R2D2 Was in Indiana Jones


Did you know that R2D2 from Star Wars actually made 2 guest appearances in Raiders of the Lost Ark ? (both George Lucas films)

They are subtle but you can see them below, if you've never seen it before 🙂 Click for a larger picture.

Also in Temple of Doom The name of the night club is Club Obi-Wan . 🙂

Now you know!

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R2D2 Was in Indiana Jones

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  1. Nicolas Amelio-Ortiz says

    Awesome set designer is awesome

  2. Ignatius Sands says

    I probably wouldn't have noticed that

  3. Jeffrey Hamby says

    Ha awesome. Confirmed by Lucas by any chance?

  4. Abdallah Mekahlia says

    possible lol

  5. Thresa Schriefer says

    Very cool !

  6. Lee Pellymounter says

    was also in close encounters. 

  7. Nathan Christian says

    That's awesome!

  8. Kevin Powers says

    Yes i did….

  9. Sean Martin says

    Get out your BluRay of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, flip to the scene when the mother ship does a 180, and look at all the Star Wars toys glued to it. Hysterical.

  10. Neal Beer says

    Lucas has a habit of putting these kinds of "Easter Eggs" in his movies. The number "1138" (a reference to "THX-1138") is in most of his movies. If you look closely in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", the club that Indiana escapes from in the beginning is called "Club Obi-Wan".

  11. Heinz Seijas says

    Awesome find. Love when directors do this

  12. Sean Martin says

    IIRC, THX-1138 was the licence plate of his first car.

  13. Amanda Blain says

    🙂  said that in the post + Neal Beer .. 🙂

  14. Casei Magnus says

    That's C3PO beside him in those pics, too, to the right.

  15. Neal Beer says

    + Amanda Blain Heh! That's what happens when you're reading 3 pages at the same time!! 🙂

  16. Richard OHearn says

    George Lucas also promised Spielburg he'd pay him back for the Yoda cameo in E.T., where Spielburg incorporated SW figures in the scenes.  In Episod I: The Phantom Menace, you can see several "E.T." creatures (a.k.a. Children of the Green) in one of the Senate scenes.


    Yes, I'm a bit of a SW fan.

  17. Mohamed Fawaz says

    What is it

  18. Amanda Blain says

    Hhahah thats neat + Richard OHearn 🙂

  19. Clance Morring says

    George Lucas is secretly trying to tell his viewers that it's all Ancient Egyptian and that Ancient Egyptian has always been the source. These hidden symbols within symbols are known as hidden knowledge.

  20. Jen McGahan says

    Weird; I've never heard this before!

  21. Josh Kowalski says

    May the force be with you Indie.

  22. Justinus Andjarwirawan says

    Ok, so it's Han Solo, not Indie

  23. David Cubit says

    Use the force.

  24. abdel bouchiba says

    and C3PO is next to him on the right.

  25. Gareth Robins says

    I shouldn't be surprised, but I am.  I remember reading about how intertwined the Pixar characters are, and each film gives hints about future films but including characters. ( http://www.squidoo.com/pixarsecrets)

  26. Becky Jutzi says

    Awesome find!

  27. Brad Evans says

    Too funny!!

  28. Joe Beam says

    It's too bad that 'Temple of Doom' was awful.

  29. Sophen Sim says

    I like That 

  30. christopher toon says

    isn't the bar at the beginning of the movie called Club OB-1?

  31. febriani wulansari says

    ra mudeng

  32. Jordan Gill says

    I'll be damed!.. Starwars did happen a long time ago!

  33. Joe Beam says

    R2-D2 was also in the latest Star Trek movie.

  34. Asep Setiadi says

    Is't true?

  35. JD Stewart says

    + Amanda Blain! That is an awesome post! I never realized it! And I've seen these movies at least 100 times! (well SW E4 about 100 times).

  36. Ryan Sky says

    lol wow

  37. Mike Gebhart says


  38. Isaac Vielma says

    + christopher toon Lol, its been said twice before!

  39. Corey Collins says

    Haha wow that is literally one of the coolest things ever

  40. xavier miles says


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  42. radha sita says


  43. Erick Lantigua says

    That's an easter egg.

  44. Scot Smith says


  45. ??? says

    man made

  46. Fahad Fahad says


  47. Antoine Edja says

    attention to detail! impressive.

  48. Matthew Taheri says


  49. Joe Vidal says

    + Amanda Blain 1973 ( four years before Star Wars ) George Lucas produced and co-wrote American Graffiti … Harrison Ford (!) plays Bob Falfa (!!) and his car license plate is "THX 138" (!!!)  … way to go, George !!

  50. Avery Axford says

    that is awesome I love both of his moves  

  51. Samer Dawod says

    Like we give shit !!

  52. Joshua Kenzo says

    My friend, Antraxer, find "666" inverted, look the "PPP" near to  Indiana´s hand.

  53. Neo Brandon says


  54. Dejan Jurisic says

    lol i would of never spotted it

  55. Joe Vidal says

    lol 666 … how about 3 P's  (Threepio) 

  56. Samuel Pérez García says

    Yep, it's on the DVD features. 

  57. Sergio Ibarra says

    R2D2 ^-^

  58. Gio Canales says

    That is cool

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  60. satiyo hariyadi says

    I love you

  61. Luisdany Pernillo says

    r2 rules!

  62. htetakamyint moe says

    hello. are you ok?

  63. Rodrigo Cuyún says

    wow that is amazing!!!

  64. DdAdNs sNdAdD says

    on the other post (other side) is c3po AAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD the bar in the beginning of Temple of Doom's name was Obi Wan (spelling??) and there's one more thing out there i forget

  65. Rodrigo Cuyún says

    what!!! OMG

  66. Cad'ika Orade says

    Old news. :/

  67. Cad'ika Orade says

    The EVA pod form 2001: A Space Odyssey can be seen in Episode I.

  68. DdAdNs sNdAdD says

    oh crap i shoulda read the whole thing. im sorry. i just got really excited

  69. Alex Moya says


  70. Lindsey verified says

    + Rob Elliott 

  71. Antoine Edja says

    pays to read, as always

  72. Kenny Dockerty says

    R2-D2 was also on One-Eyed Willies ship in The Goonies 🙂

  73. Rob Elliott says

    I'm pretty sure this is mentioned in the Indiana Jones special edition DVD. So, Lucas confirmed!

  74. Andrej Harant says

    Now that is interesting.

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  78. ????????? ?????? says

    cool didnt know that

  79. Michael Davidson says

    Lol! Why didn't I see that! I usually look for mistakes and other wrong things in movies, don't know how I missed R2D2 in Indiana Jones.

  80. Graeme Ellis says

    They were in the Star Trek Reboot too.

  81. Carlos Sanchez says

    nice little easter egg 😀

  82. Joseph Lundine says

    Very cool

  83. Scott Rager says

    c3po is there too, not just r2

  84. Sean Clay says

    Caught the Obi Wan one, but missed these other ones completely. It's like looking for the hidden Mickeys at Disneyland.

  85. Rafael Palacios says


  86. Jayson Ng says

    Han Solo is Indiana Jones

  87. Jethro Emmanuel says

    i didn't noticed that. anyway, that's amazing.

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  89. Jeff Mcneill says

    Now that's pretty cool

  90. rajeev kushwaha says

    really awesome ..

  91. Rohit Rajput says

    its good

  92. abdallah jibrin says

    What an observation!

  93. Kevin Plessinger says

    star wars, my religion

  94. David Pool says

    What a trip!

  95. abdallah jibrin says

    What an observation!

  96. Sergio Gonzalez says

    pretty cool

  97. Divyesh Doddapaneni says

    + Aj Zaad I would prefer if you don't use those sort of posts in the future. It really detracts from G+'s platforms' professionalism.  

  98. Luis Vidal says

    Nice 🙂

  99. Prodigalson Rodriguez says

    hhmmm? interesting …..and yes! now I's knows….LOL))) thanks for the inside scoop …..who knew?…right? =)

  100. Ronald A says

    I knew the club Obi Wan, but I didn't know about the R2D2 carving. Cool!

  101. Glen Martin says

    too cool!

  102. Amanda Blain says

    OMG STOP IT + Aj Zaad 

  103. Viktor Petrov says

    This is gold for nerdy people 😀 Awesome!

  104. CHARLES C HEALY Jr says

    A part of history, i like it

  105. alexia castillo says


  106. Kush Khan says


  107. Windel Ramsaran says

    wow!!! how could i have possibly missed that after watching the movie like 20 times! lol!

  108. Ranjan Ambast says

    wow ……no body can do this ….

  109. Daniel Diave says


  110. Jeffrey Nessen says

    + Amanda Blain how did you ever find that?  Too cool.

  111. Suman Gujju says

    Nice Catch

  112. tin soe hein says

    Good! Surprising!

  113. Suman Gujju says

    I can't believe I have never noticed that before

  114. erick soillis says


  115. erick soillis says

    was up

  116. James Muthiani says

    How in the hell did you see that????????

  117. Reffly Ardan says

    What a mean of picture ?

  118. jassi tej says

    i love…..

  119. EK Powell says

    he is from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away

  120. Kim Dall says

    The image on the left has both droids…look closely it's C3Po on the right hand side of R2D2

  121. sahil ranjber says


  122. Justin White says

    Amanda Blain your my hERO : 0

  123. William Tavares says

    + Richard OHearn

    Good response

    Very interesting

  124. Ded Jezter says

    This fact is 31 years old, have you been living under a rock?

  125. Manish Gandhi says


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  131. Dex Peck says

    So cool

  132. Mitch Stokely says

    They just found a hidden picture if Jar Jar Bink stepping in dog doo on a tree in the Twilight series….what the?

  133. chris knauf says

    Robots r getting better jobs than us.what's up wit dat

  134. Mike Shurtleff says

    Way to go Amanda! How the heck? You must be CONNECTED.

  135. Paul Russell says

    Cool never new that.

  136. Michael Quiroz says

    Lil effer is everywhere. Hes in StarTrek the new one.

  137. Gourav Sahare says

    I think no one noticed that!!

  138. SJ TAJUDEEN says

    Yeah! May the FORCE be with you…

  139. Khunt Piyush says

    very nice.

  140. Ricky Wicaksono says

    Its real?

  141. king singh says

    NICE 1……

  142. Vlad Taushanov says

    I knew about the club (found it myself before reading about it anywhere else), but I had no idea about the droids. Not that it's surprising…

  143. john shepherd says

    I remember joking, years ago, about seeing R2 on the wall. I never bothered to look it up. Confirmed. 🙂

  144. mbithi wilson says

    Atleast i know somthing.

  145. George Boukarim says


  146. ankit anand says

    That's Awasome

  147. samuel wood says

    i cant see but lolololololooololol

  148. Ian Dunsmore says

    There are Star Wars references in all 3 "real" Indiana jones movies

  149. sitaram bhichnar says


  150. sepvids sedaghat says


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  153. Heri Priyanto says

    Amazing! Padahal gak ngerti

  154. Mihai florentin Ilie says

    :)) nice i love R2D2

  155. mário rogério Ferreira dos Santos says

    star wars droid appears in indiana jones movie !!!

  156. Rahul Kennedy says

    wow never notice that

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  159. syed hassan hamdani says

    so good:)

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  161. Paul Loya says

    That's neat makes me want to watch that movie and see it for my self.

  162. Ashok Jain says

    robot ya indian jons

  163. samba nurjuli setiaji says


  164. genard hermosado says

    R2D2!!!awsome and indianna jones i have those games on xbox360 total cool!!!:)

  165. R L Chogat Chogat says

    very nice


  166. Tomo zou says

    hey! thanx for nice Easter egg 🙂

  167. Sabreen Rezvie says

    never knew this!

  168. Tim Genford Jensen says

    R2-D2 and C-3PO in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

  169. Willy Kesha Riley Tehanna says

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!that is so awsome

  170. Andrew Shippin says

    and in the Star Trek film First Contact there is a tiny snip of the Millennium Falcon during the battle with the Borg Cube.. An apparent prank by the ILM staff who to this day refuse to admit or deny it.

  171. Scott Robertson says

    This makes me so very happy.

  172. Jack Ripper says

    wow thats pretty awesome

  173. Matt Gardner says

    More obvious are the ETs in Phantom menace.

  174. Tim Thompson says

    I can die in peace now.

  175. ashok mass says

    NICE ……………

  176. Nurizudin Shah says

    wht da hl is this

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  179. syed hassan hamdani says

    that iz amazing

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  182. Muhamad Zahid A. Rahim says

    Anybody can spot Mickey Mouse?

  183. Christopher Palacios says

    Hal act Iva ?

  184. Christopher Palacios says

    Lavay smith?

  185. vijay parmar says

    call me 9537445809

  186. Brian Spector says

    That's so cool

  187. Suraj Rajput says

    not bad

  188. Paul Knight says

    Good eye Amanda well spotted, you would be quite amazed how often film producers -stage MC's ect -do sneaky little things like that like slipping the hunchback in a flash scene. From the phantom of the opera, Because that can

  189. Stephen Lewis says

    R2D2 – Reel 2 Dialogue 2.

  190. Lesole Motsiri says

    Hi dude

  191. matthew lane says

    i knew he was on the right pic but not on the left.

  192. Fabien Renaud says

    Well known!

  193. Widodo Sardjono says

    Hi all…

  194. Mikkel Rasmussen says

    What a stupid comment + Ded Jezter 

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    morning friends

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    wow u have good eyesight! How did u see that?

  198. Qasim Hussain says

    Lol R2 is the man..i mean machine

  199. jeff ortiz says

    That is awesome

  200. Jeffrey Marcedo says

    Wow, that's interesting.

  201. amber sadiq says

    yeah! its really awesome

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  203. jessica maria says

    nice, wonderful

  204. Marisol rodriguez says

    That is amazing! Did not catch any of that and seen both movies a million times.

  205. Colin Smith says

    Need to get out more

  206. Jethro Estimo says

    geeky set designer. hehehehe.

  207. Muhd Suhaimi Sulaiman says

    Of course! George Lucas wanted easter eggs in it.

  208. David Hockedy says

    He's also upside down on the mothership in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Just when it makes it's appearance over Devils Tower at the end.

  209. Matthew Morgan says

    that movie just keeps getting better.

  210. Dainius Tulaba says

    Harrison Ford as well 🙂

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  212. James Adams says

    That's actually hilarious

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  215. Jamie Bennett says

    I never even noticed. Great Easter eggs there 🙂

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  217. Joel Seltmann says

    A great "nod" to "time travelling"…Thanks Amanda Blain!

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  219. adamu abu says

    may be posible oooo.

  220. Saahil Shihaz says


  221. Xavion Heard says

    any indy fan should know these. cool nonetheless.

  222. Scott Diller says

    R2D2 built the pyramids! It all makes sense now.

  223. Nadav Kavalerchik says

    We are all ONE and everything is CONNECTED !

  224. Leah Rickard says

    I never new that now i will tell my brothers that.But what isb the middel picture?

  225. Pernilla Andersson says

    That is so cool 😀

  226. Hurol Aslan says

    No wonder Lucas' films are watched so many times by many individuals; they do not get to really see the movie until they locate all the hidden jokes and Easter eggs.

  227. vinod kumar says


  228. vinod kumar says


  229. sam MacLennan says

    thats awesome

  230. Larry Flores says

    R2 D2 makes a cameo in Transformers.

  231. MOHAMMED OMER says

    TO MISS Amanda Blain?

  232. Kendy Kusumo says

    and E.T appears in Star Wars ep1: The Phantom Menace… ^_^

  233. Andrew Tonks says

    so geeky yet so cool!!

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  235. Alexander De Campo says

    the future is set, earthlings!

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  237. Ben Mattison says

    ha ha

  238. Pons P says

    ha ha

  239. T.C. Deane says

    Open image in new window then Enlarge it , you can see it clearly 

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    that's awesome

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    wow haha

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    some people have too much time

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    o realy

  245. Russ Spellacy says

    I work with someone how looks like C 3 P O

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    realy!! amazing..

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    i have never noticed that

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    Hahahaha to funny

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    A future tech for the human's

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    this is so good

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  268. Tyson Horsewell says

    I never noticed that before. I like these little easter eggs that film makers like to put in their movies.

  269. Carl kush says

    Also… Luke Skywalkers licence plate on his landspeeder was THX-1138 …. Which is the name of Lucas' first sci-fi movie.

  270. archana singh says

    tooooo goooood 🙂

  271. Denise Garcia says

    Omg, i've never noticed this, completely baffled.. 🙂

    it might have been an inside joke to harrison ford…

  272. Fakhruddin Saify says

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    Yeah now I now….

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    sharp one dude…

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    Like finding Waldo.

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    C-3PO and R2D2

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    Chat w/ me if your up ? c:

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    I kmow this is totally inappropriate but I find you stunning

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    As was C-3PO, apparently!

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    ooooo C-3PO

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    yes C-67GPO

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    No I did not and that is a pretty cool thing to discover thanks..

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    startrek is good for me :

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    Amanda add mee as your friend…

  297. Russ Wilde says

    R2D2 is one bad-ass vacuum cleaner.

  298. brad mcmath says

    Looks like C3PO next to him as well!

  299. Glenn Vitale says

    Ugh, now you know I am going to go through my Jones films like a fine tooth comb…

  300. liew chinwei says


  301. Edward Denzler says

    George Lucas May 25th 1977 to May 19th 1999.

  302. Arshad Ali says

    How the hell do people notice these things!

  303. Nadeeka Jayarathna says

    That's call genius…..

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    Did you really have to reference that R2D2 was from Star Wars? 😉

    Cool finds, Amanda!

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    Good for him I cant even become a movie star

  310. Rachel Pisciotta says

    It was a long time ago.

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    a) how do people notice this; and 
    b) why would george lucas bother?

  320. Nicholas Gorgone says

    R2D2 is also in JJ Abrams Star Trek

  321. Brian Mosley says

    Great fun, thanks + Amanda Blain

  322. Rajani Kanth says

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  323. Sahil Patel says

    he is also in the movie star trek

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    And Yoda was in et and et was in star wars

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  332. Doug Curtis says

    I'm surprised this is making the rounds again.  I've seen this on a couple of sites recently.  It was posted years ago but it's cool that people are rediscovering it.

  333. mike Jones says

    that's cool

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    hahaha thtsfunny

  337. Shaden Mohamed says

    Just another subtle attempt to associate outer space with ancient civilizations. Aliens did not build the pyramids people!

  338. Roni Morais says

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    ok didn't know that

  341. Natasha Mufasa says

    I wonder if the little mermaid will appear next

  342. Damian Van Valkenburgh says

    Lol, sorry, but i already knew this. George Lucas is one of my favorite people ever.

  343. Damian Van Valkenburgh says

    Star Wars has been my life for 18 years.. I am 17.. that should explain a lot.. Star Wars = My Life.

  344. Carlos C says

    Awesome photoshp.

  345. Cheryl Pelker says

    Thanks I would have never known.

  346. joseph opie says

    Amanda Blair Je T'aime

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    Wow ima go watch the movie and see if i i can see it 🙂

  356. Guy Bocchino says

    I got a bad feeling about this…

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  358. Parvez Akkas says

    Does this mean star wars took place at a distant past when Jones started digging for treasure! 🙂

  359. cristian dominguez says

    Also the club in hong kong was named Obi Wan

  360. rjoe cook says


  361. DJ Ekart says

    wow thats funny i never noticed that!

  362. Sarah Nedles says

    That is HILARIOUS, how did you figure that out?

  363. Al Quarles says

    I'm going to have to look at both films to confirm this…….lol

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    Awesome spot

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  369. Jon Furner says

    Sweet timing! I'm actually watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with a group of friends tonight. Been planning it for a few weeks. I'll keep my eye out. Thanks.

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  371. Sarah Butler says

    and c3po

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  373. Hannemae Witthaus says

    i never saw that before

  374. Tony Dalphonso says

    I knew about Club Obi-Wan in Temple of Doom, but not the other ones.  I'll have to look out for those.

  375. hand itchy says

    it's too small to see

  376. john robert says

    So what! What about Fred the Fly , he was in all the Star Wars and Indy films. And he flew over to the UK and was in Robin Of Sherwood.
    Sadly he died in 1996 on the set of Michael Jackson film Ghosts.
    But he will allways be best know for The Lost Ark.

  377. Nate Salkoff says

    that is epic

  378. josh kanawale says

    to many dramma now day's!!…reality plizz!!!…….

  379. Sudeep Chintamani says

    insane observation!

  380. Cheo Comando says

    Hola ermosa esperk sepanol

  381. Zaw Tint says

    God make the our world is freedom and happyness so we are go anyway l think is it good.
    But now a time l am so ………

  382. Diego Giardinetto says


  383. Allison Burull says

    oh my god!

  384. Billy Brewer says

    Pretty cool

  385. manohar palekar says

    Marine aquarium

  386. Richard Perham says

    Wow, guess that's proof the ancients had help from space

  387. karthik Mohan says

    G g.

  388. karthik Mohan says

    CCTV f gg

  389. Brian Rostron says

    love this, if i was in his position, i'd be loads of stuff like this

  390. pete tyler says

    Sharp eye…you must be a very detailed person.

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