*How To Describe Game Of Thrones To Different People*


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*How To Describe Game Of Thrones To Different People*

I like the parents one… 🙂 Is it March 31st yet?  Click to make it bigger to fully read it 🙂

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*How To Describe Game Of Thrones To Different People*

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  1. Keisha Covington says

    I like his face when he's describing it to his cool friend

  2. Mike Minor says

    LOL the Cool Friend one is more accurate.

  3. Derrick Simmons says

    So it's a medieval porno with dragons and cute wolf puppies? Lol

  4. Tim Long says

    Support, the first place you don't look is in support. Teams

  5. Neal Carter says

    Instead of puppies, I would think the man candy on the show would attract more women viewership.

  6. Dina Ramse says

    + Neal Carter , like Lord Snow, Khal Drogo … drool

  7. Jewel Daab says

    Man Candy!

  8. myriam lisset conde ytusaca says

    yes and candy

  9. Donagh Reardon says

    I'd usually say its like lord of the rings, but with people have problems and sex.

  10. marek kolbuk-lukasiewicz says

    Is it everythings all right?because it seems strange.

  11. Tim Rice says


  12. Phillip Ryan says

    I describe it as interesting character roulette. If it stops on them they get killed off one wsy or another and dragons.

  13. Shruti Harkhani says


  14. Willie D. Washington says

    To Everyone – IT SUCKS!

  15. anthony jordan says

    what is your gamertag for xbox  360

  16. Alessandra Sagredo says

    I would simply say… it's sexy, passionate and filled with amazing scenery (did I mention some seriously hot actors/resses…?)

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