1. Michael Banks says

    Microsoft better do something this year….

  2. Mohamed Magdy says

    lol ~_~

  3. Kirk Flowers says

    LMAO, is that REALLY the way it looks??

  4. Ashisha Nautiyal says


  5. xerac akhtar says


  6. Mike Minor says

    No…THEY don't…

  7. Shawn Williams says

    Microsoft is currently big headed because of their success in the gaming industry. It happened to Sony after the success of the ps2. Then Sony learned from their mistakes. The one thing Microsoft probably isn't going to do is lose its "too big to fail" mentality.

  8. Thom Frost says

    microsoft if you're going to rip something off at lease rip something off worth stealing not something someone else did 16 years ago.

  9. Mike Minor says

    They had that Too Big to Care mentality when it came to mobile computing, but now…….

  10. Kirk Flowers says

    Historically each MSC OS release since 3.1 has been good, bad, good, bad.¬† 3.1 was good, 95 sucked, 98 good, ME sucked (BAD), etc…do the math Windows 8 will suck ass

  11. Phil Davis says

    Or, AOL was ahead of it's time.  Time will tell when 8 comes out.

  12. Thom Frost says

    why do i get the feeling windows 8 is going to be windows me/vista all over again?

  13. Robert Misner says

    As ridiculous as it looks, I will end up using Windows 8. I will probably enjoy it, too.

    As long as it still runs all my shit. 

  14. john hyde jr says

    History?? Looks allot like the Apple vs. Samsung case! lol 

  15. Long Nguyen says

    the Metr.. eh Modern UI looks really really ugly.

  16. xerac akhtar says


  17. Umeokafor Ikechukwu says

    Amanda you are write, well done.

  18. Steve Morris says

    Programmers are definitely on an ego trip. They're designing things to show off how fancy they can make things and telling us it's better for us instead of designing what users really want. Linux is doing the same thing with KDE and Gnome and Unity.

  19. xerac akhtar says


  20. Muhammad Sherriff says

    hangout ūüėÄ

  21. Christopher T. Calhoun says

    I don't understand why the simply solution, The Windows 7 desktop being included as an option and being promoted as included as an option, is not being promoted as and included as an option.

  22. Nicolai Imset says

    the design is there due to touch screens coming.
    existing windows design does not work on touchscreen

  23. Andrew Ii says

    Windows Desperate Monopoly Edition


  24. Xin Li says

    Windows 8 RTM is available to TechNet subscribers today, and I don't even know if I want it.

  25. Nauris xnorsx says


  26. Robert Duke says

    It really seems like it in more ways than just computers!

  27. Larry Rosenthal says

    oh come on..TED fanboyz.. embrace the remix…lol..
    BTW- its a copy of an infamous failed interface of a Philips VCR in the 80s.

  28. John Mink says

    Yet only my left eye is bleeding :p

  29. Christopher T. Calhoun says

    + Nicolai Imset¬†It does work. ¬†Windows has had tablet features for some time. ¬†I'm sure something designed to work better with a touchscreen could work better with a touchscreen, but I perceive no reason to remove the legacy desktop¬†altogether for obvious reasons of that the mouse and keyboard as standard interface devices work quite well on a desk. ¬†I'm not arguing against unifying the OS across different devices. ¬†There doesn't seem to be a good reason to subtract the legacy desktop. ¬†That's all I'm sayin'. ¬†Also, everybody needs to see things my way. ūüôā

  30. Gary Beason says

    I've been saying for a couple of years now that XBL is an updated version of AOL: You're paying extra for a lot of content and functionality that you can get for free (not including Internet access costs).

  31. Nicolai Imset says

    + Christopher T. Calhoun the desktop is still there. just alt+tab to it. The new interface is more like the start menu..

  32. Mike Campos says

    Graphics were better in '96…

  33. xerac akhtar says


  34. Christopher T. Calhoun says

    + Gary Beason I'm inclined to feel that PSN is better at this point.

  35. Justin King says

    + Nicolai Imset that's not exactly true. That desktop is just a metro app. Try alt+tab then try window+tab and what I'm talking about becomes more clear

  36. John Reisdorf says

    I so can't wait to see this happen!!! Way to go Microsoft on trying something different… "Lest We Mac Users Forget" on well.. change (you are welcome to talk to me if you know what SCSI is, and why they at the time¬†embraced¬†USB) ¬† #LWMUF " oh ya… the transition from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X… ya that never hurted :-/?!?!?¬†

  37. Nicolai Imset says

    + Justin King can not find any references to desktop only being a metro app anywhere. you got some? 

    Don't have wibndows 8 installed atm so can't really try it now. uninstalled when office gave me installation hazzle.

  38. Rob Bob says

    Another sign of failure, rip xp, vista, winblows 7 and next up winblows 8. On the bright side they appear to be dropping the price for their crap software. I guess that's a +

  39. Tiaan Kruger says

    the metro style however works quite nice for outlook.com.  and ive seen the MS office 2013(i think) preview, it has the same theme. and works well there aswell

    that being said, i think the metro style on the phone are the ugliest thing ive ever seen in my life

  40. Brian Petty says

    You can still do everything from the desktop. The tiles can basically be used as a really big start menu if you like…its even accessed the same way, the button just isn't visible until you run the mouse to the bottom left corner. I'm actually really liking the preview.

  41. xerac akhtar says

    cm on stop

  42. Justin King says

    + Nicolai Imset It's everywhere?  The "metro start menu" is the new desktop UI.  It has a completely new SDK to write your apps against:   http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps/br229516.aspx

    These apps will_not load in the "desktop UI"¬†because¬†they are flat out incompatible. ¬†That UI btw is now simply called the explorer shell and is around for legacy apps only …. and will_not load new metro apps using the new SDK. ¬†

    Here's some more plainspeak on it:  http://www.osnews.com/story/25951/What_s_wrong_with_Windows_8

    "Contrary to popular belief, Metro is not a replacement for the Start Menu. Metro is a replacement for the Explorer Shell. The Explorer Shell itself has been turned into an application. Traditional applications run within this Explorer Shell, and cannot be managed from Metro. In other words, the Explorer Shell has become an application with a multiple document interface, running in Metro."

    They are completely¬†separate¬†environments. ¬†Not sure how else to put it. ¬†You can even swipe and "close" the explorer shell …. flat out unload it (it will load again if you hit the proper tile). ¬†You can't unload the new default UI.

  43. EJ Filone says

    That funny!

  44. ketoy royal says


  45. Comrade Jibril Temitope says

    Well the windows is spectacular, i like the new updated interface….and d signing out… i feel like im enveloped within the windows…

  46. xerac akhtar says

    STOP IT!!!!!!1

  47. Aaron LaBarre says

    + Steve Morris well at least in Linux based systems you can pick a new UI (or none). And there isn't a big company shoving it down our throats. And with Linux based systems, if you don't like it, fix it.

  48. xerac akhtar says


  49. Brad Horrocks says

    The similarity is truly amazing…

  50. Tom Duke says

    It looks horrendous. 

  51. Cory Johnson says

    Ahhhh, let the Microsoft bashing begin. Just curious, how many of you people bashing it have or are currently using it? I'm guessing less than 1%. As someone who has used every build since last September as my primary OS I feel confident to say that Windows 8 is really good. Even if you don't ever use the new UI and just stick to the desktop there have been some major improvements there that make this a really nice upgrade from Windows 7. I'm typing this out right now running Windows 8 Pro and it works great. My advice: Get off of the Microsoft bashing bandwagon and actually use the product in it's final release version. You'll be pleasantly surprised.  

  52. Frank Hurtado says


  53. Sam Miran says

    Funny.  I was just thinking the IOS looked a lot like Windows 95 with the applications laid out as icons on the screen.

  54. Tiaan Kruger says

    + Cory Johnson , im not bashing it at all about how good it works, because i have no idea. i am however bashing it on how ugly i find it

  55. Amanda Blain says

    This post = funny… I use windows and will use window 8.. as stated in the post… It's ok internet… Its OK… ūüôā

  56. Matt Burns says

    I've actually been playing with the Win8 Preview for the last couple of hours.¬† My opinion so far?¬† Windows 8 is great… for Linux and Mac.

    Windows 8 is an unintuitive, confusing mess.  And that's coming from someone with over 20 years of experience working with a variety of OSes and desktop environments, who can switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 to Mac OS X to Gnome 2 to Gnome 3 to KDE without the slightest bit of hesitation, and who can usually familiarize himself with a new interface within a couple of minutes.  I can't imagine the typical Windows user is going to be able to adapt well to the new interface at all.  I suppose it might make a decent mobile OS, but it's going to send desktop users fleeing to Mac and Linux. 

  57. Tom Duke says

    I believe wholeheartedly the core OS will be stronger, but the new UI is almost insulting.  Did they bring back progman.ini?

  58. Amanda Blain says

    + xerac akhtar¬†go to the top right corner of the post.. click on the little arrow in the circle.. and select.. MUTE THIS POST… and you will stop being notified…¬†

    Now please stop yelling stop on my post… ūüôā

  59. ian dozier says

    ultimate flop… my prediction. same for all the next apple crap.

  60. Richard Viramontes says

    Windows 8 is something that for some reason you don't like but you really want to try

  61. chris coates says

    It's terrible.

  62. Ken Winstead says

    Already using Windows 8 and got no problem with it
    Will not return to 7

  63. obol wako says

    The metro look is cool ,also I love the way transition between all device and screen from mobile to computer . Plus the new hardware begin released for windows 8 should be amazing. 

  64. khorshid adel says


  65. Mike Campos says

    + xerac akhtar Рor go to your Account Settings and click Close entire account and delete all services and info associated with it

  66. Mark Williams says

    I am running the windows 8 release candidate, and I am not at all impressed with it. No start menu to access your programs, no system tools, trying to hover on the upper rt corner and wait for the menu to show, just to shut down.  In my humble opinion, windows 7 is far superior to this miserable attempt at innovation.

  67. Gord McLeod says

    I suspect Windows 8 will be pretty good on tablets. From what I've seen so far on the desktop, it's no better than windows 7, and requires a whole new learning curve, so it's kind of irritating.

  68. Justin King says

    My biggest beef with Windows 8 is that under the hood it's flippin awesome.  

    I get full Hyper-V integration (run multiple 64bit VMs natively)
    I can finally mount/dismount/browse ISO files
    I boots amazingly fast
    IT somehow runs existing apps with amazingly snappy response time

    The entire "under the hood" portion of the OS is near perfect.

    Then they forced me onto the new UI.  It sucks.  It's poorly thoguht out.  It's generally a bad idea to force "metro" as a one-size fits all for all devices.

    Like a supermodel with a butter face (but her face….).

  69. Tarrick DD Grant says

    Didn't this picture circle the webs a few months back? And why is it on the what's hot? Just sayin…

  70. John Reisdorf says

    + Amanda Blain¬†because of your xbox… do you like it?!!??!I I can not wait for Windows 8!!! (yep I am a mac ¬†user and was totally bored by my "snow¬†leopard¬†tiger lion" or whatever it is called now… I refer to it as 10.8)… I <3 my Windows Phone 7… I can't wait to see what Nokia comes up with next!!!


    haey…guys…wel come…

  72. Justin King says

    + Tarrick DD Grant¬† its what's hot¬†because¬†as of today you can download the RTM. ¬†It's no longer a "preview" or "beta" …. it now lives …

  73. Naren A says

    Google Chromium OS is going to beat this!

  74. Xin Li says

    It's like Micorosft just doesn't learn.  First they try to squeeze a fully desktop Ui onto a mobile form factor (Windows CE phones anyone?), which just doesn't work.  And now, they are trying to do the opposite, making desktop users deal with a UI that's tablet optimized.  

  75. Naren A says

    You ate right!

  76. Nicolai Imset says

    + Justin King¬†thanks ūüôā

  77. vicente reyes says

    I actually like the new look. I have the full version. If you haven't tried the full version, then why even down it?


    hey..i'll following you..oley..?

  79. Siri Rosenthal says

    + Amanda Blain hi, I have an issue with Google Search when someone "Googles" me they are met with an error and G+ wont fix it, is there anything I can do Amanda to resolve this "Google Search" thingy?

  80. David Jewett says

    Good thing you don't have to use it on a regular basis and early reports are saying Win8 is super super snappy. #dontknockittillyoutryit

  81. vicente reyes says

    I have it on my laptop and on the desktop. Works good and fast. Installation was quick and when your getting set up. It shows you how to use the interface

  82. keepsmilling ashok says

    This is OS or ¬†AOL Email to Mail.app – MacRumors Forums…..

  83. Junaid Tipu says


  84. Neil Paterson says

    More boring whining about nothing. I've heard it all before. It's tedious, dull, repetitive and pointless.

  85. Naren A says

    +Xin Li you are right!

  86. vicente reyes says

    Ya like Mac has anything new. Lol, their doing the same thing. They added their mobile stuff and put it on their Mac.

  87. David Jewett says

    From what I have heard from the RTM and beta release the Metro UI(yeah, I don't care) is pretty unobtrusive, albeit useless practically, but the proper desktop is extremely fast and super light on the system itself

  88. Van May says


  89. Siri Rosenthal says


  90. zeeshan memon says


  91. Andrew Ii says

    + Neil Paterson "More boring whining about nothing. I've heard it all before. It's tedious, dull, repetitive and pointless."

    Perfectly describes your own posts.


  92. David Jewett says

    Stop posting "hi". Seriously, this is a tech post. Let's talk tech.

  93. Siri Rosenthal says

    + David Jewett  are you talking to me David



  95. Free Quest says

    honestly i dont like windows 8 I think the new layout is ugly …. well for me anyway … so ill guess i stick with win 7 till maybe win 9 or win 10 comes out..

  96. Robert Duke says

    Whats really good + Amanda Blain ?

  97. vicente reyes says


  98. David Jewett says

    +Siri Rosenthal I'm talking about a lot of people. And not just people on this post

  99. Steven Streight says

    Windows 8 is a very poor experience that is arrogant about locking you into the Metro UI. iPhoners may like it a little. Enterprises will avoid it like the plague.

  100. David Jewett says

    + Siri Rosenthal

  101. Martin Nicholson says

    aint that something :[email protected]

  102. Siri Rosenthal says

    + David Jewett  Oh  sorry for bothering u

  103. David Jewett says

    + Steven Streight you're really locked in dude, it's just the new start menu. You don't really have to use it. The desktop still looks like the old style desktop

  104. semira adedeji says

    Lmao,seriously!,David,was dat comment really necessary.

  105. Daniel Sutherland says

    You've got to be kidding…..¬†

    It's a VERY stock standard UI that has been used countless times by many different companies.

  106. Kyle Allemand says

    Ha wow that's crazy never would of knew without this post. The consumer preview sucked. I was not pleased at all. It made my computer so slow.

  107. ousmane condé says


  108. Michael Conrad says

    Honestly, I think this is a case of a design happening to look like something previous. It is rather uncanny, but I don't think MS was reaching back to AOL for inspiration. Metro was first made for phones, and W7 looks nothing like this.

  109. David Jewett says

    + Steven Streight oops, I meant NOT locked in

  110. Steven Streight says

    + David Jewett You have an app that bypasses Metro and lets you stick with the standard Start menu? Have you even read all the negative reviews of Windows 8, too many to mention here right now?

  111. David Jewett says

    + semira adedeji yup, I hate looking at an interesting tech or science post and just seeing useless posts like "hi" or "follow me" instead of something to contribute to the conversation at hand. It's just stupid

  112. Steven Streight says

    Windows 8 is being called the Productivity Killer, not a good move for business in this troubled economy.






  113. Nathan Wolfe says

    I actually really like Win7 for my desktop, so I don't think I'll be changing over any time soon unless I have to. I can completely understand that they're trying to optimize themselves for the mobile market, though. I'll give them kudos for making it look different from the iPhone/Android interface of a bunch of little square icons and/or widgets. Also, I think people have gotten so used to the basic Windows design they forgot all the criticisms they have of it. Win8 has some new ideas. Try it out before criticizing it. 

    Also, people on here are talking as if they don't realize that the market has swung heavily towards mobile devices. As much as I love (and need) my hugely powerful PC, why should MS be focusing on that instead of the untapped potential of tablets and phones when that's what the market says is the future? 

  114. Jayson Post says

    My issue is that the UI has been working for all these years for people and now they want to force something new onto people. I want a computer, not a larger glorified version of a smartphone or tablet.

    Now that I think about it, if this UI does not work well with the mouse, then it will suck for people that hook their computer to a 60"+ monitor with touchscreen capabilities.

       Back to Windows, the thing I do not like (and I've been noticing this since 7 because I skipped Vista) is that Microsoft is tightening their grip on how you can customize your computer. On XP, I can change both the startup AND shutdown sounds. Now I can only change the shutdown sound unless I reboot and start Fedora Linux and work around that. Apple is no better when it comes to making the computer yours and the way you want it (They're worse in fact).

    in a nutshell, I only have two programs that I like to use exclusivly for Windows. One is comming out for Linux (Steam Client) and the other I think I'll just use it via Wine when I go Linux all the way.

  115. David Jewett says

    + Steven Streight who uses the start menu? Just hit the Win Key and start typing the app you need. Works the same in both Win7 and 8 from what I hear. And I'm not saying Win8 is good or bad, I'm saying you're not locked into Metro 100% of the time. I am cautiously optimistic about Win8. I don't think it'll be great for PC's but maybe for tablets it will be good and I'd like to see where MS takes it from here. It's an interesting start towards a new direction, misguided or not Windows needs a breath of fresh air. Gotta start somewhere right?

  116. Scott Newman says

    yuck! Windows 8 = ill fate

  117. David Jewett says

    + Jayson Post I agree that the glorified tablet/smartphone OS for PCs is not a good idea. Though somehow Apple has done a good job of melting the two together

  118. Vikash Singh says

    Just because something failed in the Past¬†Doesn't¬†mean it is sure to fail in the¬†Present¬†too….
    It is a re-try at a brilliant idea which was ahead of its time back in 1996 .

  119. Bin Zhao says

    lmao,ms is gone

  120. ian dozier says

    mobile.mobile.mobile… open. Windows 8 looks like angola vs the 2012 team. no info, no design, no improvement= no god. i loved the windows phone metro interface for 9 monthes (mobile), but it didnt deliver on its promise. cant wait to see what happens

  121. Michael Conrad says

    + Rob Bob Nice rant, but XP and W7 were huge successes. Vista was definitely a dud, but even calling it a failure is going too far. I don't know what to think of W8 since I haven't used it yet.

  122. C.S. Taylor, Jr. says

    This is amongst the silliest shit I've ever seen.  So amazing to have found such a general pattern between two things.  No really, congratulations.

  123. Vikash Singh says

    + Jayson Post : Windows 8 has a desktop interface too ( Other than the metro interface Рshown in the pic above), which is same as Windows 7 UI.
    So its really a matter of choice for the user ūüôā

  124. Ifeanyi Frankline Chukwu says

    Not Just a brilliant idea. Humans remained humans primarily just that technology have advanced with Literacy. Back in 1996 it was an android desktop map with out a touch screen .. just mouse to control. But now you can imagine there is even a shake screen motion control and voice control…. Ha ha . time to revisit all the other Odd looking software antiques ! for relevance in this time and Nano age

  125. Matt Reed says

    + Vikash Singh try booting into that interface.

  126. Séan Thompson-Corr says

    I rather like the look of W8, and gosh that AOL screen is a blast from the past.  I do wonder how W8 will work on the desktop but actually I think people will just either click the desktop tile in Metro (oops РModern UI) and then carry on, or will use the full screen applications.  I have a Mac so won't be running this but I'll certainly give it a play on my other half's PC. 

  127. Anthony Ong says

    I think it looks nothing like that shitty aol crap! You have to use it to understand what I mean!

  128. Paley Rene says

    Windows 8 ,i Looking forward to

  129. José Ramírez says

    Ah, those Linux users, always showing off how Linux is better in every way than Windows.

    Get me something like Active Directory for Linux, then we can talk business.

  130. Jonas Tirunas says

    Ahaha! This is epic. For me, W8 will not be a purchase – Steam is coming to Linux.

  131. Scott Newman says

    ha ha it's so ugly. Despite that, I think it's a big rip-off. They will find some way of swindling us into using the software; they always do. My money is on direct X support, or maybe; just maybe they will try another tactic.

  132. David Hendren says

    I think it's ironic that Google decided to feature this post while we're on the current Google+ layout… Just saying…

  133. Jonathan Chan says

    + José Ramírez  http://serverfault.com/questions/13419/what-are-some-good-open-source-alternatives-to-active-directory

  134. Keith James says

    Nice! Does this mean Microsoft will be suing AOL like the Apple v Samsung farce?

  135. Yanko Andreev says

    It's perfect.

  136. Baron LeBourgeois says

    This is hilarious.

  137. Landline Man says

    I am currently using Windows 8 on one of my laptops and I quite like it. It's quite fast too.

  138. Daniel Beck says

    Still better than Mac, I would like my computer to be useful for things other than drawing furry porn and making slideshows.

  139. Paul Bennett says

    So basically, we are all being forced to by touch screen computers and dump our keyboard and mouse?

  140. jerimoune morgan says

    well as for me im at my internet shop close to home  so tell me more about u

  141. Rahul Kokne says

    history repeats, 

  142. Leandro Martinez says

    Aside how everybody dislikes Metro, these pictures are SO UNRELATED and WRONG… you guys would +1 anything popular right?

  143. Beau Dylla says

    + Amanda Blain
    "History repeats itself"
    Just like this OLD repost

  144. Akhil Kay says

    Simplicity is Back.

  145. Maria Vanessa Sosa says

    Hmm, I hope it's user friendly.

  146. Tyese Donaldson says


  147. Aim Mack says


  148. avnish daheriya says

    its brllliant

  149. Mike Wilson says

    How are you all doing today?

  150. Tim Nicholls says

    I'm imagining the majority of business (including mine) will skip W8 and wait for a bloat free W9 actually designed for PC's and not tablets!

  151. olajuwon babatunde says

    we are fine

  152. Brian Sullivan says

    I've been playing with the win rp. I have to admit, its not that bad. Very fluid. If could use some android similar apps though.

  153. Tiki Elhm says

    It's Quantum link all over again…

  154. Jerry Curtis says

    Windows 8
    I made the huge mistake of down load it. It REMOVED 7 pages of programs, most notably Microsoft Office Pro, all elements of Office Pro. Word, Power Point, Excel, everything just gone. Who would think that they release a program that would Remove what has to be their number one selling program, Microsoft Office. I am a serious kayaker, kayaking the Coastal Waters of Southwest Florida & parts of North Carolina and use a DeLorme GPS & Spot, it also wiped out all my maps & information for that. It has screwed up my computer so badly I am ready to trash it. I've been involved in Microsoft's Logo Program for about 8 years & this is the dumbest thing they have ever done. I will never buy anything Microsoft again if I can help it.    

  155. Nino Frkanec says

    PC = + Ubuntu 
    Phone/Tablet = + Android 
    Video Game Console = + OUYA 

  156. ishtiaq hussain says

    can anyone see this leading to lawsuit battle b/w AOL and microsoft , as currently going b/w apple and samsung.

  157. Gandhar Kothi says

    microsoft has copied mac to so im not surprised

  158. Maxx Daymon says

    + Jonathan Chan The Serverfault link you posted basically says that there's nothing like AD for nix, suggesting that + José Ramírez is spot on in his assessment.

  159. Naji Elhoucine says

    Im installing win 8 now

  160. Frank Baum says

    Kids only in 1996.. Present day: "dumb & dumbe?" :))(

  161. Timeeh Timtim says

    is it sad if you remember??

  162. Khoa Tang says

    nokia tablet win 8

  163. Chen Liu says


  164. Richard Tilford says

    At least the aol one had a simple way of shutting it down!

  165. Franke Hernandez says

    MS WIN 8 FTW!!!!

  166. Frank Baum says

    + Timeeh Timtim yes because of tends

  167. anish goel says


  168. than oo says


  169. Luke Murray says

    Harry poter

  170. Ahmadbasha Basha says

    Life is so beautiful

  171. mohi akh says


  172. Ort Hugh says

    I prefer the contemporary stylistic leanings re that painter though that jpeg's looking a little fusty US.

  173. naveen rawat says

    Looks good

  174. Raymond Chu says

    Chinese called????

  175. Paul Braget says

    The Windows 8 xbox has got me attention too, but it may be too late.  Since the linux GTK is running faster under the Linux Platforms.
    Faster than DirectX on the windows platforms.
    Some of us prefer a faster platform when it comes to gaming.

  176. Jurgen Lootens says

    I would be happy with a list of the apps sorted alphabetically in black and white, as long as the blue screen never ever appears again!

  177. Ahmadbasha Basha says

    Hai chaitu & ganesh

  178. Jake Hanley says


  179. Rahmat Hidayat says


  180. Ben Norwood says

    From what I've seen of it, yes, it is possible to load the 'traditional' desktop. However, Metro will always be running in the background, and the Start Menu (which has progressively got bigger since its first introduction) will be a full screen Metro interface. Given that Metro loads first, then the desktop is included for what they're apparently already calling "Legacy" applications indicates they think Metro is the way forward and are trying to wean us off the traditional desktop. As others have said, Metro will be the default UI shell, running all the time, with Explorer just loaded / unloaded on demand.

    Slight hitch: Metro has to run every application designed for it full screen, with no window decorations. You presumably won't be able to have a web browser, spreadsheet and word processor document all occupying the same screen at the same time – if Office goes completely Metro, then you'll presumably have to Alt-Tab between the three applications rather than just moving your gaze and pointer.

    Ideally, what Microsoft should be doing is selling two different SKUs: a Home edition, optimised for consumers who want a single UI across desktop / tablet / phone (i.e. Metro shell is the default, Explorer as an option loaded on demand); and a Pro edition, optimised for businesses and those who'd like to multitask (i.e. Explorer shell is the default, Metro as an option loaded on demand). Actually, thinking about it, I wonder how Metro performs in a multi-monitor environment, as is common in business and among the minority of consumers who like multitasking with different applications running simultaneously on different screens…

  181. Hans Oliver says

    This is pretty sad and makes you wonder how #Microsoft will end up after #Metro

  182. Tom Hancock says

    + Gandhar Kothi You're actually the biggest idiot I've seen here. Nothing about W8 has been copied off any of the Mac OS, in fact nothing from any windows OS has been taken from Apple, it's the other way round. Except Apple always find a way to make you pay extra and fuck it up at the same time.

  183. Szebastian Satsan-Stellar says

    I love it when 'Native English' speaking people cannot spell/write 'the' English and go on to judge other brands/individuals on quality. Those who live in a glasshouse …¬†

  184. Saudademaru Envy says

    yuck windows 8….must the tiles be so huge? ¬†I'm not blind…..I could be just fine poking a normal sized XP/W7 icon…

  185. Adil Bilal says

    Hi sexy

  186. ope Akinmboni says

    Let's see abt that

  187. Arto Pitsinki says

    After decades of computer, I still think, something good in old thinking.

  188. Josh Burnett says

    You can download it from ms website but i rather use the space for my porn collection

  189. Guadalupe Palomares says

    I am running Windows 8 consumer preview and I have to say its very stable.  People that think its a failure are wrong test it out yourself I have been running it for a month and its the fastest OS Windows of all runs all my programs in 64 bit really stable.  Mistake I think not.  The next step for Windows I think so.

  190. Bill Mundy says


  191. Mansoor Me says

    ok..thats good..lets see how much better it turns out than windows 7.

  192. Tom Arnst says

    They never made something good !

  193. Russell Livett says

    On a normal PC it looks terrible. But if you had half a brain you won't be using it on a PC. Leave that to windows 7. Windows 8 is fantastic, on a tablet. Which is what I'll be getting it for (RT of course). Not sure how Rob Bob thinks XP or W7 was a failure, but his profile pic is doing him justice.

  194. Benjamin Smith says

    I'm keeping Windows 7 as long as it supports everything I use on the computer.

  195. dany cooper says

    i love win 8
    i can't know why u share this post
    aol kids = win 8
    apple iPhone = Samsung product 
    apple IOS ability = Samsung product ability
    continue !!!!



  197. Craig Carter says

    That was when the internet was naive.

  198. Michael F. Peintinger says

    Awesome! I lol'd…

  199. Sumanth Shekar says

    I think You felt Microsoft Copied AOL now

  200. Qufei Xie says

    Lol awesome

  201. Rohit Meti says

    windows 8 is quite awsom 

  202. José Ladislao Lainez Ortega says

    I don't like the new Metro style for desktops. Something like Zune it's ok, but not the way it has taken at the end. For tablets and smartphones is a great idea but i dont see the benefits of this interface on a desktop or laptop.

  203. Darragh Murray says

    Cool stuff

  204. Suryandaru Triandana says

    Now I know

  205. Suchismita Mukhopadhyay says

    i didnt get it

  206. harpreet dhanjal says

    Hello 2 my friends

  207. Jacob Tapp says

    Mmmm I smell hyperbole.

  208. Hussein Ali says

    Window 8 da bomb

  209. sheldon singh says

    i kinda like that look

  210. kanav sharma says

    lol  this looks dumb

  211. Brendan Arndt says

    Windows 8 is bloody amazing. Using it on all my home pc's and laptops

  212. Abrahim Sheikh says

    The good thing is that there is a choice between normal Windows UI and the horrible Metro UI…

  213. Steave Willson says

    i don't understand what is it????????????

  214. James Cranston says

    same, everyone's complaining but i've been using it as my daily driver on the home pc since the developer preview, gaming and all.

  215. salgra marak says

    "WINDOWS 8"

  216. chayetun luvin says

    no comments…………….

  217. Emil S√łrensen says

    wow, a lot of f¤%#ing retards in this thread (and yes my language is meant to be offensive, so deal with it). A lot of iSheep haters out there, and yet windows is ubiquitous. As one that has actually used the windows 8 preview for a few months (as opposed to the vast majority in this thread) I find that it's great and I love it. The design is a lot cleaner (not perfect, but what is) than the skewomorphic UI by apple.

  218. bruce kgareste says

    i have started using it and byfar the only set back for an acient user like me who started with win2.0 is that over the years i have grown to know their basic structer of the OS, meaning i would rely more on the keyboard instead of the mouse and i must say it is more frustating to look for certain things and if you don't know your keyboard short cuts then you are in trouble. yet again i think i think win-vista generation will adopt and grow quicker with the Os.  

  219. shganpreet mehra says


  220. Daniel Henderson says

    I agree. Got my first pc 20 years ago. A 286 which I then made inro a 386. Ran windows 3. I had aol too.

  221. Andrzej Z says

    Got to agree with + Emil S√łrensen¬†here. Metro (or whatever they're gonna call it) is not perfect, may be considered ugly, but it's functional, fast and easy to use.

  222. marjie aya says

    cool! ūüôā

  223. simon Summerfield says

    I remember when AOL was pretty much the only internet provider you could use, complete with compact disc. Trying to figure out how to use IE browser instead of the default AOL one was pretty taxing.

  224. Phillip Dudley says

    Grrrrrr i just want to say race, color, religion! No one can understand the universe it's expanding daily! i love gaming technology etc! Just sayn we evolve its the people who share and help the people around them that matter! When Microsoft steals blu-ray, touch screen control, quad processor, etc its all he said she said! Microsoft is finally going to share! Sony always tried lynix, free to play, cross platform phone, camera, etc! Idk colors ate what you see

  225. shinheo youn says


  226. Musa MAHMOUD ALI says

    It,s 2rue dt de history repeat it,s self,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  227. Hassan Jamil says

    if shes so smart why not come up with ideas

  228. Kevin hatchett says

    If it works use it.

  229. Joey APISAK says

    love you to

  230. Rob Jeffrey says

    This crappy screenshot has some similarities but the metro interface is really nice to use unlike AOL. Give it a try people before you condemn it.

  231. Melissa Ann says

    i'm sure windows 8 will be a great experience and all, just not one i'm interested in since i'm fine with 7.

  232. israel gustin says

    if it has no expiring date then it's fine!

  233. Jemiady Lee says


  234. Michael Sala Jr. says

    wow!?..you do read ya Bible!?

  235. Jemiady Lee says


  236. Wayne fawthrop says


  237. David Lewis says

    ^  "currency" = dollar collapse

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

  238. Richard Peacock says

    Lol what a way to make money

  239. Chris Ennis says

    Innovate or die. In today's lightning fast tech world, for a massively entrenched company like Microsoft to attempt something like this should be applauded and encouraged.

    And someone needs to tell Apple it is no longer 2007.

  240. Reggie Samonte says

    good post!

  241. Arkadiusz Dymalski says

    Will this one end up in court too? ūüėČ

  242. Brandon Jackson says

    Omg i feel so old…….:(

  243. Darth Vadder says


  244. Kabak Tupa says

    we difference when windows 8 come…wait…hmmm

  245. Alice harragan says

    wow :

  246. Barry Ingram says

    Computerized Bulletin Board System back in the days, now we have the world wide web and win 8 (Happy Days)

  247. Pedro Luz says

    lolo… nice find ūüôā

  248. ankita sharma says


  249. Mister Kurt L. says

    it is something COMPLETELY different!

  250. toto Ma√Īibo says

    all ideas today might have been an idea in the past, its just it is much easier to implement them now with an improved version.

  251. Muhammad Zeeshan says


  252. Richard Joseph says

    I've tested out windows 8 and its just awful for the desktop. For tablets it's great but I for one will be sticking with Windows 7 and hopefully they will revert back to a true desktop for Windows 9.

  253. anil singh says

    very nice

  254. Wisdom Banks says

    My Bible tells me in Ecclesiastes that there is nothing new under the sun.

  255. Mahdi Mahmoudi poor says


  256. William Sanders says

    What about above it?

  257. Pavan Kondapuram says

    i would not cares until the product is friendly and works fine! If we start cribbing about copying we will need to crib for iPhone, android, Win/Mac UIs(copied from xerox), the concept of mouse(again from xerox). World is full of copy cats, but winner is the one who pastes it in the right place and right way!

  258. Dirk Robinson says

    I tried Windows 8 a month or so ago as the whole asylum except my ward has been kitted out with brand new computers to replace non-genuine Windows.. It seemed fine to me. A trend with Windows which I disagree with is to hide the file extensions and grant the user no rights. Notepad seems the last resort. Across the board, the URI begins to be hidden.

  259. Barry Ingram says

    Evolution baby, evolution!!!

  260. Shawn Kelly says

    The new interface blows!! Looks ridiculous

  261. Konstantin Stefanov says

    here we go again …. this was already done like 1000000 times on G+ and other social networks, first 2 times was fun, the other 65 milion times its rediculasly stupid

  262. ??? says

    designs are always looking into the past and revamp for better usability. What microsoft have done was not a bad move 

  263. Jamie Barron says

    + Nicki Anderson Why?

  264. Kofi Amoako-attah says

    [email protected] true…lol

  265. Lenny Frankowiak says

    LOL what you see in Windows 8 is evidence of what's wrong with Microsoft as a company. No vision, goal, or desire to innovate. Apparently, they're not too worried about losing their role as the dominant operating system as well.

  266. jean-christophe manciot says

    I totally agree with your view. I've been noticing this for quite some time, and I feel this has been happening since Steve Ballmer's arrival as CEO of Microsoft. 

  267. John Terrey says

    Boring left brain boxes

  268. Daniel Freysinger says

    Microsoft Bob 8.0

  269. Corey Shaughnessy says

    Yeah, this looks exactly like Win7 and vista. Microsoft has entirely failed to innovate.

  270. Llewellyn Beard says

    windows 8 looks like total shit anyway

  271. georgi arabadjiev says

    ooo yaaa

  272. meshari al hindi says

    Rip offfff :s

  273. Roland Stranneborn says

    And they will fail too. Big mistake. Huge!

  274. Morne Pawson says

    I saw this a couple of months ago on G+…. I guess its true, history does repeat itself. So don't go and diss what you are doing yourself¬†

  275. Chris Arriola says

    Are you all using windows 8? I have 10 clients and my kids plus 2 of there friends using it to test out. I have it running on one of 3 PCs. The clients I have using it could not get a grasp on windows 7 and called me all the time asking the same stupid questions over and over, since moving them over to windows 8 I have not gotten one IM or call and they say there loving it over win 7. These clients are not geeks and are only just getting PCs so not set in there ways when it comes to computers. Yap there my guinea pigs since me and my kids are geeks we cover the other side of the spectrum. My kids and there 2 friends are loving it and when asked if they want me to jump them back to win 7 they both said NO WAY dad!  I also am using it over my windows 7 PCs. Yes Windows 8 has a few problems but it is not even out yet to the masses! There is another saying Adapt and overcome or get left behind!

  276. Charles Gallagher says

    I wonder what UX strategist at Windows said yes lets put all of those colors on the screen at one time.

  277. Dileep G says

    This metro style, even the 5th grades hate

  278. Sumanth Nayak says

    misquoted .. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

  279. darshana chatterjee says


  280. Craig Viar says

    + Christopher T. Calhoun. Wtf?

  281. Ralph Miller says

    welcome to facebook

  282. shubham raj says

    When nothing new is left… Then we gotta turn the wheel back

  283. Jerimaiah King says

    So true…

  284. Ryan Wickersham says

    Hipster kids brought back tight jeans. Maybe this will catch on too.

  285. jfdesignnet jfdesign says

    … some people never learn.

  286. jakob bishop says


  287. mohammed zain says


  288. Anna Csiki says

    never thought like this,amazing,wow……..

  289. Lenell Davis says

    Ugh, windows 8 is fine. Aol is a different company that failed for other reasons. At least Microsoft is adapting.

  290. James SickSix says

    And I thought Unity was bad….

  291. Chris Arriola says

    Yah it is like comparing a Ferrari to a Yugo:)

  292. Anwar Sabry says


  293. David Carey says

    Windows 7 was the last version I would use and buy. Mainly for use in my virtual machine on Linux. I tried Windows 8 and managed a whole 20 minutes before i wiped it. My daughter wouldn't even try it!

  294. Gus Pineda says

    I said that before, not a bad concept, but it is a bipolar operating systems, it will easily confuse user interaction with a direct impact on user experience. In my opinion this is a windows Me all over again. It is a transitional OS with a single objective, to see if it gain some traction. Or do you think that Microsoft will stop selling windows 7 ? Think again, instead will boost windows 7 sales or motivate more users to get an iPad.

  295. Enny Chris says

    Windows definitely needs to bring something totally new to the table and stop previous scheme reconstruction. 

  296. Nelson Mandela says

    Msc programmers design what the user want not what you think is good for the users

  297. Alan Keith Simpson says

    I've seen this comparison before and it's not very funny. In terms of aesthetics, there is no comparison: Win 8's Metro design is far more sophisticated. The tiles function quite differently between the 2. having used the last prerelease of Win 8 on my laptop for several months, I recommend it to all PC users. The learning-curve horrors reported by so-called pundits are pure baloney. It rocks!

  298. Wamala Elly says

    Something new is always expected or else a wheel is reversed BUT taking not of the repercussions after.

  299. Milad Daneshmand says


  300. Ellis Wakelam says

    Windows 8 ?

  301. charles chomuyeke says

    so beautiful,where are you based?

  302. Ellis Wakelam says


  303. Milad Daneshmand says

    Win 8 in Iran 5$

  304. Aaron Casta√Īos says


  305. Milad Daneshmand says

    The original DVD unlock and write very

  306. Milad Daneshmand says

    I'm don't speak English very will

  307. Neville Clark says

    IMO We now see why Bill decided it was time to leave; design-by-democratic process had put a C5 on the development timeline… Time for a new approach and offer 'flavours' of OS off-the-shelf rather than stick with one size fits all me thinks.


    VOC√ä √Č LINDA ¬†!

  309. Xuan Zhao says

    no.i am a chinese

  310. Stew Danko says

    That's pretty much like saying Google+ is exactly like MySpace

  311. safid rain says

    hi haw ar u my frand

  312. Diwakar Biswal says

    gud one i think microsoft should really think about it ūüôā

  313. safid rain says

    im wait four 

  314. Brendon Green says

    + Tom Duke no, Program Manager didn't come onto the scene until Windows 3.0. In terms of the GUI, -Metro- Modern UI (is that the best replacement name they could come up with? Ugh!) predates Windows 1.0. It, too, could only tile its windows, but at least it could display more than two of them at a time! What's next? Iconification (minimisation)?

  315. Phil Terry says

    Like colors in old version

  316. Muhamad Dimas Ilham says

    So Windows is copying Aol. Very pathetic -____-

  317. mohd haleem says

    Fine dear friends s…………

  318. Jason Wooddy says

    Microsoft isn't even on my radar. Google/apple equals innovation

  319. Kenneth Jessie says

    That is just the start menu screen and u can change the icons size shape location a
    nd type it is not the home page

  320. Akhter Imam says

    I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.

  321. xerac akhtar says


  322. dillon herrero says

    That's clearly the kids section of AOL, not the full thing

  323. Mubarik Ahmed says

    I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.

  324. Gerrard Caso says

    I'm still running XP like a boss. Haha

  325. AMAN KHANNA says

    good and bater try its

  326. Donald Legion says

    It's also a very old beta photo…mine is much smoother looking since it first came out.

  327. Angel Rivera says

    I see another legal battle brewing in the horizon….

  328. Jonathan Cothran says

    Aol has failed, so if Microsoft is using failing ideas then they to will fail. But first the death of Blackberry ūüôā

  329. Rassp Omega says

    OMG the tight jeans WTF lol, and they sag them. I never seen so many people with no  ass lol.

  330. hasir richu says


  331. Gareth Wearn says

    Is this the Apple and Samsung area, oh no it's the Windows and AOL area, my mistake!

  332. Todd Werginz says

    And then Google put in a bid for Microsoft and the war began…. GOS vs. IOS…

  333. Luety Candles says

    Linux distros need to step it up. If they can't gain marketshare after windblows 8 launches then there is no hope of Linux ever being significant on home desktop computers.

  334. Dylan Koenig says

    Just because #everythingsaremix doesnt mean its a good remix. Lol

  335. Ciny Marcinko says

    Just because none of you used windows 8 doesn't mean it will suck. I've been using it since developer preview and it's the best windows to date. Oh shit you will have to stare at metro for like maybe even a minute every day so it means it sucks badly. lol

  336. Danny Wright says

    I just threw up on my monitor.  Hey, I've got Windows 8 now!

  337. Brad Staples says

    haters gonna hate..

  338. Aidan Zingplex says

    So true

  339. ramesh kumar says

    microsoft hv done better in computer….

  340. Matthew Panzer says

    Windows 8 looks childish

  341. Steve Pye says

    Actually, most of Windows 8's interface is more reminiscent of the old Whistler screenshots: the beta of Windows XP that contained exactly the same images for buttons, toolbars, control panel navigation, and window frames. Microsoft already had this design in the works 12 years ago, and the world wasn't ready for it.

  342. simon Summerfield says

    Linux is improving all the time. Once compatibility is sorted out, MS will have a true rival.

  343. simon Summerfield says

    Windows 7 is the best OS to date, see no reason to upgrade.

  344. John L. D'Andrea says

    More old reposted crap on Google plus. This site needs a content filter.

  345. Said Elnajjar says

    Microsoft is the best

  346. Allen Lendzion says

    Lol + John L. D'Andrea  welcome to the Internet would you care for the tour?

  347. Anthony Boynes says

    I'm just waiting for them bring out a revamped MS Bob.

  348. Said Elnajjar says

    I am microsoft guys lol

  349. Jerimy Vernon says

    so true

  350. Michael Hardesty says

    Hey girl how are you

  351. Theodoro Samms says

    16 years and Microsoft still can't innovate smh

  352. Arshad Ali says

    Windows 7 is lovely its for keeps

  353. Shardul Paranjape says

    Whatever happens as long as I can still run all my games and all my exe files I'll keep using Microsoft operating systems. Because that's the only thing that keeps me from.using Ubuntu or Mac, its that simple

  354. anirudh ghadge says

    Ha ha.. Gud opinion

  355. yeison duarte says

    idiot dumb bitch

  356. Steve Ausborn says

    I installed the developer's preview on my PC and my first thought was "Ugh!". When I accessed my PC from my tablet (via Splashtop for Android), it was far more appealing… I almost like it. You can throw stones now. ūüôā

  357. Jonathan Martinez says

    This poster is a fail.

    One can makes the same argument for the Grid UI that Apple and Android uses. If you're going to rip Microsoft's Tile UI. Develop a new UI yourself. One that doesn't use Grid or Tiles. Can think of one, right? I rest my case.

    Gestures UI is the future. Then someone will say, "Nintendo did it in the 80s with the Powerglove". Just be glad Microsoft and other companies continue to make the consumers life more convenient.

  358. Denise Garcia says

    I concur…

  359. Oscar Jofre says

    Very sad to see no innovation of the future as they once led

  360. Pradheep Rajasingham says

    Windows 8, too fast too soon… they should have waited more time to launch it. If they wanted a tablet specific OS, then they should have updated windows 7 or promoted this as a tablet specific OS only and introduced to desktops later on…. the timing is quite bad!!!

  361. Parth Jain says


  362. Joshua Price says


  363. Alex Aricci says

    But it's so cool looking…

  364. Sammie Knight says

    both look stupid

  365. Aubree Hesley says

    Who we kiddin? ALL the microsofts suck

  366. mohamad farajizadeh says


  367. Kamal Thalib says

    Yeah… I think I'll go back to Mac…

  368. KL Bhatt says

    type "oh" at arg but i'll keep the period – this is Xi for rudeness staggered or staggering between the posts, comments & edits – see if you can fit it where it goes, meta

  369. Jordan Pezen says

    Wow, I bet you aren't saying what a mistake Apple made in recreating the Newton.¬† People sure do have selective memories…

  370. James Amenta says

    Thank goodness for Ubuntu…

  371. David Perez says

    The Xbox? You mean that thing with no games but gears of war and halo?

  372. Chris Ennis says

    + David Perez I think she means the thing that kicked Sony's arrogant @ss all over the place this console generation. The numbers do not lie, friend ūüôā

  373. Chase Wakefield says

    So cool

  374. vincent balagot says

    That's the reason, i'm staying loyal to the PS3 and its next gen console!

  375. Janith Ediriweera says

    awesome feel like going there

  376. adam dowson says

    hi hun wuu2
     love u

  377. Longosiwa Thomas says


  378. hakam abu shanab says

    I love you , and I need call you in something imporant for me

  379. Kyle Blake says

    All these people hating on Windows yet the majority of them use Windows everyday and are too afraid or too naive to try another OS and will accept Windows 8. At least Microsoft is trying to mix it up and unify all of their platforms into one, cohesive unit. I don't see a problem with Metro and it certainly isn't a copy of some AOL shit.

  380. hakam abu shanab says

    my skype

  381. Joe Seiler says

    It sure does look like that. I installed the beta on my laptop and … Sigh … I will be sticking with 7.

  382. Ciny Marcinko says


    here are the reasons why upgrade to win8…

  383. Kyle Sutherland says

    Looks completely different IMO. Everything looks like something that existed before if you look hard enough. And I'm a non windows user lol.

  384. Devon Rose says

    Here I come Ubuntu

  385. Jose Eduardo Oliveira says

    I had no problems whatsoever with any of the 2 builds pre-RTM. I just used Classic Shell, an opensource free utility, which brings the good old Desktop to the way I want and no difference from Windows 7 there, except I can switch to the "Metro" interface any time I want. As I do have a Windows Phone too, it is simple to navigate with the Mouse/keyboard between both interfaces and using the best of each. There's too much nonsense about Windows 8, a few utilities (FREE) already available in the market can do the trick of making it work the way you would like it to.

  386. Paul Smith-Keitley says

    Even with all the nay-sayers and some of the ZDNET (US) journos hating it so badly the fact remains that by the end of the year there will be more people using Windows 8 than there will be using OSX and Linux combined.

  387. Nikia V. Henderson says

    Im holdin out for the Prodigy mod…and when I say Prodigy of course I mean the bass heavy house group who produced the titulur Fat of the Land album

  388. Muhammad Rizwan says


  389. Alain Gendron says

    You have to remember that Microsoft always need 3 versions before it gets it right. (Windows NT, 2000 and finally Windows XP) Windows 7 was a bonus.

    Still, I have to admit that Win 8 is pretty stable but can use some focus.

    Ha well! Next version will probably refine the experience so it's less confusing for casual users.

  390. Al Quarles says

    I curious as to how it will affect Windows 7 users overall.

  391. Nicolai Imset says

    Actually Windows NT transformed most datacenters I doubt microsoft would call it a fail

  392. assrah magelang says

    I Like It…

  393. Nasario Tolabing says

    what I can't understand about people and maybe microsoft saying that the live tiles are great is that from my own experience using win 8 for a while, the live tiles never gave me up-to-date info. they were never updated fast enough. my facebook message notifications are already so old in the web browser of the desktop app before my live tile message app tells me about them. i removed all my social network setup in the message app altogether. how great is that!. metro is so ugly and the live tiles aren't giving me up-to-date information. the live in the tiles probably was meant for their animation.

  394. Cuan knaggs says


  395. Brian Condy says

    Have to admit, win8 looks like a kiddified version of windows. Microsoft is taking a big gamble on going the way of the tablet and smartphone. Apparently they aren't too sure of themselves since they are offering upgrades for $40 to prev. windows owners (all the way back to win98 or Me I believe). At this price (although only for a limited time) I would have to say they already know their newest Os is gonna take off like a wildfire on a sand covered island. Where is Kevin Flynn when you need him? -End of line

  396. Dan Allen says

    Anyone remember Compuserve? If I remember right, that is what AOL followed.

    Plus this screen shot is no way from 96. It was probably AOL 2.0 or AOL 3.0. By 96, I believe they had AOL4.0 on beta and if I remember right, it looked a heck of a lot better than this.

  397. Marla Lomuntad says

    I guess it is people who repeat themselves and not history. ūüôā

  398. Jada White says

    yep they should

  399. Andi Kravljaca says

    The AOL era is one of my most hated epochs of the Internet.

  400. deepak goyal says


  401. Louis Fong says


  402. rohit saraswal says


  403. Gordon Standart says

    Enter exhibit one into evidence. Now AOL can sue Microsoft, Samsung, AND Apple.  This clearly shows that AOL, not Apple, has the patent on the rectangle.

  404. Love Velasquez says

    hope microsoft should do better..

  405. Outey Ky says

    MS is trying hard to take their UI to the same level as IOS or ANDROID

  406. Thomas Gutierrez says

    Amanda ur beautiful

  407. rami jassim says

    Copy paste

  408. Richard Slater says

    Mannn, in my opinion most¬†people¬†who are moaning about windows 8 are the people¬†afraid¬†of change… they've changed it, so what, get over it. I havent used it yet but I welcome the chance to use something new. We can always carry on with windows 7 if 8 is a flop

  409. Howard Kwong says

    At least, now we know where all the AOL workers went after they were fired from AOL ūüôā

  410. charles parker says

    Windows8 completely sucks. I ran the preview for two weeks to give it a fair chance. You could give a lobotomized chimp a computer and it could come up with something better than metro. I'll stuck with 7 until they do something better.

  411. Layba Zaman says


  412. Paul Field says

    This post is lame….. It's nothing like the same

  413. Jamison Smith says

    Funny stuff!

  414. Niloy Alam says

    windows 8 is mostly for touchscreen products anyways.

  415. Bobby Sahijram-Dansingani says

    Oh…I remember this! So sad! #feelingold

  416. Oliver Brown says

    Window8 is trying to have the OS ready for all platforms, AOL was something different. 

  417. Sakina F says

    George Santayana, wise words, wise words indeed.

  418. Paul Drinnon says

    I think + Amanda Blain will be supprised in a few years that MSFT is not a pushover.  In any case this is a another reason to learn at least one linux distro or for you non technical types an Apple product.

  419. Jeff Davis says

    Windows Metro = lame

  420. Ryon Lee says

    Been testing windows 8 for a few days now. Might be OK for a tab, but I would NEVER use it as my desktop. Personally I think mint Linux is the best OS and its free:)

  421. Joe Pasquale says

    Anything else Microsoft needs to copy from Apple? Their whole company was based on the first Mac OS……

  422. Michael Rooksberry says

    Right you are,Linux any day, JoilOS or Sabayon.

  423. Ritish Oemraw says

    Wow what is that cool looking interface on the left?! Totally awesome! Wish my windows looked like that….WOW OMG, did you guys check out the picture on the right! That is like ZOMG!!!! I need this right now!

    But seriously. I like the looks of win8, just not sure I like all the behind-the-scenes changes they made.

  424. Bradley Koekemoer says

    HA HA… windows 8 is going to be a FAIL… just like vista..

    i rate still to this day.. windows xp sp 2 was the most stable out them all.. i have yet to experience windows 7 ultimate although enterprise isn't as bad as i thought…

  425. tabat nassah says

    test window 9

  426. FIAZAN ASIF says


  427. FIAZAN ASIF says


  428. RM Lombard says

    If history repeats itself, I'm totally getting a dinosaur!

  429. abhirup battacharyya says

    its windows 8

  430. Sandor Toth says

    ez csak b√©nzkidob√°s semmim√°s,midj√°rt itt az √ļj windows √©s lehetveni egy m√°sikat az is roszlesz¬†

  431. Bharat Bhushan says

    Wanna be my friend. Reply.

  432. Vaibhav Sharma says


  433. Jake Landreth says

    Amanda…very hott

  434. Saleh Alarabi says

    Totally disagree ūüôā

  435. Bryan Pillow says

    I've never heard of AOL Kids Only. What happened? Did the kids not like the rectangles and colors?

  436. ????? ????? says

    I am only interested in the performance of Win 8. If performance is lower than in Win 7 it make sense to move to a new operating system does not. For me, the ideal performance is Win XP and Win 8 is desirable to compare it with XP. At the moment, Vin 8 very fast start from cold, but it's not a major factor in speed. The main thing – a work in multi-tasking where XP wins noticeable even in Win 7. The same power with Win 7 higher than that of XP, because the mode of Aero graphics resources which go consumes current. In XP Aero is not – and is not necessary. ) So the main thing is the simplicity and performance, and beauty in third place.

  437. Dr Noone says

    Win 8 is lame! In other words, it's a total disaster for desktop users!

  438. chaminda kumara says


  439. Jeff Demers says

    Now that steam is moving to linux, we might as well ditch windows

  440. Amin Ehsan says

    Congrats Microsoft

  441. Teddy A says


  442. Widi Raspito Utomo says

    windows 8 is good something new 

  443. digvijay singh says

    i know

  444. Nene Katey says

    never rush into any new microsoft product. especially windows

  445. Micah Nordland says

    + Nene Katey If you go to fast, they're likely to shatter. (see what I did there?)

  446. Michael Moskau says

    As long as Windows 9 looks like Bob…

  447. Mark Bridgman says

    Microsoft has learned that if you can get people to keep talking about your products, your business will do well.

  448. Artemio Olvera says

    I'm done with Microsoft!!!

  449. Slade Walker says

    I like the Windows 8 look…

  450. James Murphy says


  451. Patrick Jeffery says

    Microsoft knows the consumer will test & fix any problems that may arise so why pay someone for quality control when you get it free. Gates has been like this from the beginning why change what works or sells

  452. John Batiste says

    That is true history really is starting ta kinda repeat its self

  453. Jose Herradez says

    nothing from windows is a mistake

  454. Luis Mojica says

    I can't wait for windows 8.

  455. Ayyaz Sandal says

    why not

  456. Hiroshi T'sumai says

    On the plus side, everyone will know how to use virtualization and be running the old OS inside the new OS that was forced onto them….. Well done Microsoft on wasting the millions. Next design will be for cheap epaper you can flush!

  457. Patrick Horgan says

    I like the AOL one better.  Never thought I'd say THAT!!!!!

  458. Nicole Lock says

    That's too funny…

  459. Owino Benard says

    sure me 2 i cant wait

  460. Arash Farshchi says

    Me: Windows 8 pls come fast
    Windows 8: sorry I cant Right now
    I'm crying !!!

  461. Scott Williams says

    Mmmm, social media has evolved a lot more since 1996.

  462. louis jacobs says


  463. Zero Nino says

    I remember those days 1996. (AOL)
    But c'mon microsoft you guys can do a lot better!!

  464. Joshua Helmeke says

    I think its hysterical.

  465. Michael Jongejan says

    hello amanda you are pretty. x michael.

  466. Amean Abdelfattah says

    It may look so but I don't think so.

  467. Philip Kaludercic says

    Xbox games … i bet not ps3 useres will want this …

  468. Binyam Kiflu says


  469. Michael Jongejan says

    hello amanda blain what''s your e-mail ? grt michael

  470. Ken Dobbs says



  471. Solo yamsik says

    XP is the best 

  472. Erick Williams Barrios Vel√°squez says


  473. C.S. Taylor, Jr. says

    + Justin King¬†That was a good article about the idea that Metro is a shell replacement, but he mentions not seeing how he'll get any work done in it… ¬†I mean, the desktop apps are for "productivity," not the metro apps. ¬†Seems like people are confused about the distinction between metro apps and desktop apps. ¬†When the desktop apps are open, they are just as navigable as before, and the metro apps even are when using shortcuts. ¬†Having used Windows 8 for quite a while now, I enjoy the increased performance, and the UI is much less cluttered since I don't spend all my time on the start screen, and with the visual/spatial layout, it makes apps easier to jump to. ¬†I've written a couple of metro apps to see how the api works, and it doesn't appear that Microsoft is trying to replace desktop apps with metro apps, there isn't even direct support for databases. ¬†If you want to wire up a database you have to use the SQLite binaries, but there's nothing out of the box; metro is intrinsically lightweight for mainstream and novice use it appears.

  474. Igor Kachurin says

    You are rather nice

  475. Daniel Amador says

    Windows 8 sucks so hard, I used it for about a month on my desktop and it is so annoying, sloppy, and ugly. I found myself in desktop mode almost all the time, Microsoft is trash – i will be switching to Linux now.

  476. Donald Hubbard says

    Microsoft has gotten so huge and self important that they now will not
    attempt to answer questions by their users. It's all farmed out to other
    vendor's who charge for every answer the provide. Personally I like the
    Windows 7 above all the OS's of the past even though it does have a few problems which cause the user to become familiar with the F5 key.

  477. Donald Hubbard says

    S/B they rather than the in 3rd sentence, sorry readers!

  478. Aidan Blundell says

    Aaaaaand the next patent war goes toooooo…..
    lets hear it people……
    Give them a round of applause….

  479. Randall Wade says

    Windows 8 is amazing. Fast, touch friendly, and is a FULL o.s. metro may look like the AOL screen, but it's a darn fine platform. Have it on 3 systems since developer preview.

  480. Chris Andrews says

    Haha brilliant.

  481. Anthony Yamakaitis says

    Its not the same, cmon

  482. Amanda Blain says

    Well this post hit a nerve… ūüėČ

  483. Vijay Kumar says

    Do u thnk is there any similarity between the both Amanda?

  484. Duy Truong says

    Well, the kids grew up, didn't they?

  485. Vlad Basin says

    Kids only ūüėČ

  486. Keegun Almquist says

    windows 8 is awesome, i did the beta and it is simply amazing. Way better then the AOL shit. W8 is more technically advanced than any other operating system out there.

  487. James Lee Findley says

    Microsoft is on a long, slow, painful slide to mediocrity.

  488. Bill Maxey says

    Windows 8 is a tablet OS stuck on top of Windows 7.  Everything about Windows 8 start screen is meant for a tablet.  On a tablet everything would be intuitive because you have dedicated buttons for certain actions.  On a PC it's just stupid.  Try finding how to shutdown a PC with Windows 8.  When you start the computer there are no cues you need to hit a key to get to the sign in screen.  The list just goes on and on.  Also you have to sign in.  A lot of people like not having to sign into their home PC.  It is obvious Microsoft had a meeting about how they would sell Windows 8 and some idiot said let's just put Windows 8 on top of Windows 7.    I put Windows 8 on my mother's computer.  One week later she was ready to throw the computer out the window.  Alas, I put Windows 7 on her PC and she is very happy.

  489. Richard Head says

    thats disgusting

  490. Keirryn Michele says

    How ironic. Guess the only way to really simplify things, Is to copy that of child's play.

  491. Zerin Sakech says

    darn those hipsters working at Microsoft. 

  492. Taniesha Peirce says

    wtf is AOL?

  493. Mark Colvin says

    :O AOL dial up 56k modem was the inventor of dubstep

  494. Martin Hvisc says

    I have yet not touched Win8 but just its look put me out.It might be great for tablets but for normal PC????

  495. Justin Forbes says

    + Mark Colvin¬†and the best dubstep ūüėČ

  496. John L. D'Andrea says

    + Allen Lendzion i think the problem is that i've been "touring" the internet too much.

  497. Randy Olivares says

    I'm sure apple thinks they are both infringing on one of their stupid patents. Better call the lawyers Microsoft, only Apple is allowed to use different colors like that.

  498. Savannah Stanley says

    500th comment!!

  499. Taryn Feheley says

    i dont get it.

  500. Mrinal Saurabh says


  501. Dillon Britt says

    Thankfully I remember the past

  502. Scott Salisbury says

    Windows 8 home basic edition, home edition, home extra edition, home pro edition, home ultimate edition

  503. Chris Gare says

    I used to love AOL ūüôā ¬†Surprised they don't do a netbook OS.

  504. Samia Elsaid says

    Back to the future ::::)))))))))

  505. Greg Konieczny says

    Back to the past…

  506. Josh B says


  507. Jose Villatoro says


  508. ?????? ?????? says

    ???????????? ????????? ??? 50

  509. Jiruksha Madushanka Dias says

    nice dear…………

  510. Alaina H says

    woooow and 500th comment

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