Game Of Thrones Cake

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Ok… Epic awesome. So was tonight episode… "The tide tunner" for those who have read the books.. you know what i mean.. 🙂 Season is almost over!

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This is easily the coolest cake I have ever seen. I would not be able to eat it. Game of Thrones Cake. #epic

Game Of Thrones Cake

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  1. Andy Sowards says

    I need to catch up on this season! lol

  2. William Schaff says

    wow insane cake…when u eatin??

  3. Shirese Louie says

    I want this cake!

  4. John Wesche says


  5. Brett Bjornsen says


  6. David Kasiniak says

    + Amanda Blain That's just bloody awesome.

  7. William Schaff says

    it scares me 🙁 MOOOOOOMY

  8. Tim Walker says

    That is awesome!!!

  9. Debbie Di Lullo says

    Amazing cake!

  10. Michael Baker says

    + Brian Keith Seymour should see this too.

  11. Emily Powell says

    i like the icing

  12. Dharamjit Rihal says

    Love this!

  13. Corey Hubbard says

    Did it taste as good ad it looks??

  14. Iuri Batista says

    that cake I would conquer and eat all alone!

  15. Emily Powell says

    idk. it might!!!

  16. Josh Peckham says

    Haven't watched yet maybe later tonight… Nice cake though

  17. Jennifer Bailey says


  18. Howie Chicago says


  19. xinxita garcia says

    casi sin palabras….. pero esta hermoso 😀

  20. Marilyn Ritter says

    Food fight with that and someone gets hurt!

  21. Fritz Carlielle says

    I would definitely eat the swords

  22. Heather Perdigon says

    Was finishing homework and headed to watch it now…can't wait!!! Love the cake + Andy Sowards!!!

  23. John Hiley says

    That is totally cool

  24. Janice Mansfield says

    Epic cake! just waiting for the episode to air here … 34 more minutes 🙂

  25. swayne andaya says

    is that what you call BLOODY WAR CAKE????..looks delicious,…uuhhhmmmm

  26. Bruce Williams says

    Vampires delight.

  27. Michel Olortegui Dueñas says


  28. Charles Dowd says

    can't wait until next week! I wish the seasons were longer.

  29. Shawn Gustafson says

    + Charles Dowd Agreed. This season could have used at least twelve episodes. Even with ten hours, they've had to condense a lot.

  30. Amanda Blain says

    a lot a lot… i feel like im living dance with dragons in this season a lot of the time… 🙂

  31. may yeya says

    hello, can i have permission to share 🙂

  32. tina smith says

    LOVE IT!! ITs just missing some dragons

  33. Ivan Bigelow says

    They are condensing quite a bit. This book could have been 2 seasons.
    When I watched the google talks interview with Martin he explained he used to work in TV so he is cool with the changes. He knew they would change things. Cool Cake

  34. delano lex orlanda says

    it looks like a "bloody" cake..

  35. Anneliz Hannan says

    Very well done..I can feel those spikes hitting the roof of my mouth

  36. Eden inOakland says

    Pretty, and pretty amazing. Actually too artful to eat — Almost 🙂

  37. Adil Kamal says


  38. Eric Aguilar says


  39. H?ng H?ng Trung says

    Wao…I'm hungry.

  40. nadhia stefany camacho palacios says

    ookk ¬¬

  41. ijha hatijah says

    it looks delicious

  42. zakuro hatake says

    es pastel para tu cumple + Saraí Díaz xD

  43. paulo andre P.A says


  44. yang junjie says

    what's this ? it looks like a crown

  45. Mike Wood says

    I don't want the season to be over lol.Can't they just be in production till they catch up to George RR Martin? 🙂

  46. Yifat Cohen says

    I don't want it to be over!!! But I do want to see Jeffrey turtured!

  47. Ravindra Sangekar says

    Crown of thorns

  48. Michael deLuna says

    nice idea

  49. shinji hirako says

    – * –

  50. shinji hirako says


  51. estiven molina castro says

    O__O q'' elegante…

  52. Jake Kern says

    I'd eat it…

  53. Tam Gwood says

    Is that the blood of King Geoffrey?!!! Love it still!!!

  54. Prince Aadi says

    I am Loving it….!!!!

  55. CHARLEY k says

    very cool, but, ya it's gotta be had!!

  56. Phumzile Maketa says

    yeerrrrrr,blood on a cake

  57. Phumzile Maketa says

    yeerrrrrr,blood on a cake

  58. Stefan Gabrovski says

    Well this happens when you sit on the throne the wrong way. Or it was a very bad wedding cake.

  59. Edward Welsh says

    Its a flower

  60. Edward Welsh says

    or a giant tampon

  61. Anja Smirnov says

    I wonder what my parents would say if I presented this cake as my wedding cake hahahaha

  62. Tam Gwood says

    Funny thats one dangerous tampon! Lol ouch!

  63. Edward Welsh says

    To many spikes for sure

  64. Olaf Meester says

    Holy mother of cake!

  65. chim doctama says

    BLOODY HELL! drools

  66. Siphiwe Nhlapo says

    mhm wish i ws near it!

  67. Siphiwe Nhlapo says

    mhm wish i ws near it!

  68. asghar rezaei says


  69. Arif Nadeem says


  70. hanot jerome says

    c est quoi? un gateau qui a mal tourner

  71. dhamdhere prashant says

    Bloody cake ……..awsome

  72. dhamdhere prashant says

    Bloody cake ……..awsome

  73. Sisco Zee daslim says

    Nice cake pls add Me just new yeah so I need a frds

  74. Nivek Eaumor says

    awesome cake

  75. Cameron Silva says

    I think your getting these shows mixed up. This is definitely a picture for Ace of Cakes or possibly even Cake Boss.

  76. nada ahmed says

    why you sad?

  77. Harris Sidi Suraj says

    dat cake's badass

  78. ronashia cobia says


  79. Mike G says

    I had to spring for HBO only for of Game of Thrones!

  80. Adam Degeneffe says


  81. Nuwagaba Gilbert says


  82. Joseph Harry says

    awesome and epic!

  83. Harish Tiwari says

    u r right

  84. Tanner Parker says

    EMO CAKE. Looks very good.

  85. Davit Bakhutashvili says

    OMG. love that serial… cake much more 😀

  86. zandra wenzel says

    i love cake

  87. Brian Ragle says

    This needs to be shown to +Gabriel Iglesias! Pronto!

  88. devina hengio says

    oh dis is cool love and is it a hollween cake lol


    hola, soy nestor de oaxaca de juarez mexico
    a poco te dedica a cantar

  90. Theresa Hanson says

    That is just to tempting . I think I'm going eat that lol

  91. Melody Migas says

    Tyrion and his woman…so sweet, so scared, so romantic.
    And Cersei….b###h grrrr
    And the last scene, as usual left me wanting more.

  92. angel eegii says


  93. Sam Sandie says

    but it is a cake, does it have lable with a skull that says Poison?

  94. mick kay says

    the undertaker wwe

  95. Laura Croft says


  96. JOHN CARTER says

    is this three story cake? + Andy Sowards but look good

  97. adam thomas says

    looks like it's Gothic

  98. Adeyemi Oludayo says

    Can u do me one baby? I like it

  99. samuel hmar says

    wow!!!is this really a cake? Cool like taste ll b good.

  100. Mary Jane Mccamant says

    I have never seen anything so scary since the Emperor Caligula . it looks painful to eat. I would definitely stay on my

  101. Nived ratheesh says

    can u tell me how many were hospitalized after eating this cake?

  102. uzma riaz says

    very beautiful cake picture

  103. Vijay Ashq says

    i like cake

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