1. Dinesh Kamble says


  2. Susmita Bhowmik says

    Right, Amanda

  3. Ambra Vanderpool says

    "Us and Them" track #6 from Dark Side of the Moon. I post it once a week 🙂

  4. Olav Folland says

    Getz/Gilberto – A Jazz Bossa Nova album put together by Stan Getz (Saxophone) and Joao Gilberto (Guitar/Vocals) with some vocal contribution by Astrud Gilberto.

    I don't think you'll find another album that can be insanely sexy, or incredibly sonorus, depending on the mood of the listener.

  5. James Haney says

    "Calling You" from the BAGDAD CAFE soundtrack.

  6. Carlos Balderas says

    Great question, + Amanda Blain. I'm so beat from today I can't think of one specifically, but I'll be happy to read what others post, though. 🙂

  7. Amanda Blain says

    + Olav Folland  corcovado was the only one myspace had… i can see what you mean though.. 🙂

  8. Amanda Blain says

    + James Haney im liking that song… beautiful voice on Jevetta Steel 🙂

  9. Amanda Blain says

    + Ambra Vanderpool classic 🙂

  10. Gatto NineNineNine says


  11. Scott Kingery says

    + Olav Folland Getz/Gilberto is good music and on frequent rotation.

  12. Sonny Williamson says

    Beethoven. 7th Symphony. Second movement. Go!

  13. Amanda Blain says

    good choice + Sonny Williamson … not what i expected from you 😀 .. well not like i know you.. but.. you know.. 🙂

  14. Mycroft Holmes says

    Two things really evoke memories for me…

    "Dreaming" by OMD and the piano solo for "Downtown" by One2Many

    Of course, anything by Duran Duran, Baltimora, Def Leppard, etc. are great too.

  15. Ambra Vanderpool says

    Oh – I posted it today 🙂

  16. Sonny Williamson says

    Not what you expected from me + Amanda Blain ? I never shut up about classical music, it's my biggest passion. Half my posts are about it. 😛

  17. nick damoulakis says

    Close cover the (win merten)
    Gymnopedie (satie)
    So what (miles Davies, also cover by Ronnie jordan)
    Comfortably numb (pink Floyd)
    Wonderful tonight (Eric Clapton)
    Most of Norah Jones
    Yellow (and most of their early stuff) (coldplay)
    Fly me to the moon /insensitive (Astrid gilberto)

    I had to force myself to stop! There are so many nice tunes.
    Not to mention the ones my fellow muso and I have written (blush)
    Music truly is the language of the soul!

  18. Tara Mulder says

    Most Leonard Cohen songs and lyrics.

  19. Daniel Kuciel says

    You got me there + Amanda Blain 🙂

  20. Edwin Colon says

    Singers: Kina Grannis, Jennifer Chung, Melissa Polinar, Tori Kelly, Mree, Mindy Gledhill, Rosi Golan, Jojo, Jasmine Villegas, Daniella Andrade, Maribelle Anes

    All are available to listen to on Youtube and purchase music on iTunes.

  21. Blaine Huey says

    Your last name pisses me off, everyone spells my first name exactly like that…

  22. Bassam raffoul Trablsieh says


  23. Rudi Brits says


  24. Joe Scrivner says

    The Paper Kites – Featherstone,  The Marmalade – Reflections Of My Life, Tim Minchin – White Wine In The Sun, The Florin Street Band – My Favorite Time Of Year, Chet Atkins – I Still Can’t Say Goodbye, Cat Stevens – Father and Son,  Michael Buble – Lost,  Charlie Rich – I Feel Like Goin’ Home, Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare, Roy Orbison (Most anything he did) Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing, Sing, Third Day – When The Rain Comes, The Beatles (Most everything they did), John Pizzarelli – Fools Fall In Love,  Brian Setzer (Most everything he does), The Fly’s – Got You Where I Want You, Buddy Guy – Feels Like Rain, Keb Mo (Most everything he does) James Carr – At The Dark End Of The Street, Owl City – Fireflies,  Queen (Most everything they did) The Ravonettes – Black White and Last Dance, Lou Reed – Perfect Day,  Ozzy Osbourne – Dreamer,  When In Rome – The Promise, Great Big Sea – Something Beautiful, Elvis Cotello – Still, Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach (Most everything they did), Son House- Grinnin’ In Your Face, Van Morrison – Sometimes We Cry…I’m sure there are many others  🙂

  25. santiya Moorthy says


  26. Valentine Burda says

    That's it!..

  27. Adrian Martin says

    Funny you mention that, Amanda.  I actually made this post about a week ago… 


    …it was a sad situation, to say the least.

  28. Raylene Waye says


  29. michael dicarlo says

    whats music?
    i lisen to talk radio must keep up on n.e.w.s.

  30. INDU SAHARAN says


  31. raven black says

    Thaat is sooo true…!!

  32. Amanda Blain says

    + Blaine Huey well your first name pisses ME off.. i actually spell my last name.. B- L – A – I -N No E…. they still put an E 99% of the time.

  33. Abigail Van Rooyen says

    AAAAHHH….wish I had this line on my fingertips this morning

  34. Aria L says

    Joanna Newsom, her harp solos are scintillating. I just love everything about her.

  35. Carlos Balderas says

    LOL, + Amanda Blain Believe or not, people have spelled my first name with an "e" at the end. "Carlose", I think not!

  36. Bandido Bandit says

    Sweet music

  37. Vanessa R says

    that's true

  38. MATT REVELL says

    LETS GO!

  39. JIGNASA Shah says

    Lovely quote…but for me whatever is beautiful from heart is melodious .

  40. MATT REVELL says

    John Denver?

  41. Nikitha Prakash says

    totally true! 🙂 🙂

  42. Shruti Harkhani says

    i love music

  43. Vernon Laviolette says


  44. MATT REVELL says


  45. Lukáš Kupec says

    Therapy? – Die Laughing

  46. MATT REVELL says


  47. MATT REVELL says

    how about the Beastie Boys?

  48. Olivia Thomas says

    true linessss

  49. Grant Lanning says

    Song for Sienna – by Brian Crain. For some reason this song just hit me like a brick. Whenever Im stressed or in need of some inspiration, I find it in this song.

  50. Joe Scrivner says

    + MATT REVELL I think I would have to pass on the Beastie Boys…lol…I do feel something when I listen to them…A little sick…:) No not really, I don't think that there is any bad music..It's all personal preference.

  51. MATT REVELL says

    how about SLAYER? + Joe Scrivner

  52. MATT REVELL says


  53. MATT REVELL says


  54. Georgianna Ross says

    Some of the songs on the radio bring Back such great memories, I cry through the whole song.

  55. Amy Zhang says

    Taylor Swift tells stories that Speak Out to me.
    also the Carpenters bring back childhood memories because my dad used to listen to them a lot.

  56. Maya Fabri says

    Soo true

  57. Jyoti Evans says


  58. jeff jare says

    Anything Motown + Amanda Blain with a little Jimi thrown in ^_^

  59. Gelareh Tahmasebi says

    So true !!!

  60. Sukanya Mohan says

    Yeah right:)

  61. Natalie Kwok says

    well if that song is oath by cher lloyd, probably

  62. evelyne enriqueze says


  63. gursimrankaur sandhu says

    yea thats absolutely rite

  64. Jeff Bermingham says

    I always have music on, and what I listen to depends on my mood or what I am doing…

  65. Chandra Pederson says

    hmmm, let me see…
    I like~Adele, Aerosmith, Ashanti, Awolnation, Bassnectar, The Beatles, Billy Idol, Black Eyed Peas, The Black Keys, Blondie, Bon Jovi, Bruno Mars, Bush, Bone Thugs, Busta Rhymes, Cage The Elephant, The Cars, The Clash, Cee Lo Green, Christina Perri, Coldplay, The Cranberries, THE CURE, Depeche Mode, Daft punk, D12, Diddy, Dido, Dre, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Elton John, Enya, Enigma, Evanescence, Eminem, Filter, Fleetwood Mac, Foster The People, Genesis, Gorillaz, Gotye, Hadouken, Incubus, ICP, Jane's Addiction, Johnny Cash, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Lana Del Ray, Ludacris, Madonna, Mazzy Star, MGMT, Metallica, Mika, Missy, Moby, Moody Blues, Mya, Nelly Furtado, NIN, Nirvana, The Offspring, POD, Pink Floyd, Pitbull, Phil Collins, The Prodigy, PSY, REM, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rob Zombie, Rolling Stones, Scorpions, Simple Minds, Snoop, Skrillex, Staind, Soundgarden, Sting, Sublime, The Police, Talking Heads, Tom Petty, Tonic, Trapt, Twista, U2, Weezer, White Town, White Zombie, The Who and 2Pac! I ♡ ♩♪♫♬

  66. Mimi Round says


  67. Christopher Soliz says

    Chrome's 'Electric Chair'. It's about pleasure through electro shock therapy in one's basement. Good stuff.

  68. Michehe Conner says

    "Mother" by Pink Floyd. I always call my daughter baby,and at 21,she got rather testy at the moniker. I told her to listen closely to this song, and she'd get the reason she was "baby" to me.

  69. Harika AVP Jankii says

    its true.

  70. Ranjeeta Mathur says

    Love music !! Depends on the mood we are in which song we want to listen to

  71. Rose Mathew says

    feel the music in every seconds

  72. Jimbo Grey says

    anything from ABBA to ZZTop 🙂 (AtoZ) lol

  73. Hari chandana says

    No..!! i hv never heard sumone saying dat they don't like music…… i luv music… feels like heaven . 🙂 nd wht u said is damn true.

  74. James Carter says

    Classical…. Classic Rock… Electronica… or if in the mood something hard & edgy… no matter the genre… 😉

  75. keith carey says

    very well put

  76. Jayann Sobejana says

    Music makes me Relax !
    Especially tracks of Nickelback 🙂

  77. Claire Boyles says


  78. Ray Ray Justice says

    Sozinho by Caetano Veloso.  A Latin American classic.

  79. Maria Bauer-Rowe says

    Unbreakable by Fireflight, Arise by Flyleaf, Fire Fire by Flyleaf, Looking up by Paramore, Cage on the Ground by Flyleaf, For Those Who Wait by Fireflight, Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore. You've got a punk rocker on your hands :p

  80. keith carey says

    music is the true essence of creativity of the human spirit

  81. James Lanning says

    Music is the expression of the artist's emotion I'd say.  But music to the listener, can stir feelings, as it plays.
    I guess one way is "human emotions doing the creation," while the other is "music creating emotions," in the listener.

  82. Alexandra Inskeep says


  83. Eric S says

    Too many to list but lately, 'Diamonds and Rust' from Joan Biaz, 'Kansas City' by Damien Jurado.

  84. Chet Harris says

    Escala–Presidio & Kashmir

  85. Kate Lewand says

    Exactly what I think too 🙂

  86. Kate Lewand says

    There is so much music out there that i love listening to it would be very difficult to choose a favorite. I love listening to a wide variety. It really depends on my mood.

  87. Carol Mckenna says

    Music has always been my passion, from classic to pop, to name them all would be impossible, so I posted one of my favorite songs a few minutes ago. Regina Belle " If I Could ". Listen to it, I hope you enjoy 😉

  88. T Daniels says

    It expresses what we can't find words for…

  89. Charlene Peart says

    So very true

  90. Aruna Gopalan says

    I LIVE for music. It is one of the only things that  make life on Earth bearable.

  91. Leah Young says


  92. Lani Burns says


  93. Kira Kroger says

    Anything that gives me the urge to stand up and dance.

  94. Nadine Nurina says

    Oh lke it

  95. Mike Jansen says

    Mumford & Sons – The Cave, a good sad/happy/realistic/hopeful song.  New Model Army's Thunder & Consolation album when I'm in an angry at the world mood.

  96. Nadine Nurina says


  97. china gilliam says

    I love jazz…it soothes you after a looong day or week

  98. Theo WolF says

    Not like music? That's insanity! My iTunes play list has about 3000 songs in it. The library is about 8x that.

  99. marie soars says

    i agree

  100. Mubina Fathima says


  101. Lesley Unwin says

    true that could'nt do without it

  102. aliza fatima says


  103. Robert Angle says

    Wow, this quote is so awesome and so accurate!

  104. Blaze Wright says

    So true

  105. Margaret Lee says

    Totally agree, music transports me to a certain time with different people! But ill say Emili Sande – Beneath your Beautiful, for these past few weeks 🙂

  106. senorita fernandes says

    very true….

  107. amanda rushlow says

    so true for me if no one think that it is not true for them i feel srry for them

  108. Tracie McNamara says

    music says what i cant find the words for at the moment. I love it when I hear a song and i can say, THATS EXACTLY HOW I  FEEL or I CAN DEFINITELY RELATE! doesnt matter the genre at all.

  109. Anthony Ortolani Jr says

    As musician I agree with this. I have also heard + Amanda Blain it said that while artists paint on canvas, musicians paint on silence.

  110. nolie t says

    I Know Right 🙂

  111. Latrice Hawthorne says

    @Amanda Blain, thats one of the ways i write, and become inspired..Music soothes me.

  112. Shelby Shum says

    I read somewhere people with synesthesia actually get very varied feelings and see different colors when listening to specific type of music. that's pretty cool :

  113. Gemma Flannigan says

    I love that sentence

  114. Caitlyn Patrick says

    i want that as a poster on my wall it is so true

  115. KlaRii BeLLe says

    I dont like music! I love music that inspires me to love, but music that inspires hate,violence and sex aren't my style. 
    Music is a powerful thing, and when we understand its significance, it can bring dramatic changes both positive and negative into our lives.

  116. Bromas Peagan says

    My bum is what you singing sounds like…….. Betch

  117. Rebecca Harden-Heick says

    All kinds of music inspire me, it would be hard to choose just one…but if I had to I'd choose, the music I play when I write…Mood music! ie; The Moody Blues, Bon Jovi, Queen, Led Zeppelin, AeroSmith, Phil Collins etc. LOL I love it all! :):)

  118. Wayne Gibbons says

    Music was my first luv

  119. Kevin Bowie says

    Me too! the new myspace has brought me back to old artist, also some of the albums that I have had bonus/hidden tracks.

  120. Zeeshan Nasir says

    I don't like music. I don't hear it, I swear. …

  121. Kumudhathulasi Manivannan says

    if u dun like music, den y do u even comment for this post nasir???
    coz this post is for music lovers only!!!

  122. Angel Santana says

    foreal  max music lovers…";))

  123. CSC Digital Graphics says

    yes, and freedom too

  124. DONOA says

    Very true

  125. Osmar Llanas says

    From the top of my head, there's only one song i identify as "how feelings sound" and that will be Black by + Pearl Jam , the way Eddie Vedder performs that song is simply amazing…

  126. Ryan Van Sickle says

    Anything by + Lucinda Williams or + Bruce Springsteen

  127. Karlos Ortiz says

    How do you explain Justin Bieber?

  128. Kumudhathulasi Manivannan says

    well…… if u hv an explaination for him personally keep it to urself….. coz there might be people hu thinks his music is wonderful n soothing

  129. Kumudhathulasi Manivannan says

    god knows….. u might not know + Karlos Ortiz

  130. Kathryn Mooney says

    "Forever Young" Rod Stewart   I want this song played at my funeral, oh yeah!

  131. Kathryn Mooney says

    "Forever Young" Rod Stewart   I want this song played at my funeral, oh yeah!

  132. Tabitha Rabideaux says

    sorta true- if you listen to a band that you like then ya

  133. Tabitha Rabideaux says

    sorta true- if you listen to a band that you like then ya

  134. Lydia Morton says

    true so true

  135. Lydia Morton says

    true so true

  136. Mandy Lin says

    As a musician myself, I completely agreed!

  137. Amina Lawan says

    Its true agree

  138. irevana vernon says

    music feels awesome when your listening to it.

  139. Rosetta Coetzee says

    Good music that takes ur body,mind,soul and turns it into a world unknown so beautiful like expensive red wine that just getting better with time no expiring date, no poisining just me, myself, and I, lisening to the beat that touches my soul getting lost in the moment……feeling, like maken love for the first time….remembering the words. Word by word , understanding the meaning, WONDERING , WONDERING OHHH, OHHH. What a song.

  140. Emily Franks says

    true that

  141. Marisela Gaspar says

    Who doesn't like music? 🙂

  142. Scott Burbank says

    People who don't like feelings, don't like music.Wait, Horror is a genre of music, nevermind.

  143. Taylor Johnson says

    Good point most of the time people write songs to exspress there feelings

  144. Jean Simpson says

    Cool.  Had to share.  Thanks!

  145. isabel hill says

    I thought that was crying.

  146. Jasmine Tsytsyn says


  147. Darby hamilton says

    Justin Beiber pray so moving

  148. Phillip Ryan says

    I don't have feelings then :'(

  149. Arianna Toney says

    True… music is what feelings sound like… 🙂

  150. Ro Roe says

    I AGREE..

  151. Jonathan Ballard says

    Disagreed. Silence is golden.

  152. Paria KM says

    yeah thats when the best music has been made

  153. MacKenzie Coe says

    that is so true

  154. MacKenzie Coe says

    that is so true

  155. Lizeth Antunez says


  156. Lizeth Antunez says


  157. Lizeth Antunez says


  158. HEATHER FAY says

    LOVE this one, + Amanda Blain! xo

  159. HEATHER FAY says

    LOVE this one, + Amanda Blain! xo

  160. HEATHER FAY says

    LOVE this one, + Amanda Blain! xo

  161. Jinadari Probodhika says


  162. Maria Rhona Ray says

    thats true….

  163. Tehseen Shaikh says


  164. Bruce Richard Allbright says

    Thanks kid, shared! 🙂 Music is the language of Heaven!

  165. Seth Meister says

    There's nothing like #livemusic !

  166. Ayla chuluunhuu says

    thats how i thought of it my whole life

  167. vanitha muttu says

    Nice ya

  168. Tori Price says

    "Even if" by kutless! I am singing this song on tv and it will be posted on YouTube

  169. Jeff Privette says

    Girls please chat me

  170. cheloufi yacine says

    How beautiful it is that the music of your mouth smiling you creativity of the Creator

  171. Tana Santos says

    music makes the world go around, and makes us dream for the future or dreaming about some memories. thanks a lot, you made my day

  172. Rose Mathew says

    feel music

  173. asza aida says

    Music makes me cry laugh..everythg..i live wth it everyday.

  174. Lloyd Lemons says

    Music is the universal language.

  175. Bruce Richard Allbright says

    Yes + Lloyd Lemons  because music is Heaven's language! 🙂

  176. Rose Mathew says

    feel the music

  177. Elizah Lena says


  178. Adhir Brahma says

    so many names so many musics give me de javu phenomenon. I like old and gold one dance the music music makes u happy

  179. Gopinathan K says

    my grand daughter yashiha from six months old likesd to hear melodius songs slept arly wihout knowing music is divine man will dsappear but music never ver disappear

  180. Joseph Connell says

    I can always feel my life in a song, you make my day keep them coming

  181. Nguyen Hanh says

    i like too

  182. julio zelaye says

    Bach .. Tchaikovsky.. mantovanny … frank pourcel .. . Pavarotti.. placido . .. carrera … mmm .. heavenly peace .. a glass of champagne rouge of the widow of clickot 69 ..:)

  183. Loides Umbelina says

    bom dia

  184. Joseph Connell says

    My hole life is a song and sometimes sad but mostly real good feelings of the past when I was young in heart and thats a great place to be and thanks for being you

  185. Gemma Flannigan says

    I am doing a performance tonight in my school and I singing, acting and dancing.

  186. Rose Mathew says


  187. ekorulianto ruli says

    like dangdut, the traditional music in Indonesia. i love this

  188. Gemma Flannigan says

    that sounds cool

  189. Adhir Brahma says

    Yeah cool,indeed

  190. Esteban Ruiz says

    truth…just that!

  191. diu tran says


  192. Rose Mathew says

    feel the music…………..

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