Very Proud Of My 92 Year Old Grandfather Who Is Off to Dieppe


My 92 year old grandfather, Fred Engelbrecht,  is for the 5th time in his life flying back to Dieppe, France for a World War 2 Veteran's Memorial Ceremony. 

Dieppe is a major battle in WW2  that happened August 19, 1942. The majority were Canadians, including my grandfather. It was a massacre.  A total of 3,623 of the 6,086 men (almost 60%) who made it ashore were either killed, wounded, or captured. He was one of the 'lucky ones' taken as a Prisoner of War.. where he spent the next 3 years, often with his hands shackled and living in unthinkable for most of us conditions.

I grew up listening to these stories from the bravest man I know. The hardships and horrors that war brings, creative thinking to keep yourself alive and never giving up, always finding a way. It has had an obvious impact on my life.

My grandfather has always been a wonder to me, still living alone, still having his drivers license, still living life, despite his age. He embraces technology,  has a cell phone,  watches You tube often… and will definitely read this article and the comments. 

I try not to share too much personal stuff on the Internet, but I am very proud that he made this trip on the 70th anniversary of Dieppe.

♥ Thank you to all veteran for all you do/did for your countries. ♥

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Very Proud Of My 92 Year Old Grandfather Who Is Off to Dieppe

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  1. Cheryl Lynn says

    Wow, this is awesome! 🙂

  2. Cesar Ramirez says

    Very cool!

  3. miriam dunn says

    Just fantastic! You must be SUPER proud of him! 

  4. Hayes Starns says

    Thanks for sharing! Amazing story.

  5. Sandra Parlow says

    how wonderful that you have learned the stories of these brave men.  It is the responsibility of people like you, to pass them on and keep them going…

    congratulations to your grandfather for going back once more.  It must not be easy.  I too, am thankful for the brave men and women who put themselves on the line.  

  6. Dustin Schmidt says

    Thank you for sharing! What an incredible man.

  7. Shawna Mac says

    Yes, Thank you to all veterans!  We appreciate what you've done for us!

  8. Billy Wilson says

    My grandfather on my father's side worked on aircraft during the war. My grandmother on my mother's side has stories about hiding in the Underground in London while it was being bombed, she is still alive. Great to hear he's still going well. 

  9. Jeff Smith says

    This is very cool, + Amanda Blain.  My lost my Grandpa last year, he was a veteran as well.
    Next time you see your Grandpa, you buy him a beer from me.  Tell him he's a cool guy and that we're all very proud of him and his buddies.

  10. Naren Mangtani says

    That one post had way too many +1 points. Incredible.

  11. Shaun McLane says

    This is amazing! I imagine it is emotionally overwhelming for him, but it shows his pride to make the trip.

  12. Isabelle Cardinal says

    What an awesome tribute to your grandfather!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this + Amanda Blain, a real "homage" to him!

  13. Jacqueline Acosta says


  14. Karl Geiger Jr says

    He's a brave man and should be celebrated. I hope this post reminds us all to cherish our freedom.

  15. Sean Heffernan says

    To your Grandpa … "As someone who enjoys the freedoms and opportunities of this great country and the continent that you helped free, thank you."

  16. James Sabey says

    Thank you what a great great Man!!!!!!!!! Stay Cool Sir

  17. su ann lim says

    What an amazing man! You are so fortunate to inherit his legacy.  All we Canadians greatly appreciate  what he went through, his service and dedication to our country!  Please thank him  for us.  

  18. Shaun McLane says

    You've got to share his youtube username. Would love to see his comments. 😉

  19. Steve Sakamoto says

    Wow. Incredible story, and a very touching tribute. You're very fortunate to have him with you still.
    If + Amanda Blain's grandfather is reading this as advertised, then thank you for everything that you did and sacrificed so many years ago. You did us all a tremendous honour, and I will make sure my children hear your story, and understand what you put on the line for all of us.

  20. Rich Archer says

    Fred Engelbrecht, you accomplished something a dwindling few humans can lay claim to. Congratulations and thank you.

  21. Larry Blain says

    You have every right to be proud of your grandfather's service to his country. 

  22. Will G says

    Please thank your grandfather for all he did. What an amazing story!

  23. Long Nguyen says

    you must be very proud of him. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Patti Baker says

    You must be very proud miss Amanda! Mucch happiness with ur grandfather dear! One n only lovely n proud picture. One n only

  25. Amanda Blain says

    He will definitely read these comments.  He expressed this trip is emotionally hard for him but i wanted to do my part in supporting his journey and all he has done.  🙂

  26. Shefali Burns says

    Thank you for sharing this with us, he is an amazing man 🙂

  27. Jean Lotz says

    Totally inspiring. My dad was in the glider corps. Most of his teams were lost or killed too. He once came face to face with a fully armed German while he was unarmed and recovering from malaria. To dad's surprise the German surrendered to him then helped my very weak dad get back to camp safely.

  28. Mark Hennessey says

    + Amanda Blain   Awesome …. For your grandfather and his buddies:

  29. Richard Pattee says

    I was in Dieppe two years ago this month. My father and I took my son to see the battle fields of northern France.
    Fred Engelbrecht has my deepest respect as do his colleagues. 
    That beach was a nightmare even before that fateful morning.

  30. Adam Haviaras says

    Wonderful post, Amanda. And bless your grandfather and all other veterans. We definitely should NEVER forget.

  31. yuan yu says

    pay my respect to the old man

  32. Ron Clifford says

    I am so glad you chose to share this with us. I am so grateful for your Grandfathers sacrifices and courage on our behalf.

  33. Lance Norris says

    Really nice post + Amanda Blain. Thanks for sharing. The number of surviving veterans from WWII is shrinking fast. It's heartwarming to see these soldiers still meeting 67 years after the end of the war to commemorate the sacrifices of those who fought beside them and didn't come home. You are rightfully proud. 

  34. Ian Thomas says

    Thank you for sharing this. And a big thank you to your grandfather for fighting for the lives we are able to live now because of the sacrifice that men like he made.

  35. Stuart Williams says

    I'm sorry for anyone having to survive life with such horrid memories of war.
    I have the utmost respect for our WWII soldiers and the faith that fueled their fight.
    You're so lucky to still have your grandfather to hear the stories first hand, Amanda.

  36. Dan Brill says

    What can I say to this? The world we live in, while imperfect, is free and good because of men like him. Deepest thanks.

  37. Nan Coffey says

    Thanks for sharing! What an amazing grandfather you have, you must be very proud! 🙂

  38. Mike G says

    My grandfather flew a bomber over Germany in WWII, he survived the war but passed away before I was born. My grandmother was one of the first female pilots in the Spokane area, they met at the airfield. I envy your relationship with your grandfather +Amanda Blain , also glad to know he is still with you.

  39. Spencer McClendon says

    Thank you for sharing this. I'm sure he has to be just as proud of you, as you are of him. I think him for his service to humanity and to his country. 

  40. Inder Raj says


  41. James Wilson says

    That is awesome of you to share this. God Bless him; one of the few World War 2 Veteran's who is still amongst us.  And it’s great that he is still able to keep up with the times. May he enjoy his journey back to the Memorial Ceremony?

  42. Mike Wood says

    Great story. The Battle of Dieppe is not one that gets talked about much, but without the efforts and scarifice of the Canadian soldiers like your Grandfather, it is likely D Day would have turned out much different. Nothing wrong with being proud. Be proud of him. All the best to him + Amanda Blain from this former Canadian Forces reservist. 

  43. Ronald Wise says

    That's a man among many like him.  Always pay honor to them,  and all veterans.  They were you brothers and sisters who loved you all.  I have a little jar of sand from Omaha Beach given to me.  Samuel Beckett writes about Dieppe.

  44. Patti Baker says

    Very proud yo have been able to have been blessed to hear this beautiful
    story one n only

  45. Patti Baker says

    You are a very lucky young lady miss Amanda to have been blessed with such a wonderful grandfather! One n only

  46. Sandee Whalen says

    Class Act (the 2 of you)

  47. Weller Peter says

    Dieppe France 1942 I am afraid that was a rough one for Johnny Cannuk. I would be surprised if ever said much about it.
    Buy him a shot for me and then buy him one for the boy's.
    And then give him a big hug from me.

  48. Steve McCracken says

    I salute.

  49. Nigel Short says

    Amazing and truly heroic.

  50. Shane Pitre says

    Great story! Hard to imagine what he has seen in his lifetime.

  51. Ernest Rodriguez says

    Amazing story! SALUTE!

  52. Jezika Steves says

    He is a hero. I salute you Sir

  53. H J Carpenter says

    How did you get in my mail box?

  54. PJ VanderKooij says

    Wow. I salute your grandfather. He certainly deserves it.

  55. Rebecca Schofield says

    + Amanda Blain I admire your grandfather. Please tell him "Thank you" for me the next time you talk to him.

  56. JS Smith says

    He sounds like an awesome guy ^_^

  57. Melissa Parker says

    Wow. Thank you  for sharing. I am so impressed with this story + Amanda Blain…  Mr. Engelbrecht, I salute you and all you do!

  58. Elizabeth Gordon says

    Amazing story!

  59. Suleiman Ahmed says

    Amazing and infact a hero thru these years, nd subsqt years.

  60. Jen Walker says

    Thanks for sharing your story Amanda,your grandfather sounds like a   great man,a very special person,and I can understand why you admire him so much.x

  61. Simon Goldenberg says

    Your Grandfather went through hell to keep the world free. Please thank him for his service to humanity.

  62. Gregory Geary says

    Amanda, thank you so much for posting this photograph of your Grandfather, and the words you have chosen to share. Our nation, as well as the free Western world, owes a debt in perpetuity to the brave men and women who defended our freedom, freedom that we oft take for granted.

    In the words of another great man of that era, Sir Winston Churchill:

    Even though large tracts of Europe and many old and famous States have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi rule, we shall not flag or fail.
    We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France,
    We shall fight on the seas and oceans,
    We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our
    Island whatever the cost may be,
    We shall fight on the beaches,
    We shall fight on the landing grounds,
    We shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
    We shall fight in the hills;
    We shall never surrender.

    Fred never gave up, never surrendered, and I'm happy to see that he returned to raise a family, and a granddaughter as wonderful as you.

    Thank you, Fred.

  63. shirley williams says

    Thanks for sharing. Some personal stories are meant to be told. How else will the truth and spirit of the story live? It is a received with sincere respect. It is a beautiful and important story.

  64. Jeanne Sutton says

    Inspiring, indeed! Thank you for sharing this.

  65. Charles Williams says

    Salutations to all that served/sacrificed for their countries.

  66. Ariel Pena says

    What a great post, thank you so much for sharing + Amanda Blain .  So happy that your grandfather survived all those hardships and is going strong.  It is wonderful that you are close to him, and that you honor such a brave and extraordinary war veteran.

  67. Stephen Welton says

    Freedom isn't free. Thank You for sharing this Amanda #Canada #Service #Veteran #Heroes #HeroesInLife #Grateful #ThankYou

  68. Agus Subandi says

    Masha Allah. Merdeka !

  69. Denis Labelle says

    The greatest generation of Men of the 20th century.

    "Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul."
    – Michel de Montaigne

    I salute you, Sir.
    Thanks for sharing + Amanda Blain

  70. Joe Saad says

    Thank you so much for this + Amanda Blain! What awesome bravery and valor! You must be so proud.

  71. Craig Hartel says

    I am indebted to this man and thousands of men and women just like him. That I was born and raised in a country where people like this come from is an honour. I have my own family that have never known tyranny of the kind so many fought against those many years ago. I will not stand idly by and watch our governments erode the very rights and freedoms this man fought to defend.

    Thank you for your service and your sacrifice, Mr. Engelbrecht.

  72. adamu abu says

    A great Hero…..

  73. Barbara Allen says

    What an amazing man! You are lucky to have someone like him in your life.

  74. Noreen Qayam says

    A granddad is a kid's hero. And you have a hero granddad + Amanda Blain =D

  75. Ronald Woodhouse says

    Give your Grandfather my best wishes, from one old vet to another. From what I've read, The Dieppe Raid was poorly planned, worse, German intelligence found out about it and was ready. As Mike Wood pointed out, lessons learned at Dieppe payed off at other landings including Normandy. Your Grandfather's fellow troops did not die in vain.

  76. maxi lemos says

    Quien es el señor?

  77. Laxman Bhusal says

    Best wishes for your Grandfather

  78. Andrew Lumi says


  79. Stanley Victor Paskavich says

    A very proud dignified man it shows in the photo you are blessed to have him

  80. Adrian Turner says

    Wow!! A true hero. It's people like this that we should thank for fighting for our freedom!!!

  81. Kent Morrison says

    Hang Tough, Fred! And Thanks.

  82. Jennifer Barr says

    Wow, I am proud of him too! Thank you for sharing.

  83. jay mckinley says


  84. Jim Smiley says

    We should be thanking everyone that serves for our freedom, especially those that endured the hardships of war. Sir I salute you.

  85. Garth Frizzell says

    Please convey our respect and gratitude to your grandfather, Amanda.  
    Thank you for sharing.

  86. ali farhankhan says

    who is this amanda?

  87. tabat nassah says

    is this from coming century

  88. Amaning Benjamin says

    Really? oh what a greate man.i wish he is my grandpa.

  89. Raj Kumar says

    very great man

  90. Raj Kumar says

    and your age

  91. PJ Rosenberg says

    Thank you for sharing! + Amanda Blain  Great story.

  92. shanmuga sundaram says


  93. Frank Schulz says

    Thank you Fred Engelbrecht and all who fought beside you and didn't come home. You helped to keep the world free of the horror and your braveness laid the ground stone for the democratic country Germany we have today.
    Thank you for sharing + Amanda Blain. You have chosen the right words and so this post is very helpful for all to understand what happened and why Veterans Memorial Ceremonies are important for the participants and for their following younger generations. 

  94. Michael Button says

    My uncle was on The Dieppe Raid as a member of the British No4 Commando. He was killed shortly after D Day in 1944.My cousin and I  visited Dieppe in 1992  with a party of ex commandos to commemorate the raid and pay respects to the fallen.He was  an Uncle I never met because I was born in 1948. 

  95. Anthony Mark Christian says

    Hi Amanda, excellent post but your Grandad's surmname is so South African Engelbrecht is so common in South Africa.
    My Grandad was stationed in Heifa in WW2, Largest City in Northern Isreal, they fought their way through Rommel In North Africa and through Isreal onto Rome.
    They laid down a huge sacrifice one from which the entire free world benefits today.

  96. Morgan Abbou says

    + Amanda Blain we owe our freedom to brave men like your grandfather. You can be proud! Thanks for sharing.

  97. Abigail Lartey says

    Bless him!

  98. Daniel Johhan says

    92 yrs?he really is blessed.

  99. ifeyinwa nworah says

    God as really blessed him

  100. amit patel says

    bless him

  101. awokoya samsideen says

    bless him,glory be to God

  102. Em Walk says

    What a great man. My hat is off to him and his years of service.

  103. avadhutha madhu sudhan nehtha says

    he is great person

  104. Stephen Connor says

    Hi Amanda, your Grandpa's a proud man and an inspiration to all, thanks for sharing your story, kind regards and a tip o' the hat to both.

  105. balkrushna rathod says

    what a fitness of your grandppa!

  106. Adam Tambeau says

    Mr. Englebrecht, we studied Dieppe in battle school. I know about it from books and the way our lieutenant taught it scared the hell out of us. Thank you, soldier, for being the example we all strove to be: the unbreakable Canadian.

    My brothers and I don't forget, even if others may.

  107. mohamed issa diallo says

    nice cool love

  108. mohamed issa diallo says

    j,aime l,armer

  109. Brendan Farrell says

    Love that he's still living life well. Hope to be that together when I'm his age

  110. Tony Jaajaa says

    amanda you very delicate though you prove for keeping ur grandfather on the top but this way keeping him alive good on you love 

  111. Denny Sanders says

    The Greatest generation…..Hats off to you, Fred Engelbrecht!

  112. Terry Carney says

    Respect due and given. Thank you sir.

  113. Daniel Emeka says

    You are very brave sir. Well done

  114. Michael Jahhdog says

    I have read reports from the landing. Horrific! Many thanks to your Grandfather and those veterans who fought and died for us…

  115. Jahir Rayhan says


  116. Alex M. Bagtas says

    nice info…..

  117. tommy miri says

    Les vrais héros deviennent rares.Je te félicite d'avoir un héros dans la famille. J'espère pour votre grand -père qu'il a la conscience tranquille pour quelqu'un qui a vécu les horreurs de la 2° G.M. 

  118. Gustavo Cruz says

    Congrats to your grandfather and how great to have such an inspiring person in your life.
    I guess his experiences could be very helpful to many people.
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  119. DHRUV MORASIYA says

    How is wonderfull is grand father is best of in the world

  120. john robert says

    My nanna is 97!

  121. Morry Vogt says

    Amanda, you did us all a huge service sharing this. And what a special piece you wrote. Bravo!!!! As a retired vet from the cold war era, these stories are more precious to me than you can know. Thank you!!

  122. Christophe Friedli says

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post + Amanda Blain. ?

  123. James Pitcher says

    God Love Him! :~)

  124. Randy Hunt says

    Thank you Grandpa!   My grandpa was in a pilot in WWI, his son (my Dad) also a fighter pilot in WWII, and Korea, my Dad's two sons didn't fly. My brother was Navy, I was ARMY.
    So Grandpa's really do have an impact on their descendants!

    Here is the site I made for my grandpa:  Check it out grandpa, and thank you again.

  125. ??? says


  126. Kaushik Bhattacharya says


  127. strenght ojo says


  128. James Pitcher says

    Have a look at My second post from the top when You
    get a chance + Amanda Blain :~)
    Hope You are having a Great day! Cheers!

  129. Randy Hunt says

    Amanda, you should do interviews with your grandpa, with video, and ask him every question possible. Your kids are gonna want to know what great-grandpa was like. 

  130. aur nor says

    saludos desde México a la sona fría 

  131. Tom Abell says

    Respect.  My grandfather was Canadian also and was artillery even though he was RCAF.  Thanks for sharing!

  132. Khalil Sadeghi says


  133. Darren Murphy says

    My utmost respect to him.  There are not many WW2 verterans left and unfortunately there are people now who do not understand the sacrifice these men/woman made/ were prepared to make to ensure our freedom.

  134. Mark Davis says

    Well said, my late Grandfather was Royal Navy, very proud!

  135. Lance Cozad says

    sincere thanks from one who does understand. Desert shield/storm veteran here. Not the same but enough for me to know what it feels like not knowing if you are coming back. The brave are terrified but do the job anyway — the definition of bravery. Servicemen and women will never really get the respect they deserve from those who have never served. It is not an insult to anyone, just a FACT. If you've never been, you can't relate.

  136. Guy Bennett says

    I am forever grateful for your Grandfathers service and I am Honored to call him Brother.

  137. Stephen Jackson says

    That is wonderful!

  138. syed raheem says

    a legend

  139. Franz Pietzsch says

    Now that's a true HERO!! 

  140. jaden gracy says

    yesery it is!

  141. Eddie Mohan says

    + Amanda Blain, your grandfather was just on Global National News today!

  142. Barry Elliott says

    how u doing

  143. Amanda Blain says

    Heheh yes.. My Grandfather is way more famous than me 😀 He's all over the news and media 🙂

  144. Cheryl Ann MacDonald says

    I surely do hope your grandfather is well HONORED!

  145. Gary Hatch says

    we should all be proud off men and women like this

  146. Jannette Barnes says

    Love the photo, I took photos like this in Sydney Australia last Anzac Day. We all should be proud!

  147. John Wayman says

    Thanks for sharing.  Thank your grandfather for his service from former American infantryman. 

  148. Bearman Cartoons says

    92?  He looks damn good for 92.

  149. Jeanne Balvet says

    Honneur a cet homme !Il porte fort bien ses 92ans 

  150. Munir Anjum Dar says

    Looking Great & Brave Man. God Bless Him

  151. pasquale mastria says

    brutta cosa la guerra,comunque grazie a questi uomini,adesso siamo liberi dalle guerre e dalle dittature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. Uva De la Ira says


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