I Like Being Weird

Are you a passionate geek? Whats the 'thing' you know more about than even your geeky friends?

After spending a week at Dragon*Con surrounded by all levels of geek into things from zombies, space, video games, and costuming.. I just want to take a moment to share some IT crowd.

♥ Moss… and love being uniquely geek with my sweet sweet style.. 🙂

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I Like Being Weird

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  1. Michael Bubb says

    "… I'm going to wave my freak flag high!"
    – Jimi

  2. HEATHER FAY says


  3. Brad Leclerc says

    Moss FTW

  4. JS Smith says

    Moss is my hero <3

  5. Christina Cooper says

    I love that show! And I can out-geek my friends in Star Trek. 🙂

  6. Jonathan Bethea says

    best show ever!

  7. Michael Bubb says

    richard ayoade is a terrific actor – I have seen him in other roles too

  8. Miskinak Periwinkle says

    *wishes there were more Mosses in the world. 

    Hmmm… I think I out-geek most on the expanse not depth of my geekiness. A LOT of things interest me, but nothing specific enough to be a specialist geek.

    omgosh, that sounds good. *updates profile

  9. Ugo Ano says

    The geek in me made me spend my spare time trying to recreate Iron Man's Jarvis System.

    No, really… + Cyman System™ 

  10. Glenn Deakin says

    i really wish i was a geek, im rubbish with computers

  11. Amanda Blain says

    Geek isn't just computers though + Glenn Deakin its anything you are super passionate about… could be cooking recipes or tv shows… 🙂

  12. Akash Dahal says

    weirds guys r the ones wWHO Change Da WOrlD

  13. Benedict Corpuz says

    0118 999 881 999 119 725….3

  14. Amanda Blain says

    + Ugo Ano That app is freaking AWESOME!… Neat 😀 have you updated the voice with jellybean voice?

  15. Glenn Deakin says

    Gaming then, im not bad for a 37 yr old!

  16. Cheng Toyercity says

    MOSS!!! I love you

  17. Héctor Daniel Nuñez Guadarrama says

    32 decimals of Pi

  18. Amanda Blain says

    Heheheh thats awesome + Héctor Daniel Nuñez Guadarrama 

  19. Glenn Deakin says

    How do you highlight names like that?

  20. Amanda Blain says

    + and their name… 

  21. SHI Moonmoonbird says

    Your words must be very inspiring for some people…Like me…

  22. Steven Sauls says

    @ plus their name works too just like on facebook

  23. Glenn Deakin says

    Thanks + Amanda Blain , one step closer to geekdom!!!

  24. Claudio Dawson d'Angelis says


  25. David Wollmann says

    Moss is my hero. He makes great bras, too.

  26. Augusto Gomes says

    Does workaholic count?

  27. Adam Fulton says

    "I'll just put this over here with the rest of the fire."

  28. Claudio Dawson d'Angelis says

    + Adam Fulton Fire. Exclamation mark. Fire. Exclamation mark.

  29. Anna W. says

    Great saying first of all. I read the Geek's Guide to World Domination (be afraid, beautiful people) by Garth Sundem IT REALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. I'm more geeky and hilarious than ever. MTFBWY!

  30. Bugatti Murcielago says

    i m weird… Girls say dt

  31. Michelle Moriarty says

    I love Moss!

  32. Claudio Dawson d'Angelis says

    legendary moment:  The Internet In A Box!

  33. Nabe Ali says

    Nise photo

  34. Ugo Ano says

    + Amanda Blain  thanks! Mine has had a British male voice since ICS, but I can't seem to access the Google Now voice… grrr…!

    I sent you a Google+ post about Cyman a while ago, been a mini (and geeky) obsession over the last year or so! I really wanted Iron Man's Jarvis!

  35. chamz liwo says

    thats cute guy

  36. Brian Dexter says

    Want to hang out

  37. Felipe Perez says

    Wow! Hairstyle!

  38. Brian Dexter says

    Lets hangout

  39. Brian Dexter says

    I'm a heavy equipment operator geek

  40. Dhiraj Kadare says

    No haircut since long

  41. Felipe Perez says

    But is not a hair to show

  42. Amanda Blain says

    + Ugo Ano i miss all the things.. sorry 🙂

  43. Felipe Perez says

    I´m sorry Amanda. I said about the hair is extravaganza

  44. Rob Elliott says

    It's ashame the US version with him never went anywhere. I almost saw that horrible movie "the Watch" just because he was in it.

  45. Brian Dexter says

    Don't understand your email

  46. Brian Dexter says

    Love weird people

  47. Dana Raper says

    …and he's got such a hot ear! 😉 

  48. Rodney Stroman says

    Weird guys created technology (:

  49. Ugo Ano says

    Please + Amanda Blain people are busy! 🙂

  50. Brad Herrington says

    + Amanda Blain have you tried turning it off and on again? Praying Aunt Irma doesn't visit all the geeks in this post

  51. John Jackson says

    Great TV Show "IT Crowd"  …

  52. Tim Hunt says

    I love Moss, and IT Crowd!
    "Box fresh!"
    As for geekiness, probably Star Wars info – I think I've read 60+ of novels thus far, not to mention countless graphic novels, information collections, rpg books… thank god I married a similarly geeky chick!

  53. Brian Dexter says

    Your weird

  54. Stacy S says

    + Amanda Blain you are weird indeed.

  55. deion webster says


  56. Jeffrey Haines says

    Amanda I'm going to eat you up so they could cookies

  57. deion webster says

    really i would like that

  58. Rajesh Kumar says

    O yaa

  59. deion webster says

    yeah, would  you like to know who you are talking to.

  60. Rodney Stroman says

    + Amanda Blain did you get my message thru messenger?

  61. brian james says

    Be happy with who you are, it makes it easier for others to be happy with you.

  62. Stacy S says

    Yea, what he said!

  63. Aaron Brown says

    My Co-Workers make a huge deal when I say I do not know. "Oh My god you said I Do not know?  I did not think that was possible…"  That is not even sarcasm 🙂  When you work in a technical environment and are considered a know it all, that is not a bad thing, it is a complement! 

  64. edgar martinez says

    i loved THE IT CROWD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame only have 4 seasons

  65. Matthew Cadman says

    IT Crowd is awesome. If you guys like IT Crowd you may enjoy Father Ted, it's written by the same people, and about 3 priests living on a remote irish island, where anything can and does usually happen.

  66. edgar martinez says

    and….. have IT guys in it?

  67. Matthew Cadman says

    No, different guys acting in it, but really funny, similar humor as IT Crowd.

  68. Thanuja Seneviratne says

    lol all the IT guys are weird dude….

  69. steven cunningham says

    + Matthew Cadman Did you ever see the Father Ted episode with the milk man and the bomb on the milk float…. Funniest thing ever!!!!

  70. Mike Wyner says

    Sorry I missed you here + Amanda Blain .  From your picture of the Walking Dead panel, I'd say we were about 15' from each other.

    I'm a drudgeon*, clearly.

    *IT Crowd reference. 

  71. Amanda Blain says

    ahhh then you missed all the G+ meetups + Mike Wyner next year 🙂

  72. Mike Wyner says

    I did.  I was off the Internet and there with my son for all four days + Amanda Blain .

    Next year!

  73. Cass Edwards says

    <3 Moss – and I know the real person the character is based on (friend of scriptwriter) he has a pretty good sense of humor about it 🙂

  74. olayinka sulyman says

    god will help u on yr way

  75. Matthew Cadman says

    + steven cunningham Yes seen pretty much all Father Ted episodes lmao at the milk man one. All those babies with facial hair…….wait a minute you have a beard!!! You're not a milk man are you? 🙂

  76. donald hakala says

    I am the only underground geek I know.. Literally I work 900 feet underground!

  77. hira khan says

    this boy has the curly bad hair hahahahaha

  78. brian james says

    Geek is Good (the original line from the movie Wall Street). The Geek is often depicted as a clueless syncopated dancer to the beat of his own drummer but the Geek in my mind is one of the very heights of cool -that rugged individual that has the courage to live life by his own rules -though those rules maybe heavily influenced by Dragons and Dungeons. If it wasn't for Geeks I couldn't be sending this message electronically.   

  79. Steve Ingels says

    Amazingly great show btw! 🙂

  80. Nicole Lock says

    I've been watching that show this week… Too funny.love the one where they go to the theater!!!

  81. octa viri says

    weird is different for another
    weird is specially just you.
    weird is think out of the book. weird GREAT LIFE TO LIVE

  82. Lacerant Plainer says

    The 'IT Crowd' oh! been some time:)

  83. Nur Hossain says


  84. Lacerant Plainer says

    Have to love the folk at the Cons. Geekgirlcon was awesome I'm told.

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