarcastic in + Leonardo Jose s direction…. I am 100% serious about what I said, I just framed it a bit different.

    Also, the Bible didn't create the framework for all the stories we know and love… the generic concept of faith and religion did. I wouldn't give the Bible that much credit.

    Annnnd to tie it up, you've made a strong assumption to lean on… I don't think I mentioned loving any of those works. You'd be surprised.

  44. Dain Laguna says

    + Johnny Roquemore forgive me for thinking that anyone commenting here wouldnt be a fan of the epics being discussed.

    didnt say ALL of them drew from the good book either, just to be fair 😉

  45. Amanda Blain says
  46. Eddieboy Flores says

    Holly carp brother..

  47. Dain Laguna says

    + Amanda Blain seriously. but i contributed. my bad.

  48. andri nugraha says

    what ever

  49. Charlotte Clark says

    love it

  50. Sean John says

    So true

  51. Tom Broad says

    The bible drew heavily extensively entirely from older mythologies, such as semetic, babylonian, summerian etc

  52. Harold McLemore says

    In other words, just copy star wars and still have a sub – mediocre movie.

  53. Shanchar Mahmood says

    Just WOW

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    Don't do you this kind of atitude ,sending your said parent living with your uncle or antie very bad lol.ha thinking,their are your parent,ho,think think,think,commensence ?.+a,b,

  56. Tom Broad says

    Heavily and extensively were supposed to be strikeout font


    Yogesh bhogayta

  58. John Edwards says

    Oh, so only young males can be heroes.

  59. Kongminkiong Kiong says

    Not,true,+john Edwards.

  60. Salvador Melo says

    If you make some allowances for the lack of an actual uncle, the Prydain Chronicles fits too. Outside of a Disney travesty, no one has made a movie from any of them, so no pictures.

  61. donald hakala says

    oh wow…such a lighthearted post somehow got off track, i thought their purpose was to bring people together with common interests..not for people to argue about

    Anyway my  vote is for the  FIRST reason + Amanda Blain

  62. Aaron Burroughs says

    Seems legit…

  63. sylvia mckenzie says

    I'm sure you will do a great job

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  65. Nicolas Ottawa says

    This is the Path of Hero concept by Joseph campbell



  67. Marisol Lucero says

    Lol, idr

  68. Debashis Halder says

    Nothing except matter of time,era and an imaginative writer.

  69. Raviraj Ingale says

    Great recipe..

  70. Christian Diaz says

    I knew it!!!

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  73. Kok Hong Poh says

    Step 1 should say, "Add Mary Sue character"

  74. Joseph Casarez says

    nice story board!

  75. Patrick Saimesier says

    I didn't see that guy "striving for redemption" in star wars

  76. Tet Assen says


  77. Alan Murrell says

    + Patrick Saimesier You must have been watching different movies from the rest of us… the entire Star Wars "epic" (at least up to Episode VI) are about the rise, fall, and redemption of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.

  78. Patrick Saimesier says

    + Alan Murrell I don't remember seeing that face. Also I kinda sorta watched them in the wrong order 1-6

  79. Drew Bannister says

    Get out of my stream Charles! + Amanda Blain

  80. Nanda Linn Aung says

    ah. true that.

  81. Arif Budiman says

    interesting how we can mix the characters between these movies.
    I want to see Snape wielding a light sabre.

  82. Yuhui Yao says

    male protagonist??? why not female…

  83. Jye English says

    + Donald Hume that IS Sauron, from when he wore the One ring, before it was cut from his hand…

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  85. Johnny Morris says

    The heroes journey

  86. Patrick Leonard says

    lets see…
    one lived in a hole in the ground
    one lived in a closet under the stairs
    and the last one lived in  a hole in the ground….
    Damn…why didn't I see it!

  87. Patrick Leonard says

    Oh…you forgot…
    One gets a finger bit off…
    One gets killed…(then comes back to life…)
    and One gets his hand cut off…
    One has an epic battle on an erupting volcano…
    One has an epic battle on an erupting schoolground…
    and One has an epic battle on an exploding deathstar…

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    Vfb dc i

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  91. Joel De Leon says

    Interestingly true

  92. Sebastian Audet says

    …I take it you were snoozing in Introductory Lit…

    Or better yet you never took it.

    Seriously, though, most 8th graders have figured this out. It ain't even funny?

  93. Sam Bryan says

    "Harry Potter vs. Star Wars" – Aaron Woodall, Humor U Stand-Up Comedy

  94. Justin Remedios says

    Hmmm… a little inaccurate, I have to say.

  95. Chantale Haineault says

    Funny but true

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    super duper hit

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  102. Dread Head says

    I too read a hero with a thousand faces

  103. gurpreet singh says

    + Dread Head so nice

  104. Xin Li says

    I don't really know if Snape qualifies as someone who wanted redemption.  Even at the end he was using Harry.  Remember the scene where he died, he held Harry's face and told him to "look at me." so he could see into Lilly's eyes one last time?  Yeah, he is the ultimate antihero.  But seeking redemption? I don't know…

  105. Jamie Preder says

    Just more proof……there's no such thing as a new story. Also, I can't believe no one tied in the likeness of Indiana Jones… I mean if you consider the absent father as the later bearded advisor.

  106. Oblique Lee says

    + Sebastian Audet Funny? No. Amusing? Sure. Care to squeeze more of the amusement out of it?
    Those of us who took Intro Literature should view this as a reminder/"refresher", if you will. I certainly did.
    For those who have not, this can be a "crash course".
    In any case, try to enjoy it for what it is (light-hearted humor).

  107. Kaity Moocow says

    Omg I love it

  108. Esmma Araim says

    Haarryyy potter!!!obviously when jk wrote it she couldnt relate to these other crappy so called epics

  109. brad welsh says

    so true

  110. Barké Alhassane says

    Bonjour Amanda, I like Epic films and it music.

  111. Chris Price says

    + Donald Hume that is sauron,from the prologue to the fellowship of the ring. The bit that galadriel narrates. He gets his fingers cut off by izieldor(sp?) And loses his humanoid form

  112. yusuf harun says

    good point

  113. Sola Veritate says

    Trusted comic sidekick?

  114. George Gonsalves says

    No Samwise Gamgee, Ron/Hermione or R2D2?

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    hahaha epic!

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    Good one

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    Life is good ate, sleep and play.

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    Very good post, thanks.

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    awesome movies. i liked all.

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    This is how I will live my life from now on.

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    Funny how it all makes sense.

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    I like it.

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    i have an english exam tmrw very useful

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    Kiora: MAN Without Profit, Prophet;

  128. Nilesh Mendhe says

    he he ,,,,,,,,, love that

  129. Diego Lunetta says

    No doubt, the basics are there !

  130. Sandy Lai says

    Do you send me a idea ?

  131. Zarina Cameron says

    That's cool

  132. Andrew Nattan says

    When you put it like that, Harry Potter's a double rip-off…

  133. Izzaz Iskandar says

    Its called the hero's journey.

  134. Serena Winn says

    Love it!!

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    i love to miss serena

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    very true!!

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    O.O I. LOVE. THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HHHOOOLLLYYY CCCOOOWWWSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So nice

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    Good post Amanda!

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    that a good one

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    lol a good one

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    hahahaha pretty real 😀

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  152. Michael Lander says

    Don't forget every great epic must cash in on licensing toys and t-shirts. OK + Sean McBeth I would agree that they probably did not have licensing deals for the epics creating during times of Greek mythology…

  153. Dustin Butler says

    So if it comes from Greek mythology, where did they come up with the idea. There is nothing new under the sun, so maybe this story gets retold because it's true…it's OUR story.

  154. Mark Sanders says

    Needless to say Rowing and Lucas are obviously huge fans of Tolkien's work and found lots of inspiration from it.

  155. Chuck Green says

    I wouldn't call a lightsaber supernatural…

  156. Federico Cesaroni says

    …but one day a man came into town…his name was George R.R. Martin 😀

  157. Morpheous says

    good idea 🙂

  158. Harbinger LaPhoenix says

    Hm. That's not what I did at all, and my story seems pretty epic.

    But I'll give it some thought.

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  160. Imad Abselem says

    Formulaic bullshit and people fall for it

  161. Jon Clayton says

    And kill off the character striving for redemption.

  162. Axel Islas says

    I'm a Star Wars fan

  163. Crystal Coast Con says

    I really enjoyed this + Amanda Blain . ^_^

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  165. Xee Chou says

    That's exactly!!!

  166. Sergio Leon says

    Harry Potter sucks!!!

  167. Andrew paffel says

    since when did Gollum ever want redemption and the I wouldn't consider the ring help.

  168. mark grant says

    Then suddenly classic narrative story structure dawned on the uneducated masses, and they never enjoyed that sh1t again.

  169. Brad Jones says

    Love this…however….How is a lightsaber 'supernatural'? 🙂

  170. Joe Bloggs says

    My foot + plus your ass should be miled for a trilogy.

  171. Niko Yiannakoulias says

    All this really shows is how the archetypes for modern sci-fi/fantasy ripped off Tolkien…

  172. Trevor Wintle says

    That gives me an idea for a new book! 😉

  173. Miguel De La Rosa says

    Hey how are u doing

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    too for muy..

  175. Shantotto Tarutaru says

    1. naruto 2. alone 3 jiriya 4 ninetailed fox 5.tobi/madara 6 sasuke

  176. Æšhịşh şįñğh Mąřķąm says

    Ur nice

  177. James O'Connell says

    We've known this formula for years.  Think "Beowulf" or "Roland" or even "King Arthur".

  178. Bhavesh Nayker says

    shantotto ,…u played nicely…welll!!

  179. Baht Simpson says

    Could do the same with the Star Trek TV series. Except maybe DS9. The others were "boldly going" whereas DS9 was patently sitting on their behinds going nowhere.

  180. Paul Will says

    That real cool

  181. Kelley Saufley says

    Could do this with the Narnia series too.

  182. Leigh Cameron says

    Thanks, now I can write an epic novel!

  183. Twinkle Jumani says

    good observation

  184. Abhishek Kumar says


  185. Brendan Foley says

    The last one is a real stretch for all but the Harry Potter one.

    Also, you know there is an actual set of things needed to be included in an actual "Epic" story for it to be considered an epic. Few, if any, of which were mentioned (catalog of flowers, anyone?).

  186. Alexis Lopez says

    Sooo true…

  187. Brendan Foley says

    + Alexis Lopez if there are changes to the plot, the story is no longer the same.

  188. Artem Chernyak says

    Yup, actually took a class in mythology a while ago. The formula for an epic tale has been around for hundreds of years, some argue since the norn legends, and all of these books/movies followed it exactly.

  189. Eric Frederick says

    Very clever…Given how successful these movies are…I'd say it works quite well too!

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  191. Saraluvs Shinee says

    Wow that was actually really accurate. Nice job

  192. Nic Ortiz says

    Great!  Now I can get busy writing!!!!

  193. Lisa Butler says

    Spot On!!

  194. Steve Lyons says

    Shoot, I had a great father so all my dreams of being a hero are shattered

  195. Emily R says

    isn't this the story-line for everything? just say'n…

  196. Brendan Foley says

    + Emily R this isn't even a story line, it's elements of a story, so no, it's not the story line for everything. There are also many stories which do not have any of these elements.

  197. Luiz Petherson says

    true, nice one amanda

  198. Ada Graham says

    snape should have lived he could have been better he did everything for love

  199. Matt BeDell says

    Moses, Moses!

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    Sooo true!!!

  203. Sophia Perinotto says

    Sooo true!!!

  204. Angela Odara Cadenas says

    harry – aunt putiana – dumbuldor – voldemort – snape!! harry potter fan!!!!

  205. Angela Odara Cadenas says

    harry – aunt putiana – dumbuldor – voldemort – snape!! harry potter fan!!!!

  206. Ada Graham says

    snape was so totally awesome

  207. Ada Graham says

    snape was so totally awesome

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  209. qetuwrah peters says

    so tru so tru

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    + Shantotto Tarutaru almost match. Jiraiya doesn't have beard 🙂

  214. Arif Budiman says

    + Shantotto Tarutaru almost match. Jiraiya doesn't have beard 🙂

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    so true

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    Very good

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  220. Christopher Dunkerley says

    Very true although i think Tolkien was the first out of these three. The others just followed the master.

  221. Kate H says

    HA HA HAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AH AHA HA HA HHA HA HA HA HA  HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    true for eragon as well………

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    i live there are so many kind of things will see but we surpass all harry  is a master pricy.

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    quite an awesome thinking well that's pretty much the truth you told here

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    not bad

  228. Minafuro Abbey says

    it is wonderful

  229. Madeline Gutierrez says

    Okay – so I didn't read all the comments but sounds like the: 
    Joseph Campbell's monomyth, or the hero's journey, is a basic pattern that its proponents argue is found in many narratives from around the world. This widely distributed pattern was described by Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Wikipedia"

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    Se bon

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    Omg nice move wat you have done

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