Google Plus Launches Collections… And Ends Caturday

Today Google Plus has launched Collections as you may have seen. This feature allows you to 'subscribe' to a group of posts on certain topics. If you don't see it yet.. you will shortly!

Check out My Collections:
Video Games
Social Media
Zombies and the Walking Dead
Game Of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire

If people use the feature correctly, you could subscribe to their Caturday posts cause you love cats! If you HATE caturday.. you can unsubscribe from that section and never see furry friends in your stream again. Even more cool you can put posts you've already made into collections.. Which i've done here… SO check some of my collections out and subscribe/unsubcribe where you see fit.

Pinterest what? Why would anyone use Pinterest when they have this feature of fully "pinning" not only pictures, but blog posts, youtubes, notes and more..


Google Plus Launches Collections... And Ends Caturday

  1. Kyle Salewski says

    But… I thought if I follow you, and you post to Caturday, I still see the post whether I subscribe to the Caturday collection or not, since it is still your post. Unless I interpreted wrong, which could easily be true…

  2. Kwan Lowe says

    Finally! I've been hoping for this for months.

  3. Jaber Mohammed says

    Nice sat up

  4. Amanda Blain says

    Yeah.. you will likely have to "unsubscribe to all others" .. and will heavily depend on how people.. use it. 

  5. Pepe “Bomb” Palazuelos says

    I think this should have been a feature since day 1. The ability to select content from what you REALLY want to see is great!

  6. hakim masood ahmad says

    trying it chacked  your point and get good result

  7. Clifton Haralson says

    I just got collections of someone else with collections… I was looking for it a few minutes ago but didn't see it until just then. Weird

  8. C. Paul Courtney says

    + Pepe Palazuelos   They did have this feature since Day 1.  They called them Circles which everyone promptly ignored and posted everything Public.

  9. kris redwood says

    ^^^^^ 100 +1s for this ^^^^^

  10. Bruce Anthony (HCDemon) says

    yay? I guess…seems like Google is going in "circles"…circles accomplished part of this and groups the other part, now it has just come full circle with 3 "features"…guess I will have to see how it pans out and how people actually use it.

  11. Phil Nolan says

    Still says "coming soon" for me.

  12. Pepe “Bomb” Palazuelos says

    + C. Paul Courtney Well, circles do help to control what content you send to them. This feature is to control what they send to you. 

    Without the second part, you were either taking all, partial or none content from someone. Far more, you get all those posts sorted, so you can easily search posts by collection instead of scrolling down old (caturdays') posts. 

    The closest feature to this were hashtags, but I find this as a great complement. 

  13. Phil Nolan says

    + C. Paul Courtney Only because most people don't have any friends, family, or coworkers, who use G+.

  14. C. Paul Courtney says

    + Pepe Palazuelos​ If everyone would have posted to Circles for topic specific content and public only for truly general content, this wouldn't be necessary. Post your cat photos to your Caturday circle.

  15. Sean McLean says

    I'm more of a fan of #seagullbuttsaturday  anyway

  16. Amanda Blain says

    … circles work great for posting specific content to.. but people didnt get to choose what they saw. if you didnt want to be in my caturday circle and i shared it with you weekly you had to ackwardly ask to be removed… thats backwards. This feature means if you don't like my cat photos you can remove them… like it should be.. NOT me asking and manually adding and removing you…

  17. C. Paul Courtney says

    + Amanda Blain​​ why would I be in your Caturday circle to begin with? Aren't you discerning about who is in which circle?

  18. Amanda Blain says

    … thats the point here… I don't circle you + C. Paul Courtney .. you circle me.. You placed ME in some circle.. But i may or may not post according to whatever circle YOU placed me in…

    I spent a ton of time of Google Plus manually doing this the other way.. asking people "do you want to be in my Caturday circle" and sharing.. But people are fickle .. and this week you like cats.. next week you dont. This is under YOUR control now.. if people post to collections.. you wont see stuff you dont want to see .. independent of me.

  19. C. Paul Courtney says

    I guess. I have been on a 4 year soap box to get people to use Circles correctly. If Collections does what Circles tried to do, then great. But with Circles, Communities, and now Collections, Google+ is getting "C"onvoluted. (see what I did there?). What's next, Categories?

  20. Phil Nolan says

    So I have it but it seems complicated. If I want to "pin" something that's not already on G+. Do I have to post it first then share the post to to my collection?

  21. Michael J. Coffey says

    I've just unfollowed your Caturday collection only, + Amanda Blain.  Everything else stayed as "Following" — so as long as you post all your Caturday things into the collection, I bet I don't see it. I think, + Kyle Salewski, that it just means when you circle someone, and they post stuff you're not interested in, you just need to unsubscribe to the bits you don't want (as long as they're using Collections consistently).

  22. C. Paul Courtney says

    + Michael J. Coffey​ and + Amanda Blain​ if people didn't use Circles correctly, went would we think they would use Collections correctly?
    OK, I'm stepping off my soap box. Sorry about the rant.

  23. Michael J. Coffey says

    + C. Paul Courtney — You could always uncircle the people who don't use them correctly and then everyone will (from your point of view, at least).  🙂

  24. Amanda Blain says

    i'm sure people wont.. but you now have free will to 'unfollow and unsubscribe… '.. there is no excuse for seeing items in your stream that you don't want to see anymore … the power has returned to you.

    I expect Faceybook will launch something similar in due time.. Just because you sat next to someone in grade school doesnt mean you have any interest in their baby photos.

    and im still confused… 4 years of telling people how to use circles never worked.. because as mentioned.. YOU the poster.. had to guess WHICH content people wanted or didnt want to see. You had to manually ask.. and then manually add to circles… its been G+ bigest flaw.. People are lazy.. just POSTING is complicated enough.. Now you content create and post what you want in categories. People can tune in or not…

  25. Cutie, The Triple D Gamer says

    I like this feature

  26. C. Paul Courtney says

    + Amanda Blain​​ I didn't have to guess. People in my Caturday circle got my cat photos, because I would post to Circles. The vast majority of people posted everything public which neutered the Circles. If I come across someone with an interest in music, they go in my Music Circle and get all my Wham! posts. I would never post a Wham! video publicly. Heavens no! But everyone else would. I never asked anyone what circle they wanted to be in. You develop Google+ relationships. You're in my Tech Circle but I never asked you, did I? I think I got at least that one right.

    Nevertheless, faux fanfare or not, next week no one will consider Collections and 95% of the post will be public.

  27. Phil Nolan says

    + Lizzard Smith Not many people have monkeys to take pictures of.

  28. Pepe “Bomb” Palazuelos says

    + C. Paul Courtney I know, but that's assumming that everything is about your circles. People outside your circles wouldn't know about the content you have, and wouldn't follow you. One of the problems Google+ had at the begining was that, that not many people posted public content. 

  29. Phil Nolan says

    OK I'm getting it now. It's fun actually. And no need to go to yet another site, I'm already there.

  30. Alan “Magic Al” Landucci-Ruiz says

    + Amanda Blain, If I don't care about which collections you post (I just want it to work the way it's worked all these years), I don't need to do anything, is that correct?

  31. Phil Nolan says

    + Alan Landucci-Ruiz If you don't want to do anything extra you don't have to. This just a bonus feature for those who want it.

  32. Jennifer Bailey says

    I was in the closed beta for this but don't have it activated on Mobile so I cannot share the ones I carefully curated over the testing period. /sigh

    Won't be back to desktop for another few days.

  33. Ahmed Adil says

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  35. Al Morris says

    + Kyle Salewski not my post any longer but will take care of that thanx

  36. Bradley Kieser says

    Very good

  37. Jens Grivolla says

    Seems quite clear to me: circles are about who is allowed to see your content, collections about who wants to see it. Communities for when it's mutual.

  38. charles poirier says

    hmm sounds dangerous , say you like cats but only cool stuff for cats eliminating them all is a narrowing rather than broadening the mentality of the human brain not sure i like it.   

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  52. Stephen Peel says

    I love this feature so much, that I have added a community for you to share your Google+ Collections.

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