1. Michael Buttler says

    "Plenty of room for Vodka " 🙂

  2. Zuzzo Harsted says

    I'm a optimist

  3. Mary Jo Pezzi says

    My laugh for today! Thanks!

  4. Paul Junior says

    what happens? I think it gets "drunk"

  5. Jai Ko says

    factualist: I have a cup and some water.

  6. Trevor Williams says

    Gamer's Life for me too ;-)))

  7. Robert Hale says

    Halo player : Drink the water, spawncamp the faucet.

  8. Sterling Leavitt says

    Always the same… 1d8 need a 8, otherwise, no effect

    rrrrrooooolllllllliiinnngg….. damn 5

  9. Lawrence Grodecki says

    + Amanda Blain 'It sounds like' you have something to get off your chess. This is a little boggling given your checkered past…and where is that emoticon for a tiddly wink?

  10. jeremy mayse says

    If you drink it you will have to pee 🙂

  11. JP Seabury says

    Roll percentiles.

  12. Jon Uzel says

    The glass is always full (1/2 water, 1/2 air)

  13. John Noveskey says

    If you drink it, the glass is empty! If you have not drank it yet please turn glass upside down and read directions on the bottom 🙂

  14. Trevor Williams says

    You fill it back up, spark a cig and drink so more ;-)))

  15. Jakob Wester says

    Lamp oil. Vomit 1D4 turns.

  16. Emmanuel Delangue says

    I don't own a glass… – The victim of the gamer.

  17. Veriemas Kishiden says

    I am both the optimist and the gamer 🙂

  18. David Boshears says

    "The glass is completely full of 50% water and 50% air" -The Physicist

  19. Zuzzo Harsted says


  20. robert davis says

    Damn am i a gamer?

  21. Lawrence Grodecki says

    "The glass is completely half full of gin and 50% air" -The Bartender

  22. angie tatiana romero ayala says


  23. Theo WolF says

    Clearly, + David Boshears , the glass is in a vacuum.

  24. Uriah Smith says

    "The glass consists of 50% Oxygen-Dihydride, And  39% nitrogen, 10.5% oxygen and 0.5% other elements" -The Physicist

  25. richard brooks says

    the opportunist

    "I drank it! so what are you going to do?"

    "and what was it?"

  26. Charlie Hoover says

    To DM: I stand as far from her as I can get…

  27. Carlito Bangcuyo says

    The Min/Maxer would drink it at the fastest rate in the least amount of time possible.  Several people would soon copy this approach.

  28. Jeff Angcanan says

    "The glass was poorly designed" – The Engineer.

  29. yonatan caldas tarazona says

    esta bien todo

  30. Valeriy Lysenco says


  31. Janet Gillard says

    Why dont you feel any different Richard  think about it!!!!!!

  32. frank mcneil says

    The glass is both half full and half empty. If you want to know what it does, drink it. ~ The Realist

  33. yonatan caldas tarazona says


  34. Lawrence Grodecki says

    and the preacher says 'I can add a drop to make it real special!'

  35. Elkebir EL FANIDI says

    This is the life never we can evaluate the risk at the end it is a game.

  36. Jackson Christian says


  37. Mike DePaul says

    Roll a Con check…

  38. Justin Minch says


  39. Ethan Smith says

    gamer. certainly a gamer

  40. richard brooks says

    you do need to see the reality……..

    there IS no glass!

  41. Jesse Pearlman says


  42. Ricardo Ferro says

    "Drink it you bum,It's gives you extra life(Person Dies).LOLOLOL"-Gamer

  43. Lawrence Grodecki says

    + richard brooks lol…that reminds me of a Zen master teaching the pupil the same lesson…it seems what the pupil has to find out on his or her own is that there is no master…that's reality too.

  44. Naq Kar says

    the glass is full – realist ?..how about it ?

  45. richard brooks says

    not so deep!
    + Lawrence Grodecki 
    altered matrix quote lol

  46. Jared Persinger says

    The glass has half the capacity it can hold – realist

  47. Paul Kahl says

    Technically, the glass is ALWAYS full. Half with water, half with air.

  48. Lawrence Grodecki says

    + Amanda Blain Enough with the glass…let's just spill and roll…:)

  49. Luis Alberto says


  50. Marshall Schmutz says

    Only if you want to get technical.

  51. Kevin Smith says

    Always full. Half water, half air = Realist.

  52. Nate Ward says


  53. Nate Belcher says

    No, the glass is more than half full. It looks like it by height, but the width of the cup changes, therefore it is about 55-60% full, and that is the realist point of view.

  54. Jose oquedo says


  55. josiah crane says

    Its both…how about that!! 🙂

  56. aaron carroll says

    Nate… the margin of error is high enough that everything you just said was…. well nothing

  57. Gabe Garcia-Leeds says

    "While you guys were arguing, I drank it"
                                                                       – The Opportunist

    "Dear Opportunist, I poisoned it"
                                                                       – The Sadist

  58. Ben Scott says

    They might use the cup for DNA evidence -the thief

  59. tyler tiedemann says

    "The glass is always full"
    -The realist

  60. Julian Mangold says


  61. Justin Curtright says

    Actually with the two heights being equidistant from their respective start points, the empty portion has a larger volume due to the widening of the container. Since volume is simply an equation th variables of width, depth, AND height, this glass is volumetrically, more than half empty. The observant point of view.

  62. Hansbek Akira says

    Half full & half empty, I say…

  63. Christian Tellefsen says

    "Take cover!"
    (The physicist – according to http://whatif.xkcd.com/6/ )

  64. Arturo Castro says

    "The glass is to big"
    -The engineer

  65. Ej Kil says


  66. Stone Yang says

    Technically, Half-Empty is empty and Half-Full is half-full. Because Full * 1/2 = 1/2 Full = Half Full, and Empty=0, Empty * 1/2 = Empty 1/2 and Empty is equal to 0, so 0 * 1/2 is Zero, which is empty.

  67. Tyler Nelson says

    Thats awesome!

  68. Sebastian Vasquez says

    What happens? Idk

  69. Lawrence Grodecki says

    + Stone Yang  a cup full of zero…hmmm, now I know how Coke adds life!

  70. Kevin Polulak says

    In the Mojave Wasteland it'd be H2O -84, Rads +5, HP +3(5s) for Dirty Water and H2O -84, HP +3(5s) for Purified Water. 😉

  71. Rohan Gold says

    what happends when the glass is full lol

  72. kim booth says

    I am the optimist, my glass has been half full all my life even when life was empty, and it just depends what side of the bed you get out on whether your glass is half of one or the other then again i would rather my glass be half empty of whisky than half full of juice ha ha happy days

  73. Phyo Thiha says


  74. jason langmead says

    Glass half empty ? You gonna drink that ?

  75. Leo O'Byrne says

    Stone Yang is right. The expression "half empty" is a terminological inexactitude.

  76. Richard De Vere says

    the glass is full, half water half air…..aaaaar

  77. Robert Allan says

    The glass is half full so that makes me an optimist.
    But knowing my luck i'll probably knock it over and spill it anyway.

  78. Rohan Gold says

    ok those jokes r getting old now

  79. Huican Zhu says

    To make people pay attention to the glass, dump the water.

  80. Savan Upadhyay says

    This word from OSHO. And this happend in life.

  81. kim booth says

    rohan it is not a joke the saying is legend and it is real. anyone asked whether their glass was half empty or full would be able to answer that in their own way and each time on any particualr day shit some days we might even have a P I NT eh eh

  82. Juan Jacobo Güemez Moreno says

    bad design. – the engineer…

  83. Aalia Khan Yousafzai says

    I'll smash the glass- the gamer's opponent.

  84. ???? ???? says


  85. Kenny Lavin says


  86. Kenny Lavin says

    Waqtchn football..my beer glass been half emty a lot today..lol

  87. Ismail Abdullah says

    Muslim- that cups making fun of my religion!!!

  88. Kenny Lavin says

    Sorry if it is….. its a glass of water. Don't understand how it. Offends you..but I'll take your word

  89. Chris Arrowsmith says

    I don't get it

  90. Otis Henry says

    Thats whats up.

  91. Fredrick Rourk says

    The Googleist I uploaded to Google + thru Google Glass 🙂

  92. Daniel Ackison says

    Cant say how many time this has happened in my group 😀

  93. Dionte Love says

    That's full, with ice.

  94. Craig Steinhoff says

    lol nice!!! so true

  95. Jim Birch says

    The glass is twice as big as required.

  96. Mike Littrell says

    "I could turn that into a bong." – The Stoner

  97. Daniel Berry says

    That gamer got a level up for drinking some **!

  98. Kenny Lavin says

    The glass is actually plastic..we were all fooled

  99. Glory Busic says

    if you fill it then half full if you drink it half empty

  100. Woody Ray says

    It's actually 100% full
    Half water
    Half air

  101. Daniel Green says

    is it half full, half empty or is it waiting for someone to empty the remaining half or add the missing half.

  102. Julian Campbell says

    I say, have your wife drink it that way you'll know if it's safe to drink! (smiling).

  103. Mike Littrell says

    "They missed the closing quotation on The Pessimist" – The Internet Grammar Nazi

  104. Robert Allan says

    Don't drink the contents of the glass! The sperm doner.

  105. Jay Touchet says

    The glass is 52.376% full. – The Scientist

  106. Arta Thomas says


  107. Paul Kahl says

    The Scientist is an idiot. The glass is always 100% full, scientifically. Whatever isn't liquid is air.

  108. Vizion Uni says

    It Depends on what is in the glass..Is it something you need or need to get rid of?

  109. Julian Campbell says

    Thus way, if the water contains bacteriological elements I can send my U.S. Marine Biology Research team to investigate the outcome to determine if it was an War Issue! But that's just me!!!

  110. Frank T says

    Have you ever considered getting a smaller glass?

  111. Spencer Jacob says

    The realist:  "Its just a glass of water"

  112. Mike Littrell says

    "It doesn't mean anything if the glass is half empty or half full." – The Nihilist

  113. Martin Hickman says

    The glass is half full = pessimist , didn't like the wine or won't buy a round!
    Half empty means good win and yes please fill it up.
    What ever the wine it's best served with goog company!

  114. Julian Campbell says

    It would be a tragedy to get infected with some kind of fungal virus on your face!! At that point, I would have my team dispatched to further the investigation!

  115. Mike Littrell says

    "The water represents sexual imagery of the male seed in a woman." – Freud

  116. brian liu says

    ^in deeeeeed

  117. Astron Albert says

    I am an optimist!

  118. Mike Littrell says

    "Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” 
    ? Bruce Lee

  119. Julian Campbell says

    Besides, the question is obviously a waste of time to pin point your thoughts to calculate what type of personality you have to get inside your mind! This is an experimental exercise……think outside the box, there you will find another dimension.

    Whatever you thought you knew means now you know less! In essence, think harder!

  120. Eric Walchak says


  121. Matthew Coole says

    If it was previously empty it is half full, if it was previously full it is half empty – the puzzle game player

  122. David Elliott says

    y does it matter if its your glass drink it

  123. Daniel Yoakum says

    The glass is twice the size it needs to be.

  124. hilda rojas says

    Nay nay nay… physically the glass is ALWAYS full! Guess why…

  125. David Schofield says

    + Steve Geary

  126. Me Fillion says

    It half full, half empty, but if I drink it, it might get empty! But if it your cup, I'm not going to drink it, cuz I can't trust everyone! Cuz I wonder if it would be a beer, alcohol, vodka, drugs or pee which I do not want to drink! But if you share it to me, I hope it water or flavored water because it clear! But I'd have to trust you to trust the drink, or I'll think it a bad thing! ~ the unlisted questionning thinker!

  127. Julian Campbell says

    Franked t, you missed a phone call!!

  128. Wayne Lee says

    "The glass stole the rounded edges patent from us" ~Apple

  129. Ian Moulding says

    How can you have a glass half empty?, what is halve of empty?

  130. Gerard Kooistra says

    I see space for vodka :-/

  131. terry gormely says

    the drinks are on the house! love always tel x

  132. Michael Rowland says

    "The glass is twice as big as it needs to be." — The Engineer

  133. Jay Touchet says

    You drink it….. And what happens is…. Nothing. it's just a glass of water.

  134. Kyle Granger says

    I see the glass as half sand.

  135. ian sokolo says

    Its poison. Minus 12 Life Points.

  136. Lisa Todd says

    This much water can delay
     dehydration, be glad you drank it lol.

  137. Imer Eiguob says


  138. Willie D. Washington says

    Amanda, you must have guys knocking down your door for dates!

  139. terry gormely says


  140. Justin Warnock says

    Save a drop get it sussed or feel the effect and judje for urself

  141. Malcolm Glenn says

    Love it

  142. Seán O'Nilbud says

    The glass is the wrong size.

  143. Toby Vestal says


  144. Matas Vaitkevicius says

    I see the glass as something you pour on your enemies, and then break it and throw the shards.

  145. augustin agu says


  146. Bob Howes says

    Drink it and order another round–the realist.

  147. Jackson M says

    "It's 100% full."- The Scientist

  148. Harold McChristian says

    Since I am old and taking flomax I'd have to pee.

  149. Dallin Bledsoe says

    I throw it on the ground!-Lonely Island

  150. cliff wong says

    It matters not if the glass is half full or half empty, be thankful you have a glass and that there's something in it

  151. Brutal Wharf says


  152. Aaron Reiser says

    + Amanda Blain that is the perfect ending to my Sunday! ^_^ thanks for a proper laugh

  153. John Ford says

    50% H2O, 50% everything else. Completely full. – Guy who thought it through

  154. Pat Hardin says

    Half full or half empty…depends on if you are pouring or drinking!

  155. E L Frederick says

    "I already drank it" – The Opportunist…
    "You didn't fill that!" – The Politician…
    "Make sure to wash the glass" – My Mother…

  156. corey t says

    that joke fuckin sucked

  157. Gabriel Boorse says

    what happens? +5 dihydrogen monoxide points lol

  158. Daniel Goins says

    Natural d20

  159. Rich Greene says

    then there are those who say …it doesn't matter it is just going to get spilled anyway

  160. Mike Hawks says

    There is no glass.

  161. mukesh mali says


  162. Kenneth Chapman says


  163. Hunter Hudson says


  164. cliff wong says

    Stop complaining, nobody said you can't top it up

  165. john willams says


  166. Alexis Breban says


  167. Sean Davis says

    "The glass is at half capacity…" — The Pragmatist

  168. Craig Travis says

    I'm an engineer… the container is mis-sized

  169. Juno Watt says

    The container is twice the size it needs to be – the engineers response

  170. jagtar bajwa says


  171. Roy Dellray says

    The glass is flowing over – The bullshit artist … lol

  172. mark blackburn says

    It is a glass of water a glass of water another pt! saw Garfield strip         (beware of nothing) sign (Thered gotta be catch) Will post!

  173. Rolando LaSerie says

    Apply heat…it becomes steam.

  174. David Rios says

    u become sexy like me

  175. Jane Flowers says

    Nice 🙂  Try new spooky slot 🙂

  176. Matt Burke says

    The glass is always full – half is water & the other half is air

  177. Roland Mendoza says

    so awesome this Couldn't be better + Amanda Blain !!!

  178. oliver samred says

    put a mango pulp there and just drink it….life's a game man….

  179. jayman kumpit says

    jesus love you all

  180. amezghal abdelilah says

    it's the opportunist

  181. George Dimako says

    Arguing about whether the glass is half full or half empty misses the point, which is this: the bartender cheated you

  182. Chris O'Brien says

    The thing is….nobody ever thinks to ask "Full of WHAT?"

  183. Jason Pelzel says

    The glass is to big. – The realist.

  184. Kahir Aggal says

    i'm the gamer hhh

  185. Haven Jolly says

    sigh got to love D&D references…

  186. Doug Haerle says

    you have to go pee sooner.

  187. Anthony Ferguson says

    Hehe very apt…..I'd go for the gamers life…

  188. Kevin Loughin says

    The glass is too big.   -Me

  189. Bob Cloninger says

    "Who's been in here?" – The Paranoid

  190. Krysten Palmer says

    I'm the gamer! 🙂

  191. Travis Staples says

    + Jim Birch Couldn't have said it any better… 🙂

  192. Gary Beebe says

    Then the DM says, Roll for a saving throw.  Damn.

  193. Graham Hall says

    The glass is the wrong size – the pragmatist

  194. bedah logo says

    I drop it. The Opportunist :p

  195. SONU AGGARWAL says

    Nice dice. where to buy this type of coloured ones.

  196. Nicholas Anderson says

    I hate the # 1. It should be the loneliest number!

  197. Michael Herrera says

    The glass is totally full, the other half is air.

  198. Gal kay says

    It can be true sometimes!

  199. Joel Furnari says

    Roll 1 d 6 for damage on the pint glass.

  200. George Dimako says

    Obama would blame someone else or say "it was a spontaneous event because of a video"

    Romney would say its half empty because of the 47%

    The socialist will drink half and demand you share the rest.

    The banker will say it's because of fees and services.

    The stoner won't care.

    Neo will tell you "there is no glass"

    The survivorlist will teach you how to filter what's left using a plant.

    The English will demand it be served warm.

    The Greeks would declare bankruptcy and ask for a bailout.

    The Swiss will say its poorly administrated.

    The French would cook it up with a pound of butter and tax it at 75%.

    Clint Eastwood would have a conversation with it.

    Bill Clinton would try and seduce it.

    Ok I've run out of ideas for now…need a drink.

  201. Philip Smith says

    Oooh I know I know….. + 1 wisdom that is what you get when you drink it!

  202. Steve Jones says

    The glass is twice the required size. – The Engineer

  203. ren sokha says

    something happen when something end.

  204. Jacob N Joe says

    This is like the gayest thing ever like… Wtf do you spend your life doing? Gaming is for nerds, wtf nerd. Seriously what. Everyone here is a fag.

  205. salvacion nieles says


  206. Moses Pleitez says

    The drunk say….water? Wtf i want more liquor

  207. kailab bowler says

    if(glass.amount > empty){
    glass.fill(soda); //cuz i want soda instead

  208. Jacob N Joe says

    You have a gay name +salvacion Nieles. The fuck dude. Grow up faggot.

  209. Charles Roy Giannotti says

    Nasty little critter, aren't you?

  210. Chris Hartley says

    The glass is neither half-empty nor half-full. I am waiting for a "Top-Up" to avoid confussion. C.H. Hartley 1997

  211. Jason Brabander says

    Followed by the next 2 hours being wasted as a couple people argue over what effects the liquid should have had.

  212. mohammad saghafi says

    I drink it

  213. Daniel Patterson says

    Ha! So true.

  214. Sal Gallo says

    Its half full if ive had enough…..its half empy if i want more

  215. William Furby says

    GM: It's a potion of Gender Changing! Have fun! 🙂

  216. Robbie Coleman says

    "The glass has a capacity that is 50% too big." – the engineer

  217. Cole Szeszulski says

    Does any one really think of what's in that metaphorical cup? I mean if its a glass of crap then I think half empty sounds better then half full haha

  218. Jason Rigby says

    Refill pleasa

  219. Jeff G says

    Let's drink it and get a refill

  220. Shane Brian says

    the glass is full. half air, half water.
    – the realist

  221. Mike Larson says


  222. Martin Foley says

    Opportunist: I drank it…

  223. John Holmes says

    If the glass was empty and filled half way, it's half full.
    If the glass was full and emptied half way, it's half empty.
    – logic

  224. Martin Foley says

    Contortionist: I could fit my leg in there, no problem

  225. Michael Johnson says

    Drink up, then please sir may I have another?

  226. NB Nugroho says

    Realistic: It's just a picture of glass and water

  227. Ryan R. says

    Half-full – Android
    Half-empty – iOS
    Empty – Windows phone(let's still "cheers" anyway) :D:D:D

  228. Darren Millam says

    Me too!

  229. mark keily says

    "why is there a glass half filled of clear jello on my desk?"

  230. Alejandro Lauzon says

    you hammer the nail.. bull's eye!

  231. Charlie Samon says


  232. Yuan Gao says

    You consider it one of two ways: if the glass started out empty and was filled, then the glass is half full (i.e. half filled), if the glass started out full and was subsequently emptied, then the glass is half empty (i.e. half emptied).  Which means there's no "pessimist" here, you're either an optimist, or you're just paranoid that someone drank out of your glass without you looking, or you're too drunk at this stage to remember drinking out of the glass.

  233. Ramesh S says


  234. Shawn Huston says

    Add ten pts to health!

  235. Brian Moore says

    Save it….50% health boost.

  236. Ignacio Garcia says


  237. Antonio Cenon says

    you gain hydrated status

  238. Peter Louka says

    u have to go to th bathroom nowwww lolcaiks hahhahahaha ehehehhehe spam porn im gay

  239. Lux Ferre says


    Oh dear, I've been playing too much Nethack. 😀

  240. David Bellard says

    Who drank my F'ing vodka?

  241. Michael Stewart says

    need 50% more water

  242. Eugene Sproul says

    I like

  243. Thejas Nambiar says

    Have space for alcohol 😛 : Alcoholic

  244. Jose Rilloraza says

    I say that it's just half. Is that bad?

  245. Michael Placzek says

    There's more room for Vodka -Russian.

  246. Bobby Woodard says

    What difference does it really matter?

  247. nepali babu says

    I like it matter

  248. Ashutosh Kathait says

    No room for vodka…

  249. Chet Harris says

    For me personally, it doesn't matter if the glass is half empty or half full. I'm an opportunist–my concern is if there are free refills..

  250. Gary McCampbell says

    It also depends on whether it was just filled, or just half emptied, who filled it and why and with what, or who drank it. There are so many details not covered that only a dull person would try to answer the question.

  251. Gorgor Gor says

    NO U~

  252. khaeril anwar says


  253. david olsen says

    the glass is neither 1/2 empty or 1/2 full, it just is. be grateful to have a  glass in the first place to use if you need it, and, you might just be a little better off than before.

  254. Angga Uddalaka says

    I like it

  255. Pewdie bro says


  256. Brian Le says

    the gamer's answer is that its gone so the pessimist is mabye the best choice

  257. Adam Aboutaam says

    I don't like it I love it!

  258. James Cox says

    The glass is twice as big as in needs to be.

  259. tanawat Prasertsook says

    The glass is half full of beer its my optimistic.

  260. Adam Aboutaam says

    I don't like it I love it!

  261. Jordann Hoo Jiun Horng says

    fill it up again then

  262. thomas antonio chipana blas says


  263. Joonho Park says

    And scientist???

  264. Adam Aboutaam says

    It is going to be amity! Don't you know that!?

  265. Bob Bergerson says

    ha ha who cares its just water lol drink be merry

  266. Vasanth Manic says

    Sorry i understand till half empty but what is with the gamer?

  267. bhim jambhulkar says

    bhosda salo

  268. Lawrence Grodecki says

    now if it were milk instead of water or booze, just think of THAT discussion…cookies anyone? pass the #hash# brownies!

  269. Stuart Campbell says

    You take a sip first …

  270. colby kruse says

    Get +1rads per second

  271. aj zaad says

    thanksss good idea

  272. Finbar Sheehy says

    "The glass is bigger than it needs to be" – the Engineer

  273. Mohamed Abdirahman says


  274. Naari IndianWoman says

    someone wasted water by drinking only half of it . leftover water  could have quenched the thirst of someone .

  275. Alec Brockell says

    drinks it "ahhh" – the opportunist

  276. Leslie Sox says

    The glass is way bigger than it needs to be – Paul Ryan

  277. Colby Jackson says

    The glass is half full…optimist!

  278. Megan George says

    Gamer 😉

  279. Greg Williams says

    I acquired the glass through a leveraged buyout – M. Romney

  280. Anthony Watts says

    Antagonist: "WHO DRANK MY *#&!ING WATER?!?!"

  281. Saurabh Bhise says

    I am the optmist who wil think "The glass is half full"

  282. Ciaran Jones says

    The glass is twice as big as it needs to be. -The Engineer.

  283. Sana Mahi says

    The Gamer is neither optimist nor pismist.

  284. Pawandeep Sethi says

    whose glass is this anyways..

  285. Antonio Cenon says

    Drinks cup. slams it on the table"Empty!"-the opportunist

  286. Lukas Kuhlman says

    Looks like water, hope its vodka –  The Alcoholic

  287. uci sanusi says

    no comment

  288. Tina Vigilante says


  289. Andrew Bruce Fisk says

    What happens on a 'natural 20?'… just asking?

  290. Sanjay Poudel says

    i will drink that whiskey.

  291. Aaron Soman says

    Lets pray to it……Religion nuts

  292. janto utomo says


  293. mariam kadmani says


  294. Declan Pape says


  295. Chris Tresintsis says

    An empty glass for me thanks 🙂

  296. Mike Littrell says

    "Attempts to make a witty comment about a half interesting, narrow comparison of human beings personified by the use of water in a glass, fails miserably." – 90% of Google+

  297. Khalid Al Zarouni says

    The gamers r Irish

  298. Jeremiah Franklin says


  299. Enrique Tang says


  300. andrew huang says

    LOL like the critic more HAHA

  301. sreevatsa arsh says

    Great Amanda 🙂 M a Gamer too

  302. Kumar Gaurav says

    glass is created by me……   politicians

  303. Bob O`Bob says

    The glass is twice as big as it needs to be.
    (I'm an engineer)
    The glass is presently enjoying a 100% surplus in capacity.
    (I used to be a government contractor)

  304. pankaj Rathod says


  305. Sammie Knight says

    what about 

  306. ILANGA BANDARA says

    cool… water

  307. zaheer mughal says

    hi frnd

  308. Michael Gonzalez says

    The alcoholic views the glass as not half full or half empty but needing more vodka

  309. Abhik Ghosal says


  310. Nagur Basha says


  311. Alan Kellogg says

    Are you drinking or filling?

  312. Manny Betancourt says

    Empty the rest and start over

  313. Bob Breedlove says

    The glass is too big — the engineer

  314. grim moazen says


  315. Kurt Gillespie says

    I would like to know what happen to the person that drank the first half of the water, that made it half full or half empty in the first place… Game on!

  316. Barclay Smith says


  317. Pankaj Srivastava says

    I'm anOptimist

  318. Lawrence Grodecki says

    If you tilt the glass, put it against the wall, put your ear next to it, you can actually hear the ocean!

  319. Amrit Pal Gill says

    If I comment how many +1s
    If I +1 how many comments
    If I ignore how many +1s and comments

  320. Blake Hardison says

    I know for one, never drink out of a cup that looks suspicious. Last time I did, I lost my mind in a fractal maze for half a day

  321. Shubham Leon says

    This glass is not half and not full
    This glass is not full and half

  322. David Boshears says

    + Theo WolF Randall Munroe has covered this in Ask xkcd.

  323. Bahadar Marok says

    Half emty

  324. Tobias Shapinsky says

    + Uriah Smith it would be dihydrogen-monoxide not oxygen-dihydride

  325. akhil sharma says


  326. RandomMajin Dragosani says

    I rolled a 7!

  327. ike cortez says

    as my teacher once said'' you see what u WANT 2 see''

  328. Jason Bush says

    I peed in the cup.who's the gamer now

  329. leo kun says

    the water is too "glassy"

  330. romit banerjee says

    Drink a vodka

  331. Sam Gauld says

    hmmmm……. i dont it

  332. Zahir Nabi says

    Piss off on that glass

  333. Aydin Shoja says

    Snack and soda,all I ever need in my gamer life! 😉

  334. Krishna soni says

    The glass is half empty….

  335. Lasantha Kumara says

    half full

  336. Paul Erasmus says

    Gamer…Game over!

  337. Sam Gauld says

    😀 i get it now

  338. Vidyadhar Mudkavi says

    There is more glass than there is water – Engineer.

  339. Andri Pramudianata says

    good inspiration…. i think if you drink that water… the problem will be gone…

  340. Sanjay Bhingradiya says

    minoaler water

  341. harlin pasili ansori says


  342. Sanjay Bhingradiya says

    minoaler water

  343. E.A.M Gad says

    make decision and not hesitate

  344. MIGUEL SAMUELS says


  345. Cardi B Maskalam says

    "There is no glass.." – Neo

  346. Muhd Adzim realoneshark says


  347. Indyan Minerva says

    To an engineer the glass is double the size it should be.

  348. Nawaz Rumjaun says

    Opportunist drinks it while the optimist and pessimist figure out who's right

  349. Joshua Long says

    u own it

  350. Baas Rinnegan says


  351. Mikey Shrooms says

    Gamers forever!!!

  352. Eko Setiawan says

    half empty, half full depending on which perspective we see it. but we must to be half full and not half empty.

  353. Akash Singhvi says

    haha…lets drink it

  354. mesfin Gizaw says


  355. Channarith Ly says


  356. anju fuwad says


  357. Daniel Ochoa says

    Good question 🙂

  358. Jordan Gill says

    I say to that Gamer: It's a Mana Potion, Duh!

  359. skeletor emcee says

    if you drink it, it'll be more empty.

  360. Sean Montague says

    Eeekkk the glass is nt clean. The obcessive compulsive.

  361. BURZIN D says

    Lovely awesome just like me.

  362. sachin prajapati says


  363. abu ebraheem says

    "I eat it. What bleeds?" – The glass-eater

  364. sanu vechoor says


  365. Peter Kumaschow says

    The glass is smashed on the ground and I stood on with bare feet – the Russian

  366. Vipul Chikani says


  367. Imam Pribadi says

    positive thinking…

  368. nitin jain says

    Money control.clm

  369. nyemana emay says


  370. VENKATESH N says


  371. Maaz siddiqui says

    i donot know the ANSWER

  372. ilango ila says

    i dot no

  373. vickram kumar says


  374. Michael Madison says

    50-50 full….. realist no doubt! Who's pouring these drinks… geez

  375. deny freako says

    ahhaha cool

  376. Katty Rakitla says


  377. Praveen Shah says

    chutiya lawda…

  378. Sai Kumar says

    it shows the behaviour of persons

  379. Don Sobotor says

    Gamers = losers in the game of life.

  380. darryl smith says

    the gamer is an instant optimist and a pessimist and the game has started

  381. Prashant Mohta says

    it is a glass with some water = "meh !

  382. Ruben Colon says

    I like that one 🙂



  384. Tyrone Ramnares says

    Gamers are good at making choices both pessimistic and optimistic the problem is when a gamer has lag then get ready for a shitstorm of rage

  385. Ashok Kumar says

    Im gamer

  386. dinesh rathore says

    uo yyyy

  387. Georgianna Ross says

    These posts keep getting dumber by the minute.

  388. maddu raghuramaiah says

    Iam happy

  389. Mustansir Vakharwala says


  390. Ashish Kirpan says

    The Gamer.. 🙂

  391. Pawan Shakya says

    He! I'm pawan

  392. uj torres says

    Can i move into ur heart

  393. Sarita Nadiya says

    Yes please do tell… 😛

  394. Deco Martins says

    hahahahahahaha thats so funny !!! NOT REALLY THAT PIC IS FOR WANKERS

  395. Lewis Ndlovu says

    You are an opportunist! Well done.

  396. Prabhnoor Kaur says


  397. suresh babu says


  398. makwena chilboy says

    What was what wat?

  399. Yousef Abduljader says

    "I steal it. What happens?" – The GTA gamer.

  400. Andy Moore says

    The glass has been over engineered by 50%. Said the engineer.

  401. Rajesh Gangwani says


  402. zulfiqar ali says

    how r u

  403. zulfiqar ali says

    what r u doing

  404. amarbir singh says

    I liked

  405. liezel dapar says


  406. Daniel Marshall says

    True gamer statement would be " how old is that water? Too thirsty to care." Trololol

  407. Ricardo Grate says

    very cool.

  408. Dawid Du Preez says


  409. Nick Lange says

    ;drinks … Rolls die … 7 or above = drunk … Dwarvern hunter starts looking up women's skirts in tavern.;

  410. Dharmendra chawda says

    koun si sarab hai is gilash me…………………….

  411. Michael Carter says

    Your posts always make me smile.

  412. etaash katiyar says

    its twice as big as it needs to be
    – the engineer

  413. Nelson Kiogora says

    Really adore your comments.

  414. Diya Malhotra says


  415. Wonder Shongwe says


  416. Donald Duncan says

    Yes nice to see your back

  417. Arunendra Vishwakarma says


  418. Abdullahi Mustafa says

    Different strokes

  419. jamal baniomar says

    nice looking

  420. Chris Leonard says

    if i drink it, will i level up?

  421. Wesly Sibanda says

    Nice comment man i love it

  422. Nurezwan Mokhtar says

    *glass half full*
    Press E to take
    Then, sell it to NPC

  423. Pascal Deseure says


  424. ahmad adel says

    what you see……………….

  425. jeff ongenerations says

    The mind of a gamer = always ready to finish and move on to the next thing, the next level.  Stillness is a foreign concept…:)

  426. Mayisha A says

    Funniest picture of the day!????

  427. Trang Le says

    "That's a glass of …" I am

  428. stephen bird says

    the gambler i got no where to put me dice

  429. Brandon Schaefer says

    I love this.

  430. isaac tanze says

    Only the strong will survive!!

  431. Vladimir Zolotykh says

    What's in the glass? Is this water? Is it sufficiently purified ? If not it really don't matter at all whether the glass is full or empty.

  432. Alfredo zungu says

    ofcourse with stamina.

  433. Miguel Juarez says

    You. Are beautiful

  434. Shasheen Arunoda says

    I think so

  435. madhu anandhi says


  436. Amit Natani says

    Nice one

  437. jane kang says


  438. Hazel R says


  439. Walter Grain says

    I drank the water and sold the glass. -The Salesman

  440. Joel Monge says

    I drank and refilled it- Money Saver

  441. Tod Salvador says

    Are u married amanda?

  442. Rick Mosher says


  443. James Gray says

    Me too

  444. Evan Berge says

    Wow was I exciting

  445. Musa Khan says


  446. Aylee Saleem says


  447. Darren Nugent says

    get the DLC to full it up [fixed]

  448. sharon abraham says

    you cant drink it its finished

  449. Dennis Duffield says

    Is it half full or half empty….. All i see is half a f—ing glass!!

  450. Travis Mckeen says

    It has to do with weather or not you fill it half full or empty it half empty there is no pessimistic or optimistic point of view

  451. Steven Endress says

    half way to round two.

  452. MK Naushad says

    Its our thinking positive or negative.

  453. Penyufly Everstime says

    So the mouse emptied the whole cane for the cat marked the tales.

  454. Nick Grimm says

    "Calculating from the convex shape of the glass, it's actually only at 40% of maximum capacity." – Says the Engineer.

  455. Hemant Mamgain says

    It full of amajin

  456. Balasaheb Kadam says

    way of life

  457. Craig Pahl says

    Very funny!

  458. Shad Ross says

    Haha that's perfect!

  459. Levi Turner says

    Dear optimist, pessimist and realist, while you were arguing over the glass of water, i drank it. sincerely, the opportunist. :]

  460. Gordon Young says

    "All I need now is a red pill or a blue pill."— The Movie Watcher

  461. Jessica Reid says


  462. mark keily says

    + Vidyadhar Mudkavi no there is more water than glass, yet the glass dose( currently) have a bigger surface area.

  463. Ellie Hoskinson says


  464. Eileen O'Duffy says

    Oh dear, I know some people where the glass is broken 😀

  465. Christopher Zhao says

    Doesn't matter; the water will evaporate anyways and then it will be empty.
    Also, I would probably spill it.

  466. Josh Reiter says

    There is no glass. – The Matrix

  467. ??? ???? says


  468. Jesus Frias says

    Haha im the gamer taking some risk and see what happens

  469. James O'Neill says


  470. ravindra koli says


    Life is Game

  471. juan tutoke says

    dear pessimist, dear optimist –
    while you were arguing about the water – i drank it…
    the opportunist ~

  472. Lucia Reverte says

    Good for you jijiji never thaugt of that

  473. Craig Fletcher says

    i dont know who u r but u r fit as fuck i would love to bed u any day

  474. elyacoubi rabiaa elyacoubi.essaid says

    that's right

  475. Jason Perrault says

    Roll for initiative.

  476. duta husada says

    life is a choice. as a good option is choosing the best for you, your family and the people

  477. mariam kadmani says


  478. audrey adjako says

    hahaha ?im optimiste ,if you drink it than the glass is half full , so simple  lol

  479. Trevor Williams says

    Drink it, roll it, smoke it! Gamer's LIFE

  480. Murat Engin says


  481. tilak raj sharma says

    very nice bed seet…………..
    and if glass half  try to fill it from someware else    bye

  482. tilak raj sharma says

    very nice bed seet…………..
    and if glass half  try to fill it from someware else    bye

  483. tilak raj sharma says

    very nice bed seet…………..
    and if glass half  try to fill it from someware else    bye

  484. sapnesh kumar says

    either glass is half full or half empty we shall drink it easily

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