1. Rebecca Schofield says

    Now if only I could get it to work….

  2. Samuel Lugo Bueno says

    Boom Headshot*

  3. Melissa Bryan says

    Oh yay!  You dug up an old xkcd gem.  I have always loved this one.  Actually, it's one of my favorites!  Possibly because it includes two girls gaming… Lots of win!

  4. michelle moore says


  5. Chris Aultman says

    <3 war strategy and nachos.

  6. Juan Martinez says


  7. Michael Babcock says

    Reasons to use CAT-5(6) for your gaming … 😉

  8. Bill Thruman says

    I remember my first wifi modem would stop working when the microwave was on it was quite annoying

  9. Jack Burgin says


  10. Christopher Calvert says

    The lesson here: friends don't let friends game over 802.11 2.4GHz band. Cordless phones, microwaves… what could possibly go wrong? 5GHz FTW.

  11. Matthew Books says

    Alright, I admit it. That was good.

  12. Rick Curbelo says

    Bah! Real-Time gaming over wifi in the first place…

  13. Bucky O'Hair says


  14. Amanda Blain says

    Yeh.. its an older comic.. But still makes me smile 🙂

  15. Yan Gilbert says

    Luv it 🙂

  16. iesha dent says

    what up

  17. summer anderson says

    good job with this post amanda blain

  18. Stuart Duff says

    Its the gaming equivalent of running a tap while someone is in the shower 😛

  19. Ahmed Nafisul Bari says

    BOOOM ! ! !

  20. iesha dent says

    what up

  21. Balram Dabas says

    so good

  22. Amanda Blain says


  23. Bucky O'Hair says

    I want Nachos now 🙁

  24. Carla Betlem says

    That's funny.

  25. Scott Molloy says

    Nice one. We used to use a little app way back in the dial-up gaming days of early EverQuest. All you needed was someone's IP (which we got from ICQ for example) and we'd nuke people into link-death. Easy pickins!   🙂

  26. Screw Muggz says

    Hahahaa i love it!

  27. Pavlos Papageorgiou says

    Always use the cable!

  28. Adam Guerbuez says

    looking for marry

  29. Thresa Schriefer says


  30. Daniel Campbell says

    Amanda you do great post!

  31. krupal baraiya says

    nice 1 🙂

  32. Thulacksha Thayarooban says

    smart chick! LOL

  33. Steve Tose says

    What was the mouseover text from this one? Anyone know which number comic this was? Great post + Amanda Blain 

  34. emileide santos de jesus says

    Gostaria de enteder o q vcs dizem……

  35. suraj casey says


  36. Nicholas Gatewood says

    Oh my god, I just went to the microwave to heat up some food and my sister was playing trashy music on her laptop in the kitchen. I asked her to turn it down, she didn't, I started heating up the food and her music stop. Literally happened ten minutes ago, this is the first time I've ever learned of this. What luck, right?

  37. budi santosa says

    Ha ha ha ..,

  38. Jordan Gill says

    And Kids. This is why you never get distracted with games!.. And have friends!

  39. Luke Tinker says

    Haha love it

  40. rajendra pradhan says


  41. Patrick Wong says


  42. Yago Benítez says


  43. Mahesh Singh says

    hi how are u dear

  44. Elisan Ramon says


  45. Raju Bhaiya says

    Hi Im Fine How Ara You

  46. louise huelin says

    i love it

  47. raj rajesh says


  48. Mustafa Chelsea says

    hahaha booom in the head

  49. Deepak Kumar says

    nice baby

  50. Komarudin Neymar says


  51. Aaron Brown says


  52. Jose Alberto Durán says

    NO PROBLEM aloha hawai

  53. abdelkader oumouy says

    Paradiso amore

  54. ???? says


  55. Nick Doss says

    XD i would so do that in a online matchmaking game XD

  56. Juan Vieira says

    Que pena que nao entendo essa letra

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