1. Jez Fairclough says

    Just a couple I don't recognise but not many 😀

  2. lerato majikfaerie says


  3. Marco Petrosillo says

    80s are awesome! 😀

  4. Duane Erikson says

    >Not Krull
    This needs to be fixed.

  5. Ryan Rodgers says

    The attitude 80's, Great Post.

  6. Marcos Chimeno says

    20/26!!!! 😀

  7. Žiga Pirih says

    Captain obvious, help plz?

    (Rambo, E.T, Dirty Dancing, Ghost busters(?), and it ends here. Considering I was born in 90's, I think that this isn't too bad.)

  8. Brad Jones says

    Awesome!! Stuck on P, W & Y though.

  9. Patrick Nguli says

    Could name a couple, proved to be great fun 😀 …ahhh, 80's nostalgia.

  10. Jason Fisk says

    A, M, Q, X = No idea.

  11. Conrad Bianco says

    I'm not sure of a few. pretty cool.

  12. Daniel Clavijo says


  13. Nick Byford says

    Where are the answers for the ones I didn't get – or any of them for that matter, please?

  14. abbas kaabi says


  15. zizbrill laeng says

    noo pretty cool…..heheheheheeee

  16. Jason Fisk says

    + Brad Jones 'Princess Bride' 'Weird Science' 'Youngbloods'.

  17. Brad Jones says

    Thanks + Jason Fisk – kicking myself for not getting Weird Science! Ding Dong!

  18. min jee li says

    that is soooo cool!  I can identify some.. Dirty Dancing, ET, Indiana Jones, Karate Kid, Nightmare at Elm Street; Rambo,,

  19. Eddie Mohan says

    Thanx + Amanda Blain, that picture does rock!

  20. Anthony Branch says

    I see , C-Coming to America, D-Dirty Dancing, E-E.T, G-Ghost Busters,I-Indiana Jones, -J-Jumping Jack Flash, K-Karate Kid, N-Nightmare on Elm Street, O-007 (guess), R-Rambo, U-Untouchables.

  21. Lap Fung Lee says

    A project inspired by DrawSomething?

  22. Katie Wright says

    You could almost do one of these for just Adam Sandler films. But, who likes Adam Sandler enough do that, or even think about it in detail really?

  23. Jason Fisk says

    + Anthony Branch O = Octopussy (Which is technically 007)

  24. habung tado says

    sundar hai re

  25. Brad Jones says

    + Jason Fisk – A(not sure, thought I knew but don't) M = Mannequin, Q = Q The Winged Serpent, X = Xanadu (surely??)

  26. Moni Avinash says

    X = Sexy

  27. Jason Fisk says

    + Brad Jones Yeah, 'A' is a bitch. And i should have known 'Xanadu', D'uh.

  28. Lap Fung Lee says

    In case you want to do some more guessings on other movies collections and haven't yet visited the artist's website –  http://stephenwildish.co.uk/

  29. Adam Worley says

    A is airplane obviously 😀 Oh and got to love labyrinth as L

  30. Jason Fisk says

    + Adam Worley HOW DID I NOT GET THAT

  31. Adam Worley says

    A- Airplane
    B- Back to the Future
    C- No idea
    D- Dirty Dancing
    E- E.T.
    F- Fame
    G- Ghost busters
    H- honey I shrunk the kids
    I- Indiana Jones
    J- No idea
    K- Karate kid
    N- Nightmare on elm street
    L- Labyrinth
    O- Octopussy
    from then on I just have Rambo and the planet of the apes is all I can think for T but I swear that film is much older.

  32. Gabriel Ben-harosh Hasson says

    Breakfast club, Dirty Dancing, E.T, Ghost Busters, Honey I shrank the Kids, Indiana Jones, Karate Kid, nightmare on elm street, Princess Bride, Rambo, Untouchables

  33. Jason Fisk says

    + Adam Worley 'Teen Wolf'

  34. Sanadiip Chavaan says


  35. Ahmed Ali says

    R -Rambo

  36. azeri oglan says


  37. Tyler Gaisford says

    A- Airplane (+ Adam Worley )
    B- Back to the Future(+ Adam Worley )
    C- Coming to America(+ Anthony Branch )
    D- Dirty Dancing (+ Žiga Pirih  )
    E- E.T.
    F- Flight of the Navigator (+ Ben Schmidt)
    G- Ghost busters
    H- Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    I- Indiana Jones
    J- Jumping Jack Flash(+ Anthony Branch )
    K- Karate kid
    L- Labyrinth
    M-Mannequin (+ Jason Fisk )
    N- Nightmare on elm street
    O- Octopussy (+ Jason Fisk  )
    P- Princess Bride
    Q- Q The Winged Serpent(+ Brad Jones )
    R- Rambo
    S- Short Circuit 
    T- Teen Wolf
    U-Untouchables(+ Anthony Branch )
    V-Vice Versa((+ Justin Bowis )
    W- Weird Science
    X-Xanadu(+ Brad Jones )
    Y-Yongblood(+ Justin Bowis 
    Z-Zelig (+ Justin Bowis )

  38. Wayne Johnson says

    E, R, and S. The others are too small to make out.

  39. Ben Schmidt says

    I was thinking F was "Flight of the Navigator". Could be wrong, though.

    C is "Coming to America"

    J is "Jumping Jack Flash"

  40. Michael-Forest M. says

    F is not Fame.  It's clearly Flight of the Navigator http://brittanyherself.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/flight-of-the-navigator.jpg

  41. paul santiago says

    Do they have the correct answers? : )

  42. Adam Worley says

    + Michael-Forest M.  Ah I've never seen that film, I just saw the spotlight and new it was from the 1980s. Still not bad for someone born a couple of years after the 80s

  43. Justin Bowis says

    A: Airplane
    B: Back to the Future
    C: Coming to America
    D: Dirty Dancing
    E: ET
    F: Flight of the Navigator
    G: Ghost Busters
    H: Honey I shrunk the kids
    I: Indiana Jones
    J: Jumping Jack Flash
    k: Karate Kid
    N: Nightmare on Elm street
    L: Labrynth
    O: Octopussy
    M: Maniquin
    P: Princess Bride
    Q: Q The Winged Serpent
    R: Rambo
    S: Short Circut
    T: Teen Wolf
    U: Untouchables
    V: Vice Versa
    W: Wierd Science
    X: Xanadu
    Y: Youngblood
    Z: Zelig

  44. Wayne Johnson says

    "S" has to be Star Wars, "T" has to be The Return To The Planet of the Apes.

  45. Dan Quilty says

    B-Back to the Future
    C-Coming to America
    D-Dirty Dancing
    F-? Some say Fame, but I don't see it
    H-Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    I-Indian Jones and the  . . .
    J-Jumping Jack Flash
    K-karate Kid
    N-Nightmare on Elm Street
    P-Princess Bride
    Q-Q,The Winged Serpent
    S-Short Circuit
    T- Teen Wolf
    V-Vice Versa?
    W-Wierd Science

  46. Michael-Forest M. says

    + Wayne Johnson, Star Wars was made in the 70's.  S shows Johnny Five, from the film Short Circuit.

  47. paul santiago says

    thats great + Dan Quilty ! : )

  48. Wayne Johnson says

    Didn't they make a sequel in the 80s?

  49. Jason Fisk says

    + Michael-Forest M. Star Wars IV was made in the 70's. V and VI were both made in the 80's.

  50. Jason Fisk says

    + Dan Quilty F = Flight of the Navigator. M = Mannequin 

  51. Chethiya Iroshana says

    I haven't born even!

  52. hari krishnan says

    hai chetiya, me too

  53. Dan Quilty says

    kicking myself for missing Mannequin, would never have gotten Flight of the Navigator

  54. sean Mac Donald says


  55. sean Mac Donald says


  56. hari krishnan says

    ia a boy

  57. Shawn Carter says

    I would have drawn an F-14 for T.  A ginger with bad teeth for P.  F would have had something about a day off.  B would have had a breakfast thing How do you miss an entire genre of films that practically defined the 80's cinema?

  58. Keshia Shaw says

    I know at least 20 how I miss the 80s can we go back please? lol

  59. Adehel Morales says

    That is awesome!

  60. Amanda Blain says


  61. Joe Sweeney says

    good one!!

  62. Eric Fengel says

    That is so great.  Got most of them.  Zelig?

  63. Kareem A-H says

    P = princess bride, w = flash dance.

  64. Joe Sweeney says

    goo d i needed a project today i'll get them all !!!…not

  65. Amanda Blain says

    Nicely done with credit + Tyler Gaisford 😀

  66. Matthew Younger says

    I have one…. E is "phone home"  (operator: "please deposit 3Million dollars for the first 5 minutes") (hangs up)

  67. Umair Hussain says

    like it..

  68. Joe Sweeney says

    did u get rambo?

  69. Dab Benson says

    w= weird science

  70. Joe Sweeney says

    nightmare on elm st?

  71. Stan Warren says

    That showed me how little I pay attention to films. Rambo I can name, the rest, I have no idea.

  72. pearse woods says

    i like the rambo flim

  73. apollo richardson says

    indiana jones

  74. Joe Sweeney says

    what is b? back to the future?

  75. Michael Scott says

    I named 6 films.

  76. Hadin Cooper says

    lol ghost busters karate kid e.t. nightmare on elm street

  77. Joe Sweeney says

    ghost busters? lol

  78. Rfl Galicki says

    We're all living in America,
    America is wunderbar…

  79. André Carlo Pretorius says

    C – coming to america 
    D – Dirty Dancing
    E – ET
    G – Ghost Busters
    H – Honey I shrunk the Kids
    I – Indiana Jones
    J – Jumpin' Jack Flash
    K – Karate Kid
    N – Nightmare on Elm Street
    R – Rambo
    S – Short Circuit
    Thats it… all I know

  80. Michael Signor says

    Weird Science!!! 😀

  81. Hadin Cooper says

    lol its a funni movie ghoust busters is one of tthem
    rambo an x men?

  82. chris davis says

    Lol no but I no my name n urs now and they sound good together

  83. Donald Dsilva says

    E is ET,R is  Rambo  s, scooby

  84. Bat-Otgon Valya says

    i was looking only rembo ghahgha 

  85. Firmansyah eloy says


  86. Konstantin Klein says


  87. Abhinandan jain says

    no too

  88. Manny Otero says

    All but six.

  89. Adam Snell says

    B-Back to the Future
    C-Coming to America
    D-Dirty Dancing
    F-Flight of the Navigator
    H-Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    I-Indian Jones and the  . . .
    J-Jumping Jack Flash
    K-karate Kid
    N-Nightmare on Elm Street
    P-Princess Bride
    Q-Q,The Winged Serpent
    S-Short Circuit
    T- Teen Wolf
    V-Vice Versa
    W-Wierd Science

    This same artist has a few other series of these posters.

  90. Mistah FixIt says

    Not to be a pain in the butt, but it wasn't called 'Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark' in the 1980's.

    Jus' saying.

  91. Amanda Blain says

    No.. No adding friends this is not friendface 😛

  92. Lakki Prasanna says


  93. Joel Tippit says


  94. teddy hornsby says

    love that picture'

  95. Lokesh Lekhwani says

    nice yrrrrrrrr

  96. Alfred Loo says

    I thought A is home Alone?

  97. Christopher Ervin says

    Eddie Murphy

  98. Christopher Ervin says

    Rod steward

  99. Renée Momot says

    nope. too many people. + im not from the 30s or whatever

  100. lovely ahsan says


  101. Skylar Doiron says

    Indiana Jones and Nightmare on Elm street

  102. Christopher Ervin says

    Rod stewart

  103. Gregory Zaino says

    Awesome I got about 2/3 on my first pass. Q,V,Z stumped me the longest.

  104. David Bennett says


  105. Adam Ohmacht says

    B-Back to the Future
    C-Co?ming to America
    D-D?irty Dancing
    F-Fligh?t of the Navigator
    H-Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    I-Indi?an Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
    J-Jumping Jack Flash
    K-kar?ate Kid
    N-Nig?htmare on Elm Street
    P-P?rincess Bride
    Q-Q,T?he Winged Serpent
    S-Shor?t Circuit
    T- Teen Wolf
    V-?Vice Versa
    W-Wie?rd Science
    That should be them all…if not fill in where i went wrong

  106. Leon M. Brown says

    Don't remember that pix

  107. Tajammal Qureshi says

    E.T and Rambo

  108. Tajammal Qureshi says

    Maybe, Kang-Fu

  109. Michael Johnson says

    Born in 84, I can name about 9

  110. theophilus geleplay says

    lovetime with danger

  111. Silkie Wilkie says

    I can. But not enough time.

  112. Jacques DeLisle says

    Problem with I, that is a Raiders of the Last Ark pic, should have used Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (the name wasn't changed during the 80's, not a fan of revisionist history)

  113. Keith Hayden says

    oh, they messed up on I. I can be either Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but the picture is from Raiders of the Lost Ark which did not originally have "Indiana Jones" in the title. 

  114. Michael Bruin says

    I got Rambo…

  115. Michael Bruin says

    Maybe Xanadu…. otherwise, no idea.

  116. Mathew Jacob says

    I started a hangout to discuss this post. https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/0be75681020174689ab47656bc6bfb88fdb5e2ef?hft=1&hti=z13mxf0wkzzjxxbyn04cjv0izz2exp340pw0k

  117. Joe Rhomberg says

    i see fredy

  118. Hayley Fry says

    This is awesome. Proud to say I recognize 2/3 of this poster! 🙂 Flight of the Navigator was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Never seen Q,T,U,V, Y or Z. Seen the rest. Missed recognizing W and J though. :S

  119. James Oldfield says

    fairly easy once you get going, a few i dont know towards the end.

  120. scott johnson says

    B – Back to the future 
    D – Dirty dancing
    E – E.T
    F – fame
    N – Nightmare on elm street
    R – Rambo
    S – Short circuit

    that all i nw at the moment

  121. Max M Power says

    Sadly I Got them all

  122. abdul salm Gaima says


  123. markus lpalu says

    i see fredy

  124. chris omoyele says

    yeah i can name them all why not ?

  125. David Sarachman says

    Great…now I want to watch Weird Science again…

  126. Viktor Lofgren says

    I grew up in the '90s, and only got B,D,E,G,H,I,K,N,O,P,R 🙁

  127. Doug Goodman says

    Great one! Thanks for putting this up!

  128. A Restaino says

    S is Short Circuit and T is Teen Wolf. Neither movie you mentioned is from the 80's.

  129. Umair Hussan says

    nice and come on my blog

  130. vladimir calixte says


  131. Michael Scott says

    B is back to the future etc.

  132. keith duncan says

    C= coming to america

  133. Michael Simpkins says

    Only knew 11 but I was born in 89 that's my excuse lol

  134. ganesh tompe says

    R            RAMBO ROCKS

  135. Zac Amigone says

    Can you name all the regurgitated crap reposted by + Amanda Blain that all you people eat up?

  136. Eric Bird says

    Yay! Got them all!

  137. cinzia kess says

    dirty dancing, Rambo, Zelig, Xanadu,the breakfast club maybe?
    I am not a very big fan of 80's movies but some of them are very good

  138. Mohammed Arifur Rahman Chowdhury says

    I could figure out some of them

  139. Elvis Rigglet says

    Don't know any….

  140. Kevin Oliver says


  141. Grace Anthony says


  142. Lael Rapier says

    Cinzia – gasp THAT's RACIST!!

  143. Joseph Monday says

    I only knew 6 of them

  144. Milver Mendoza says


  145. Benjamin Garcia says

    Number 5 is alive

  146. Chris Lichowicz says

    Yes, but I'd rather not. I don't consider the '80s worth cinematic remembrance.

  147. wai mhuu paing says


  148. Tyler Falkinburg says

    no its just movies

  149. Maximilian Y. says

    not even ET?

  150. Rashid Awale says

    A: Airplane
    B: Back to the future
    C: Coming to america
    D: Dirty dancing
    E: ET
    F: Flight of the navigator
    I:  Indiana jones
    K: Karate kid
    M: Maniquin
    N: Nightmare on elm street
    O: Octopussy
    R: Rambo
    S: Scooby Doo
    W: Wonder Woman
    Thats all i can remember actually. Wow!

  151. Neal Beer says

    B – "Back to the Future" and F – "Flight of the Navigator". T – "Teen Wolf", X – "Xanadu", and Z – "Zelig". Oh yeah, and the easy on…Q – "Q"…yes, the movie was called "Q". 🙂

  152. Peter Listov says

    I cannot. 

  153. James Doherty says

    Raiders of the Lost Ark didn't start with I until later — just like First Blood / Rambo.

  154. Lael Rapier says

    Cinzia – you said "Cotton Club" for the "Coming to America" one. Certain minorities used to be slaves and pick cotton, hence the racist comment.  😛

  155. Maximiliano Portal says

    LOL… Short Circuit

  156. skyler drossman says

    E.T and Indiana jones. Thats all I got.The 80s was way before my time.

  157. Maximiliano Portal says

    Indiana Jones… Laberynth… Flight of the Navigator… Karate Kid… awesome list

  158. Joseph Musolino says

    oh ya watched airplane last night

  159. Neal Beer says

    A – Airplane
    B – Back to the Future
    C – Coming to America
    D – Dirty Dancing
    E – E.T.
    F – Flight of the Navigator
    G – Ghostbusters
    H- Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
    I – Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
    J – Jumping Jack Flash
    K – The Karate Kid
    L – Labyrinth
    M – 
    N – Nightmare on Elm Street
    O – Octopussy
    P- The Princess Bride
    Q – Q
    R – Rambo: First Blood Part 2
    S – Short Circuit
    T – Teen Wolf
    U – The Untouchables
    V –
    W – Weird Science
    X – Xanadu
    Y –
    Z – Zelig

  160. Antonio Agostinelli says

    I'm not from the 80's but i know that
    E – E.T,
    G – GhostBuster
    I – Indiana Jones
    J – Michael Jackson
    K – Karate Kid
    N – Freddy Krueger
    R – Rambo
    S – Short Circuit (Jhonny 5)


  161. Pedro Rodriguez says

    Got almost all of them! Memories…

  162. Gigil Thomas says


  163. Matt C says

    The scene shown in "I" is actually from Raiders of the Lost Ark, so it should be "R."

  164. Apc Milling says

    Actually its right its indiana jones

  165. Jordan Mavrinac says

    @Matt C "I"ndiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?

  166. Shan Feng says

    amazing i can recognize many of them!

  167. barney martin says

    dirty danceing #d

  168. Gary MacDonald says

    WOW. Brings back some memories, some I would rather forget… That's cool…

  169. Dallas Melendez says

    it's indiana jones, but that particular movie is called Raiders of the Lost Ark. (it was before the movies started with "Indiana Jones and the XXX), but you get the idea, the I is the man, and the series as a whole.

  170. Shanetta Peterson says

    I knew them all!!!

  171. Thomas Angelo C. Moore says

    I don't even know one of 'em!

  172. James Georgiu says

    Ghost busters!

  173. Annette Cada says

    that's awesome

  174. Cedric Paul says

    I can't name one.

  175. Amm Moore says

    Welcome to America, Dirty Dancing, E.T., Ghost Busters, Indi Jones, Jumpin Jack Flash, Nightmare on Elm St., The Labrinth, Rambo and Twins? I can't see very well so that's all I could get. Very cool!

  176. Todd Painter says

    C-Coming to America, D-Dirty Dancing, E- ET, G-Ghostbusters, I-Indiana Jones, K-Karate Kid, L-Labrynth, N-Nightmare on Elm Street, R-Rambo, t-Teen Wolf,

  177. Chethiya Iroshana says

    Ha ha ha ha!

  178. bryan adam says


  179. Ali Jibran says

    B=Back to the future C=Coming to America D=Dirty Dancing E=E.T G=Ghost Busters I=Indiana Jones  K=Karate Kid L=Labrynth N=Nightmare in Elm Street R=Rambo S=short circut 

    T= The Thing (I think)

    Others, I am not sure

  180. Alwin Tom says

    Back to the Future, ET, Ghost Busters(?), Rambo, Indiana Jones(?)
    Untouchables (sean connory)

  181. Toby Cox says

    Back to the future, e.t, navigator, ghost busters, indiana jones, karate kid, jason? or freddy? (I get the two confused), rambo, johnny 5. I loved watching Johnny 5 and navigator growing up.

  182. Frank Hauptle says

    I think L is "Lost boys" not labyrinth.. One of the vamps from lost boys has that exact hair.and clothes.

  183. David Miller says

    I figured I'd only know a couple but I found I knew about half of them and I suspect I would recognize a few more with some hints.

  184. Griffen Schwiesow says

    S: Short Circuit. Yay!

  185. Christian Hendriks says

    Not sure about F, Q, V, Y and Z, but here's my guess:
    A=Airplane, B= Back to The Future, C= Coming to America, D = Dirty Dancing, E = E.T., F = Flight of the Navigator, G = Ghostbusters,
    H = Honey I shrunk the Kids, I =Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, J = Jumpin’ Jack Flash, K = Karate Kid, L = Labyrinth, M = Mannequin, N = Nightmare on Elmstreet, O = Octopussy, P = Princess Bride, Q = Q The Winged Serpent, R = Rambo, S = Short Circuit, T = Teenwolf, U = The Untouchables, V = Vice Versa, W = Weird Science, X = Xanadu,
    Y = Youngblood, Z = Zelig

    Is this correct?

  186. Roosevelt Jackson says

    This will tell your age…funny…

  187. Ulf Bengtsson says

    Nice Poster… I want one. Missing Gremlins and some other High-Marks… but hey you gotta choose right?

  188. Richard Hlavacek says

    F= Flight of the Navigator H= Honey I shrunk the Kids J= Jumping Jack Flash O= Octopussy P= Princess Bride T= Teen Wolf W= Working Girl

  189. Alex Brittain says

    T is Teen Wolf
    And I was Born in 98.WUT!!

  190. Don Lovelace says

    Great fun!

  191. Richard Hlavacek says

    A= Airplane

  192. Adam Ledden says

    Okay lets go: B for Back to the Future
    C for Coming to America
    D for Dirty Dancing
    E for E.T.
    F for Flight of the Navigator
    G for Ghostbusters
    H for Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    I for Indiana Jones
    J for Jumping Jack Flash
    K for Karate Kid
    N for Nightmare on Elm Street
    L for Labyrinth
    R for Rambo
    S for Short Circuit
    X for xanadu
    hmm, that leaves A, O, P, Q, T, U, V, W, Y, and Z
    <3 The Labyrinth…

  193. Mike Glovas says

    I got none

  194. Thomas Jones says

    only  one  E.#@%*ing T.

  195. Adam Ledden says

    Oh, I knew Flashdance but it has a W. 
    And I should have known P (Princess Bride) <3 that movie.

  196. Arianta Zulhan says

    I only can recognize E.T, karate kid, nightmare on elm street, & rambo

  197. Ethan lilie says

    ET phom hoome

  198. Mitch Price says

    <— Product of the 80's. 15 out of the 26..not bad I suppose.

  199. Mary Jimenez says

    C: Eddie Murphy's "a prince in New york" or somethign like that.  E: ET G: Ghostbusters
    H: Tom Hanks Turner & hootch I: Indiana Jones K: Karate Kid N: Nightmare on Elm Street Q: never Ending Story R: Rambo S:Predator  V: (seems) Gobernator's "TwinS" W: Flashdance and I believe Z is something of Woody Allen

  200. varinderjit singh says

    A-shy man

  201. varinderjit singh says

    J- x boy

  202. varinderjit singh says

    K- y boy

  203. Bob Brinkman says

    Sadly, the movie for I was originally titled "Raiders of the Lost Arc" (later to become "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc") so it really doesn't belong under "I"

    That said, some great stuff and a nice walk through memory lane.

  204. Amna Ahmed says

    hahahahahahahahahaha 😀

  205. Saman Lashkari says

    u for  Untouchables.

  206. Ryma Storm says

    e is et

  207. Ali Jafri says

    I only recognized the obvious ones;

    H: Honey, I shrunk the kids
    I: Indiana Jones
    K: Karate kid
    O: Octopussy (James Bond series)
    R: Rambo
    X: Probably X-Men
    Z: (something with Woody Allen)

  208. obada musa says


  209. Dylan Williams says

    N is Freddy cougar 

  210. Gary Libero says

    I'd +2 this if I could!

  211. totti El touny says


  212. Bryce Summers says


  213. jayson cabote says

    C-coming to america
    D – Dirty dancing
    E – ET
    G – Ghost Buster
    I – indiana Jones
    K – karate kid
    L – labyrnt
    N – nightmare on elm street
    R – rambo
    that's all i can remember..haha

  214. Edermars E says

    B Back to the future, K Karate kid, R Rambo, G Gosh Busters, E Et, I Indiana jones

  215. Swaroop Ks says

    80s was great.i remember only karate kid,extra terrestrial,indiana jones,rambo. that's it 🙂

  216. Christian Morris says

     one threre

  217. kyle hall says

    Back to the Future
    Coming to America
    Dirty Dancing
    Flight of the Navigator
    Honey I Shrunk the kids
    Indiana Jones
    Jumpin Jack Flash
    Karate Kid
    Nightmare on Elm street
    Princess Bride
    Q: The Winged Serpent
    Short Circuit
    Teen Wolf
    Vice Versa
    Weird Science

  218. Samantha Code says

    P is princesses bride

  219. THABO THABEDE says


  220. Samantha Code says

    Love wierd science & flight of the navigator

  221. Carl Acton says

    A,m,q,x….no clue.

  222. Jeff Tetreault says

    N – Freddy Krugar
    R – Rambo
    K – Karate Kid
    S – Jonny Five Alive

  223. Patrick McKennedy says

    H- Honey I shrunk the Kids
    J- Jumping Jack Flash
    T- Teen Wolf

  224. Samantha Code says

    C- coming to America

  225. Danny Barker says

    i knew most of them !

  226. angel gonzalez says

    I- indianna jones
    N- freddy kreuger
    ive seen c but i forgot the name

  227. Owen McArdle says


  228. ilham rahman says


  229. jenny greenfield says

    nope none of them

  230. carl arrogante says

    Shame on me for not getting A, B, and U. Never saw F or V.

  231. David Hulse says

    W is Weird science

  232. julio colon says

    P is princess bride, look at Andre the giant. Lol

  233. Iain Cox says

    Is 'V' for Vamp? Because it should be.

  234. kach rad says

    yes,i can but ……………………………………………….i cannot

  235. John Aitken says

    back to the future 

  236. digvijaysingh gaur says

    friends like this page

  237. Jeff McCune says

    Airplane, Back to the future, Coming to america, Dirty dancing, ET, Flight of the navigator, Ghostbusters, Honey we shrunk the kids, Indiana jones, Jumping jack flash, Karate kid, Labyrinth, Manniquin, Nightmare on elm street, Octopussy, Princess Bride, Q the winged serpent, Rambo, Short Circut, Teenwolf, Untouchables, Vice Versa, Weird Science, Xanaadu, Youngblood, Zelig…….does it show that i was born in '85? hahaha I loved the 80's

  238. pancayudyatna parama-rama says

    Nightmare on the elm street

  239. Sanjoy Mitter says

    K for king or kung fu!

  240. Maxim Dmitrienko says

    It's an awesome picture

  241. sajjan verma says

    D= dirty dancing , E=ET , G=ghost busters , N=nightmare at el, street , R=rambo, and it ends there

  242. ames foley says

    too many of them

  243. Kevin Bedford says

    c- coming to america
    d- dirty dancing
    e- E.T.
    g- ghost busters
    h- honey i shrunk the kids
    i – indiana jones
    j- jumpin jack flash
    k- karate kid
    n-nightmare on elm st
    please fill in the rest or any i got wrong 

  244. Julio Patricio says

    B. Back to the future
    C. Coming to america
    D. Dirty dancing
    E. E.T
    F. Flight of the navigator
    G. Ghost busters
    H. Honey I shrunk the kids
    I. Indiana Jones
    J. Jumping Jack flash
    K. Karate kid
    N. Nightmare on elm street
    L. Labyrinth
    O. Not sure which bond
    Q. Dragon heart
    R. Rambo
    S. Short circuit
    T. teen wolf

  245. ames foley says

    B – Back to the Future
    J – Jumping Jack Flash
    P – Princess Bride
    S – Short Cirtcut
    W – Wierd Science

  246. Michael Maschine says

    Back to the future
    Coming to America
    Dirty dancing
    Flight of the navigator
    Honey I shrunk the kids
    Indiana jones
    Jumping jack flash
    Karate kid
    Nightmare on elm street
    Princess bride
    Q – ?
    Short circuit
    Teen wolf
    Uncle belvedere

    And I'm stumped for the last row 🙁

  247. Sean Hall says


  248. Jen Peters says

    14 out of 26.  Not bad.  Guess I remember the 80's better than I thought…

  249. Abdullmjeed Al-Adel says

    R>> Rambo .. That's what i figured out ^^

  250. Thomas Poole says

    How can F not be Footloose?

  251. Daniel Barton says


  252. Alicia Reyes says

    thats cool!

  253. Reza Poorshojaei says

    rambo! 😀

  254. Nathan Cato says


  255. Beth Finch says

    Ha ha xx know sum of them! My mum woches them all!! 🙂

  256. obada musa says


  257. Christopher DaCrema says

    "I" is wrong.  The movie is actually "Raiders of the Lost Ark".  Only after that did they start adding the "Indiana Jones…" to the front of the titles.

  258. Neil Russell says

    Almost..all but 2

  259. gerrald peterson says

    Trying to forget the 80s

  260. brendan mcdonald says

    i know 3

  261. Mike Hovey says


    Why isn't U Uncle Buck

  262. diogo nunes says

    rambo o film r

  263. Hans Carota says

    I got 16 of them…

  264. Shemekia dickerson says

    B. Paul C. Coming to America D. Dirty Dancing E. ET F. Flight of the Navigator G. Ghost busters H. Honey I shrink the kids I. Indiana Jones J . Jumping Jack flash K. Karate kid L. Laybreath N . Nightmare on elm St. R. Rambo S. Short circuit W. Flash dance . I just named the ones I know.

  265. Mike Hovey says

    After looking at the answers from other people M, Q, U, V, X, Y and Z stumped me. I have seen all these movies except Xandu and Z.

    Wow did i just admit to seeing maniquan? Yup i did oh well.

  266. Cassi Campbell says

    So awesome. Is this a poster? if so i want It. 🙂

  267. Andrew Crowell says

    Back to the Future

    Dirty Dancing
    Flight of the Navigator
    Ghost Busters
    Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    Indiana Jones
    Jumpin Jack Flash
    Karate Kid
    Nightmare on Elm Street

    Short Circuit
    Teen Wolf

    14/26. I was born in 87, so not too bad.

  268. manoj chhetri says


  269. ann-marie leonard says

    D: Dirty dancing
    E: E.T
    N: nightmare on elm street
    R: Rambo

    That's all I got also new the same ones as Ali just not H.

  270. Evan Kiddy says

    M,U,H stumped me.

  271. Ali Shayzadag says

    I Don't 'cause I Was Born in 90s

  272. Michael Pigg says

    Got most of them…

  273. Kyle Axe says

    + Ali Shayzadag Me too 😀

  274. Chad Cooper says

    have no idea what that is?? lol

  275. jen countryman says

    I can name more than not. Some the picture is hard to see

  276. Megan Peters says

    what!? LOL

  277. George Carter says

    I can't make the box big enough for me to see the little boxes well enough to even try and play the game how do I blow it up???

  278. Stephen Fletcher says

    got some,but not all

  279. Dale Stephens says

    C is Coming To America and L is Labyrinth.

  280. darshan bhavsar says


  281. Blake Swarzenski says

    S is Short Circuit.

  282. George Carter says

    Oh the name if the movie starts w/ the letter the pic is in? That makes it alot easier, but I still can't really sed them.. Guess I'm too old and blind for this game!! LOL!!

  283. Ishfaq Bhat says

    No I can't I was born late

  284. Nicholas Williams says

    C is Coming to America, E is ET, K is Karate Kid,N is Nightmare on Elm Street

  285. Suzy Kurtz says

    B-Back to the future,,C-Coming to America,D- Durty Dancing,, E- E.T.,,F- Flight,,,,,G- Ghost Busters,, H- Honey I Shrunk the kids,, I – Indiana Jones,, J- Jymping jack flash,,, K- The Karate Kid,,L- Labyrinth,,M-Maniquin,,,,N- Nightmare on elm street,,O- Octopussy 007,, P-Princess Bride,,ummmm. Q- Q the winged serpebt,,,. R- Rambo,,,S- Short circut,,, T- Teen Wolf,,, U- Untouchables,,, V- Vice Versa,, W- Wierd Sience,, X- Xanadu,, Y- Youngblood,,, and Z – Zelig

  286. Claudia Walker says

    Name 4 of them

  287. Ashu Dabas says

    totally boring yaar

  288. Sean Bradshaw says

    I managed to eke out 16 of them, but was really bummed that I missed A, T and W.

  289. Vova Kataev says

    how does no5 have something to do with N?
    and how come Terminator isn't there?

  290. Prèèny Mary says

    Totally rocks…

  291. Doug Meredith says

    missed 4 q v y z the rest of them i have on DVD LOL

  292. Tomi Tapio Kärkkäinen says

    Zardoz was better than Zelig.

  293. Alex Marschitz says


  294. jitendra kuliyal says

    hi amanda

  295. antonio laracuente says

    Ha.ha fools

  296. Bobalina Flinstone says

    b: back to the future
    k: karate Kid
    N: nightmare on elmstreet
    R: rambo
    im from the 90's and only seen 2 of them so i think i did … crap

  297. Mustafa Gatollari says

    These are so awesome!

  298. Gilles Provenzano says

    a p p nnn o

  299. Casey Powers says

    E: ET
    I: indiana jones
    thats all i got….

  300. Jamie Ashmore says


  301. Keisha Wilkerson says

    Airplane, bartender,coming to America, dirty dancing,et,ghostbusters,honey I shrunk the kids, Indiana Jones, jumping jack flash,karate kid, nightmare on elm street, labryth(spelling), octopussy,rambo,shortcircuit,

  302. Abdullah sufyan says


  303. Kabir Guha says

    e : ET
    i : Indiana Jones
    g : Ghostbusters
    h : Honey I shrunk the kids
    p : Predator
    w : Wild Things ?

  304. Keisha Wilkerson says

    A can remember all of them! LOL

  305. Keisha Wilkerson says

    I can't I mean

  306. Danyell Johnson says

    Nice post. Awesome, very fun.

  307. Jack C Crawford says

    c: coming to America (I didn't read any comments above)

  308. JB Lewis says

    "I" is wrong.  That's movie's title started with an "R".

  309. ???? ?? ???? says


  310. Theresa Lagos says

    E for 'ET'; D for 'Dirty Dancing'; G for 'Ghostbusters'; I for 'Indiana Jones'; K for 'Karate Kid'; N for 'Nightmare on Elm Street' (is it)?; R for 'Rambo'; X for 'Xanadu'. Geez…8 out of 26.

  311. Viraj Patel says

    The e 1 is et thats all i no

  312. Matthew Hernandez says

    B= Back to the Future, C=Cocktail?, D= Dirty Dancing, E=ET, G= Ghostbusters, H=Honey I Shrunk the Kids, I=Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, K=Karate Kid, L=Labyrinth, N= Nightmare on Elm Street, O= Once Bitten, R=Rambo, S=Short Circuit, T= Teen Wolf, W=Weird Science. Thats about all I can get at first glance. Great little game

  313. Tj Tjarks says

    I hate to say it but i got them all before reading the comments. Born in 85 and watched every 80`s movie as a kid, movies from the 80's or older are still the best movies ever.

  314. Jake Krueger says

    B: Back to the Future D: Dirt Dancing E: ET G: Ghostbusters I: Indiana Jones K: Karate Kid N: Nightmare on Elm Street L: Labrynth R: Rambo

  315. jody thele says

    holy cow

  316. Israel Galvan says

    C-welcome to america
    D-dirty dancing
    H-honey, I shrunk the kids
    I-Indiana Jones
    J-a movie with whoopi goldberg
    K-Karate Kid
    L- laberynth
    N-Freddy k
    Q-dragon heart?
    S-short circuit
    And the rest seem familiar but I cant memer.

  317. Adam Floodman says

    This rocks

  318. Sarath Raju says

    Here you go,
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
    Named ! haha !

  319. Jonas Liljemark says

    I'll give it a go:

    B: Back to the Future D: Dirty Dancing E: E.T. The Extraterrestrial F: Footloose I: Indiana Jones K: Karate Kid N: Nightmare on Elm Street R: Rambo S: Short Circuit

  320. melissa hurtado says


  321. Adam perez says

    wow i can actually name all of these

  322. sam zn says

    What about Grease? That was cool…

  323. jam Delords says


  324. Asma Begum says

    sorry i cannot even one

  325. Irving Ortiz says

    we got-ET,Indiana Jones,Karate Kid,Fredy Kruger,Rambo.. and the rest I dont know

  326. Amanda Crockett says


  327. Ali Toch says

    E: ET, N: Nightmare on Elm Street, R: Rocky, K: Karate Kid, H: Honey, I shrunk the kids, I: Indiana Jones, S: Star Wars. Sorry, that's the best I can do! 🙂

  328. Luke Tobin says

    e.t, indiana jones, karate kid, nightmare on elme street, rambo,short circut, back to the future, michael jackson?, ha i wasnt even born in the 80's but i pretty much seen every movie i just named XD

  329. Bill Koncar says

    P – Princes Bride (Andre the Giant)

  330. Gauri Pargaonkar says

    Gosh, I was born in the 90's

  331. Carruth James says

    C: This is Eddie Murphy in ''Coming To America.''

  332. manraj nagra says


  333. ryan varela says

    ryan vol

  334. shubham raj says

    I was born on 1994…. So can't help it!

  335. ryan varela says

    ih go vol

  336. Clint Nesbeth says

    Only a couple of them.

  337. Joseph Snyder says

    Back to the future, Coming to America, DIrty Dancing, ET, Ghostbusters, Honey I shrunk the Kids, Indiana Jones, Karate Kid, Rambo, Short Circuit, and thats it and I was born in late 90's so ha!

  338. Joseph Snyder says

    OH and Nightmare on Elm Street!

  339. Rebecca Sample says

    I was born in 1988at and I can name them all

  340. Andrew Bush says

    22/26. Got everything except for: Q, V, Y and Z. Not too shabby.

  341. dennis white says

    Back to the Future Coming to america, Dirty dancing, E.T., Ghost busters, Indiana Jones,Jumpin Jack flash,Karate kid,Nightmare on Elm street, Rambo, Star Wars, X-files?

  342. Ashish Jindal says

    You are very sexy

  343. Christian Taylor says

    H is honey i shrunk the kids

  344. Derek Root says

    This is all I could do.
    A – 
    B – Back to the Future
    C – Coming to America
    D – Dirty Dancing
    E – E.T.
    F – Flight of the Navigator
    G – Ghost Busters
    H – Honey I shrunk the Kids
    I – Indiana Jones
    J – 
    K – Karate Kid
    L – Labyrinth
    M – 
    P – Princess Bride
    Q –
    R – Rambo
    S – Short Circuit
    T –
    U –
    V –
    W – Weird Science
    X –
    Y –
    Z –

  345. Alan Bryan says

    J is Jumping Jack Flash

  346. Mackenzie Baker says

    no i cant

  347. aslam abrar says


  348. yuni indo says

    A_z gd

  349. karan sharma says


  350. haleh mirgholikhani says

    is it truth? + Derek Root +

  351. Simon Smith says

    J- Jumping Jack Flash
    T- Teen Wolf thingy with MJ Fox
    V- Vice Versa 

  352. KYLE VUCINA says

    B back to the future. C coming to america. D dirty dancing. E e.t. H honey i shrunk the kids. I indiana jones. N nightmare on elm street. R rambo. W weird science. That's all I know and i'm 12

  353. eli chhith says

    Ghostbusters,karatekid,et,freddykrueger,and back to the future

  354. billy crachiola says

    cold son

  355. Mercedes Collins says

    I was able to name 14 of them!

  356. Robert McCathren says

    For the people who think S is for "Star Wars" you should know that Johnny5 "is disappoint".

  357. Laura Croft says

    pretty in pink, breakfast club,sixteen candles, teen wolf 

  358. glenda guzman says

    Coming to America, Dirty Dancing, ET, Ghostbusters, Honey, I shrunk the kids, Karate Kid, Nightmare on Elm Street. Labyrinth, Octopussy, Rambo, Xanadu. Trying to remember the rest…

  359. mohammad rafiq says


  360. Cameron Monteith says

    Coming to America, E.T, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Karate Kid, Rambo, and Teen Wolf are all I know. But considering I was born in the 2000's, I think I did great.

  361. Asif Cheema says

    how are you? where are you?

  362. ryan varela says


  363. chaney smith says

    what up, people

  364. Cameron Monteith says

    Also Marty McFly in Back to the Future

  365. Patrick Costello says


  366. Mickey Miller says

    Can but i won't… Showing my age if I do…..????

  367. Aziz-Ul-Haq Badat says

    then you are millanium baby…dear?

  368. Simon Peter charles Davenport says

    Karate kid

  369. Cee Willz says

    I like this. Could it be purchased?

  370. Faizan Mirza says

    i know one is nightmare elm's street and another is back to the future

  371. Nigel Ernest says

    Teenwolf, the Untouchables, weird science…

  372. USman Sky says


  373. Whitney Prillaman-Lynch says

    I can but can't see them while. Posts!

  374. Nåah Lifland says

    inddana jones..

  375. Nåah Lifland says


  376. Nåah Lifland says


  377. Elisa amiran says

    Just some of them

  378. Michael Scott says

    Rambo, Michael Jackson, Back to the Future, Nightmare on Elms. Str., Airplane, E.T, Ghostbusters Etc.

  379. Aaron Brown says

    I would have voted for splash dance, I totally did not appreciate it like I might have if I was a wee bit older!  At the time I did not understand why it was so popular HAH

  380. Jason Fisk says

    Michael Jackson?. I asumme you're referring to the 'J', that's Whoopy Goldberg, in 'Jumping Jack Flash'

  381. Cameron Blackburn says

    Almost and I was born in 92 Hahaha. Just don't know the first one.

  382. Prèèny Mary says

    Few: C~Coming to America, D-Dirty Dancing, E- ET, H- Honey I Shrunk the Kids, I- Indiana Jones, J- Jumping Jack Flash, K-Karate Kid, R- Rambo,..   

  383. April Gaytan says

    "I" and "N"

  384. Whitney Prillaman-Lynch says

    Ok.. Here goes what I can remember … Airplane, back to the future, coming to america, dirty dancing, e.t. , f.. , ghost busters. , h… , Indian jones.., jumping jack flash, karate kid, labyrinth , m…. Nightmare on elm st. , octopussy, p..q…Rambo.., s.., teen wolf, u..v…w..Xanadu, y..z.. Stil working o. Few..

  385. George Taylor says

    It's COOl

  386. Darryl Griffith says

    + Whitney Prillaman-Lynch  H.. Honey I shrunk the kids  I thought B was Breakfast Club  M is Mannequin  S Short Circuit  Y Youngblood maybe

  387. Todd Foster says

    I guess almost them all.. That's sad.

  388. mercedez escanio says

    back to the future
    coming to america
    dirty dancing
    flight of th navigator
    ghost busters
    honey i shrunk the kids
    indiana jones
    jumping jack flash
    karate kid
    nightmare on elm street
    princess bride
    q the winged serpent
    short circuit
    teen wolf
    vice versa
    werid science
    and i was born in the 20th century

  389. Katie Love says

    i dont know the title, but im pretty sure z is Woody Allen

  390. Katie Love says

    B, back to the future, I indiana jones, r rambo?, e et

  391. Glenn Vitale says

    23 out of 26, good eh?

  392. Miguel Serna says

    Great movies

  393. Fionnan Burke says


  394. Richard Masango says

    James Bond.

  395. Alaa El Assal says


  396. Gavin Shaw says

    Z is Woody Allen

  397. Bill Hanson says

    No one has gotten the proper movie for A.  It's Amazon Women on the Moon.  Check out the cover picture for the DVD.  The rest were easy.

  398. ryan varela says

    Lol ps go hi Ryan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L

  399. igor klimkowski says

    a for armageddon! i love u aerosmith!

  400. Joseph Demeraski says

    A for Airplane!

  401. Denise Seminoff says

    Not bad for a cover. :')

  402. Katherine hebel says

    A-airplane B-back to the future C-coming to America D-dirty dancing E-ET  F flight of the navigator G- Ghost busters H-Honey I shrunk the kids I-Indiana Jones and the temple of doom J-Jumping Jack flash K-karate kid  N-nightmare on elm street L-Labyrinth O- Octapussy M-mannequin P- princess bride Q- Q (the movie was just Q R-Rambo S-short circuit T= teen wolf U-untouchables V-vise versa W-weird science X-xanadu Y- youngbloods Z-Zelig

  403. Nick DantzlerW. says


    I only knew ET and Airplane and Short-circuit.

  404. Jimi Lyon says

    "I" is Indiana Jones, but the film was released as "Raiders of the Lost Ark", so it doesn't fit.

    Always one person who has to point something out, eh? 🙂

  405. Nick DantzlerW. says


  406. Jared Fremlin says

    All but A I can get..

  407. Ibrar Yunus says

    this looks SPIFFY!

  408. Lydia Owings says

    R u guys crazy!? This is super kick ass!! 🙂 love it! 🙂

  409. Lydia Owings says

    I wasn't alive for the 80s but this rocks!

  410. liz moran says

    Princess bride is P for anyone who doesn't know. Lol

  411. Emma Riccio says

    Indiana Jones? E.T.? Karate Kid? Marilyn Monroe? This rocks 🙂

  412. Rachel Waterer says

    B – Back to the future
    D – dirty dancing
    E – ET
    G – Ghostbusters
    H – Honey, I shrunk the kids
    K – Karate Kid
    L – Labyrinth
    P – Princess bride
    R – Rambo

  413. james jacobin says

    For a second, i thought p was roseanne, i now see it as andre the giant, the princess bride!

  414. james jacobin says

    W – weird science, where is waynes world?

  415. james jacobin says

    For a second, i thought dirty dancing was todays, "so you think you can dance!"

  416. mi hunter says

    Xc. Aq.?

  417. Ryan Shepard says

    Is this a list of movies that have or will be destroyed by horrible remakes?  Because the 80's rule and 2000's drool…dude!

  418. Nomeneta Saili says

    Tough one.
    Coming to America
    Dirty Dancing
    Ghost Buster
    Jumping Jack
    Krate Kid
    Pretty Woman
    Johnny 5

    That's all i can get. 

  419. Nomeneta Saili says

    Is F – Fame or the Navigator?

  420. ayman nader says


  421. hammody aljumaily says


  422. Melodie Libby says

    A-Airplane, B-Back to the Future, C-Coming to america, D-Dirty Dancing, E-ET, F-Flight of the Navigator, G-Ghostbusters, H-honey I shrunk the Kids, I-Indiana Jones, J-Jumping Jack Flash , K-Karate Kid, L-Labyrinth, M-Mannequin, N-Nightmare on Elm, O-Octopussy, P-Princess Bride, Q- Q, R-Rambo, S-short Circuit, T- __, U-Untouchables, V-__, W-___, X-Xanadu, Y__, Z-__

  423. Melodie Libby says


  424. Paul Cobb says

    First half I find easier than second still stuck on a few , good though 🙂

  425. Vera Wolf says


  426. Pas Kate says

    Letter (W) is me<33 lol

  427. Gina Verdote says

    No way,, thanks

  428. Jimmy Smith says

    A] Home Alone?D]Dirty Dancing?R]Rambo?E]E.T.?

  429. Timothy Shaw says

    Love this post.

  430. Gabe Nugent says

    rambo, dirty dancing, E.T

  431. Rick Ruiz says

    Hmm, need a cheat sheet

  432. Frank Perez says

    Big trouble in little china
    Dirty dancing
    indiana jones
    karate kid
    nightmare on elm street labyrinth
    short circuit

  433. Rodrigo Corvetto says

    A> ?
    B> Back to the Future
    C-> Coming to America
    D> Dirty Dancing
    E> E.T.
    G>Ghost busters
    H>Honey I shrunk the kids
    I>Indiana Jones
    K>- Karate kid
    N>Nightmare on elm street
    T>Teenage Wolf
    W>Weird Science

  434. Mishka Fielding says

    Uber fab post! I love the 80s!! 18/26…not bad for someone born in 1980! X

  435. Chris George says

    I've got Indy, Ghostbusters, Rambo, E.T.& a couple of others. Blast from the past.

  436. Chris Hood says

    no purple rain?

  437. Chris Eldridge says

    I get a good bit over half of em. I'm amazed at how many I do get considering I was born in 85 but then again that means I grew up in a time when these movies would have been still culturally relevant, and I have seen many of them… so I guess it isn't odd at all that I would recognize so many of them.

  438. Yuval valiano says

    Don't think the kid in F had a hat…

  439. Sarah Ruiz says

    Some of them are easy, just not all of them.

  440. Tiffany Ahnert says

    + Rodrigo Corvetto 
    P-Princess Bride
    S- Short Circuit.

  441. Rayna kelley says

    i have no clue

  442. Travis Lytle says

    and we all know what r is lol

  443. Nancy McCall says

    "I" is really "R."

  444. Rachel Plate says

    i dont know what r is but i am positive everyone knows what e is

  445. Douglas Hicks says

    "Raiders of the Lost Ark" starts with an "I"?

  446. Wayne Earp says

    I can get 15 of them

  447. Joshua Soares says

    + Douglas Hicks No, but indiana jones does.

  448. Rainier Santana says


  449. Alexandra Bakker says

    OMG.. this is awesome!!! Just saw it… I have been super busy and not online much as I wish…

    Need to SHARE… as it's right up my alley.. duh!!

  450. Alexandra Bakker says

    Wait… where the h*ll is FERRIS?? How did they dare leave him out of this??

    This is totally http://www.wavsource.com/snds_2012-06-10_2220295887688775/movies/princess_bride/inconceivable.wav !!!

  451. Aaroen Nagel says

    I should be in r if we're using movie titles, but other than that pretty cool. Anybody got them all yet?

  452. darpan telange says


  453. beyamaowei didydeh says

    the world is turning around but the contries and cities are always at particular position.

  454. Muhammad Ihtesham says

    hi amanda how are you.

  455. theophilus geleplay says

    love ,entertainment, hatred

  456. summer anderson says

    cool beans

  457. Lolli Stewart says

    i no Dirty Dancing, ET, Ghost Busters, Indiana Jones, Karate Kid, the Labrinth, and then Xanadu and thats bout all i no considering im only a teen and was born in late 90s

  458. Alicia Reyes says

    I love B,E,S, and L! 🙂

  459. Jon Singletary says

    Embarrassed… I'm stuck on A

  460. Valeska Hubert says

    i only know E, I, and N haha

  461. Matthew Hale says

    W is weird science

  462. Tiago Thiengo Vieira says

    Nooo 60' and 70' are best moments on time… music mainly…

  463. Johnny Brannan says

    great stuff!  i LOVE the 80s.  best decade ever!

  464. mohammed imran Khatri says

    i love this and i love you

  465. yousuf shakir says

    I am not love but i loveyou

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