Is Tsu a Scam? 6 Things to Consider


UPDATE 2020: Looks like Tsu has relaunched once again as … This entire article from 2014 that was the top searched  result for tsu scam, still applies. In case you want to know how that ended? Everyone ended up not getting paid and the network randomly closed with little warning. Tread carefully Internet. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

A Social Network that uh.. Pays you?

There is a new social network on the block. Tsu promises to split its advertising dollars it makes off of sharing your content with, well you….But is Tsu a Scam?surfweb

Tsu plays into the human desire to ‘get rich quick’. No effort required on your part beyond inviting your friends and family. Then just keep posting stuff like you already do! This kind of model has been on the internet forever.  Once upon a time, long since gone companies,  paid you just to surf websites, use toolbars, fill out surveys, read email, heck even use a search engine. The result is always the same and it will be here.. Company folds after they get the money to pay their investors/they get enough money…  from “your friends and family”.

I’ve seen complicated formulas and math talking about the possibilities of your massive profits on Tsu.  Whatever numbers and magic hoopla you’d like to put, In my opinion, Tsu is a scam. Spend your time on your OWN website creating your OWN content and spam your network with that..

You’ll be better off.

But What do I Know?


Why should you listen to me?  I own a social network. Yup. Girlfriend Social is the largest women only friendship social network in the world. I use advertising on the site but also offer members the option to pay for upgrades so they don’t have to see or be a part of advertising. I know exactly how much money it costs to keep servers going, continue to pay for advertising, keep security going and a million other things that running a major website does. I DON’T compete with Tsu (like so many have accused me of). GFS lets women meet local real life friends. Niche. More like Meetup.  I also own several blogs and other websites that use affiliate marketing and advertising models. I’ve been doing this part of the internet for many, many years.

If you seriously want to make money on the internet in some way, you can.  Make a blog or website. Publish ads or charge a membership. Profit…  This will take awhile and a fair amount of effort but you can “make money”. Probably even enough to go out to dinner a few times a month.

Is Tsu a Scam and the 6 Problems to Consider

1) The Advertising Model….

I can’t quite get a legit answer from the website about their advertising model. One site says that it shares the total revenue the website makes each day with every user. One site implies you will get part of your advertising that your content/ users you invite content specifically makes.  (If you have a link to their clear advertising model shown in Terms of use/outside the website before you sign up.. please post in the comments and I will update here.. so Far, nothing exists that shows CLEARLY what their advertising model in fact IS.. no matter what your friends say..) Whatever the faulty model is, the second the social media gurus and black hat scammy people get to the network 2 things will happen.

1) The site will be made into a spammy spam game. “Share the post and get all your friends to share it so we all make .00001 cents!” will be the norm. Users are currently reporting massive reshares, like and follow schemes and SHARE ALL THESE POSTS in buckets already.

2) Just to point out how silly this all is…Based off of the first link news article above – It says Tsu will share total ad revenue among users for the day.  So, Let us say there are 100 members and they split 100$ of total revenue for the day, everyone gets 1$. When there are 100 million members there likely wont be 100 million dollars in revenue.(No not even Facebook makes 100 million in revenue each day. You will be getting less than $1. Each user, each person invites will “weaken” the worth of the network causing eventually people to make fractions of a penny. FRACTIONS OF A PENNY on actions. Do you stop for a penny on the ground? 5 cents? Do you see this going any other way?

11/2/2014 – Update – Tsu has now included a lovely graphic on their FAQ. This is new, but still doesn’t really tell me anything. There is no contract, we don’t sign anything, and It’s still not perfectly legal clear what happens with what. Or what happens for those located outside USA. Or how we will magically get paid beyond some references to more than 600 requires an American Social security number…  This is NOT how affiliate or money pay out website do things. Google doesnt. Affiliates do not. Amazon Does not. Choose wisely my friends.


2) Is TSU a Ponzi Scheme/ Pyramid Scam / MLM Marketing Fraud/TSU is a scam?

I’ve seen people call Tsu a Ponzi scheme, Tsu a Pyramid scam, and Tsu a MLM marketing Fraud…

Ponzi schemes typically make new investors pay money. They pay that new money to “old investors”. So since Tsu is not asking for money, it is not a Ponzi scheme. Although Ponzi has typically become a commonly used word for “a scam of some type”. Pyramid or MLM Scam is better towards what Tsu is than Ponzi scheme as shown with the FTC warning about such things…

” If the money you make is based on your sales to the public, it may be a legitimate multilevel marketing plan. If the money you make is based on the number of people you recruit and your sales to them, it’s not. It’s a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal, and the vast majority of participants lose money.”

Your “sales” here are advertising dollars on your content and how much money you get paid seems to be directly related to how many people you help recruit in(again not proven because I hear conflicting information but inviting users seems to play a key part in getting paid). To me that falls into the FTC guidelines listed above, but since there isn’t a clear document about their payment plan its hard to say 100% for sure. Either way, play it safe and don’t play into it.

11/2/2014 Update – It seems that “infinite thirds/who you recruit” does indeed play an important role in how much money you make, but recruiting anyone does not SEEM to be required at all. So… If you must Tsu, Play it safe and don’t spam your network. See how much money you make. It’s been reported by several in the comments, that without inviting “children”, you pretty much are not making any money.  That falls again under Pyramid mentioned above….. But you decide if Tsu a scam.

3) The Payout … When You Get Your Hard Earned Money….

According to the monetization terms on their website…. “As such, you will receive periodic deposits in your Tsū bank account, which are directly related to your usage of the Service.” The money goes into the Tsu bank, not yours. No bank information, paypal, check cashing, tax information for foreign countries, etc…. is included absolutely anywhere at any time in any of the legal information. I have no idea right now how people will ever get paid.

Honestly, You’d be lucky to make 5$ from their non published model. It will require a $100 to pay you(AGAIN according to their FAQ.) That is something you or the majority of people who use tsu will never actually earn because you are making fractions of a cent each day. Or say 1 cent a day… ( a number I’ve seen a few people saying they have earned) It will take 10,000 days Or roughly 28 Years to earn $100. Are you making less than a dollar a day? And how many hours are you putting in? Your pay rates here then are less than a newspaper route or data entry jobs listed online.


And that is if the payout doesn’t really go down (which it should based on the other things I mentioned). This minimum payment required is a common tactic to hold funds till you reach a threshold. Yes lots of legit companies do this, but they have legit ways of making the payout amount. Not one user has reporting being paid the magic $100 so far from Tsu. This will leave a nice pool of “ad dollars” sitting around for the company to pay off VC(Venture Capital.. you know the 7 million dollars they were LOANED by people who want it paid BACK) with because people can’t get to the magically upper end for payout. It has been stated that Tsu will have you invest these “tsu dollars” back into some kind of currency you can use on the website itself instead of a payout/cash to you personally.  Again, none of this is clear. You MIGHT be able to make the $100 by of course spamming the entire internet and everyone you know for the next 6 months. Work hard for that 100$ payout folks.

11/2/2014 Update – TSU has published some information about using your banked tsu dollars to offer you discounts on products they partner with… some kind of shopping network err coupons.Or payment transfer system. Again. Nothing in any official document but that seems to be their plan for those who don’t hit that Magic $100 price point.

The power users post their proof! Err.. wait..

payment11/19 – Supposedly 2 super power users have reported making the $100. Kevin Hinkle and Andrew Fromm. Both have more than 10 thousand people following them. Kevin has almost 20k. Two out of supposedly 1 million users. You have better odds on winning the lottery for $100. Or making more money by doing data entry in a 3rd world country. Andrew posted a picture of a hand written check then called me and this post out. Yes. Hand written. As you can see others are also questioning “why would it be handwritten”.. but for me to question it, threat worthy and is “grasping at straws”. It was handwritten to Andrew Fromm’s company name. Yes. His company name. Perhaps he struck some kind of deal? Perhaps he doesn’t want his name associated with the scammy looking website since he is a professional? Or are you able to just say my company made this under your personal account? I don’t think the IRS will like that. Any which way.. I assume tsu does not plan on sending out many checks if they are hand writing checks. (or to any foreign countries – Many countries especially poor ones, do not have the ability to cash American checks.) And what are the tax implications? Money earned in the USA has to follow the IRS guidelines and taxes removed. You don’t just get “free money” even from the internet. The IRS gets its part. Even from lottery winnings. Since Tsu’s whole slick is YOU GET PAID FOR YOUR CONTENT.. you’d think that check writing software would have been a bit more of a priority in that 7 million invested. But it’s not really. You get paid in TSU dollars and few people will ever get REAL dollars. That’s the plan. AGAIN, There is still zero facts on what you get paid for, although Tsu shows a nice views and shares graph under your account.. you get a standard “tsu royalties .04” each day with zero explanation. Zero contracts. Zero terms. Who knows what you get paid for and when. Is this a tsu scam yet folks?

4)They will Run a Social Network on 10% of Revenue…

… Really… 🙂 Servers, Bandwidth, Security, Staff members, Support teams….. on 1Business Marketing Flow Chart0% of revenue. This means if somehow it IS possible all of these will be lacking. No support, Hackers paradise since there is no security teams on it, and slow slow servers. As one person (Greg Crichton) on my google plus post about it pointed out, It doesn’t even have https/SSL Website security installed. That’s like doing banking on a non secure network! (The SSL issue has now been corrected)  Many users are reporting that the website is “not accessible” or “offline for maintenance” already.  This has not changed in the first month and only gotten worse. This is a sign of things to come while it attempts to deal with the growth and issues appearing on the website.

Some of you seem to think your content can do better on its own. Launch a blog and do it. You’ll quickly see how expensive it is to “run a website” and “host/publish photos” and most importantly… “get advertising traffic”. 🙂 What Tsu is telling you it can do on 10% of ads? Plus Tsu already owes a fair amount of money to the venture capital money it already took? Good luck on that model folks.

11/21/2014 – TSU has announced that they now allow you to transfer your tsu dollars to other tsu members. Or you can donate to charity. You won’t get a charity tax receipt though. Tsu will. They will also take 3% more out of your tsu dollars. So they are now taking 13% of your revenue on these transfers. You can not transfer money in at this time. So you will just buy a coffee for your friends with you 3$ you spent 3 months making. Solid time investment.

How long before for the #TransferTrains start? First everyone donate to Bob so he can hit $100. Then we will donate to Sally so SHE can get $100… lol.  Hook you in the promise of money and then skim more money from the top. I can actually picture the founders sitting around at a pub somewhere… LETS COMBINE PAYPAL, BITCON ANDDD A SOCIAL NETWORK… lol.. Even though none of them have any experience in ANY of those fields. What a joke.


5) We Need to Take Back Our Content….

I’m also not exactly sure about these “I make content that I share on social sites…  so I need to stop these companies from profiting from MY content” type comments. I own 100% of my own websites and I do in fact make a living from that. If you want to use someone elses websites, you are uh… using them and can pay upfront to use them or you can pay by have ads served to you. This is the internet. You exchange your ‘content and information’ for ads.

I COULD place videos completely on my own blog instead of on YouTube for example, but how many people would see it? How much will it cost to have those videos streamed on my server time after time? You are also paying for the promotion your video receives as being a part of the 2nd largest search engine  in the world. This is your “cost” for using these websites. Don’t like that idea? Start your own.

No one reading this signed up on Facebook or Twitter to “make money”.. (ok some businesses did)

But most people use social media sites because you wanted to see what your friends were doing without calling them, connect on interests, follow famous peoples doings, look up people you went to high school with and mostly, to you know, stay involved in peoples lives. You were never there to PROFIT. People saying “I get my $1 more than Facebook ever paid me” are misled. You’ve made countless dollars in value from using Facebook to connect with people you care about. If you go to a free event, meet some friends,  but the event organizer has a sponsored table/advertisers there, you do not DEMAND the event organizer pay you and the other attendees. The Organizer wouldn’t be able to have a sponsor if you didn’t “go to the event” and “provide content by talking with others”. This is just what Facebook does for you…. Right? So why exactly does Facebook owe you money if obviously the event organizer in this example does not owe you money? Seriously. That’s what the Tsu supports are saying is OWED to them. EVERY SINGLE PERSON who is making this “TAKE BACK MY MONEY” comment is saying something equally illogical.

6) But what does it hurt? How can you judge a Network that isn’t very old yet?

I think people don’t value their personal social media network as much as they should. Your social network is a precious thing you have worked hard to build through real life or online friendships. You develop trust and experience as an expert about things. Every single person has from the Social media gurus to the person who just updates their Facebook page with photos of their kids. Their social network views them in some way. Social expert or Mom with kid photos. Do you want that opinion to include the person who invited them to an affiliate scheme that will likely mislead and rip people off?

There is currently NO delete button to remove your TSU account permanently. BIG RED FLAG. If i “own my content” and a bunch of other hoopla on the typo filled FAQ, why can’t i takeout my content at any time? This is common tactic with new websites because “user count” is more important than anything. They make it difficult/impossible for you to remove your account so they can report to their investors that “Numbers are Up!”. Its been mentioned you can email support and they will eventually remove it, this has not been proven, timeline, etc as of yet. There is no automated way to do it but they are “working on this basic core feature of any website”. If they really believed all the fluff they say in their FAQ about what’s yours is yours, the lack of delete is a big flag saying that wont hold true.

Update 11/02/2014 – they have added a TSU delete from the FAQ when you are logged in. Shares may not be removed so be careful what you share.
I have seen countless online friendships end because some people feel TSU is a scam and some supporters spam promote it every few minutes. If you want to TSU, fine. Try not to spam your friends.


But lets forget all that for a minute…

People will do what they will, but spamming your precious network with invites to an unproven, heavily weighted against it Monetization Model is certainly not on MY to do list.

If nothing else wait a few months till a bunch of people get the “magical Bill Gates sending you 100$ for each person you forward it to” paychecks. If this magic network works against all the logical odds,  you have lots of friends and family members to pull into it for eternity. No rush required. Or are you one of those people that desperate for money that you will play into this pipe dream with ZERO proof of it working?


If you have decided that tsu is a scam, and if you have already signed up, according to the terms of service,  you can fill out some kind of form to get your account removed/deleted…. at some point.

“You can deactivate your Tsū account by logging into the Service and completing the form available here. If we terminate your access to the Service or you use the form detailed above to deactivate your account, your photos, comments, likes, friendships, followers, digital or real assets held by Evacuation Complete and all other data will no longer be accessible through your account (e.g., users will not be able to navigate to your username and view your photos), but those materials and data may persist and appear within the Service (e.g. if your Content has been reshared by others).”

Google+ for example completely deletes your account and removes all pictures you share leaving an X on any reshares of your content. They are in fact.. “gone”. Facebook encourages your to deactive your account, but after several hoop jumps you can delete your account on their various servers after 14 days. Your content SHOULD be removed from Facebook after that. ANY social network should have delete account as part of a ‘6 year plan’ like tsu supposedly does. Block, edit and delete are simple straight forward core parts of a network or website. The fact they “forgot it”, and the fact they have not FIXED this (Folks its handful of lines of code… seriously) shows they don’t want to fix it yet.(looks like it now does)

If you signed up already I recommend removing as much as possible, attempting to find their delete form and stop sharing or putting anything you value into it… for the possibility of pennies.

UPDATE 11/2/2014: Looks like Tsu has finally added a delete button available through the FAQ But unfortunately your stuff will still be available for others who shared it like mentioned above.


I’ve had a few people mention they are “just using the network because its clean and fun and new”. If this is true, I believe you have the option to turn monetization off (thats been mentioned but I actually can not find any information about this in the FAQ, Terms Etc in any way. Can you find where to turn it off someone?) Till someone shows me how this is done, its required to be on the site. But the reality is fine folks, if you are spamming/begging invites to everyone you know… You do not fall into the “its fun” camp. You are kidding yourself and you are hoping to cash out on this….likely with a “Even if its a few bucks, thats more than facebook ever gave me!” type of idea…..There are many other social networks out there,(Google+ comes to mind with it’s zero ads) that do not play around with these things, for you to “have fun on”.   It’s nothing to me, but I hate seeing people get ripped off or mislead by unethical companies. I mostly made this post to link to people that asked me about it and “why are you not there”. Do what you will, but realize currently “taking a chance to check it out” can have repercussions that I’ve listed above because you can not delete your account at this time.

What about Legal Issues?

A final little update here. Google and YouTube specifically have spent a ton of money to detect when you are using someone else’s copywritten material in videos you upload to try and make money off of. You are not allowed to monetize your YouTube Videos that include copywritten stuff. Violators are banned. This technology is funded by part of that “revenue” that these companies are making that Tsu is only going to be getting 10% of.  They will have no such technology. 

“Tsu claims that if, and when, the original content creator issues a DMCA take down notice then Tsu will take the content down. But that takes time and within that time Tsu will have already made money. And distributed it.
1. Are they going to take the money back from whoever it was paid to?
2. Sometimes the content creator may not even know that their content is used, so a DMCA notice may never be issued and Tsu will continue to make money and distribute it. Potently unethical and illegal position.
3. For content that is distributed under CC-NC (Creative Commons, Non Commercial) sharing the content is not necessarily a commercial act so it preserves the CC license terms, but it circumvents the license by indirectly making money using that content. Grey area, but potentially illegal.”
Very Very valid points. And what about these lawsuits downstreams? Like your friend you invited reshared illegal content… are they going to take back your penny too? It’s been pointed out the current TOS say whatever happens legally is your fault. Not sure how that will hold out, but i don’t want to be sued for something someone else shared. Even if there is a chance of it.

10/26/2014 Update:
Many user have confirmed that TSU is now implementing a 5(24?) post a day limit to try and combat the obvious spam that has sprung up. Even good users who were doing well thought out post have been hit with the draconic limit the first week that the network has been in existence. This quick rule actually will help to combat spam slightly, but will basically limit 100% the ability to get anything more than pennies a day and the rest of this article will remain true. Many users have also reported zero way to delete their account and zero response from the “support” email about deleting. Please feel free to comment if you have in fact got you account removed this way. Until then Do not expect to have your account removed any time soon.

11/2/2014: Tsu has added a delete from their FAQ and has published some sort of “Picture money model” on their FAQ. It still is not clear. It sure is not a legal contract signed document. Tax info for foreign countries (commonly called a w8 for those outside US), DMCA not discussed and I’ve read things about the CEO’s plan to implement a “tsu shopping network” so you can spend some of your hard earned tsu dollars on coupons towards products they partner with…. Awesome… or something.  Looks like their model continues to be sketchy and not fully laid out. The addition of a delete is a positive sign if you want to try your chance at making some pennies, but remember that the TOS still says items can/will remain on their servers so be careful what you share.

What happens when you post your thoughts online..

Sure are a lot of people attacking me for this opinion. Sorry some critical thinking is offending you. So as always, please use TSU if you want but think about what rights you have and what you have agreed to, because TSU sure is not telling you and so far and the tsu is a scam sure are not paying you (Anyone been paid 100$ yet? its been over a week…) to promote their site so much.

Final Note: I am locking comments on this post because I’m tired of being personally attacked and insulted across the internet for asking some questions and stating my opinions. I am also tired of over 20 JOIN ME ON TSU SPAM INVITE LINKS a day that I have to moderate in the comments. Honestly.. I just don’t care anymore. If that means “i’m wrong” because I should accept being called a bitch, dumb, thief, slut, whore, c*nt(yes people are calling me all those things in public posts all over the place)… because I asked some question (Really people.. really?)… Then so be it. I’ll leave this here for people to decided.  I wrote this post so I could send it to people spamming me their links and asking why I was not there. It went viral online and has made people act like its some kind of witch hunt on me. Carry on with your pitchfolks rage Internet. I’m done playing.
tsu is a scam insults
11/24 – The threats continue. I’ll post the screenshots here. It seem Andrew Fromm does not like his full name associated with this stuff and is threatening to “tsu” me for posting this.  Of course after he publicly posted that I needed to see his hand written check shown above publicly on his tsu profile. 2 out of 1 million users have gotten paid somehow. No screenshots of how they did though. HORRIBLE ODDS. My entire article still stands above with most users reporting earns between $.10 and $5 in the first month.   There is little logical discussion happening anymore, just people insulting me personally, as you can see folks. I’ve updated this post over 30 times since posting to include where tsu has changed my original points.  The Tsu supports sure are angry. You judge.


(UPDATE 2016/08) Where did it all End up?

Well here we are at the end folks.

Tsu has shut down

The website failed to raise an additional round of funding because of well…. everything I pointed out above. The company claimed it will still pay out to users whose accounts have amounts large enough for redemption ($100) if those users reach out via email by the end of the month… but several reported here on this blog that never received it. Remember the lessons learned here folks. Tsu has shut down but it won’t be the last get rich quick scheme found on the internet.


  1. avery miller says

    Hey! Great post, but I disagree; Tsu is different. Getting 90% of the profits made on my content is just a bonus for me. Heck, I’d use it even without the earning feature.
    Just a note: I found this in my Tsu feed, so, ya. 🙂

    1. Amanda Blain says


      I actually updated my post at the bottom to deal with this kind of thing. There are many other social networks out there that don’t play around with money if you are “looking for something new and fun”. To me its not worth the risks involved for “money you don’t even care about”. To each their own though.

  2. Jamie says

    This post screams of trying to get readership to ironically “just make money”. How can a free website be a scam? No one ever promised to get rich quick. The only things I’ve read is eventually the average user will make $1-2 per day. Very irresponsible… At least wait until you get answers to your questions before you post this.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      I think i’ve answered above how it can be a ‘scam’… what i didn’t mention is the eventual law suits that will happen because people have shared content that doesnt belong to them. Will you get your penny taken away from you then? What about if you are one of the people in the “family” of users who shared some illegal content that got hit with a lawsuit? You got paid for it, so you are responsible for it. Big trouble all over this.

      There are many risk here Jamie. And if a website doesn’t have answer in their FAQ, and terms of service… They don’t have them. You agreed to these non existent terms by just signing up and so has everyone else.

      1. cathy Caballero says

        people share content and photos they dont own on Facebook, twitter, etc daily, nobody scream lawsuit. I post my content on tsu, just like i do to Facebook. So, what’s wrong with that, if they pay me for sharing my content then its cool. I share content on social networks all the time, why not do it also on tsu.

        1. Amanda Blain says

          You obviously miss the point here. Other sites will just remove the content. Because you and others are profiting off of “stolen” material, the lawsuits content creators have will take a completely different nature… including things like damages because the rightful owner should have made the profit .. not you.. or your friends.

          People sue mcdonalds because the coffee is hot and there wasn’t a label.. You think people are not going to sue here? Come on.

          If you don’t want to think about that .. coolio. Check back in a few months and we shall see how many law suits have appeared.

  3. Akshay naik says

    Hey i completely disagree ,

    tsu is awsome. its completely different from Facebook and google plus. but yes some features are still from facebook . But i enjoyed tsu social networking site

  4. Matt says

    Thank you for this! It seems like these sort of companies are starting to pop up every day (rippln, leafit, etc.). I always have one or two friends fall for them, and it takes it’s so irritating trying to explain how it’s an unsustainable business model when all they can think about is getting rich. Thanks for doing that for me so I can just link them here and wash my hands of it!

    1. Amanda Blain says

      🙂 That’s kinda why i posted it. I got tired of people asking me to join, now I just link them here 🙂

  5. Wandering Poet says

    I agree. They should publish their earnings information and disclose.

    Absent that, it’s better to steer away, as it’s clearly a pyramid.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Yup. Anything involving money needs to be clearly explained and detailed instructions laid out… thats the TLDR for everyone else on this post 🙂

    2. Jack O'Brien (@Set_Square_Jack) says

      I don’t really understand how it can be a pyramid scheme.

      A pyramid scheme works for the con artist because everyone has to put money *into* the system in some form, such as buying a bunch of makeup or beanie babies to re-sell, or paying for “training” or “educational materials.”

      Where are people who sign up for Tsu required to lay any money out? You aren’t required to purchase any materials, goods or services.

      If Tsu is deemed a “scam” simply because it’s CEO is enticing to get as many people on it as possible, then that means every social media entity is a scam.

  6. YO MINUS says

    I don’t think it would get 7 million raised and hey 50 cent is on there!….I just signed up and if your posting a lot of creative content (music, video’s etc) then I think it’s worth a try! Here is my “short code” to get you started: SPAMMERLINKREMOVED

  7. Brandon Phoenix says

    Nice post, with great input. However, you give a little jab at the FAQs of Tsu and its typos, yet, you’ve got plenty here yourself.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Good thing this isn’t a social network that is attempting profit sharing.. and is instead just my personal spot on the internet to share my thoughts about things eh… 🙂

  8. Ryan Conley says

    This entire blog of yours is the most pathetic review I have ever seen to be quite honest. Your facts are so far off especially considering Facebook makes 1/4 of a billion a day in revenue. I don’t think you can handle such large concepts to be quite honest. Stick to your blog and I hope it allows you to buy a fast food meal or two for you and your poodle.

    Just remember writing this crappy page while you are left in the dust. You openly admit you don’t know all the facts and it is clear you are just trying to engage a conversation here. Actually you are not even worth writing another sentence to so I will just stop now lol….

    1. Amanda Blain says

      🙂 In the dust? Why don’t you actually have a look at faceybook “earning reports” –

      Your 1/4 billion number might be a tad bit off.

      Rage on Ryan. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  9. Jessica says

    First Off, Amanda, for what it’s worth, I would just like to say, after watching you get relentlessly (and unfairly) beat up here… that regardless if you are wrong or right about the legitimacy of TSU, I appreciate this article and I appreciate that you have taken the time to write it. I think you make a lot of good points and I believe it is a well written article with a healthy dose of skepticism. Some of the issues you bring up should not be lightly swept under the carpet, especially when the sharing of illegal content is involved and that it brings with it the potential for wide sweeping and chain-linked lawsuits. I have yet to take an official stance on TSU. As it stands now, I can appreciate both sides of the spectrum. I have seen and been a part of fanbox, and because of this I am a little bit skeptic. While there may be differences between fanbox and TSU, it seems their model is almost identical, in the ideas of revenue from adverts going directly back to the people who make up the network. And while I am sure many early adopter fanbox users (may still be – idk) or may have made some money at some point (again – idk because I have yet to make a cent from it lol) – (not unlike many other late adopters, I believe) and so I wonder about the accuracy of your statement which implies users actually thinning out any eventual return. Like you have said, without the company addressing these questions and making available more quality material to allow for better educated decisions surrounding the use of their software and model, then we are all only guessing here. And with guesses like these it should be expected to have questions and to be skeptical until they are properly addressed and answered. Without it we would all just be fools….(hint, hint, to some that have so rudely posted here, lol)

    1. Amanda Blain says

      People will rage on the internet. 🙂 And yeah, i’ll update this blog the second I get answer to these questions that have been sent to TSU already (that they haven’t answered yet)

  10. Carrie says

    I found this article when looking up TSU. I got an invitation to join it on my facebook page, and joined to see what it is. Now I don’t want to be part of it, it’s confusing, and seems like a pryamid, even though they don’t ask for money… but I CAN’T FIND ANY FORM TO FILL OUT TO DO THIS. I sent an email to the ‘support’ listed but so far nothing in retturn. I didn’t put anything on it yet to share and found where to change privacy settings, and set them all to “friends” (I don’t have any friends there). I’d still like to find out how to delete/deactivate my account, does anyone (who is praising it here) know how?

    1. Amanda Blain says

      I can’t actually get a straight answer on deleting either. Perhaps someone else will come here and be able to help you. So far anyone I’ve talked to has not been able to delete their account successfully.

  11. Edward Harris says


    I joined about three days ago and I guess I am one of the exceptions. I’m striking it rich already and here are my numbers (in about 72 hours):

    Number of posts: 2,180
    Number of friends: 688
    Number of shares: 840
    Number of hours spent on this website: 52
    Revenue earned: 6 cents

    Sure, it may not seem like a lot of money but let me tell you…a stick of gum can go a long way.

    Yes…I am being sarcastic. Thanks for the info Amanda.

    1. Amanda Blain says


  12. Robert Davenport says

    I’d like to commend them on at least making a valiant attempt to put a new and different spin on their social media platform. Sure there will be some kinks that need to get worked out but just like everything else, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook included, you have to start somewhere.

    I’m sure they’re not getting into this space just to scam people over and end up with never-ending lawsuits. I say let’s encourage them and help them evolve. Sounds like a much better concept than Facebook!

  13. Oliver Gassner says

    I am not sure you assuption that people will be in it to become rich tells more about you or about people using Tsu.

    Then again as you do mot pay anything to enter the assumed ‘pyramid game’ ir is not really one, right? Or ANY platform is one as you always want to gain access to peple – assuming you are in Social media to gain reach.

    Then: Other platofrms lure you there ‘just for the fun of it’, make money and give you… ab ‘better’ plaform that shows you… uhm… better ads. Yay. I think that the way Tsu does it should be the way all platforms should act: If you use it, if you bring people there, well, get part of the loot…

    Then about owning commtent. I don’t get people who write all their content withnin facebook. Why not blog it and spread it: On Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Tsu.

    Now you left me just wondering what your real problem with Tsu is … or was this just linkbait?

  14. Anton Theunissen says

    I appreciate the critical thinking and you’re completely correct: if you’re in it for the money, stay away from tsu. On the other hand: if you’re posting original and engaging content every now and then and you realize that it’s content like yours that’s filling up G and FB’s bank accounts, it maybe worth a try.
    Less is more. Tsu just installed a maximum of (I think) 5 posts a day. I hope it can stay like that, forcing posters to think about what they post and be selective. Desperately posting 700 posts a day won’t get you anywhere unless it’s just the postcount and accidental clicks that count. I like the monetizing ‘niche’ model – not to get rich from but because it could filter out quality from crap. If they get the algorithm right…
    And the whole copyright thing? who is earning from your ‘copyrighted’ stuff on G+ and FB? If you’re convinced that your material is worth serious money, well, sell it to someone instead of posting it for free and letting others do the work for you (=monetizing it).

  15. Shalin says

    Isn’t it kinda odd to think this is a scam? But yes someone should have a great capital to start a viral marketing campaign like this. No one can make that amount of money a day

  16. C00L says

    Interesting read here and I get your point but one thing that’s good about it all from an seo standpoint is all the links there are dofollow.

  17. Dood says

    I could care less about making money from Tsu .. I am just tired of Fascistbook dialing me down. I used to get 1000’s of profile and page views per day as well as 100’s of comments per post. It literally helped build my FM radio show following. Now I get maybe 100 views and a few comments. All share options have been shut down by FB and they keep hammering to pay $20 a day to get those function back. It is at the point where my followers email asking if I am still online and still doing the radio show I had been using Fecalbook to promote. 3 years of networking wiped out by algorithms and new settings Google + deletes my posts if I use my logo more than once .. spamming my own page.. smh …Twitter is ok as is Tumblr but ultimately not suited for my needs . so I am hoping Tsu works out , and I too am waiting for a response form tsu to things you stated in the review.

    So I just want a network to use that doesn’t try to extort money from me, change my name or block posts ..


  18. C says

    Hi there, I was just curious if you could address the news that they recently got 7 million dollars invested into the company, wouldn’t this prove more legitimacy? Also, apparently the CEO is planning on using the money from accounts that do not reach 100 dollars to re invest and lend out sort of like a bank. Wouldn’t this also cover bandwidth and server costs? thank you very much for the article!

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Updated… All it proves is that Tsu owes some people 7 million dollars and that the need to attract investors and advertisers with their number of users is more important than anything currently.

      Because they need to pay that money back and increase it. Thats what “venture capital” is. A loan to get started.

      It also means those investors will control part ownership of direction in the company and usually do whatever it takes to get their investment back.. even if that is against the “wishes” of the original owners.

  19. Clifton Shepherd says

    Avery, stick to your guns. Tsu is different.

  20. Clifton Shepherd says

    Thank you Ryan, Especially because this blog ranks high in the search engines and is one of the first in search results, so most people are going to click on this review and run away from Tsu for no reason. Some people just don’t know a good thing when they see it. Remember, there is some idiot out there who thought investing in Microsoft was a bad idea.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Thanks for stopping by to encourage other people to be mean for zero reason.. 🙂

  21. TheGiraffe says

    Hey there. Just wanted to comment on the third party content sharing. In their TOS, it states:

    “You represent and warrant that: (a) you own the Content posted by you on or through the Service or otherwise have the right to grant the rights and licenses set forth in these Terms of Use; (b) the posting and use of your Content on or through the Service does not violate, misappropriate or infringe on the rights of any third party, including, without limitation, privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, trademark and/or other intellectual property rights; and (c) you agree to pay for all royalties, fees, and any other monies owed by reason of Content you post on or through the Service.

    Evacuation Complete reserves the right to remove any Content from the Service for any reason, without prior notice. Content removed from the Service may continue to be stored by Evacuation Complete, including, without limitation, in order to comply with certain legal obligations, but may not be retrievable without a valid court order.”

    So they say straight out, if you use copyright material, you could be made to pay the royalties, fees and any other monies yourself. Since one must agree to the TOS to sign up, you’re agreeing to pay the fees if you get caught sharing material not belonging to yourself.

    Other than that, I appreciate the healthy skepticism you present (it made me read the TOS). I hope that the problems you present will be worked out and that Facebook becomes the new MySpace (and dies a horribly lonely death).

    1. Amanda Blain says

      This is perhaps the scariest line of all… What about the downline sharing the content? What if something is shared and you ‘don’t know’… law suits will be all over this website.

  22. kalani erandika says

    For most people I would endorse at least trying out Twitter, Of course networking is vital. But keep your eye no to pressure yourself with any of this stuff and keep your persistence in check. Selecting and Joining with a social network is up to you. but DO NOT spend your time confessing your secrets to virtual strangers. It’s futile, dangerous, and idiotic. DO NOT lose “common sense”.
    All those are just one of many things to spend your time on, except you see a good re-occurrence (Advertising, Being famous [for celebrities], embarking your valuable community, social service, Finding the PRECISE FRANK life partner, etc.) on your activity you perhaps are happier doing something else. Use the BRAIN and come up with good things as a HUMAN! Some people may agree some may not. That’s the reality.

  23. Michelle says

    I completely agree with what you are trying to convey to your readers! So many people are quick to hop on board new social media hubs and don’t stop to think about whether the content they are sharing will be protected or whether their personal information will be abused by the site.

    I had a ton feeds this week about joining TSU on my Facebook page, but when I went to the site, there was very little information offered about how it works and it required that I sign up before being allowed to really understand how it works. This, for me, was a red flag. I run an online business and all of my own social media content, so wasting time for the promise of pennies and not knowing how my content will be used, convinced me pass on TSU.

    I am not against the idea of signing up, but I also encourage users to read the fine print and check the domain before inputting your personal information. I have also warned people about posting family images so freely on public social media accounts. Our children should be protected as much as possible and there are a new breed of accounts being created by spammers that use family photos (not theirs) to create fake Facebook pages to try to get donations or sales from digital products they’ve stolen online.

    And don’t get me wrong, I have and use several social media accounts. I post images, I run a blog, a website, and several online shops. I am not against social media or online sharing. The opportunities available are incredible and I have made so many amazing friendships along the way… but everyone should be picky about sharing personal content and everyone should take the time to do a little research before jumping in with both feet.

    I will not be joining TSU at this time, but I have nothing against those who have. Many of my friends have joined the site and are having fun with it all.

    Thank you Amanda for providing valuable insight so that each user can make an informed decision about whether or not to join.

    The 3AM Teacher

  24. Anthony Lamb says

    It’s nice to see a person who actually questions something before just jumping into something that sounds to good to be true. Tsu seems like bullshit to me and i am sure in 2 to 5 years…nobody will give 2 shits about it.

  25. Panagiota says

    Tsu’s product is a social network platform co-founder Sebastian Sobczak claims has been six years in the making. Tsu has had $8 million invested into it this year. Maybe we should give it a try?

  26. Carrie says

    Last Friday I wrote to the contact address in the FAQ for “more help” and asked how to delete my account. Yesterday morning (Monday) I got an email asking me “what is your user name?” I told them. As of tonight I can still sign in to TSU (my account) though I have set everything to “friends only” so I only have one follower, who jumped on me the minute I started my account with them… named “Earth Porn”. This morning I wrote a post on it asking about how to opt out and get my account deactivated, and it’s still there with no responses. Maybe I set it so “friends only” can see my posts… I guess if I just don’t sign in and do anything with it, it will be the same as not having it, but still, I think there should be a way to deactivate, or them do it if asked.

  27. Sunish says

    I had the same skepticism and was just searching to find what others are talking about it. Interesting to see the comment section 🙂 People hate to hear the truth and feels challenged when they hear something they really don’t want to hear.

    While going through the comment section I found that, regular readers and subscribers are upset that the author is promoting a spammy business.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Interesting indeed. 🙂 I think many are coming here and commenting because they are referring their friends, their friends found this link… and then they don’t want to appear foolish. So they attack me instead of questioning what they’ve already signed into… 😉

  28. Roberta Rikkers says

    Could care less? Like you care some? I think you meant that you could NOT care less.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Come now Roberta… you must keep up with what the kids says… and the kids say “could care less” which implies.. not a bit 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  29. Dan Mischefski says

    Thank you Amanda, you have put a huge amount of time and effort into this blog. I just joined Tsu and you write a great critical thinking perspective. It is refreshing to see a scam alert site actually warn instead of reframing to promote. I’m only commenting on here to let you know I’m extremely jealous of your business acumen and want to know if you will ever visit Australia. If so how much for a seminar or coaching conference on Internet marketing? Congrats on your success.
    From A.learner

    1. Amanda Blain says

      🙂 thanks. I’ll let you know when I visit Australia lol

  30. Carrie says

    Maybe this is why there is no way to get off, to deactive one’s account? I even wrote to the contact people, got an email back asking for my username, and as of yesterday (I haven’t checked today) I can still sign in. I am writing ON the group asking if anyone knows how to opt out of it once signed up (and you have to sign up to find out what it’s all about) and no one responds. I know I can just not use it, but I object to my account (and info) being on it like I’m adding to the number of users. Who knows how many others joined it, and then didn’t want to be part of it, but their names/accounts are still on it. I know there is a law that says spam emails have to have a link on them to get taken off their list, seems like a social network- especially one that involves bringing in money, via ads and paying people for it, would have to let you out. I didn’t agree to their agreement about the payments, for one thing it was confusing. For one thing I was’t sure if people are paid in money (and this would be reported to the IRS in the USA, as taxable income?) or in some kind of credits to buy things form sponsers on the pages?

  31. Carrie says

    I just tried to log in to my TSU account to see if it is still active and got a page saying “relax..” and the site is temporarily down for maintenence and will be back up soon..

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Thanks for the update Carrie. As of yet no one has confirmed their account has been removed. Many have also reported “site is down for maintenance” which falls into that 10% operating costs not hold up like mentioned above.. 🙂

  32. Robin says

    I’m glad I found this article. I was curious about it, because I noticed some bloggers posting about joining it. I’m always wary about new social media sites, or even just new sites in general. I think I will wait this one out and see how others do with it first. I hate when you sign up and you can never delete the account. So again I am glad I read this! I have a question. Have you heard of Ello? It is a new social media site also. I was curious if you will do a review on it? I’ve been wary about this one also.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Ello is a different beast… If you don’t like fb and want to try another site, I’d say G+ has zero ads and a lot more functions than Ello currently does. But I like G+ so that’s just my opinion… Ello at least is not ripping people off in anyway, it just might not be around in a few months/years 🙂

  33. Dave says

    Reasoned, sensible and will be proven right in a matter of months, when fails. All the haters here are people who’ve bought in, hoping for their big payoff. Scam-a-lam-a-ding-dong, dorks. Sucker born every minute. Here’s your first clue: dot CO. The ghetto of the internet. This is classic MLM. This site has done some research. Look at the pictures of those punkass founder children. That alone should tell you to keep away.

  34. Shaddaih says

    I registered for this site yesterday, and I am already seeing results. I get paid for doing something that I do anyway, on a every day basis. I’ve already started seeing my royalties 🙂 it is amazing! Try it out and use this invite:

  35. K.D. Stafford says

    In lieu of being able to actually deleting the account, could you remove, item by item, your postings so that when your page is pulled up there would be little or no information on it?

    1. Amanda Blain says

      That is what i would recommend KD. Until they get the delete function active.

  36. Able Lawrence says

    Google has taken its foot off the pedal of late and the innovations have come down as far as Google+ is concerned and the people who have been in chanrge have been downgraded in the GooglePlex pecking order. I do post for fun on Google+ and has seen steady decline in engagement of late. My best posts used to get ~280 plus ones and now I am lucky to hit ~150 and the average numbers have fallen from eighties to the fifties.
    My hope is that a new social network sensation can spur innovation.
    In Google+, there are two kinds of users, those who generate content and those who share or consume them while the lines can merge. Tsu appears to be something that puts the content generators up front. You are right that the vast majority of people are not going to make any money but who is there for the money anyway.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Who is there for money? Every single person who is inviting their network. Or spaming this blog post, or any other post about it every day with their “link to join”. And thats why I wrote this entire piece.

  37. Henry Stradford says

    I deleted my account. Not because of this post, but because I don’t get the business model. Not wasting my time on it. Good luck! 😀

  38. Henry Stradford says

    PS. If you want to delete your account. Go to the FAQ. Weird that is the only place you can delete from. 😀 😀 😀

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Can you outline the exactly link/steps you did to get your account removed Henry? If the feature has been added I will update the article.

  39. Chris Sandys says

    That is the scary part. Unless you created the content yourself, and can be absolutely certain it is not an infringement, you are taking a risk with every share. Someone needs to pay, and it not going to be tsu, it is you.

    Also, to address an earlier point, Facebook’s daily, gross income is about $14MM, not $250MM.

  40. J.T. Smith says

    I have to disagree to some extent. I’ve already made a few dollars on tsu, and I’ve done it with 0% spam.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Please come back and update us when you hit the 100$ pay out.. 🙂

  41. Will I Am says

    Spamlinkremoved – this link works as a passcode to tsu and automatically makes you my friend, i can guide you through the process there, good luck!

  42. Mark Alan Effinger says

    I lean more toward your position than away, Amanda.
    In a prior life, I was a fast-growing distributor in an established MLM.

    After realizing where the money was REALLY going (and really made: Books, Content, Seminars), I had to exit before I left my integrity in the cat box.

    I don’t have an opinion yet, but I’m not likely to spend any time in Tsu. I have yet to have any major conflicts with Facebook or Twitter. And improving the quality, style and reach of my own content drives many of my personal goals: be they to edify and connect with others. Or to (softly) develop my clients and customers.

    Great writeup. And I’m jealous that you’ve started and (successfully) grown your own social network. I’m sure it was just a few clicks before you were expanding the garage to accommodate your new BMW i8. Pretty sure that how that story went ().

  43. Bob jones says

    Good article, people seem to think there is free money without realizing in order to make money someone needs to pay.

  44. notsaying says

    not sure about the rest of what you say whether its accurate or not, however I did join Tsu and just deleted my account. Its easy to do, just go under FAQ and click on the question “How do I delete my account?” and then one more click and entered my password and now my account is completely deleted. no hassles.

  45. The Boss says

    Tsu relies on Google Ads genius, so the total revenue will be much higher than facebook per day. Plus the more quality content you post the more users you’ll get following you and the money goes up up every day 😉

  46. Get Paid 2 Share says

    TSU deleted a user after they figured out how to make $8000. Look them up @getpaid2share

    “This account has been banned” is what the message is saying on when the person logs in.


  47. Vitor Gonçalves says

    Registered on Tsu 3 days ago:
    1st day – $0.00
    2nd day – $0.06
    3rd day – $0.33

  48. Matthew McMurray says

    I don’t think it’s a scam. Also, I don’t think they need to publish their earnings since they aren’t a publicly traded company. I also don’t think they need to tell everyone how they will make their money or divulge any other sensitive business information. I think they should tell you what you are signing up for and clear details about what you can expect. I don’t think everyday people will get rich, but they can make something. I have tried it for a week and made day 1 $0.00, day 2 $0.00, day 3 $0.00 day 4 $0.03 day 5 $0.09 day 6 $0.17 day 7 $0.28 I have used it just like facebook. I engaged in 1 spam train and have ignored all the others. Not going to get rich, but better than $0 and I think they will improve as they grow. I think everyone will cut down on spam once they get their legitimate friends to join. It may fail, but I’m not going to cut it down and write it off before it has a chance.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Good stuff Matthew, you are on track for a payout in about 20 or so years… 🙂

  49. Bobby Lundmark says

    Good stuff Amanda! Thanks for sharing a new viewpoint. I do like there idea but the reality is they cannot compete on this model against facebook (which is who they basically copied to build the website). You may get the super active facebook users to transfer over but the people who only want to see their real friends content…they will never go because they will never actually earn any money. I think of people that I work with. They post to facebook 1 or 2 times a week…Have maybe 1-5 likes 1 or 2 comments. Why should they leave facebook for this? There’s no money for those people and thus tsu will never get the users to match up against facebook and the site will never be better than facebooks because the company has no money. Great article!

  50. Omar Habayeb says

    Amanda, I have had the pleasure of being exposed to your OUTSTANDING content and insight on Empire Avenue Thank you for being a logical and facts based VOICE OF REASON in regards to the latest “money for nothing” type of Ponzi scheme. I can’t even remember the name of the service that was recently touting joining their network and sharing video content or the other service that had you and your network downloading and spreading an app that you would get a % cut of the sales. That’s how quickly that they came into the scene by widespread “invites” and solicitations. As has been said many times on the interwebs…if a product is “free” than YOU are the product. If your success is dependent upon how may of your friends,family members, and associates JOIN and BUY then it might not be the most magical opportunity. Thank you again Amanda for the sobering facts to consider!

  51. Carrie says

    It’s been over 3 weeks now since I joined (to see what it was all about, you have to join to find out) and have now been trying to GET MY ACCOUNT CLOSED AND MY PERSONAL INFO OUT OF IT! This doesn’t seem possible. 2 weeks ago I wrote to the contact people and said I wanted to deactivate my account, got an email back asking for my username… still my account is active and I can sign in. I think they don’t want people dropping out because they want to show as many people as possible, so they can get ads on it. There is something wrong with a place like this if people can’t “opt out” once they have signed up. Before I had a chance to try to stop it, I got one follower, this was in a few minutes time, there are probably millions of people waiting to follow each other and be “friends” in order to get more of the profits form what people are going to be paid to post. I think this is too much like a pyramid scheme, even if they say it’s not… Whatever, I don’t want to be involved with it, and don’t want an account, but if they won’t cancel my account and there’s no link (or form to fill out) and I keep googling it and all I find is about how wonderful it is!!!!!! Looks like once you are in it, you can’t get out. Is this LEGAL? Does anyone who has joined this and thinks it’s wonderful and they are now going to get riich think it’s right not to let people who join drop out?

  52. Carrie says

    But, how does one get out of it? Deactivate their account, get their personal info taken out? I’ve read there are no rules so I can’t even get banned. I’ve been trying for weeks, since I signed up to see what it was all about, and even wrote to the people running it (contact ino in the FAQ- ) got an email asking what my username is, I told the, and 2 weeks later my account is still active. The FAQ doesn’t say anything about how to deactivate one’s account once signed up. There is something wrong with a place that won’t let you get your info OUT of it, once you sign up. If they let people opt out, maybe too many people would find out they are not going to get rich, like promised, and leave it? I have googled this and all I can find are others trying to find out the same thing, and plublicity about how wonderful it is! There are no rules likie FB! But, once you are in it, you can’t get out… This should be made clear to people before they sign up for it, to find out what it’s all about…

  53. Carrie says

    But, how do you deactivate your TSU account and get out of it once you sign up? Apparently you can’t… something wrong with this…. NOT GOOD

  54. Carrie says

    I just looked at the FAQ and there is still no way to delete account. I wrote to the contact people and it didn’t get deactivated. I figure all we can do is spread the word around to warn others. Someone elsewhere on this blog says it can’t be a scam/pryamid scheme because they don’t ask you for money and it’s free to join… but they get your name, info and you add to the number of members for them to get ads and funding, etc… if they allowed people to drop off after they join and find out what it’s about, people who had joined to see what it was like would be dropping off. They will once they find out they are not going to get a lot of money for adding content, posts and pictures, and might even get sued for using other people’s pictures (they find online) because they are now “making money” from them.

  55. Antonio says

    How can this be a scam? I think the author pointed this out already.

    To get any money from Tsu you need to have at LEAST $100 in your “wallet”. Considering people are only making fractions of a penny – and some people might be making like 10 cents a day…its likely Tsu will make a ton of money and then just take off with everyones money.

    Lets say you make .10 a day (hell, I think Children in China make more than that). Thats $3 a month! Wowza – you’re getting rich!

    You’d only have to work for 34 months to make $100. That is awesom…wait…what?

    Thats horrible.

    I can make $100 booking a Timeshare presentation in anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour.

    Go get rich you suckers

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Pretty much the summary of my article.. some might even make this 100$ before 34 months.. but im not sure exactly how they will be getting paid. 🙂 The IRS isn’t going to like it thats for shizzle 🙂

  56. antonio says

    Buahahahahahah…and more…buahahahaah

    Stupid morons

  57. Darrell Penner says

    Quite an interesting article. (Oddly much of the spam I get starts with those four words or something similar.) I have a very uncertain feeling about Tsu. I recall something about connecting to PayPal and separately, them not being responsible for any financial charges from banks, ect to withdraw money from Tsu.

    I am one of those rare people that at least attempt to read the Terms of Service documents before accepting them. I was very surprised to find at least two significant errors in their TOS and their Monetization (sp?) documents. I am not sure if that actually renders the document invalid. I recall from People’s Court that if there is a problem in the contract, it is the drafter of the contract that loses out.

    Perhaps a writer, like you or me, makes grammatical errors, spelling errors, typos, or dropped words/characters, but we are not drafting legal documents.

    A friend of mine and me are trying to find a way to earn actual money for a fund-raising organization we are working on. My partner would really like to earn some from the poetry she writes. That was why I looked at Tsu at all.

    I am not going to make my decision on whether to go with Tsu or not based on your article alone, as tempting as that may be, but your writing does create strong argument against publishing on Tsu.

    Sadly people will make attacks on anyone that publishes a stance on any subject, whether just sharing results or posting informed or uninformed personal opinions. The only good aspect of it is that it does show you are being read. (Even if not understood.) LOL I use amounts of spam I get on my website as an indicator that my site is at least findable.

    Thank you for writing the article!

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Thanks.. .:) I get attacking.. i dont so much get attacking when your not even getting paid 😉 Good points.

    2. Carrie says

      Everyone who signs up for TSU should have it clear when they do, you apparently can’t deactivate or have your account removed, after. Even when one of the people running it emails back and asks for your sign in name (like he is going to cancel it, take it out) this doesn’t happen. So even if you don’t use it, they are using you and your info to make it look like there are more people “using” TSU than there really are. I have’t seen very many new people posting on it, unless they have to be friends. I had mine set to friends only like on FB but then I decided I wanted to get out of it, and have been writing posts on it asking how does one deactive- opt out? so I set it to public so maybe someone who knows will see it and answer. I know, I can just not sign in and use it, but I feel my name and info is being used by them.
      Is it illegal to not let someone out of something they sign up for online? Who would I report this to?

  58. Euri Giles says

    Amanda, you have got to be one of the smartest marketers on the planet! just the sheer volume of visits to this post alone! No such thing as bad publicity right! Keep doing your thing – the internet can be an unforgiving place sometimes, glad to see you are resilient and rightfully so. Thanks for posting this!

  59. Kimberly Castleberry says

    Hey Amanda, just wanted to say kuddos to you for taking the strong stance of clear-headedness on this matter. So many are rushing blindly into what could very well be a legal nightmare. I don’t have much to add as you’ve covered the topic pretty solidly, but I’ve shared your post on G+ and to my FB group and it’s been a very useful balance to all the “Tsu is amazing, click my link” nonsense floating around. Hattip to ya girlie!

  60. Ernest Edukere says

    This eveing I just go banned on
    I am a bit worried that that I gave them my personal infrmation and after struggling to get 180+ followers in 2 days, they banned me.

    This does not look good by them

  61. Susie Glennan says

    Hi, I did sign up because someone I network with invited me. But now I can’t find the link she used to do so, so she may have taken it down. Either way, here is the link I used to find the delete account page:

    I took a screen shot of the delete account link, but can’t post it here. So either you’re post got enough attention that something was changed or it just took them a while to implement.

    I appreciate your post as I feel like lately, there are too many, “good to be true” things to get involved with and it’s difficult to know if any of them are legit.

    I think I will leave my few posts and remove my invites for a bit.

    Cheers! Susie, The Busy Woman

  62. bill says

    i hate this site and can not delete my account .i do not want to make money SPAMMING friends and family and do not wish to have a account on this awful site

  63. SUFAID says
  64. horialup says

    Thanks for the effort and for information! Your article is written well, it shows that you have experience, but it is absolutely manipulative. It’s obvious intention manipulation. Since even the title. The most unlikely that you’re interested in the possible charges that other affiliates may receive in court. Please be reasonable, do not work pro-bono here nor altruistic you are not, in fact, slightly subtle, even you have declined your interest directly. At most it’s about your fears.

    Now debating consistency and essence of your problem exposed here, even if your concern for others, obviously not real, in none of the 6 points and no outside them:
    TSU respect natural systems, perhaps even divine, you probably do not perceive, otherwise you would have seen from the start. It is as natural to old paradigms do not keep in mind when changing a system.
    It’s probably one of the best systems showing that networking between people can generate income so right. Because that’s the truth: the only true capital on Earth is human relationships, without needing a contract, security measures or explanations, even logical. And it works only when human beings recognize each other in love and use the money to develop and rediscover itself, but it never works when people love money and trying to use other people to obtain them. 🙂 Namaste <3 <3

  65. Brent Bell says

    Thanks Amanda! Firstly nicely written article. Now being a network (of sorts) owner myself, I’d have to say you are pretty on the money here. A formula like that simply can’t work or I’d of done it years ago. =)

  66. engage the world says

    I was trying to make an acc where all the proceeds go to charity by doing charity runs to a certain amount of money and during the time working towards that ammount i wanted to promote the charity on my page. I thought this would bring a positive message to the page so i thought if i post one message stating my intentions on a celebritys foto the mesage wouls be taken positivly but instead i got banned total messages posted on my own page 3 total mesages posted on a celebritys page 1 total usage of follow4follow spam hashtags 0 so in my opinion these people are only out to prey on the greed people and a positive message is stamped out. Imediatly ive sent a letter to the site but have not gotten reply i dont think i wil be recieving one either as i have sent multiple letters to the the advertise on tsu link and a pm to anthony long apparently one of the head poeple this was before the ban just stating my intentions

  67. Carrie says

    After several weeks of trying to find out how to deactivate my tsu account (and one email asking for my username which I thought was going to get it done) I’ve been posting ON the TSU group about this, and today got another email from another of the support people

    How to delete your tsu account
    Friday, November 7, 2014 12:03 PM

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    We’re sorry to see you go!

    You can delete your tsu account by clicking here. Just so you know, this action is permanent: deleted accounts cannot be restored and the funds in your wallet will be distributed back to the community.

    Thank you for your inquiry,

    The tsu Support Team

    when I click it I get the regular sign in page and when I sign in I get a box to put in my password and deactivate my account. Not sure why this comes up for me, the url just has tsu and sign in.
    I haven’t tried signing in again to see if it’s gone. They seem to have set it up and send me the link via email so when *I* sign in I get the delete my account box though it looks like the regular sign in page. Unless they now have a delete/deactivate link in the settings, the way to do this seems to be email them twice and ask, and continually write ON the group “how do I deactivate my account I don’t want to be part of this!” this took around 3 weeks in all.

  68. Carrie says

    when I sign in now it says “your accoun has been deleted” yay!!!!

  69. [email protected] Chewing Crayons And Delaware says

    I’ve been surprised to see several bloggers I follow get very gung-ho to sign on to this. I was really curious and even slightly optimistic, until I read your article.

    I agree with you on all your points. I wouldn’t touch this one with a 10 ft pole.

    This is going to be like throwing hundred-dollar-bills off an overpass. It’s going to be a wreck.

  70. Marcel Aubron-Bülles says

    Thanks for updating your post, Amanda, it’s been really difficult to find decent articles on the net on Tsu. I’m having a look at it right now (having ignored most of the hullabaloo of the recent months) because the hype over it seems to be really intense ..

    What has surprised me is the amount of spam/ hate comments with the small number of critical articles such as yours – and this definitely should be added to the list of points making me wonder whether this site is actually worth the effort or not. I know the net is full of trolls but the number of trolls writing “TSU WILL MAKE YOU RICH!” is pretty large, even considering that …

    I am glad I immediately found the “delete” button – otherwise I would have left the whole thing the very first minute I came through the door. Will come back here to see how things are going. And no, I haven’t earned a single cent but I am not pushing it 😉

  71. Indigo says

    Amanda, I think you’re also missing the point that Facebook’s investors also make money off illegal content until it is taken down. That money is not clawed back, and even with Facebook’s efforts to prevent copyright infringement, we all know that it’s impossible to eliminate it. Tsu is awfully young, so of course doesn’t yet have FB’s power to police content, and therefore relies more on users reporting content (which can be done on any post with a click of a button), but the same could once be said of FB. Likewise for the ability to delete your contributed content. They say in business, don’t ever compare your beginning to somebody else’s success. I think we would do well to extend the same consideration to all beginnings.

    I like the fresh clean look of the site (the opposite of G+, which I also tried to migrate to off FB long ago) and that I’m finding content that interests me more than from the people I’m connected to on FB. It’s a different audience, and having both is terrific. I see funny cat pictures and what my friends had for dinner on FB, and find cool ideas and incredible images I haven’t seen before on Tsu. While of course no one wants everyone they know nagging them about joining anything, I distinctly remember people nagging me about FB for years before I finally joined. Once I did I loved it, but for a couple years I was like, “I already know about it, and if I wanted something like that, I would have already done it already. Leave me alone.” Seems to be where you currently are on Tsu. Of course, I wasn’t a blogger at the time, so maybe that’s the only reason I never had the idea to try to trash the entire idea of FB and call everyone who liked it a fool. But then again…

  72. Emmanuel says

    I’m not sure if this is legit or not but from what i have googled it seems that Tsu might be legit but its too early to tell..

    Lets give it a year and see if everyone will be happy or complaining after that ..

  73. kfighter says

    yes,it’s true tsu not provide a easy way to deactivate our account , it is a very big big problem & remember one thing our personal and social details are not for sale,tsu doing it …..even facebook,twitter are use our details for provide a separate ads ,eg like tv channels and they provide a permission to delete&deactivate our account.

  74. Brian Inman says

    I initially was sort of angry when I read this article. I did open an account on Tsu about a week ago. I really had high hopes for the site.

    The first few days were just spam sharing, content, and comments. It turned me off, but after a few days it seemed they cleared out all the spammers.

    I was highly disappointed when I saw my bank earnings. The first day I literally spent probably 10-12 hours on the site. I am sure you can imagine how I felt after I saw I earned I think it was 3 cents. I think I had some kind of blinders on or something because I repeated it for the next few days with about the same results. I think I am up to $2.53 for 10 days. It is pretty sad when you think about the time I invested. I was also frustrated to see so many people recruiting people, but out of all my followers on G+ only 3 joined, but haven’t actually posted anything so basically like getting people to sell Amway, but they don’t sell anything.

    Your article woke me up that I if I want to make money I should do my own blog, site, etc. I have had an Etsy shop for just over two years. I decided the last two days to focus mostly on Pinterest, and Twitter promoting my shop the same amount of hours.

    The results are amazing. I can’t exactly say the sales is coming from it, but based on my trends I think it is. I spent maybe a tweet, or pin every hour or two. I didn’t spend near the time I spent on Tsu to make a nickel. I drove my sales up to almost $300 per day when normally I make about $50 a day.

    Thanks for waking me up.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      … And this pretty much sums up my entire post… Brian I am glad to hear you are focusing efforts back on Etsy.. Stick with it!

  75. Wendy says

    I have been asked to join but I am always hesitant on considering anything that involves earning $$$ for anything less than blood, sweat and an honest heart.
    For what it’s worth… I see this as a total pyramid scheme. Some may say “no” because you are not asked to invest $$$ into the program, however from what I can gather you are asked to invest your time as well as compromise relationships by soliciting this money making idea to them. To me… my time and my friendships are worth far more than an initial investment.
    The entitlement and impulsiveness of our society has jaded us to the wisdom that can be gained from learning one of life’s greatest lessons… delayed satisfaction with current contentment.
    BTW very insightful post Amanda!

  76. Jack O'Brien (@Set_Square_Jack) says

    Yeah I hear you Oliver.

    If Tsu’s sole hook was that it will “make you rich” then I’d say there is something fishy going on.

    But that’s not what its creators are saying.

    All Tsu is posited as is a new social network that has revenue sharing. Frankly, I just cannot understand how anyone could have a problem with that (unless they run their own social network program, which even though that doesn’t apply to this blog’s author is still a valid….oh wait 😉

    The fact is, social media is not a zero sum game anyway: people utilize multiple social networks. Just because someone uses Tsu doesn’t preclude them from using Twitter or Facebook. Do I really need to explain how the internet works like it’s 1996 all over again?

    Heck, Tsu even has the linking functions built into it’s front end that encourages users to link up with their Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Again, the only people I can see really having a problem with Tsu are those who want some measure of exclusivity or dominance in a given sphere. I can see Facebook being a little concerned for one thing: the fact that Facebook is going to ‘pull a Myspace’ was already growing more evident over a year ago, and Tsu may only exacerbate that. Or maybe not. But bottom line, unless you are Mark Zuckerburg, why worry about that? What difference does it make?

    As for “legal issues” like people bringing suit over “stolen” content: talk about drumming up phantoms. Geeze.

    Odds are that a prominent YouTuber, for example, is going to get a Tsu account anyway. Why would they be upset if people on Tsu are sharing their videos if they aren’t already upset about them doing the same on Twitter? Someone clicks the video, it still is using a YouTube module. If they click a link, it takes them to YouTube. So where exactly is anything being “stolen”? All it does is give further exposure to the video’s author and/or channel owner…just like Twitter or Facebook does currently.

    The fact is, the view count for the video is still going to go up, people who may have otherwise not have seen it are going to be exposed to it through their Tsu family tree, and the YouTuber benefits. The only way he/she could be upset is if they are galled at the mere idea that the $3.07 the Tsu poster made did not go to them, the YouTuber, in addition to what they are already making off the video from their channel affiliates and sponsors, ads, etc.

    It would have to be an insanely petty and downright psycho YouTuber that gets upset because someone on Tsu made $3.07 for posting one of their videos. The mentality would have to be: “No one else can benefit from this video monetarily in any way except me!”

    Aside from being psycho, it just would demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of basic economics. If people thought like the hypothetical, psycho YouTuber does, then advertising wouldn’t work. No one would be able to re-sell anything or rent things they have purchased for themselves to other people.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      A female only social network..for making local friends… does not compete with tsu.

      And if you think Facebook competes with tsu you are also in la la land. Zuckerburg doesnt even know it exists nor does he care. Promise.

  77. Jack O'Brien (@Set_Square_Jack) says

    I just don’t understand this thought process.

    Granted, $2.53 is not much money. But it’s more then $0. And that’s what you get from Twitter and Facebook: $0.00.

    If Tsu took $10 from you and you made $2.53, then I can see righteous indignation because you lost $7.47. But you didn’t lose anything. You made $2.53.

    Now, you list how many hours you invested. But again, how many hours do people invest on other social media for $0.00?

    10 hours for $0 vs. 10 hours for $2.53. Where’s the problem?

    Only problem I can see so far are people that think that Tsu is supposed to allow you to quit your job: it’s not advertised as such a scheme. How can people get upset at something that isn’t paying them more then they’re worth? Is spending 10-12 hours on social media posting links to other people’s content supposed to be worth…what? $20? $1500?

    This is like you playing your guitar outside the subway and being pissed because some passerby “only” threw a 5 spot into the case instead of giving you a deed to a new house and the title to a Ferrari.

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Perhaps you need to re read the article above… I answer specifically “what does it hurt” under “BUT IT’S JUST FOR FUN….I’M NOT THERE TO GET RICH QUICK!”

      and you also miss the 2.53 you get you will NEVER GET. You need $100 to get it and you will never get to $100. Tsu has some kind of currency and shopping network in the plans for you to spend you 2.53 back into the company in some way.

      But let us wait and see shall we? This blog ranks for Tsu social network in google front page. No one has reported here of making $100 yet. Its been a month. No one has made it.

  78. JuCum says

    Kevin Hinkle made $100 yesterday.. I don’t think he was the first …

  79. Tonosaurous says

    Dear Amanda,

    Thank you for your effort in writing this. I think it’s quite informative and the most important point has been made “Copyright Infringement”. Oh and I just love the way you reply to those TLDR-but-want-to-share-their-opinion-so-freeking-bad people.

    Keep up your good work!

  80. Nicole B says

    Thanks for the article Amanda. Over the last week I’ve watched how users are on the tsū platform and are making a few dollars here and there. They’ll come back to Facebook and post “earnings”. But it seems to be this pyramid activity that helps increase it. The users underneath are the ones gaining the revenue, for them. Now i get why there is this constant nagging request to “use the link in my bio” or “no I won’t be your friend, you can follow”. but I guess for another pop up social platform, a “possible” payout was probably the only thing to get any attention. I’d love to know how that store credit will play out once they reach $100.

  81. Sarah Barendse says

    They banned me for no reason and still have my profile up making them money…. gained over 100 + friends just last night…….
    My story:

  82. Jim Chambers says

    We’re sorry to see you go! You can delete your tsu account by clicking here. This action is permanent: deleted accounts cannot be restored and the funds in your wallet will be distributed back to the community.

    It’s in the privacy part of the settings…

  83. Sarah Barendse says

    Jim… click where? There is no link. Plus i cant access my acct. The staff at tsu seems to just ignore emails too…

  84. Ruby says

    Come on people. Unless you have one clever idea or are an awesome artist/crafty person on the internet, if you want to make money, turn off your damn social network and go get a job.

  85. Ron Callari says

    Amanda, I think you’ve achieved your goal of trying to ‘debunk’ Tsū! I say “trying” because I don’t think you were successful, nor do I think the majority of folks who read your manifesto agree with your lengthy salient points. What you’ve done is simply taken every rationale Tsū advocates have used to justify the validity of the network, and attempted to knock them each back on their heels. I certainly respect your opinion – you’re entitled to it just as those that disagree with you are entitled to theirs.

    What I question, however is what lengths you’ve taken to build your case. As a Devil’s Advocate, I see you flying the banner of opposition JUST as vehemently as the opposing side who’ve tried to recruit you. But both of those factions are extreme.

    On the proponent side of the equation, the majority of folks using the site are not extremists -far from it- they are intelligent, savvy netizens I’ve grown up with [sort of speak] on other social networks. They’re people I respect and have come to trust. They are those that post relevant and well thought-out content. They are not only pleased with Tsū’s new business model, they are submitting ideas to the powers-to-be, to make the site even better.

    And to that point, I was hesitant at the onset of joining Tsū for many of the same reasons you’ve outlined in your post.

    However, for anyone who believes in good CUSTOMER SERVICE, this network is showing early signs of really connecting with its user base, with the Founder actually following our posts and engaging with us regularly. Give it a read and let me know if this might turn you around in your thinking for a least testing it out.

    Where I do think you’ve been successful with this piece is its notoriety factor. This post will garner a lot of traffic. Why? Because, it’s one of the harshest critiques to date – and for the naysayers you might be appealing to – who doesn’t like reading a ‘good’ bad review! My only question is why did it take you so many words to tell this story – particularly if you haven’t personally kicked the tires and taken it for a spin yourself for a week or so before you laid down your hammer. Conjures up for me that age-old literary analogy: Doeth the lady protest too much?

  86. Movie Vigilante says

    You raise a lot of good questions, Amanda, questions that should be easily answered by Tsu. I joined Tsu but it doesn’t mean I don’t have the same concerns that you point out in your article. What are the consequences if you share something that you didn’t know was infringed? What if the YouTube video I shared was illegally uploaded? Somebody should and needs to be asking these questions.

    I’ve already started re-thinking what I post and share.

    I don’t know why critical thinking such as yours is viewed so harshly. I think you are doing the public a service.

  87. Sam Nead says

    Tsu account deleted.

    I have enough time and energy invested in my Google Plus, Twitter and Instagram accounts to try and juggle another social media account.

    (Plus the fact that Tsu picked Teal as a color for their brand. Ugh. There’s a reason other websites don’t use that color.)

    Your comment section was entertaining. The justification dance some people do is hilarious.

  88. Amanda Blain says

    I am seriously considering locking these comments.. and may do so shortly… The amount of “join at my tsu spam links” that make this post is ridiculous and seriously annoying. I’ve heard lots of peoples view points and most are just angry “adults” attacking me cause i’m telling them something they don’t want to hear.. “There is no free money”.

    TLDR on all this.. If you want to tsu fine. If you don’t don’t.. but if you do I hope you think about what you share and how you likely will never make the $100.

  89. Adrian says

    Hi there,
    CEO of TSU 与沢翼 is a famous guy in Japan whom is incredibly rich, but he was caught many times by the police for creating business scams. He managed to get away with the crimes and stay rich, so yea he is very rich but also no matter how he made his money would be highly questionable. In fact he is so famous in Japan while he keeps a high profile of glamous life style on TV and other popular media, that said, yet ppl wouldnt dare do business with him becuz none of his businesses really worked out except for himself, and generally ppl believe he makes money working with local gangsters. He went bankrupt a few times, but magically getting rich again, he said he make money by doing some businesses of “selling information”.. Now that he couldnt find partners in Japan locally, it is not hard to believe he try to launch TSU in USA, which is not new, that he had tried sth similar in Japan before.

    My point of view is this: we hv a say in Chinese/Japanese, “It doesnt matter how good or bad the business plan sounded, all it matters is whether the person who runs this business worth your trust.”

  90. Gail Peters says

    Contrary to what Ron Callari says, you don’t need try out the bad to know it’s bad. He says, “particularly if you haven’t personally kicked the tires and taken it for a spin yourself for a week or so before you laid down your hammer.” If you had not listened to your gut and gave it a spin, then where would you be now? Unable to delete your account and your personal information like so many others. People are not thinking past their noses and considering what the consequences down the road might be. This social media site is not even giving people the information they need to make an informed decision. Great Big Red Flag. Why do so many not see this? They just jump in with blinders over their thinking abilities and many are paying the consequences now. I totally agree with everything you wrote and appreciate your insightful, reasoning abilities.

  91. atm zakaria says

    Last 20 days i was create tsu
    now i have 150 friend
    900 network
    now they shown my earning is 28 cent
    now i am worried its scam or right
    your article directly not clear about this
    you indirectly u want to say its scam
    if its right,its not possible earn more

  92. Ty Nguyen says

    Actually I wanted to commend this author. She is dead on and will be proven right in time.
    I have a friend obsessed with it and and she is selling her valuable life time on this earth just for cents trying to get signups getting likes etc. Its kind of sad she may never reach 100 dollars.
    I tryed it for week and earned cents but can now see the crash coming. Partipants are interested in making money by clicking “like” and posting one word comments, not really socialzing so its really not that much fun and people who create their own content which they must do in order to get paid are just putting out trash.

  93. Kevin gushlaw says

    8 my friend Kevin Hinkle has made over 800.00 since nov.2014 at the begining. He is the or 1 of the top players with 38,000 followers and 5000 friends over 100 children . He just cashed his 3rd check 1st one was 100, 2nd was 100 3rd was 300 so it can be done but you have to have so many people seeing your content that a % of them will share like and comment. I’ve been doing it for 1.5 months with 11 children and 115 in my network and not been very active but still only made 2.40 . It’s really not worth my time.

    If my friend had spent the same amount of time as a coach in Beachbody he would have built a network that would be making him 12,000 a week like I know 5 star diamonds make and have a friend doing it now. BB spends 100 million a year on Advertising.

  94. Banned from TSU says

    I found your post looking for people banned from TSU. Great post. I wanted to tell everyone the same things but English is not my native, so I agree with every your word.
    After a week on TSU, >70 hours and $0.78 I just got banned without reasons.
    Actually it happened while I was liking and commenting a post and suddenly got unlogged.
    I received an email with no clear reasons and option to write them to beg to unban me.
    No, thanks.
    Especially after reading your post.
    It is true that Facebook, Twitter and others social sites do not pay us but people there are engaged, read other posts and comment, not just writing “nice” to increace commnt and like count.
    I have received only one visit to my site for that week…

  95. T.Reece says

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting this….after some reading I signed up for TSU to check it out, at first I was kinda of excited about it and even got some of my friends to sign up but right away I knew this was not something I wanted to use on a personal level for keeping in touch with “REAL” friends and family on Facebook. I was uncomfortable with the fact that I could not completely secure my feed from the public and was getting friend requested by some very strange characters. I played along for about a week or so continuing to learn about it and look into it. I stumbled upon you article and it confirmed for me the hesitation I was really beginning to feel. I have deleted my account through TSU after manually removing all my content and had it confirmed that it has been deleted. Thanks for the article and the thought put into it. Sorry people are such jerks over you expressing your opinions and thoughts. It is still a free country and people are pathetic. Keep up the good work!

  96. Bea Addison says

    If you are right or wrong I do not know. But, I’m not so certain I’ll be signing up after our invite. You’ve given me something to think about and I don’t have time to waste signing up for something and trying to figure it all out just for it to be a scam.
    Thanks for your insight!

  97. Morgan Lou says

    I just found out that someone posted one of my work (I am a fine art photographer) on TSU without my permission of course. Moreover, the image has been badly cropped and watermarks removed. I have tried to report it since yesterday, wrote messages but no replies so far. I have been trying to file a DMCA report as I am used to in this business but could not find any links whatsoever on that crappy site.
    I am a bit helpless now, as I have no replies from the founder, nor from the thief. It looks like this offense is acceptable.
    I want to file a DMCA report for this site but I do not know where to as TSU ignores copyrights infringements.
    I also would like to send an invoice for the time my work has been exhibited on the site.

    What so you suggest?

  98. says

    An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a
    co-worker who was conducting a little research on this. And he actually ordered me breakfast simply because I stumbled upon it
    for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanks for spending time to talk about this subject
    here on your blog.

  99. Geekgirl says

    Amanda I totally support you, I read a lot blogs that they wrote articles questioning TSU, and all of them has been threatened. It looks their marketing department & SM manager don’t like that. Making money with crap content is not the ideal of social media. Anyway, good article and great blog!

  100. nikola borizovski says

    can somebody tel me how to unbann my acaunt plssssssssssss Boriz123

  101. Peter M. says

    Places (or “opportunities”) like TSU are flytraps for people who are bad at math. These opportunity creators are also masters (like all versions of network marketing) at “lying with facts.” Of COURse “someone” is going to be making money and cashing out every now and then. If you happen to be Lady Gaga and have 45 million followers, you will absolutely “make money.” Of course, 999,999 out of every million people are not Lady Gaga or someone like her. It’s the Law of Truly Large Numbers– on any given day, it is almost a 100% certainty that someone will win a large lottery prize. It’s just very unlikely that it’s you. Of course, the apologists and defenders of these “opportunities” want you to forget ALL about that…

    The math never works. Let’s just use Facebook. Facebook’s gross revenues (not “profits,” revenues) in 2014 were $12.4 billion. Using the conservative number of 728 million (daily) users, that means each user is worth $17.12 to Facebook, per year. Or about 5 cents a day, rounded up. That’s FACEBOOK, with its huge professional marketing department and internal (not 3rd party) advertising sales. 5 cents a day, folks… and they know what they are doing. Tsu is just some Johnny Startup hoping to make a few bucks. I see people toss around the “$8 million” angel funding figure a lot… as if it is a lot of money. Think again… even if Tsu does have seven million members, that’s a buck-fourteen a person. Won’t even buy you a Starbucks.

    And I know a few will read this article, and this comment and insist we are “wrong.” Good for you– congratulations! You are one of the 1-in-5000 who DID/does make a bit of money. But remember that for every one of YOU, there are 4999 who will never see a dime. Including the 4999 you’re trying to entice by pointing to your results as “global facts.”

  102. BOB Johnston says

    NOT TRUE, People do not read all the fine print, I do as I have been reading 24,000 words per minute since HS… People write controversial articles to make money, YOU are doing this… Ive been following you six months, you send promotions, then sell DVDs etc…. You gets paid for adsl. Many such blogs make 1,000 or more per month…. Some on the Internet, like ABC, CBS, NBC make 65,000 PER DAY….. YOU should watch out, calling it a scam opens you to a law suit…. that is a Stupid thing to do… There are many TV and Movie celebrities as members, enen saw one Judge we know. MLM PROGRAMS have been legal for DECADES… They are NOT Ponzi schemes or even close…

  103. Juri says

    Well I checked their domain and seems to be they already 5 years in business. Buy they way expiration date is on 20th of July 🙂 I thing it`s normal company. Ofcourse there is no quick rich scheme You need to be popular like Justin Biber and update your social statuss then you will make a lot =)

  104. Alessandro says

    You do have a point, to a point. Just a couple of things.

    1. this whole system is sh*t. Every single day we users post stuff on the internet of which we immediately and automatically lose ownership. Copyright and privacy died the day the Internet was born

    2. we generate immense ads revenues for the social networks we use, for which we see NOT ONE penny

  105. Karl Louis says

    When tsu was launched lot’s of promises were made and some you can still read in the FAQ,
    e.g. “1. Ownership – We believe in real ownership, which only exists when users own the rights to their content and the economics that come with it. Users should be compensated for their likeness, image and content. It’s simple and it’s the right thing to do.”

    Have you noticed “… Users should own the rights to their content …” The majority of the posted content is infringing copyrights but no one outside of tsu will ever find out since it is a CLOSED system, it’s PRIVATE. Spiders and crawlers are not allowed.

    The quality of the posts is even lower than on Facebook since there are too many who just try anything to make some quick $$$. The average comments are “lk” and “nc” … and for that “social” activity you’ll even get “paid”.

    So, if you wanna waste your time and make a few $$$ then tsu can be your network 😉

  106. Tom Oswald says

    Personally, owning a video and audio streaming website myself which is partially funded by advertising i genuinely don’t think you have a clue what you are talking about when running bandwidth and server heavy websites. We can afford to pay out a cent for every view of every media file we have with no issues at all. In fact the cent we pay out is our highest operating cost! And if put together well and built efficiently the product is fully scalable, I think my dear, it’s about researching what can be done with modern technology rather than just assuming your costs are the same as everyone else. By the way my site is X

    1. Amanda Blain says

      Thanks for your thoughts Tom! 😀

  107. Carla says

    It was about of time… This shitty website is dead now. I remember a “friend” send me this, and I just laughed so loud when I saw it, a totally non sense business.

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