One of My Favourite Game Of Thrones Characters


Yup. Giggle worthy.

(if you were notified of this post you are in the Song of Ice and Fire book discussion circle look for a limited post discussion about the books verses the tv show THIS week! I'm in +Game of Thrones withdrawals! Comment if you want in book vs tv show discussion.)

BE WARNED>>> some posted some spoilers in the comments here.. DONT READ IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILERS 🙂

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One of My Favourite Game Of Thrones Characters

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  1. Patrick Hedgecoth says

    Call me elf one more time!

  2. Chris Swiatek says

    I just got done with book 5 and I'm going through withdrawals too. 🙁

  3. K?rm?z? Ruj says

    Thank you

  4. Gran Dan says

    Definitely one of the largest characters.

  5. Mike G says

    Has anyone created a psychological profile matrix based on favorite Game of Thrones character? I can't help liking the little guy too.

  6. Gran Dan says

    Arya Stark is huge as well.

  7. azmi kiran says

    may i follow the hang out!!

  8. Arnel S. Bansil says

    Wish I could be in that circle + Amanda Blain. 🙂

  9. Oleg Moskalensky says

    What do you mean 'one'? He's the guy…unless you are into people with chopped of heads…

  10. Brett Bjornsen says

    That little imp is definitely a big badass…

  11. Cliff Roth says

    I am waiting on the queue at my library for book 5. 

    The Imp is one of my favorite characters as well along with Arya and Jon Snow. 

    It will be interesting to see how the Robb Stark story line plays out since they changed it so drastically.

  12. Paul Hosking says

    No notification but relevant to my interests.

  13. Cliff Roth says

    Doh! I didn't pay attention to the verbiage in this post. I thought this was the discussion of books verses show……

  14. rafael ortiz says


  15. azmi kiran says

    no Argue.

  16. Lizzie Meng says

    I like the faceless man , Jaqen , red god…

  17. Marc Velez says

    Tyrion's chapters are always the most fun to read. Great casting of Peter Dinklage in the role.

  18. Cameron Silva says

    hahaha. oooh, that's a knee slapper.

  19. Gabriele Ninci says

    A great character in the book, one of the best.
    And it's been amazing how they've been able to translate such greatness on the show, thanks to the actor.

  20. Azita Rassi says

    He's witty, wise, caring and I love him.

  21. Manuella Betaille says

    Tyrion is my favorite character – he has some of the best lines in the book and the tv show.  🙂

  22. Jack Hsiun says

    i,m waiting for season 3.

  23. Oleg Moskalensky says

    The problem is with the end, so many things get left hanging, almost like George ran out of steam or interest or time… I loved the series but the last book was a disappointment at the end… Perhaps he meant to do another book.

  24. Paul Hosking says

    + Oleg Moskalensky what end?

  25. Melody Migas says

    Definitely a favorite. I love his brain lol

  26. Marc Velez says

    On his blog, GRRM said that the fifth book got too long so they moved a couple of the chapters to the 6th book.

  27. Jake Kern says

    I have so many favorite moments with the dwarf:

    – The way he forced Jon Snow to embrace who he is
    – The way he used his charm & influence to completely alter his fate at the Aerie.
    – His brilliant defense of King's Landing
    – When he would slap Joffrey & put him in his place. Every. Single. Time. It never got old. =D

    I don't care for the tone of his story as he took more the role of the victim when Tywin Lannister arrived at the Landing, even when he got his revenge, but I'm hoping Martin turns those events for Tyrion.

  28. Alberto Vázquez says

    I cant say who are my favourite. They all are greate!

  29. Paul Hosking says

    + Marc Velez he has also noted were some of the Airana chapters were cut and didn't go in to the 6th book either.  At the time, he didn't know what would do with them.

  30. Teina Kore says


  31. Jake Kern says

    What I would have liked to see was for Martin to stick with his original idea of 5 books for the series. He has created so many POV characters and side stories that it seems like it has thrown off his rhythm. Books 4 & 5 were going to be just one book, but it was too much, and he hacked it apart the best way he could, but it was still a hack-job. Now there was too much for Book 5, so some will spill into Book 6.

    If he had maintained tighter control over the amount of POV characters, we could have had our 5 books and our story. Then he could have taken the side stories he wanted to tell and compiled them for future additions to the story similar to the Dunk & Egg stories. A couple (few) volumes of, "Meanwhile, this is what was happening elsewhere in the Kingdom."

  32. Cliff Roth says

    + Oleg Moskalensky there are at least 2 more books planned. 

  33. Mike G says

    +Lizzie Meng the faceless man is very intriguing. I like his sense of honor.

  34. Jose Guerra says

    Daenerys Targaryens story line has got to be up there like number one or two and her character as well. Tyrion character is my favorite as well but his story line isn't as good as Daenerys's is. The only one who can match wits with Tyrion in dialog is Varis, who has no story line of his own. Bummer! It might have been interesting.

  35. kiran panchal says


  36. Oleg Moskalensky says

    Thank you + Cliff Roth, that's a relief… because for a moment there I thought this was prematurely ended, leaving way too much to interpretation.

  37. Mariano Rosique says

    Now in Spain has finished the second season, now I have read the books, we are in summer and a good read is genail for this season, and then cometare something on the subject of this magnificent series. my favorite in the series is Arya, Tytin, Daenersy …. and I'm with Stark ….

  38. Russell Brown says

    New TV show fans:
    "No GoT for another year."
    "That's ages, don't think I can wait that long."
    "Maybe we should read the books to pass the time."

    Old book fans:
    "Finished DwD. When do you think we'll get 'The Winds of Winter'?"
    "Another 5 years or so. Still, at least we've got the TV show: season 3 starts soon."

  39. Cliff Roth says

    lol + Russell Brown 

  40. Mike G says

    I waited 4 or 5 years between books 3 and 4 of SK's Dark Tower…it is frustrating, but book 4 was a good one.

  41. Cliff Roth says

    + Mike G wasn't there a decade between 1 and 2 and then again between 2 and 3?

  42. Jake Kern says

    Yes, the waiting for books from A Song of Ice and Fire is about as brutal as the wait was between the release of books in The Dark Tower series. =)

  43. Freddy Meyer says

    I like neither the books nor the tv serial. So you can take me out of any circles related to those two. Glad you all like it though.

  44. Mike G says

    I was a teenager at the time, and time is a funny thing. I'm pretty sure book one was originally published in a mag. As I remember it, 1, 2, and 3 followed eachother quickly. In my memory W&G took forever.

  45. Oleg Moskalensky says

    Too many good people get killed off in this series… although the fact that T-man survives all of them and then some proves that brain power is far more important than sword power.

  46. Cliff Roth says

    + Mike G it was closer to 5 years. 

  47. Mike G says

    I think you're right +Cliff Roth an eternity for a teenager. And another thing: WotC was a disappointment after such a long wait!

  48. Terry Smith says

    I agree + Amanda Blain, he is cool.

  49. Muhammad Razzaq says

    nicely perform his act

  50. Jehangir Alam says

    hi, I have gone through your all the clippings which are good and I want to know about your profession first

  51. Andrew Boak says

    i want my friend small man

  52. Ken Conti says

    Awesome show

  53. Jilliee ü Lopinam says

    he looks cute to me=))

  54. Michael Crawford says

    I like him, Danaerys Targarean, and Jon Snow.

  55. Delbert Hazeley says

    Arya is my favorite but Tyrion is def in the top 5

  56. Stuart Duff says

    All time, best character in any Fantasy Book Series EVER!

  57. Heather Michelle says

    hahahahahahaha!!!! love that! lol

  58. Amanda Blain says

    EE People.. this is still a public post… 🙂 spoilers BEWARE 🙂

  59. ??? says

    wow  I like this  
    quickly reales

  60. Jake Kern says

    I added a spoiler warning. Sorry 'bout that… (awkward)

  61. Peter Ryan says

    Tyrion, Arya and Dany are my personal favourites in both the books and the TV shows ( Credit goes to Bran as well, his storyline gets pretty interesting in the later books) 😀 

  62. Billy McIntosh says

    Can't wait for season 3

  63. Ahmed Al Akkari says

    It's a thousand leagues from now to April & Winter is coming. 

  64. sharon sloan says

    fantastic set of books. well worth reading.

  65. Christine Daniels says

    Yeah, i've been watching it too. I can't wait for season 3. 

  66. XingBo Tao says


  67. Cora Triton says

    Tyrion is of course one of the most interesting characters in the book because he is so ambivalent and not a clear hero like Jon Snow or a clear villain like Gregor Clegane. He is one of the POV characters and we know much of his history and thoughs and is's easy to understand his feelings and action. And he is played to perfection by Peter Dinklage in the TV show. I do hope that season 2 will be available on DVD soon!

    I always have heart for outcast and so I really like Samwell Tarly and  Brienne of Tarth and I can't wait to know more of their stories!

  68. Howie Chicago says

    I want in

  69. Hammad Fauz says

    I have only read 2 books yet. Currently reading the third. Lucky me. So much of the story left to read. And by the time I am done, there will probably be another book to read. 🙂

    What I really love about A song of Ice and Fire is how every major/minor character has an intricate back story, and how each character is developed. The story has very real characters in that none of the are "good" or "bad, its all different shades of grey.

    Also, the way magic develops throughout the series is really amazing. From legends and stories of old at the start, to very real and "public" phenomena.

    The way George R. Martin tells the story, it might well be a never-ending series (and still be too short). The best work of fiction, I've ever come across.

  70. Clarke Thomas says

    Amanda – can't find you in my circles or chat list?? Tried getting into hangout other night, never got a spot.

  71. Andrew Cowley says

    Peter Dinklage has so much charisma and acting talent he really makes the character come alive. It's a complex part and he nails it. The stories translation to script is pretty spot on and I love that they haven't messed with George R R Martin's Mojo.

  72. david michaud says

    Hopefully the 4th installment of the Dunk and Egg Novella's will be out soon… soon in GRRM time though probably means summer 2013 🙁

  73. Nikia V. Henderson says

    Dinklage…the most creative use of 3.5 feet ever

  74. Willie Washington says

    Dinklage IS Game of Thrones! Without him it would be just another easily forgettable wanna-be epic fantasy.

  75. Kevin Matthews says

    I'll second that you could not have found someone more brilliant for the role.he deserves every ounce of credit, and I hope he still has a major roll next season!!!

  76. James R Jeffery III says

    Once I saw Peter Dinklage in the role of Tyrion Lannister it made me love the character all over again. In the books he is awesome and totally note-worthy (although sometimes he does get overshadowed by the other characters) in the show he outshines the heaviest of hitters. Can't wait for season 3 as he will only become more awesome.

  77. Gregg Sakauye says

    + Amanda Blain please add me.  Thanks.

  78. Joshua Garringer says

    Ive read all the books and am eagerly awaiting winds of winter

  79. mojy kohan says

    hi please add mee

  80. Ben Kamakorewa says

    Demon Monkey!! 😛

  81. Joe Grande says

    In withdrawals too + Amanda Blain.  The season just isn't long enough!  Been considering reading the books and would love to participate in discussion

  82. Saurav Kumar says

    I say the sender to began gameing with the new reign of THE GOD OF WAR

  83. Manuella Betaille says

    + Joe Grande – I think reading the books is a great idea.  It helped me understand a lot of stuff that I didn't catch when I was watching the series.  The author has a great way of writing and I ended up devouring the books  🙂

  84. Hunter Russell says

    no! your supost to get the 2 foot steeping stool then… ask to be closer… silly Lannister

  85. John Escalante says

    my favorite character hands down is John Snow. He is the main character of the books, but we should be calling him John Targaryen if he is the son of lyanna and Rhaegar.

  86. Oderinde Abayomi F. Churchill says

    Just to say Hi

  87. Evan Closs says

    aaaa thats lumpin awesome; you know impin aint easy

  88. Gord McLeod says

    I have to pass on this one, I haven't read book 2 or watched the season yet. 🙂

  89. Randy W. Weeks says

    "THE WINDS OF WINTER. Also known as "Son of Kong." Working on it. Lots to do."

  90. John Ward says

    Yes, please keep me in this circle. Love it all.

  91. Riaan Pretorius says

    He rocks!!!

  92. Lukitus Holesun says

    He's an excellent character in the series, but he's outstanding in the book!

  93. chek white says

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    Please be so kind as to reply to my email soon as you get this message,ok. [email protected].
    I wish you and yours a blessed weekend and look forward to your reply.

  94. Edwyn T Banks says

    He is one of mine he has a heart unlike Theon any idea when its back on

  95. Dennis Salvatier says

    He's awesome.

  96. Mellie B says

    I'd love to be in book discussion 🙂

  97. Lance Cozad says

    book chat!

  98. Pankaj Chauhan says

    Naic dey

  99. Hammad Fauz says

    + Amanda Blain Do share your Game of Thrones circle so that we may add each other to our own copy. (if you haven't already)

  100. Tim Clary says

    Hey, + Amanda Blain, I'm in the middle of Dance with Dragons and + Cliff Roth just started it. Dunno about Cliff, but i'd be happy to join your GoT book club thingie.

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