1. Trenton Ford says

    That isn't real is it!? My goodness I wish it were.

  2. khaled refkiki says

    u love games 🙂

  3. Sam Douglas says

    brilliant, I hope nobody I like dies in the next book but I fear they might, got a while to wait to find out

  4. Sigit Pamungkas says


  5. Jonathan Moore says


  6. chris mandel says

    what if you are already attached?

  7. Steven Spence says

    That's perfect for his approach to writing. red wedding anyone?

  8. Carrie Canup says


  9. Naphi Wanniang says

    I'm already addicted to both the novel and the series…there are twists and turns on every chapter. Can't wait to see who finally gets to rule from the IRON THRONE.

  10. Dena Ricketts says

    By the time he's done, no one will be ruling on it. They'll all be dead.

  11. Sigit Pamungkas says


  12. Krzysiek Derkowski says

    Sean Bean dies well it seems in many of the roles he plays…wonder if that was a factor in choosing him to play Ned Stark… he often dies early and he dies very well 🙂

  13. mahavirsinh jadeja says

    gööd nigth

  14. Keith Lumpkin says

    One of my favorite series …and shows!

  15. James Karaganis says

    It's George R. R. Martin. Somebody always dies.

  16. Jake Kern says

    coughing fits of laughter…and coughing 🙂

  17. James Karaganis says

    I just want to know when something good is going to happen to those people. They get in deeper and deeper in every episode, and just when you think it can't get any worse why, that's exactly what it does. I mean, come on … a fucking zombie army?

    Martin even explained in an interview that nobody is sacred, that this is not a typical formulaic adventure series, and just like in real life anyone can get suddenly dead. They don't even have to die for a good reason, and it doesn't matter if they're good, evil or likable.

  18. James Karaganis says

    + Krzysiek Derkowski He may make it to the end of a movie but, like Charleton Heston before him … he frequently doesn't get out alive.

     Also like Heston, he tends to die well, I agree.

  19. C. Edwards says

    Lmfa. 😀

  20. James Karaganis says

    + Jake Kern Don't choke to death on my account.

  21. Michael Smith says

    Bawahahahaha! + Jennifer Paulk-McGinley, check this out! 😉

  22. Krzysiek Derkowski says

    + James Karaganis I guess I haven't seem most of his stuff, he is quite prolific, I've seen LOTR, Black Death, GOT and his death scenes are memorable but when I searched for Sean Bean dies in everything my little hypothesis seems confirmed, there is a whole Sean Bean death reel 4 minutes long.

  23. Jennifer Paulk-McGinley says

    (Sniff) too soon.



  25. James Karaganis says

    + Krzysiek Derkowski That's why I said "may." I agree, he doesn't, usually.

  26. Gregg Sakauye says

    I think I already read this book … five times.

  27. Melody Migas says

    But Ned's voice will be forever in my head …."Winter is Coming". Especially now that it is turning colder, lol.

  28. Steve Wilde says

    a.k.a. Follow this character plotline along with me that seems to be a bunch of unrelated things, but maybe there's an clever underlying plot that will reveal itse… nope, just killed 'em.  🙁

  29. Stanley Gathwe says

    where can I get the book am in Africa Kenya.

  30. Brendan Farrell says

    File this under "Honest Titles"  Seriously, I'm on book five and am losing all bets on who survives.

  31. Alan Rimkeit says

    My sister stopped reading the series on the first book after old Ned lost the head.  Yep, not getting to attached is a very good piece of advice for the show too.  Season 3 is going to ROUGH.

  32. Krzysiek Derkowski says

    + Steve Wilde I thought there was a whole bunch of clever underlying plots 🙂 
    I love the series but I found as good as it is it does not do justice to the books, the way you discover stuff and have to piece things together works a bit different because everything you discover is from the point of view of the characters, it's skewed, biased and often misinformed based on whatever that character knows, the series can't quite convey that the same way.

  33. David Sarachman says

    Last book will just be 800 pages of snow blowing on gravestones. Two of the gravestones will be siblings…they will be having sex.

  34. Martin G Mendez says


  35. josiah mwangi Muthee says

    I hpe the dragon plays an important in the final shaping of the universal kingdom.

  36. josiah mwangi Muthee says

    Crazie series i jus love its deepness.dragon queen lol

  37. Winpreet Kaur says

    i read this book

  38. Mike Marquez says

    Game of thrones is bad ass

  39. Naphi Wanniang says

    Like if you all think Tyrion Lannister is the smartest most honest character:-)

  40. Med Larbi Dkhili says

    salut Amanda c'est une belle serie que j'aimerai voir et te voir en meme temps

  41. Marc Velez says

    That is awesome!

  42. Jason Laincz says

    Good stuff.  I'm about to finish the 4th book now and I'm excited to see how they play out the next season of the series compared to the 3rd book.

  43. Eric Milliken says

    I'll be real curious to see how people do with the ending of the 3rd book. Took me 6 months to pick up book 4, and I'm still kinda pissed. 🙂

  44. Elyor Mamajanov says

    Супер я смотрил все сезоны очень хорошо

  45. Dave Leigh says

    Several chapters of the latest book to go – then a long wait!

  46. Alan Rimkeit says

    @Elyor Mamajanov – Yes please, post in Russian, because you know, there are lots of people who read Cyrillic.

    + Eric Milliken – No shit man.  This season is going to be messed up for people that have never read the books.  Worse than season 1 I would imagine…..  *cries*

  47. Shelly Brosnan says


  48. Arvin Yorro says

    "If this absence of joy is going to trouble you, or you’re looking for something more affirming, then you should probably seek elsewhere."

    Should be labeled on all George Martin books

  49. Marlon Pagtakhan says

    4got I was reading (begining) Feast for Crows…

  50. Daniel Delgado says

    Thats funny! lol

  51. saddam malik says

    one day i was going to market. then i saw you

  52. Pavel Marinov says

    very good book
    What is the difference between this story and reality

  53. Donato Mastantuono says

    I love the games of trhone

  54. Aj zaad says


  55. Russell Brown says

    This is too true. I still refuse to accept what happened at the end of DANCE. There must be more to it! 🙁

  56. Ruben Nielsen says

    To me, it seems that both Television series and video games tend to follow a plot that goes more and more towards chaos. It's really depressing watching people struggle and fail all the time. Watched the first two seasons of Game of Thrones. Not gonna go any further. No point

  57. jandre silva says

    opá áááááá adoro

  58. Amanda Blain says

    Hmmm but thats kinda why i like it + Ruben Nielsen … life isn't fair… the good guys don't always win.. and people live and die all the time… The non happy hollywood line is why i like this show.. and the walking dead… 🙂

  59. Eric Milliken says

    The rest of my household hasn't read the books and I'm kind of enjoying dining on their salty tears. lol Probably says something dark about me, but I'm definitely going to be watching the whole thing.

  60. Gregg Sakauye says

    And whether a side is the good guys or the bad guys is often a matter of perspective.  I like it when the shades of grey are realistically portrayed.

  61. Larry Williams says

    Triple H!

  62. venkat yadav says


  63. Ruben Nielsen says

    Amanda, I realize that many people love these series. I personaly watch shows for encouragement or learning valuable life lessons. But lately, it seems the only lesson to learn is that hope is a lie. That is sad, I think. But it's great that other people find it appealing 🙂

  64. Donato Mastantuono says

    E una serie fantastica e io ho anche tutti i libri.mi dispiace se mi sono espresso male il mio inglese e così così

  65. Вик Рассадин says

    Игра Престолов жжжжжжжжжжжжжддддддддддддддууууууууууу!!!!!!!

  66. Rudi Brits says


  67. gladi abdelghani says

    espérer sans agir ce la ne mène à riens

  68. mahavirsinh jadeja says


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