1. Miah Schmid says

    WHAT!?!?! Incredible!

  2. Ronald Czik says

    What about Quisp and Quake?

  3. Aaron Wood says

    Ghost Busters cereal… stays crunchy, even in slime!

  4. Ryan Mills says

    Um, Stay Puft . . .

  5. Ramanakumar Shankar says

    Back to the Future cereals…. they're centuries old, yet invented in the future..:D
    yeah, i know, that was lame.. 🙂

  6. Lesley Truong says

    oh no, dont add milk to the furbies! it might be worse than water!

  7. Sheila Garl says

    All I can think of now is the line "I collect spores, molds and fungus." Go, Spengler!

  8. BIG Tone says

    You forgot about Smurf Berry Crunch!!

  9. Patrick Metts says


  10. Jeff Pettorino says

    Staff – puff? As in Staphylococcus? yuck! =)
    These look awesome!

  11. Ryan Mills says

    Keep editing … Stay Puft

  12. Crystal Alifanow says

    The Goonies 'R' Good Enough for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Todd Faucett says

    OH! I agree + Amanda Blain Stay Puff all the way!

  14. Alex Vicaire says


  15. Skylar Starghill says

    Cereal killer

  16. sharon sloan says

    these look cool!

  17. Mohsin Lone says

    Yummy !!!

  18. Amanda Blain says

    Oh noooooes a typo on the internet ….. ATTACK. lame

  19. Carmine Conti says

    Where the heck is Count Chocula….?

  20. Oscar Flamarique says

    yum yum

  21. Alex Vicaire says

    there movies sherlock

  22. Carmine Conti says

    well they could be cereals as well…Einstein…

  23. Christopher Lira says

    Hai + Amanda Blain! You have beautiful cereal. Marry me yes?

  24. Eddie Mohan says

    + Amanda Blain, how much money do I have to give you for one of each cereal?

  25. Umendu Emmanuel chigoziem Macdonald says

    Almanda blain thank u 4visitn me plz am atalented nigeria can you plz help me out finicialy am on my knees my email is [email protected] my phone is 08162925176

  26. Bobby Lewis says


  27. Johnny Roquemore says

    Squidbillies should be a cereal.

  28. Slack Scotty says

    Goonies for me please.

  29. Rafael Vega says

    The green cereal grains Ghostbuster was maked with mucus? I guess yeah!

  30. Bobby Lewis says

    what's up

  31. Chuyen Nguyen says

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  32. Evira Oktananda says


  33. Jason Salas says

    Smurf Berry Crunch was the stuff.

  34. Johnny Roquemore says


  35. Birhanu Delele says

    nice to have this but not.


    Thank you.

  37. Oscar Rodriguez says

    nice, not sold in mexico 🙁

  38. Bobby Lewis says


  39. usman dutsinma says

    Nice,wished it's sold in Nigeria especially the northern part.
    We would have welcome it.

  40. Bobby Lewis says


  41. Manase Obedi says

    Hello hwz your day

  42. Everardo Jesús De la Mora Ibarra says

    I want them all, where can i get them?

  43. hakim Ayache says

    hello that will the best things in life , hope I can get them soon

  44. Ali Boutayane says

    Te bella amanda te amo

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