This Painting Recently Sold For $37 Million Dollars

The paining is called Peinture (Etoile Bleue)… from the Spanish Artist Joan Miro….. 

The pink splash bit really is my favorite part… 😉

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This Painting Recently Sold For $37 Million Dollars

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  1. Rory Swan says

    My niece drew me this same pic last week for a stick of gum

  2. Aaron Brown says

    My 3yr old son totally just drew something like that on my white board!  IM RICH!!!

  3. Scott Schneider says

    What a bargain. Damn me for not bringing my checkbook. 

  4. Hogan Courrier says

    some people have more money than brains.  My 11 year old could do a better painting than that.

  5. Meredith Wiles says

    i think i drew something like that when i was 3

  6. Guy Eastwood says

    I shall set my children to work immediately! They can easily produce stuff like this!

  7. Steve Mayne says

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

  8. mark ramos says

    who the hell you kidding? this is something that a 4 year old could have slopped together in class. 

  9. Nicholas Hrycun says

    I guess I just don't get it. 

  10. Adam Wood says

    What's the story behind this? that might be what actually sold

  11. Tah Teche says

    The kinds of things people call art:

  12. Andrew Cowley says

    I guess it would take just under 4 min. to create this. So that's $10m a min. give or take. Not a bad day at the office.

  13. Jose Lopez says

    I'm pretty sure that's the same sploch thats on my old rug I threw out…

  14. Yan Gilbert says

    My cat can do better.  AND scratch dirt over it.

  15. Brad Leclerc says

    Yet another reason I just don't get the art scene… especially abstract stuff.

    Subjectively thinking something is awesome is all well and good, but spending $37 million on a piece of art, no matter how awesome you think it is, seems like a waste of $36.9 Million…. give or take. 😛

  16. Jim McCloskey says

    I doodle that kind of crap all the time. But because I don't have the right last name, I'm still poor.

  17. Kim Beuther says

    What is it? Fishing?

  18. thanos troupkos says

    You just don't get it huh? It's a map to a $38 mil treasure! 

  19. Plato Nista says

    That pink thing is actually a lady in a dress–it's Cinderella, and in this modern age she's running up the stairs to snag a ride from that blue jet flying overhead. She left a big red shoe behind.

  20. Ramazan Ugras says


  21. Scott Schneider says

    I hope the individual who purchased it has buyer's remorse. 

  22. Dag Jan says

    To bring a positive note: I love it!

  23. paul santiago says

    What is that? $37M?! Oh my, I just cant help but laugh! hahaha

  24. Andrew Cowley says

    I'm not jealous of the artist I just feel really sorry for whoever paid $37m

  25. Addidis no says

    Just more proof rich people have too much money. At some point the artist is probably going to admit his 2 yr old did this. 

  26. Ralph Uy says

    Your thoughts on this painting + P E Sharpe?

    Personally, it's confusing. As the title implies, you want to look at the blue star on the top left. Even the linework is trying to lead your eyes there. The thing is, the oversaturated red spot, keeps pulling my eyes towards it, restarting the process of going back to the blue star.


    who d hell is a fool here? Dont hav tym for rubbish like this

  28. Mark Skinner says

    I see a judge, a robot and a piece of fruit being squashed by said robot…

  29. Rafael Lopez says


  30. thanos troupkos says

    Post is NOT true! The price was $36.9 million! Makes all the difference in the world! :p

  31. Brian Dillree says

    Wow, I guess I am an artist, my parents were wrong.

  32. asif mushtaq says

    37 million dollars?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  33. Sara Ewnetu says

    i think i should spend my time at day care and see all the arts the kidz making and take a picture … i wonder how much it will be sold if this on is $37.. i can only say Rich pps are really getting ridicules on everything.

  34. Thomas Maufer says

    Despite having some recognition during his career, like most artists he wasn't a wealthy person. I suppose his art is valuable because it was influential?

  35. W Bill S Walker says

    As An Insane Art Critic And Interpreter: This Is A Picture Of History News Leaks And A Truth 'er's Mental Hyroglyph For The Depiction Of The WMD Event Of 911. We Are Still Bleeding #Oil And #Iran Is Posturing For The Next False Flag Events Just In Time For The Olympics On Idiot There And Any Mention Of Iran And We Will Be Offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff #My2/cents + William S Walker 

  36. Carol Thompson says

    someones having a proper lmao….

  37. Shawn Startup says

    Look Ma!.. I drew this for you at school today… My kindergarten teacher told me you would stick it to the refrigerator 😉 LOL… 

    The crap people will waste money on WOW!!! 

    That money could have feed, clothed and supported a whole family the rest of their lives!!! 

  38. Adrian Dzikowski says

    it makes me feel squiggly…on the ocean….atop a deformed fish…with a miniature pink dress within my recesses….   😛

  39. W Bill S Walker says

    + Shawn Startup Ditto

  40. Judith Barbosa says

    That is infuriating.

  41. Adam Wood says

    Guys this probably took a whole lifetime to create based on who the person is, their story and why they made it. It could be comparable to the blood on the wall in a cell of an insane asylum that held Einstein at one point.

  42. miriam dunn says

    I have junk under my bed that looks like this 

  43. Michael Ankner says

    so sad but so true

  44. asif mushtaq says

    did you mean miriam any one give you 37 million dollars for that junk hahahahaha

  45. Sara Ewnetu says

    thumps up Miriam Dunn LMAO hehe same here girl 

  46. Mark Mruss says

    Sheesh, listen to all of the art critics. "I could have done it, I could have done it." I think that's the rallying cry whenever there is a discussion about modern art. The problem is you didn't do it. What would you prefer? Only photo-realistic Robert Bateman paintings sold for money? We have cameras for that.

  47. TJ Hamrick says

    I am in the wrong business then.  For sale many, many works of art just like this or better done by my kids.  (they are actually better).

  48. Scott Damery says

    I think he stole my vision from a 3rd grade painting I did…grrrr

  49. Sara Ewnetu says

    TJ best if u let ur kids participate on it hehe they'd do better than this one i promise ya hehe

  50. Zachary Snyder says

    Ah, makes complete sense.

  51. Noze P. says

    Nah its my cat's work!

  52. John Ward says

    + Steve Broome You've got to see this. It'll give you an aneurysm.

  53. Zachary Snyder says

    …the thing about is all is, who would pay $37 million for this?

  54. Sara Ewnetu says

    i would … like to see a creative cat than a famous artist doing this horrible job 

  55. John Ward says

    + Zachary Snyder If you do manage to find someone willing to pay 37 million for this, please introduce me to them. I have several bargains that I'll party with for only a million each.

  56. Alexander Diaz says

    What's the real kicker here is the artist itself must have already had some spectacular work in the past. So it may look like a child's drawing is something else to others, the winner of the bid must be a big collector of original art.

  57. Zachary Snyder says

    Couldn't you just take a picture with a camera/phone, print it out for all of 10¢ (if that) and use $36,999,980.00 for some more productive activities and such? Seems more rewarding.

  58. Adam Wood says

    In 1974, Miró (The artist) created a tapestry for the World Trade Center in New York City. He had initially refused to do a tapestry, then he learned the craft and produced several. His World Trade Center Tapestry was displayed for many years at the World Trade Center building. It was one of the most expensive works of art lost during the September 11 attacks. BAM! Now say something on the Patriotic July 4th

  59. Tony Soviet says

    All of that cash could use to support the humanity and it was wasted in this painting? I might not be an artist or anything but WHAT HAPPEN TO ART?????? This is simply MADNESS!

  60. Zachary Snyder says

    ^Taco Bell…makes complete sense if you don't think about it.

  61. Deborah Ajayi says

    makes no sence at all viewin it, bt i think the story behind can trow more light

  62. donald hakala says

    Wow! Why so much? IMO not one of his better paintings, doesn't even look like a "Blue Star"

  63. Afonso Sampaio says

    nah…my favorite bit is the smallest black dot…i have no words for this…i mean its sooo…..

  64. Afonso Sampaio says

    …look at the beauty on that smallest black dot….thats propa Art mate

  65. guy yak says

    #miró | peinture étoile bleue  | blue star | is an important masterpiece for various reasons and it sold as the impressionistic lead among #sothebyslondon | as an iconic piece the auction price is relatively minor when compared to  #christiesnewyork sale of #rothko orange | red | yellow for usd86.9m  | when evaluating these paintings as investments the variables are placed within #criticalpoints | sometimes the idea is superior to the execution |

  66. paul santiago says

    Only suckers would buy that. I can relieve myself on a concrete wall and it would look much, much better than that. : )

  67. Carol Mckenna says


  68. Aaron Eichhorst says

    The reason it's called "High Art" is because you have to be really fucking high on drugs to see any value in it.

  69. Johnny Flores says

    alike ot

  70. John Michael Quires says

    You joking right?? that for $37 million?

  71. donald hakala says

    I guess that's why they call them "starving artists", you can't make that kind of money when you're alive

  72. Zachary Snyder says

    Maybe they'll just do anything for food?

  73. David Baker says

    Maybe it was the artists first painting as a child ….

  74. Iggy Santisteban says

    I would like to know who would pay $37 million for that?


    very shot pay 47

  76. Jeff Milner says

    Money laundering.

  77. Allen Pollard says

    Just shows how stupid its all got

  78. Pablo Wladimir Román Vinueza says

    en tus fotos estas muy hermosa tienes una mirada de angel

  79. ariho osbert says

    hw is that possible

  80. Allen Pollard says

    Angel by Fred ages 2 1/2 maybe

  81. Shane Pitre says

    Read the story…so basically, once you're famous you can just throw paint at a canvas, and it's art.

  82. Avery Barlow says

    Wow. Whoever bought that is an idiot. I would pay ten bucks for it.

  83. Chris Stella says

    Starving kids in Africa do not approve.

  84. Avery Barlow says

    Haha that's totally true.

  85. Zoe Wandin says

    seriously 37million $$$ thats ridiculous! itz only worth at least $2!!!!

  86. Jacqueline Acosta says

    …WOW. huffy price, I am sure Art Lovers Special~:)

  87. Jens Graikowski says

    this is bl***ing ridiculous … art is matter of taste, but i never understood why joan miró is so famous … most of his pictures could have been painted by a toddler and this one is one of his worst … 37 million? … i better get my two daughters painting … oh no, wait! … they are teenagers … too sophisticated … :-/ …

  88. Mike G says

    Not all art is shiny eye candy. Your childs scribbles have meaning beyond the shaky lines. Try searching for it, you may be surprised what you find.

  89. Destin Romie says

    Are people really that stupid I should become an artist…

  90. hileo pfokrehe says


  91. Stephen Jennings says

    If the owner is happy, then all is well.

  92. Chris Townsend says

    O no everybody in it's spitting

  93. Brian Aldrich says

    We workers do not understand modern art.

  94. Adam Fulton says

    I'm going to get my 4 year old to duplicate this.  I'll be living in a swanky pad by the end of the week!

  95. V Tramov says


  96. hileo pfokrehe says

    i don't understand this painting…. 

  97. Jacob Chappell says

    My 2 year old is going to be RICH!

  98. Richard Goldsmith says

    Okay, I like paintings of puppies with large eyes as much as the next guy, but why's this one worth 37mil?

  99. Werner Van Der Merwe says

    Painting?!!!! All 5 dogs of mine can paint this! 37 Million x 5 – retirement at 32!

  100. mohammad hanif says

    hi i like the painting but its cost is too much what is so special in this painting

  101. Christopher Lira says

    I've made better art on toilet paper.

  102. Awais Aslam says

    Oh its mean i have lost billion ,, by thrashing away my painting paper 😉

  103. elsie cantu says

    LMAO!!!! love the comments they are so true NO!!!

  104. mohamed imthiyas says


  105. John Kirkby says

    Joan Miró i Ferrà was a Spanish surreal artist who lived roughly the same time and length of time as Pablo Picasso. It is rare for anything done by either to come on the market and when it happens nothing goes cheap. For those who can afford it…such things are safe/excellent investments.

  106. BASIL ABRAHAM says

    i also had a similler work from my school .i did post it on my last update ;-)…. but i get punished from teacher [ not money ] 

  107. W Bill S Walker says

    + Adam Wood [email protected]?" Thanks Brother + Mark Mruss 
    Brilliance Or Bull Shooter's Every One + Amanda Blain 116 Plus Folks Hanging With You Where Is + Linda Lawrey You To Gals Constantly Bringing [email protected]?"
    Happy 1/4th I /call It /That Because Gasoline Price Are Still 400% $1.00-$4.00 Since NYC [email protected]?"

  108. Mark Sharma says

    I don't understand art, like some don't understand sarcasm 😀

  109. hector ruiz says

    I don't get art too

  110. Franco Martinez says

    Looks like a man with a huge eyebrow, staring at a bird flying, while crying because he got his heart broken by the pink splash. the outlines are just there to show his outline, seeing as it's faded, seems like he took it pretty bad.

  111. Gerald Horton says

    Ican not see that painting cod sell for 37mi then let me scrible on that papper and call it art !!!!!

  112. Scott Winberg says

    This painting represents the inner struggle of man while he tries to find his place in the uni… Who am I kidding?  This is crap.

  113. Ashitha Rajan says

    doin smethin with craft things like a KG kid and havin gud connections  den dat piece of wateva is  so called modern art..just like dis piece of bits of papers 😛 ..n sold for miilions ..grtttttttttttttttttt gud world 😛 😛 
    bt in ma place dis its d trash 😛

  114. Gurjeet Singh says

    nice 1 dear

  115. Roma Blay says

    this is rubbish.

  116. Renato Winkler says

    Hello, Amanda! May I ask you, why that little bit part of the picture is your favorite? Don't you like the red one (maybe the heart of Mirò), or the deep blue (a bird, perhaps…)?
    A little kiss for you, from
    [email protected]

  117. Jash Radia says

    wht the ……

  118. Emmy Hoover says

    Seirously wht up with this it is so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  119. William Bauer says

    I can ALMOST paint that in oil. PRICE $10.00 PayPal.

  120. robb brush says

    Ah, that's were Murdoch spent his money!

  121. Jackeria Bell says

    Well Emmy Hoover If is so stupid, Y are you looking at it.. It makes you stupid

  122. Jackeria Bell says

    * +Emmy Hover, If It's so stupid, why are you even looking @ it. 
    It makes yu stupid!

  123. Albert Cruz says


  124. Mikey Bennett says

    that is not worth the money

  125. simran bansal says

    if i made onbody gives me single penny……!

  126. veysel cengiz says

    where are you forum  ?

  127. Jordi puigoriol masramon says

    miro is a genius of the conceptual art. No wonder that his paintings sold for as much money

  128. John LaFosse says

    What if it is secret code to find the holy grail or 38 million dollars worth of treasure.

  129. Gary Odums says

    + Plato Nista Careful with what you say, you might start a Disney lawsuit

  130. Steve Broome says

    I'm sure it was bought by the world's richest stick figure webcomics fan.

  131. Lee Harvey says

    u wont 2 see my painting.

  132. Akin Kunmibright says

    its an adventure painting

  133. Luciano De Angelis says

    Mia nipote di 3 anni avrebbe fatto di meglio…sicuramente.

  134. Arun Balakrishnan says

    u gotta be kidding me 😛

  135. wasim shafique says

    hi how are you

  136. BURT ALLSUP says


  137. Janis Chapman says

    37Millon dollars????? Are you crazy???

  138. Karam Atia says


  139. Karam Atia says


  140. Dalton Perry says

    i'm doin' something wrong in my career..

  141. Ali Ahmed says


  142. ??????? ???????? says


  143. Bikrant Pakhrin says

    Why is the "Pink Bit" your favourite?

  144. Amanda Blain says

    why not + Bikrant Pakhrin 

  145. W Bill S Walker says


  146. Reg Saddler says

    Seriously WTF

  147. Rick Mitchell says

    Looks like it belongs on a refrigerator door. 

  148. John Eaton says

    my sister has a Miro… it is wonderful….makes me dream

  149. John Eaton says

    my family is from from Nova Soctia, live on the Oregon coast am real old, like older than the dinosaurs, would you like to correspond…at this point not inteerested in any relationship, but open…john
    oh yes i do collect or used to Hokosi and 17th cent korean art…john

  150. Laurence Hubbard says

    Love Miro!! 

  151. PHILLIP GORE says

    That's unreal!

  152. PHILLIP GORE says

    Wow, looking forward to being a millionaire next week!

  153. Debra Fugate says

    Well I went to the sight and waited to see why someone would pay so much for such an ugly painting..for charity or something useful to help others in some way..but as far as Im concerned that was such a waist of money..I could draw or paint a much better one sale it to the buyer and feed,cloth and shelter thousands for that cost..REDICULOUS!!!!!!

  154. amitabh sonker says

    Hard to percept

  155. Allen Pollard says

    I dont see what the stupid amount paid, or art has to do with africa or any other charity for that matter. Seperate subject.

  156. Julian pustilnick says

    I guess the demand for bullshit paintings is high these days, time to buy a bull to crap me some

  157. Sandeep Dhiman says


  158. Sachin Handa says

    really that amount should have been used to feed poors………..

  159. Biju p abraham says


  160. Pandey Suryanmdu says


  161. Justin White says

    There's one artist who isn't starving

  162. Toni Scott says

    the artist gets $0 it's the 1% seller and the 1% buyer who make their money off art.

  163. shah bokhari says


  164. Manjinder Singh Hanjra says

    it seems like my pre-nursery art work

  165. Manjinder Singh Hanjra says

    cn any1 tell me the meaning of ths *** painting

  166. Gene Renfrow says

    Was someone stoned or stupid?? More $$ than sense.

  167. Gloria Dorsett says

    I should have my grandchildren draw more ofter. Maybe some day they will be rich

  168. Nolan Mowery says

    Dang!! I could do something better than this how much do you think that would go for

  169. Hal Cooper says

    Try doing it when the artist did it.

  170. Sanjeev Yadav says


  171. Pedro Sanchez says


  172. artha dinamala says


  173. DharmendraSingh jadon says

    rich person can do any thing.some one dying for only bread,some spending lot of money here there.why dont they help poors.

  174. Olivia Christensen says

    Wow. That's something even I could draw.

  175. Danial Hallock says

    Could you do it with an aristocratic French accent though + Olivia Christensen?

  176. Jamal Alhaque says

    Wots so special ina

  177. abdulrahman mohd yusuff says


  178. Rua Mc grath says

    No way that much? Not worth it!

  179. elise mcoon says

    I don`t see how

  180. Jacob Gulczynski says

    looks like the cover of the great gatsby

  181. Padre Pio Valenzuela says

    what a nice painting,hope may see its beauty…..

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