1. Robert Avona says


  2. Telmo Figueiredo Filho says

    CM 7.2

  3. Luis Roca says

    I've โ€ฆ neverโ€ฆ rooted my Android phones. ( =ยฌ_ยฌ=)
    I have a G2x and haven't had a reason toโ€ฆ have I?

  4. Gordon White says

    I am currently using GummyNex 1.2 and LOVE it. I used AOKP for about 2 weeks, great ROM, very stable. I tried MIUI for a day, I really wanted to like it, because it is so different, but the similarity to iOS grinded on my nerves and I deleted it.

  5. Zack Hanebrink says

    I've used Cyanogen, Gingeritis and Liquid Smooth. Liked them all!

  6. Shane Puff says

    I was digging the mostly stock AndroidMe before my phone got the official ICS

  7. Telmo Figueiredo Filho says

    CM, Feralab, Doom's, MiUI,

  8. Brian McLoughlin says

    CM9 5-1-12 Nightly. Definitely itching for a completed RC, though!

  9. Iuri Batista says

    I used to use Cyanogen. But I changed back because of battery on 3G connection, was not good.

  10. Colman Carpenter says

    GR6 on an LG Optimus 2X

  11. Adam Geerdes says

    I kept stock ICS my VZW Gnex

  12. Goran Matohanac says

    Wanam… Is the one I keep coming back to! But I try out at least a new Rom every couple of weeks! (Sgs2)

  13. Miah Schmid says

    Apex 1.1.3 is the last one I had, very stable and customizable ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. ??????? ?????? says


  15. Cezar alexandre says

    qe tecnologia esses android tem em incomum nos celulares

  16. Farran Lee says

    CM9 on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (R800i Zeus).
    The rom hasn't been officially released for it yet though, so I'm using the weekly builds from the Free Xperia team on XDA ๐Ÿ™‚ (The team are actual Sony developers working with the CM team!)
    Apart from the occasional bugs and the unfinished state of the system, it's an awesome rom.

  17. shawn parker says

    CM9 alpha 2 on my HP Touchpad

  18. t grey says

    Vanilla ICS on my current nexus devices, cyanogen on everything else that it will run on ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Miah Schmid says

    + t grey they have a CM9 nightly build for the Nexus ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. t grey says

    + Miah Schmid – One is a work device, which has to keep vanilla on it… the other I could flash, but I guess I keep that way so I can keep up with current "standard" android.

  21. Giovanni Zuccaro says

    Have you already tried MIUI?

  22. Eli Fulton says

    GSM Galaxy Nexus running the best ROM out there (AOKP)

  23. shashikant prasad says

    hi sexy

  24. Sergio Corrales says

    CM9 beta on my Samsung Epic 4G (not to be confused with the SGS2)

  25. Keaton Altom says

    I root my Galaxy Nexus so i have superuser to wireless tether for free. But don't have ROM installed.

  26. Carlos Almonte says

    I have a HTC Inspire 4g Running Cyanogenmod 7.2.0

  27. Anthony DiRuggiero says

    CM9 Tenderloin (HP Touchpad) awesome!!!!

  28. arash aria says

    i have galaxy s plus and like it. its better than apple

  29. Miah Schmid says

    + Eli Fulton There are also a bunch of ROMs that are based off AOKP, don't get it twisted ๐Ÿ˜›

  30. Rajat Jain says


  31. Ivan Vargas says

    cm9 beta just like + Sergio Corrales

  32. Cameron Silva says

    I use CleanROM from scottsroms. Basically he takes the stock rom, removes all the unnecessary stuff, and adds in a few awesome tweaks and goodies. My battery life has easily tripled what I used to get. Though, he doesnt have a rom for the Galaxy Nexus at the moment. maybe if you asked him nicely? haha.

  33. Josh Hall says

    Nexus with AOKP+FrancoKernel

  34. Graham Knights says

    ICSSGS on the Galaxy S i9000. AOSP – Android the way Google intended. AOKP on my SGT7 – a nice alternative to AOSP.

  35. Rajat Jain says

    + Cameron Silva .. CM9 with MIUI Launcher pretty much sweetened the deal for me

  36. Ray Snoke says

    + Amanda Blain you never told us which ROM you're using.

    I tried out the nightly build of CM9 for my GSM Galaxy Nexus, but its not quite stable enough for me for a daily driver, so I switched to Gummy ROM 1.01. Love the boot animation. : P

  37. Rajat Jain says

    + Ray Snoke can you provide me a link to this rom ??

  38. Pernell Moore says

    AOKP nightlies or milestones

  39. Justin Ellenbecker says

    GNex currently pure stock as I am playing with the IMM76K leak that came out. NS4G with CM9 right now but also dabbled with my own ROM from source. I also still use my rooted Droid X2 playing with some of the CM7 builds there. And my OG Droid will still fire up and I keep the latest supported CM7 on it as well. I don't carry insurance on any of my phones I just hang on to my old devices. My XOOM 4G LTE is running CM9 as well. Can't forget the HP TouchPad as well. Hmm after typing all of that out I might have a problem.

  40. jarrad lapsuks says

    Stock Gs2 with ICS.

  41. Henry Averette III says

    CM7 nightly on my phone, CM9 beta on my tablet

  42. Robert Beier says

    Stuck on stock right now with my Galaxy S Blaze 4G…not enough development yet..I am having ROM withdrawal.

  43. Anthony Deaver says

    Currently stock on my new phone but ran Liquid on my Gen 1 Droid. Made up for the fact that Motorola wasn't going to update the phone and ran really well.

  44. Riรซl Notermans says

    Stopped using custom roms, they don't bring me anything extra besides worries and work…

  45. roberto sebilla says

    CM on nexus and bonsai on the epic

  46. Rene BERNHARD says

    I have on my Xperia X10 mini pro the CyanogenMod port and I'm really excited about it. It's both fast and a battery saver. I overclocked my CPU from 600 to 729 MHZ and the battery lasts, with normal telephone usage and data, bluetooth and wlan turned off, about 5 days. When I don't telephone too much I get 6 1/2 days battery.

  47. Brian Haslip says

    I switch back and forth between CM9 and AOKP on my Epic 4G Touch.

  48. David Johnson says

    Nexus S – AOKP

  49. Jan Aynes says

    My Galaxy Nexus is rooted, and I use a theme, but not a different OS. I was never able to get past a continual start up loop with Cyanogen.

  50. Ray Snoke says

    + Rajat Jain Here ya go!


  51. Todd Faucett says

    I have a Razr and I'm running Gummy 1.2

  52. Drew Bryce says

    I'm still waiting for a stable Cyanogen build; I hear the nightly's for the Nexus are still a bit ropey…

  53. Lee Thomas says

    I've got a rooted Galaxy S1, but I haven't used any custom roms. Anyone have any success running a custom rom on an S1 and stopping the damn thing crashing?

  54. Todd Faucett says

    Wow…no love for Team Gummy here… Go to + RootzWiki and check it out. It is my favorite ROM. I have used AOKP, CM, AXIOM and a few others. I keep going back to Gummy.


  55. Benjamin Kishili says

    I need 1!

  56. Tino Kremer says

    I bought a Galaxy Nexus phone (GSM) just to NOT root it and put other ROMs on it. I have a Desire which runs the latest CyanogenMod though. I like my normal phone to be a bit more reliable and I like the vanilla Google experience!

  57. Brian Polito says

    Same phone, unrooted

  58. Mihai Nutiu says

    AOKP 4.0.4. on GNex ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. balu subramanian says


  60. Abdulla Ashoor says

    MIUI (^?^)

  61. meshack ali radebe says

    try the Galaxy s2 awesome piece of gadget.

  62. Andrew Hassel says

    Thunderstick ICS HTC Thunderbolt

  63. Arne Tobias Malkenes ร˜degaard says

    HTC Desire HD with IceColdSandwich

  64. Zack Hanebrink says

    + Andrew Hassel , is Thunderstick tru ICS? I have a tbolt too and have been on the lookout for a good ICS rom but from what I've found they're very alpha and not ready for daily drivers yet.

  65. Tyson Thormodsgaard says

    Right now I am running CM7 on my EVO. Thinking of switching back to MikG as I like the features in that rom better.

  66. Benjamin Kishili says

    Thankx a lot!! Uuuuu!!!someone hacked my email !!!!pls!pls!pls!help me!!!oh my LORD?

  67. Lars Ivar Igesund says

    My old HTC Magic has CM6 or so on it. My current Samsung GSII has ICS with TouchWiz though, so no rooting there (yet).

  68. Aaron Smit says

    Hellfire Sandwich for G2X

  69. Paul Garcia says

    Aokp build 35

  70. Aaron Brown says

    I had the alfonso build of gingerbread on my Droid 1, currently have ICS stock on my Xoom and stock gingerbread on my Droid 4.

  71. Sion Wang says

    Desire G7 rooted.

    Love to 4.04 AOKP ROM ,but so many bugs ,hope some day can fix it.

    Now back to 2.3.7 mildwild ROM,not bad…

    Wanna try MIUI ROM …

  72. Dan McGuire says

    old school here. galaxy s1, still on 2.2. my upgrade is in 15 days.

  73. Ray Snoke says

    Out of curiosity, does anyone here have the T-Mo version of the GSII, with a stable ROM? I rooted my buddies phone a few months back, and tossed on a custom ROM. But he's complained about it several times over the last few weeks, so I've tried to look around for one that seems stable-ish.

    If someone has a ROM that they'd recommend for the T-Mo GSII, I'd love to hear about it here, as well.

  74. Jobin Basani says

    Among the custom ROMs, MIUI stands out…Its UI is extremely good and has polished apps. Music player, dialer, contacts, configuration options are really good. Theming support is excellent. Home screen looks exactly like iPhone though. I personally prefer the default launcher in stock android though. Rest of the custom ROMs looks a lot like stock rom, or more like a customized/themed stock rom. MIUI looks clean and different IMHO ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Erica Joy says

    I expect my friends would be none too pleased if I didn't use CM. ๐Ÿ™‚ CM9 for me.

  76. Jobin Basani says

    + Ray Snoke I have a rooted TMo GSII as well, but couldn't zero in on any stable rom. I check the XDA pages regularly, but did not find anything that can be used on a daily basis. Most of the roms focus on removing bloat and samsung's customization, but I'm kinda ok with Samsungs TouchWiz and other modifications…the MIUI port for SII is not complete I believe…

  77. Julius Taylor says

    epic 4g touch (galaxy s2) CM9! was using blazer rom before

  78. Anthony Seth Chatterley says

    rooted htc thunderbolt running bamf forever..

  79. Andrew Hassel says

    + Zack Hanebrink it is a "combination " of 2.3 and 4.0.1. It seems like they use the GB code for some of the hardware level functions that people seem to have a hard time with, but almost all of the UI is ICS. It is a MIUI build and uses the GO launcher and seems to have a custom memory management kernel. It performs quite well, just comes with a lot of MIUI bloatware that is easily removed with Titanium Backup.

  80. Phiroz M says

    Got icezen on my aging vibrant. My phone is a flashaholic… but still loving it ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Eric Orlaska says

    Codename Android + Franco's Kernel on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I've tried them all (will never touch MIUI) and always come back to Codename.

  82. Todd Faucett says

    + Amanda Blain Your rooted but no custom rom?

  83. Mark Sabalauskas says

    Stock unlocked Galaxy Nexus. "Pure Experience" goodness.

  84. Todd Faucett says

    + Mark Sabalauskas I have learned. My next device will be a Nexus. I hoping the rumor or 5 devices is true. A selection would be awesome.

  85. Hanley Wilcoxen says

    Mine is stock still but my wife's original galaxy is Nero 5

  86. Mark Sabalauskas says

    + Todd Faucett agreed, more options for pure Android will be great! Of course, pure (or impure) Google Glass would be to die for.

  87. Todd Faucett says

    + Mark Sabalauskas I'm not sure if I would use the Google Glass but it would be fun to test out!

  88. Mogahed Algahim says

    Me I gat a iPhone

  89. Aaron Andrews says

    Aokp ftw! Galaxy nexus

  90. Bret Lackey says

    I use Slim ICS for my Nexus S

  91. Brianna Strain says

    hahahhhahahahaha!!!!!!!! i want one of them!!!!!!!

  92. Amanda Blain says

    Woah… been a busy day… ๐Ÿ™‚ lemme read all this ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. James Cannon says

    vzw ics stock Gnex!

  94. Mogahed Algahim says

    Don't work to hard

  95. Lee Thomas says

    + Dan McGuire do you use a custom rom?

  96. Kenny Magee says

    + Amanda Blain I have my GSM Gnex rooted, running AOKP Milestone 5 ROM and the Franco Milestone 3 kernel. I am getting incredible battery life, still having around 40% left after a full day (14+ hours) of moderate to frequent use.

  97. Ian Baum says

    CyanogenMod CM9 nightly build. Galaxy S2 aka 4g Epic Touch(sprint variant)

  98. Dennis Ray says

    AOKP B36 ftw. Gotta give it some flavor (or maybe lack of) with Holo-grey theme by qasimzia, and then apply some blackExodusor Onyx for theme manager. After that I've been messing with the newr mihome launcher and exdialer for a little miui flavor, but I gotta say the sense4 wallpapaers are just money on this screen. Make any sense?Of course the inverted gapps is another great addition to the look. ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. S P Arif Sahari Wibowo says

    Fortunate enough to have real Linux – Maemo – phone, root access is a given thing. Hopefully for next phone I can stick with Linux, but if nothing good available I'll take a look at Android phones, at least its kernel is a Linux fork.

  100. John Wayman says

    Samsung Galaxy Note. I just got it and have not rooted yet.

  101. Siamac T says

    How can I root mine (Galaxy SII)?

  102. Ferg Hyde says

    I have an Xperia X10. Technology and I are diametrically opposed and as much as I would like to try and root it, I have no doubt that I would damage/destroy it in the process.

  103. Suraj sharma says

    I use micromax a85 its unique android phone its nick name is superfone….u can also try the micromax a85 its the best android phone ever made……

  104. mick kay says

    get a life

  105. Ildar T says

    Omega 12 on. Galaxy S2 this ROM rocks ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. ronashia cobia says

    cute wats good

  107. Ashley Wellman says

    Cm7, waiting for Cm9. But still loving it!!

  108. Amberdeep Singh says

    DarkyROM on my Samsung Galaxy S

  109. Manish Bhoola says

    Apex rom on rooted galaxy nexus gsm. Very smooth and close to real ICS experience with improved battery life, and useful hacks from every other popular Rom. Now that's cool!

  110. Daigoro Toyama says

    Stock ICS 4.0.4 with the Franco Milestone 3 kernel on an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus.

  111. Michael Wilson says

    EVO 4G with CM9 Supersonic Unofficial ICS 4.0.4

  112. Sam Sandie says

    i have a supper HD Galaxirial Sono, that bound the Universe in one piece, dispite your diffrences.

  113. Japheth Campbell says

    + Amanda Blain I have a HTC Inspire 4G (Desire HD) rooted with the Android Revolution HD ROM by mike1986

  114. Amanda Blain says

    I went with cyanogenmod 9 for this round…. I'm liking it… now looking for a nice girly girl theme ? Feel free to point me in the proper direction if you know of any ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. galib sarikaya says


  116. Heriberto Lopez says

    Hello mami

  117. Yollie Taquiqui says

    I have too also.

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