Harry Potter Has A Fair Amount Of Wisdom for a Children's Story

Quotes like this one .. are part of why i really like Harry Potter the book series..  This quote is actually from 1700's but J. K. Rowling use of it shows HER character. 

There are people less fortunate that you.. and its how you treat them that matter.. is the way i took this… In the story its in reference to the slave house elf.

Things like this, make it no wonder to me why the books are as popular as they are.

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Harry Potter Has A Fair Amount Of Wisdom for a Children's Story

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  1. Billy LaRocque says

    Never read them…. Saw the first couple of movies (kids)!
    But a true Man would not treat others as inferiors, he would treat all as equals. No?

  2. Joe Mills says

    I have seen all 8 movies and read the first 3 books.

  3. Michael Durwin says

    I have no inferiors and I treat all of my superiors with disdain and skepticism. What does that say about me?

  4. William Johnston says

    + Amanda Blain   This actually makes a lot of sense…. Even if Chris thing s him a pothead , the lines that he spoke show some intelligence  

  5. Amanda Blain says

    This has nothing.. in the slightist to do with Daniel Radcliffe. The comment is irrelevant… This is 1000% about the books and style of the author.. 

  6. Amanda Blain says

    I put some more context in this + Billy LaRocque and + Michael Durwin 

  7. Billy LaRocque says

    + Joe Mills, I am so sorry for you…  8^)
    + Michael Durwin, that means you are a non-conformist, just like everyone else…..  8^)

  8. Drew Jones says

    treat others as you wish to be treated

  9. Billy LaRocque says

    Thank you, + Drew Jones! And judge not others before first judging yourself…

  10. Joe Mills says

    Im not much into Harry Potter anymore, just stopped reading them it got kinda boring. The movies are funny though, I liked the part where the dog drags Ron under the Whooping Willow, that was my favorite part 😀 

  11. Gracie Anastasi says

    shouldn't they all be equals?

  12. Brendan Walsh says

    I would think I would know a man by the fact that he considers another person 'inferior' in the first place.

  13. Joe Mills says

    Yes, having a hierarchy is one of the main problems in society cos its biased with the banker on top lol

  14. Dustin Harper says

    Great books. I started at book 3, due to the fact they did start out somewhat childish books. After that, had to read them all. Great quote and it's very true.

  15. robin stark says

    Harry potter rox babe. I love the story & DVDs got the collection. Lol.

  16. David Andrews says

    It takes real strength to be gentle.

  17. Henry A. Otero says

    Read all the books, watched all the movies and own them on DVD… Phenomenal series!

  18. Mario Alvarado says

    Que linda chica. me gusta

  19. David Baker says

    Actually I'v heard see how he talks to and treats a waitress …

  20. Amanda Blain says

    ('''( >.< )''') this has NOTHING to do with Daniel Radcliffe + David Baker … ugh… 

  21. Drew Jones says

    Right on + Billy LaRocque. Sky's the limit!

  22. Omer Ali says

    Hi my sweet

  23. David Hallum says

    How very true! I like this quote! Thanks for sharing, I may just put this on my fridge!

  24. Omer Ali says

    Hi fine

  25. Baby Squirrel says

    So very true

  26. Michael Rivera Mason says

    great way to put it simple yet truth full

  27. Grant Ford says

    Well that is a nice piece of wisdom from J.K. Rowling. I wonder if she borrowed that too, or if it was an original thought.

    (No, I'm not being facetious) 

  28. waheed goloba says

    I love what u share good talk

  29. Chaimàe Messi says

    Well said !!

  30. Amanda Blain says

    Line 2 in the post answered that + Grant Ford 😐 … 

  31. Grant Ford says

    Dang it… now I've shown my modern day lack of attention span. Terribly sorry + Amanda Blain. I should have read it. Still, I'm glad my favorite Harry Potter character said something wise. 🙂

  32. Michael Poku says

    good advise

  33. Ronald Czik says

    True this.

  34. Michael Penn says

    I love it Ms Blain

  35. Christopher Panawash says

    Is thet a true statement about all?

  36. Odetoyinbo Qudus says

    datz true…sum1 should take a gud luk at d syd

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  38. Mahdi Ghafoori says


  39. Gwendell Parsons says

    good one..but should also include how he treats his mother..

  40. VIMOD MV says


  41. DharmendraSingh jadon says

    mostly he treats them as juniors,but with equal,he may do both type behavior,negative or positive.

  42. Christopher Panawash says


  43. Shirajul Haque Romel says

    Then u will learn only about his power exercise, nothing more.

  44. Thelonious Mac says

    If you want to know what a man is like, look at who his enemies are, and who he admires.

  45. musa muhameed says

    That is nice words but me i would say if you wanna know what a man like or who is a man look at how he undersatand the it s self , befor his own & som one else .

  46. Haddie Lawrence says

    this is very true

  47. Eiad baro says

    It is good to know that there are some people get thinking than living in life without a goal

  48. Shabreena Sarees says


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  51. sahar golnari says

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  52. Abel Casanova says

     it's true,,,,,,,,,

  53. Abel Casanova says

    that is what human kind is……….

  54. Gwendell Parsons says


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  57. Christopher Panawash says

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  58. Don Shane says

    Is anyone wondering when she will write the prequel to the 7 books. If she isn't she is leaving money o the table. I think there is potential to have those stories be better than The Harry Potter series

  59. Jonathan Jise says

    good thought 

  60. Jacob Gulczynski says

    His rescue was one of the best parts in the hp book series. "I'm going to lock you in" – Dumbledore

  61. Azhar Hussain says

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    good evening

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