1. Jeremy Dahl says

    Charlie Sheen level hate?

  2. Julie Montgomery says

    +1 for the yum

  3. William Betalleluz Donayre says

    Yummy…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  4. omar dounasr says


  5. ali daban says

    yummy 🙂

  6. Lee Clarke says

    chocolate, yum!

  7. Daymond Decker says

    + Amanda Blain why must you continue to torture me!

  8. Brett Bjornsen says

    If you didn't bring enough for the whole class…
    Now I'm craving cupcakes (these in particular)… thanks Amanda =P

  9. Bradley Larcher says

    OMG I want it. If i could have reached in through the monitor and grab it I would. CHOCOLATE

  10. Kyle Mecklem says

    Mentally claimed? I love it!

  11. Jannifer Stoddard says

    Where can I get the recipe + Amanda Blain ??

  12. Sebastian Hendowski says

    And 6 hours later https://plus.google.com/116046131107486389598/posts/biUbe91mxpK

  13. Kristie Doherty says

    Yummmmm! want so hard!

  14. Jannifer Stoddard says

    Seriously – I NEED the recipe + Amanda Blain ?

  15. Brett Bjornsen says

    go go gadget Google reverse image search:
    http://www.thepastryaffair.com/blog/2011/8/13/malted-chocolate-cupcakes-with-toasted-marshmallow-filling.html Those should be the dessert droids you are looking for + Jannifer Stoddard

  16. Amanda Blain says

    yup… sorry was traveling.. those are the cupcake!

  17. Brett Bjornsen says

    speaking of traveling + Amanda Blain , if you run into the Skepticality crew, tell + Derek Colanduno and + Robynn McCarthy I said hi (they're usually hiding out in the Skeptrack area)…. and, of course, have yourself tons of fun while you're there (lots of pics or it never happened).

  18. Jannifer Stoddard says

    I love the dessert droids! + Brett Bjornsen And you saved the day and my chocolate cravings!

  19. Brett Bjornsen says

    I'm always happy to utilize my powers of Google-fu for good.

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