1. Alicia Reyes says

    I'll just go to Fantasia for a minute 🙂

  2. Jeff Angcanan says

    They left out Metropolis and Gotham. 🙂

  3. Michael Daly says

    I love that EarthSea is just northeast of Avalon and Florin is on the same continent!

  4. Dede Craig King says

    Ah the stories of my life – brilliant 🙂

  5. Sean Muron says

    those are on the "Authoritarian Circlejerk Map"

  6. Frank Merchant says

    Booking my trip for Hyrule!

  7. Katy Kaperson says

    hey i love this world

  8. Amanda Blain says

    This is more Fantasy than comic genre me thinks + Jeff Angcanan 

  9. Bearman Cartoons says

    Where is the fantasy place I could have gone to when I was in college and asked that girl out and she said "Only in your fantasy world"?

  10. Kevin Bowie says

    Tonight we ride at dawn!!

  11. Karin Nelson says

    Where does Pooh live, on there?

  12. Tiffany Henry says

    I want a printout of this.

  13. Amanda Blain says

    Ok… time for Fantasy Definition Time… :Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting. Many works within the genre take place in imaginary worlds where magic is common. Fantasy is generally distinguished from the genre of science fiction by the expectation that it steers clear of scientific themes, though there is a great deal of overlap between the two, both of which are subgenres of speculative fiction.. 🙂

  14. Gord McLeod says

    Where are The Four Lands? I call shenannigans.

  15. Mikhail Garber says

    so elves came to MiddleEarth from Oz? Makes sense.

  16. Carlos Jaen says

    The Shire? clueless here…. where did that come from

  17. Jeff Graham says

    No Young Kingdoms/Melnibone/Tanelorn?

  18. Rafael Toscano says

    I would like to live in Narnia…

  19. David Pelton says

    obviously bizzard doesn't share their maps .. 😉

  20. Kristoffer Sorensen says

    + Carrie K Sorensen let's move here

  21. ????? ????? says

    Hey, where is Ankh-Morpork?

  22. David Foster says

    Mordor is next to Whoville? Krull is next to Oz? Or this is going to be fun.

  23. Martin Baron says

    nah, was soo narnia, all those trees and snow

  24. Daniel Page says

    Where is Fincayra?

  25. Patrick Gaido says

    I'd like to visit them all!

  26. Ravi Lakhani says

    Has Westeros, but not the huge continent of Essos. Odd.

  27. Jeff Angcanan says

    Ok + Amanda Blain …Gee..

  28. Jeffry Ng says

    nice!! i wanna visit Avalon

  29. Alan Landucci-Ruiz says

    Where's Gilder and the Cliffs of Insanity?

  30. Mike G says

    Too bad Westeros and the Shire aren't on the same side of the world. I'm going to have to skirt Mordor on my trip.

  31. Martin Baron says

    im not seeing Kandor or any of the robert jordan "wheel of tim" stuff either…

  32. Michael Byrd says

    Xanth? Where's Xanth?

  33. Don DeCaire says

    Whoville is too small to be on the map!  🙂

  34. Nichole Schlecht says

    Love it!

  35. Hayes Starns says

    Legit 🙂

  36. Chris Bennett says

    A map charted by Dan Meth? Well at least he got the compass rose part right. I wonder what a joint work by Don Vodka and Bob Weed would look like.

  37. Danial Hallock says

    Sadly, I only recognized about 2/3 of these; I obviously need to read more books. 


  38. Amanda Blain says

    Internet… you are never pleased… ?_?

  39. Martin Baron says

    @chris bennett LOL love it, love it!

  40. Raymond Duke says

    Very useful! This will change my life! …

  41. Gord McLeod says

    I'm mostly non-serious. 😉 It's kind of awesome how nicely they all fit together.

  42. Karin Nelson says

    The internet just loves bugging you, + Amanda Blain. 🙂

  43. Jordan Oram says

    So good 😀

    Though I always wanted to retire to Ithilien 😉

  44. Daniel Page says

    I'd only visit Mordor with a squad of Space Marines and a few tactical nukes…. or maybe a bunch of people riding dinosaurs from Dinotopia.

  45. Kirkda Khan says

    Don't see Krynn….

  46. Raymond Duke says

    You skipped +1ing my comment + Amanda Blain

  47. Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith says

    It's missing Fionavar…

  48. Raymond Duke says

    On second thought I don't see how this is useful at all.

  49. George Mbogo says


  50. Nick Shvelidze says

    Middle Earth is a continent, and there is no Tamriel

  51. Kent Andrews says

    Glaring omission, Island of Misfit Toys.

  52. Josh Kashif says

    heard about dream land 

  53. Brandon Thompson says

    This is great!  It should definitely have Azeroth as well.. but that's a small gripe.

  54. Daniel Page says

    You can only fit so many lands on one globe… unless you use the infinite plane theory from some games.

  55. Luis Pinto says

    Skyrim? Where is it???

  56. donald hakala says

    Not to worry people, Google is working around the clock to update this map, which will also contain one of my favorites  "Britannia"-Ultima 

  57. Vimal Kumar says

    how are you dear

  58. Nick Shvelidze says

    Google Earth should now include Minecraft planet

  59. Jason Connaughton says

    Wasn't Land of the Lost in the center of the planet? 

  60. Nick Bartolo says

    Where's Moronica?

  61. Michael O'Reilly says

    That's an excellent map, + Amanda Blain. That's the sort of thing I'd have as a poster at work.

  62. Khalid Ali says

    Me,you, anywhere, everywhere. Better even, travel first class and live better than queen of sheeba, stop me not…. spontaneous awesome sauce. I see All of You.

  63. Jeff Irish says

    Jason, I think you are  thinking Journey to the center of the earth… the Land of the Lost was just over a BIG waterfall.

  64. Alasdair MacKinnon says

    Discworld anyone?

  65. Davidson Young says

    Where's Vegas?!

  66. Khalid Ali says

    More life more joy. From all directions. Amanda. Your name means ,United.

  67. Alex Zinovenko says

    Where does "The Wheel of Time" take place at in the pic? Also don't see the hometown of deckard cain or the town he moved to (Tristam) after the Hoaradrim were dispersed.

  68. Paul Hayward says

    And the freakiest place on that map? Moomin bastard Valley. Oh, the memories…  o_O

  69. Garritt VS says

    That would make a great world map for any DM that wanted to incorporate several different fantasy realms into their AD&D campaigns – different political systems, religions, etc.

  70. Dale Nottingham says

    How about "Fantasy Island"? You know "The plane,the plane! Boss,the plane.

  71. Meredith Basham says

    I would go to Narnia

  72. Edward Dorner, Jr. says

    They missed Talislanta and Atlantis.

  73. Nate Beachey says

    Why is Westeros in the East?

  74. charles cook says


  75. Milton Castro says

    Gilder is missing. (Princess Bride) 😛

  76. Bob Bonner says

    Is Sodor from Thomas (the train)?  Does it belong?

  77. Alex Rice says

    You forgot skyrim

  78. Richard Marquis says

    Well, let's see. Perhaps Hyrule or Narnia, oh yes Mordor or via…Gosh!  I do not know…..

  79. Jonah Snare says

    go hyrule

  80. Samer Dawod says

    You forgot my Ass too

  81. Samer Dawod says

    That only place we can see 🙂

  82. Robert Fine says

    Totally going to Sodor. I want to see some talking trains.

  83. Cory Pchajek says

    This map is greatly flawed. You can't jam all these different universes onto one map.

  84. manazir ahmed says


  85. Burnest Griffin IV says

    They fit Hyrule in there? Why? How?

  86. manjul singh says

    I want to get lost here…

  87. Kristian Thomas says

    Map needs some Azeroth love.

  88. Alex Zinovenko says

    + Cory Pchajek It's actually aseries of differnt maps. he has others but Oi see they are not posted. The mushroom Kingdom one is quite good.

  89. Alfatinu Jonnata says

    Where's Deltora?

  90. paola souza says

    NAO SEI FALAR INGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. zion hernandez says


  92. Manoj Tiwari says

    where is my India

  93. Syed Ibrahim says


  94. Rohit Jb says


  95. Fahad Auditore says

    Narnia and lilliput

  96. Austin Gundy says


  97. Kristian Thomas says
  98. Blake Hardison says

    So is Nirn on the other side?

  99. Kent Fenwick says

    This would make a good movie.  An explorer finds this map… you can imagine the rest.

  100. Paul Rissler says

    8 of them

  101. Theodore Kopoukis says

    Hyrule and Thedas are missing 😛

  102. Shane Hudson says

    Nice! Only three I do not recognise.

  103. Dell Malic says

    India is next to Jaffna. It's very big. you can't really miss it. 

  104. Robert Lowe says

    I thought Never Never land was in Micheal Jacksons backyard 😉

  105. Matt Kiener says

    How do taxes work if you live in Wonderland but work in Middle Earth?

  106. HUMA BINT -E- ADAM says

    i want to go to narnia

  107. bob jonior says

    me tooooo

  108. Pawan Jakhad says

    Hot and sexy

  109. Leigh Tong says

    This is great

  110. Young Lee says

    i thought wonderland was underground

  111. faramarz khazaei says


  112. Justin Dale says

    Where is Alagaesia? This is cool but incomplete!! More exploration needs to be done.

  113. Muhammad Farhan Khan says

    None of them. Are they dream lands.

  114. Matt Hall says

    How do I get there?!?!

  115. frost maan says

    true that, land of the lost FTW!

  116. Md Alam says


  117. donald erickson says

    Wasn't Whoville on a snowflake?

  118. Noah Thomas says

    is this a map of an actual place? minus the labels.

  119. gareth browne says

    Amanda, great map!

  120. Darren Provine says

    This map is wrong.  Everybody knows you get to Terabithia by bridge.

  121. Adam Morgan says

    Sign me up for Moomin Valley!

  122. JUNAID ASGHAR says

    The world map has been changed so far since the time that map is drawn.I wonder of which century this map is!

  123. Mannan Mukadam says

    + Carlos Jaen The hobbits live in the Shire.

  124. Nadir Bhanji says

    As long as their is at least one Arby's I'm down… When are we going?

  125. John Kirkby says

    Also no Shangri-La, Atlantis, Xanadu, El Dorado or Shambhala.

  126. Loretta E says

    I am, not seeing Xanth/Mundania.

  127. Daniel Smith says

    I don't see Tamriel.

  128. Vyas Muralidharan says

    Those places from Eragon… where are they?

  129. Wayne Kyel Calland says

    This map is no help trying to find the Hellmouth in some town called Sunnydale CA, Google earth maybe?

  130. ??????? ??????? says


  131. Nicholas Woodworth says

    I'm going to Hyrule!

  132. Daniel Durazo says

    Also, the land of Oz is supposedly gigantic…

  133. Xhamira D. says

    Book me a one way trip to Never Neverland, please =]
    Am I too old to join the lost boys? xD

    The Harry Potter universe isn't really a land, but the wizarding world needs to be added xD

  134. Jared Forsyth says

    Well, we don't really have a scale…

  135. Tracy Prindiville says

    I want one!

  136. terry gormely says

    around the world! to each there own in many ways! love always tel x

  137. Matt Gordon says

    I see Westeros, but where's Essos?

  138. Pedro Garcia says

    It you'd be nice if we could get a list of the rulers too! the Kings and the Queens of Fantasy World!!

  139. jonathan stacy says

    Hyrule is nice this time of year.. but someone forgot Alegeasia!!!

  140. Laura Ventura says

    Narnia and Fantasia 🙂 u forgot pandora

  141. nahdya reyna says

    thats cool,i can see camelot!

  142. Ben Miller says

    I vote for a high-speed, Miyazaki cat-bus between Narnia and Fantasia…

  143. Wallace Connell says

    Where's whore island?

  144. Krystoffer Sprague says

    Haha nice Hyrule be my home although id travel the "world" and it wouldn't take 80days either! Lol

  145. Virginia Gapen says

    That is awesome.

  146. Richard Trude says

    What about West World?   Remember, with Yule Brenner

  147. Ernesto Ivan Ramirez says

    so true

  148. Clyde Border says

    I don't like you

  149. Ess Dee says

    You left out 'the bridge toTerabithia'

  150. Tristan McMullen says

    Where's Alagaesia?

  151. Zoltán Debity says

    nagyon csinos!

  152. Joel Zuidema says

    Forgot Tamriel :p

  153. Robert Kaps says

    They need to make a movie spoof of this

  154. Bryan Miller says

    So THATS why all these stories were separate! Each land was either surrounded by impassible mountains… or were islands in the middle of the oceans… and NO ONE invented an airplane… except Peter Pan could fly… but only into space it seems.

  155. Benjammin Miller says

    + Xhamira D. you may like Earth-Sea for the whole wizarding thing.

    I would love to see Middle Earth; not to mention Numenor and the Undying Lands of Elvenhome. Then again, if you read these books and watch these films, you don't need a ticket to travel to these worlds.

  156. Pat Voce says

    What? No Xanth?

  157. Dakota Banks says


  158. Sara Andreola says

    So true

  159. Moazzam Naeem says

    where is Costa Luna? if you have watched #princessprotectionprogram  

  160. Brian Riedel says

    Problem: The island of Sodor looks nothing like that.
    Nor is it in that spot.
    It's also next to the Irish Sea.

  161. William Edwards says

    that would be a sick game

  162. Cassie Chacon says

    Totally! Who doesn't love Harry Potter? 

  163. Manville Sanderson says

    Might as well be the middle east. Dangerous

  164. Jonathan Donald says

    Hmmmm…Kadath – I don't know that one…

  165. Deo Patarapa says

    Westeros all the way…….

  166. Justin Riley says

    Truly epic!

  167. Akash Verma says

    Is Hogwarts on the map? I really wish i can go there

  168. Hyder Hamandi says

    You can add Davy Johnes locker

  169. Abdullahi Ahmed says

    they missed out Tamreil

  170. Devendra vinjoda says

     I like it.

  171. Anirban Banerjee says

    No love for Discworld's? Sorry, but I don't want to live in a world where Ankh Morpork doesn't exist.

  172. John Harlan says

    weres skyrim?……..

  173. anoop mohanan says

    haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii amanda blain

  174. Ricky Grugan says

    U forgot atlantis

  175. Victor Odogwu says

    I don't see Asgard 🙁

  176. Ricky Grugan says

    Haha oz is on there

  177. Ryan Mckay says


  178. Karol G. Rückschloss says

    Looks like eastern and southern europe to me 🙂

  179. Troy Peake says

    Missing a few:  Aquilonia, Melnibone, Terre d'Ange, Aydindril, Atlantis, Kush, D'Hara, Andelain, not to mention Cimmeria. 🙂

  180. Pasquale Iannitti says

    Where is Tamriel

  181. Roberto de la Isla says

    Where is Eternia?

  182. Pasquale Iannitti says

    And Ancient Rome

  183. Matt Cotsones says

    I don't see Middle earth getting along with it's neighbors Oz, Narnia and Wonderland very much :p

  184. Igor Milojkovic says

    Oh wow….

  185. Nic Napoleone says

    You forgot Atlantis!

  186. Panu Honka says

    Was Cimmeria too far noeth to fit in the map?

  187. Amit Rawat says


  188. DAVE SORENSEN says

    The fact that Hyrule made the map is FANTASTIC!!

  189. Sean Ree says


  190. Hosanna Danielle says

    if the map were real I think dreamlands would make a great summer vacation ;')

  191. Navjot Saini says


  192. Rahul Narasimha Akmol says

    Missing winterfell & qarth

  193. luke guitar says


  194. DAVE SORENSEN says

    What happened to Xanth?

  195. george m says

    ancient rome wouldnt be a fantasy map

  196. ella hathaway says

    Oz never neverlands land of the lost dreamlands and narnia

  197. kutbi kutbi says

    Hi grow I see ur profile photo its a nice like a hollywood actress I like u ok by

  198. Windsor Pipes says

    Don't go to Westeros, people die there.

  199. carlray edwards says


  200. Thomas Crossett says


  201. Gianni Vecc says

    middle earth is the best

  202. Kevin Kelly says

    I don't see Tamriel anywhere on that map…  O.o

  203. Stanley Rodgers says

    What about Shannara?

  204. Andrew Giminiani says

    Alagaesia is missing.

  205. ferdi robson says

    Why is it a map

  206. ferdi robson says

    AaaaaaaaaaaaatryrjwdwklWeafjilashiufewahi mbhjkdkdkdmcm. H.hj.sdckjDeck.hufhufriquirhaiurriydhdydjkdkddjjdjjcjdjcj(35)8:278(47823447;4);473-);6473-);6734

  207. Mark Perrella says

    Kutbi.. its just a picture.. she could be a guy.. never know

  208. jennifer casimir says

    Narnia's is the boss and we know it

  209. Shichiro Shinobi says

    Hyrule! 😀

  210. David Madison says

    Good Luck surviving that continent.

  211. Jochen Wiedmann says

    And I'm missing the world of Eddings' Elenium and Tamuli.

  212. Darren Morgan says


  213. Aria Flomer says

    There's no Equestria…

  214. Saswath S Suryansh says

    Where's Hogwarts in this?

  215. Andrea Britez says


  216. Jennie Guzman says

    I would sign up for that World Tour for sure…

  217. Richard Botting says

    Mooning Valley. I used to go there every year as a child.

  218. el Jonaz Schnabelabegous says


  219. Anthony Pelliccio says

    it has Hyrule on it so that's all that really matters to me

  220. Drew Sherman says

    Pffft…  Rejected for lack of SeaLand!

  221. Richard Botting says

    I typed Moomin !

  222. farhan akhter says


  223. Pedro Miranda says

    Rejected for lack of Cyrodiil

  224. Harry Singh says

    Hey i love this world

  225. Kyle Hulse says


  226. Ana Taylor says

    Way about alagaesia?olympus? District 12? dauntless fraction? Hogwarts?

  227. Gerry Morales says

    KRULL!!! I love it! Beware the Beast!

  228. Amy Johnson says

    Awesome! this is so cool!

  229. ethan walker says

    I'll see u all in Narnia

  230. Layba Zaman says


  231. Slatta John says


  232. Markuz Jon Barrios says


  233. Alex Anon says

    My entire childhood on one map. Love it.

  234. Benjamin Garcia says


  235. Nandita Roy says


  236. Moses Njenga says

    I am good in Narnia. Just get me to the wardrobe in SpareOom.

  237. Maria Bauer-Rowe says

    Wat about my fantasy xD

  238. BOB CROXON BEM says

    If only

  239. Graham McGregor says

    Hmm I'm wondering what solar system in Eve I would find this in

  240. Tre' Ragsdale says

    I would hang in never never land fighting Pirates and be in a crocadile wrestling match and then get a privet jet to the land of the lost and have a pet Triceratops and rule the Land

  241. Sergio Cárcamo says

    What about Kansas City? It is said they have high speed internet.
    + Chandler Bailey 

  242. Emily Edwards says


  243. Sherman Greene says

    Nice map…I'll see you in Skyrim.

  244. Anna Tanner says


  245. Sophia J.T. says

    Never Neverland Here I Come !!!

  246. Barrington Chevy says

    Westeros is where all the kinky action is, why go anywhere else

  247. Anthony Arcuri says

    Where's USA?

  248. Steven Warburton says

    That's so cool but where is Skyrim? Lol

  249. Trevor Coleman says

    Where's tameril?

  250. Jonathan Hearn says

    No Eternia!? Who could forget the land of He-Man?

  251. Jesus H. Christ says

    Where is Jerusalem? 

  252. Lee Megois says

    Very Clever!

  253. William Beeman says

    + Carlos Jaen "The Shire"…It is from the Lord of the Rings. It's where the Hobbits lived.

  254. Joao Pedroso says

    Oz! I'd loose myself in esmerald city

  255. Loc Huynh says

    + donald hakala Yup was looking for Britannia and Serpent Isle!

  256. david ameyaw says

    Looks like Great Britain and trans-mediterranean coming together again

  257. Owen Martin says


  258. Marcos Torres says


  259. Mahdi salari says


  260. Cassi Campbell says

    Neverland! Sign me up.

  261. amanda rhea says

    Love it

  262. Elmir Haciyev says

    Fantasy world fantasy life.

  263. amanda rhea says

    Going to narnia

  264. Abdullah Alfares says

    where dafuq is azeroth?

  265. Elmir Haciyev says

    Sexy girl!

  266. VIVE TOPUP says

    Tamriel ? Skyrim ? Dovahkiin is not pleased.

  267. Joseph Chiang says

    It looks familiar to map of "Game of thrones"

  268. Michael Dominowski says

    Which way to Corgiville?

  269. kadar sumra says

    Hi friends

  270. kadar sumra says

    Hi friends

  271. Brutus Ndou says

    south africa'n beauty'nes

  272. Ilhom Rasuloff says

    Atlantis is missing ))

  273. Primitivo Prado Jr says

    im going to Narnia!

  274. kadar sumra says

    Hi friends

  275. zander hazel says

    missing skyrim! but still cool!!

  276. ??????? ?????? says

    And where Cimmeria?

  277. brandon whitehead says

    awsome i thik i know 7

  278. Milad Moazeni says


  279. Denny Johnson says

    That would be the place to live!

  280. Mtume Drevitt says

    Book my trip

  281. Jayant Canaran says

    So is Shangrilla

  282. Hany Hussam says

    was searching for that map, thank you

  283. Daniel Clark says

    Where are Azeroth and Tyria? (Also, Ivalice, to be more obscure.)

  284. Matt Lee says


  285. Glynn Seal says

    Hyboria? Midkemia? :-))))

  286. Margaret Lee says

    An absolutely brilliant idea,showing this fantasy map, yes it has flaws so.I would go to the westeros and Dothraki were to go next: ) Thanks.!

  287. Nomeneta Saili says

    Where the hell is Azeroth? 

  288. Mark Morgunov says

    nothing from eragon or a game of thrones??!! really???:(

  289. Chester Vargas says

    What is Westeros supposed to mean, like a resemblance to the wild wild west or just like something similar to the Western USA?

  290. Jesus I. C. S. says

    Westeros  is Game of Thrones  land.

  291. Becky Belnap says

    where is hogwarts on this map?

  292. Rich Torres says

    Great map but Alagaesia should be in there somewhere.

  293. Konstantin Klein says

    there should be one labeled American Dream!

  294. Bailey Hopkins says

    what about Panem!

  295. Paul Tomei says

    Middle earth cause I would be a giant since im 6'3…lol

  296. azaz yk says

    Olas? bir arkada? haline geldi

  297. Jonathan Tibnam says

    Westeros is the world of George Martins Fire and Ice Saga.

  298. Katie Scott says

    Could someone arrange a vacation house in Hyrule for me? XP

  299. Joel Lopez says

    can you make some arangements to middle earth for me lol lol lol

  300. DustinRachael MacDonald says

    Haha this is simply awesome.

  301. David Terpening says

    K – I'm pretty flexible, where did you have in mind? I'll use one of my handy dandy travel apps to make the arrangements.

  302. Amean Abdelfattah says

    I want to go to The Shire.

  303. Antony Yun says

    What about tamriel??


    Hola Amanda de parte de Roger del ceproma el Progreso

  305. Albert Nakano says

    Where's Cimmeria on the map?

  306. Ronald Diaz says

    I can't see Shangri-la.

  307. Benjamin Roman Jr. says

    If The Grid from Tron was on this map, I would definently go.

  308. Mohamed Al Riyami says

    Very nice

  309. Robert Richards says

    Where is Fantasy Island? I just like the little guy saying "Da Plane"

  310. Remi Bougie says

    That is sooo epic!!! BEAST!

  311. Xatolos Wired says

    No Hyborian Age (Conan) or Azeroth (WoW)?

  312. Chris Cortese says

    Your lack of Equestria disturbs me.

  313. Meshoo Tampa says

    Love it

  314. David Johnston says

    Is Lidsville where all the plastic food container lids go?

  315. sam knight says

    i want to go to wonderland

  316. Flossie Kubic says

    I travel around Middle Earth and Narnia. When the ** starts fly in Westeros, I go to Dinotopia. Also, it's not a good idea to stick Narnia too close to Westeros.

  317. Chroma WaterWitch says


  318. KL Bhatt says

    but I did my time with the readin', laddie…

  319. Tanner Henning says

    Only know 12 places

  320. Zeri Deemy says


  321. Naomi Franken says

    Camelot should NOT be in that map. CAMELOT IS REAL!!!!

  322. Zane Brown says

    the hell with that I want a meglodon shark from Dinotopia

  323. Jordan Fedrigon says


  324. talib said says


  325. Curt Hoptry says

    This could have used more space with just water with the legend "Beyond here there be Monsters" on it.

  326. Kateland soul says

    Is it really bad that I recognise nearly all of the places? 0.o

  327. Veronica Rios says


  328. Ella Jacobs says

    not that many

  329. Peter Wobacz says

    You need map of world of warcraft world.

  330. Ded Jezter says

    Ummmmm, Camelot is not fantasy… It is Legend.

  331. Ded Jezter says

    You should also add the island from LOST.

  332. Lynn Tieu says

    Aww, they forgot Hogwarts…

  333. Micah Nordland says

    But there isn't just Narnia in Narnia!, there's calorman, archenland, and Wild North!

  334. Rafael Villegas says


  335. Tobias Westholm says

    Ha ha i live in vasteras (västerås) sweden. Almost westeros

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    (Kidding/Trolling, just wanted to play neck-beard for a second. Kudos to whoever put this together.)

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  453. kakul deo says

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  473. Vinay kumar says


  474. Brian Ooi says

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  478. Heman Gandhi says

    Another caption: logic takes you from a to b; imagination takes you everywhere.

    Albert Einstein

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  482. Gordon Siefert says

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  483. Michael Angerhauser says

    Why do people have analyze a map that doesn't exist? It's a cool idea and I love it.

  484. Michael Angerhauser says

    Some people are never happy. It's make believe.

  485. Saleha Khan says


  486. Amanda Blain says

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  496. ??? says

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