1. Mike St says

    but it's got a plug!  lol

  2. Artemis Entreri says

    hah me too

  3. Ken Badertscher says

    Haha, very interesting.

    I'd love to see a YouTube video mockup of this, it'd be hilarious.

  4. Tyler Herrick says

    Hahaha, I will definitely remember this, gotta love the hamster ball!

  5. Ariella Baskin says


  6. Amanda Blain says

    It at least needs a tube for that hole too or something…  Item entrance/toilet… SCARY mental images… 😐

  7. Alex Ramirez says

    Or take lessons from Zombie Land !

  8. Christopher West says


  9. Stacy Stutz says

    I'm wondering how useful those roller blades will be in that ball… one misstep and boom! you're a Looney Tune…

  10. Christopher West says

    lol and a smart zombie will just plug the hole… 🙂 no air

  11. Michael Byrd says

    Does it come in different colors?

  12. Chris Aultman says

    I think hills could be a problem. And if you get swarmed, you're in a zombie pothole. 
    It needs treads….and lazers. That would be cool.

  13. Simon Guerin says

    Mum always said things shouldn't go in the out hole. I don't like the idea of the entrance/toilet!

  14. Brian Klippel says

    Buy an iphone, the zombies will go after people with brains first.

  15. Stacy Stutz says

    just had a mental image of guy using the hole and the ball rolling… OUCH! I'm laughing my ass off now.

  16. Jared Broker says

    I am going for a high rise and baracades at the stairs.  Then, time to scavenge food and weapons…  

  17. Tyler Herrick says

    If we assume the standard mode of infection is infected blood, then it would be prudent to add some sort of sanitizing system, or better yet, design a roll-out metal shell (like a armadillo).

  18. Chris Aultman says

    Or just drive an armored truck or tank. Or invest in MANY ziplines in a large city and tents like this:  http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-XEfscqCqDTA/ThX4WK0DSkI/AAAAAAAAAKA/vsaU2Q_dXWk/s1600/awesome-mountain-climbing-tents.jpg

  19. Joe Frazier, Jr says

    + Chris Aultman thats probably the coolest idea outside of an underground bunker… of course when you wake up in the middle of the night to take care of business, you gotta watch out… that first step is a killer…

  20. Joe Frazier, Jr says

    hell.. best defense.. a nuclear sub… filter water for drink, recycle waste, fish to eat.. dried beans and rice for non-meat… your set…

  21. janet rasmussen says

    really no

  22. Jordan Gill says

    It would go from the Zombie Apocalypse to the Hamster Zombie ball apocalypse!

  23. Chris Aultman says

    + Joe Frazier, Jr How long could you stay in a sub before you get listless? If you had to be stuck on a boat, for for an aircraft carrier. Turn the top-side into a garden.
    Personally, I'd take my chances in a city with zip lines. Destroy the stair wells and take the buildings systematically. 
    Grow food on roof tops and use the elevation as a means to cull the undead.
    Not that I think about this stuff often. ><

  24. Joe Frazier, Jr says

    + Chris Aultman Yea, I would got bat crazy, but my comment was from a 'best possible chance of survival' standpoint, not comfort.. but… the I got to thinking.. what if the zombie plague jumped to marine life…ZOMBIE JAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Amanda Blain says

    ziplines is a neat idea + Chris Aultman 

  26. Drew Griffin says

    Did you just say Zombie Ball? Something about Zombie Ball…thats just not appetizing 

  27. Chris Aultman says

    + Amanda Blain I know, right? I've only had a decade of zombie dreams virtually every night. Didn't help when they became mainstream. ><

  28. Nathaniel Avoures says

    Much like the cow bubble! and the human hamster ball! Great inventions..Just careful around the top of stairs, mountains and things like so.lol

  29. Chris Aultman says

    One other failing of zombie ball : zombie bull.

  30. Tim Dippel says

    I am on a military post, I would raid the armory, get two trucks and a jeep, mount .50 cals on each, two dirt bikes in one truck bed, plus boxes of MREs, as many cans of water and fuel as I can fit in another, 4 people (Soldiers) in each vehicle, plus two M-4's each and several cans of ammo, a gunner in each and book it for my family

  31. Bryon Carter says

    After watching some old zombie footage I've fogured out how to survive. Sorry +George Rowe , but i'll be hiding behind you and the cheerleader.

  32. Nathaniel Avoures says

    I always bring a fine woman along in my Zombie ball! Just in case we have to make more humans! If Zombies cause too much damage we will need a new Adam and eve.lol

  33. Sean Paul says

    The problem a ball is how are you going to move around when surrounded by a horde of zombies. Have you ever seen a couple cats play with a hamster in a ball? It's not the prettiest of sights.

  34. Sean Paul says

    At least not if you like hamsters

  35. Nathaniel Avoures says

    Oh it would be kinky good fun!..Much like sex in a park! The zombies could only roll the ball back and forth and over! However you move the same way making love to a woman!lol

  36. Nathaniel Avoures says

    Can't stand the unclean stinky rodents! There for the mouse traps I say!

  37. Santiago Ernandes says


  38. Bryon Carter says


  39. Chris Aultman says

    Oh, you.

  40. clifford white says


  41. Chris Aultman says


  42. Santiago Ernandes says

    No entiendo ablo español

  43. Nathaniel Avoures says

    Very true! Zombies in our world do exist! They smell! Don't brush there teeth! Don't pull the eye boogers out of there eyes! The won't rest until they have either something in large amounts sweet or drug related! I have insomnia and thats bad enough..However I don't know whether to feel sorry for those kind of people or just wish they'd vanish!

  44. Santiago Ernandes says

    No entiendo

  45. Bryon Carter says


  46. Jake Kern says

    I like this except for the fact that I would pop the ball when I shot the zombies. What's the point of a zombie apocalypse if I can't shoot any of them?!

  47. manu vs says

    Not Sure I'm Sold on the Zombie Ball*

  48. Nathaniel Avoures says

    I have an idea! How about building much larger plastic zombie balls! And put the zombies inside! That way they can wonder all around and can't munch on anybody!

  49. pankit rana says

    Amandaji How r u?

  50. Matt Burns says

    As long as you never have to go inside a building to get supplies, you're… oh, yeah.  That's a problem.

    Also, I can't get the image out of my head of a zombie horde bouncing this thing around like a beach ball at a Grateful Dead concert.

  51. Nathaniel Avoures says

    you would never be able to get a regular size zombie ball through any door to get supplies!…Thus the better Idea is to trap hundreds of zombies in many larger size Zombie balls.This would take time!..They would roll around and not move at all at times inside the zombie ball as they are dead!..However this would give normal humans the ability to walk about freely without fear of flesh eating human monsters! lol

  52. Shen Salandanan says

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  53. sharmin shameli says

    very nice

  54. Mohab F. Ismail says

    Wow . . . That toilet item hole is soo cool that makes me wanna be a zombie cause It seems more like a glory hole, better watch out entraped ppl XD.

  55. Glen Williams says

    Useless. You fire one shotgun blast through it and then what?

  56. Bryon Carter says

    Maybe they'll be nice zombies, with emptions and human needs. Like the cutesy vampires all over the place. We may be getting all excitwd over nothing. loads gun

  57. Amberlee Galvin says


  58. Amberlee Galvin says

    Shouldn't we be preparing for a zombie apocalypse? I mean its 2012 and some people are eating hobos so….

  59. onesian allen says

    id so love to see you zombie surf on one of these haha..

  60. Vi cole says

    now thats one way lol

  61. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    I thought that was the Nexus Q for a second.

  62. Haziral Qain says

    The best way even zombie can't come near you :)>

  63. manu vs says

    The best way even zombie can't come …….u mind

  64. alish singh says

    preety sure person tellin this will be the first to go under

  65. Stanley Kaytovich says

    Where's the oxygen tank? Once you close the hole for floating, you are out of air.

  66. Marc Ponte says

    In the movie Steve Niles "Remains" they use a giant metal mesh ball to get through some zombies. We had a great time screwing with it in between takes.

  67. Ryan Davies says

    I think the best thing to do is know your surroundings, know quick ways to get to certain places… make sure you are prepared… have something that can collect water, have canned goods or dehydrated foods stored… learn how to grow crops, etc… and make sure you fortify yourself… cities out of the question… make sure you have at least 2 exits to escape by and always… ALWAYS have your copy of Max Brooks Zombie Survival Guide handy…

  68. Heather Michelle says


  69. john nyanyoh ntantan says

    Hey Amanda from this end

  70. Gilberto Delgado says

    It's a good start…I think.

  71. marcus glenn says

    I want one of these

  72. Cameron Silva says

    Thats how I roll.

  73. Tanchinco Colkey says


  74. Ron Ruble says

    Hamster ball, zombie ball…same difference.

  75. ajay singh says

    hello goodevning.

  76. Frank Catena says

    Note that this also is connected to Google Play through the cloud. You'll never be bored during the zombie apocalypse.

  77. Heather Michelle says

    gotta go underground to survive the zombie apocalypse…haha!

  78. chandrasekar darshan says

    not clear

  79. hannah mccall says

    there is no zombie appocolypse promise 😀

  80. Richie Olson says

    I'll stick with my bow 12 gauge hammer and a knife

  81. Heather Michelle says

    always have a "zombie apocalypse survival kit" handy…… just in case ;-P

  82. Mariela Aguirre says

    Someone explain this
    Zombies are brain eaters, when they find a normal person (no zombie nor infected) they hunt him to eat him, and after a single bite the person become another zombie, why? Is supposly to be eaten, should be devoured.

  83. Hamilton Kulchetscki says

    Zombies,like leprecourns,santa Claus,Easter bunny and mother Goose,DOES NOT EXIST, they are fakes stories and imaginations fairy tales of lesser inteligent creatures…..so please let´s not waist our precious time with material that does not contribute for real problems and issues of everyone´s life……

  84. Nikki Taylor says

    I think I might be sold 🙂

  85. David Robertson says

    But leprechauns are real if you spell them right, just ask an Irishman.

  86. David Armstrong says

    @ Ham
    says a person that cant even spell waste 😛

  87. David Robertson says

    I was going to gently correct one at a time, but it never feels right does it?

  88. David Robertson says

    I just read it and it's too painful, I could deconstruct it, but I need to watch some paint drying off.

  89. Kirk Ford says

    Real problems like internet literacy.

    Seeing this photo for the first time, I see issues implementing this in a big city like San Francisco, the streets are just too steep. And all you have is a back pack? It needs to be big enough to at least accept a shopping cart. The clear exterior could also be problematic once soiled with blood and various goop. 

    But it's definitely not a bad concept for a "one time use" zombie life-raft out of a city or habitation center. Better than a record collection anyway.

  90. Patrick McWilliams says

    Another idea!.. put zombies INSIDE one of those and attach it to a generator.. power indefinitely!!!!

  91. Patrick McWilliams says

    + Hamilton Kulchetscki … people are talking about this in fun… we are all fully aware they are not real, and apparently your sense of humor is fiction as well. You ARE allowed to cover your eyes when you see a zombie post if they frighten you that much! Lmao

  92. David Robertson says

    I really like the thought of a fictional sense of humour, a good spare, as mine often works relentlessly and needs a break.

  93. Josip Draši? says

    Zombiji-kakova su to bi?a,niti ljudi niti roboti: Kre?u se i govore nekim ?udnim nerazuml?jivim jezikom, ali je glavno da mogu prouzro?iti situacije iz kojih se može izvu?i teško ali se ipak izvu?e

  94. Tanchinco Colkey says

    Zombies come on

  95. Kevin Matthews says

    Yeah that's not how I'm riding out the zombie apocalypse!! 😛

  96. Xhamira D. says

    Needs to be covered in spikes xD And maybe a few air holes for when the plug is sealed. You're right on the toilet though…especially for us girls =|

  97. sharafatali khan says


  98. Hamilton Kulchetscki says

    acknowlege my ERRORS on spelling….not only waste but leprecorns ( or is it leprechaurs ?)also Bunnies    ho what hell,I´m not Irish……but I do believe in ghosts..I see them everyday ,dreadfulll apparitions even when I pray deeply before bedtime.As for my sense of humor,I´m sarcastic by nature,only feel good when I make opposition to any  subject……please,gimme a break……

  99. Amberlee Galvin says


  100. Stephen Griffin says


  101. Bryon Carter says

    +Hamilton Kulchetscki Zomies aren't real? Hmph. Famous last words. 😉

  102. Ryan Davies says

    I think Hamilton needs to just shut up before he makes an ass of himself… oh…sorry! TOO LATE!!

  103. Ivan Vu?ica says

    Huh… it needs to be a metal ball. Like in + Zombie Ball. So the zombies can also be crushed. 🙂

  104. Bryon Carter says

    Okay, at the risk of showing my age, does anyone remember the x-files episode written & directed by David Dochuvany (no, that's not the proper spelling of his last name) with a camea by Richard Greere, in which the zombies come out at the end and staet swinging to "Monster Bash" ? #x-files #zombies #satyr

  105. Ivan Vu?ica says

    Unfortunately, when it was aired, I was too young to watch the X-Files actively with understanding and following the storyline, and I never caught up with it. Maybe + Davor Cihlar knows more.

    However, is is this video?  X-Files, Monster Mash

  106. Bryon Carter says

    No +Ivan Vu?ica , but there are seens from the episode in that videp. Awesome find!

  107. Bryon Carter says


  108. Hamilton Kulchetscki says

    Midnight,dark and cold here downunder…some type of Draculla wannabe,creature of deep Outback in western Aussieland to haunt over and about….how to escape terrible doom ? In want of prof.advice,  ghostbusters..bring a witness for evidence and a camera as well…. 

  109. james jacobin says

    Iant this what howie mandell had on
    americas got talent?

  110. pankit rana says


  111. si myo says

    hi  how aer you

  112. Naga Rani says


  113. sharafatali khan says


  114. Doc Black says

    No way. Greenhouse effect. I don't want to be all sweaty and uncomfortable during the zombie apocalypse. 

  115. Fermin June III Alegro says

    hmmm… nope wont work…

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