*School Shootings Around the World – An Interesting Map*


I usually keep my posts here out of politics and post happy fun things, but today I came across this article showing school shootings around the world since 1996.

Notice anything strange about this world map? Why does all of China, India, Africa  Australia, The Middle East, Most of South America, Most of Europe and Canada NOT have this problem?

It's Time To Wake up America


Yes there was a China knifing today… that injured 22 children… not killed.. Injured. Yes, this map is not complete.. Yes there are more deaths from suicide, murder, drug war lords etc… But the fact remains… There are a heck of a lot of  MORE school related shootings in the USA than anywhere else BY FAR in the whole freaking world.

I'm not posting this for political opinion changing… People have reasons for believing what they do…  I don't fault anyone for their beliefs… 🙂 Maybe someone will see this and think… that's all i posted it for 🙂


*School Shootings Around the World - An Interesting Map*

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  1. janek kowalski says


  2. Stephanie Van Pelt says

    A note though: China had a school stabbing today. Something like 22 kids stabbed to death. They had a rash of them last year.

  3. Brett Gibson says

    Australia has very strict gun control laws.  They work.

  4. Mark Shirley says

    If parents were allowed to discipline their children like they once were, we may have avoided a lot of the problems we have had with young people doing stupid $h!t.

  5. Rich Young says


  6. Michael Dickerson says

    You should stick to something funny this does nothing for the victims.  I think we know we have a problem.  Do something constructive. More importantly do something that moves us into the right direction.

  7. Sean Badoud says

    I find it more interesting that it's more on the East coast than anything. It's because our country is full of a over medicated bored country

  8. Saiko Shiroto says


  9. Dean Ledgerwood says

    22 children were stabbed in a classroom in China today.  Maybe this should be updated to portray attacks at schools before guns are to blame.  There is something more sinister going on

  10. Joltrast . says

    The one in the UK is Dunblane, Scotland. Unfortunately it's all the town is remembered for these days :o(

  11. Andrew Konietzky says

    UK, Austrailia have very strict guns laws… that apparently work. In the UK cops don't even carry guns themselves.

  12. Dinu Popa says

    Blue states or red states? Who produces more psychopaths?

  13. Paul Dail says

    Well, that helps to drive the point home.

  14. Kena Herod says

    Still there have been awful shootings in Canada from Polytechnic to Dawson College (2006) and laws have loosened about guns in Canada.

  15. Amanda Blain says

    I'm sure lots of people including children… have been murdered all over the world today by various ways + Stephanie Van Pelt … but not overly related to the school shootings that are clearly an issue in the USA.

  16. William Carter says

    Completely agree.  This is also worth adding to the data:


  17. Anthony Cacaccio says

    just a sad day, i'm def hugging my kids so god damn hard tonight.

  18. Rafael Hernandez says

    Yes! We're in first place! Go USA! Lol

  19. ButterFly Girl says

    Very interesting, but not surprising.

  20. Ian Roseman says

    What are the statistics in the Congo, or China?  Doesn't reflect in your picture.

  21. Ely Hitc says

    so sad Let's pray for all families to heal soon

  22. Michael Bubb says

    more meaningful would be a map of violence against children. The states in Africa with child soldiers have no dots – how meaningful is this?

  23. Nesbi Maret says

    Big hug  + Amanda Blain

  24. Anny Grace says

    Actually, the majority of Canada's population are all squished in southern Ontario and that's where there are the most school shootings, but yeah, we don't get them often.

  25. Amanda Blain says

    I am sure this map is not flawless + Ian Roseman …. There are stricter media controls on what comes out of several countries… (perhaps part of why its not such an issue) but this source is saying .. none.

  26. Carl Knox says

    that map is due for an up date?

  27. Beate Struzyna says


  28. Brian Klippel says

    Please overlay a school density map to at least pretend to be scientific.  Not that I don't see a problem, it's just that this is a rigged visual aid.  I think when you correlate school density and population density (some areas have a lot of schools, bot not many people, some have a lot of people and no schools) that the science becomes rational enough to debate. Maybe we can incorporate mass stabbings to relate whether this is a violence issue or a gun issue. If you want the argument to hold water, present it in proper context.

  29. Michael Bubb says

    yeah – I call BS


  30. Harald Walker says

    On an average day, eight Americans aged 19 or under are killed by firearms – over a year, that adds up to more than the number who perished in the World Trade Centre on 9/11.

  31. Eddie Chaplin says

    LOL oh LAWD I'm so sorry for having to laugh but… are we seriously going to infer from this graphic that Africa and the Middle east doesn't have any gun violence?

  32. Amanda Blain says

    and + Michael Dickerson this IS me doing something constructive… You might know you have a problem.. but the world really really knows you have a problem… and this highlights that…  but thanks for your thoughts…

  33. Stephanie Van Pelt says

    + Amanda Blain I was just pointing out you can't limit mass-school slayings to guns only. There have been mass school slayings by other means as recently as today.

  34. Kena Herod says

    + Ian Roseman makes a very real point about massacres (in far many numbers as well as mass rape and all else) not showing up on this map. Not to downplay what happened today–I may live in Canada but I'm a US citizen and it disgusts me that nothing has been done about gun control for DECADES after so many tragedies like today's in the US. And Canada, where I've lived for many years, has had it's own share of gun shootings and deaths.

  35. Michael Bubb says

    And the month before:


    Where do you get your data – completely irresponsible

  36. James Britt says

    Very interesting though the title for the map is incorrect,as it includes shootings other than school shootings.

  37. Shaker Cherukuri says

    If that is not proof that we need a repeal of the 2nd that I don't know what is.

  38. Daniel Mandel says

    For those that keep bringing up the incident in China, the children were hurt not dead. 

    Unlike what happened in Connecticut 


  39. Alan Rimkeit says

    Yeah, right, America is the only place with gun violence.  Except for Africa, Burma, Mexico, ect.  the only reason that America looks so bad is because we actually report on the gun violence unlike most other nations that have just as many guns as America.

    The whole world has a problem.  No one can deny it.  Stop trying to frame this as just being an American problem.  Because that is ridiculous.

  40. Phillip Ryan says

    Because parents stopped spanking kids and replaced it with giving them a sense of entitlement.

  41. Eric Reich says

    Crazy people use what they have. Crazy people exist and do harm, even in poor countries. http://www.courant.com/sns-rt-us-china-stabbingsbre8bd065-20121213,0,5592318.story  Very tragic.

  42. Dale Moritz says

    If this started in 2004 instead of 2006 you would have to include aver 200 dead in Chechnya.

  43. Graham Rogers says

    USA seems to have the most. No surprise there considering their view towards carrying firearms.

  44. Sebastian Wehr says

    although it happend in germany i think the circumstances are different. parents didnt lock their weapons safe enouph away, children figured out where the keys where and so on… but in the end i want to say here again that people without guns cant shoot people. besides that yes there was also today in china a man who stabbed 22 people but then again to get a knife off a person is alot easier then a gun.

    when america and the other 2nd world war winners took away all the guns of germans 60 years ago they did me a great favour. only hunters and police are allowed to have guns now and thus nobody gets shot (almost). though we do have some people who kill others by hand in subways, others burn their house to get money from ensurance and many other things…

    there is no solution yet from my side to all these problems but all i can say is that less people can be shot when there are simply no weapons arround.

    at the end i want to add something i found funny from anonymous on twitter:

    Today's shooter likely fired more bullets in 1 mass shooting than ENTIRE German Police in all of 2011 | http://nbcnews.to/UY3n8G | #YAN

    today every parent should hold their children very tight, they are our kings and queens of the future! support them, love them, teach them and make sure they become great people!

  45. Brian Klippel says

    + Shaker Cherukuri It's not "proof" if it's not scientifically complete.

  46. Blake Zimmerman says

    To be fair, some of those countries are in constant war and "mass shootings" are more of a common thing than what we see here. Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc have all had issues with war. The European countries and the states, war is not a daily problem, which is why these acts stand out so much. They happen everywhere unfortunately, we just don't hear about it because there, it's not so abnormal. This doesn't account for everywhere, but it does happen. And as for China, we only know what they let past the great firewall, so who knows about there.

  47. Alan Rimkeit says

    + Graham Rogers  – Yes, the most that are actually reported and recorded   How many kids get gunned down in Africa for example that will never be known of?  Think about it.

  48. Michael Buttler says

    Are some of you really desperate enough to suggest a comparison of the US with the Congo ? Unbelievable.

  49. Chris Gray says

    unfollow and mute

  50. Shaker Cherukuri says

    Yes,let us do 2 sample T tests + Brian Klippel @$#%^

  51. Joseph Gwynne-Jones says

    It's awful. I guess that the right to bear arms is such an part of the American psyche, it's not going to go away. Strict gun controls in EU doesn't mean we cut out gun crimes either, but still…the map is very damning.

    I've often read arguments that if more people carried guns, they can stop this – but I do wonder as I've never seen those news over here in UK, but have it happened? Ie a person is going on a shooting spree but was stopped by other people carrying guns?

    I would imagine that even if I carried a gun (I don't wish to) if I was to see someone shooting then the first natural reaction is to hide rather than to think to pull out a gun and shoot back? I ask as a Brit since I have no idea what that's like and have no idea how I would react really.

  52. Joel McLaughlin says

    Actually this map is probably incomplete since I doubt you are going to get stats from one of the most populous country in the world, China.  Although your probably more likely to die from a soldier's bullet there than by any other.

  53. Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith says

    + Joltrast . Not quite, Dunblane is also the home of + Andy Murray which is a much cheerful thought 🙂

  54. Kena Herod says

    + Shaker Cherukuri I agree with you. The 2nd Amendment was done in 1791 if I'm correct when the memory of the US revolution from Great Britain was so fresh in everyone's minds. I doubt the "Founding Fathers" would have foreseen all these tragic massacres on US soil of Americans killing innocent Americans with guns.

  55. Morgan Abbou says

    In those moments, I feel relief I'm not back in the US, my children are well protected in Paris, away from those terrible shootings

  56. Scott Hill says

    + Amanda Blain – I'm all for fixing what is broken that is causing these kinds of problems to happen, but simply putting stricter gun control laws in place isn't going to be the answer.

    If people want to perform violence on others, they'll find a way. As + Stephanie Van Pelt pointed out, knives are used to perform these very same actions. Bombs, poisons, among other nefarious methods are used to kill people. The guns aren't the problem, people are.

  57. Dave Friedel says

    Hmmm I like the map, I mean who doesn't like data but what is missing is the fact that Mexico, Venezuela and Honduras have the most homicides but I guess they have the fewest schools?

    Do you have a homicide map?

  58. Amanda Blain says

    … My final thoughts here… Don't you think that the lack of media reporting in other locations IS A KEY FACTOR TO THIS? People are made celebrities, given attention by the President and have facebook fan pages devoted to them in the USA….  The media is a HUGE part of the problem. …

    also want to highlight again what + Daniel Mandel said… The Knifing in china only injured children.. not killed them. please wake up

  59. J.C. Stierheim says

    1979, in Texas. It even caused a song to be written in outrage, "I don't like Mondays" – Boontown Rats… History has repeated itself enough I think..

  60. Gary Savary says

    IDK….maybe they have oppressive governments that control the population through fear and weapon control….they have no shootings in school….maybe, if you believe that all news from these places is accurately reported, but they also have no grasp of freedom either….not saying that this tragedy shouldn't have been stopped, only saying that blaming freedom and the way we live as free men and women is a poor choice of ways to express you grief….

  61. Paolo Bergamaschi III says

    Guns may not be the problem, but they worsen it a lot. This map shows it very clearly. Thanks + Amanda Blain

  62. Theo WolF says

    I am predicting this thread will degenerate not quite as quickly as the hangout thread. I'll be muting it now.

  63. rick vowles says

    Yea, your trading school shootings for governments that keep the populace terrified, lock them up, and murder them in the street.

    The right the bare arms is to protect us from the GOVERNMENT… something the people of the middle east, china, Africa  and other places live in daily fear of. 
    Yea, there's a bad side effect but as horrible as school shootings are they PALE in comparison to the daily rapes and murders in Africa by "the government", and all the atrocities committed in other parts of the world, especially in many of the places you made mention… All by the dozens, hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands… including children.  
    Gun control only disarms law abiding citizens and leaves them open to crime by criminals and governments… neither of which are our friends.

    Notice in the map of america, the states with the strongest "gun control" laws, the north east and California, have the most shootings… the states like Texas where everyone is allowed to conceal and carry have the fewest.   
    The answer isnt disarming the law abiding citizens, its ARMING them.  Crimes are committed by cowards by and large.  If they think there's a chance they will die, most of them wont do it.

  64. Evan Paitz says

    Does this take into account the children in Africa that would normally be in school but are being used by warlords to murder innocent people?

  65. Joel Alcantara says

    The worst part is that we are going to be listening to this tragedy for at least a month, and even worst the media will make the picture of this crazy pos famous. One of the reasons i hate tv.

  66. Delmer Rinas says

    Americans and their guns.

  67. nick damoulakis says

    I still find it amazing that there is so much sand in the US.

    Enough apparently for a very large number of people to stick their heads in it and refuse to acknowledge the problem.

    Instead, they seem to find fault with this post.

    Let's hope one day, the majority will grow up and kick out of government the pro-gun lobby and their sycophants.

    Until then, be prepared to hear them make excuses.

  68. dave wilson says

    Sadly we too suffered this, once. In Quebec (Canadian province).

  69. Rocky Bing says

    Living without the fear of being shot and knowing my children are not going to be shot whilst at school is freedom. ( Australian teacher and mother)

  70. grant marlenee says

    + Shaker Cherukuri Yes, repeal the second amendment.  Along with the fourth and the sixth.  Then search everybody and their possessions daily and summarily execute anyone found with a gun without benefit of a trial.  Then, and only then, will there be a reduction in illegal weapons.

    Oh, then the psycos will have to resort to driving fuel tankers into school buildings.  But then we can ban them.

  71. adeel Zahid says

    Am Pakistani

  72. Eddie Chaplin says

    Just one last point and then I'll be muting this thread:

    Ban all you like. It's not like it's not several hundred year old technology.

  73. dave wilson says

    + rick vowles I assure you, Canadians do not live in fear of our government

  74. Gary Savary says

    Rocky…that is not freedom….it is nice but not freedom

  75. David Santy says

    All I can say here is that I don't believe the map provides an accurate picture on global gun violence. There are areas in which I find the lack of little red dots to be suspicious.

    Yes, the U.S. does have problems, but as has been mentioned there is actual reporting of violent crimes here. I've made a vow not to get into the gun control debate today though.

  76. rick vowles says

    When you grow up in a system of control, you become used to it, Dave.

  77. Doug Hanchard says

    + Amanda Blain – that's a very slipper slope of debate. There are LOTs of arguments to be made. There are countries with no restrictions and have some of the lowest murder rates around the world. Clearly, access to firearms is an issue. But is it sufficient reason to ban them? That's the issue many face. Reason is somewhere in the middle, which I think can be accomplished, but it will take years, if not decades to occur. 

    And will it reduce the amount of fatalities, perhaps, but it may not. It may begin to change the ratio and the amount of mass killings, but it will not prevent them. Australia, which has a complete ban on all citizens having firearms still has gun violence. In fact it has gone up dramatically in some parts. The counter balance in Australia is that the amount of fatalities involving firearms has significantly decreased. 

    One could argue that less fatal violence is a sufficient argument  but I would challenge that view, because it will likely create long term backlash which explodes with worse outcomes as we have seen in some parts of the world.

  78. Phillip Ryan says

    Banning things has done superb for the drug market, and it worked quite well in the alcohol market during the 1920's. 

    I go back to my original argument and it is the culture of making kids feel entitled to things instead of learning to work for it.

  79. William Carter says

    + Amanda Blain – just a correction – the rash of knife or hatchet attacks in China has killed way too many kids.  Not just injured.  It's awful too.

  80. Alan Rimkeit says

    The 2nd Amendment is in the Constitution for a reason.  One day American's may be in need of all our guns.  What government in the world has not gone against it's people at some point in time?  The Founding Father's put the 2nd Amendment in for that reason and that reason alone.  Never trust your government 100% ever.

  81. Michael Buttler says

    + Amanda Blain I think you did the right thing. Yes, it is not scientific, Yes, there other nations that have problems too, but all that is besides the point . the graphic, whether some like it or not , clearly shows that there is a problem. And that problem IN the US and it needs to be fixed. 
    I understand the 2nd Amendment, and taking everybody's weapon away is unpractical anyway .. but a reasonable solution needs to be found, so the US are not loosing more citizens through their own weapon industry that through wars and terrorism. 
    Is the US not doing anything about the next bank robbery, because there was a bank in china that was robbed, too ? I don't think so .

  82. Dave Friedel says

    + Eddie Chaplin I am not for banning the gun just limiting the ability in which one person can inflict harm. Let the 3D printers print but we both know u'll be lucky to get a round off let alone hundreds.

    Lets just come to an understanding that a single person does not need the ability to kill massive amounts of people to feel secure in ones home.

  83. Dieter Klauss says

    I suggest we show only the USA, perhaps then, the problem will go away.

  84. rick vowles says

    + Michael Buttler , please tell me how to fix it.  Make the red dots go away on this graph without making them appear on another like "knifings", "government induced deaths", ect.

    This map isnt showing "the problem", its showing "a problem".  When you add up all the other ways citizens die including children, school shootings barely appear on the map.  
    The entire argument is flawed.

  85. Doug Fisher says

    China stabbing spree hurts 22 schoolchildren
    Knife-wielding man also attacked elderly woman in central Henan province
    The Associated Press Posted: Dec 14, 2012 4:38 AM ET Last Updated: Dec 14, 2012 1:25 PM ET

    A knife-wielding man injured 22 children and one adult outside a primary school in central China as students were arriving for classes Friday, police said, the latest in a series of periodic rampage attacks at Chinese schools and kindergartens.

  86. Juvenal Mena says

    SOME people want to compare AFRICA countries with American countries, PLEASE GUYS!
    USA so far have more education and less problems than almost all the Africans countries!
    yea, yea, in Africa and China happen the same in school, other countries to…
    face the truth of the American problem!

  87. Amanda Blain says

    Ps.. i didn't make any argument one way or another.. just linked to a map i found interesting… and said people should wake up and have a look around them…  🙂

    People have reasons for believing what they do…  I don't fault anyone for their beliefs… 🙂 Maybe someone will see this and think… that's all i posted it for 🙂

  88. rick vowles says

    I'll take first world issues over 3rd world issues any day.  Does it need to be adressed?  Yes, 3000% yes.. but it needs a real answer, and banning things doesnt solve crap.. it just makes new issues.

  89. Doug Hanchard says

    Poor rationale + Alan Rimkeit . The basis of the 2nd Amendment was to prevent mass destruction, between the Confederates and the Union. I would bet you dollars to donuts that if your elders in the 1791 could foresee what has occurred since Columbine, it wouldn't exist without extensions that clearly stated that the right to bear arms was specific to A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Thus the people must be part of the militia, not as citizens to massacre school children…. just sayin

  90. Sandee Whalen says

    This day is beyond sad. My heart goes out to the families of those children in the US and China.

  91. Juvenal Mena says

    my country have lots of problems, corruption, violence etc. and some Dominicans say: "yea,  but Colombia is less secure, or Haiti"
      i dont care that, i care for my country (Dominican Republic), and the problem we have!

  92. Al Ebnereza says

    These are the kind of stats I love. 

    Who's THIRD world now??

    Good job + Amanda Blain!

  93. Craig Brunetti says

    Is it possible the rest of the world uses something other than guns to commit similar, horrible acts against communities like schools?

    Technically, the dots are "shootings", not "attacks" in general, right? I have no problem believing that US people simply have more access to guns.

  94. Gary Savary says

    Amanda….thanks for the post….it has made me think…I am so sad for these poor children and their families.

  95. Александър Донев says

    Good one 😉

  96. Rafael Hernandez says

    Last I remember, it was individual citizens with their own weapons that made up the militias.

  97. Marc Kleinmann says

    Thx for sharing this + Amanda Blain

  98. Warren Hardison says

    You're saying the right thing for the wrong reasons: It's not firearms, it's culture.

    Check the Swiss, yo. Their gun policies put an assault rifle in the hands of a majority adult men and they have gun-related homicide rates on par with the rest of Europe. They also don't have a religiously conservative power-base romanticizing weaponry and war.

  99. Bryan Ferguson says

    Looks about right.

  100. Taurell Saumalu says

    Very eye opening…

  101. rick vowles says

    Culture does have a part to play. We still have a "warrior culture" in parts.  Its a country that shows 3 million deaths a day on TV but freaks out at the site of a nipple.  
    Most kid on kid shootings however, come from broken and violent homes.  Prevention and keeping a watchful eye on our young ones would prevent a lot more kid on kid death than trying to ban things.

  102. Lori George says

    Australia is spotless…WoW!

  103. Rauzet moustache says

    I can't get over this tragedy… what is being done to keep our schools safe? this is too sad 🙁

  104. Gary Savary says

    Al….Seriously….I know this is country and I'm letting my redneck show but I would love to stand toe to toe with you and show you third world….don't compare this situation of one crazed individual to the evil that the third world countries that I'm sure you have in mind have perpetrated on humanity!!!!

  105. Steve DeGregorio says

    Its called getting morals back into America… Stop blaming it on other things… Each and everyone one of us needs to help get morals back into society…

  106. Travis Blair says

    All these silly people saying they're muting the thread. If you don't comment, there's no reason to mute! Oh, but you have to throw your two cents in before leaving.

  107. rick vowles says

    we call that the cowards way out, Travis. 🙂

  108. David Greifzu says

    Could we also see a map of which schools in the world have the most bullly problems? I would give up my gun in an instant If the government, the police, and military did also. If you would like to see what disarming citizens looks like you should take a trip to Africa.

  109. Bravo J says

    I'ts so sad, no matter the  place.

  110. Maria Bauer-Rowe says

    Africa and Australia are spotless!

  111. Eric K says

    I would like to see the same map, but knife or other weapon violence, and see how it compares.. Or how about overall school violence.  To support what + Stephanie Van Pelt is pointing out.  The is world is loving criticizing the U.S. for just about everything it can find lately, its not all accurate.  I find it hard to believe that there is not a single school shooting showing up in Mexico.  Not a single cartel shooting at a school?  I guess it's possible..

  112. Slack Scotty says

    I have shared this subject a few times today. In Canada we have more guns per capita than anywhere else in the world. Statistically we should then in theory have the highest gun to homicide rating around and yet we dont… ours is amongst the lowest globally. So why then is the subject of guns brought up as the reason?

    In the US, its also a fact you can research that the majority of homicides commited with a gun came from a stolen gun from the home of someone who had it registered correctly. So… registration isnt the problem.

    These stolen guns are the first thing sought after in B&E's and they look by your bed and in your drawers first to get them. Money is the secondary thing these looters are after.

    Problem #1 is the securing of these guns so they cannot be stolen.

    Why are they by peoples beds? Because they are scared. There is a well known news man who quit his job and went public with information on this. He claimed that he and his coworkers were told (major network) to ignore the calls coming over the police scanners and focus on the black man or asian man calls. The networks are fear mongering and its causing people to be scared of minorities in the US. They are buying guns fearing they will be attacked.

    Problem #2: The media. The media in the US and China focus' on the negative things going on in the world. Canada however touches on them but chooses instead to focus on the positives such as the little girl who helped the little old lady.

    Problem #3: You. To solve the worlds problems you need to solve your own first. How can you manage your problems when you watch the news and read the paper and add all that negativity to your own problems. You will eventually snap. Turn off the tube and dont read that paper. Next… when was the last time you smiled at a coworker and said something that made them feel good even if you didnt really want to do that? Healing the planet starts with healing your neighborhood. Be positive to everyone you encounter and smile even when its hard for you to do that. You will affect people who may really really need that smile or word of encouragement who otherwise might have taken a gun and killed 20 children had you not.

    Change starts with you. Not by passing bills on gun control.

  113. Vasu Devan says

    Simple answer to this is strict gun laws, family values and love.

  114. Oliver Greenwood says

    No problems in the Middle East?

  115. Chris C. says

    Lol so + Amanda Blain I guess mass genocide in eastern European countries, Islamic countries, African countries don't count? Put up a map with the density of violence related deaths worldwide. Let's see how the map looks then. In Africa whole villages wiped out and people hardly blink, but here in the US 100 people get killed in one year from crazy terrorists and we have a heart attack…senseless murder didn't matter to most Americans unless it is next door.

  116. David Greifzu says

    + Maria Bauer-Rowe Africa is not even counting on that map. once every 2 weeks gunman go into a school and kill everyone

  117. Yori Pavlov says

    Notice none in Israel.

  118. Camo Yoshi says

    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

  119. Alex Kursell says

    Population Density

  120. Thecaptain Power says

    no school shootings in syria…

  121. Ryan Hanna says

    Remap this with soilders killing schoolchildren and you will get a very different map.

  122. Brittany L Blair says

    I think the US needs to address how it treats people. Violence is caused by people no matter what means they use. What causes these people to do these things? We're so quick to say these people are crazy but we need a better way of addressing people who have mental instability or just a better way of interacting with each other.

  123. Bernard Blary says

    You make a good point.

  124. Rodney Keene says

    Gun control is not the answer. Canada has as many guns as america and no school shooting on that map.

  125. Rafael Hernandez says

    + Slack Scotty , I've been to Canada twice now in the last week. I have not met a single rude person there. I loved that.

  126. Chris C. says

    + David Greifzu and + Yori Pavlov you understand what I mean

  127. Jim Fortune says

    Maybe overlay a map of car bombings?

  128. Slack Scotty says

    Oh they exist… we have problems too… its just not nearly as intense as the US. Media is rotting your brains. Turn it off and turn to each other.

  129. Miguel Torres says

    People with guns kill people

  130. Robert Allan says

    Ypou are fucking sick

  131. Frank Fischer says

    So don't give people guns.

  132. branimir sever says

    Partially result of gun owning restrictions in other countries. For person which live in country where war was before 20 years and still with area "rich" with mines, it can change your view about weapons. Bigger weapon restrictions, less weapons in wrong hands.

  133. Slack Scotty says

    Remember folks… this map is about gun crimes. Not knives, bombs, etc.

  134. don harrison says

    I think down here in Australia we have this right, at the time there were similar arguments as expressed above, but clearly not having easy access to firearms does significantly reduce accidental & spur of the moment type incidents that we to had seen. population aside, that chart alone suggests you guys maybe need to rethink your previous beliefs… just sayin.

  135. Rafael Hernandez says

    Lol. I'm sure there are rude people. But you're right. Here in the US, it's common to see total assholes walking around.

  136. Freddy De Jesus says


  137. Slack Scotty says

    Here is another stat for you all… in Canada the number one incident involving a firearm is suicide.

  138. Mohand Andel says

    It's time to change the laws, so no one can have a gun.
    Sometimes I really wondering why someone would have a gun in a city!

  139. Allan Guox says

    Big difference in central America no body attack the children at the school that's way I love central America

  140. Eric Younkers says

    Give me an overlay map of psychotropic drug prescription per capita, as well as education median and you will have your answer.

  141. Chris C. says

    + Ryan Hanna good point. If it is one crazy person everyone freaks out but if you map what happens with soldiers on orders, the map changes.

  142. Daniel Harrington says

    Statistics have shown time and again, that the availability of legal firearms has only the smallest impact on the amount of violence that occurs in society. As +Phillip Ryan pointed out, if Americans want something (guns, drugs, alcohol) then we'll figure out how to get it. The disturbing trend is the frequency with which US citizens reach the point where mass killing is actually something that they not only contemplate, but actually carry out… Until THAT problem is solved… the subject of gun control is moot. Will you be likely to have more "woundings" and less "killings" if guns are not available to the general public? Maybe… but the underlying psychological problem will remain.

  143. Jules Lopezlena says

    Thanks for posting. I was just wondering about this today.

  144. Evan Machnic says

    + Sean Badoud that's cause the West Coast is too busy getting high

  145. Patryk Kozub says

    Never been to Poland? Wow you suck

  146. Matt Prosper says

    The amount of people shifting blame away from the guns sickens me. Sickens.

  147. eugene yoon says

    … yeah, I'm all for gun control but this is bullshit. I'm sorry but in parts of africa you have children being turned into soldiers and in parts of the middle east you have school kids being shot in the head… for going to school.

  148. Chris C. says

    + Jim Fortune car bombings, suicide bombings, chemical/bio warfare, ethnic cleansing, etc etc…

  149. lakshmi kantha Reddy says

    u did good one. coze in u.s u have so called more freedom

  150. lloyd roquemore says

    My most profound and deepest prayers and sympathy to her husband and family.

  151. Dan Wright says

    Are we sure these areas report school shootings at all?

  152. Marius Geldenhuys says

    It is really unbelieveable. I stay in Cape Town in South Africa. I have been watching CNN for the last hour now. My hart does out to all those families and vriends. It is really hartbreaking. To those families- your are in our prayers. I know there is nothing on this Earth that can make things better. It is unnesissary for 26 innocent people to lose there lives in such a horribal way. I pray that God be with all the way. I think the hole world is in total shock. I cannot believe what happend. It is really hartbreaking.

  153. Carl Bender says

    Wat happened today was terrible and inexcusable, but I would feel safer to send a child to any US school than to send a child to the incredibly heartbreaking conditions children live through in other countries daily. A friend of mine left his country in Africa as local regimes were killing male children in fear that they would someday be educated and oppose them. Children in countries where they are expected to work crazy hour days in terrible conditions for pennies so their families can eat.

  154. Adam Stephenson says

    Seems a popular past time in the US.

  155. Juvenal Mena says

    + eugene yoon so if you have a problem you dont do nothing be cause you neighborhood have a bigger problem?

  156. Alan Tucker says

    This makes me sad, how can anyone think that more shootings in america is a good thing 🙁

  157. Subhash Chakkalakadavil says


  158. Alan Rimkeit says

    @Adam Stephenson – Seems a popular past time is a lot of the world.

  159. Vincent Mak says

    Also depends strongly on the news sources the maker of this map has used. In the Netherlands, where I am from, your school shootings have only recently emerged as news here, and many here see that as a move towards a more dramatic "Americanized" news style, which is not necessarily better news.

  160. Barry Stafford says

    Most are where they believe that citizens should carry guns I think they need .ro have a look at their gun laws.

  161. Lawrence Ige says

    It has happened almost exclusively in the advanced Western world! Freedom?!

  162. Ken Severn says

    Remember, China is COMMUNIST and, so far, the USA isn't. The area of this shooting has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. If only ONE person in the school was carrying a concealed weapon, the outcome would likely have been different. I have been a LEO for 24 years. You cannot expect the police, or gun control laws, to physically protect you. That is the gun control advocate's fallacy. You are responsible for you. Stand up and defend yourself! The CT laws prohibited all the teachers in the school from defending themselves. What good are those laws? It is a fact, more guns (carried) equals less crime. Check history. Look at Wisconsin's crime rate since allowing CCW. There is no factual argument for gun control. There is plenty of argument for CCW. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

  163. Jerry LaPier says

    Anything look wrong with this map? Don't care about the politics, but dammit how many more innocent people have to die before we do what needs to be done?

  164. Tony Segundo says


  165. viviane cristina moura leite says

    Indeed, it's a social essentials..

  166. Gary Savary says

    Brother….not sure what cities you've been in lately, but from my perspective I can't believe someone would be in a city without one…..

  167. Steve Salazar says

    Mad world

  168. Robert Wray says

     so sad to here of this kind of pure evil,and today,,27 people were killed today ,20 children 7 adults  Connedticit, by a 24 year old,and the shooter  killed his own mother .i am so sad,

  169. Alan Rimkeit says

    @Jerry LaPier – And what is that exactly?

    Humans a brutal violent primates.  We try to pretend we aren't  but we are.  Violence is never going to end as long as there are humans.

  170. Mike Collins says

    Guns dont kill……..people do.

  171. Juvenal Mena says

    with guns + Ken Severn

  172. Doug Paice says

    To all the people talking about government oppression: have a look at the map. European countries, also Australia, Canada, New Zealand… These are modern western democracies with God strong gun control and low gun violence, not people's oppressed by and in fear of their governments. If you are going to compare yourselves to other countries how about you pick the places most similar to you? Another thing to note about the countries I mentioned: no death penalty

  173. Glenn Futrell says

    Seems like this is not accurate.

  174. Tuan N says

    Do we need take away our 2ND amendment in order to make US a safer placed to live? Maybe…

  175. Brooks Magahey says

    Why are most in the US?

  176. Chris Cree says

    The overall per capita violent crime rate in the UK is more than triple that in the US. And when you drill down to the more local level in the US, there is generally an inverse relationship between gun restriction and violent crime. Localities which restrict guns more have statistically more murder and violent crime. (Washington DC is a case in point.) When gun laws are liberalized locally in the US, violent crime figures for those jurisdictions go down over all. It's been statistically demonstrated repeatedly in our nation. 

    What Robert Heinlein said is true: "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life."

    But don't take my word for it. Check out this Harvard University study titled, "Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide? A Review of International and Some Domestic Evidence." 


    Here's a jucy quote:

    "If the mantra "more guns equal more death and fewer guns equal less death" were true, broad cross-national comparisons should show that nations with higher gun ownership per capita consistently have more death. Nations with higher gun ownership rates, however, do not have higher murder or suicide rates than those with lower gun ownership. Indeed many high gun ownership nations have much lower murder rates."

  177. Alan Rimkeit says

    + Tuan N – Never going to happen.  Moving on.

  178. Jeff Erb says

    Are we really civilized?

  179. Gary Savary says

    In a perfect world no guns would be needed….unfortunately we live in this world and I'll keep mine. I wish love and peace could prevail but this is not a fairy tale…..these things are gonna happen no matter what gun laws are in place…. I just can't see being empty handed in the middle of this world….

  180. Anand Iyer says

    + Amanda Blain Appreciate the way you have presented this. Deep sympathies for the families of the innocent victims.

  181. Jorge Torres says

    Big hug for all family in kids

  182. Ryan Ng says

    How interesting that 90% of the shootings are in the US

  183. Vic O. says

    What's the answer to the current trend of violence that grips our nation?

  184. Yori Pavlov says

    + Tuan N I posted this on another feed… but you need to read it. In michigan they are deciding if people can carry in public places they couldn't  before. This is good finally people are realizing the police can't always be there to protect them. In most major cities you can go to MLK blv and find a guy that will sell you a gun with murders on it for 50-75 bucks… not stolen from a legal gun owner but smuggled in from latin america illegally with no serials. The bad guys have guns and always will. We should too. My statements are based on things I have seen with my own eyes.

  185. Mindparadox Sarituixe says

    most of those countries don't publicize the fuck out of it for weeks. the people who do this type of thing in other countries know that A: they aren't getting free publicity, and B: they just may not live to see the inside of a jail cell. things you can't say about america

  186. Jonathan Medina says


  187. Ricky Pike says

    While we're at it, let's take away the 4th Amendment too.

  188. Paul Andrews says

    Most of the attacks in China are with knives.

  189. norm stone says

    canada has had some

  190. carlos otero says

    Horrible we need gun control and make bullets very expensive

  191. Travis Blair says

    Show the disproportionate amount of Wonka Bars with golden tickets distributed around the world and this map would look different.

    This isn't about that or other statistics, it is how + Amanda Blain feels about today's issue.

    "But what about this other thing? This map is dumb!"

  192. Ryan Ng says

    While we're at it, let's make more guns.

  193. Jose Gomez says

    most kids in those other countries don't go to school.. they start working in the sweat shops at an early age..

  194. Yori Pavlov says

    I did my law enforcement training in MI and I learned quite a few things… like did you know Police are not required to protect you or save you if they are on site while a felony attack is occurring  They can legally just watch to keep themselves safe. Feel safe?

  195. rocco diconza says

    Hey doug the 1791elders they would spin in theirs graves if they could see our culture today

  196. Philippe Timothee says

    it does not take long after a tragedy like that for the NRA or its evangelist to show up and say something smart like "Guns don't kill people. People kill people."
    yeah .. go explain that to the parents of today's innocent victims ..
    map or not (and thx Amanda for TRYING to bring something here) you cannot reasonably say that there is no problem in this country around too easy access to military grade weapons..
    don't you think that if that insane criminal did not have access to the kind of guns he was carrying or a bulletproof vest, the outcome of his anger or whatever was going completely wrong in his sick mind, could have been or a lesser fucking magnitude ???
    Children are dead for god's sake..

  197. Phillip Thomas says

    Lame. Should include stabbings and such. Biased info

  198. Nkansah Rexford says

    Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing? NONE of school shooting in the whole of the African Continent! Isn't that worth clapping for? 

    I live in Ghana and we've got so many mentally incomplete persons around, but to go all-out shooting school kids, such a person wouldn't dare. 

    I'm glad the African Continent is honored at least in this kind of shooting spree thing happening!

    Mema abusuafo no due (Akan) – "My condolence to the bereaved families"

  199. Alan Rimkeit says

    Everyone in the world should learn Krav Maga.   That way is some asshat like this comes around he will get taken down like a PUNK.

  200. Seth Blystone says

    Where are the girls in Afghanistan who get shot for going to school?

    How about the kids in Africa who's schools get shot up by the local warlords?

    We know why there aren't shootings in China; the unstable people who attack kids there use kitchen knives instead.

  201. Ian Tang says

    We can have gun control all we want. We can ban weapons all we want. But that doesn't make violence go away. What it ultimately comes down to is education – educating that violence doesn't solve problems. That violence is not right. And that's what we need to do, beginning with our youth. Education is powerful, and is what will actually bring about change.

  202. Zach Keatts says

    You need to add the school stabbings happening in Chinakthxbai

  203. Joseph Gunther says

    If you check China has numerous stabbings in schools.

  204. Francois Martini says

    Guns – and owing guns – are a symptom, not the reason. But the reason is not politically correct.

  205. Alan Rimkeit says

    + Philippe Timothee – Never said that there was not a problem.  But thinking you are going to get rid of the 2nd Amendment is just counter productive.  Other solutions need to be found.  Your solution of gun control will never work in America.

  206. Francois van der Merwe says

    WHAT? Nothing in South Africa? This can not be right…

  207. Black- Tokyo says

    Were screwed on the head and its because were a super spoiled country.

  208. Eduardo Rios says

    The facts are out there for all to find. Active or not active we all have a role in this, so just don't be wimping and crying next time some crazy fu(K decides to open fire in a school and kills someone you care about… It's time to drop the guns or go back to the wild west

  209. Lorne Bocknek says

    + norm stone Probably not enough for them to make the map, it depends on the value of one red dot 
    (i do agree with you though being a Canadian myself)

  210. Kevin Peno says

    If only we could outlaw murder! Why is no one outlawing murder! Murder prohibition should be the only thing on everyone's minds!

  211. Arnoldo Bertoncini says

    I've heard people comparing Sandy Hook to the school attack in China where 22 students were stabbed and injured. They try to say even if we had strict gun control laws we'd still have violence. Here's my point, none of the kids in China died. It may well be that guns don't kill people, people kill people. But guns sure make it much, much more efficient.

  212. Austin Mullins says

    Ummmmm — the middle east and africa….

  213. John Meck says

    Looks like we have the biggest share of the 'market'. It's not the guns either. As we turn away from God, this is what happens. Lord, save us from ourselves.

  214. Christopher Robert says

    Lol it looks like the essg cost people need to find some help holy crap quit shooting up schools over there.

  215. josh fletcher says

    No shootings in England- guns are illegal for civilians its a rather simple solution

  216. Fred Stephani says

    Should also include violent crime where the implement used is a baseball bat (most used weapon according to the FBI)

  217. Zach Keatts says

    + Amanda Blain – The reason those countries "don't have those problems" as you have stated, is because you are a terrible researcher, and couldn't bothered to look up the countless atrocities that have been comited there as well.  Nice try troll

  218. Alan Rimkeit says

    + josh fletcher – Look up the stats on beating and stabbings in the UK.  Nuff said.

  219. Ricardo Wiggett says

    Amanda is making a worthwhile point here. You don't have to believe gun control is good (I don't) to see that there is a cultural issue with gun-related violence in the US.

    I don't think gun control is the answer (why disarm only law-abiding peeps?) and those holding up the UK as a good example: why are there far more murders in the UK now than in 1920, a time when there were no gun-control laws and the first licensing act was only just being passed? Why did gun crimes rise after the post-Dunblane gun ban?

  220. Kofi Asante says

    Can u see anything in Africa…

  221. Zekun Li says

    In China, guns are illigal.

  222. Warren Hardison says

    So much hostility in this thread. Chill out people and speak with reason and control, even if others are not.

  223. Colin Rowlands says

    To be fair to america, the uk has had a total of two mass shootings in the last 25 years, so pretty close to the 31 there have been in america since columbine.

  224. Tim Bridges says

    But the point they're trying to bring across is guns, not stabbings. Adding them would just confuse the reader. E.g. If you were counting the amount of christian churches in each country in the world, you wouldn't go ahead and add in all the buddist monasteries would you? It's the same with this map, they aren't trying to show stabbings, they are showing shootings.

  225. Hasib Baha says

    Eastern US wins by landslide. 🙁

  226. Rahul Sinha says

    So now you will compare yourself with war-torn sorry countries of this world to justify gun violence? Is this America or Taliban? Enough already.

  227. John Dazey says

    Texas has the most guns and almost no gun violence there.  Your logic fails.

  228. Zechariah Tyler says

    yes + Arnoldo Bertoncini, you are right however had the teachers in Connecticut had guns or a gun they could have stopped the man before he hurt anybody else.   "one life for ten"

  229. Arnoldo Bertoncini says

    So anyone want to chant "we're number one"? Not me…

  230. rocco diconza says

    It's time to teach responsibility and hard work nothing is free and its Time for our president To stop bashing success like his done from the first day he was elected.

  231. Derek Streeter says

    Its not the guns fualt it was the stupid fuck behind it, a firearm is a piece of metal or plastic its does not have a way to fire it self unless it has a operator then its human error not machical

  232. Kevin Moses says

    We are a land with no morals….

  233. Jimmy Lubana says

    im new frd

  234. Travis Torrence says

    Its called the media and it reports what it wants the public to focus on but what happen is truly sad.

  235. Damon Barth says

    I believe 7 of those in the US were just this year.

  236. Hector Figueroa says


  237. Eduardo Rios says

    people: get thy heads out of thy arses!! the more obvious the cause of our problems are the more confused we look. We are not alone, put selfishness aside and care for others, even if it's only one person, try it as a social experiment if you may.

  238. Sven Ringling says

    The comments here are the most interesting part. People don't believe what they don't want to believe – going as far as suggesting the Kongo as a benchmark for kid's safety…

  239. Warren Hardison says

    + John Dazey I wouldn't say 'almost no gun violence'. There is still gun violence there, just not in relation to states with stricter gun laws like CA. Don't lie, the facts should be good enough.

  240. Jose Gomez says

    Its what they put in the water on the east coast

  241. Richard Masoner says

    That map is rubbish — completely ignores several school shootings in each of the countries the OP mentions: Mexico, India, Canada, etc.

    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't hold China up as a shining example of effective ways to combat crime. 

    Australia, which implemented strict gun control in 1996 and saw a substantial decrease in homicides and suicides, is a fair example. But that map is useless for anything except misleading propaganda.

  242. thiru then says


  243. Stephen Yang says

    There was a knife attack at a school in China recently. This isn't a gun control issue. It's an anger management issue. Anyone with enough intent will find a way to kill.


  244. michael lonetti says

    not sure this map is accurate.  I have heard of several school shootings by the Taliban this year in Afghanistan   Where are those?  And I know China has them too.  http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Asia-Pacific/2010/0512/Another-gruesome-school-attack-hits-China

  245. Arnoldo Bertoncini says

    What a tragedy today. I've heard TV talking heads comparing the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting to the school attack in China where 22 students were stabbed and injured. They try to say even if we had strict gun control laws we'd still have violence. Here's my point, none of the kids in China died. It may well be that guns don't kill people, people kill people. But guns sure do make it much, much more efficient. I think now is definitely the time to talk about gun control. It's become a public health concern. If any other type of epidemic killed as many people as gun violence each year, people would be demanding action.

  246. Mark Kozicki says

    I feel sorry for the parents of those children. Now especially before the holidays.

  247. Allen Hildebrandt says

    The question is… why does it happen so much in our society? What is wrong with us? There are many other countries with far more ubiquitous gun ownership… so it isn't that.

    What is wrong with us?

  248. Grace Abbott says

    omygosh…… i want to live in another country now!!!
     America is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!

  249. Philippe Timothee says

    + Alan Rimkeit  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/wp/2012/12/14/if-todays-shooting-wont-prompt-action-then-nothing-will/ 
    that's pretty much what I think about this.

  250. emeka emezua says


  251. Jose Gomez says

    Its the water and the government to blame~

  252. Amanda Blain says

    + Zach Keatts .. its not my map/research… there is a nice clear link to the article it came from… Also.. as stated.. the knifing in China only injured children.. no one died… i know it was a good 150 words down and you didn't get that far before typing your elegant trolling comment though… i'll link it for you here again…  http://o.canada.com/2012/12/14/interactive-mass-shootings-around-the-world-since-1996/

  253. Justin Warnock says


  254. Wahyu Jawir says

    Ai mrnning

  255. Paul Stewart says

    Let the teachers carry guns that would change real quick

  256. Rahul Sinha says

    Let's add some hard data to this discussion: I dare you. Read this and come back to make your arguments. http://m.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2012/07/23/six-facts-about-guns-violence-and-gun-control/

  257. Alex Nikiforov says

    Look at the US! There +one more for Connecticut.

  258. Fred Stephani says

    What kind of gun did O.J. use? How about John Wayne Gasey? Ted Bundy? Gee NONE used guns did they but they did a thorough job.

  259. Arnoldo Bertoncini says

    Thar be trolls here…

  260. MIKE ZOLESKI says

    stay with your usual…peace.n.joy…be HAPPY

  261. Isaac Taveras says

    America have spend 50 years removing God from the schools and then we wonder WHY God doesn't show up when tragedy strikes… Now adults/ parents including our government is responsible not these poor little kids who don't deserve anything like this.

  262. David Zhang says

    China has mobile execution vans… Nuff said

  263. LR L says

    You are right Amanda we mostly hear of these senseless acts in the US– A topic for prayer

  264. Richard Steinbicker says

    I think looking at the murder weapon is too superficial. A gun is simply the easiest and sadly most effective way to commit mass murder. However, if the intent exists in a person the gun is only a tool or a variable. The person could have easily bombed the school. The question we need to ask is why are people being driven to commit these acts? I know virtually nothing of the killer, but i'm sure he has trauma in his history.

    The society is sick and the models we use and promote as the healthy individual are not inclusive enough. A symmetrical face and Hellenistic form combined with material wealth is a very narrow definition of success. In order to prevent this sort of thing from occurring, we need to do some pathology on our culture and weed out the messages that make people feel worthless and attacked for being themselves. 

    My heart goes out to the families who have lost their children and loved ones. A tragedy of this order needs to be taken seriously. We are producing the young men that commit these crimes and it's time we moved past the simple conversation of gun control and look at the underlying reasons behind what drives people to do this.

  265. Jim Whiteside says

    We don't need more gun control, we need to quit sensationalizing violence: video games, lyrics, tv shows, movies, etc. These "arts" are teaching and programming our youth and desensitizing everyone. What a horrific culture we have allowed to flourish in our nation and elsewhere. We have lost our moral compass. We persecute those that share their faith and defend the rights of the immoral (and vocal minority).

  266. John Vasquez says

    Aside from the horror that today is. I have to call BS on the map. If you see any area with nothing in it that would be strange. Add to that there have been school shootings in China documented and they are blank then you will have to question the validity of this map.My prayers for the families of those effected by this evil deed.

  267. Leibo Raibstein says

    Well, as far as the China attack: it turned out better than it could have because the perpetrator didn't go for the little throats. Good thing he didn't, because he would have killed more children than the CT shooter…with a knife.

    And the school attack with the highest number of fatalities? No guns used on that one, if I'm not mistaken.

    This map is too simplistic. Some of the areas mentioned as "havens," many kids don't even go to school. Others don't even HAVE school. In Africa, children kill children outside of school. In Asia, the kids are too busy turning tricks for mom and dad.

    Definitely a thought-provoking post, but a gun ban isn't going to stop violence against children. My dire prediction: some idiot is watching the news, thinking he can out-do today by attacking a pre-school or day care center. It's just a matter of time :'(

  268. Jose Gomez says

    Corrupt government is to blame~

  269. Dan Wilson says

    good job killmerica! news flash: gun kill people.

  270. Arnoldo Bertoncini says

    So if they prayed harder, the bullets would magically stop? How hopelessly childish…

  271. Shane Rohr says

    And it appears the states with stricter gun laws have more shootings. Illinois, California, the northern east coast. Gun laws will never stop mass murders. The worst killings in this nations history either acoured without a gun or in a gun restricted place (fort hood, schools, movie theaters). A crazed person will find a way to kill with or without a gun whether or not if a gun is illegle.

  272. Alan Muramoto says

    not surprising at all unfortunately…..

  273. Alan Rimkeit says

    I think Amanda is justified for making a point.  America does in fact have an issue with gun violence.  That is a harsh and dark fact.

    Another fact is that gun control in America is a pipe dream and it never going to happen.  So forget the idea.  America needs to find other solutions to this issue of gun violence.  But gun control is not the solution.

  274. Robert Hampton says

    Take God, 10 Commandments, Prayer, and everything else good out of schools and then wonder "Why?" this happens… we've become blind.

  275. rocco diconza says

    The reasons you don't hear schools shutting in China you only allowed one kid per family amanda the friendliest Chinese government takes care the rest of them like slaves A.

  276. Sarah Putnam says

    Laws do not stop people from acting like idiots!

  277. derrick Jones says

    Mmmmmmm something looks funny there

  278. Brandon Braun says

    Its sad

  279. Bradford Walker says

    Gun control is not only treason, it is a Crime Against Humanity, as the historical record shows repeatedly.  Hundreds of millions of gun owners go about their business daily without so much as a peep, and yet media attention goes to anomalous events exploited for political reasons that have sweet fuck-all to do with safety and everything to do with power.

    No.  I've read far too many books, papers and other documents by the previous generations of would-be masters to ever support gun control (or arms control of any kind, including unarmed combat training) for I know where that path always ends.  Control Freaks gotta Control, so I will not brook any further encroachment of what I know to be effective:  an armed society is not only polite, it is free and autonomous.

  280. Chris Hoyt says

    The point is well made and the empathy delivered clearly although I think the visual is a bit lacking in depth.  Things missing like population, school density, etc.
    Geezus, what a sh!tty day.

  281. Arnoldo Bertoncini says

    We have more guns per captia than just about anywhere that isn't an active war zone. And more gun deaths, funny how that works. Gun control laws have been relaxed across the country and we have more gun deaths. Those are the facts, deal with them.

  282. Allen Hildebrandt says

    A relevant rebuttal to the correlation in the "Six facts about Gun Violence" Link…


  283. Søren Staun Biangslev says

    It seems pretty obvious from a European PoV: Gun Laws.

  284. Jose Gomez says

    What is the reason for separating Church and State?  i would rather have a government that takes in to consideration the basic morals and principals that are found in religion over what we have now~   Government is to blame not guns~

  285. Pete Bayliss says

    It is too late to stop this stuff in America there are way to many guns in circulation. You can't even threaten the perps with the death penalty as they don't want to live anyway. Taking Guns away from licensed users probably won't help as the perps will get them somehow… guess you will have to fortify your schools..

  286. Jimmy Alexander says

    It's more sad than interesting.

  287. Dean Mullins says

    Guns don't kill people, people do. I blame crazy white people!

  288. Alan Rimkeit says

    + Søren Staun Biangslev – Again, never going to happen.  We need another solution.

  289. mark Perkins says

    there needs to be a wait period to get a gun for psychological and back ground checks

  290. Luis Rodriguez says

    They have this problem. They just keep it hush, hush.  Similar to when the Soviet Union used to say serial killers only existed in the western world until it turned out the most prolific serial killer was theirs.  Also, the countries with more shootings are so because they're more affluent.  People there can afford guns.  Either that or guns are illegal. Just because there are no guns doesn't mean there is no violence.  Africa is one of the most violent countries on Earth, if not the most violent.  There are no shootings, but there are a heck of a lot of mutilations. The map is misleading.

  291. Jonathan Cook says

    In what publication did you find this map?

  292. Joseph Gwynne-Jones says

    + Ricardo Wiggett just to point out… We had gun bans before Dunblane. The aftermath only made it tougher. Before, very few people actually had guns, after, still the same.

    Increase in guns are those illegal guns which was also a problem beforehand too.

    However a key difference you must know: we simply don't own guns in general anyway. Hell majority of UK police don't carry guns either.
    Is gun control the answer? Who knows. I wouldn't compare EU to USA though. What works here may not work for you and vice versa due to cultural differences and all that.

  293. Alan Rimkeit says

    @mark Perkins – In all States there are all ready laws for that.  But do you know how easily it is to get a gun illegally?   To easy for words.

  294. Matt Salmon says

    This is just a map of where schools are. The developing nations don't have schools for people to target. They may destroy a whole village or riot in the streets. Individuals don't go crazy and rage against the system there. Drug lords and terrorists rule there. Schools are just overlooked elsewhere

  295. Mike Gushue says

    I'm deeply sorry for the loss these parents, families, and communities have suffered.

  296. Jeff Brailey says

    We are the warriors. We have started most of the more recent wars. We glorify killing both in the news coming from the war zone and in video games. How else would you expect America's youth to act as they grow up. They have virtually experienced the blood and gore of murder and war but have yet to develop the moral compass needed to keep their wanton desire to kill in check.

  297. Jose Gomez says

    you cant blame an inanimate object.. idiots.. lol

  298. Lenna Wolffe says

    The map is based on school shootings, not violence such as mutilations

  299. Iain Wood says

    It's SCHOOL shootings not shootings. But anyway you can't deny that the US has way more than it's fair share of gun related deaths.

  300. Bradford Walker says

    + mark Perkins There already is such a pair of checks.  When you purchase a firearm from a dealer, you must fill out Form 4473 and submit to a NICS check; if you have a history of mental illness, and no clean bill of health, the ATF can (and will) delay or deny the purchase.  Ditto any criminal record not likewise cleansed.  Wait periods, on the other hand, are just political theater and do nothing useful.

  301. John Habbinga says

    Yes, but in the last couple of years, about two dozen children have been killed by knife wielding attackers at their schools.

  302. Zach Keatts says

    + Amanda Blain – I don't need to read the article to know how biased it will be.  The map is enough.  Gee, how can we make a map where the U.S. has the most evil red dots?  Let's ignore child mutilation in Africa and say that it is so much more "peaceful" there.  (They don't have a red dot).  Lets ignore the school knifing that happened in China today and say they are more peaceful because they have no red dot. Basically what I am saying is I win you lose, you fail, so delete your troll post and grow up.

  303. Arun P S says

    Another brick in the wall……

  304. Chris Hoyt says

    + Jonathan Cook read the post. Link provided.

  305. Bill Saunders says

    Clearly there is an aspect to American Culture that is so mentally abusive to the weaker minded that those individuals overcompensate with violent retaliatory acts, and in some cases, against the most defenseless within society.

  306. Russell Scoop says


  307. Iain Wood says

    + James Lemmon Oh be quiet! silly bugger!

  308. Gessen Nieves says

    Proliferation of lose firearms indeed

  309. Lenna Wolffe says

    No, not necessarily abusive to weaker minded, i'm not defending them, but on many accounts it has been from depression related issues

  310. Jacob Marvin says

    Guns do not kill anybody! People kill other people with the guns. Taking Away all guns will not solve anything! There are hundreds of ways to kill someone, you could use a knife, a car, a bulldog, a rock, someone could be killed just by hitting them on the head! As sad and horrible as death is, eliminating all guns will not solve the problem. The kids all school are killing other kids because of their philosophy, not because they have guns. Blaming guns for shootings at the schools would be like Michelle Obama blaming spoons for obesity! 

    The spoon does not make people fat, the will of the person to eat certain foods is what makes people fat, if Michelle Obama outlawed spoons, people would use their hands! They still would be fat! Likewise, it is the will of certain kids at school to kill people, if guns where outlawed, people would be killed by other means. Then there is also the 'black market', law enforcement can not stop the 'Bad Guys' from getting guns, they will just go to the black market'. All outlawing guns would do would be to stop the 'Good People' from defending them selfs.

    So if Michelle Obama outlawed spoons, the 'Fat People' (not to say fat people are bad) would either use their hands or go to the 'black market', meanwhile the good law abiding citizens who have table manners are the ones who are affected. Out lawing guns will not solve anything, in fact, every one should have basic gun training and own guns. Thing what would happen if everyone owned guns, the stupid kids run into the school with guns, the teacher pulls out his or her gun and saves the class from a insane brat ruining around with a gun shooting people! Then you won't have to pay for as many police officers in you city. Just think about this, those kids already broke a ton of gun laws, will one more stop them? 

    It is the philosophy of the kids that makes them do this. I can safely say beyond a shadow of a doubt, that evolutionism is the main cause of all the school shootings that ever took place. Evolutionism is not only the biggest money waster and biggest lie ever made, it is extremely dangerous. It is dangerous for to main reasons: 

    For the first reason, Evolutionism removes all morality and any way to discover morality, now it is might makes right. Without a 'God', you can tell right from wrong. If I Was to say I am going to shoot someone in five minutes, that person would probably say “ You cant do that”! I could respond “Who said so”? That person has two options. They could either say 'because God said so', or they could say because the Government said so. Evolutionism removes the God, the only other option is the Government said so. 'The Government said so' is might makes right. In the case of the kids doing the shooting, it is 'I said so' instead of the 'government said so'. The concept remains the same, 'might makes right'. That swings the door wide open, Hitler had the might, Hitler was the government, was the death of the 6 million Jews right? If Evolution is true, it was just fine! Hitler had the might, he was the government! Evolutionism is dangerous, it removes morality, there is no right and wrong, it is 'might makes right'!                                                                  

    Evolutionism not only removes all morality, it also devalues human life. Think about it! It the Evolutionary order of animals that evolved, you know, chickens, pigs, cows, all of theses animals  humans eat, they below humans it the imaginary chart of evolving animals. So if evolution is true, we eat out cousins all the time. In Evolution, things are always evolving to a better stage, this leaves the question: “ If we are all evolving, then which race has evolved the farthest? Hitler thought it was the Germans, and he thought the “blacks” and the Jews where animals. Some people on the other side of the scale would  like to say that animals and humans should be equal. That is crazy! (and dangerous in it self)

                  The government can not stop the shootings at school by taking away guns, the only way to stop them is by taking out the Evolution. The reason why the founding fathers gave us the right to have guns was not to go duck hunting. To was to defend our selfs and our friends from the 'bad guys', and from oppressive government. A long time ago, you could bring you guns to school, no one was shot, in those days it was common to bring you guns to school. In those days the Bible was taught at fact! There was no evolution. Guns do not kill anybody! People kill other people with the guns. It is the philosophy behind the kids, not the guns, guns don't have a philosophy. An unknown author (at least to me) once said:
    “Blaming the guns for the shooting at Columbine is like blaming the spoons for Rosie O'Donnell being fat”                     

    I don't know who said that, (if you know, leave a comment) but who ever did hit the nail on the head. The shootings at the school are very sad.

  311. Yonas Farah says

    just Look at the middle east. LOOK AT AFRICA !! we really should send UN military force to those places to secure the children and the schools.

  312. Stephen Yang says

    + Arnoldo Bertoncini Just because nobody died in that school knife attack (yet, because some of the kids are still hospitalized in critical condition), it's not for a lack of trying.

  313. Jose Gomez says

    doesnt matter anyways.. Dec 21 is right around the corner..

  314. Ajayi Olugbenga Daniel says

    Point of correction: 22 kids were stabbed in China but no lives were lost.

  315. Iain Wood says

    + Jacob Marvin You are right – but guns make it easier to kill a lot of people – take away the guns = fewer deaths

  316. Claude Copeland says

    most n usa lol i wonder y _'

  317. Bill Winters says


    Guess its time to ban guns and any pointy objects too????  Anti-gun people are getting annoying.

  318. Hani Hassan says

    The parents fault should discipline they're kids,but its also the kids fault they should know what's right and wrong

  319. Fred Posner says

    "Why does all of China, India, Africa  Australia, The Middle East, Most of South America, Most of Europe and Canada NOT have this problem?"

    Gun control allows China to not be on the map for shooting. Of course, someone slit the throats of 22 children today in China, but that won't be on the map.

  320. Bradford Walker says

    And for Christ's sake, folks, even the knifings, beatings, bombings, etc. around the world are FUCKING ANOMALIES.

    Nothing of the sort happens so frequently that it could truly be called anything but that.  You're all suffering from a serious lack of media and political literacy such that your perceptions of reality are seriously warped.  These events get noticed BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT AT ALL NORMAL.  They happen so rarely that each one is an event to itself.  If this was not the case–such as with the violence in Syria–you would see a shift in reporting to account for the fact that each event is actually part of a larger narrative playing out.

    Instead, you should be wary of kneejerk calls to action due to a historical trend towards exploiting events to push through measures that are rarely in our interests (e.g. PATRIOT Act).

    You're being played, folks.  Stop being suckers.

  321. Natnael Yohannes says

    i think we can all agree and say its sad

  322. Renata Sherwin says

    ^^ The final word, imho + mark Perkins. ^^

  323. Josh Saunders says

    every time I go on the internet I am reminded how awesome my country is, rich enough that we have everything, small enough that we go unnoticed. 
    smart enough we got rid of guns decades ago.

  324. Daniel Padula says

    Blah blah blah idiots

  325. Jordan Wilson says

    so sad 🙁

  326. evan fischer says

    I know that the uk and aulstrallia has a strict gun law but what about greenland is it just to cold

  327. joseph Basford says

    This is pathetic, the blood hasn't yet dried and the gun control propaganda starts to flow.

  328. Ridwan Taslim says

    Senseless killings. Wake up America. Your constitutional rights to carry firearms has killed a lot of lives today.

  329. A-ne T says

    There's my country marked. Croatia. I don't remembre that something like that happend there. Still…maybe it is…

  330. marie lovell says

    Today is Friday

  331. Bill Saunders says

    In 2010 in China:
    SIX children and a teacher were hacked to death and at least 20 others were wounded in an attack at a kindergarten in northern China on May 12, 2010.

    The day before, a disgruntled jobless man injured 29 children and three adults with a knife used to slaughter pigs in an attack at a kindergarten in the eastern city of Taixing, in neighbouring Jiangsu province.

    Earlier that same week, a 33-year-old teacher on sick leave due to mental problems injured 15 students and a teacher in a knife attack at a primary school in southern China's Guangdong province.

    In March 2010, a former doctor enraged by a split with his girlfriend stabbed eight children to death and injured five others in Fujian province.

    People snap, the overall behavior is not restricted to America, however it seems unique due to frequency.

  332. Derr Herr says

    I'm just throwing this out there: America is the only country with socially practiced circumcisions. Take away a boy's sensuality and he'll go insane.

  333. Maria Middlebrook says

    we need God on are life.

  334. Ethan Uglow says

    America is TOO religious….

  335. Brandon Yates says

    I still don't think taking the guns away is the answer… maybe being more strict on gun sales… or some solution..

  336. Salvatore Vassallo says

    Meanwhile in Central Africa and Somalia, children are recruited to become armed members of militant groups/terrorist organizations, imposing bloodshed and fears into the locals. 

    Meanwhile in Syria, over 40,000 civilians are dead. Most of the victims are children. 

    Meanwhile in Mexico, drug cartels kill and imposes fear on the locals.

    So what were you saying again about lack of school shootings?

  337. Yori Pavlov says

    If any of you leftist anti gun people ever experienced true terror or a violent crime perpetrated by a real criminal. You would feel very differently… so while you can sit in white suburbia and condemn those willing to do violence to protect those unwilling to protect themselves your opinion doesn't matter. + Ken Severn This LEO is who you should listen to since he lives it every day. Until you have held a 15 yr old girl as she breathes her last breath because of some "undocumented" gang member cutting her open or shooting her with an illegally smuggled in from mexico gun with no serial numbers. You cannot with an educated opinion comment. What if that were your daughter? would you expect anti gun laws to protect her? what if that were your kindergartner that was shot today? do bad guys follow laws? come on people… use your brains.

  338. Fred Posner says


  339. Eddie W says

    + Stephanie Van Pelt Really? 22 kids died? NRA told you that?

  340. AL FONSO says

    Because they don't have free press, and because they may usemachete and knives instead.

  341. Ali Alahmadi says

    if You look at the only dot in the Middle east…which is Yemen, I was there when the shooting Happened….very tragic…

  342. sydney fernandez says

    What exactly does this map consider a school shooting? 2004 Beslan Hostage crisis? Does that not count? That missing red dot alone makes it difficult to consider this map, IMO.

  343. Danny Williams says

    Where's MT. Sinai ????????????

  344. Ronald Peterson says

    + Daniel Mandel Check for updates, but the intent is just as traumatic, I should think, not so?

  345. Jairo Perez says

    Even though this graphic is very far from perfect I get the point, we have a problem, it doesn't matter wether the rest of the world is having the same problem or to what extent they're having it we should not wait for the rest of the world to devise an effective solution to this problem We're Americans it used to be that the rest of the world waited on us to lead the way in potential solutions to problems..we used to be the measuring stick! Ok how do we fix this?

  346. William Wilson says

    culture? Although there were many children killed in China by a knife wielding assailant.

  347. Bryant Smith says

    Why are there not any markers in Afghanistan?

  348. Luis Rodriguez says

    Jeff, have you ever seen Japanese Anime?  Have you ever seen a foreign film?  The violence in some of those films is atrocious.  It's not that we have more violent films.  It could be a lot of things but not that.

  349. Roman Galysh says

    Israeli teachers are armed to protect the children. no deaths there. the only thing a no gun zone creates is fish in a barrel

  350. Carl Gay says

    + Sean Badoud: here is why it happens more on the East coast:  http://www.mapofusa.net/us-population-density-map.htm

  351. Wade Mintz says

    Children in the rest of the world are hard at work making iPhones, Nike's etc…

    A nut is a nut is a nut; A target of opportunity awaits all the nuts.

  352. Josh Lewin says

    Australian strict gun control mentioned here were initiated after one of the worst massacres – the Port Arthur shooting (35 murdered)  in 1996 (Just before this chart time – not a coincidence) There have been seversl shooting incidents since then, but not in schools. http://goo.gl/nlqhd

  353. Leibo Raibstein says

    + Jacob Marvin I agree with a lot of what you say, but you're saying it to a society that doesn't want to hear about hard truths. Banning guns is a lot easier than asking people to reflect on the state of our culture's morality, and worse yet (gasp!)…make a change.

  354. Gene Roseberry says

    bet it's more striking if you do a population adjusted map

  355. timothy moore says

    Very sad Amanda!

  356. Reuben Cooper says

    there is heaps of shootings in new zealand..

  357. Eddie W says

    STOP THE LIES no one is reported to be dead in China…

  358. Luis Rodriguez says

    You can blame guns for this as much as you can blame forks for people being fat, blame cars for drunk driving deaths.

  359. Chance Harrison says

    Wow, North America has alot of gun problems. I guess that means I'm screwed. 🙁

  360. Garrett Moffitt says

    + Fred Posner Hurt. 22 hurt. Not throats slit.
    + Mark Shirley Crime overall is down. So if beating children like the country once did had an effect, it wasn't positive. I can't help but notice the the jump in crime in the 70s followed a period when beating once child for discipline was at the height of fashion. Yes, it's correlation, but you need to compare it to the fact that you got nothing at all to back your assertion.

  361. Sean Boyle says

    50 years ago school shootings were unheard of, an era where there were few laws regulating firearms. In fact guns were regularly brought to school, my father was a member of the school marksmen team and carried his rifle to school all the time. More laws less education and gun free zones along with eroding social morals contribute to these problems. Banning guns will not stop the violence. Acknowledge that evil exists and that laws can't control it.

  362. Alexander Ortenburger says

    Yeah, as if god got anything to do with that…
    Overlay the map with gun-density and gun related accidents.

  363. shane dadds says

    It would seem that in more developed enviroments people become more engrossed in their enviroments than the basic need of life,ie the more advanced a culture the more they are discontent.leading to a breakdown in social interaction due to lack of need where as people become disalusioned with life and feel the need to be noticed.

  364. Josh Saunders says

    so hang on . in Australia we had a shooting, so we introduced gun control.. and.. we have not had a shooting since..
    wait. but I thought gun control was a waste of time?

  365. Tim Frazier says

    Hey, let's outlaw cars and trucks, too.  That will stop all those senseless DUI fatalities.  I agree with Joseph, this post was a blatant exploitation of innocent children who were murdered.

    Here's why Israel doesn't have much problem with school killings:  http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews/310078.aspx

  366. carlos anibal olivo dominguez says


  367. Divino Rezende says

    friends to me to circulate

  368. Robert Noah says

    When life itself is so diminished, what can we expect? Too sad.

  369. Qasim Hussain says

    In the UK it is illegal to carry any types of firearms..maybe the US needs to revisit its laws.

  370. Kent Peters says

    Unfortunately not everything is reported…..the media hovering over tragedy in the US is disgusting and embarrassing but this is happenning all over the world just not reported

  371. RastaDavid Andrade says

    Map isn't very accurate

  372. George Holbert says

    The US is like an alcoholic sitting at the bar getting pissed, all the while shouting at the bar tender that he is NOT an alcoholic while the rest of the world is waiting, ready to start an intervention, saying sure we may drink once in a blue moon, but by no means has our problem reached the pandemic proportions yours has.

  373. Euro Maestro says

    Thank you for posting this + Amanda Blain 
    This means a lot to me.  I hope this message wakes people up and start to ask why.

  374. Chris Drake says

    Where did you get your information?  You miss so many that I can see from your "30,000 foot" view even.  Like this in Australia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Arthur_massacre_(Australia)

    Many others not on the map so the "lack of a problem" is not real…

  375. John Garard says

    Hi Amanda how are you

  376. Fauzia Lafemme says

    why does many crime everywhere? 😮

  377. Euro Maestro says

    Thanks for posting this + Amanda Blain.
    Hopefully the message will wake people up to ask why.

  378. Josh Keegan says

    …and none in Australia.

  379. Robert Ziembla says

    Australia had some 90 odd shootings this year. Don't tell me our gun laws work!

  380. عثمان العمري says

    Saudi Arabia clean… nice

  381. Pat Lawley says


  382. Jonathan Donald says

    Strong correlation with the degree of decadence of the native culture…

  383. Murhaf Abd Al Qader says

    So almost non in 3rd world countries.

    I guess those who supply weapons for wars in 3rd world countries only ended up having these weapons used against their own innocent people.

    Rip kids … sorry to hear about the shooting.

  384. Butch Norwood says

    Tragedy is everywhere. Guns & mentally ill don't mix. Reform needed in both areas.

  385. Lucky Cinani says

    The lives of little children are not worth the "right" to bear arms. If people want to fine, only allow people to own guns that hold one round at a time an require a reload after each shot. That way hunters can still hunt and if a nutjob wants to shoot up a school it will give people time to escape. I'm all for going back to muskets an flintlocks which take a couple minutes to reload. Any gun that allows for firing multiple rounds is designed to kill people not animals. I don't care what side of the fence you are on we all know it's true.

  386. Joe Nunya says

    Just this week a crazy Chinese guy KNIFED 20 kids in a school in China, the method is not the problem, dead is dead. The REASON is the problem.  Take away guns and they use knives or explosives all of which can be home made easily.  There are 3 things that would stop probably 90% of this in the US.

    1. Vote all Tpublicans OUT of Congress asap, so that we can have a proper government, universal healthcare, strong social security, unemployment under 5%. Poverty would be way low and everyone would be taken care of, have healthcare, place to stay, food to eat.

    2. Massive education overhaul, take about 100 Billion out of the Military each year and spend it all on education. The more educated you are the less likely you will be some fundamentalist religious nut.
    Maybe do a Xprize type thing offering $500 Million prize to anyone that can make education far more efficient and bring us up to at least the top 10 in the world instead of the bottom 10.

    3. Make ALL drugs legal exactly like Portugal did, this way you can control them, MAKE 10s of Billions profit for the government, take 50%+ of everyone out of jail so they can pay taxes and take care of family. This takes all the drug cartels and violence off the streets, millions more in taxes paid, 10s of billions made in drug taxes, far less violence.

    Do these 3 things and about 90% of this type of violence will go away.
    Make guns totally 100% illegal for any citizen to own and it wouldn't change a thing.

  387. Proclo Mossyfoot says

    umm id say more than anywhere else in the world combined

  388. hartage mcmahon says

    Shame on U sa.

  389. Ben Xie says

    The map is not entirely accurate. I read Chinese news and there are lots of instances of school violence there.

  390. Justin Graf says

    Maybe put some kind of regulations/ restrictions on high power assault rifles? Nah, that might break the will of Jesus….

  391. Rooterserv Rooterserv says

    + Michael Dickerson Indeed. Already pushing the anti-gun agenda

  392. Leibo Raibstein says

    + Josh Saunders Well Josh, that's only because Australia is just a nicer, happier place to begin with 🙂

  393. Viraj Shah says

    its not the people who carry fire arm for protection. only the idiotic basterds with weapons who randomly shoot

  394. Steve Whitley says

    + Amanda Blain  those countries you mentioned do not have the rights to bear arms, probably the #1 reason there has been no Reported cases (not to say there have not been any).

  395. Cavel Antoine says

    That's a very interesting statistic

  396. JOSE TRUEBA says

    USA number 1

  397. Alik Griffin says

    Our government needs to offer more support for the mentally ill instead of just letting them run rampent on the streets. It's really sad seeing all the homeless mentally ill in Los Angles. Their behavior is very unpredictable.

  398. Pete Bayliss says

    Years ago i used to have two shotguns. To get these guns i had to go through a strict vetting. A visit from the police to inspect my gun safe. When i went clay pidgeon shooting the guns have to carried in cases and you had to carry your licence at all times…..now it is even stricter in the uk. Since then i have sold my guns and do not miss them and i am glad we have such strict gun control just because to loosen the gun control makes it easier for idiots to get hold of them….

  399. Sadikali Mukkam says

    why they choose kids?

  400. Matt Bechtel says

    Hmmmm… maybe NRA and the health insurance industry (mental health coverage) should answer that question

  401. Gee Cee says

    Very scary, especially as these are innocent people that have been targeted!

  402. Amanda Blain says

    Most insane comment thus far… Derr Herr 5:57 PM I'm just throwing this out there: America is the only country with socially practiced circumcisions. Take away a boy's sensuality and he'll go insane.

    I am officially muting this thread.. Play nice Internet.

  403. Lawrence Young says

    The problem isn't access to firearms,but people.

  404. Alan Rimkeit says

    @عثمانالعمري‎5:05 PM
    Saudi Arabia clean… nice –

    yeah, you just have that issue with keeping your women slaves…..

  405. Sam Nelley says

    It helps to have a press that are allowed to report on incidents which have a negative impact on how the rest of the world sees a country.

  406. Evan Bilafer says

    No offense but that's just horrible

  407. Syed Murtaza Hasan says

    Im n my way to an interview and i was shocked at the two school events start Connecticut and China. Send like i can't wake up to a normal morning.

  408. Alan Rimkeit says

    @Sadikali Mukkam – Because he was fucking crazy.

  409. Sofia Yopp says

    I think that parents need to start parenting their kids.  Here in the USA they plop kids in front of the TV for hours on end. The kids roll models become the sickos they watch all day. When their thought become perverse it's hard to reverse.  The problems that we have a society today here in the USA definitely need fixing.  In the end the repairs starts in the HOME.

  410. Nicholas Hrycun says

    United States have to come to the realization that they are not perfect that they have culture tendencies toward this violence. The mad illustrates this.

  411. Steve Coles says

    Sad that the US hasn't been able to do anything about this. I'd like to see countries without the problem study this issue properly and take steps to avoid it.

  412. David Snape says

    shocking stuff.

  413. Ric Harwood says

    Those countries don't report the happenings to the world.

  414. Adam Wang says

    Damn, I don't see any in Chicago, but I wouldn't be surprised.

  415. Nicholas Hrycun says

    Switzerland has the right to own a gun. No shootings there.

  416. PAUL COWAN says

    I don't understand the mentality of somebody that can do this. Guns not the cause of the problem but they do make it easy for some pathetic individual to go on the rampage.

  417. Alan Rimkeit says

    World Map – Top Ten Countries with Highest Murder Rate

    Top Murder Rates in the World

    Huh, America is not even in the top ten ever…..

  418. Carlos Carrero says


  419. Pete McKenna says

    Gun access would be a huge differentiator in places like China. They do have school killings, but the perpetrators use less efficient tools, as that is what they have access to.


  420. Jonathan Ridenour says

    It's the cultural environment that needs to change…drugs are illegal yet they still run rampant.  Switzerland has the most liberal gun laws and yet their violence is, well, non-existent…but it's the culture that has shaped their ability to control guns the right way.

  421. Robert Nugent says

    + William Wilson Not even wrong!  The knife wielding man WOUNDED 22 children and 1 adult.  ZERO deaths resulted.

  422. Nicholas Hrycun says

    Murders are very different separating innocent victims from war and gang related victims. These were innocent.

  423. Adam Snodgrass says

    + Robert Hampton Separation of church and state.

  424. John Yaşar says

    There are no red dots over Turkey which clearly tells me that the article is bullshit and I don't need to read it. It is simply not true. Don't post this crap please.

  425. Francisco Arellano says

    USA manufactures more guns than any other country in the world.  China is second, but they don't make half as many.  Cause and effect is strict, I say.

  426. eric jones says

    A Republican running for office. Pro life and gun. It always makes me sick. It is time to do something!

  427. Alan Rimkeit says

    What Jonathan Ridenour just said.

  428. Ryan Gomez says

    it is not the guns that are the problem…. it is the ethics and morals of the people that have access to them. it wasnt that long ago that kids brought rifles to school for the gun club… it wasnt that long ago that the NRA came to schools to train kids on guns. also, the overall murder rat in the us has steadily decreased over years….

  429. Sunwoo Nam says


  430. Brianna Dillard says

    Some people (as in me) forget  that we live in a world with people like this.

  431. Dale Stanton says

    "Why does all of China, India, Africa  Australia, The Middle East, Most of South America, Most of Europe and Canada NOT have this problem?"
    They raise their kids better – with discipline and respect.

  432. mohd sazali abd hamid says

    RH: our schools are the safest place to be. We don`t have to report it also.

  433. Kip Kipper says

    The ones that were reported anyway.

  434. Warren Hardison says

    + Steve Coles It'd be nice if we took steps to properly avoid other things too: Like the rape of 2 year old throughout southern Africa because it's believed that having sex with a virgin will cure you of AIDS, shattering poverty in SE Asia and Stabilizing the middle-east. Sad that all the happens, right?

    But, you know, murders in the numbers of a couple hundred are nothing compared to millions dying annually in countries that aren't visible in the media.

  435. Jeff Motter says

    Because those countrys shoot everyone before class

  436. Isaac Murphy says

    Nobody looks at this from the kids' point of view. It isn't natural for kids to just go crazy and start killing. I'd say the solution isn't more laws (kids aren't even allowed to bring gun-shaped keychains to school!), it's bettering the school system, and making it more focused on the students.

    P.S. Tell me about your European 'Gun Laws' some other time. As I see it, the dense regulation in Europe is bad for human autonomy and raises taxes. Gas prices here are 2/3rds what they are there, even with our senseless wars. Without the potential for revolt, change is stifled (hence the U.K. is still a monarchy).

  437. Sean Gatton says

    Idiots. More people die of drownings than water. Let's outlaw baths, pools, rivers, lakes, sinks, and any other source of water. Problems are with the people, not the damned guns. Morons

  438. John Brown says

    Guns = money and lots off sad but true until this is not the case we will not see any control my thoughts and prayer go out to the family,s

  439. Chris Burbank says

    Anyone notice that Texas (the state that everyone thinks of as crazy gun fanatics) don't show any at all.  The fact that guns are there is irrelevant….. just sayin

  440. Dylan Saracco says

    + Sean Badoud : thats actually a very important observation. The states with the most strict gun control laws are the ones encountering these firearm related issues. The order of cause and effect is arguable, but apparently firearm regulations do not reduce crime involving guns.

  441. Richard Kim says

    I'm sure all the violence in China and Russia is reported. Yup.

  442. Daren Harmon says

    China doesn't have this problem because they use large kitchen knives instead! 

  443. Fabio de Oliveira Padilha says

    🙁 1 in Brazil

  444. Jesse Robinson says

    In most of the areas that do not have this problem citizens are NOT allowed to have firearms. PERIOD. We are paying a high price for the right to bear arms!

  445. Ahad PAL says

    wat ever…..its disgusting. Shame on u America

  446. ali aied says


  447. Jay Younger says


  448. Surinder Singh says

    First world problem ?

  449. Daren Harmon says

    I would say this is largely due to media coverage and the attention it gives to mentally troubled people.

  450. Tamynat Tadi says

    Ohh !!

  451. David Cournoyer says

    So sad

  452. Soumak Dutta says

    its probably not recorded in other places. kids are getting shot or taken from parents to join cults all the time.

  453. Yafril Zuhdi says

    America should be strict about gun-owning law from now on.

  454. Desmond Arthur says

    This is sad.

  455. Nick Reeves says

    Get off your device and raise your children. If not to snap someday, to understand those who might.

  456. Ian guinn says

    your telling me that there is no one shooting kids in schools in Africa?

  457. Mikhail Garber says

    how about you overlay it with map showing how free these countries are?

  458. Austin Hill says

    First of all, that map is total garbage. Who knew Africa was so peaceful!

    2ndly, I feel like this is what liberals do a lot. They find one isolated "fact" (which could be based on any number of undisclosed variables, and refuted by innumerable other "facts"), and then they all slap each other on the backs about how smart each other is.

    If any of you brilliant liberals can explain to me why Chicago-where i live and one of the strictest cities on guns- has one of the worst rates of gun crime in the country, by all means, give it a shot. Then look at that map again and notice the big blank spot where Texas is, and explain that too.

    You liberals try to legislate everything away like that will solve all of your problems, and it won't. The government cannot solve all of your problems for you, and there is little to no evidence that making something illegal has much-if-any deterrent effect. There are too many examples to count, but you point the finger at conservatives and call them whackjobs, when you are too stupid yourselves to look at the efficacy of current gun laws, drug laws, or prohibition.

    You can trivialize the 2nd amendment all you want, but it was not thoughtlessly or arbitrarily drafted, and it isn't about keeping toys, or property, or guns themselves, it goes a lot deeper than that. It goes the fundamental right to protect yourself and to protect yourself from the government (the precursor to the 2nd amendment was an english law that guaranteed to protestants that they could not be deprived of arms shortly after the Stuarts disarmed and oppressed them; and obviously drafted shortly after attempts to disarm the colonies in the revolutionary war. It is fundamentally a restriction on the government's ability to disarm the citizenry).

  459. Warren Hardison says

    Let's all find 10 things worse than this shooting in Pakistan. Apparently, + Ahad PAL believes his or her nation doesn't have horrible things happen in it.

  460. James Peacock says

    So gun violence in America isn't really a problem because we're failing to view it in its proper context, which is to compare the wealthiest and moat powerful country on Earth with rogue states and third world nations lacking internationally recognised government? Clutching at straws folks, like an earlier poster said, a maniac without a gun is still a maniac, bit it's a lot harder for him to kill someone…

  461. Andreas Ursin Hellebust says

    Great observation! Moores "Bowling for Columbine" is still hyper relevant. America needs to stop selling guns to kids for a start. Can't believe its 2012 and this is still a reality. The American weapons industry is desperate for money, and it's the average Joe who pays the price.

  462. Derek Schwalenberg says

    There aren't any school shootings in Africa.. Oh wait, THERE AREN'T ANY SCHOOLS!

  463. Vlad Markov says

    Unfortunately today was also massacre in China:
    Man stabs 22 children at China primary school
    I don't understand which direction is World falling to.

  464. Kent Foster says

    Pretty obvious the US is doing it all wrong.

  465. Lord Tea says

    I'm glad guns can't be bought at Walmart where I live. No red dot for my country!

  466. Harbinger LaPhoenix says

    This is awesome!

  467. Warren Hardison says

    + Kent Foster Astute observation. You're welcome to find a country that doesn't have it's share of problems. The difference is all of those others aren't being watched with paparazzi like fervor.

  468. Neil Boothman says

    + Joltrast . That and Andy Murray who is from the town. Mercifully though it took just one instance of such an atrocity for Britain to act and get its gun control laws in order.

  469. John Yaşar says

    + Austin Hill I applaud you. Unfortunately liberal Google Plus already shooting gun control out of its ass as hot and recommended. It is a liberal push and shove selected news tool. With brains of liberals we would quickly drop to a civil war state.

  470. La Makina Jysu says


  471. Don Barlow says

    Made me sick at work , we need to change the laws concerning mentally I'll buying any weapons. I know the gun lobby will not be happy but this has to stop.

  472. thomas allen says

    BECAUSE we don't hear about it and thy are not going to report it.

  473. Anthony Rideout says

    Pretty alarming how this map sort of layers well on top of the recent one from NASA showing electrical/lights…

  474. Charles Thompson says

    Honestly looks like it is missing a few from Texas. What is the time reference for this?

  475. Kardim brown says

    Maybe no one likes school in thoes places

  476. Casey Anderson says

    The worst ever occurred in Beslan, Russia in 2004, which killed over 300 people and 150+ children.  Funny how that was conveniently left off the map…

  477. Ron Patterson says

    Well the middle east doesn't have gun control. Every body has a gun or a RPG..what they do have is punishment…not like the US were people don't want to punish. Your right wake up. Go back to the old ways that this country was founded on. If you kill somebody. Then we Kill them back.

  478. Warren Hardison says

    + John Yaşar Google+ itself can't be liberal, it's a social website with no content of it's own. The users, on the other hand….

  479. Darius White says

    this is not awesome. its not cool at all.

  480. Thomas Farrell says

    + thomas allen Uh, no. Here, they reported it:

    It's just that when it happens in a country where there isn't easy access to guns, people don't tend to die.

  481. Wei Tai says

    Go figure.

  482. Eric Thomas says

    When people want stricter gun laws,the NRA lobby shows up and tells us why the 2nd amendment is being infringed upon . If guns are suppose to protect people and property , where were the guns at to protect these people ? Especially those poor children ? Dear God,save us from ourselves . Amen

  483. Brian Fanzo says

    Guns don't kill people… People Kill people!

  484. Kevin Norris says

    How did this turn into the pro's and con's of gun laws around the world? Personally I feel sorry for all the families affected.

  485. orlando cordero says

    i'm traveling through asia right now, much of which is just as advanced as north america and europe, and one of the nicer things about traveling here is i can worry less about some freakazoid pulling a gun on me or opening fire in a crowd.

  486. jeremy anderson says

    I don't see anywhere here about historical significant of mass shootings and economic decline. The stats exist. Also, there is nothing here about the fact that mass murders are only 1 percent of violent deaths in our country. Today is an emotional day but that doesn't mean people should overlook history and fact to instead listen to media hype and fear promotion.

  487. Sam Alcorn says

    + Eric Thomas all over the age of 21 should be required to take a handgun class and then carry a handgun!

  488. William J says


  489. candida Torres says

    Very sad.

  490. Charles Hickey says

    None in Canada,hmmmm

  491. sean woodby says

    I'd like to see the same with stabbings / bombings

  492. Chad Springer says

    You have no idea who is carrying a gun, you are not safe anywhere.

  493. Anthony Goodrich says

    What's the problem why are we letting these kind of people do these things?Some o.e that knows them has to see a big change in their patterns of behavior.some kind of sign or signs what the parents dont spend any time around to notice they just don't wake up and think I'm going to shoot somebody today.I feel really bad for the one affected by this my heart goes out to you sorry for your lose!!!,,,,,,,

  494. Joe Priode says

    Since 1996, what about before 1996?  Before gun control laws were enacted?  We've always had guns available in the US so why only recently are there these tragic gun shootings?  What has changed in the last 15, 30, 50 years?  Guns haven't changed, people have changed.

  495. Kanelechi Emeagi says

    God help us. We need a reformed gun control. If he bought the guns himself, there is no reason for a 18 to 21 years old kid to have a gun. i can understand a bow and arrow but not a gun.
    We have a setup a system no matter how expensive to stupid it is for people with guns to report to their local police stations every month and write a report about what they have been up to and how many bullets used. If they fail to, then the ATF can not only suspend their permit but also revoke it if necessary.
    If we make it hard for people to easily without thinking about it, walking around with their guns, people will think twice about buying guns and you will have a good reason to have one.

  496. Brian Hesketh says

    It really does make one think.
    What a terrible tragedy to befall that school, those poor families.

  497. Michael Damba says

    You want my gun. Come and get it

  498. paul armitage says

    There are some sick,twisted,selfish [email protected] all over this world who don't deserve the love of a mother…….and it is mothers and fathers who will be mourning these innocent children ..My heart goes out to them..

  499. Matias Fillemon says

    someone please convince us why we should accept American World views… Its perfectly clear to me that they have a child raising problem.

  500. Charles Hickey says

    We've had several just here in San Diego :'(

  501. Barbara Venville says

    We can only hope Obama will change the gun laws, sooner rather than later!

  502. Tyler S says

    Why, on that map, is the US the same geographic size as China? I don't trust maps political. They're just trying to get reelected. 😉

  503. Megan F. Wahl says

    Unfortunately your map is incorrect. Sadly Canada has had school shootings.

  504. Andrew Dubinin says

    + Mikhail Garber are you talking about Australia, UK and Canada?!

  505. John Habbinga says

    + Thomas Farrell They DO tend to die. Since March 2011, 21 children in China have been killed in a half dozen attacks with knives, cleavers and hammers.  More than 90 have been injured in these attacks.  You are referring to only the most recent attack.

  506. Jansen Reighard says

    Hey! Look at dat! It looks like America has more shootings! I wonder why?

  507. Jade Martin says

    All senseless tragedies

  508. Roy D Durrence says

    What happened in  Conneticut today is at best an abomination. My heart and prayers go out for all effected by this senseless act. We as humans always have to jump straight to the hunt for someone to blame everytime something like this happens. The #1 person to blame is the perpretrator in reality. The second place that blame should go , in reality , is to all mankind who turns his/her back on God , morallity , and decensy. The third place the blame can realistically be placed is on the devil , who capitalizes upon man's rejection of God , and moral living .
    Blaming guns , gun manufacturing , gun stores , is not the answer . Neither is gun control.  A gun is simply a tool , which like every other tool can be used either for good , or evil. It depends upon the intent and heart of the person using the tool.
    A gun can be used for protection , or for gathering food in the right hands . It can be used to murder , as in the case in this school today.
    A knife can be used to cut rope , or prcess food , in the right hands . Or it can be used to to stab and cut 22 children to death as happened in a school in China today , if in the wrong hands.
    Surgical instruments can be used to save lives ,and mend bodies if in the right hands . Or surgical instruments can be used to murder children , like the estimated 3700 who were aborted in the U.S. today , if inthe wrong hands.
    It is not the tool that needs to be abolished , but rather the evil intent of the godless heart.

  509. Philip Davies says

    Taber Alberta 1999

  510. Jim P says

    NRA what do say about this?

  511. Jade Martin says

    I don't like how these things always come down to politics…you can't stop a crazy bad person from doing what he wants

  512. Hank Cacurak says

    Abortion kills. Cars kill. Kitchen knives kill. Objects and things kill. Wrong. A person's Indifference to life kills. Lack of respect for another human life kills. The Second Amendment and our Founding Fathers' slogan "Don't tread on Me!" Is an unmistakable message to aggressors that life is precious and protecting life with justifiable force is not a privilege but a Constitutional Right. The US Bill of Rights and Constitution protects individual excellence, depravity, extreme behavior as well as "averageness".
    Don't blame the US for aberrant behavior. Examine societal decay and breakup of the nuclear family. People with no Moral Compass, no compassion, commit atrocities. Making guns and the 2nd Amendment scapegoats is far too simplistic.

    At first glance, Cause and Effect relationships appear simple. However, a killer is a killer whether
    the instrument is a hand, a rock or 3rd world despot's nuclear weapon.

  513. Jonathan Harrington says

    It's because we have something called the "DMV".

  514. Dan Swick says

    I don't think "why can't we be more like China" is the question we need to be asking ourselves at this time.

  515. Lee Lee says

    It's amazing that in a country of opportunities are so many opportunities to stage school shootings.

  516. firoz hasan says

    No around the world, only in the US…….terrible

  517. Andrew Duss says

    seriosly why is that i mean it thats sad

  518. gaurav mittal says

    idiots !

  519. Jorge A Rivera says

    Amanda in those countries thatyou mention if they catch you with a gun you will disappear, NO question asked. That is why.

  520. Katie Doll says

    the guy that did it is really stupiedand he used hid brother identity just so his brothercould take the rap

  521. Tom Sariaman says

    That is pure evil,inhumane,barbaric,wanton,animalistic,senseless and inconsiderate .That's all I can say.

  522. Dan Wilson says

    good job killmerica! news flash: guns kill people.

  523. Ryan Ng says

    News flash: The US is full of crazy people.
    The US has a drug addiction, a beer addiction, a smoking addiction, a crime addiction, and a trash addiction as well.

  524. Edward Smith says

    glad to see Africa is the only continent with no shootings.  Hold up wait… they cant afford guns over there.

  525. Edward Smith says

    glad to see Africa is the only continent with no shootings.  Hold up wait… they cant afford guns over there.

  526. Brandon Dockery says

    Leave it to a Liberal to use this horrible event to support their slimy views. Listen, this women wants to take your guns and your rights to make decisions. She wants the government to make your decisions for you.

  527. Brandon Dockery says

    Leave it to a Liberal to use this horrible event to support their slimy views. Listen, this women wants to take your guns and your rights to make decisions. She wants the government to make your decisions for you.

  528. Yusa Imori says

    So sad..

  529. Yusa Imori says

    So sad..

  530. Amanda Blain says

    Liberal? This Woman? Never once used the word gun control anywhere actually  🙂 If anything.. I push for media control on these events… Kill some kids, the president knows your name, millions talk about you for weeks, and your facebook profile will be decompiled for the masses!!! You will be a star…. only in the usa Other nations hardly report on such things as shown with this map… But that point got lost with what people wanted to read into the post and their own agendas… 

    Thanks for the comments folks. Go hug a family member or friends and stop hating on strangers on the internet. 🙂

  531. Amanda Blain says

    Liberal? This Woman? Never once used the word gun control anywhere actually  🙂 If anything.. I push for media control on these events… Kill some kids, the president knows your name, millions talk about you for weeks, and your facebook profile will be decompiled for the masses!!! You will be a star…. only in the usa Other nations hardly report on such things as shown with this map… But that point got lost with what people wanted to read into the post and their own agendas… 

    Thanks for the comments folks. Go hug a family member or friends and stop hating on strangers on the internet. 🙂

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