Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust…


Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues.


Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust...

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  1. Linda Dee says

    embrace the raisins as they are the only thing good about the cookie…

  2. Michael Perrigo says




  4. Eddie Rivas says

    Agreed ^

  5. Ali akbar says


  6. nithil das says

    thank you

  7. Shawn Sidwell says

    This is making me hungry. Don't you like the raisins?

  8. Ryan Tillotson says

    + Amanda Blain N1. However, lemme turn that around by saying it is raisins in cookies that confirm that only people who do not make cookies can be trusted 😉

  9. nc Naime says

    hmmm I like cookies, these seem verry attractant 🙂

  10. Bông C?i says


  11. Maddy Kumar says

    send some

  12. Kyla Myers says

    Oatmeal raisin are my faves.

  13. AMMAR ZEHRI says

    i dont like milk

  14. Andrew Thompson says

    But raisins are great! 🙂

  15. Vishal Rana says

    that too with milk…wow..

  16. Ambra Vanderpool says

    + Amanda Blain , this may be due to the fact that I'm tired and slaphappy but that made me laugh till tears 😀

  17. Riel Aquino Gonzales says


  18. Bhamesh Meher says

    looking yummy

  19. Ambra Vanderpool says

    + AMMAR ZEHRI , I have two words for you; Strawberry Quik. You will change your mind about milk SO QUICKLY!!!! Pun intended 😉

  20. Vishal Rana says

    what are they?

  21. Aaron L. Green says


  22. sameer khan says

    bom dia

  23. Khaled Afifi says


  24. Mehmet Ay says

    very nice

  25. Patrik Cassersten says

    It might taste like gold in your mouth, it is still a rotten thing to do! 😉

  26. Awais Shabir says

    what ever,,,i want to eat them……………..:)

  27. glendale bolonos says

    Yummy..delicious food..

  28. Ahmed Ali says

    good breakfast

  29. Gagan Singh says

    i love cookies

  30. Joseph Willden says

    those look like chocolate cookies pretending to be raisin cookies. but i dont sterotype the cookies in front of me. they are all equal in one point in your life or another.

  31. Elsa Gresset says

    hmmmm! ça a l'air bon…

  32. Jai Kumar says

    It looks real mouth watering and tasty too.

  33. Elsa Gresset says


  34. sourabh biswas says


  35. Rana Abdullah says


  36. Abi Ankcip says

    This delicious cake
    I want to taste the cake looks like this

  37. kathleen castro marulanda says


  38. Jemuel Tajunio says

    it's looks like it tries to tease me to duk it into my mouth 🙂

  39. Steve Tose says

    Why are there no oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies? I get fooled every time. Aaaaaargh.

  40. Adam Schmidt says

    Thats why you look at the type of cookie on the box first.
    -smart alec responce.
    Sorry, but sh*t happens.

  41. Deshko Avramov says

    Oooo super!!

  42. Ter Tuach says

    A good boy

  43. Gianluca Chimento says

    Your breakfast really gives your body what you need in the morning?
    A breakfast with the right nutritional mix helps you feel better and keep doing things that you like.
    How do you feel after having breakfast?

  44. Jewel Ben says


  45. Ma 'N Jay says

    yam yam//

  46. najee alsoboh says


  47. geese howard says

    you look great!!

  48. Josephine Tanguilig says

    hmp. 🙂

  49. Adhy Ganto says

    🙂 Nyami..

  50. Saravana Shaastha says

    nice looking

  51. ivo stoianov says


  52. Cielo Sacedon says


  53. Phoenix Conection says


  54. Ksandra L Dark says

    ha-ha so agree, how dare someone puts raisins into a cookie anyway, nothing else then chocolate shall be in a cookie

  55. Stuart Smith says

    Raisins in a cookie?
    What a concept…

  56. lori mcnee says

    That looks good right about now…

  57. Pam Tiwari says

    Hii lori mcnee

  58. Kudakwashe Kondenga says


  59. Zoran Djukic says

    always looks good

  60. sashant masram says

    your cockise very nice

  61. Rashid Awale says

    Yummy! Hmmmm.

  62. sadia ali says

    very nice

  63. karthik don says

    hi friends

  64. Herry wanda says

    What to do?

  65. sadia ali says


  66. Feda Sares says

    send me recipe

  67. Nashman Foodlover says

    you kept me thinking Amanda

  68. regan selector says

    u put me lunch tym and break fast tym ma dear

  69. Mohamed Ahmed says

    For all the people here sayin they like raisins..for crying out loud who prefers raisins to chocolate??!

  70. dewni Bamunuarachchi says

    yummy stuff 🙂

  71. dhanani hetal says


  72. Dileen Lin says

    i love cookies

  73. Amirul Qaiyum says


  74. mat afandi says

    i likes your cookies

  75. Marc Roberts says

    Mmm chocolate chip cookies… d'oh!

  76. John Robinson says

    Maybe try 2 eat round th raisins.

  77. Phoebe Kinsey says


  78. Kiran Upputuri says

    mmm its too tasty

  79. Bruno Matsing says

    can eat a box o' that

  80. Rama shankar Kashyap says


  81. Rintu Das says

    i am hungry now.

  82. ??? says

    How many do you have chocolate ?

  83. Sikho Citwa says


  84. harshada narkhede says


  85. Indiemusik se says

    Looks good =)

  86. Grace Gardner says


  87. hacer eker says

    mmm…en sevdi?im iki ?ey,süt ve kurabiye…..delicious…..

  88. Mohit Sharma says


  89. joao braz Pinheiro says

    Delicia ,esta na moda ! Obrigado por postar 1

  90. ali tavakoli says


  91. Amanda Blain says

    yum yum cookie

  92. ali tavakoli says

    it's amazing

  93. nur adilah rooslin says

    look so delicious….

  94. habtamu alemu says

    ohhhh yammi

  95. Saniza Kadim says

    looked so appetizing…

  96. Karmvir Chauhan says


  97. Maziar Diba says


  98. avneet nehel says

    you keep the white milk ill take the dicey cookies cause they look yum 😛

  99. Light All says

    WOW!iiii loveyou!!!!!

  100. Tan Pham says

    con cay

  101. Cynthia Cale says

    Bon appetite …

  102. joyshanna valentino says

    Mmm srry I can't take this meal for me I mean;)

  103. Estela Fernandez says

    hmmm..look delicious

  104. Ceyol D'Souza says


  105. belal kier says

    ???? ?????

  106. Mishari Alenazi says

    ?? ?? ???? ????? ???? ?????

    ?? ????

  107. Robal Saker says

    ???? ????? ????? ???????,

  108. Raju Pandey says


  109. kiran kumar says


  110. Vincenzo Vodola says


  111. Ilana Borshtin says



    I need more cookies!

  113. Victorie Weasley says

    Too true, too true

  114. Asad Maher says


  115. Joanna Warren says


  116. papah iqbal says

    I am hungry…

  117. Mustafa Altan says


  118. Sundar Sac says

    for me?

  119. kyle hansen says

    Me too.

  120. Regard Vermeulen says


  121. JOHN CARTER says

    hummmm it make me feel hungry

  122. Riswan Dwi Nugroho says

    yes, me too, ahaha

  123. Muddu George says


  124. Jon Emmett says

    Yeah I see your point. Hmmmm This could have been then the reason for my commitment issues all along. lol

  125. Peter Dionicio Gomez Diaz says


  126. Rakesh Kb says

    its good.

  127. Elsa Gresset says

    ooooooh yeah…

  128. Josh Kimble says

    what if they are chocolate chip raisin

  129. Noel Mugabi says

    Looks yummmmyyyyyyyyy!!!!.

  130. Vanderlucio lopes da silva says


  131. Aaron Brown says

    If it is baked goods that is the root of your trust issues, then you live a good life!


  132. Devin Moore says

    Biting into an unexpected raisin cookie may as well be bugs in there. I had a bug in a belgian waffle at a hotel once… didn't have waffles for about 5 years after that.

  133. José Maria Teixeira lima says

    Parabens! O bolo é tudo isso de bom

  134. sharon sloan says

    have to say, they look yummy!

  135. Gatto NineNineNine says


  136. Jonas Vjsma says

    yuummy 🙂

  137. Jose Cruz says

    love them too

  138. javier montes says

    well , you see this is the trick : chocolate chip with milk. and raisin with a good latte.

  139. ????? ????????? says

    I like this food.

  140. Michelle Viljoen says

    Ha ha ha! Sharp

  141. Justin White says

    so true… It's great you have the courage to talk about it

  142. Alan Askew says

    Don't trust anything or anyone, expect the worst and hope for the best, that way you're never disappointed and sometimes amazed!

  143. Alan Askew says

    Look me up on Facebook please, I'm English and proud of it.

  144. Jane Delicana says

    Yummmy….my kids likes cookies

  145. John Ferullo says

    That looks great

  146. chetan Raut raut says


  147. Joe Lamptey says

    i love it it nice

  148. Dennis Crow says

    That is so 1st World…;}

  149. Amanda Blain says

    Actually.. its so a joke 🙂

  150. Monroe, marsh says

    Got smthg u can make

  151. ismail hazara says

    nic one

  152. Ramkumar Nagarajan says

    oh… is it for me

  153. vincent harris says


  154. roland de says

    gutten appetit

  155. Andre Riveroll Espino says

    I like it

  156. Dasa KP says

    how do you do
    may i can joint you

  157. Randall Gyebi says

    I just got hungry. Damn you.

  158. Benjie Jumalon says

    kalami ana oi naa pa gayud gatas…..

  159. umer khan says

    i like it very much

  160. Rodolfo Domaoal says

    i like it very very much!

  161. regan selector says

    it looks pretty and sweet for me ever and ever every morning with glass of milk

  162. regan selector says


  163. Dayz Dolin says


  164. Ismet y?lmaz says


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