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So you are looking for a DXRacer Chair review eh? Not so long ago, like you, I was searching the internet for a gaming chair review and was constantly finding results for the DXracer chair series. I found lots of pages about the chair, but many had not too many details about the chair. And more than likely yes, like you I couldn’t find anywhere local where this ultimate gaming chair was sold. I took the chance and purchased a Dxracer F Series chair. May my detailed Dxracer Chair Review help you feel more comfortable for taking the plunge also.

FE08NPDXRacers Pros and Cons (TLDR Review Version)


  • Extremely well made
  • Very comfortable and great for extended time periods
  • Lots of different adjustments to make sure you are seated correctly
  • Extra headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Color to match your taste and home decor


  • Price can be high
  • The F series might not be great for “taller and bigger” people. Check out the D or R series instead.
  • Generally has to be purchased without being “sat in and tested”
  • Product may not be in stock, so there may be a shipping delay


A Few Good Chairs

I, like many people today,  spend way too much time in front of my computer. Gaming, Work and Social media, add up. I usually am spending way more than 8 hours a day sitting in my chair because on top of working from home, I also play a ton of video games when work is done. I stream Xbox and PC games. All this means sitting in pretty much the same chair for more than 8 hours. That means I purchase chairs on a pretty regular basis, because those chairs don’t tend to last too long. The material rips, the plastic arms break off, the tilt stops tilting and the chairs start squeaking.The poor chairs usually end up looking something like this…..


I live in the beautiful Great White North, Canada. So unfortunately, like most Canadians I have limited choices in where to get a new chair. We have a grand selection of Over Priced business office supply stores, Staples, Grand and Toy and some big box stores, like Walmart, Sears, Target.  All these stores offer a very limited selection and most of the “chairs” are ridiculously expensive for what you get and not satisfying options.I usually end up paying somewhere in the $200-400 a chair range. This allows me to have a chair that is customizable in a few areas, like arms, tilt, height. The ‘pleather/leather’ material that is on said big box store chair, will likely start peeling and fall off in less than 6 months, like in the above photo. There had to be something better. This time… I found DXRacers chairs.

Detailed DXRacer Chair Review

So how does a chair that I never got to sit in before I bought it stack up?The DXracer F Series Gaming Chair might be the best thing I’ve ever sat on. Seriously. It is that good.

I ordered the chair from They have regular monthly sales and specials and a wide selection of chairs in stock. The website is easy to use and straight forwards. Taxes and shipping are included in the listed price. Nice and straight forward. You can even use paypal to pay. Score! The USA version of the site, seemed to have more chairs being in stock than the Canadian one did.

Shipping is great. I’ve included some detailed pictures of how the product is shipped. It even includes all the tools you need to set it up. I’m impressed that shipping this good is included. The box is pretty heavy and was sent from the other side of the country. In Canada we tend to take a hit for shipping and this was a nice change.



It took me about 15 minutes from opening the box to sitting in it for the first time. The instructions were straight forward. Everything was easy to understand and clearly labeled to install.

But you are more than likely here for the features, not the “how to” instructions for a DXRacer (you won’t need them). Why is this chair “the ultimate gaming chair”?

First off the construction of this chair is NOTHING like the chairs you get from those local office/big box stores. The entire chair is metal frame construction except for the arm pieces. Those arm pieces are a heavy grade plastic that is thicker and sturdier feeling than previous chairs I’ve had. No Cheap parts and everything is VERY well put together. Strong stitching on the material. Bolts, tight and secure. The DXRacer chair has been tested and put together with care. It feels like it was custom made for me, not something off a factory production line like those other chairs.

The material covering the chair is a smooth sleek material which does not cause the dread “sweaty sticky leg” that is all too common for gamers and office workers a-like.  They use a PU (Polyurethane) material to help wick away sweat instead of absorbing it. This material feels and looks like leather. I eat and drink in my chair. You likely do too. Fabric chairs are the absolute worse because then tend to absorb all of that. This material is sleek smooth and cool as well as waterproof for any drink spills. It is also a stronger material than those “pleather replacements” on the market. I’ve had this chair for several months so far and not even a slight wear or tear mark in sight.

Part of the downside to my work and play at home lifestyle is that dreaded chronic fatigue from sitting for extended time periods. Your wrists, Dxracerpink3knees, and back can all suffer from a poorly set up or designed office chair. An ergonomic workplace set up is one of the best things you can do for your health if you are a computer worker/gamer. The DXRacer chair offers a 12 Degree tilt rocking base, Easy to use lift and adjustable armrests to help you set up the correct fit for you and your desk. The back angle. Woo! If you want to lay back and game or watch a flight you can. a full 170 degree angle chair back tilt has you covered!

Some other cool features are the included and removable headrest cushion and lumbar cushion. These two items attach easily with some bungee clips and allow you to position them exactly where you want them to be. Whatever makes you comfortable. Not your cup of tea? Simply remove them. I think this adjustable cushions is great because I can fit it exactly where I need them to be.

As you have noticed, I purchased the chair in Pink. Yes Pink. I like expressing my girly side in anything technical and I think a pink gaming chair is just perfect. There are tons of color options available in the line. Red, Green, Yellow, Orange. Different colors to match your taste and decor. Why be boring and grey when you can express yourself I say. 🙂

DXRacer chairs run from $359 – $499ish at the time of posting on That price point is not going to be in everyones budget or price range, but if you were like me going through chairs every couple of months, or your  wrist knees and back are telling you its time for a change, this is the chair you should be looking at.

I purchased the F series chair. It is the model that is shown in the pictures here. It is designed for people who weight less than 265 lbs and are less than 180cm. If you fall into a different height or weight range you can check out the D or R series instead.

Perhaps the hardest part for me was “not being able to sit in the chair” before I purchased it. (If you live in BC you can go sit in the chair in their showroom, otherwise…. you are in this boat!) Sure I’ve purchased games, clothes and small appliances from the internet but a chair? I sit in this thing every day! I had concerns. And I can’t be more happy that I took the chance. The quality of this product far outways  the fact I didn’t get to sit in the chair in some box store for a few moments before purchase.

I had a slight miscommunication with the shipping. It says it will ship 2 -3 business days for most items. It seems that the chair ships from two locations.  I also ordered mine over a holiday weekend. When I purchased the chair, I got a notice that the shipping information would be updated on the website when it was shipped. I checked for several days with no update on the site. After 4 days (holiday weekend) I finally got a notice that the chair shipped. That afternoon the chair arrived at my house. They confirmed with me that the chair had shipped earlier than the website notification and that they were working on stream lining the shipping process to remove those bumps. Many of the chairs can also be out of stock. The demand for these chairs is high. With good reason.

IMG_20141016_121619_412This chair is truly different than any other chair I have sat in. It offers a strong and sturdy construction that I have not had with any other chair I’ve purchased. If you want something better than the over priced chairs you can get in local stores, take the “online” chance and purchase a DXRacer chair. You will be happy you did.


I partnered with All opinions are my own and thoughts listed here are mine as always though.  Seriously, the chair is that good. 


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    This chair is nicer than my office one. How cool to be able to game in comfort like this.

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