What is your Number 1 Question about Social Media

I'm looking to answer some questions in an upcoming series of blogs about social media topics and "how tos"…. From a business perspective or average home user… So If you have a question and want some advice, post it here and you might see it in an upcoming post… No question is silly!

I maintain accounts on G+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, linkedin, Instagram, have decent sized following and 'scores' on most things… and make my living completely off the internet…. So feel free to ask away.. 🙂 


What is your Number 1 Question about Social Media

  1. RockScar Love says

    + stephanie zimmerman We might need to attend this…..

  2. Felix Mendoza says

    how can get paid ??im very good at it myself by lack recources

  3. Jamon Anderson says

    My number 1 ? is why does social media rule over lives and family?

  4. Kristen Magaw says

    Where do people find all these pics and gifs?

  5. JP Chavez says

    What + Felix Mendoza said. How to make money off all this?

  6. Greg King says

    How go you rank a G+ page at top for customers?

  7. Tom Dumas says

    "Will we as guests and fellow mankind…use the power on informing and communicating as an expression of are togetherness and keep the World Net a Virgin controlled only by are thoughts and desires, FREE and not prostituted…!!!

  8. L. A. Johannesson says

    Given that social media is such a powerful tool in the self-published author's toolkit, what advice/strategies/suggestions do you have for authors looking to use it to connect with readers and promote their books?
    PS … and how do you get 2.7M people to have you in their circles? 😉

  9. sara alves says

    good nigth

  10. Richard OHearn says

    how do you protect yourself/company in regards to privacy?

  11. Stanley Frady says

    How does it works and how do us old timers use it

  12. Adam Johnson says

    How do you bring along your partner, particularly when they are skeptical of you spending "so much" time on social media?

  13. donald hakala says

    How do you transition from just a social media follower to a power user(<~not sure if that is the correct term)

  14. Anthony Dash says

    What's the easiest way to maintain multiple accounts, especially with Google+. Buffer and Hootsuite handle Twitter and Facebook but with Google+ you have to be at your computer/phone to post it seems.

  15. Bearman Cartoons says

    People talk about page rank and google plus. What are they talking about. Using google plus helps your website ranking or something I haven't thought of

  16. Shannon Adelson says


    "Whether for personal or professional promotion, how do you recommend using Google Hangouts to optimize your business/brand?"

  17. Larry Parker says

    Can I get stared

  18. Travis Blair says

    What social networks do you think are best for presenting web comics? Seems some are better suited than others, and I'd like to focus on just a few.

  19. Don Crowder says

    The usual newbie question:  "What's the point?"

  20. Omar Williams says

    Apart from "connecting people" as they aptly describe it, do you believe that social media have an ulterior motive of trying to spread the New World Order but in a rather subtle way? Considering the way they are all interconnected?

  21. Ali Mohammed says


  22. Anthony Dash says

    Are Google+ Communities killing the general news feed? I'm finding it difficult to decide whether to post to public or find a community to share it with.

  23. Michael Rainey says

    stares at + Larry Parker

  24. Amanda Blain says

    Awesome guys great questions in here… keep them coming 🙂

  25. John Lapointe says


  26. Robert S. says

    What the best app for Mac and Android to manage all of accounts

  27. Michael Rainey says

    On a serious note, if you think you can solve a problem with one or more of the existing social networks, is it worth it? Secondly, how do you arrange your hosting and infrastructure so that you aren't dependant on your competition?

  28. Greg Watkins says

    How do I stay relevant/hooked-in/informed without making it a 2nd (or 3rd) full time job?

  29. Diane Mazer says

    In order to help someone grow their business how many posts on each media venue should be done daily, or weekly? FB, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+….Which software would you recommend?

  30. Frank James Bailey says

    Where's the guy that represents G+?

  31. Chuck Merriman says

    What's your take on promoting a contest that you have to have a FB profile to enter (to comment, like, share) on G+? Or G+ contest (Comment, +1, reshare) on FB?

  32. Steve Law says

    Is repetition of posts (even good posts) really justified from people with large followers? More specifically; is annoying loyal followers/users/customers with repetitive messages justified in making sure the messages reaches as many people as possible? Are social media updates becoming like TV adverts that you must see time and time again?

  33. nanci wylde says

    Honestly? I just set up a Twitter account last week and I seriously don't understand how it works. I mean that with all sincerity.
    The other night they suspended my account for "aggressive following"
    I was just searching for people to add to my following list. Not tweeting them!
    And what's the deal with "profile failed"? I can't upload my picture or heading?
    I think I should just cut bait.

  34. Peter Scott says

    I see posts on G+ that I'd like to share on Facebook and Twitter, is there an easy way to do that in one or two simple steps?

  35. James Georgeson says

    Ok then……..mmmmmmm. are you married?

  36. Abo Maryem says


  37. Amanda Blain says

    im concerned by random people posting.. "facebook"… :/ Almost as concerned as the married question guy… 😛

  38. rio ferdino says


  39. Bearman Cartoons says

    More so because he said mmmmmmmm before asking

  40. J.C. Kendall says

    Some great questions, +Amanda Blain, I look forward to seeing your project, as it's great to understand just what kinds of things people are looking for out there these day.

  41. Free Online Classifieds (US) says

    As a business owner, I always ask: "What is in it for me?" I am not asking this question in a selfish way, but still, I don't want to spend (waste) my time time on something that won't produce followers, leads, customers, etc.

  42. Tony Cacaccio says

    + Google+ is awesome to showcase my business. + LinkedIn is great to find qualified people as we grow.
    When is + Google going to buy + LinkedIn ? Just kidding 🙂

  43. Arif Shahzad says

    My No 1 Please don't desturb the pople's social life. 🙂

  44. Charles Brooks says

    How can I break the addiction? That's my #1 question

  45. Jordan Gill says

    Will Social Media be the new Skynet within the next 10 years?

  46. Felicia G. says

    Are you kidding?

  47. Rob B. says

    I didn't mean that to sound mean. So I erased it. I just think its a weird observation. My qualcomm phone is 8yrs old like my Facebook. While its a fine phone I finding more tools in my new one everyday.

  48. Ol' CountryTek says

    How do you come up with interesting things to post/tweet? I find that most of my posts to FB and G+ are re-posts, with the occasional original content.

  49. Helena Smith says

    One question to Social media: When will you take privacy seriously and shove your marketing money spinners where the sun don't shine.

  50. Dirk Talamasca says

    My question is how long will people buy nothing but air before realizing they already have air. Where is the tangible product when all the snakeoil has been spilled and no one is interested anymore?

  51. Felicia G. says

    Go away my darling

  52. Aaron Greer says

    Why is it that social media seems to have taken the journalism out of news. Some news is well documented and researched but also some just posted to be first with a story without backing up truth to the story it self?

  53. Cynthia Dorman-Fagin says

    What do you think of the Path? My niece wants me to join but I don't know anything about it.

  54. Steve Morris says

    Facebook doesn't seem to have a browse users or a suggested followers feature. It only keeps asking me to reveal my email contacts or other personal friends. I'm not interested in "keeping in touch" with my real friends through a social network such as Facebook. I'd much rather publically interact with unknown virtual friends (followers) rather than communicate with already known personal friends.
    With G+ or Twitter all you do is simply follow lots of people and hopefully some follow back and then a friendship builds from there. With Facebook it seems to work the oppisite. You search for known friends and ask permission to follow. There seems to be no friend discovery feature.
    I'd like to browse around Facebook for good content but there seems to be no way to do that. Am I not doing something right?

  55. Rob B. says

    My question is "how many buzz feed lists can one look at before it gets old"?

  56. Chris Donnelly says

    + Felix Mendoza + JP Chavez ads. And the ability to have enough views on whatever content you upload to show an investor that by having thier ad on your content they will make money in-turn making you money + Amanda Blain you could probly make some money off that

  57. Amanda Blain says

    The new graph search is supposed to do that + Steve Morris … but you in fact have it "right"… most people look at social media currently… opposite from you and me.. and how most do here on gplus.. "i only want to talk to people i know" 😉

  58. Kim Thirion says

    What are some specific ways to turn social followers into actual website visitors? Especially with sites like Facebook, where posts with outside links aren't shown to nearly as many followers as are posts without links.

  59. Dwayne Kilbourne says

    I love foursquare, so I love answering why people shouldn't be afraid to use it

  60. Timothy Kent says

    So how does one go about getting more people to reply to post?

  61. Randy Rodriguez Cabezas says

    Where da hell is g+

  62. Amanda Blain says

    in the text part… i know the pictures are pretty… 😉

  63. Dirk Talamasca says

    + Amanda Blain I agree. I don't see how talking only to people you know qualifies as social networking. I could do that when I was a kid by using the telephone. My parents might have been just a bit upset if I picked up the phone every day to find out what was going on with people I liked to chat with in Japan or India or Africa.

  64. kishan kumar says


  65. viveknandhan reddy says


  66. Randy Rodriguez Cabezas says

    + Amanda Blain How do you live off the internet. It has always interested me. Since I am a puppet. Also w
    Quit all other sites. G plus is king!! TED

  67. Randy Rodriguez Cabezas says

    Respect for the CEO!!!

  68. White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast says

    How do you get people to share your posts. Is it OK to blatantly ask them to?

  69. Mark Ford says

    How can a non-profit org with limited resources keep up with sharing information across so many social platforms besides just duplicating posts?

  70. Kim Guerrette says

    Why are there so many "experts"?

  71. david salem says


  72. Frank Hazelton says

    How do so many idiotic topics get such high responses while the more interesting ones usually go unnoticed?

  73. Amanda Blain says

    Audience.. ive posted usually several times a day without talking about my business  for almost 2 years.. interacted with thousands of people in hangouts and on posts… and promote others, not myself…  most people cant do that for more than a week…  Its where most companies epic fail in Social media…

  74. Sebastian Wehr says

    find a way to show people who dont want to use social media what they could gain by doing

  75. Giovanna Storie says

    Come posso usarli per cambiare la mia vita? (in meglio!)
    How can I use it to change my life? (for the better!)

  76. Prasun Kundu says

    Good one….!!!!

  77. chris cis says

    How invasive is social media?

  78. Thomas Wherley says

    does anyone still use Yahoo Instant Messenger?

  79. Sebastian Wehr says

    Nope, ICQ, MSN … all dead to me. May Skype live high and long

  80. Thomas Bresson says

    I have a question 🙂 How do you balance getting the content you want from the social media and not drown in all the information that's available?

    There's a lot of information and you simply can't read eveything unless you decided only to follow people who post exactly what you want to read and only comment on specific things; perhaps a list on FB or a circle on G+?

    I sometimes feel like I could miss out on stuff even though I try to keep who I follow to a respectable amount to prevent myself from "overloading" due my curiosity.

    I know for a lot of people getting your message out there helps a lot when you have more followers usually on G+ anyway this involves adding other peoples shared circles which quickly end up in a lot more information and even on subjects that doesn't necesarrely fall into the category you find perticular interesting.

  81. teeravits nokniem says

    many so choi



  83. mohamad Aty says

    Hi amanda hower u
    Thank for your message i need more about u thanks

  84. ferran castello says

    + Sebastian Wehr i thought the same as you, you should try google talk.
    Answer to + Amanda Blain :
    1. does social media have an impact on our real lifes or is it just a parallel life?
    2. i am not on facebook and currently trying to get friends to g+ (which i like most)…how do you do that? (inviting is not the answer…)

  85. warwick mcdonald says

    Improve privacy would be a good start

  86. Tony Austin says

    Spear head issues 4 instant returns

  87. Dai Nam says

    I like use facebook

  88. Bikash Burnwal says

    facebook, twitter & a bit G+

  89. esin sultan oguz says

    Social media has a very short memory. That's why LC is archiving the tweets to make them last in the meantime it's against privacy. How can responsible parties will decide and who will control them. Does Tweeting or posting global means accepting the possible manupilations? Thanks and good luck!

  90. Donald Brant says

    + Amanda Blain You are asking this question , but I do not see any answers , where do you earn your money ? do you work for Facebook directly?   I would warn all not to answer these types of questions as they seem to be nothing more than leading questions for the purpose of gathering data . You are filling pages with nothing .

  91. Donald Brant says

    I am also removing you from my circles , I do not want to asked these questions . I do not see anything of yours worth reading .  Bye

  92. Jeremy Mack says

    When's it going to evolve…or when the next thing coming?

  93. merin fraser says

    + nanci wylde atleast with G+ one may Import Contacts  quite simple in a non agressive way

  94. suresh kumar says

    i am very happy………………………………



  96. Charles Cross says

    Amanda, Why do so many so called experts in social marketing think that bombarding their followers with automated posts containing mediocre clippings of other people's work is a good idea? I have had a couple of online tiffs over this – I blocked one, one blocked me!

  97. Donald Brant says

    + Charles Cross Hey charles I have blocked many , I do not understand the idea behind this , I think it is stupid to think sending out crap content will get real responses .

  98. Cliff Kirby says

    How can we stop religious idiots posting religious comments where not needed nor warranted?? Why can we not have "monitors" checking what actually qualifies as "what's hot"? Instead of stupid pathetic teenagers posting crap like" share this " etc, or bringing crap over from Facebook onto what's hot. What's hot should be just that, and nothing more. Google + is slowly but surely shooting itself in its own foot…..

  99. Cliff Kirby says

    + Donald Brant but you cannot remove those idiots from "what's hot"???

  100. Amanda Blain says

    You can turn off the 'whats hot' with the slider on the top right of the page
    + Cliff Kirby … but the sad truth is… those silly posts are "what is hot" teenagers and young people share that stuff on mass… adults are more "this isnt helping me why would i share it" so tend to share less… True story.. 

    WTF +Donald Brant … i clearly laid out what i was doing… Creating an upcoming series of blog posts based around questions that people asked me… we are currently on Google plus NOT facebook.. and i work for neither..  You are ridiculously rude and uncalled for to come in here like you know it all… Ugh.. stop acting like you know what you are talking about … and get off my page.

  101. Cliff Kirby says

    + Amanda Blain thank you for the reply, very kind of you. But, I only use a mobile. So I have limited settings. Can Google + not have two separate sites? One for over 18? The other for the not so intelligent? I know this is most likely difficult, but I really feel something needs to be done. Again, thanks for your reply.

  102. Mindy Banks says

    Amanda, I have had a really rough past 12 months… in Sept. my home
    burned and then on Feb 1st my older brother dropped dead right in his
    hallway and he was the last except for my 2 son's and 2 grandkids. I am
    also med. retired and have alot wrong with me and this is just about done
    me in. Right now I am sleeping all the time and at the drop of a hat. It
    took me an hour and half the other day to eat a half of a sandwich and a
    few chips and its beginning to scare me. The doctor I have is just saying
    its cause I am old and had alot happen and its my body saying to rest. But
    I don't think its that. If you have any thing to add please do so and
    atleast it will have me something to talk to them about.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,

  103. Ding Bedas says

    CAn we do any blod without an enytrance registraion fee?

  104. swaroop siva says

    I like Google +………. :))

  105. kagumba joe says

    for me i believe God is near you and soon blessing you

  106. Cliff Kirby says

    + kagumba joe I can only hope + Amanda Blain will remove your comment….. This has just exactly proved my point…… This is what's wrong with Google +.

  107. Señor Smith says

    Never had a Facebook account never had a Twitter account don't even know what Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram are (don't really care either) I come on Google + a bit to post comments, I havn't really found anything I'm interested in….because I don't really have any interest in tech, I've got absolutely no time whatsoever for these meaningless 'life quotes' or 'rate me' posts. I'm not going to be following some douchebag celebrity. The What's Hot feed is always full of advertising posts, I'm constantly seeing the same old shyte posts being regurgitated. Social Media is overrated if you ask me, the more people use it the more they convince themselves they need to use it. I know people were supposed to be asking you questions but whatever.

  108. Jelena Jankovic says


  109. gabriele casto says

    Hi miss Amanda,good morning to you,and have a wonerful day.♡♡♡♡♡♡

  110. Christoph S says

    Question: For what kind of business this social-media stuff has an impcact? What could be the social-meda advance for a classic retail or a craftsman who is not in online bussinesss shop thing?
    An answer to that question would be really nice.

  111. harrison charo says

    why would facebook block you from adding friends outside your region? Social sites are for meeting and interracting with people from all over the world right?

  112. Z Hallab says

    Hi all,
    I have some serious questions:
    1. When you post something on one of social media, what are the people or groups who may be affected by this post?
    2. What are the factors favoring dissemination of a post?
    3. Can we model "mathematically" the dissemination of a post on social media?
    4. What can be a best model?
    5. Is there any likeness with epidemiology?

    Thank you 😉

  113. Charles Cross says

    Hello again + Amanda Blain ,
    If I am allowed a second No1 question 😉 it would be to ask why some popular posters don't allow comments. To put good topics on #Google+ and then restrict interaction seems daft. You can always mute or even block the weirdos so what's going on here? #socialmedia

  114. mariyam nazima says

    Why do social media helps breakup

  115. Mrwaqas khan says


  116. Reham Yassin says

    How can i increase my social media fans?

  117. Sola Veritate says

    Ask G+ to give me the power to stop BMW, Mercedes etc from appearing in my 'what's hot/trending'. I should be able to totally mute these social media advertisements to never see them ever again.

  118. Darko Luketic says

    "Can you stop with the social media buzzword hype already?"

  119. jeff jare says

    + Amanda Blain I volunteer at a Computer Lab for the Elderly. Their main social media question is what is the difference between them. I try  to ascertain what they what they want to accomplish and what they want to get out of  social media. <(~_O)>

  120. Tony Russo says

    + Peter Scott I use hoot suite. You can post on both simultaneously, just not g+

  121. Tony Russo says

    + Amanda Blain good job on your response to Donald… What a db. For the record I get a lot of value from your posts and I am laying out a strategy for each form of social media… My question is how to utilize LinkedIn better without looking like a job consultant. It seems they are the only ones that add anything besides adding connections

  122. Henry Ndele says


  123. Tyler Medley says

    Tumblr is were its at 😛

  124. Jesse Prentice says

    In trying to drive customer engagement through social media, what are some best practices when it comes to how my employees should interact in the social space?  What sort of posts/social transactions are best for individuals in my company?  Are they simply sharing brand messaging or corporate content, or does it go deeper than that?

  125. Aashish Singh says

    Its good for professionls

  126. Erik Kurek says

    I would like to know some general social media etiquette.  For example when do you 'like' a post and when is it 'ok' to comment.  Is 'liking' a post enough of a response?  How to properly end a thread who gets the last word.

  127. Ombico Omer says

    Can I get one

  128. Luiz Petherson says


  129. Noel Salakka says


  130. georgiana gherman says


  131. Sanjay Shrivastava says


  132. kuldeep kashyap says


  133. jose rodrigeis dos santos rodrigeis says

    oi vc mora a onde beijo

  134. Danny L says

    What linked in is all about?

  135. Audrey Warner says

    Why does Facebook disgust me?

  136. John Stierheim says

    My number one question is, when the net started we were all told never EVER share personal info, pictures etc online. Now we have everything short of our CC numbers and SSI ID posted all over. I guess it did give birth to a new business to protect us against identity theft. O.o

  137. Kevin Boyd says

    What ever happened to Tribes?

  138. essau ekupumuleni says


  139. Adam Vest says

    Are Facebook and Google shill companies set up by the NSA/CIA/FBI to surveille the subversive populace? Brb… Black van in my driveway!

  140. Margrith Yenoom says

    Why do you use linkedin? What does it do for you?

  141. VALERIE ST JOHN says

    Why is it all a maze…..?

  142. Ann Druce says

    Whether one should post as yourself or from your business page if you:
    * want to increase the online visibility of your company, and also
    * build a network

  143. Ann Druce says

    Whether one should post as yourself or from your business page if you:
    * want to increase the online visibility of your company, and also
    * build a network

  144. Ann Druce says

    Whether one should post as yourself or from your business page if you:
    * want to increase the online visibility of your company, and also
    * build a network

  145. Ann Druce says

    How to capitalise on business pages

  146. Ann Druce says

    How to capitalise on business pages

  147. Ann Druce says

    How to capitalise on business pages

  148. mohammed apody says

    hi Amanda Blain could i talking with you in private ?

  149. Sola Veritate says

    Good hello to your two. My also like to talk to your privates. Please thankingly. Have a good day.

  150. Katarina Falcão Muniz says


  151. Rushubh Aute says


  152. A. KADALKA says

    Facebook is not the future so I've got no questions about it.
    I do prefer Google Plus…

    May be questions about G+ AND Pinterest could interested me better.
    Coud you please give to us your Pinterest adress ?

  153. Ryan Cruz says

    What Social Network has given you the best engagement and conversions for your Business goals? thanks for this Q and A portion + Amanda Blain

  154. Amanda Blain says

    Here is the first post here.. ->  https://plus.google.com/107982618909749811163/posts/GHS23Vhb653  + Ryan Cruz you answer is in it 🙂

    I'll be lots more questions in the upcoming weeks… Thank you everyone!

  155. Antônio Liberato Santos says

    Fala portugues?Estou no Brasil.

  156. Richard Javier says

    your question! what is the # 1 about Social Media? you already knew the Answer ! your the expert! You can till Us about Social Media or "New one All Favorite Social Media" remember "I Follow You" on Google+   since i join   facebook i never follow  or Idolize anybody also being your Fans.. We are all Beautiful People   the most important to me  I make Friends..

  157. Ryan Cruz says

    Thanks for sharing + Amanda Blain!

  158. Gerrie Botha says

    Is social media not depriving us from real human communicasion such as interpersonal meeting and socializing. I have seen not once but numerouis times that people that is very sociable online having vertually zero interpersonal skills appon meeting. Don't you think we should rather focus on our personal relationship first and make that a sucess before trying to build new relationships online that is empty. Isn't this what you should rather encourage.

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