Must Have Popular VR Oculus Quest 2 Games

by Amanda Blain

What are the must-have VR Oculus Quest 2 Games? Much like all video games, there are many different genres. Do you like sports games, horror, fighting, fitness or puzzles? Let’s go over some of the current popular games on the market right now and determine which are the must-have VR Oculus Quest 2 Games.

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Like I mentioned previously in this Oculus Quest 2 series, there are several different types of games you can load on your Oculus Quest 2. You can play Oculus Rift games or sideload free games onto the Quest 2. For this post, I will be focusing on official Oculus Quest 2 games only.

Beat Saber

You can’t talk about VR games without mentioning Beat Saber. This simple game is very addicting. Set to music, your controllers have become a type of lightsaber where you slash through the blocks that fly towards you. It is kind of like Star Wars meets rock band. Although the game itself is simple, it can be quite challenging! This game is great because it doesn’t have much moving around so there is minimal chance for motion sickness. It will also get your heart pumping and show you how the Quest 2 can be used for some fitness activities. There is a new multiplayer mode so you can challenge your friends or stranger in real time battles.

Population One

This game is VR Fortnite, Battle Royal. You are able to team up with 3 of your friends and explore a massive map. You can climb up anything you see, get to higher ground, and shoot down the enemy team. You spread your arms out and fly like you have a wingsuit on. If you like Fortnite or FPS shooters this one is currently leading the pack in the area. A thing to note is you WILL be teamed up with 2 other people in the game, there is no solo queue at this time, so if multiplayer is not your thing, this game might not be for you.


Want to go fishing in a virtual, calming VR world? Check out Bait! This game is free to play so it might be one of the first things for you to check out. This fantasy world of fishing is straight forward fun. Basic cast and reel the fish in with your controller. There are beautiful locations and calming music to go along with the experience of catching fun fish like “Parrot Perch” or “Pickled Herring”. The game has whimsical characters and a storyline that’s amusing.


VR Chat

Another free game to explore, VR Chat offers the ability to go to endless user-created worlds and experiences, while you are any character you can think of. Have you ever wanted to be Homer Simpson and play Among Us with your friends? Now you can. You start by choosing an avatar of any character from animals to an inanimate object to famous people. You can travel to any virtual world, sing karaoke at a bar with other people around the world, solve puzzle-solving escape rooms, or walk the entire map of Nintendo’s Zelda – Breath of the Wild. VR Chat is endless in possibilities and the game is literally what you make it.


ProPutt with TopGolf

Want to play some golf with you and up to 6 of your friends in VR? Look no farther than ProPutt. This fun game has the ability for you to golf with friends, a bot, or a random opponent at your skill level. You can play a golf course that is just the right mix of realistic, vs cartoon feel, or you can try out the replicated TopGolf areas. A cool thing to note here is while waiting for your turn, you can have music videos or other videos playing in the background while you golf. The physics is pretty legit and it feels like you are really on the golf course or hanging out at TopGolf. There is also local multiplayer, so if you have a few headsets in the same house you can sync up and play this game. This is a great game to show people what VR can do.Our Detailed Review here.

Final Thoughts on the Must-have games for VR Oculus Quest 2

These are 5 games that are the must-have VR Oculus Quest 2 Games. There are endless possibilities for games on the Oculus Quest 2 and these are just breaking the surface of choices available today. More are getting released all the time. What is your current must-have Oculus Quest 2 Game?

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