Game of Thrones A.k.a – Don’t Get Too Attached


NO SPOILERS but Just a reminder for those who have not read the books… things are going to start going nuts(and really really good)… But that’s why you will love this series…

#gameofthrones #got

Game of Thrones A.k.a - Don't Get Too Attached

Game of Thrones A.k.a – Don’t Get Too Attached NO SPOILERS but Just a reminder for those who have not read the books… things are going to start going nuts(and really really good)… But that’s why you will love this series… #gameofthrones #got

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  1. 张玉良 says


  2. Kaz McNellie says

    I wouldn't say start going nuts, so much as continue to get more ridiculous.

  3. Raymond Jaeger says

    This is an awesome show and HBO has done a good job of being close to the books.

  4. Lynn Hettrick says

    Yep. My husband read the books back in the '90s and that was the first thing he told me. As soon as he thought he knew who the "main" character was, that character was killed. Now we're watching the show and I'm keeping that in mind!

  5. Preston Baez says

    I was so sad 🙁

  6. David Alexander says

    I have to agree, it is a good show

  7. DJ Thistle says

    You're making me nervous + Amanda Blain!

  8. Brett Bjornsen says

    hehe, it's gonna be a fun ride the rest of the season 🙂

  9. dionatan pedroso says

    para quem ainda não assistiu não sabe oque esta perdendo

  10. Rose D says

    + DuJuan Daniels

  11. Ron Whitmire says

    Spoiler alert:

    Darth Vader is John Snow's father.

  12. 随枫 says

    like it

  13. Angela Booth says

    Haven't read the books. Must say I'm tempted — don't like the idea of the main characters dying off, however. I tend to get attached to characters.

  14. Shannon Adelson says

    I want to see more dragons!

  15. Nick Garcia says

    + Angela Booth, the only main character is the world.  Everyone in that world is only there to service that single main character's story.  Approach it like that and it gets much, much easier.

  16. Mark Knight says

    + Shannon Adelson they have only just begun.

  17. Coqui Negra says

    + Ron Whitmire had just killed me  🙂

  18. thanh thien thi nguyen says

    A Dragons is Symbol for Lucky…!( because I'm Asian!)

  19. Jessica Marie says

    I was just saying today that the "main character" is the iron throne. That way of thinking has made the twists almost easy to predict! Can't wait to see tonight's curveballs!

  20. Olivier J D Dumez says


  21. jcamargos camargos says


  22. Jamie Butterworth says

    This is way too accurate.

  23. Jeremy Webb says

    i suppose i'll watch this one..

  24. Nomeneta Saili says

    Yes like the characters shouldn't get too attached to their heads …or limbs lol!

  25. Daniel Vargas says

    Esta serie es la mejor de todas..Me gusta.

  26. Olivier J D Dumez says

    poison, burning.etc

  27. Jose Nazario says

    Me encanta la serie. Yo tengo las primeras dos temporadas.

  28. Roger O'Dell says

    I am still working on book 2. Most of the way done. Can't wait to read the rest.

  29. Olivier J D Dumez says


  30. Jason Pillow says

    How far into the books is the show currently at?

  31. Anabelle Bernard Fournier says

    + Jason Pillow 3rd book right now.

  32. Nomeneta Saili says

    + Anabelle Bernard Fournier Oh the 3rd book. Still gives me nightmares lol!.

  33. Christina Cooper says

    The third book is my favorite one. Soooo great.

  34. Jason Long says

    Can someone tell me how far I can go into the books without passing up the show?  I'm trying really hard to not run into spoilers with this.

  35. Naomi Hérault says

    It is Boromir? ^^

  36. Mark Faine says

    Maybe I'm old fashioned but that is the one thing I don't like about the show (or I guess actually the books).

  37. Tom Carpenter says

    I am on restriction at home from mentioning the books in any way whilst watching each Sunday's episode.

  38. Ryan Hayle says

    I'm worried about the impending involvement of dragons…seems like that's just going to completely ruin the series and strip it of it's potential realism.

  39. Tony Adams says

    The best Game on TV. Stay tuned.

  40. Nomeneta Saili says

    + Ryan Hayle It's a fantasy series.

  41. Frank Ozaki says

    i know how they must be planning things, but it still seems to me like this season is screaming along at a super fast pace.

  42. Tiphany Lopez says

    Jane westerling is the wife of Robb Stark, and is of noble blood. There is so much about that storyline that's not in the series, and I wonder why. Talisa the character that plays Robb's wife is not in the books at all. I hope they don't keep this this trend up in the series. All I can say is red wedding 🙁

  43. Jason Pillow says

    Thank you + Anabelle Bernard Fournier =)

  44. Ajda Boksic Filipovic says

    Thank you all for spoilers.

  45. Marcia Haney says

    Im such a fan!!!

  46. Luis Gabriel Gomez Andrade says

    Me too, the best serie i`ve seen

  47. Calvin Lai says

    Haven't read the books. Now I am nervous…

  48. Jason Chinsen says

    i am dreaming of a …. wedding!!!

  49. Cory J. Shiverdecker says

    + Calvin Lai you have no idea what you are in for!.. Serious one of the best book series I have ever read. Hold on to your seat!

  50. Len Rivera says

    Incredible book series. Incredible show!

  51. Tiphany Lopez says

    + Jason Chinsen I hope your speaking of a reception, cause yes me too.

  52. Ivan Monteiro says

    Boa noite vc e muito bonita

  53. Atman Lim says


  54. John Lieske says

    Did they reach the Red Wedding?

  55. Rob Doobovsky says

    So disappointed in where he left it at the end of dragons. He has to write another book or i will lose my mind.

  56. Michael Parrish says

    + Ryan Hayle how much realism do you want in a fantasy series…… Plus this is a book that has 5 huge installments to date, they aren't introducing anything, the story is what it is, and what it is, is frakking baller

  57. Fred Vera says

    Lol I bought the first season in bluray after that season ended and I never watched it. I feel sooo behind now haha

  58. Michael Durwin says

    The story isn't about the world or the Iron Throne, its about cunnilingus. Have you noticed that thread in 2 character stories?

  59. Andy Sprite says

    Red Wedding is probably the cliffhanger/finale for this year. They are splitting book 3 into two seasons.

  60. Mike Mitchell says


  61. Tina Triastarina says

    keren banget tuh

  62. Eddie Conlon says

    I didn't read the books but am pretty good at figuring out storylines.

    My guess is when winter comes the war will end, as they all must come together in order to face the greater threat.
    A lot of "main" characters will die off by then.
    Dragons will save the day against the monsters and army of the undead that will sweep out of the north and the blonde will reclaim her fathers throne in the end.
    My guess is she will end up marrying the bastard Snow character,
    He is an underdog. Underdogs always end up the hero.

    I didn't read the books, so guessing can't really be considered a spoiler. 😉

  63. Ryan Hayle says

    + Michael Parrish Fair enough. My point was that without the dragons in the story, it could basically have been set in a real non-fantasy world. I personally find that much more compelling. I'm sure it will continue to be a great story in spite of this, however. I just feel like the magic and fairy tales cheapen the writing a bit.

  64. Bobo Fett says

    Spoiler Alert  Winter is a metaphor.

  65. St. Tochi says

    Heard so much abt d movie. Guess i need to see iy.

  66. renan caballero says

    18,000 new army is marching now while the kingdom is on the civil war. It will be royal rumble

  67. Katherine Lowe says

    After reading the books you realise just how watered down the series is.

  68. alicia juarez says

    Love this series, I'm now reading the books…a little backward but so good

  69. Remi Dada says

    George R.R Martin has no compassion for his characters.

  70. Tim Griffiths says

    The "Others" should just chill out (:P) and wait a year, by that time the rest of the humans would have killed each other at this rate.

  71. Marvel Selke says

    Reading Book 5 and wishing for Book 6 everyday!

  72. James Georgeson says

    When you've just about thunk you've seen it all, take a look at me :-

  73. Mark Knight says

    + Remi Dada he does, he just know when their Game has ended. There is a good Google video kicking about some where that discusses how difficult the third book was to write in places.

  74. Neila Rey says

    …It's a good advice 🙂 The only thing you should get attached to is the book movie itself. Anyone can die…. all men must die. Valar Morghulis.

  75. Mark Knight says

    + Eddie Conlon Is Snow the biggest underdog?

  76. Alexander Ryan says

    + Amanda Blain Wait, is that actually the current season's book's name?

    Because that would be awesome. Problem is, Ned Stark's on it, so I suspect a photoshop?

  77. Eric Mercon says

    I am thoroughly convinced that Martin used "A Series of Unfortunate Events" as his inspiration for this entire series…

  78. Mark Knight says

    + Alexander Ryan The Third book is call "A Storm of Swords" and will be the basis for seasons 3 and 4.

  79. Lynn Hettrick says

    + Jason Long I heard that one book is one season. So A Game of Thrones –> Season 1; _ A Clash of Kings_ –> Season 2; A Storm of Swords –> Season 3…

  80. Mark Knight says

    + Lynn Hettrick there's to much in it.. They could have probably some the same for A Clash of Kings.

    Don't think there's any spoilers below but beware!

  81. Lynn Hettrick says

    + Mark Knight Thanks! Just finished Season 2 on DVD on Saturday. Now to wait for Season 3. Unless we can find a friend with HBO. 😉

  82. kris madden says

    I prefer the title "Dragons and Titties". It's more descriptive of the series.

  83. Eric Mercon says

    + kris madden don't forget the "A" part too…. plenty of tail in the series…

  84. kris madden says

    + Eric Mercon can't forget the "A".

  85. Jeremy Mack says

    Hard to cheer for people in this series…

  86. Markus Thomas says

    You know it!  I just finished Book 3 and the shit is about to hit the fan!  The last 4 chapters in Book 3 were incredible!

  87. Eric Mercon says

    Absolutely, + Jeremy Mack, I so want to start cheering for Jon Snow, but I'm only halfway through the Storm of Swords (book), so I'm guessing he will be dead in about 10 chapters as well…

    But at least I am now ahead of the show… mostly…

  88. Lynn Hettrick says

    White Walkers are going to give me nightmares.

  89. Kenny K says

    It will not get really nuts until next season.

    But the last couple episodes this season should be doozies.

  90. David Connell says

    I like the books, but can't stand the show

  91. Brandon Kearns says

    + Eric Mercon the best advice I have for you and anyone else reading the series is to stay off the forums related to the books and show if you care to keep the suspense and uncertainty fresh – there seems to always be at least one person who feels the need to go out of their way to spoil everything for everyone unfortunately. But definitely keep reading.

  92. Eric Mercon says

    Thanks + Brandon Kearns, I do tend to avoid forums and wall posts most of the time. As well, I try to avoid posting anything spoiler-ish, and if I do, I give plenty of warning.

  93. yayabright omale says

    Me,all I can say, I wish you good luck.:)

  94. Ajda Boksic Filipovic says

    + Brandon Kearns this thread definitely managed to give so many spoilers that now i really am not so keen on reading my books anymore :((

  95. M. Niazy says

    As much as I like the show, I often think the writer(s) must have some psychopathic tendencies to come up with such sadistic storylines.

  96. Phillip Ryan says

    Don't get too attached should be the real name of the series.

  97. Blake Thompson says

    You mean heads won't be too attached?

  98. Amanda Blain says

    + Billy Wilson

  99. Bob Montaag says

    + Jason Long about two and a half thousand pages. 

    and yes… many heads….

  100. Ivy Shirley says


  101. Peni Duzit says

    Any hanouts or circles reading or watching??

  102. Shane Godoy says

    is it good

  103. Ivy Shirley says


  104. Willie D. Washington says

    That can also apply to LIFE!

  105. Jose Carreon says

    Tha I soom

  106. Bailey Thompson says

    Great one + Amanda Blain 
    Watching the series and loving it…….

  107. Gianluca GD says

    lol… to your head? xD

  108. Ivy Shirley says

    I love this series

  109. Rolando Cornejo says

    I've begun to follow and gradually liked me, is a good series …

  110. Krista Miller says

    I haven’t read the books but I’ve heard they are fantastic. I am watching the series instead & I find it fascinating. A lot of characters to learn about which I found difficult at first, but the storylines are quite intriguing & it’s a visually stunning show for sure. They’ve done a great job.

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