1. Souleymane Conde says

    ho mon Dieu !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nastaran rezaei says

    little zombie 

  3. Daniel Fontaine says

    Just did season 1 redux in prep for October. So good. What an introduction to a series + Amanda Blain.

  4. Rod Thorell says

    That scene hooked me on the show at the start.

  5. Joe Dean says

    I HATE these long hiatuses!! 

    <<it wants its walking dead nao!!! lol

  6. Jose Roldan says

    I  can't wait for some new episodes.

  7. Raleigh Burke says

    So addicted.

  8. connie waters says

    This type of make-up is very difficult to do. But omg IT IS SO FUN!

  9. Jonathan Tanner says

    Makes me wish my children had been zombies

  10. Ramilo Holter says

    Please to meet you officer,..Sir…Do you have Spare brains I could eat..I havent eaten in a week..Brainn, Brainssssssssss…!

  11. Darrell Hoover says

    They took off AMC from Dish Network! I am so going to miss this show!

  12. Nick Doss says

    you damn well know irl that no cop would go near a kid who looks like a zombie XD if they do there stupid any way they couldn't eat there brains cuz there wouldn't be any lol XD

  13. Ryan Tempura says

    Best… Looking…zombies… Ever.

  14. David Horvath says

    WOW that's truly the best.

  15. Alexandro Günther says

    Wow… thats a dead child!!

  16. David Sarachman says

    Yeah they made a little girl totally look like an adult male cop. That's wicked! Oh and look a zombie…

  17. John Guilford says


  18. Charles Clemens says

    "Oh! you are going to try and eat my face today pleasure to meet you"

  19. Adrielly santos says


  20. Adrielly santos says

    oh my good e foob?

  21. Kevin Kerzin Jr. says

    Looks pretty good

  22. ????? ?? ???? says

    very good

  23. luisanita VV says

    amoo the walking dead……la mejor serie que mis ojos han visto en mi vida….. eso si obvio los k aman las pelis de terror… LA MEJORRR… ya kiero k sea 15 de octubreee para ver la tercera parte….

  24. mahdi kh says

    it scared bejesus outta me!!!

  25. Deon van der Schyff says


  26. Roland Mendoza says

    the best show ever no doubt!!!!! love zombies mmm zombie gummy bears yum.

  27. Paul Wallace says

    Yes me 2 in the morning lol

  28. toni Lindsey says

    and thats why you should brush twice a day every day…..and floss once .

  29. Lord Parker says

    That Ebola Virus is a bit of a Bugger isn't it?

  30. Randy Camp says

    Caption should read   "No dear, just have your ass in court on time and I won't have to come back."

  31. Mathis Conner says

    I just finished watching Season 1 about 3 months ago on Netflix… I'm hooked.  Anyone knows when Season 2 will be available on Netflix of Hulu??

  32. Jesse Valenzuela says

    Wow, this was the first part of the season.

  33. Geoffrey Barnett says

    thats nasty

  34. Alex Bynum says

    + Mathis Conner No sir, but you can get all the episodes cheap and streamed through Amazon.

  35. Geoffrey Barnett says

    get it for me and you have a cute wife

  36. Roki Hassan says


  37. Andrew D says

    It's funny how some kids are being used to make movies, series, tv shows and what else tv has to offer, but they're not allowed to watch them shows, movies etc. Kinda ironic. . . . .no?

  38. Ned Pearson says

    Hopefully dish network can get the roku to me before october, so far no luck!

  39. Alex Bynum says

    + Andrew D She is old enough to watch the show.

  40. toni Lindsey says

    dish network really droped the ball on that one…..hey lets drop the network with 4 of the biggest shows on it too save a little $

  41. Andrew D says

    What's it rated? Kindergarden?

  42. Alex Bynum says

    Lol, rated.

  43. Anton Young says


  44. Linda Duenas says

    Love the series .

  45. Ned Pearson says

    + toni Lindsey
    I can understand what they did, and dish did not drop the ball, it was amc!
    Amc wanted more money than dish was offering, and now they dont want to be a part of dish. Dish has decided to give out roku players because of this, but for five weeks now they havent shipped it. We keep calling called this week, and they said itbwas supposed to have been here two weeks ago! Havent recieved it. So they sent another, havent recieved it. Called again today, and they said it should be here within the next three days, or sometime next week!
    So far, i cant watch breaking bad, the killing, and the only one that matters, walking dead! Oh and lets not forget mad men.
    Both companies have dropped the ball, but dish is really doing it to us, by not supplying us with roku! I know they are cheap enough, i could go buy one, but if its on its way, then i dont want to waste money!
    Anyone know if i can watch on wii, ps3, ios or android?

  46. Steven Leibowitz says

    The expression on that little girls face is frightening!

  47. toni Lindsey says

    walking dead,supernatural,warehouse 13,….all awesome,…maggie(farmers daughter) was on supernatural,she played a thief. love her british accent.

  48. Cookie Christopher says

    This show is my all time favorite.

  49. toni Lindsey says

    i agree,…the prison in season 3 looks so real…..but its a hand built set….love the time they put into this show…hope merl shows up..and crap hits the fan .

  50. muhammed temiz says

    hi sweet

  51. Deanna Mc-V says

    Love walkingdead

  52. toni Lindsey says

    the re airing of of the first episode in black & white was awesome.

  53. Keiona Anderson says

    Just think if this picture was given to someone who never saw the show. Yikes

  54. toni Lindsey says

    see honey this is why we don,t run with scissor,s.

  55. hai ninh le says

    Nhin cô bé th?t ?áng th??ng ,

  56. Randy Camp says

    "American Horror Story is great too Can't wait until the new season. I believe it is October 11th..

  57. Cameron Raichbach says

    Is she really dead

  58. Angela Kim says


  59. Christopher Aeria says

    Times were so much simpler back then.  One bullet to the head and everything was right as rain; before the realization that everyone is infected and crazy Governors are herding zombies…

  60. Ernesto Laracuente says

    Hello before I kill you

  61. Carlos Lopez says

    my son loves that show.

  62. donald hakala says

    Walking Dead, Fringe, Dr  Who, Once upon a Time, Grimm, Supernatural….Love the fall TV season!!

  63. Maria Bauer-Rowe says

    Holy mother nature! Das some good makeup artist! KUDOS!!

  64. Shondra Yelverton says

    Love this show… keeps me up nites.

  65. Brennan Coleman says

    Little Girl: Hello, officer.
    Rick: I'm going to shoot you in a few minutes

  66. Julio Lagara says

    + Amanda Blain That first episode from season one was what got me hooked immediately.

  67. Ihab Mezerreg says

    I always wondered how the hell they got the little girl to seem like her whole jaw was bit off. Great show!

  68. Ruby Santillano says

    same here first time i saw this i got hooked too. my husband n I love this show

  69. Carlos Najarro says

    Gotta love the walking dead

  70. hiba alzayatna says

    oh my god 

  71. Ned Pearson says

    What would happen if a bullet to the head could not stop the zombies?

  72. nora fayad says

    Oh my god I'm obsessed with it

  73. Jason Burak says

    Baking powder a little water and some red dye make good blood

  74. ernst richards says

    A true professional would take bath salts!

  75. Anastasia Ginting says

    oohh.. it's so scream x_x

  76. niamh moran says

    she looks like a zombi

  77. Jamil Mastana says


  78. willy maratama says

    very look like  a zombbie..

  79. bandale isaac says


  80. willy maratama says


  81. bandale isaac says

    now we know Bs taste

  82. Ned Pearson says

    Just heard the first episode of the third season will have the prison collase when the main character get in the air!

  83. Rajesh Kumar says

    Very bed

  84. ib lucky says

    may i believe

  85. subham bisht says

    this one is not good

  86. ib lucky says

    still trying to be brave

  87. subham bisht says

    you are beautiful amanda really

  88. keith williams says

    Can't wait for the season premier.

  89. BÜLENT YILMAZ says

    Oh my god

  90. Sunny Verma says

    she looks amazing in makeup

  91. Pavel Gut says

    this sheriff must be careful 🙂   

  92. Kib? Al says

    i don't know  that show but good work the photo really really shocked me…..you are right amazing work

  93. nana kwame says

    God always want us to be kind 2 every body.

  94. Parker Pentz says

    i wish the annoying black guy would get eaten.

  95. Muhammad Zubair says


  96. Cameron Raichbach says

    Kinda kreepy

  97. Jason Burak says

    Do you all like my, I am legend it only took me 3 hour's to make with the music special affects scenes I even acted in it I like to make peaple think are we living a life as a zombie doing all the same routines running like a madman everywhere gotta go gonna be late Alice in wonderland the only the only cure is God be real not just rotting flesh can our brains work as 1 and repair our earth our mother are home well I can and I did say I would my creatures will be down here to help out so don't flip out man godbless peace ')

  98. Prabath Rathnasiri says

    what hapen to this girl

  99. Nazeer Baloch says

    very nice film

  100. Abhishek raj says

    all over is fantastic

  101. Oluyi Samuel says

    It a nice film

  102. Ned Pearson says

    So i just heard,
    "The zombies are coming!"

  103. ib lucky says

    scary Alice ,how long must  we fear you

  104. grace Arellano says

    Right? You are just a lil. Girl

  105. Ned Pearson says

    Alice in wonderland,
    Alice in chains!
    Alice in pornoland,
    With so much to take!

  106. muhammad ariel says

    i am so afraid with zoembi, because here in the aceh nothing lake that…

  107. ib lucky says

    no need to fear soon Alice will have a new hobby

  108. amin raziani says


  109. devid corvins says

    this emotionalyaatyachar

  110. dante santiago amao vargas says

    que escena !the walking dead lo maximo!

  111. Mukta Bhatnagar says

    very nice…:-)

  112. lelou angle says


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