1. Kevin Dinneen says

    Can't wait

  2. fathul bari says

    amanda ok

  3. Mike Sullivan says

    I wish Carl would just go away. That character annoys me.

  4. Christina Cooper says

    Carl kills me. Lol. Like seriously, I was yelling at the screen at least once an episode.

  5. Ned Pearson says

    Oh my God, they killed Carl,
    Those bastards!

  6. Jason Doolittle says

    + Christina Cooper No kidding! And, Lori was ALWAYS clueless as to his whereabouts. 

    I'm just sayin'…if I had a kid and dead people were walking around, I'd [email protected]$%^(* know where that kid was AT ALL TIMES!

  7. David Kester says

    Lol, Carl get your ass in the house! How many times do I have to tell you!? You come off that porch again and I am going to light that ass up!

  8. Ned Pearson says

    Oh my God people,
    Why cant you just leave Carl alone?
    Why, why, why?


  9. David Kester says

    But on another note, I love my walking dead. I have been a fan sine season one and loyal till this day. I am even preparing myself for a zombie apocalypse and stocking up on supplies. Who is with me on taking over a Walmart if it happens?

  10. Ned Pearson says

    Ill get the crash car ready!

  11. Mike Sullivan says

    I'll go for the Costco. Bulk food warehouse ftw

  12. Jason Doolittle says

    + David Kester Forget Walmart. I'm going for a Costco or a Gander Mountain 🙂

  13. David Kester says

    OK, any Costco or Walmart. I never knew Costco carried ammo and weapons. I know Walmart dose. 

  14. Ned Pearson says

    I got the crash car ready, where am I going?
    Costco, sams club, Walmart, google?

    The man already bit off the face of the homeless man, and there were other reports as well!

    Oh, will we still have the internet?
    No? Well what good is this iPhone?
    Yes, ah good, I havr an Android in the back seat,
    Say hello Freddy!

  15. Manny Trejo says

    I can't wait till The Walking Dead comes back!

  16. Ned Pearson says

    I can, im on dish network,
    Cant get my roku to come in!
    Havent yet started watching breaking bad!

  17. ??????? ???????? says


  18. ??????? ???????? says

    how are y ?

  19. ricardo vieirade sa says

    you are in the best….is a beautiful…

  20. Ernesto Laracuente says

    Annoying carl

  21. Qaiser Bhatti says

    Experience the Power of Something GOOD Always Happening to You!

  22. Francis Bliven says

    Dont you ever say anything intelligent?

  23. MehdiBavi Bavimehdi says

    Salam azizam

  24. Michael Canton says

    Lovin' it!

  25. Joel Gentleman says

    Is that one of those death panels Sarah Palin used to rant about?

  26. toni Lindsey says

    best show on tv …can,t wait….

  27. toni Lindsey says

    love maggie.

  28. Andy Pujangga says

    yes it is true

  29. Miskinak Periwinkle says

    Dangit. Looks like Costco and Walmart will be crowded… DIBS on the 7-11s!

  30. James Hancock says


  31. jalil motevallizadeh says

    you are very beauty

  32. Joseph Emmanuel says

    u re so beautiful

  33. Ned Pearson says

    So I just broke into the 7-11,
    Turns out they were still open,
    Who stays open past midnight?

  34. Arbian Yanto says

    I like this. .

  35. Manolo Perez Titos says

    Hello Amanda

  36. raja chinna says


  37. jaffar jaya dilaga says


  38. gurpreet singh says

    hello Amanda hw ru nice……….

  39. ivan monterrosa says

    hello amanda

  40. Syed Asadullah says

    he u r very nice

  41. Riki Pratama says


  42. Ben Greico says

    huh??? what was that all about?

  43. arun fikkie says


  44. Ben Greico says

    ooops!!!!!!!!! my bad just looked and didn't read the caption that was with it. Walking dead dude that panel really rocks I love the show.

  45. El mostafa Bouiyaoui says

    nice photo

  46. Jeffrey Haines says

    You're the best from the rest im and S

  47. Sanusi Olufunke Blessing says

    hi pals,can i get 2 knw ur emails

  48. akindele akinwole says

    dis is mine![email protected]

  49. Med Larbi Dkhili says

    dommage amanda je ne comprends que le français

  50. Manolo Perez Titos says

    No capto tus sugerencias. Quizas sean insinuaciones que desde mi cultura no llego a entender, saludos bb.

  51. Mike Madachik says

    I've often wondered if the kids in walking dead are kinda messed up… Some of the other actors look absolutely terrifying as zombies:-!

  52. Ajamufua Blessing says

    i love zombie movie

  53. jaffar jaya dilaga says

    do u want 2 knw my add.?

  54. Craig Cason says

    Very cool, who was featured at the panel?

  55. Diego Araujo says

    a utima ceia sei

  56. Simo Ranya says

    Bizo amanda

  57. Manolo Perez Titos says

    La verdad, de verdad es que no veo ningun fantasma, saludos en cualquier caso.

  58. montenegro tserewanhitse says

    eu gostei amanda blain

  59. jalil motevallizadeh says

    this picture is very nice

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