Game Of Thrones Characters According to Most People Who Have Not Read The Books…


*Game Of Thrones Characters According to Most People Who Have Not Read The Books Yet*

Yup.. this about sums it up… I’m not sure how regular people keep up with the series honestly…

“Draco Malfoy” lol… 🙂


Game Of Thrones Characters According to Most People Who Have Not Read The Books...


Check out these neat coasters too! Woo..

Game of Thrones CoastersGame Of Thrones Characters According to Most People Who Have Not Read The Books...

  1. jijie pinang says


  2. Eric Hansen says

    fffffffff cannot wait for more Tyrion and Jamie!

  3. Jason Fisk says

    Umm, shouldn't that show Sean Bean as Boromir not Aragon?

  4. Loc Tran says

    The story of bastards.

  5. Amanda Blain says

    Aragron also made me giggle.. 🙂

  6. jijie pinang says


  7. Eileen Sterbach says

    I have to argue the "blonde girl" one. I find it difficult to believe that the viewership wouldn't have Daenery's name etched into their brain. "Daenery and Drogo" became a romanticised meme for teenage girls far too quickly.

  8. Brett Bjornsen says

    Yup… that's about right…

  9. Christine Olmsted says

    We started watching it because a Christian Conservative news source condemned it for gratuitous sex and violence. Our thoughts were " if the right hates it, it's must be cool" 😉

  10. Shirese Louie says

    Before reading the books (watched series first), I kept forgetting that Daenerys's name wasn't Khaleesi.

  11. Subash Darai says

    Keept it up.

  12. Robert Muhlig says

    Ha! Draco Malfoy and Carl Drogo are the best ones. 🙂

  13. kris duran says

    What type of game?it is fun??

  14. Zack Luby says

    As a person who watched Season 1, but hasn't read the books, I can most definitely say "THIS IS RIGHT ON!" ahahah.

  15. kris duran says

    I dont think so much cool game we have now…

  16. Ametepe angel kofi says

    where can i get game of thrones

  17. Hans-Peter Martini says

    ehem yeah, the bean isnt aragorn, its boromir. the montains brother is two-face, not the guy who saved the dwarfes life. and the brotherfucker-queen isnt blonde…
    apart of that its pretty cool

  18. Melody Migas says

    lmao, Draco.
    So what do they call the 7 year old Robin Arryn & his mom? That part was worse than any head chops, animal deaths, violence, or sex scenes.

  19. Hans-Peter Martini says

    lil sucker and the witch

    dont know which witch, but i think that doesnt matter

  20. Adedire Oluwafemi says

    How can I get game of throne

  21. Alix Hoover says

    lol, sums it up pretty well

  22. Gearoid Gaomhain says

    Was at all the sets here in ireland so met some of them lol

  23. Marc Belley says

    These are great… and yep, sound about right.

  24. Ronny Weiß says

    … iam so sad,that my english is not so good to understand everything correctly.schoolenglish is not the real one

  25. Chad Lubrecht says

    People who have read the books know that EVERYONE is "The Bastard"

  26. kris duran says

    Can i learn how to play the game…:-(

  27. Edison Wen says

    ok, I will teach you

  28. kris duran says


  29. patel sanjay says

    Nice link

  30. Chance Jenkins says


  31. Scott Anderson says

    How did I miss this!?

  32. Amanda Blain says

    You miss all the things + Scott Anderson

  33. kris duran says

    Me too… 🙁

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