1. EJ Bergara says

    select start

  2. Richard Gamming says

    select, start is at the end of that code

  3. Erik Collett says


  4. Amahri Howland says

    30 lives in real life would be awesome!

  5. Amanda Blain says

    That all depends on the game folks.. 🙂

  6. Richard Gamming says

    True + Amanda Blain but, it is most noted for Contra which has select, start at the end…mass appeal…mass appeal. lol

  7. Shima sh says

    ok then good

  8. vy mamad says

    I know this. it code of life !!!

  9. EJ Bergara says

    Contra is honestly the only game I've tried this on. 🙂

  10. Amanda Blain says

    Then you are missing out 🙂  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Konami_code_games
    + Richard Gamming and + EJ Bergara  🙂

  11. Joshua Segatto says

    Isn't it missing the (Select) (Start) I miss Contra goes to look for a ROM

  12. Fredy Leonel Valiente Contreras says

    Amanda buenos días, no me perdería este fabuloso juego por nada del mundo!

  13. Amanda Blain says


  14. Darío Colín says

    ah the good old times… 🙂

  15. Joshua Solanes says

    It worked in quite a few games 🙂

  16. Fernando Gutierrez says

    May the Contra Gods be with you…….

  17. Brandon Thompson says


  18. Chris Pitirri says

    Wait…wasn't is A B AB, select, start?  That was for unlimited lives if I remember correctly.

  19. Carl Acton says


  20. Carl Acton says

    Up up down down left right left right b a select start

  21. Kenny Magee says

    Which one had A B B A to get 3 more lives? I remember Ikari Warriors having that, but I am too lazy to look up the company that produced it.

  22. Rebecca Besbris says

    You've seen the Nerdfighter workout featuring the Konami code, yes?
    Fitness for Nerds

  23. Vincent Mak says


    Gasp This thread contains cheaters!

  24. Tommy Lilly says

    Does it work for for super Mario or is that not a konami game? Sorry I'm a little out of touch with all of this…

  25. james jacobin says


  26. Josemar Matias says

    Linda e maracilhosa

  27. james jacobin says

    + EJ Bergara and + Richard Gamming you are both right to a point, isnt if ba”ba” sel sta??

  28. james jacobin says

    + Tommy Lilly Mario was hold sel, push a and then start!

  29. Tommy Lilly says

    +James jacobin ok thanks!

  30. Sam el bakoury says

    AWesomeeeeeee 🙂 i used to love this game 😀

  31. Negar Rezai says

    ok very cooooollllll

  32. Tommy Lilly says

    + james jacobin ok thanks!

  33. Raysa Villasanta says

    Haha. Yes. I used to do that. If I could still rember it right, to get 40 lives? 🙂

  34. Raysa Villasanta says


  35. Michelle Stutzman says

    nice cross stitch

  36. Richard Gamming says

    + Raysa Villasanta its 30 lives…and it is for other games just Contra is what people remember it most by + Amanda Blain. I am with you not against you…just pointing out that this was what you were going to run into…mass appeal. 🙂

  37. Victor Manuel Mendez Santiago says

    eso es contra la de nintendo

  38. rodrigo avila says

    hola como estas 

  39. fathul bari says

    hai hai amanda 

  40. rodrigo avila says

    jaajja ta re linda hermosisima 

  41. Edgar Sierra says

    I used for Contra !!! to get 100 lives ! jejejeje 

  42. Ricardo Ubieta Palazzi says

    Ages since I last saw (tried) this… 

  43. rodrigo avila says

    ajjajaaajja loko 

  44. rodrigo avila says

    qe tiene de malo sies relindaa

  45. Edgar Sierra says

    Yes, Contra was one that use the select – Start 

  46. Ted Moy says

    No, no, no. Select was if you wanted the code to work for two players. Start alone for single player. (In Contra)

  47. César Uriel says

    + Edgar Sierra Fat liar!!!
    is 30 lives!!!

  48. Edgar Sierra says

    Ted YOU are right my memory fails 

  49. Justin Riley says

    + Amanda Blain: You are awarded the post of the day.

  50. Amanda Blain says

    Lol 😉 thanks

  51. luis rivas says

    ola cuantos años tienes ummm

  52. Arkar Nyunt Wai says

    ummm … contra.. 😀

  53. Era Iris says

    Dosent work for MGS 🙁

  54. luis rivas says


  55. Anil Kaushal says

    One day a monkey lookedinto mirror & said,
    "Oh my ugly face,
    fat nose"
    and killed himself.
    Promise me u will not look into mirror, coz I dont wanna loose you!

  56. Miguel Salles II says


  57. Tako Schotanus says

    I never entered this in my life (and I still remember Pong), does this mean I'll lose my geek badge now?

  58. John Vu says

    I can't believe it really happen

  59. Bob Anderson says


  60. James Liranzo says

    Wow, the good old days, playing contra.

  61. Steven Hannah says

    Also remember that you could use select start in a one player game and "friendly fire" kill player 2, assuming player 2 hasn't moved.  This would give you not only your initial 30 lives but also the 30 lives that player 2 received.

  62. Sonny Kirkendall says

    That code is forever printed on my brain till i die.

  63. Thomas Townsend says

    Unlimited lives on Mario Bros

  64. Manjinder Singh Hanjra says

    flow chart of SUCCESS

  65. Christopher Thesner says

    That was for Adventure Island. I cant remember which. Also Super mario bros …. 3 i think, had it (The one where the curtains open in the beginning, with a checkerd board) soz… im an old gamer

  66. Sonny Kirkendall says

    That code was only for contra no other games

  67. Amanda Blain says

    read the wiki link i posted for above… it was for lots of games.. 😛

  68. Sonny Kirkendall says

    They may have used it in other games but that code was only from contra by konami. Every gamer knows that.

  69. Amanda Blain says

    One more time since you could not be bothered… this is called the KONAMI CODE.. contra used it.. but it was not the first.  Every gamer knows that   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konami_Code

  70. Sonny Kirkendall says

    Why do you think its called the konami code your arguing with a hardcore gamer.

  71. Amanda Blain says

    The code was first used in the 1986 release of Gradius for the Nintendo Entertainment System[3] but was popularized among North American players in the NES version of Contra, for which it was also dubbed both the "Contra Code" and "30 Lives Code
    Nope im arguing with someone who cant read and is just trolling. Have a nice day.

  72. Craig Steinhoff says

    wow wear do you find this stuff!! I want a T with that on it

  73. Thomas Townsend says

    Oh yeah! I loved Contra!

  74. Arjun P. says

    I hate cheats :

  75. Thomas Townsend says

    some of us end up needing cheat codes when we have tried to beat something for years and are not good at gaming but still love playing… Unless your doing a play on words…

  76. Rafi Khan says


  77. Rafi Khan says

    Amanda i love you do you love me

  78. PopZ TopZ says

    The classic Konami code. #goodtimes #nosleep

  79. Mark Delp says

    If I recall, select start was not part of the code for contra. After the code was entered, select chose 2p option and start began the game. This would allow you to steal lives from player2 and play with more than 30 lives.

  80. PopZ TopZ says

    that too. 

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