Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015

by Amanda Blain
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CES (Consumer Electronics Show) In Vegas,  has roughly 160k of people fly in from over 140 countries, over its 4 day conference. There are millions of items, booths, gadgets, and tech things. You walk and walk like you’ve never walked before. Lots gets missed. I focus in this post on the major technology brands I spent some time with at CES, and explored their new innovative technologies from CES announcements that really stood out for me.

Lg’s 21:9 UltraWide Gaming Monitor with AMD FreeSyncTechnology – (34UM67)

Price:Unknown Release Date: Unknown


This bad boy is Lg’s first 21:9 gaming monitor. LG is the world sales leader in this high end gaming monitor segment, over the last seven fiscal quarters (as of Q3 2014) with a market share of 77.3 percent of the world’s 21:9 monitors! They know what they are doing in the space. What is AMD freesync you ask? Amd FreeSync fixes the problem of tearing and stuttering that can occur when monitors and graphics cards get out of sync. Check out the detailed and lovely YouTube from AMD here.. A Beautiful partnership!

Lg’s 34UM67 Ultra wide view Monitor (2560X1080) can allow serious gamers to get an edge by showing things that might be missed on 16:9 monitors. The monitor also includes Dynamic Action Sync mode to minimize lag and a special  Black Stabilizer to highlight darker areas and create a nice true black color. Tons of games support the 21:9 right now (Skyrim, Oblivion, Deus Ex, World of Warcraft with many more to come).. and as shown with this graphic it’s a pretty nifty advantage.

(Image from Neo gaf 21:9 thread)

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

– Price: $799 no contract Release Date: 01/2015 More Q1 note-edge-black

Hands down the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge won my heart at this show. This is basically the same as the Galaxy Note 4 with one major difference. A curved side edge on the right hand side. The curved side on the phone is truly a “new” piece of tech we have not seen yet. To often smart phones on the market now are all the same tech specs with nothing new. We see the typical – bigger screen, thinner, and some gimmicky software features you will never end up using. That’s why the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Stands out for me.  This curved edge faces you at all times, even when you have the phone in a folded book cover cases. This allows you to have silent notifications while in a meeting, show a night time alarm clock on your side table while you are charging/sleeping,( no more room brightening Cell phone screens for your partner!) or have custom updates from your fav apps, like Twitter, S-Health steps taken today, Music, Sports scores or heck, even a ruler. Side edge functionality is there for things like bluetooth, timers, and the cell phone flashlight the we have all started using. Developers are encourage to develop apps for the Edge and I expect many will take advantage of this. Included is also the S-Pen, like the Note 4. In fact pretty much all of Samsungs hits have made it into this phone. I’m not sure why an ‘edge’ has not been added to phones before. Silent notifications are what we need in our “always connected” age. Samsung Canada also put on an amazing Canadian themed party that allowed me to meet former Toronto Maple Leaf Captain – Wendal Clark!

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015

Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer

-Price: $129.99 Release Date: Spring 2015


blackzipPolaroid has released an interesting little printer gadget that made my top 5. The Polaroid Zip Mobile Printer is smaller and lighter than most cell phones weighing in at less than half a pound and is under one inch thick. This will easily fit in your purse or pocket when you are out for the evening. Once you are done taking your group selfies, Turn on your NFC or Bluetooth and simply load up the Android or IOS App, add some virtual stickers if you like, and print! Just like the old Polaroid days, out will print instant zink photos with no ‘ink’ required. Your friends can take home real photos with them. I see this being great for weddings, birthdays or other events where you want the memories to last a little longer, instead of being lost in the endless stream of digital photos we take on our cameras/cell phones.



LG Twin Wash Washer (Models WM9500H*A)

– Price: Unknown Release Date: Unknown


For all our technology advancement.. little has been done in the area of getting and keeping my house cleaner and easier. Enter the LG Twin Wash Washer. Taking technology and home cleaning to the next level.

This modern looking front load design has two washing areas that can wash your clothes at the same time!

There is a quick wash small load (Model WD100C) available on the bottom pedestal. It was mentioned, this separate unit can be paired with most of the front loading LG product line. (Models will vary of course) This smaller unit is perfect for lingerie, baby bibs, tea towers, or work out clothes. By doing smaller, faster little loads, your full laundry will need to be done less often. This neat little box has some special settings that you can use and not waste a whole tub of water for just a few items.

The Main Tub had something called Turbowash that uses twin nozzles at the front of the washer to spray a concentrated detergent solution directly onto the clothes. Then a high pressure nozzle above the drum sprays tiny water particles through the clothes during high spin cycles for quick and effective rinsing. Its Neat, but the Super technology advancement?

A Wifi connected Washer.

Downloading a simple app on to your smart phone will allow you to select all  the specifics of your washing cycle. You start the washer from anywhere wifi is available. Now you can start the laundry towards the end of your work day, and the wash will be done and ready for the dryer by the time you get home. allows you to download programmable formats to your washer. Want to try out rain patterns? How about Sports sock mode or Beach Wear. One download click can have you trying out the ultimate specific wash for your clothing needs. The LG washer is part of Lg’s smart home application which will also send you an instant message notification about your wash. So say you want to know how many minutes are left, or where it is in the rinse cycle? Quick message in the app and then an almost immediate response to your phone and you are good to go. All via wifi.


Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015

Sony 4K Bravia LCD TV – (X9000C)

-Price Unknown Release Date: Q3


Sony wins the 4k battle for me TV wise at the show. The 4K Bravia LCD tv line offer stunning clarity and color. These TV’s  seriously are beautiful pieces of technology. And boy are they thin. They are built with the Sony 4K Processor X1.  The X9000C series boast a type of floating style being 4.9mm at it thinnest point. They also include TRILUMINOS Display to accurately reproduce shades of red, green and blue. The big one here is YouTube VP9 Format is built right into the TV. This will allow users to view user generated 4k content right on the TV.  As 4K TVs battle it out for which products or going to work with what formats, It’s good to see Sony working with Android TV and other large brands like Netflix and YouTube. Of all the smart TV’s I saw, Sony worked the best with your google account. The remote includes a microphone at the top that allows you to use Google Voice Search. The same one I use daily on my phone is now available on my TV, and it works just as good. You are also able to play some selected games from the play store with a usb connected remote. The integration with Google accounts allows any music, video or other items purchased from Google’s Play Store to be a part of your TV. Built in Google Cast allows you to stream from your mobile devices quickly and easily as well. The series will also incorporate Sony’s high resolution audio speakers into the TV. Sony also had Tony Hawk as the new spokes person for their ActionCam, and I got to meet him.

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015Top 5 Innovative Technologies From CES 2015

These product announcements from the top brands were the most innovative with unique twists on products we already use and love. There are more items at the consumer electronics show than you could ever hope to see in the time period, but these stood out to me as unique must watch and see how they end up. Stay tuned for more items from CES from me!


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