Say it Ain’t So – 50 Classic Movies Being Remade


Never Ending Story, Annie, The Crow, Short Circut, The Warriors, Dirty Dancing… and countless others… all being remade in the next few years…. 🙁

Check out the whole list here:

Horrible. Just horrible. OK well most of them.
Good link +M Monica 🙂

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Say it Ain't So - 50 Classic Movies Being Remade

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  1. Michael Walden says

    I'm so tired of all the remakes. It's just sad & disgusting…



  3. Humberto Gauna says

    Of course, we are too lazy to create original ideas

  4. Thomas McCracken says

    Its official Hollywood has lost its originality

  5. Dane Carstens says

    Bah! remakes are soooo lame. There are a million good stories out there

  6. Liz Krane says

    Wooooo, Short Circuit! I'd see a remake of that just for the nostalgia factor.

  7. Brett Bjornsen says

    Hollywood is without any original ideas anymore… laziness has driven them to taking great classic movies and retooling them or just slapping 3D over a popular old release… yay. =/

  8. John Bump says

    Nah, they haven't lost originality, they've just discovered that if they regurgitate they'll make a slight profit, whereas if they do something new they might lose money. It's all about risk reduction. (Same reason so many people prefer chain restaurants over small independent places: they know they're getting something mediocre but acceptable.)

  9. Bryant Feaster says

    I love this Movie.

  10. Claude Williams says

    Yeah… I can remember this movie… my whole family loved it

  11. Christian Rheinnecker says

    I Love this movie !!!

  12. Shawn Dunn says

    There's nothing hollywood hates more than a new idea.

  13. Kent Seaton says

    The destruction of Akira. We all know what happened when they attempted to make a live action version of Spawn. However, there are some good ones on slate, but please don't destroy Akira and the greatness created by Katsuhiro Otomo.

  14. Carl Sizelove says

    I could get into a new Warriors!

  15. Christian Rheinnecker says

    I can't understand why Michael Enden the Creator of the Story Hates this Movie, he said it' horrible and the Tower look like the Eifeltower in Paris etc.

  16. Emanuel González Mata says

    Esta historia hizo mi niñez! the books of fantasy are gasoline for the soul!

  17. Ken Simeon says

    If list full list is true i'm over disappointed with our entertainment industry. The list seems too deep to be true.

  18. Kempton Lam says

    Well, not all remakes suck. For example, I think they did a good job with The Thomas Crown Affair (1999).

  19. Ralph H says

    I saw enough when I saw "Rollerball" tragically remade. It lost its irony.

  20. Eric Reich says


  21. Michael Downs says


  22. Josh Peckham says

    Has any of these remakes been a step above it's predecessor? Answer is generally no…. I'm with + Brett Bjornsen on this one and feel sense of creativity has been lost… And now they are starting to remake franchises that haven't been away that long (ex: spiderman)

  23. Jenn Barber says

    Great movies on the list. It looks like they just compiled a long list of hits and movies starring dead celebrities (The Bodyguard, really?). Remakes are lame for sure + Dane Carstens!

  24. Kitsune Hazard says

    Dirty Dancing already happened, Red Dawn may never be released and was already filmed(long story on that one), Mad Max: Fury Road is a sequel, Akira is DOA pretty much, Battle Royale probably won't be remade (that rumor has been going on for like 8 years now)….this list is…old and full of errors.

  25. Andrew Robles says

    Shame. Only thing sadder would be if Micheal Bay directed all of these movies. (v_v)

  26. Michael Downs says

    One series I would LOVE to see remade PROPERLY would be the Vampire Chronicles…

  27. Cameron Silva says

    Why wasn't the supposed remake of THE GREATEST KUNG FU MOVIE OF ALL TIME on the list? The Last Dragon.

  28. Barry Stewart says

    How could you ever try to improve on Short Circuit? Seems like the Never Ending Story would lose all sorts of whimsical character if made with CGI rather than puppeteering.

    One I look forward to is The Dark Crystal, since Jim Henson's studio is involved.

  29. Josh Peckham says

    The one remake I have been extremely impressed with is Christopher Nolans Batman… First two were amazing and so does 3rd

  30. Michael Downs says

    + Josh Peckham agreed there…

  31. Josh Peckham says

    + Andrew Robles Michael Bay is doing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which I wasn't overly excited to hear about

  32. Shawn Dunn says

    Aw man, I just read the list, really, remaking Red Dawn, Evil Dead, Wargames and doing a Modern Mad Max?? Why?

    This entire list actually just makes me sad, and a little angry.



  34. usman ghani says


  35. Alejandra G says

    i remenber this moviee! i loved 🙂

  36. Amanda Blain says

    MOST of these im sad about… but a small few have not aged well and could do with a sprucing up…. but most of them.. really don't need to be touched and are just money maker blah blahs!

  37. Stalin Salas says


  38. Michael Downs says

    Next they'll remake A Christmas Story and Gremlins…

  39. ravin doll says

    dont say that..they just might hear u and do that

  40. Doug Meredith says

    It's Michael Bay's Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles

  41. Michael Downs says

    Followed by Fast Times at Rigemont High…

  42. Erica Joy says

    God damn it. They are intent on destroying everything that is sacred. They must be stopped.

  43. Michael Downs says

    Hell… Spiderman already being redone…

  44. Yomal Ravishka says

    patta patta

  45. Emanuel González Mata says

    Atreyu and artrax!!!!!

  46. Christopher Vallo says

    Mass riots if they try to remake Back to The Future. I'll be the guy with the torch 😉


    i love this brave animal

  48. Bob Anzlovar says

    Can't help mentioning that many of these will be more "realistic" because of current CHI technology and people will go just for that.

  49. Michael Downs says

    Yeah CHI has come a long way…

  50. David Harnden says

    I love that movie!!!!

  51. Charles Dowd says

    Back to the Future came out in the 80's, and they went back 30 years to the 50's. If they remake it today, they'll be going back 30 years to the…80's??? 0_o

  52. Edgar Domingo says

    i had nightmares about that freaky dragon..

  53. Jake Ruana says

    Los locos kick your ass… Los locos kick your face… Loss locos kick your balls into outer space!!! -Johnny 5 NoW In 3D!!!

  54. Skeaux Sha says

    It's all been done before… =(

  55. Emanuel González Mata says

    yo soy de esta época de esta película compitió con amadeus! y era un año en que la creatividad era genial! Artax!!!!!!!

  56. Josh Bryson says

    for the record as someone who works in film/tv this makes me /facepalm :-

  57. Stefan Bummel says

    wouldn´t get better as an remake….. just a way to squeeze more $ …. ohh wait, i forget – its in 3D, that MUST be better than the original Movie…………
    Thanks G. i gotta dvd and discs

  58. Naz Robin says

    Nice to meet you in google site. I am from Canada now in Africa involve with humanitarian work for most needy country and people

  59. Ben Childers says

    "Romancing the Stone" doesn't need remade. Period.

  60. shafiyyah azzahra says


  61. Danielle Uskovic says

    If they get Ryan Gosling for Dirty Dancing, I'll watch it (a few times). 😉

  62. Sanghoon RHO says

    oh.. i love never ending story~

  63. Le Ambassador says

    This is an outrage. This calls for a Hollywood boycott. There are thousands of talented new screenwriters and filmmakers out there desperately trying to get a break. Hollywood has a monopoly of insiders who incessantly churn out the most horrible shit imaginable. Now they want to remake all that crap? Disgusting. This calls for action!

  64. Zian Silverwolf says

    Do they not want to pay the writers their DVD royalties? That's a bit slack…

  65. T-J Panttila says

    Since when remakes have actually been any better than the original?

  66. Trent Vazquez says


  67. Yvonne Heimann says

    You can't "remake" the never eending story….it's never gonna have the same feel!

  68. John Mink says

    + Yvonne Heimann plus it hasn't ended yet–it's right there in the title!

  69. Sonia Frisby says

    One of my all time favorite movies…wouldn't watch a remake of it, wouldn't be the same at all.

  70. Joe Render says

    the reason they are being remade is the powers that be in the entertainment industry cannot come up with a original plot. they are talent-less shills who will continue to try and suck the teet dry.

  71. Yvonne Heimann says

    People are still going to babelsberg to see Fuchur. This movie is not like the new stuff, it does not have a shelf live…it's not getting old and it's never out of time!!!

  72. Christopher Powell says

    they're systematically destroying everything that made my childhood fun =(

  73. Josh Bryson says

    Really it is a matter of risk and cost… The studios are only wanting to put money into what they see as sure things. Movies that already have a fan base. 3 stooges, smurfs etc. They all were low risks financially based upon the fact that parents will take their kids and those who grew up on them will see them out of nostalgia.

  74. Eddie Mohan says

    Wow! First television took the easy way out with reality shows, & now movies takeover the lazy throne with all these reboots/remakes.

  75. Henry Nwokobia says

    Yes sure hit. I loved never ending story. Especially part 1.

  76. Lasse Sørnes says

    Better get Limahl a new wig then

  77. Adrian Law says

    We all know hollywood are money grabbing bar stewards. it obviously costs a lot less to remake a film than it does to pay for original content!

  78. Mark McLaughlin says

    Remaking the crow ? They going to kill another actor ?

  79. Khoun Lily says


  80. gloria fermina abundo says

    never ending story movie show when i was young i watch this movie
    i like the story…!

  81. Mark McLaughlin says

    Short circut. They better not have said, "let's take a classic movie with a kind of rubbish lovable robot and make it cg, oh and with guns"

  82. sentinelle informatique says

    valco i like

  83. Chris Christensen says

    There's a few good ones in there.

  84. Irfan Jan says


  85. kasandra wojda says

    nieko?cz?ca si? opowie??

  86. Joann Metzger says

    I lost a lot of faith in Hollywood once I heard "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was up for remake…

  87. Donna Trussell says

    Logan's Run remake appears to be on.

  88. amin aminy says

    i did't watch it before
    but i know we come better with a good film or story
    good luck

  89. santosh singh says

    hai u r my new frd?its wonderful

  90. Joann Metzger says

    + Christopher Vallo I have a friend who feels the same way about "The Breakfast Club"…

  91. Vinh nguyen trong says


  92. Philip Mcintyre says

    it's mad we all struggle for cash and they are throwing it away to make films no one will watch.

  93. giovanni grotta says

    io amo questo film

  94. Vanessa Johnsson says

    Dirty dancing???? AGAIN???

  95. Eraz Ed says

    i miss this!

  96. hân hu?nh says

    tat ca cac bo phim deu mang noi dung va y nghia rieng. tat ca la y tuong va niem say me cua moi nha kich ban, dao dien, dien vien… toi tran trong tat ca. chi can chu tam xem thi chac chan moi bo phim deu cho ta 1 dieu gi do that bo ich

  97. Thobeka Sithole says

    This my favourite movie.i'll this movie!

  98. Vinh nguyen trong says

    em nói chu?n 🙂

  99. Utsav Dhameliya says


  100. rough rydner says

    I love this movie 🙂

  101. Albert Cheung says

    Woh, Never Ending Story, its theme song is like hardcoded in my brain, that I can never forget.

  102. ??? ??????? says


  103. Matt Skinner says


  104. rajeev singh says


  105. Prakash Karki says


  106. himanshu kushwah says

    hiiii dear

  107. Tin A Pie says

    can hollywood stop ruining my childhood?

  108. Donna Walklate says

    I'll still love the originals more.

  109. Everton Sacramento says

    Nossa esse filme e muito interessante mais pra mim o livro é melhor quando começamos a ler só paramos quando acaba e ainda queremos mais recomendo.

  110. Matt Taylor says

    one would think there are enough books out there to make new scripts out of… but nooOOooo

  111. Nadia Chitolie says

    When i saw that, the graphics where so bad, i could see the fake background and effects which weren't supposed to show up. lousy movie.

  112. Mushtaque Khan says


  113. Marcus Manrique says

    Personally, I hope someone would hurry up and remake Attack of the Clones. Can't make it worse.

  114. Ankit Mishra says

    follow me on [email protected]

  115. Thomas Adamantiou says


  116. ninh ngoc says


  117. Cindy McIntyre says


  118. jaylove Sobotie says

    Seems hollywood is running out of genuine scripts.

  119. Mahendra Goad says


  120. Chuck Merriman says

    And people wonder why I'm not a "movie person".

  121. Dane Carstens says

    + Jenn Barber Yep totally. Remakes are like fake movies

  122. Priyanka Mishra says


  123. Ray Matsumoto says

    this is awsome

  124. christine chirgwin says


  125. George Kozi says

    Hollywood has ran out of creativity, isn't it?

  126. Cushla Geary says

    Have they run out of stories? They should read more.

  127. Chetanya Vyas says

    I also want to ride

  128. vinod kadam says


  129. shakeel yus says

    niCE piC

  130. SUHAS ATITKAR says

    No new stories available???

  131. Rupen Chhetri says


  132. James Austin says

    Na ! Just lack of imagination

  133. Jazz Dorian says

    It would be great to see them in better quality!

  134. Clare Johnson says

    Never Ending Story, I watched this for the first time last week, great movie!

  135. Just W says

    Hollywood is going the Disney route and just recycling all the original movies they have

  136. Josh Fisher says

    And Hollywood wants to blame their lost profits on Piracy and quietly pass things like CISPA (which I hope get's Veto'd with the quickness) instead of taking their head out of the sand and realize no one wants to see crappy remakes anymore, we want something original!!! Where has all the creativity gone to??

  137. Mahdi Norouzifar says

    thanks for this image I was looking for it for so long.

  138. Patrick Metts says

    Hey..they remade Footloose and butchered it….

  139. Johnny Rousselle says

    I'm torn. I love these movies, so it would be great to see an updated version, but I would hate for them to be remade with a creative spin, from the new creators, so that it becomes something different from the original. It's hit and miss really. I've seen some remakes bomb and others I love.

  140. Adam MacIntyre-Ross says

    Hey look, a list of 50 movies I won't be seeing ever. A remake of AKIRA?! Seriously? Not only are they taking a piece of animation that is highly regarded because of it's quality and then using real people, but they're setting it in New York? I can't wait to see the backlash against that disaster.

  141. Josh Fisher says

    + Adam MacIntyre-Ross , already read an article on the remake of Akira, sounds likes it's a mess and they are trying to recreate it. Never been a fan but if I was I would be upset at it's current state, even actor's who are fan's say the script is terrible.

  142. Martin Zielosko says

    Burn, HollyShitWood Burn!

  143. AJ West says

    NOOOOOOO not Evil Dead!? Ugh. Its going to be pure crap. Bastards

  144. Sergio Guzman says

    mmm…Death Note

  145. Rick Hawkins says

    Does anyone in Hollywood have an original idea? I think not.

  146. adam olson says

    like show is good

  147. adam olson says

    I a dvd is good and 2 on dvd to

  148. Brandon Robinson says

    I'm actually kool with this!!!!

  149. Aaron Brown says

    I have lost all faith in hollywood to come up with its own ideas. I also find it hard to believe they can remake a classic into a watchable piece of entertainment. What kills me, is they are going to take a story and change it to a new point of view. They are going to then take that new perspective and twist it to something that they think the audience today expects of a movie. It kills a film when you do that. Unless they take the movie and are able to portray the plot and tell the story the same way as the original was intended, it will just look like you are trying to polish a turd and making it as if it was a pearl of extreme rarity and beauty.

    I can hope that it turns out ok, and that they are able to put that same spark in the new movie that made the older ones so great, but I can not believe that the current group of people that run the movie industry have the imagination to accomplish such a task.

  150. R.J. Cichocki says

    Spent 20 minutes looking for a Dredd trailer. From what I can tell it has a release date of September 2012 and no trailer? Something tells me it will be worse than the original.

  151. ahmed ez says

    love thaaat filmmmmm <3

  152. Janel Thomas says

    Wow, they can't leave things be and do new stuff that hasn't already been done. I won't be going to see it.

  153. Hassan Baba says

    what is that

  154. Xhamira D. says

    Some of these make me very sad. Others I am somewhat curious. Most of them, though, don't fix what isn't broken ><

    Since this article was from Jan 5, here's some info I read recently if anyone is interested:



  155. Soso Perez says

    what the heck!

  156. Renato Almeida says

    that's nice, my time machine ain't finished yet

  157. hassanali ali says

    I like it

  158. Amir Hafizi says

    I loved it

  159. RNL Lydia says

    Ohh my fav! atreyue ;D

  160. Jeff Feelgood says

    Please God do not let them screw these up! Especially Evil Dead, Akira, Heavy Metal, and The Seven Samurai(to name a few of my favorites from the list).

  161. Mutt Ley says

    TBH I think it's a good thing. Granted there aren't too many directors reproducing films today from the 1920s-1960s, but do you honestly expect people in 2020 to watch something originally made in the 80's? It has to be up-to-date! I watched Terminator Salvation (2009) the other night, and when I compared it to the original The Terminator (1984), it looked sooooo dated. So I'm on for remakes….provided they only modernize it, and don't change the themes…

  162. Thomas Raschbacher says

    wow haven'T seen that in like ages..

  163. Osei Kofi Daniel says

    great movie, watched it at the age of 12

  164. Daniel La Huis says

    "Never Ending Story"… then why was there a part 2? It's boggled my feeble mind for years now.

  165. Mars Buggy says

    Never Ending film, a classic? You gotta be kidding…

  166. Tjaart Blignaut says

    Say it Ain't So – 50 Classic Movies Being RuinedRemade . There fixed that for you.

  167. javier montes says

    Never ending story , perhaps not a classic but a good dream-like fantasy movie cleverly directed, so that is , atrayu and is friends still have a special place in the dusty vault of my childhood memories.

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