Game Of Thrones awesomness


Things are really getting good! I am goings to make a circle of people who have read the song of ice and fire books that would like to discuss the series openly (without risk of spoilers)… If you would like to be included in the limited circle, please comment here.

Otherwise just enjoy these Game of Thrones memes and get ready for tonights episode!
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Game Of Thrones awesomness

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  1. Marc Belley says

    Can't wait

  2. Erica Joy says

    I take issue with that top left meme.

  3. Jannik Hansen says

    Add me up

  4. Majdouline Qabice says

    Love season2

  5. Steven Spence says

    Please include me.

  6. Edgar Domingo says

    Add me

  7. Robert Bates says

    in work mist it

  8. Yudhistiro Kusumonegoro says

    Arya fan here πŸ™‚

  9. mohammad muallem says

    unfortunately I don't read about this
    how about making circle about soccer?? I know about that "barca"

  10. Amanda Blain says

    what's the issue + Erica Joy that was my fav of them all πŸ™‚

  11. david michaud says

    I look forward to it every week!

  12. Amanda Blain says

    + mohammad muallem im not a huge soccer fan sorry to say.. but you could make a circle on it.. by searching for people who post about soccer and then share it.. πŸ™‚

  13. Bearman Cartoons says

    Don't tell me anything. I don't watch it until about two days later. Fingers in ears. Nananananananan

  14. mohammad muallem says

    i was joking sorry

  15. Ed Luke says

    Game of Thrones filmed on my home turf #Northernireland

  16. Howie Chicago says

    Count me in, I've read them although it was recent πŸ™‚

  17. Shane Rogers says

    I'm game. I'm halfway through the final book but should be done with it soonish.

  18. Helen Paradise says

    love it!

  19. Victor Villanueva says

    Great HBO's Series. Each week your story catches us more.

  20. Ed Luke says

    I drove past the film set of #gameofthrones several times before realising what it was. Filmed in an abandoned quarry, and very very hard to get anywhere near it πŸ™

  21. Anna Melnikoff says

    I'm in, I've read the entire series at least twice, you can't spoil me!

  22. Will Borkowski says

    shit tonight puts me 3 behind Good thing for on demand…

  23. halil gΓΌrsul says


  24. Melody Migas says

    Ha, I was just humming the opening credit tune. I have only read part of the first book but looked at various sites & have already spoiled myself some so I'm okay with spoilers.
    I just ordered the 1st graphic novel, too. I'm sooooo hooked.

  25. Mike Kloss says

    Count me in

  26. Usman Tarfa says

    i'm sooo in…

  27. Nikki Gurwood says


  28. Nikki Gurwood says

    Also, include me, please. Winter is coming. πŸ˜‰

  29. Ryan Combs says

    Please count me in your group. I am looking forward to tonight's episode, and am half way through the most recent book. I will hold my spoiler comments until later. I think Google+ needs to do spoiler tags like _spoiler then blank the rest of this out….

  30. Mellie B says

    if i'm not already in, Amanda, hook me up πŸ™‚

  31. Aaron Malakai says

    Someone share their HBO login… meeeeeeeelllllllllltttttttttt I wanna see!! Demmit.

  32. emmie vinluan says

    Please add me!

  33. Aaron Malakai says

    Actually… the text in all of these should read:

    Will die
    Will die
    Will die…

    Mix and match at will… my god, books are good.

  34. Jeanne Sutton says

    Read the book…can't be spoiled πŸ˜‰

  35. Will Menta says

    + Aaron Malakai hey! Spoilers!

  36. Aaron Malakai says

    + Will Menta … no spoilers given. Calmate, pobrecito.

  37. Christopher Marks says

    Limited circle please. I've made it through the first 2 books, but I'm fine with some spoilers. I already know one huge spoiler.

  38. Amanda Blain says


  39. Will Menta says

    + Aaron Malakai what the hell are you talking about, you just said which characters will die! That isn't just a spoiler, that's a HARDCORE spoiler. That's like the most spoiling you can possible cram into 6 words! The polite thing to do,in the future will be to put a spoiler warning first.

  40. Aaron Malakai says

    + Will Menta … no.. it was actually a joke about the mastery George R. R. Martin has written into his stories about story and character to fuel plot.

    I didn't spoil a thing… it was random, and, AGAIN, overall, a jab at Martin's propensity (since the 1980's, doofus) of killing off cast.

    Maybees yew shuldnts bee on da interwebz, mr.

  41. Mark Davis says

    I loved the books. I am surprised how well they have done this show. Count me in Amanda!

  42. Marian Hudson says

    like πŸ™‚

  43. Amanda Blain says

    + Will Borkowski he is not matching up the deads to the pictures above.. if thats what you mean… although it reads that way.. thats not the case πŸ™‚

    + Aaron Malakai play nice πŸ™‚

  44. Jaina Mistry says

    Count me in! I'm almost done with the final book (that's out) and dying to chat with other readers!

  45. Aaron Malakai says

    Promise, + Amanda Blain … I wasn't trying to be mean at all. (pouts in the corner)

  46. Ronel Constantin says

    I love the books. when the next season starts?

  47. Ryan Combs says

    old trend = killing important characters
    new trend = G+ spoilers for killing important characters based on the book.
    future trend = spoiler ________This space intentionally left blank____________

  48. Yifat Cohen says

    I haven't read them but I'd like to discuss the books, so unless there are going to be spoilers, please include me.

  49. Heather Perdigon says

    Yes please.

  50. Steve Webb says

    I'd never heard of it until on a whim I bought Series one Box Set from Amazon. Wow I love it, no wizards, no trolls, no broom sticks …. perfect.

  51. Sarah Milicevic says

    I have read all the books so would be too nervous of letting something out by joining but wanted say the captions below the picture above are funny.

  52. Mark McLaughlin says

    Can add me in on that Amanda. Also anyone just watching the show read the books. Fills in so much that the show just doesn't give you

  53. Sarah Milicevic says

    Agreed 100% with Mark McLaughlin!!!

  54. Kristina Kennedy says

    These look so interesting. I think I need to get with the program. lol

  55. Daniel Wilson says

    add me!

  56. Azita Rassi says

    Please include me as well πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  57. Louie Bicol says

    Me too πŸ™‚

  58. Robert Cuyegkeng says

    Add me please.

  59. Eli Bro says

    that is true though…….sadly :L

  60. Dale Dowden says

    Could you add me to the Limited Circle?

  61. Hal Thompson says

    More than welcome to add me

  62. Michael Ankner says


  63. Jason Howard says

    I'm about 950 pages into the third book where it's really getting good. Add me please.

  64. Mike Wood says

    I am going to make some tea, stop editing photos and watch. in 19 minutes. πŸ™‚

  65. JB Blanchard says

    Add me please Amanda

  66. JB Blanchard says

    HBO did good — but the books are better!

  67. Ivan Bigelow says

    You can add me to that circle. I am surprised that many of the fans have not had more discussion of what happens in the books and how they compare it to the series.

  68. Adam Knutson says

    Nothing like a beautiful woman that likes #GameOfThrones

  69. Samantha P says

    I have just started reading the first book of the series! I would love to be included! Thanks, Amanda!!

  70. Nikki Gurwood says


  71. Ivan Bigelow says

    + Samantha P You must not mind spoilers. You can't really imagine the changes that are going to take place. It's quite the turn of events so far. Just reading the first book is way early.

  72. Greg Hanson says

    I found the reading interminable.

  73. Amanda Blain says

    Going to clarify i bit here… Two circles… One general game of thrones.. if you were notified on this post you are already in that.. just talks about the show and NO/minimal spoilers… Circle TWO.. Read most/all the books.. discussion of show vs books or future events relating to current show etc… WILL BE FUTURE BOOK SPOILERS… Choose your own adventure by + one of the next two comments and i'll make sure you are in the right circle. πŸ™‚ You can +1 both if you like.. πŸ˜‰

  74. Amanda Blain says

    *Put me in Circle One by +1 this comment* General game of thrones.. if you were notified on this post you are already in that.. just talks about the show and NO/minimal spoilers…

  75. Amanda Blain says

    *Put me in Circle Two by +1 this comment* Read most/all the song of ice and fire series books.. discussion of show vs books or future events relating to current show etc… WILL BE FUTURE BOOK SPOILERS…

  76. Tristone Zhang says

    yeah , i wanna join in

  77. ZAHED EPA says

    moorning…….so fntstc

  78. simon handmaker says

    George RR Martin is pissing himself laughing if he sees this.

  79. Nikki Gurwood says

    If you didn't already see tonight's episode, it's going to make you want to scream from beginning to end.

  80. Samantha P says

    Half way through it! Its so Goood!

  81. Samantha P says

    + Nikki Gurwood

  82. Alex Zinovenko says

    I'm too new into the series to do that but I would like to. Perhaps later.

  83. Valerie Douglas says

    I would love to be included in any GoT discussions/circles. Thanks! πŸ˜€

  84. Sunny Suarez says

    Games of Throne is so awesome!!!

  85. Mike Wood says

    well that was an interesting episode… Won't say more for those on the west coast getting spoilers…

  86. Susan Brokaw says

    i further west than the west coast. what station is it on?

  87. Samantha P says

    Save that tid bit for circle #2 ^^^^

  88. simon handmaker says

    It's interesting, I've never seen the TV show and have had to match events to characters. By the way, Tyrion is GRR Martin's favorite character.

  89. Samantha P says

    he is mine as well + simon handmaker!!

  90. Melody Ogansuyi says

    Is this a form of initiation. Repent how. The wage' of sin' is death. D gift of d lord is eternity. Guid ur heart my fellow amity.

  91. Trisha Standard says

    Oops, sorry =)

  92. Wolfgang Marcos says

    Add me, I'm reading the #5 book now =]

  93. Darryl Johnson says

    Except snow isn't a member of a prestigious house.

  94. mia mccue says


  95. Vivek Anand says

    I have just started reading it πŸ™‚

  96. wende li says

    I do like it.

  97. Arif Rahman says


  98. Abdul Rehman Butt says

    Climb Tower here πŸ™‚

  99. ?????????????? ??????????? says


  100. Jerry Bagwell says

    A Song of Ice and Fire- best series ever!

  101. Sarah Rios says

    Add me please πŸ™‚

  102. Mathew Jacob says


  103. mario cardenas says

    Game of Thrones Marathon tonight.

  104. Mark Davis says

    This show ROCKS!!!!

  105. Tshering Om Tamang says

    I love this! πŸ™‚

  106. Rakesh Warier says

    'member of prestigious house' ? He was a bastard and likely to be treated badly by Lady Stark had he stayed in winterfell instead of taking black ..

  107. Mary Jane Maroon says

    Add me, please

  108. JackS Nguyen says

    I love this show!!!!

  109. Cristo Gil says

    Add me please

  110. Adam Curtis says

    Dance with Dragons has so many interesting tidbits! I would love to be in this circle.

  111. Ronskie Amatong says

    I'd like to join, please. I love these books!

  112. Samuel Felix says

    I'd really like to join too πŸ™‚

  113. LD Bonner says

    Anxiously awaiting "Winds of Winter"… – Plz add!

  114. Darrell Walker says

    Id be interested

  115. Luis Roca says

    Thanks for putting the spoiler circle together for people who have read the books. It has been hard not posting a: "OM-frigg'n-G! what do you think of how they changed XYZ from the books?" πŸ™‚

  116. Niki Stafford says

    I'm in!

  117. Ivan Bigelow says

    + Amanda Blain Can you share the spoiler circle once you get it sorted because I have some questions after tonights episode also. WTH!

  118. Constance Chamberlain says

    Add me. Read all the books, watching all the episodes.

  119. nisha maurya says


  120. Amanda Blain says

    Please scroll up and select which circle folks. πŸ™‚

  121. candice gutierrez says


  122. Darren Krusi says

    I'm halfway through book 5 and I know I'm going to be sad when I'm all done

  123. Thaddeus Villasor says

    Blood of my blood. Two circles please.

  124. Stefan Gabrovski says

    Well I almost read the 5th book

  125. Michael Thomas says

    please add

  126. Kudzi Midzi says

    great series, haven't read the books though

  127. suleman adam says

    i want to

  128. Luka Puntar says

    me too, me too

  129. Mitchel Rodwell says

    Read all of the books, would love to be in the limited circle.

  130. Jedri Visser says

    Hi, I am a big fan of Game of Thrones. Have not seen the latest episode yet, it takes a while to propagate to South Africa. All my friends and I get together weekly to view the newest episode as soon as we get it. I have not read the books yet though.

  131. ???? says

    it is great

  132. Felix Asare says

    I will be greatful if i am added to

  133. Randall Stebbins says

    I'm half way thru the third book. Please count me in.

  134. MartΓ­n Gabriel FernΓ‘ndez says

    On my way to finishing the fourth book. It's been great so far.
    PS: The catelyn meme is the best one… hands down

  135. James R Jeffery III says

    I wouldn't mind being part of a Game of Thrones discussion.

  136. Nanda Linn Aung says

    oh my Horny Jon Snow. LOL

  137. Sergey Vasiliev says

    Would like to join

  138. Joey Robert says

    These people need a life.

  139. Wyn Williams says

    In some ways I wish i had not read the books because the series kicks ass but still πŸ™‚

  140. Carlos Espinoza says

    I'll take a add.

  141. R Gutierrez says

    Add me please ????

  142. Jacob Baker says

    add me as well please

  143. Rafael Santos says

    I want to be included. I am currently reading the books as we speak.

  144. Paul Poole says


  145. Stefan Gabrovski says

    in my previous post I forgot to write "I'm in"

  146. Tim Frasier says

    Count me in!

  147. Amir Ranj says

    i like game of thrones

  148. William Drewnowski says

    Me too.

  149. Sabir Ahmed says

    look good guys

  150. Justin Vazquez says


  151. abraham kachisi says

    I lyk it

  152. melissa hurtado says

    love it

  153. Hal Thompson says

    Given that season 1 and 2 are books 1 and 2, I'm just wondering what they will do for 4 and 5 given that George basically wrote the 2 of them as a very large book and then broke it into 2 pieces

  154. mehdi zolghadr says

    so nice film

  155. Shamshil Foisol says

    Try to see that thanks.

  156. ali mina says

    Good film

  157. Muhammad Chattha says

    like to see that. and to be in that tribe…:)

  158. Ashley Manning says

    i want in

  159. Ibitoye Azeez says


  160. ???? ?????? says

    ??? ?????

  161. Audrey Greenlees says

    Woo~ Sign me up. =)

  162. Ashton Blaze says

    add me! add me!!

  163. Jim Kinkade says

    count me in, if not too late.

  164. Darrick Smith says


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