1. Nick Forshaw says

    Holy hell that's gotta be like 2305932016791283 calories

  2. Sean Clarke says

    Shouldn't that say "Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict For the Fatties!"

  3. Daniel Ely Rankin says

    i think i just got diabetes…

  4. Charlene P says

    what in the?………………

  5. Mark Michuda says

    Haha! Sean Clarke…freaken hilarious. Yeah, I got some fatty friends that would be all over this.

  6. Del Williams says

    I am liking you more and more + Amanda Blain although, even my chubby self says, that is a tad much.

  7. Terence Gordon says

    Awesome idea and you could add strawberry ice cream syrup as ketchup.

  8. Sonny Williamson says

    I just had a foodgasm.

  9. Trudy Connor says

    my husband is now drooling over my shoulder.

  10. Brett Bjornsen says

    that looks like a tasty heart attack waiting to happen…

  11. Sean Clarke says

    No-one has asked + Amanda Blain the obvious question – Is that your breakfast!!?? 😉

  12. Amanda Blain says

    I edited the post to clarify + Sean Clarke … I forget how clear you need to be in all posts on G+ before the lynch mobbing starts 😉

  13. Becky Le Blond says

    ICK – I'm not ga ga – maybe after a very late night.

  14. Sean Clarke says

    Amanda – I wasn't going to judge you 🙂 I used to have a sweet tooth and might of actually eaten that!

  15. Amanda Blain says

    Are you kidding? If that was before me I would TOTALLY eat it.. 😀 I bet it taste delicious!

  16. Paul Smith says

    I get it, your trying to get me fat aren't u? lol

  17. Brett Bjornsen says

    I'm gonna have to forward this little gem off to my chef friends and see if they can whip some of these up… I think it would be worth the ensuing sugar coma it'd cause

  18. tracie smalls says

    oh my staarss..i need this right now

  19. Kim Rudd says

    I'll take one with a Diet Coke, please.

  20. Trudy Connor says

    Oh no coke for me make ie a root beer float served in a coffee mug!

  21. Del Williams says

    + Kim Rudd You do realize Diet Coke is really not that good for you, right? Take all the cals and enjoy then jog.

  22. Abdullah Mohd Nawi says

    Good Lord.. that is a heart attack and diabetes in all its sugary glory.

  23. matthew rappaport says

    Just in case + Justin Rowland missed this… he's got a fork attached to his hand!

  24. Justin Rowland says

    That is insane.

  25. Lisa Greenstein says

    Foodies everywhere are now rejoicing.

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