Love this picture of me and +Dietrich Schmidt from #sxsw ;)

Love this picture of me and +Dietrich Schmidt from #sxsw 😉

Nice shot by +Michael O'Reilly from +Trey Ratcliff photo walk!

Reshared post from +Michael O’Reilly

A Rock Star And A Rock Star

After the photowalk on Monday a few of us went over to Iron Cactus on 6th Street for food, drinks, and chatting. I had a great time visiting, and got a few more shots to show for it. Here's +Amanda Blain of Girlfriend Social and +Dietrich Schmidt of +Suite 709 checking out something interesting.

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Love this picture of me and +Dietrich Schmidt from #sxsw ;)
  1. Gary Sherrick says

    very intense look, what were you looking at

  2. Dani Wexelman says

    + Amanda Blain I've got some good ones of you too! I'll post them next week!

  3. Bill Collins says

    You're really intent there. Nice!

  4. summer barker says

    Lol that funny

  5. Rob E says

    They're looking at pinterest

  6. J Brian Piggott says

    So miss #Austin   #6th  Street!

  7. Jimbo Rizza says

    + Amanda Blain you know any gnarly conventions going on in the Indianapolis area this season?

  8. Trey Ratcliff says

    good one ! 🙂

  9. Charlie Hoover says

    Thats a great shot of you…=)

  10. gerald casimir says

    Nice picture

  11. Elias sousa miranda miranda says

    Essa gata e linda demais viu galera

  12. Adrian Martin says

    You have some chill expression of deep thought goin' on + Amanda Blain …like you're amazed but unfazed. I dig. -A Soul Star

  13. Carlos Balderas says

    That's an excellent photo. 😀

  14. Jay McKay says

    Very nice

  15. Sam Gebhard says

    hope tht was js owesme, good times…

  16. Michael O'Reilly says

    Thanks for sharing, + Amanda Blain!

  17. hawzhen alan says

    So nice

  18. Ted Dumbauld says

    + Amanda Blain you need to use this shot for your profile pic – much more authentic than your current one.

  19. Jonathan Moore says


  20. Theresa Zechman says

    It is a great picture. Thanks for sharing it with us…

  21. sara alves says

    good nigth

  22. Joe Frazier, Jr says

    Ya.. you look dang cute in this pic Amanda!   So.. what were you checking out?   You got this whole "hmm… this is odd" vibe going on and he is like "dude, that's sweet…"

  23. Ekaterina Fleishman says

    + Ted Dumbauld
    Both shots are really good!

  24. Larry Beale says

    Hi amanda! Great looking pic, nice job.

  25. Jennifer Barr says

    That's a very nice shot + Amanda Blain. I hope you enjoyed SXSW!

  26. Kelly Lee says

    + Amanda Blain I agree, nice shot.

  27. Adeeb Abid says


  28. Silvana Tavarez says

    Both Look great in yours photo

  29. Atul Solanki says


  30. Gregory Esau says

    That really is a terrific profile of you, + Amanda Blain !

  31. sun shine says


  32. Gurjeet Singh says

    Fresh air, fresh idea,
    fresh talent, fresh energy,
    I wish u to have a
    special Sunday..
    marvelous Monday,
    tasty Tuesday,
    wonderful Wednesday,
    thankful Thursday,
    friendly Friday,
    successful Saturday,
    *have a great weekend *

  33. Veeresh TE says


  34. pietro marrapodi says


  35. Ritesh Sable says

    nice pic amenda

  36. Manoj Bhagat says

    Its great

  37. Mike Mishra says


  38. SUMIT SHARMA says


  39. picu florin says

    great picture!

  40. kalpesh gandhi says

    + Amanda Blain Attentive look

  41. Brahim Sanhaji says

    Thanks!!! Macgyver

  42. Suden Butdoung says


  43. Prince jindal says

    so nice

  44. ayan mukkherjee says

    Ohh Amanda I just fall into ur imagination…….. Love U…..

  45. Barké Alhassane says

    Beautiful picture of my favorite geek. Thanks!

  46. Dave Llorens says

    This is a solid pic

  47. Sarmad Khan says

    LUkINg CutE

  48. Aditya Zatnika says

    I like you're style

  49. Daljit Singh says


  50. Владимир Скородумов says


  51. Geoffraie Dixon says

    nice view…….

  52. Fasalurahman KP says


  53. raviteja vaddi says

    nice photo

  54. Steven Nyberg says

    This IS the Best I've seen of you. THIS is worth downloading.Thanks, I'll view many times happily.


    wow!! cute

  56. Simohamed Simo says


  57. Vinod Labde says


  58. Chris Whynot says

    Hi beautiful, any chance you can explain to me on how to root my galaxy note 1. My provider is bell

  59. Amanda Blain says

    Why yes + Chris Whynot go to and type "how to root galaxy note1" done 😉

  60. Ben Edwards says

    + Chris Whynot

  61. Ashar ejaz says


  62. AMIR DJAALAB says


  63. ratha hon says


  64. D Thomas says

    Amanda, I'm ready for you to change your profile photo. I see these pics of you at sxsw and they look entirely different all of a sudden I feel like I'm following a different person.

  65. Terry Jugmohan says


  66. Christina Torres says


  67. EL MAHFOUDI Mohamed Amine says

    Tres intéressant Amanda, pourrait on se contacter par mail ?

  68. Gabriel Duran says

    I just wanna squeeze your cheeks and pull your hair

  69. tetovazer ja says


  70. Hamid Kadhim says

    hi Amanda, you are impossible to be human being . you may be a free bird which represents a high life .

  71. Jose G. Yescas says

    You looks great ….

  72. Luiz Petherson says


  73. Edwin Arcos says


  74. pankaj guddu says

    nic pic

  75. Arif Shahzad says

    She looks like Maria Sharapova

  76. Jack Bonar says

    Zombies would melt looking at you your so hot

  77. Daljit Singh says

    She is like an angel on earth……..wooowwooow

  78. Rizmeilia Putri says

    who is she ? her hair like avril lavigne

  79. Joseph Mohan says

    I'm crazy for u Sweet heart

  80. Tesfahun Temesgen says

    hello nice to meet you

  81. Pedro Sanchez says

    Ahi esta Amanda Blain , Hermosa Canadience.

  82. Arif Shahzad says


  83. Rahul Patel says

    who ???

  84. candra keinzo says


  85. Jack Bonar says

    You simply amaze me. First i have Never had a customer service experience in my life like this your The BEST .there might be a chance for me yet love ya Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  86. Javier Higuera says


  87. sajid butt says

    Nice Pic

  88. malik anik says

    So beautyfull

  89. Machhindra Sonawane says

    Machhindrasonawane so lovely

  90. Sarr Ibrahima says

    magnifique vous ete trais belle

  91. hamadi dorai says

    jolie et vous ete trés jolie

  92. Cycare Jenoi Wattley says


  93. Sergio Perez says

    tu puedes hablar en español Amanda

  94. zizo boy says

    very nice

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