1. Martijn van der Meulen says

    These people are in for some trouble ;-).

  2. Nicholas Johns says

    Start with the chairs, come back for the people. 🙂

  3. Jon Pear says

    loox neet

  4. ????? ?? says


  5. Moe Tousignant says

    There is something the world needs, a new Katamari game, it's been far too long.

  6. Lee Bagley says

    love it

  7. Nathanial Lattimer says


  8. Ian Stacy says

    <3 katamari

  9. Farmer zauzau says


  10. Daubeuf Marie says

    je taime

  11. Omer Omer says

    an unusual event but nice

  12. Dena Ricketts says

    Hehe…this was at PAXEast this year. Somewhere I have a picture of my best friend dancing with this person. 😀

  13. Jeremy Seifert says


  14. Farmer zauzau says


  15. G Garcia says

    That is awesome! 😀

  16. Tim Hunt says

    Lol! Awesome… but where's the emperor of the galaxy, lounging around?

  17. manad Farid says

    ???? ??? ????

  18. Patrick Osafo says

    this is funny……………………….hahahahahahah

  19. Mathew Hoy says

    sigh. this is a great image of pax east. i genuinely homesick whenever i think of pax or when i see references to it (indie game, the movie, for example).

  20. Nikia V. Henderson says

    as I always suspected…Katamari the villain

  21. Drew Bannister says


  22. deus exMachina says

    I guess I'm continuing with my day..

  23. Jennifer Bailey says

    this is so win!

  24. summer anderson says

    i guess im continuing with my day too…………

  25. Philipp Liebig says

    Jeah, good one

  26. Amaning Benjamin says

    Amanda u alwayz blow my mind.what is ur secret?

  27. Jessica Parker says


  28. Elly horan says

    like an alien abduction???? bet i will be continuing my day

  29. lukman hakim says

    wah keren.. isotik..
    I like it..

  30. Sergio Guzman says

    ahhh, our new overlord!

  31. Adrian Rodriguez says

    Yup, must be a canadian thing……moving on…..thanks + Amanda Blain 

  32. Jennifer Bailey says

    It's a gaming thing  O_O

    And a fucking awesome game at that.

  33. Alex Zinovenko says

    It's Tuesday "new game release day"!!!-Enjoy  the new titles

  34. Elly horan says

    you know + Jennifer Bailey you don't have to be mean i didn't know jeesh

  35. Adrian Rodriguez says

    LMAO + Jennifer Bailey 

  36. Victor Salcido says

    What game was this.

  37. Jennifer Bailey says

    + Elly horan what you read in my text is your perception, not my intent.  I can't help you there! 🙂

  38. Madison Todd says

    someone text me 918-815-6903  or callllll;)

  39. Madison Todd says

    that pic is stupid

  40. Martin Greytak says

    After playing too much Katamari, I am now filled with the desire to roll up stop signs and mailboxes while driving.

  41. Amrit Singh says


  42. Madison Todd says

    whats up

  43. manohar kumar says


  44. Madison Todd says


  45. Josh Jacob says


  46. Madison Todd says

    freak show

  47. Ligtning Flare says

    lol i feel bad for the ones that never played Push Katamari 

  48. Adrian NuclearBlast says


  49. Benedict Corpuz says

    I remember this cosplayer. This is at the pavilion at San Diego Comic Con. What an epic picture.

  50. Jim Kelly says

    That is one weird game.  My daughter plays it often.

  51. Kevin Rosales says


  52. Chandan Hebbar says

    please +1 & follow this page??
    + Born In 90's (1990-1999) 

  53. Fermin June III Alegro says

    hahaha… wait… why am i laughing… run for your lives!!!

  54. Jimmi Fitch says

    ah thats brilliant!

  55. Manoj Bangade says

    This is alelian

  56. Doug McCloud says

    They're gonna need a bigger building to contain that katamari…

  57. Cameron Silva says

    I got Beautiful Katamari downloaded on my 360. but, I couldn't get past one of the very early levels. So I rage quit and never played it since.

  58. Amanda Blain says

    Too hard for you eh + Cameron Silva 🙂

  59. Cameron Silva says

    + Amanda Blain I felt like I got trolled. I played the demo for the game so much. It was a lot of fun. And then I get the full game and It's super hard. 
    Demo = roll everything up that you can in the time limit = fun
    Full Game = find all of this certain object and only roll that up in the time limit = frustrating. 

  60. HengLi Wu says


  61. Khalid Ismail says


  62. jeff wilson says


  63. kumar ranu says


  64. Imran Ahmad says

    very very nice

  65. Daubeuf Marie says

    ok mais vous parler de koi vous

  66. ru bin says


  67. Daubeuf Marie says

    parler françai

  68. Ann Fauzia says


  69. Daubeuf Marie says

    ta un portable

  70. ???? ?????? says


  71. Steve McIlroy says

    LMAOIRL so hard!!!! ^O^

  72. Scott Carlin says


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