1. Joe Frazier, Jr says

    Zork all the way baby!!!!

  2. Amanda Blain says

    I ? Zork  https://plus.google.com/u/0/107982618909749811163/posts/hUaD5AYKEia

  3. Amanda Blain says

    For you + Jordan Oram 🙂

  4. Robert DeStefano says

    The C-64 was my first computer……back in the day…..lol

  5. Jackson Mileur says

    Why is Frogger carrying a briefcase? Is he trying to get to work?

  6. Jordan Oram says

    And here's something for you + Amanda Blain 😀  C64 m.u.l.e. music

  7. John Berger says

    …except that the picture is for the *gulp* TRS-80!!  Nothing like 128×48 resolution with 1 color – on or off.

  8. David Price says

    Back when the actual video game looked nothing like the illustration on the box.  🙂


  9. Amanda Blain says

    Indeed + Jackson Mileur the frog is going home from work 😀

  10. Thomas King says

    Speaking of Retro Thursday, just finished watching Monster Squad.

  11. Jordan Oram says

    + Thomas King Kick him in the nards!

  12. Jackson Mileur says

    And obviously the reason why his clothes are so disheveled is that he just met up with the lady frog character before that picture was taken. He looks so worried because he is afraid his wife is going to find out. He's certainly not afraid of that truck, which looks unoccupied and motionless.

  13. Eddie Mohan says

    Nice find again + Amanda Blain!

    Seeing the Frogger on Seinfeld had to be the funniest thing ever!

  14. David Price says

    5th Avenue Frogger, a real time traffic version of Frogger.


  15. Joe Frazier, Jr says

    Heh… If you are artistically inclined, the "motion lines" behind frogger give the impression that he is taking off into flight(up up and away!!!!!)

  16. Derick Mino says


  17. Andrew Bell says

    Had it on the Amstrad CPC464. Not as good as dizzy egg… but I spent countless hours getting mashed up by the huge lawnmowers!

  18. Scott Logue says

    Flight Simulator II… I must have had 5000 hours on that thing

  19. Jimmie Fisher says

    ATARI 2600 STILL RULES!!! 🙂 🙂 #retrogamer  

  20. takashi kitajima says

    I feel nostalgic this !! 

  21. Donagh Reardon says

    Its time for Frogger: the movie.

  22. Andrew Bell says

    Kermit for lead role?

  23. Donagh Reardon says

    + Andrew Bell Nah Jon Voight would be a better choice. He'd bring more of a deeper dimension to the character.  

  24. Andrew Hintz says

    Too funny! It was fun to play.

  25. Rebecca LeHeup says

    LOL – childhood memories

  26. Mike G says

    Playing Frogger at age thirteen with my brother…it was the first time we heard my father use this phrase: "oops son, looks like you pulled a boner"

  27. Jared Youtsey says

    No way. Lode Runner was the best C64 game.

  28. Isaac Katzenelson says

    For me in was always Radar  Rat Race on the C64

  29. Wesely Hudson says

    go frogerr

  30. Roland Mendoza says

    You mean "high crossing frog " proper term no excuses :p

  31. James Jameson says

    I was always partial to Mail Order Monsters and Dr. J and Larry Bird 1 on 1.. annnnd I just dated myself and feel horrible

  32. Amanda Blain says

    OMG MAIL ORDER MONSTERS… i loved that one too… + James Jameson 

  33. donald hakala says

    forget Tony Hawk… How about the original…"Skate or Die!" on C64

  34. Joe Frazier, Jr says

    Newspaper boy!!!

  35. eric doyle says

    go frogger i love this game

  36. Vinay Mishra says

    hi iamvinay

  37. sofia khan says


  38. uzodinma onyemuwa says

    Super fly

  39. Harish Tiwari says

    nice pic

  40. Kelly Randell says

    Grat pic! I loved this game back in the day. Played for hours!

  41. Joe Frazier, Jr says

    Oh crap.. I totally spaced on my fav Amiga game: Sword of Aragon…. I spent hundreds of hours on that damn game.  part rpg, part wargame,  and part city simulation

  42. Harvey Yeager says

    We are dating ourselves when declare our memories of Frogger.

  43. yousuf shakir says

    mandak ha ke chor

  44. inba Inbarajan says


  45. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    Impossible Mission was the best. That, deja vu, and Mean Streets. I played them all when the bbs line was busy.

  46. Rodiard Royales says

    teach me how to froggy'

  47. Acid Eiffel says

    Oui, ze frog is number 1.

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