1. Deshawn Harris says

    i love this show

  2. Natalie Dombrowski says

    That's amazing!

  3. Joseph Compton says

    That's easy. When hipsters found it ironic.

  4. William Meredith says

    I only like the woman on the show. I had a crush on her ever since 8 Simple Rules.

  5. Hemant Jain says

    hi ! good morning

  6. Scot Duke says

    Yes..does paint a different picture.

  7. Ed Ross says

    Love This Show…….Penny Is Stunning

  8. Jacob Thomas says

    Awesome show!

  9. Dan Fioretti says

    That is a awesome show



  11. 王一 says

    我最喜欢Howard Wolowitz ^_^

  12. Paul Wilkerson says

    Every week and reruns when they're on……So very often.  Wanna drive a car on Mars?

  13. Angie Storie says

    I love that show!!! 🙂 It has become quit popular for sure.

  14. Zetetic Elench says

    very nice dress. red shoes are great choice.

  15. Monica Rodriguez says

    De lo mejor de la comedia, me encanta

  16. Peter Clark says

    dont watch,cant stand!!!!!!!! donot know why……

  17. Keisha-Gaye Hayles says

    Nice love the dress

  18. LIZZY SPIT says

    Apologies in advance for singing this but….soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of furrr! Xx

  19. Eddie Bonifacio Yanguas-Johnson says

    This is my show I even have a Bazinga Green Shirt!

  20. SOUSSI LARBI says


  21. Phillip Ryan says

    The red shoes make the photo

  22. Christoph Waldhaeusl says

    Ich bin begeistert von Bing Baeng!

  23. Humberto Gauna says

    My kids love it… I have to turn it sometimes when the adult humor comes out. But yes, smart humor is awesome

  24. Jenny A says

    Whoa Leonard and Raj actually look hot here. Why are they dressed like this? What episode is it from?

  25. Daniel Escobar Portilla says

    lo maximo..

  26. Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran says

    Is this a Downton Abbey + Big Bang mashup? o.O

  27. Danial Hallock says

    Being a geek became "mainstream" about the time they started making (good) movies out of Comic Books, + Amanda Blain.  🙂

  28. Derek Heron says

    ..that picture shows how geeks actually view other geeks

  29. Julie Schippnick says

    + Kat Richardson will like this.

  30. Luis Lopez says

    Really good photo

  31. SOUSSI LARBI says


  32. Gerardo Guanajuato says

    My Fav. Show…

  33. Humberto Gauna says

    How Geeks see themselves, how friends see geeks, how parents see geeks, how boss' see geeks, and how society sees geeks…     READY – GO!

  34. David Elliott says

    Geek has always been popular. The world just wasn't smart enough to figure it out until recently.

  35. Noah Unruh says


  36. Tina Foster says

    Love The Big Bang Theory!!!!!!!!

  37. Gelipe R. says

    Really good.

  38. Keyon Miller says

    Luv that show..

  39. Jamila Lane says

    Luv it

  40. Daniel Escobar Portilla says

    penny i love

  41. SOUSSI LARBI says

    + Tina Foster WHER IS THE  The Big Bang ??

  42. Manju Naik says


  43. Manju Naik says

    hi good morning

  44. Richard OHearn says

    I liked the show at first, it was good, but I figured it wouldn't catch on with the masses.  The writers have really upped the game since then.

  45. Jamie White says

    This is the best half hour show on TV. I love it and watch the TBS re-runs all the time. "Giant Janga!" Lol! I love it!

  46. eldred Fornah says


  47. Neal Beer says

    There's a "Victorian" feel to this photo.

  48. Edward Ramski says

    Knock Knock, Penny?….Knock knock,  Penny?…Knock Knock, Penny?  I was late to start watching this but I think I have caught all the episodes in reruns.

  49. Jose Marrero says

    this show is great!!

  50. Edward Browne says

    it's definitely worth watch makes me laugh every time.

  51. Randy Hunt says

    + Amanda Blain  Geek became mainstream to my followers when I upgraded to my Mac SE with 20 MB hard drive and 9" b/w screen

  52. Wayne Gibbons says

    Y will they not let me c horwards mum she sounds mad

  53. Maria Bauer-Rowe says

    Love TBBT!! Raj is my fave :P. I also like Howard.

  54. Randy Hunt says

    She should go out with Frank Castanza!

  55. Garnie Bolling says

    I like Penny 🙂 LOL

  56. Prabhat Godse says

    "Smart is the new sexy" – Big Bang Theory

  57. lye marr says

    Howard looks like Nicolas Cage in this photo. anyone agree?……

  58. Andy Riggins says

    TRUE Geek never went mainstream, but the stereotype of it did. Hence, the over-exaggeration of the voices, clothing, and characterizations on The Big Bang Theory. If the show was true to geekdom, the theme song would have more likely been done by They Might Be Giants, rather than Barenaked Ladies.

    …but now I'm ranting. 😉

  59. Donald Watson says

    Not a fan of the show but the Photo is awesome

  60. Darren Krusi says

    How the hell does Sheldon still manage to look awkward?

  61. Elizabeth Cusimano says

    Embrace the geek. Love the geek. Be the geek.

  62. Emmanuel Taban says

    Nothing like a woman who can stand such nerdage/geekery and also give the geeks a run for their money. I like the show because of that dynamic and more so because they also have lady geeks on there.

  63. George Lowrimore says

    Yeah the geeks made a comeback

  64. Desiree Johnson says

    This is the best show on tv! It's always funny and american needs to smile! They look amazing in this pic!

  65. Erica Roberts says

    I love this pic, too.

  66. Patrick Conant says

    Leonard should have a cane.

  67. Emmanuel Nguyen says

    I love is serie

  68. Degaulle Lazaro says

    Can't find this wallpaper to download… And yes i googled it

  69. Wang Chaofei says


  70. Tony Dalphonso says

    I enjoy this show so much.  I watch rerun after rerun and never get bored.

  71. Dopeboidrew Marotta says

    Sheldon cooper is a BOSS

  72. George Major says

    yes, its pretty funny

  73. Onisimo Kala says

    yes it was intresting

  74. Fernanda Silva says

    nice i love

  75. amanda bernal says

    Damn they all look fine lol ^-^

  76. dwight forbes says


  77. Delilah Parks says

    Is that lenerd?

  78. Delilah Parks says

    With the stache?

  79. Matthew Vaillette says

    These are not geeks, they are actors, and the characters they play aren't all that geeky

  80. Remi Battaglia says

    Awesome find + Amanda Blain

  81. Ihab Nagy says

    Why no man see to her.why she stand so lonely

  82. Jimbo Rizza says


    I seriously thumbed through every comment to make sure my stereotypical response wasn't already used.

  83. Nhim Con says

    looks sexy too

  84. Ihab Nagy says

    She show us her leg.maybe the reson is she belive she is taller than all those men

  85. Ashwin Vijay Srinivasan says

    Lol cool

  86. James Crotinger says

    One of my favorites!

  87. Gaurav Gupta says

    Love the show 🙂

  88. alan thomas says


  89. Brian Patrick O'Malley says


  90. smooth boy says


  91. kyle Liu says

    awesome! cool! fantastic!

  92. Robert Jurado says

    My girlfriend in the front!

  93. Pedro Rodriguez says

    Love this show, especially the Sheldon-Penny standoffs

  94. smooth boy says


  95. Richard Cummings says

    nice pic. At first i didn't recognize them.   yeah Bazinga!

  96. Glenn Stewart says

    I love this show 🙂

  97. Luis Ramos says

    Jejeheje…..yea they are….cool

  98. D Allan says

    I've never seen this episode does anybody know what the year and the episode number?

  99. Kauknhin Htoke says

    so cute

  100. Puji Suripto says

    hahaha… +amanda blain, in….. #

  101. Taka Miyano says

    Me too

  102. Robert Blackwood says

    Sexy science! Ooh yeah…

  103. Raquel Martinez says


  104. Rj Walters says

    Cooper…Sheldon Cooper

  105. Martin Bennett says

    Love big bang…. Haven't thought why, though there are many moments that seem to have some truth to them!

  106. 泅二 says

    love it

  107. Daniel Price says

    They look like ocean's five.

  108. Bob Campbell says

    It's the best show on tv, I get to watch it every day, several times and I'm 65,
    I don't always know what their saying, you know all the tec stuff
    But I love it, hope it on forever

  109. Jalana Hartman says


  110. Jeff Zinardi says

    Aka: 4 Fruits and a Lady.

  111. Nicholas Kim says

    Geek has always been cool.
    I told a cowoker that if you ever were nerd or… I couldn't finish saying cheerleader b/c my female coworkser yelled "I was NEVER a nerd! I was the cool one"
    Everyone laughed …she thought at firat they were laughing at me then realized she was the butt of the joke.
    Boy…did she feel stupid. But at least she stoppes telling stupid "popular sexcapade" stories of her hay days.

  112. Dustin Lunsford says

    love it

  113. Adam odehnal says

    I've enjoyed this show immensely! The pic is pretty cool though…. I like the style/theme, although "Howard" needs a cane with a hunk of Kryptonite or something on top! LOL And "Leonard", Johnny Galecki, perhaps a top-hat?!… Give em a whole 'Sherlock' motif! LOL

  114. Kylie Tankersley says


  115. Tejhan Silver says

    the big bang theoy is awesome sheldon hates everthing

  116. Cole Gannon says

    Its hilarious I love it

  117. Vishal Minz says


  118. Alena Jusino says

    Wooohooo Sheldon!

  119. Henry Johnson says

    The Big Bang Theory is extremely funny. I am watching all the back episodes right now.

  120. Steven Meysenburg says

    Good show, but #jupmedtheshark  when they added #amyfarrahfowler  and #bernadette

  121. jobe landa says

    love the show

  122. Ftlqed Buster says

    I don't really care as long as I don't watch it, they spend the whole "geek" thing, and I just said, I wanted more from them.

  123. Bob Campbell says

    I can't wait till Sheldon and Amy get drunk and Sheldon gets laid, can you see that story line

  124. Jashan Cheema says

    Kam aa

  125. Candice Robertson says

    I love this show… Being a geek is cool… And after watching this show and becoming a huge fan I realized that us geeks can be every variation of the characters on the show.

  126. Stephen Jennings says

    Yes, cause we are cool.

  127. Michael Salazar says

    Love Penny.

  128. Laxman Singh says

    Love this…

  129. rudolph clarke says


  130. Zach Derr says

    this show geeks me out.
    no pun intended

  131. Allen Sutcliffe says

    Fantastic show and fantastic photo.

  132. kevin kordosky says

    wow, great shot. love it.

  133. Pete Karas says

    Last night was a good episode

  134. Luis Angel Diaz says


  135. Arvind Patel says

    Sexy baby

  136. Sameer Patel says


  137. RockaJM Mc says

    Great shot of the group.

  138. ravindra gandhi says


  139. Ratsia Suwannasi says

    very nice!! ^O^

  140. Dan Lee says

    I can only see Penny here. Wow

  141. Girish VK says

    GoOd mOrning…

  142. Black Stag says

    rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock

  143. Nano Martinez says

    Penny, Penny, Penny, What?! Penny…

  144. Charlie Craig says

    Great series!!! Going to be huge 🙂

  145. 吳安竹 says

    Love the show, love the pic!!

  146. Jason Hess says

    This show is one of the best on TV. If you can't laugh at this show, something is wrong with you. I used to hate it too. But, it's one of those instant classics. Like "Thats 70's Show".

  147. Anthony Dosado says
  148. Adam Bakshi says

    I love that show

  149. sanjay josee says

    Very funny show… most of the time

  150. Vaibhav Dagg says

    hey they look like people with lives

  151. kishor kalita says


  152. erick benitez says


  153. Damon Lee says

    Nice picture. Great show.

  154. Sean Sherburne says


  155. Jonathan Neufeld says

    I honestly don't know.  It's not as if geeks make more money, socialites still make the most money.  My tongue-in-cheek ability to describe the ionic depolarization of neurons due to ion-channel cascades and speculate on implications of quantum electro-dynamics in lay-man's terms hasn't done a thing to improve my net worth.

  156. Ira Hz says

    Geek became mainstream when the internet was born.

  157. Leo Delaire says

    Funniest program on tv !! Hilarious.

  158. Abhay Aggarwal says

    woah their not… weird looking

  159. JD Miranda says

    mainstream geeks are not real geeks……

  160. Jollygood Chow says

    me too

  161. Awk ward Rapper says


  162. Solomon Sajan says

    i love that show

  163. Papu lion says

    stylish pic

  164. Vidit Parab says

    Badass nerds and penny

  165. Mark Carlson says

    Crack addicted monkey's, love this show.

  166. Robert Hagelberg says

    In what Universe is Geek NOT Cool???

  167. Stuart Hall says

    Pic looks like promo for Big Bang in The Matrix

  168. Peyton T. says

    ha ha there faces

  169. aarifilyas hathila says


  170. sigit ronianto says


  171. Robert Hagelberg says

    OG's = Original Geekstas

  172. Alanna Tran says

    WOOAAH. THAT'S THE BIG BANG THEORY??! i didn't recognize them at ALL! i love this look though! 😀

  173. Christopher Spagnuolo says

    It was a great show until shark jumping, now they all have girlfriends, relationships, which is very untrue of real geeks…

  174. Neil Jenkins says


  175. surender negi says

    thee dress is awesome……………..

  176. Alanna Tran says

    XD yeah..

  177. Kevin Tan Hong Ann says


  178. Jaya Chandran says


  179. Jason Lee says

    lol sheldon…

  180. Luis Hernandez says

    How can you not love Shelton….

  181. rizwan waseem says

    I think her pussy is much tight.

  182. nathan scott says

    were are you from

  183. Ernesto Zanabria says

    I love this show, I started watching it after Charle Sheen left two and a half men. This is a funny show, every time makes me laugh.

  184. Mario Lavorge says


  185. Azebra Dlove says

    I LOVE the big bang…

  186. Alex Liles says

    Good show good show

  187. nicolas buendia says


  188. Jason Whitford says

    Luv the show & the photo!!!

  189. lance meck says

    Just got into the show. Love it and damn is penny hot

  190. Dhruv Bhagat says

    loved it 😀

  191. Preston Hall says

    Howard as Fonzie? Isn't that jumping the shark?

  192. Patrick Parker says

    Clothes make the geek!

  193. Archie Tolentino says

    Is Howard supposed to be holding a cane?

  194. Kevin Smith says

    Certainly one of the best, if not the best picture of this amazing cast to date! Love the show, and the characters!

  195. Musawer Hamadi says

    beautiful body i like her breast

  196. Jason corvin says

    She's the perfect woman!

  197. Mark Y. says

    I'm totally in love with this show!

  198. Lisa Nelson says

    Love Big Bang Theory.  I watch it every single day!  Amazing cast!

  199. mark aguilar says

    how old are you amanda?

  200. papon roy says

    nice show

  201. Eichi Akimoto says

    I've been watching this show since episode one. I like it but find the laugh track annoying.

  202. Finnegan Bell says

    awkward ass mojo mother- i hate sitcoms!

  203. John Stierheim says


  204. Scooter Harr says

    Wow!! Great pic..

  205. Ethan Bentzel says

    is it like bad/good?

  206. amit sissodiya says

    Bloom booming bang bang..big ban

  207. shahzad shah says

    nice photo

  208. Aydin Rodgers says


  209. Greg Smith says

    Wife loves it. I can take it or leave it. Cool pic.

  210. Deric Johnson says

    When kaley cuoco showed up. <3

  211. Teresa Gonzalez says


  212. raju kayani says

    wao what a nice picture

  213. Clara Ozan says

    I like…

  214. Deborah Boyd says

    I like it more since the new girlfriend came in. Watching her try to get
    the main character to be interested in sex is so funny. I saw her on a talk
    show and she really is a genius with degrees.

  215. lachant tyson says


  216. Hari Haran says


  217. manish gupta says

    nice one

  218. Nelda LeCroy says

    Raj looking very dashing! They crack me up!

  219. Adeline ong says

    The Big Bang Theory? Right, I am going to search for it now!

  220. Tyrone Farley says

    I'm a fan.

  221. Nolan Juaire says


  222. Jesse Baligad- Gomez says


  223. Daphne Wohn says

    Love the show.  The characters are all so funny, especially Sheldon.

  224. Dharmender Kumar says


  225. Dave Prothro says

    And the reruns too.

  226. Johnathan Olson says

    Great show!

  227. Rashad Toffiq says

    Wow! Look at Kaley Cuoco… Hot!!

  228. Victor Mark says

    Love this show.

  229. Fondell Williams says

    I love this show its awesome

  230. Tony Zaide says

    Clever show. Funny and clean. I watch it.

  231. Sandy Edgar says

    That's a really great portrait. Props to the photographer and team.

  232. Jacob Joseph says


  233. Cu Lu says

    Oh so classic-vampire kind of look 😉 love it ! Love theshow

  234. jon petrevski says

    Just love this show and it is sooo funny too.

  235. zoey hancock says

    Who's the guy in the grey suit??? Lol

  236. Dhruv Panchal says

    Classy pic!!!!  Nerds with Swag! Awwesome cast

  237. James Green says

    This show is insulting. It's literally geek "black face"–I'm not even kidding.

    Here's another viewpoint:  http://butmyopinionisright.tumblr.com/post/31079561065/the-problem-with-the-big-bang-theory

  238. Kilvio Batista says

    Smart People LOVE this show… Dumb ones just say "meh"… As Sheldon wood say "for shame, for shame" lol

  239. lord blatan says

    Very stunning picture 🙂 Would have liked to have seen Amy and Bernadette in this style also.  Perhaps an updated 1 is in order 😉

  240. Henri Huang says

    Love it too, but is missing Bernadette and Amy.

  241. david olsen says

    funny show, i like the leg action in the pic too.

  242. vishal pawar says

    Toooo gooood….

  243. STEVE HONDAS says

    its ok

  244. Gabriel Duana says

    Very nice stage appearence. I love this photo somuch.

  245. Norris Mcleland says

    That's awesome

  246. Charlie Soeh says

    geeks gone wild !!!

  247. Farhad Moradi says

    The best! 🙂

  248. myles white says

    i luv dis show its awsome

  249. Sharrie Mitchell says

    Who is this nice group???

  250. Christine Rodriguez says

    Thats a really great picture I think they should have more like it

  251. Salmaaan Shah says

    Woah! Sheldon looks out of place

  252. Tom Brazier says

    Great writers….and what an awesome ensemble cast…..LOVE it!

  253. zoey hancock says

    Hay +David Olsen friend me will yah???

  254. AJ Englert says

    This is amazing.

  255. Yogesh Chopda says

    Show is awesome…Sheldon rocks wid his logic…seems sometime that peny should be given some good dialogues to take upon the guys…!

  256. ravi upadhyaya says

    u r looking very beautiful + Amanda Blain

  257. Aj Durant says

    Hahahahaha! I love that show! 😀

  258. moses kalyango says


  259. Allan Brimer says

    seen it a few times now gettin into it

  260. Jason O'Neil says

    Very awesome!

  261. Jason Rolo says

    awful show

  262. tariq mahmood tarar says

    o thats nery nice

  263. Lawrence Grodecki says

    it's a funny show, it's a 30 minute television show that is aired perhaps half way through a calendar year once a week…how does this become associated with what is 'mainstream'?

  264. Steve Sheppard says

    Fun Photo.They are the "New Man": GeekoSapiens.

  265. Pradeep kumar says

    Wow, never seen before. Good picture.

  266. Joey Numbers says


  267. Jasonk K says


  268. Steven Lornie says

    Damn, they dress up nicely.

  269. nair mohan says



  270. rakshan rao says


  271. Daryl Jackson says

    Great show all around!

  272. Roman Abad says

    Is that Howard or Al Pacino?

  273. Tyler qwert says

    Awesome show.

  274. balkrishan shimpe says

    nice dress

  275. salim ansari says


  276. manish pandey says


  277. Marco Gioioso says


  278. balkrishan shimpe says

    s i lick

  279. moehayat fauziey says


  280. nitin patel says

    1 girl & 4 man pls some discount

  281. shakthi vellore says

    nice still….

  282. jogindra das says

    i want to save it .

  283. Brian Saad says

    Read this today and thought it was interesting.  Warning: It's a bit long.


  284. Dwayne Aaron says

    awesome photo and a great show!

  285. Kevin S says

    I don't watch it but when I have it's been hilarious.

  286. Malcolm Duos says

    Very very funny show. Make time to watch it every Thursday on CBS.

  287. Portia Balfour says

    stupid show

  288. John Mitchell says

    Geek became mainstream when a great many of them changed the world via computers while becoming billionaires in the process.

  289. Yogaraj Appu says

    nice still….

  290. wan moe says

    I also like this photo

  291. Asif kamal says

    What a beautiful lady

  292. grass rd says

    nice ^__^

  293. Dewi Williams says

    its that nearly not quite cool that gets me. The sense the photographer tried but did not manage to pose the perfect shot. The awkwardness still comes through. I remember Michael Cane's advice on acting drunk. Drunk people don't act drunk they try to act sober. Here its the awkward trying to act cool where the magic lies.

  294. Jacob Lara says

    Are they from the Matrix???………….Bazinga!

  295. ganpat mobarsa says

    verry nice

  296. Robert Hagelberg says

    + Degaulle Lazaro Boomer Sooner! Take a screen shot and edit in Picsay Pro.

  297. Ali Husnain says


  298. Samadhan Kolekar says


  299. David Carlin says


  300. Gopal Das says


  301. AhMeD ImRaN KhAn says

    Send Me The Link

  302. brent smith says

    Awesome pic indeed!

  303. Josh Bryson says

    there is so much geeky awesomeness in this picture it almost can't be contained! ^_^

  304. Samuel Aujour says

    21st century: it's the age of the geek!

  305. mawar merah says

    I like this

  306. jutine siamalambo says

    mmmmmmmm intresting

  307. Nazieh Halim says

    Hilarious… 😀

  308. William Gurley says

    I love this show.

  309. Christian Gutierrez says

    I was astonished to find out how much the how makes Penny out to be a slut, a huge slut, it really disturbed me.

  310. Mahanthesha Swamy says

    i like this

  311. Christian Gutierrez says

    They need to go for the MATRIX look!

  312. alkesh harde says


  313. mohammad ebrahimi says

    I love school and teach

  314. Rahul sharma Vasisht says


  315. okhiria ernest says

    wounderful show

  316. Spencer Yarbrough says

    Ilove this show too! Penny is fine as fuck!

  317. Naagendran Sagar says

    Penny Penny Penny : )

  318. Vijaysingh Thakur says

    sexy imeag

  319. Brandon Trouser says

    I love this show

  320. Raju Tewari says

    Awesome baby

  321. Rambabu Vishwakarma says


  322. Ana O. says

    best show ever!

  323. Manish Sinha says


  324. Fatmata B. says

    sheldon cooper……. #nuffsaid

  325. Than tar says

    I like that

  326. Mohammad Azam says

    ru converting to animals

  327. Eswar Madala says

    looking nice like you

  328. Allan Chapman says

    Whats the story on the photo?

  329. Jake Buckner says

    Sexy penny!!!

  330. Ranjit Shinde says


  331. Diana Ramirez says

    All of the guys look hot!

  332. Manpreet Khaira says

    looking so beautiful

  333. sultan ansari says


  334. Sinisa Teofanovic says

    Nice one!

  335. Mohamad Alboghobeysh says

    Biutifoul Very very good

  336. Peter Peng says

    That looks a little weird

  337. shani meher says

    Bad habit

  338. C Lee says

    I love this show

  339. Jake Buckner says


  340. Connie Bratten says

    Big Bang is the only sitcom I can stand to watch. Knock knock, Penny, Knock knock, Penny, Knock knock, Penny…

  341. Rakesh Kumar says

    me too

  342. Brian Edey says

    BBT is the only sitcom I watch… I hate comedy shows/movies… with a passion, but this one just hits me where it counts… plus I am a major geek…

  343. Iqbal Hussain says

    I love this show…..

  344. sanjay jangam says

    + Peter Peng  they are so conscious as revealed something shocking thing.

  345. Aftab Ali says

    I love this shwo.

  346. Ftlqed Buster says

    But imagine, dallas miamy vice, and their aren't even on the same planet, but I watched the birth of cable, nothing went up, I just hide waiting to meat you, its like a vampire and a witch, I don't even think about people because its fake.  So all of fake is like, fuck I do demi levado, but you know about that.  I was like a arachnid, fake is like we didn't meet yet, but you know, that's all you needed to know.

  347. Stephen Lynn says

    i live this show too

  348. Amit Mehta says


  349. Cindi Cohen says

    Goodmorning ….have a good day!

  350. Ben Hidalgo says

    that's the beauty about big bang!

  351. Vineet Sharma says


  352. Michael De Mesa says

    Geek became mainstream when knowledge is better than beauty….

  353. Niels Hansen says


  354. Neville Hayfield says

    Looks like the Big Bang crew have jumped into the Matrix

  355. Andres Rincon says

    + The Big Bang Theory is where it's at! Great Show!

  356. Alexander Michael Factura says


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    I think geek culture really began to become mainstream around the first season of Heroes. It brought a very geek idea/concept into tons of television audiences.

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  472. nicky nacky says


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  488. craig kenny says

    Penny is so HOT

  489. Mark Miller says

    I take it in small doses. Some of the jokes split my sides with laughter, because I can relate, or because they tickle my geeky funny bone. If I watch it too long, I start to realize the writers are just making fun of stereotypes. It feels like cheap laughs, and sometimes condescending towards people like me. I lose interest.

  490. Morgan Abbou says

    Geek is the way to go + Amanda Blain 🙂

  491. Michael Pana says

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  492. Isaiah Rogers says

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  509. Pralad Adhikari says


  510. John Nihiser says

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    When people realized intelligence is cool.  When + Kaley Cuoco took the nerdy girl stereotype and punched it in the face for all to see =)

  512. Dorian White says

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  521. David Bare says

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