1. stephanie wanamaker says

    mmmm I love pink icing + Amanda Blain great #cupcakes #foodporn

  2. Maggie De Vincenzi says

    OMG!! I Want that!!!

  3. dior campbell says


  4. masataka kyou says


  5. Brett Crosby says

    Wow, meta.

  6. Kyla Myers says

    That is full of win!

  7. Amanda Blain says

    i was surprised at the recipe… looks pretty simple.. maybe i'll make some.. in a hangout… 🙂

  8. stephanie wanamaker says

    + Amanda Blain haha send me an invite to that hangout! that would be fun

  9. Christian Teupe says


  10. Naomi White says

    damn but this looks really delicious

  11. mike mullen says

    ain't that a peach

  12. gugou sb says


  13. Nathan Roseman says

    Yo dawg…

  14. Katey Springle Lempka says

    That seems like a lot of work. 😀

  15. Gabriel Guzman says


  16. Mark C says

    Does it come with a side of insulin?

  17. Cecilia Vela says

    awwww se ven lindos uno sobre uno hahaha

  18. Chris Cortese says

    Yo Dawg!

  19. Alexander Ryan says

    #Obligatory cupcakeception.

  20. dekorasyon-mantolama boya says


  21. Stacy Ingram says

    I would eat some that right now! hold up too much cholesterol look tasty thou************

  22. Tina Bk says

    Awesome layering and no doubt delicious!

  23. Liam Giles says

    What is this? Cupcakeception? Oh, and now I'm hungry, thanks.

  24. Jeffrey Swartz says

    who cares about cupcakes when its not gluten free.

  25. Liam Giles says

    I hope they come in a 'sugar free' option as well.

  26. Faith Carter says

    looks really good yum!

  27. Mandee Martinez says

    what is in the middle? it looks yummy

  28. Margie D Casados says

    Oh boy, I feel my sweet tooth taking over. :))

  29. Wendy Williams says

    Very well displayed, looks delicious, strawberry and chocolate inside.

  30. Jo Anne Thomas says

    + Jeffrey Swartz If you go to my page full of my friends cupcakes!!! I will post her gluten-free ones!!

  31. Katrina Fletcher says

    There used to be this awesome blog called "Bake it in a cake". She had some killer ideas!!! The site was down the last time I checked… http://www.bakeitinacake.com but she said she was updating and bringing it back.

  32. TANVIR VYAS says

    hmm nice 🙂

  33. Connie Daleki says

    desert has arrived – yum

  34. Alexander Beccioni says

    mmm..se ve muy rico!!!

  35. Dave Winter says

    + Amanda Blain So, according to Google Translate, I'm supposed to stool the bottom for 5 minutes, then bake shovel until azure???? Maybe I need to try a different translator…

  36. Aaron Brown says

    They are just really cool, and are very pretty! That is too much icing though, but I used to make cupcakes like this with brownies and fudge in the middle. I would then dip the top in melted chocolate at the end with some sprinkles or a cookie.

  37. Joel osmin Rivera Gomez says

    Uy qe es esooooo

  38. bya clalu says

    U know i want It….

  39. Joel osmin Rivera Gomez says

    Chinita henojada y bonita

  40. Patrick Graf says

    yo dawg, i heard you like cupcakes…

  41. khaled Alkassem says

    i love it

  42. Ankit Ghoshal says


  43. Ankit Negi says

    felling hungry…… waaooooo…

  44. Erickson Tarroza says

    i want eat it.

  45. Rajib Basak says


  46. gopal parmar says


  47. Just W says

    das good !

  48. Jon Pabalan says


  49. Khaled Selim says


  50. Ankit Negi says

    hi Amanda

  51. Irene Tapial says

    Good, the sight is almost tasty… Love it! <3

  52. omar amarnis says


  53. ryan malia says

    Best cake ever

  54. Candice Palmer says

    looks delicious teasing me i havent ate sincce yesturday morning so hungry

  55. murji raheem says

    v. nice aaaaaaaaaaa…………

  56. Elzbieta Stenström says


  57. Amit Kumar says

    cool ……..

    Overall rating

  58. Sophia Cartledge says

    That's friggin' awesome. How do you do that?! Just askin'.

  59. Candice Palmer says

    Looks so good teasing lol delish

  60. Sabir Ali says


  61. hema jayantha says

    ur life like cake

  62. Sabir Ali says


  63. yahya hossini says


  64. Raza Mehboob says

    nice piece of work seriously i love to eat it

  65. Raza Mehboob says


  66. Suman Chakraborty says

    Now my lunch time so i want it…

  67. Dennis Windt says

    Made by a beautiful cupcake. I want to eat…….never mind.

  68. Candice Palmer says

    So good gotta have yumm

  69. jenna elkins says


  70. priyanshu bisht says


  71. Dinesh Madhyani says

    so awesome

  72. Amgad Ezzat says

    i cannot withstand a sight like this i may lick up screen

  73. Pedro Pinto says

    "What flavor is that cupcake?" "Cupcake flavor!"
    This is tasty way to teach recursion.

  74. Danial Shahriary says

    lts delicious

  75. bebi oprea says


  76. ???? ???????? says


  77. KUMAR GAURAV says


  78. kim john says

    wow… yummiiiiieeeeeeee……….

  79. harshit bhondle says


  80. harshit bhondle says


  81. kim john says


  82. Rodolfo Domaoal says

    yummy you made that one for me?

  83. Damelza Aung says

    like yummy

  84. Rodolfo Domaoal says

    mmmmm…. i smell the sweetness of that cupckae!

  85. gopal parmar says


  86. Rodolfo Domaoal says

    i love it so much…

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