Top 15 Finalists For the Video Game Hall Of Fame

The Strong National Museum of Play has announced its 15 finalist for induction into the World Video Game Hall Of Fame.. Those nominees are:
Angry Birds
The Legend of Zelda
The Oregon Trail
The Sims
Sonic the Hedgehog
Space Invaders
Super Mario Bros.
World of Warcraft

A pretty solid game list if I do say so. It was based off 4 criteria. Icon-status" (i.e., wide recognition), longevity ("more than a passing fad"), geographical reach, and overall influence (on games, entertainment, pop culture, etc.).

I think Zork is solidly missing.. but otherwise can safely say i've played each and every one of these hits.. 🙂 What do you think of this list… anything missing?

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Top 15 Finalists For the Video Game Hall Of Fame

  1. Joseph Heston says

    I am so glad that Candy Crush wasn't even considered.

  2. Eddie Brock says

    Legend of Zelda gets my vote. Although I feel Super Mario Brothers is worthy as well… Angry Birds? Hahahaha hahahahaha what a joke.

  3. Bill Thruman says

    It is a pretty solid list but seriously Angry Birds?  I think a few are missing like Call of Duty or Maddon.

  4. Stephen Kota says

    And how about the Secret of Mana?

  5. David Sarachman says

    Zork definitely needs to be on this list.

  6. Trace Conkle says

    Legend of Zelda all the way.

  7. Bill Thruman says

    Good Call Final Fantasy does deserve to be on the list too

  8. Pentrose Son of John says

    What, no Rogue?

  9. James Garr says

    Just off the top of my head Ultima, Elite, MS Flight Simulator, Civilization, Sim City, Warcraft, and I agree about Zork.  I'd take off the Sims and Angry Birds, but of course that's more than 15….tough choices.

  10. Jason Ansaldo says

    How did Atari Adventure not make this list?

    Everquest really deserves a nod here as well for helping start the MMO surge that WoW capitalized on.  

    I don't get ho FIFA made it, outside of popularity.

  11. baychou fouad says

    Salut ch

  12. Michael “Stayshift” Vernon says

    Okay…I am a little (and by a little, A LOT) surprised that Street Fighter II (in any incarnation) did not make it.

  13. Terrell Cooper says

    I'm Suprised halo isn't on here maybe too soon?

  14. Craig Brasco says

    Considering the criteria only this list seems on target. I do agree with Amanda about Zork as well. 

    That is odd that there are no 2D fighting games on there like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, et al. That's not a passing genre of games.

  15. Christopher Wick says

    I totally agree with that list except for one thing, Maniac Mansion for the NES needs to be on that list.
    As it was the first "walk around the map type of game that inspired almost every single video game today such as MMORPG's, GTA online etc"

  16. Paul Mallett says

    I think the concept of letting modern games in is silly. A game should be say at least 10 years old (I'd say 20) before it's nominated. Otherwise the longevity aspect is meaningless.

  17. Zach Mauch says

    I would replace angry birds and the sims with zork and sim city. I'm guessing they put angry bird in there because they wanted a modern mobile game and angry birds makes the most sense of any out there.

  18. Jason Ansaldo says

    I can get behind swapping out The Sims with a more iconic item from the brand/  I am wondering if Sim City 2000 would be a better fit with the improved game-play and overall larger play-base

    This list really needs a Civilization game some place as well.

  19. Christopher Wick says

    + Jason Ansaldo TRUTH. Or Age of Empires.

  20. Christopher Wick says

    + Paul Mallett I agree with your thoughts and sentiment that opinion. Well said, Paul.

  21. Andrew Scarella says

    + Jason Ansaldo Sim city 2000 has a larger play-base? The sims is one of the best selling games of all time, as of 2013 it has sold more that 175 million copies worldwide.

  22. Joel Wirāmu Pauling says

    Also the Sims. Pathetic.

  23. Jason Ansaldo says

    + Andrew Scarella I was going from memory, so I may be mistaken.  I had thought 2000 out sold the original.

  24. Christopher Wick says

    I do agree with the Oregon Trail because that was an awesome game; fun times in the 1980s for me

  25. matthew swanson says

    how is ocarina of time not in here?

  26. Moore Doogal says

    Sims was the best game ever!!

  27. Andrew Smith says

    Wow some oldies in here.. The games seem to fit the description very well. For my part I would drop 1 or 2 of tetris / pong / space invaders / packman as they all seen to fill the same gap. The origon trail is not something I have ever heard of either. My replacements would be civilisation, and a driving game like mario kart or need for speed.

  28. Leah McKean says

    What about Toejam & Earl?

  29. Christopher Wick says

    + Leah McKean loved that game

  30. Rob Hamilton says

    FIFA? Really? How many are actually chosen for induction?

    I'd go with the 5 most important: Pong, Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Pac-Man and Doom and build from there.

  31. Andrew Smith says

    + Rob Hamilton FIFA has geographical reach in spades…

  32. ahmed bensetti says

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  33. Miguel Capistran says

    My vote is for Tetris.

  34. Laura Dochtermann says

    Haha, The Oregon Trail. That game is awesome.

  35. Eric P says

    They should take doom out

  36. Jesus “H” Christ says

    Yep, I've played all of 'em at least once (and some of them obsessively). Zork is definitely missing, though.

  37. Jason Passchier says

    I still have my original Pac-Man tabletop game (there on your left bottom corner), and it still works just as well as it did in 1982!  I play it more than any other video game system I own, too (which include several PSs, Nintendos and Ataris).

  38. Jason Passchier says

    as for the list… how about Pole Position?  It's the grand-daddy of Mario Kart, and just about any driving-themed game out there.  (and not putting Street Fighter II/III/etc but instead having Oregon Trail and Pokemon is also wrong)

  39. Fabian Komu says


  40. Rob Hamilton says

    + Andrew Smith I know, but on a list of the greatest, most important games of all time?

  41. Andrew Smith says

    + Rob Hamilton I know I personally spend more time playing FIFA than any other sports genre.. It certainly has the longgevity (windows 98 was the firts os I used), global reach, and in europe the recognition. In terms of sports, its first with championship manager a distant second.

  42. Tracy McAtee (HypnoticJester) says

    Half life

  43. Rob Kates says

    The Sims for sure…groundbreaking.

  44. Jay Han says

    I would have put Street Fighter 2 over The Sims.

  45. もりふう says


  46. Christopher Wick says

    Legacy of Kain

  47. Phillip Ryan says

    Wow ever quest didn't make the cut?

  48. Natalie Fricke says

    I think its all OK my daughter. Likes the Minecraft and the Zelda on w u.

  49. Christopher Wick says

    Thanks for sharing, + Amanda Blain

  50. William Wells says

    Pong should win. The rest are all just variations of it. 🙂

  51. CORY MILLARD says

    Doom & Tetris imo.

  52. Ernie Guerrero says

    Doom for atmosphere, gameplay, and ground breaking 3D graphics.

  53. Mark Messiha says

    Doom and Super Mario Bros

  54. Mike Barad says

    I'd add Street Fighter and Madden Football. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was groundbreaking as well.

  55. Rivi Del says

    Sonic the Hedgehog

  56. Brian Barth says

    What about Asteroids?

  57. John Enfield says

    Yeah it needs Zork to represent RPGs. Also needs another RPG: Baldur's Gate as that game was one of the first computer RPGs to get widespread acclaim and audience.  It spanned both computers and several game consoles (when you include the sequels) and was a big cross-over game bringing table-top gamers to video games and vice versa.

    Legend of Zelda was kind of an early RPG, certainly the first 'open world' game to go mainstream, but not as much of one as BG is. 

  58. Christopher Wick says

    + William Wells Yep pong was the first and pong is still fun today

  59. souleymane magassouba says

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  60. Christopher Wick says

    + souleymane magassouba hello

  61. Abubakar Raza says

    Angry bird 😉

  62. Drew Woods says

    Pong, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Doom, Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, Tetris, Sim City, Golden Eye, Halo, Street Fighter and Mortal Combat

    That's my list of 15 inductees if you're going to start anywhere. 

    I just listed the games I thought touched generations. And no matter WHAT generation you were from you played ONE of these games. 

    + Amanda Blain 

  63. Christopher Wick says

    + Drew Woods Great list!! Super Mario Bros. 3 what are your thoughts on that being thrown into the mix?

  64. Drew Woods says

    + Christopher Wick Basically 1,2, 3 and Super Mario World are ALL bomb. I'm partial to SNES but when I played as a kid, it was 3 all the way.

  65. James Reynolds says

    The Legend of Zelda

    Fuck Angry Birds.

  66. Christopher Wick says

    + Drew Woods​ Yup. Same for me! I remember Super Mario 3 was particularly special to me because it had so many hidden tricks, glitches, and secrets. I suppose that could be said for all of them as they had water world in the first one, but yes the SNES version was fantastic and very unique in its own way.

  67. Phillip Ryan says

    No ff or dragon warrior either 🙁

  68. Devonshire Idiot and Co. says

    The original resident evil, groundbreaking in its day, and as said before angry birds isn't even a substantial game, its propped up by candy crush zombies. Not a classic at all.

  69. Jack Continent says


    ..or civilization I..

  70. john mccullough says

    Where the hell is Manic Miner and Frogger if you're talking ground breaking over £$€

  71. Christopher Wick says

    Love hearing everyone's opinion 🙂

  72. Christopher Wick says

    The original resident evil was groundbreaking


    Pokemon red and blue!

  74. john mccullough says

    This has been annoying me lol

  75. cruz martines serapio says


  76. bradley drinnan says

    great list.. as an older list would add pitfall, sega rally or gran turismo (a driving game needs to be on there), leisure suit larry, age of empires, gyruss, microsoft fliight sim, and FROGGER

  77. Edward Smith says

    one game that should be listed is Everquest which has actually been out longer than most

  78. Kesha Winehouse says

    Oh please Angry Birds doesn't even deserve to go to the same school as Mario, let alone sit at this same table.

  79. Tony Miller says


  80. Marcos Alejandro Ambrosio says

    WTF ?? hahah this is junk

  81. jared harmon says

    Final Fantasy is missing but that would just raise it's. Price lol

  82. Jack Serpiente says


  83. omar halimi says


  84. Virendra Rawat says


  85. Mohand Margoum says


  86. Paulo Enésio says


  88. flor pelralta says

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