1. Joe Gammon says

    Good to have a nice cuppa

  2. Anjlee Bhatt says

    Sounds perfect!

  3. hoang luu says


  4. Mohamed Blili says


  5. hoang luu says


  6. Jon Emmett says

    Amen Sister!

  7. Josh Peckham says

    I could use a cup… Have a great weekend + Amanda Blain

  8. leonard chikumba says

    lts share

  9. Sabine Grabner says

    good morning to you..
    or as we would say here right now, good afternoon ;-))

  10. henry tamayo says

    I am a coffee country, remains the king of drinks

  11. Ronald Czik says


  12. Crystal King says

    I definitely agree with this!

  13. Caffeintality Fatality says

    time for another dose…

  14. Aaron Clinton says

    I need to make some

  15. John Okula says


  16. Maryanne Smith says

    Totally agree!

  17. carrera manuel says

    salut jeanne

  18. Alexandre Pina says

    thks, 4U2…

  19. John Matlick says

    interesting, i have developed a line of revolutionary coffees. Tri-Roast, CocaMocha Java in Caff, Half Caff, and Decaff all organic and heavy on the Mocca for dessert, and relying on Chiapas for Blend for the morning "Meal". Looking for partners with the ability to take the ball and run.

  20. Mike Quatrini says

    + Lori N + Mary Bach you two might agree with this… not me though lol

  21. carrera manuel says

    ciao jeanne

  22. Dennis Wilson says

    Sitting enjoying my second mug right now. Think I'll have a third.

  23. Natalie Saliba says

    Ahh caffiene ?

  24. Rosario DiPeri says

    I agree. But what kind and how is it prepared? At home, "Eight O"Clock" ground in a French press. Four table spoon for one cup. Perfect! Mobile and on the run? DunkinDoughnuts? Thumbs down since my daughter told me about the roaches there. Plus they wipe the germs off their hands as they put the lid on the cup for you. Starbucks? No taste. And the same problem with filthy hands wiping all over the lid as they put it on. I go to Wegmans self service and get my coffee. I can put my own lid on.

  25. mamiko ookawa says


  26. Sean Williams says


  27. Rod Uding says

    This should be on the "What's Hot" list already!

  28. Amreet Kaur says


  29. Mohamed Blili says

    You Can Make A Lot Off 

  30. Armando Ruiz says

    i agree

  31. Puja Rani says


  32. kukuh yogo says

    like this..

  33. Jason Cline says

    Gotta have it.

  34. Mohit Nagpal says

    A cup of coffee…….cool.

  35. Chris Lang says

    Sipping now…

  36. Jason Passchier says

    funny, I was just taking my first sip of it, as I made my first click of the day to this page… damn you chris!

  37. Benson Inoo says

    I give a cheer

  38. Michael Hodge says

    A morning sip toast to you, + Amanda Blain . Group Hug

  39. Benson Inoo says

    I give a cheer

  40. Jim Peoples says

    A beverage after my own heart!

  41. Mohit Nagpal says

    A cup of coffee…….cool.

  42. carrera manuel says

    ciao jeanne ca va?

  43. ?? says

    i dont like coffee

  44. Kip Richards says

    Couldn't have said it any better

  45. ?? says

    it can make you have a cance

  46. Ron Sims says

    "Be a coffee-drinking individual – espresso yourself!" 

  47. ?? says

    but the doctor tell me don't have ti

  48. Marcos Loyola says

    You're right…

  49. Zoey Garrett says

    Lol Ron sims

  50. Dewayne White says


  51. Sandeep Chaudhary says

    nice coffee..

  52. Jacquelyn Armstrong says

    I totally AGREE :))

  53. maryanto porodo says

    god pass time to naight…

  54. chebbi nizar says

    I liked you and I want to marry you:)

  55. Jimmi Fitch says

    Amen to that!

  56. Michael Lambert says

    About to have a cup of "breakfast"!!  lol

  57. Sarah Broadhurst says


  58. pinky georgina says


  59. Jason Ritchie says

    hhahahahahaha thats funny

  60. Shawn Terry says

    You know…  I think that's why I'm feeling down today.  My wife asked if I wanted coffee and I said no.  Stupid, stupid me.  Now I have to make my own pot.

  61. Syeda Midhat says

    it's correct

  62. Jason Ritchie says

    + Shawn Terry Think before your wife asks do you want coffee…. Its the most important meal of the day! 

  63. bonnie frecklehorn says

    i love coffee

  64. pooja priya says

    i too love coffee

  65. Shawn Terry says

    + Jason Ritchie I will next time.  Even if I don't want any, at least it will be there.  In my defense, she came in to wake me up but ended up laying with me.  Can't blame me for not wanting her to get up right then

  66. Kathryn Tumber says


  67. Henrick Wiesehofer says

    Sure brow. XD

  68. Catalina Rowland says

    I like coffee its yummy 

  69. Lashay Daniels says

    I love coffee cause it makes u hipper ytht us my faborote thing bout coffee:)

  70. Asmaa Yess says


  71. Catalina Rowland says


  72. Nobby Taguchi says

    I love morning coffee. I can smell it.

  73. Lilli Cesarini says

    Ive never had coffee my mom says im too young

  74. Mj Jenkins says


  75. Catalina Rowland says

    My mom only let's me drink decaffe coffee

  76. Samantha Code says

    Love me some coffee…
    + Amanda Blain – always love your posts! Keep up the good work

  77. Briheem Knu says

    Definitely coffee for the day. Keeps me from drinking when stressed..

  78. darth maddie says


  79. Padhu Sankar says

    Very true 

  80. ug jewellery says

    Malaysia coffee is very nice expecially "old town white coffee" come and try …….

  81. Nick DantzlerW. says

    It makes me sick to drink coffee with no food in my belly

  82. Heydi Maria Flores Cruz says

    + Jennys Soto esto es para vos y vos + Francis Zamora 

  83. Lilli Cesarini says


  84. Anthony Boynes says

    I'm not a big coffee drinker, but at it has become essential to have at least one cup on the days when I have to work.

  85. ???? ??????? says

    It's so true! I can't start my day without a cup of coffee!;-)XD

  86. Leo Deegan says

    That's what I've been telling people all along, + Amanda Blain . I'm glad we're on the same page.

  87. ug jewellery says

    At malaysia almost people like to drink coffee and tea mix together we call it " Cham" taste very …… Very nice for who don't like coffee. And also people who like coffee.really.

  88. Mohamed Blili says

    Thank You Very Mutche 

  89. Stan Wilcox says

    As I read this, all sleepy, with a hot, steaming cup in my hands, I realize the truth of this statement and vow to treasure each sip.

  90. Meron Shoptaw says

    I really need this on a t-shirt!

  91. Iris Wang says


  92. Stephanie Christy says

    i agree…  2 cups of coffee to start my day 😀

  93. Maddie Lyons says

    i freken hate coffe it need to go die in a hole byy coffee ewwww

  94. Abdul Faizal says


  95. Janine Greger says

    True unless ur not tierd but o am so ya it is ….

  96. fareedah adebayo says

    yup uless your not tired

  97. kimberly hoppe says


  98. Magdalen Black says


  99. staypuff mashmallow says

    who wants to play with stay puff come see my page

  100. Mugdha Thareja says

    haha… but not in summers

  101. Amelia Joy Horan says


  102. Lydia Halican says

    That's how my mom feels. And she really cranky when she doesn't get her coffee in the morning.

  103. Isabel Gawalek says

    The most important meal of the day is the food of the Spirit, that is reading and meditating on the word daily to feed my soul and spirit.  Growing in the faith and not on any religion but the Holy Word that is the only inspiration for my body, my soul and my spirit being strong!!

  104. Bobbie Booyse says

    it's the best lunch and dinner too …what do you mean??

  105. Marc Aupiais says

    Hilarious! Bad for you though!

  106. julene derolus says

    thts kinda tru

  107. Hannah Bolerjack says

    SO true

  108. shubham raj says

    I don't drink coffee!

  109. Mohamed Blili says

    No thing is TRUE in our life 

  110. Ravinder Piska says

    happy joy most important for life

  111. Desire Bishop says

    thats going to be meh friends motto

  112. Srikanth Panthula says

    not only coffee

  113. Lynsey Surridge says

    coffee it literally my breakfast every morning for the diet I am on. Increases your metabolism. FYI adding cinnamon to you diet is also supposed to help. 

  114. arup mandal says

    Imp for drug addicts ……………..

  115. rosidah rosdi says


  116. Jay Shah says

    coffee is a drug!

  117. paolo corradini says

    ma che voi………………..

  118. claudia gonzalez says

    i love coffe

  119. Nicole Zeisler says

    Thats soo true!!

  120. Ravinder Piska says

    it is most want for we

  121. Ajmal Rifath says

    neither coffee nor tea is better

  122. Chris George says

    I'm having something a bit stronger coz it's my birthday.

  123. Eric Christopher says


  124. ronnie sabaldan says

    That's true for coffee lovers; but i still prefer green tea. ;-))

  125. Anthony Duran says

    5 hour energy! When you gotta get stuff done!

  126. Lori Riedinger says

    I'll drink to that

  127. lichen li says


  128. pinky georgina says


  129. Lashay Daniels says

    Add me as yur friend and we can chat on the chat messengers thing

  130. Michelle Reece says

    if you like coffee check this up http://www.mnreece.organogold.com/

  131. Mma AL.A says

    exactly !!!

  132. Jane Brown says

    Thanks 😉 U2!!

  133. madhulal popular says

    I Like Coffe verry much…

  134. Judy Ingersoll says

    Here in farm country in West Michigan, fresh fruits are out.  Breakfast with coffee and donuts at one of the farms with an old friend early in the morning is the most fun and enjoyable to just shoot the breeze.

  135. sigit thesantos says

    java coffee is very good

  136. Marc Nguyen says

    This is exactly how I feel!!

  137. Sherif Kholeif says

    Have you tried a good light breakfast and a black tea in the morning while taking your coffee two or three hours after. There is a big difference. Coffee alone is too heavy for the DT especially if it is black and on an empty stomach.

  138. Harry Farquharson says

    I second that I am a coffee lover.

  139. Farah Ayaz Jalan says

    its tea for me

  140. victoiria victoire says

    je m´apel victoria et j´aime votre foto

  141. Hedei Arias says

    Amen to that, coffee is an essential part of my day

  142. jasmine kh says

    i drink turkish coffee every morning with my ciggaret after the breakfast

  143. Maiya Praegel says


  144. Mala Jahmuseray says

    I somuch like coffee at anytime of the day or night.

  145. sidra syed says

    no  ..

  146. Tanja Papadopoulou says

    That's sooo true!

  147. mairead smith says

    oh yes any time, its just great.

  148. Morgan Kirl says

    i hate coffee

  149. Samantha Ceja says

    i hate coffee

  150. sharon la rosa says

    i hate coffee

  151. Ibrahim Musa says

    Thanks for sweet post 🙂

  152. Umair Abbas says

    good one…

  153. Ken K. says

    Yes coffee is  !! lol

  154. Preston Shankle says

    You guys are idiots. Coffee rocks.

  155. Mikayla Moss says

    ha ha

  156. Bernadine M says

    I totally agree:)

  157. kylie lilly says

    haha lol most people will say dhat

  158. Nobby Taguchi says

    I was in Macdonald for my breakfast. I just ate apple pie with coffee
    there. So, what did you have for your breakfast today?

  159. Kevin Powers says

    ahem to that

  160. Vaibhav Krishnakumar says

    Haha nice one 😉

  161. Arif Khan says

    well i prefer juices , shakes

  162. Tia Lewis says


  163. Chuck Snyder says


  164. Caroline Rukstales says

    my mom would agree 2!

  165. joshua bencosme says

    i agree..lol

  166. Rose Norris says

    SO TRUE!!!!!!

  167. lisa li says


  168. Wilma Agosto says

    Great, love my coffee. That my breakfast.

  169. Jerry Rodriguez says



    AH MINE TOO!!!!!!!

  171. Jalin Wan Siu says

    i love the "coffee" handwriting

  172. Si Bohrer says

    Dunkin' Donuts moca late

  173. Joshua Demian says

    i didnt know my mom had google+!

  174. budi santosa says

    Coffe morning

  175. genesis barrientos says

    Dunkin' Donuts  rocks

  176. Shahrukh Ismail says


  177. Ashlyn Alexander says

    i love coffee.if i stopped drinkin it baaad things would happen

  178. sofia griguer says


  179. Kush Khan says

    I ? Coffee 😀

  180. ????? ??????? says


  181. Manuel Cruz says

    Dopamine food, yesss!

  182. Sherry Ervin says

    Soooooo TRUE!

  183. Okta Hernandez says

    yeah…. moodbooster in d morning.

  184. Aleina Brown says

    coffee is the part of the day I look forword to 

  185. Saiko Shiroto says

    every day it's true

  186. daphne espinoza says

    thats so stupid were not 333000 years old dumas f******* u

  187. Brigid Kilner says

    shouldnt it say "mealssss"

  188. Nathaly Corrales says

    Very true.

  189. Regina Goetz says


  190. Me Fillion says

    Coffee is not important at all!

  191. Mohamed Abbés says


  192. David Turner says

    Too true

  193. Ammar Mg says


  194. Dustin Harwood says

    Sure, if you want to have a heart attack.

  195. isaac smith says


  196. kelsey brook says


  197. Tamsin Louise says

    but coffee's a drink not a meal #confused

  198. Melissa Denson says

    I start about every day with coffee (I work at a coffee roasterie) 🙂

  199. D Paul says

    I agree! Can't function without my cup of Coffee..

  200. Michael Rivera Mason says

    mhhmm coffee and fried chiken with french fries yummi.

  201. hugo isntbi says

    fucking hate coffee v.v

  202. Crystal Franklin says

    Dirking Cofee Right NOW mmmmmm

  203. Tanki Teneg says

    I second that, SB no taste whatsoever

  204. Luigi Adamo says

    I have to agree after French toast.

  205. Anubis De León says

    Totally agree.

  206. Rose Brownadut says

    My son gave me a refrigerator magnet that says coffee first and then your mundane bullshit!!!!!!!! LOL

  207. Martin Glastetter Jr says

    fo' sho

  208. Melvin Leyba L. says

    coffe isn´t breakfast… it doesn´t give strengh

  209. Azam Bhatti says


  210. ??? ?????? ?????? says

    Yes, in case with u

  211. Prèèny Mary says


  212. Roslan Mohd Habeb says

    As early morning ……coffee or internet.

  213. Aaron Brown says

    Too tired to make breakfast, need coffee…

  214. tanya paille cloutier says


  215. Martin Patras says

    Hi, thanks for the coffee I gave but also with you somewhere, Fr Martin

  216. Charlotte Shepherd says

    Just like the Dunkin Doughnuts slogan, say "I run on coffee" instead of on Dunkin. Thanks Amanda for sharing!!!!

  217. Katia Livingston says

    that is so true for me

  218. BARUN KARMAKAR says

    It is not true, am I correct?

  219. Sam Porter says

    Is this for real, is this what you folks do.

  220. Charles Cadenhead says


  221. Mustapha El Mekkaoui says

    Im agree With you . without coffee I feel not normal .

  222. Tushar Vekariya says

    yaaaaaaaaa. ……..right……..!

  223. Edwin Rotich says

    yep! dats ryt…

  224. Allen gatchalian says

    i love coffe

  225. JOHN CARTER says

    coffeeeeee is life of morning

  226. paige peters says

     I love COFFEE

  227. Robert George says

    Brewing a fine cup of Coffee…

  228. Geovanyy Batz says


  229. David Menendez says

    Reconozco q si es la mas importante pero yo por ejemplo es la q peor hago

  230. Md.Nurul Alom says

    How are you my new friend

  231. Nathaly Corrales says

    <3 I love coffee.

  232. Mary Bach says

    I agree absolutely!

  233. kelsey brook says


  234. Mohamed Blili says

    I Wiche Teake I't Together

  235. tesfaye beka says

    Wow! I love coffee very much it is natures stimulater given to man kind . Found by khalid the sheppared at the highland plateou of ( Caffa ) Ethiopia. Where it originates its name to be Coofee.

  236. Omar Alfonzo says

    yeah i like coffee

  237. ????? ??????? says

    Some times

  238. Naval Kishore says


  239. Mala Jahmuseray says

    Hello everybody

  240. Rose Norris says

    Coffee is the BEST thing EVER invented end of story!

  241. Mikayla Moss says


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