1. Michael A says

    Love them, love the movies and love the thought. Why can't more people just be frackin' nice!

  2. Rob Elliott says


  3. Kristian Magda says

    vrhunski – croatian translation 🙂

  4. Shawn Latham says


  5. Brian Lampe says

    San Dimas High School footbal RULES!

  6. Mario Lombardo says

    I liked it when "Abe Lincoln" said it at the end and then added "…and party on dudes!" lol

  7. Rob Elliott says

    Don't forget 'God gave rock n roll to us'

  8. Patrick O'Neill says

    I remember watching this like it wasn't 23 years ago :/

  9. Kevin F says

    Isn't there going to be another sequel ?

  10. Michael A says

    HA HA! If they same guys made a sequel now, it would be their kids in the second generation of WYLD STALLIONS!

  11. Kevin Bowie says


  12. Mike Searle says

    This sums up my feelings quite nicely. 🙂

  13. Tara Mulder says

    I remember a school principal saying "Be excellent to each other" at a school assembly back then!

  14. Terry Busse says

    + Kari Elizabeth 

  15. Gert Sønderby says

    … And party on, dudes!

  16. Kevin F says

    I think they said it was going to be about their kids but that Keanu and the other dude would make cameo or just be secondary characters

  17. William S Walker says

    Hello + Amanda Blain 
    Thank You, EveryOne. #Insipration Sharing Is A Great Start. An Idea Unformed Yet In Flight; Humor, A Smile [email protected];b), A Quirk.

    We Are Who We Know. If We Do Not Know Anyone, We Are Still Someone. When We Take A Moment To Get To Know Someone Else We May Become Someone Else Entirely.

    Sharing Ideas, Is Like Throwing A Super Ball Into A Gymnasium. You May Not Know How many Times It Is Going To Bounce. We Can Hope To Measure It's Full Impact IF It Comes Out The Door.

    Who Knows It May Be Of A Different Color And Possibly NOT ROUND At All.

    Have A Nice Evening [email protected]?"s4x

  18. Joseph Hughes says

    Strange things happen at the circle K

    After 16 years of travel
    That statement is still true

  19. Sam Sager says

    Time do dust off the dvd and give it a watch.

  20. Rob B. says

    well said! Miss you Rufus!

  21. Amanda Blain says

    Ahhh Rufus 🙁

  22. DILEEP KUMAR T says

    nice lines

  23. Aaron Brown says

    Party on wayne!
    Most Excelent!

  24. Eric K says

    Bill and Ted's Excellent School Report
    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

  25. Eric K says

    I think + Amanda Blain is the Tom of #Myspace

  26. Eric K says

    Stop, Rewind….  google+'s equivalant to Tom from #Myspace is + Amanda Blain 

  27. donald hakala says

    Bill: So-cratz – "The only true wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing". 
    Ted: That's us, dude. 

    Love the 80's !!

  28. Rob B. says

    hey Erik + Tom Anderson  from myspace has been on here  since the beginning. 

  29. David Edwards says

    Isnt this in the bible?

  30. Amanda Blain says

    now thats a scary thought…. although i agree i can't change my profile picture + Eric K 🙂

  31. CJa Far says

    Ohh the 90s… How I miss them lol

  32. Eric K says

    + Amanda Blain isn't that like Tom?   Doesn't he use the same picture here?  Funny… Likely one of the most noticeable faces in modern history.. bet more than Clinton, Bush, or Obama… Your well on your way.. to being Excellent and frozen in time… 🙂 

  33. Makinde Sinmiloluwa says

    On point

  34. Charles Jaimet says

    Dudes and babes. A most excellent vision of the future.

  35. Joseph Seymour says

    I will your excellent to us

  36. Eric K says

    Who would have ever seen Bill as #Constantine or the #DevilsAdvocate , maybe #NEO …  

  37. akram joyia says

    good advice

  38. Eric K says

    What happened to Ted, too much #Dope?

  39. An Cung says


  40. jefferson erck says

    very nice !
    It would be a nice political slogan , if honest. 

  41. jefferson erck says

    better as a Mantra.

  42. Godsent Osagie says

    Can we be friends

  43. Anthony Espinoza says

    Totally awesome!

  44. arthur kyriazis says

    our twin boys loved this movie when they were @8 or 9.  Gosh how they laughed!

  45. Ralph H says

    I'll settle for a future of dudes and dudettes that have good listening skills, and are excellent to each other.

  46. serj peciul says


  47. Young Richard says

    yes good you know

  48. Rico Tolledo says


  49. mark Harold dela cruz says

    hi cn u be my frnd

  50. Rico Tolledo says

    Sure y not?

  51. German Alpire says

    can you write in proper English ?

  52. Young Richard says

    Yes good for me

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